April 5, 2013

I am sure many have heard that there is a grievance filed at the RPOF by the Pasco Republican Party against me. Allow me to explain the events as I have experienced them. To begin with I have very little respect for Committeeman Bill Bunting and Vice Chair James Mathieu, Esq. Their treatment of some Pasco REC Members, qualified Republican Candidates and anyone who confronts them on party issues that they do not agree with or would rather not discuss, is appalling. It seems that this faction of the hierarchy at the Pasco REC does not favor transparency. It is shameful the way they demonize many good and loyal committee members and candidates. Now concerning the grievance: Because of the last election cycle ending on Primary Day August 14, 2012 in a race between Pasco County Republican State Committeeman Bill Bunting and his opponent, former Pasco County Commissioner Steve Simon, the Grievance Process was initiated with the blessing of Bunting, Mathieu and Chairman Randy Maggard. Because of my support of Simon I was the target of the Pasco Republican Party. This grievance was the brainchild of Bill Bunting and Vice Chair James Mathieu, Esq. Mr. Bunting did not expect opposition in the Committeeman race. He v o w e d t o p e r s e c u t e a n y o n e who betrayed him. I am his “Judas.”

The result is a grievance consisting of cutting and pasting that is taken out of context from my Facebook and Twitter postings by members of Bunting’s REC office staff in Hudson. Mathieu and Maggard continued to monitor my postings on Facebook and Twitter. These actions. Be forewarned. Why then. rather than greeted by praise or encouragement along with guidance. I invite anyone on the Pasco REC to request a fair and complete audit of the REC expenses. does State Committeeman Bill Bunting have the designation as Pasco REC Finance Chairman with a party debit card and the right to approve any and all expenditures? Why doesn’t the State Committeewoman have a card? These questions were asked during the State Committeeman race by Steve Simon and me with no response from the REC or Bunting. FL.The REC trinity of Bunting. They a r e legally l i a b l e for t h o s e d e c i s i o n s . I researched Social Media and began to reach out to conservatives via internet communications to join the Pasco REC. I asked. get ready for a scathing response. Bunting avoided any debate with his opponent. Mathieu and their assorted minions. directing anyone that wanted to join to contact the appropriate official at the REC. . In fact. This along with others willing to make meretricious statements about me rounds out the REC Grievance. In the past two election cycles Chairman Randy Maggard lamented on how the Democrats have command of the Social Media and that is why we lost the Presidency and the recent Senate election. were condemned in the grievance. The Chairman and the Treasurer are normally the only people who have access to REC funds and decide on appropriate a l l o c a t i o n of Party monies.

I asked the same in social media forums. I have not tendered a resignation to the Pasco REC. Bunting is on the witness list in the grievance. in a timely manner (03/22/13). Thus.When I asked about a number of expenses that I felt were not appropriate I was rebuked with the questions being ignored at REC Meetings. Make no mistake. I am still a conservative and will always adhere to the Conservative philosophy with honor. and cannot trust. Charles Steen. I am ashamed of. many of whom were disabled or could not afford to attend the hearing in Orlando. I called for these questions to be addressed at forums and meetings to no avail. I requested. Instead. Go here to view the Pasco REC exhibit list and the list of alleged witnesses: . at the RPOF denied my request. There is no expectation of a fair and impartial hearing even with his recusal. My inquiries (more cutting and pasting) to this were cited in the grievance to the RPOF. the leadership of the Pasco Republican Party. to have the grievance hearing in Pasco County because my witnesses. Due to the actions of the Pasco REC I have changed my voter registration from Republican to NPA (No Party Affiliation). My one page reply to the RPOF was my voter registration receipt dated 04/03/2013. I fully realize that Bill Bunting is a volunteer on the Grievance committee of the RPOF. I was cited as being disruptive at these events. Deputy Director of Party Development.

http://www. .scribd.com/doc/133656979/Revised-Pasco-RECGrievance-4-02-13 George Skinner NPA Conservative Hudson. FL enclosure: Voter Registration Receipt.

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