by the Hispanic The Merger

Federation, of Citicorp Inc.



with Travelers Friday,


June 26,1998

My name is Lillian Rodriguez president of the Hispanic representing New Jersey. Federation,

Lopez and I serve as the acting a membership organization

the Latin0 human services sector in New York and I am pleased to have been given this opportunity I can speak with and its to

address you about the proposed merger. authority about the philanthropic impact in the Hispanic commitment neighborhoods. community

activities of Citibank, as well as Citibank’ s

to economic


in New York City

Citibank was one of our first supporters and has remained a supporter since our inception in 1990. revolved around the collection serves to promote Our partnership has

and analysis of data on Latinos that of our social, economic,

a greater understanding

and political roles in the City. the larger community,

They have helped us to share with and our reality. one of

our dreams, our aspirations

Citibank has supported the publication our yearly publications,

of Hispano-Stats,

for the past three years.

Page 2 Hispanic Federation, June 26, 1998 Inc.

With Citibank’ s

assistance, we distributed over ten thousand which presented a demographic We still receive

copies of our first Hispano-Stats, and economic

profile of Latin0 New Yorkers.

requests for the inaugural Hispano Stats from elected officials, funders, students, and many of our member agencies. Our second edition of Hispano Stats helped interpret the political strength and potential of the Hispanic community New York City neighborhoods. Hispano in 29

And our soon to be released

Stats will profile Hispanic institutions providing services to throughout the state of New York. This brief to a better


characterization understanding Citibank economic Hispanics economic

illustrates Citibank’ commitment s of the Hispanic community. has also been committed

to strengthening


fiber of the Latin0 community. in Northern development Manhattan

Three years ago,

joined together to create an

institution dedicated to growing small

neighborhoods businesses.

and assisting Hispanic and Dominican

Citibank has been a partner in this enterprise and Partnership for Economic Development is

today, the Audubon getting stronger.

Page 3 Hispanic Federation, June 26, 1998 Inc.

Just a month ago, the Empowerment Audubon Dominican Partnership, merchants

Zone awarded to the

a three quarter million dollar grant to help in the area. This is a stellar organization. I thank you


for such a young non-profit

I could share much more but my time is limited. for allowing me to share our experiences review panel.

with Citibank with the