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carly ekins

contact information:
carly ekins 868 lindsay rd. Colville WA ,99114 509.270.7172

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Description: Off-center fold brochure for an imaginary organic smoothie shop called Sprout. It includes the menu and tips for living healthier. Date: March 29 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Set up and align a two-sided, folded document. Learn how to wrap text around an image. Use paragraph styles in InDesign. Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word Process: My process started with looking for ideas and inspiration on Pinterest. I saw an example of a brochure that used transparent rectangles. So, I stole that idea and altered it to make it my own. First, I gathered all my images and placed them in the InDesign document. I used the photo of the peach as the background for both the front and back. I inserted the other 4 images into circles using the shape tool. Then I added my logo to the front and also the leaf symbol, which I selected in Photoshop so that I could text wrap it. Then I inserted the body copy and used the Paragraph Styles tool to give it consistent spacing. I used rectangles as the background for each text element and i lowered the opacity so that the picture of the peaches would show through. Then I did some fine-tuning and re-aligning of text and images and I printed the brochure and folded it.

Description: Three logo variations for the same company. Date: February 22 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Sectio 01 Objectives: Create a variety of logos to fit a company or personal image. Use the basic tools of Illustrator. Programs: Adobe Illustrator Process: I started by deciding that I wanted to do logos for a smoothie shop. And then I started on the logotype. So, I went to and looked around for fonts that had the green and plantlike vibe and downloaded several. I found pairs of fonts that went well together and aligned them. Then, I started work on the brandmarks which ended up being leaves and peaches. I used the pen tool to make both of these shapes. I made really simple lines, played with the stroke width, and then copied and reflected the line to make my shapes symmetrical. Then, I played around putting the logotype and brand marks together until I thought it looked good!

Sprout Smoothie Shop



Sprout smoothies


event ad:
Description: A color full-bleed event ad to promote a fundraiser using only Microsoft Word and a scanner. Date: February 3 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Find, scan and import a high-quality image. Create a full-bleed design. Use text boxes for layout in Word. Insert and edit images in Word. Programs: Microsoft Word, Epson Scanner Process: I started out by hunting for an image to use. I had a copy of an old Readymade magazine and found the photo of two deer sculptures that I thought was interesting. Then, I scanned the photo using an Epson scanner onto my computer. I inserted the image into Microsoft Word and started playing with green and black boxes (since they matched the color scheme of the deer). I liked my first draft okay, but when I asked my roommate her opinion she thought it was a little boring. So, to add a little interest I rotated all the elements 25 degrees counterclockwise.

Description: An inspirational montage made by the blending of two or more images, and the use of typography. Date: February 14 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Learn to manage Photohop layers. Learn to blend images together smoothly using masks. Use filters. Apply appropriate typography. Programs: Adobe Photoshop Process: I started by picking a quote, which is very easy to do when you have a Pinterest. Then, I used Google image search to find pictures that could represent my quote well. I opened my three images in Photoshop. The picture of the flock of birds was the background. I then used the lasso tool to cut out the mountain range (which was my second layer) and the bird (the third layer). I placed the bird on the left intersection point according to the rule of thirds. I put a mask over the 2nd and 3rd layers and used the brush tool to blend the picture edges. Lastly, I used the texturizer filter on the bird.

is like a bird without wings.

-Salvador Dali

Intelligence without

business card:
Description: Business Card designed using a personally created logo. Date: March 2 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image. Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead. Use the basic tools of Illustrator and InDesign Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign Process: This project was one that I chose to redo, so I started by taking elements from the brochure that I made. I used the same photo of the peaches and the greeen and black color scheme. So I placed the photo and the rectangles into InDesign and created a layout. I lowered the opacity on all the photo so that the green would show throught. Then I started on making a new logo for the same company, Sprout smoothies. I used the pen tool to create simple curved lines and used the transform tool to reflect the lines across a vertical aixs so that they were symmetrical. I placed my logo into the InDesign document along with the contact inofrmation and I was finished.

organic smoothies

were about wellness

phone: 509.684.2345 email: address: 234 Cedar St. Colville, WA 99114

Mark Spurto

Description: Letterhead deisgned to match Business Card using the same personally created logo. Date: March 2 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image.Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead.Use the basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign Programs: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator Process: To make this letterhead, essentially, all I did was take the elements from my business card and copy and paste them onto this new document. I stretched the photo and the rectangle so that they fit across the length of the document. I added an enlarged version of the brandmark I created and lowered the opacity to 12% to make a watermark. Then I added the contact inforamtion.

Mark Spurto
509.684.2345 234 Cedar St. Colville, WA 99114

Description: A personally taken photograph that has been edited/formatted using Photoshop. Date: February 9 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Learn basic photography skills. Use a digital camera to take a quality image, then download it. Size and crop the image. Adjust image brightness, contrast, hue and saturation levels. Use a selection tool to isolate a portion of the image. Desaturate the selected portion of the image. Use a filter or colorize a portion of the image. Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Digital Camera Process: It took me a while to find something to take picture of. The lighting outside was poor so I didnt have any luck out of doors. I went inside to the lounge and took pictures of the foosball and pool table, but decided I liked the pool table better. I arranged the pool balls to follow the rule of thirds and then took this picture with an iPhone 5 camera. I also placed the focus on the 8 ball in the foreground. Then, I uploaded the picture to my laptop and opened it in Photoshop. From there I resized the image to 6x6 inches. I selected everything but the pool balls and desaturated it and used the angled strokes filter.

Description: Black & White promotional flier to promote a graduate leadership conference. Date: January 26 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Apply the design principles and use appropriate typography. Incorporate basic InDesign skills to improve basic flier layout. Create a project folder with image, logo and InDesign document to keep links intact. Programs: Adobe InDesign Process: First I drew four sketches to try and come up with an idea for a layout. Then, I chose my favorite sketch and used it as a guide to create the flier in Adobe InDesign. I used black rectangles, and gray lines and circles to give my design some repetition. I also employed contrast by using two fonts and by placing the title against a black background. I also used the design principle of proximity, which is most evident with the date, time, and place in the lower left corner of the flier.


Leadership Conference

Do you want to have the competitive edge in business?

Come learn how at Vouant Communications annual Graduate Leadership Conference. Vouant Comunications is devoted to helping tomorrows leaders gain essential leadership skills in the workplace. During this dynamic three day seminar, attendees will meet with top executives of Vouant Communications to discuss breakthrough leadership techniques, while cultivating attributes of leadership that will market to any employer. Conference is available to graduating seniors. Space is limited.

Registration and more information is available at:

October 21 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Lincoln Convention Center

Description: A web page designed to showcase a personally created logo. Date: March 16 Instructor: Eric Lybbert, COMM130 Visual Media, Section 01 Objectives: Size and optimize an original logo as a .png for a web page. Write content to describe the process of creating your logo and how it appeals to a target audience. Design a web page using HTML to display a logo and content. Acquire a working knowledge of HTML and basic understanding of CSS. Identify hex colors for web design. Compress multiple files in a zipped folder to attach as one file. Programs: TextWrangler, Firefox, Adobe Illustrator Process: I started by creating the basic outline of an HTML document. Then I wrote all of my website content in the body tag. I replaced the list tags with paragraph tags and separated them with breaks. Then, I linked a pre-made CSS document to my HTML document. I changed the hex colors in the CSS document to match my logo, which I did by using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop. I changed the fonts to Abadi MT Condensed Light and Book Antiqua. I also made it so that my logo would be center-aligned on the web page. And lastly, I made the border thicker. I finished by validating my HTML with