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How Are New Technologies Affecting the Way We Communicate

How Are New Technologies Affecting the Way We Communicate

Management of Professionals MAN5266 December 15, 2012

We were asked to discuss two to three new technologies and how they affect the way we manage and communicate at work.How Are New Technologies Affecting the Way We Communicate 2 Abstract In this paper the team was asked to research how technology affects the way we manage communication in the workplace. Next we were asked to provide a real life example of example of how a new technology was used at your current or previous organization. .

How Are New Technologies Affecting the Way We Communicate 3 Introduction Technology Technology provides enhanced knowledge to frontline employees and managers in an organization. People are more connected than ever before. Although each has its pros and cons the technologies overall has increases efficiency and minimizes cost to the organization. Companies like AOL. IM also increases productivity. It increases productivity but also has to be carefully monitored along with a well-developed SMART policy that guides the intended use of these tools. Information is exchanged in a matter of seconds and allows for employees to multi-task. In the following sections I will discuss Instant Messaging (IM). Advancing technology allows for an enhanced way of communication that is effortlessly accessible in the workplace. and in real time. Technology provides managers with tools that able to collect data quickly. There are no boundaries or delays in communication updates among offices or groups of people with the use of Social Medias like podcast or video calling such as Skype.Yahoo. Skype (video calling). The decisions made by managers are more informed because they are backed by data from advancing technologies used in the workplace. Employees have less interruption of their workflow by using instant messaging and increases conversation among employees without losing the time that it takes to call or walk to their office. IM allows for an informal spontaneous communication with co-workers in real time. and Podcast (Social Medias) and their applications for an office environment. efficiently. and MSN are among the largest platforms for this technology. . Instant Messaging or IM is known as the voice of the internet. They are also in a better position to meet their business objectives. Employees use it to get quick answers or to get clarification on current work tasks.

Cost savings are achieved because the organization can track and monitor operating costs. Organizations can grow their customer base and increase loyalty by staying connected with their clients using this technology. Travel and lodging expense are reduced as well. and collaboration.i. Podcast is time efficient. This technology reduces costs by eliminating postage.e. This videoconferencing is a cost effective way to improve the organizations bottom-line. even radical. This service allows users to communicate with other co-workers using a webcam. business practices (Burrus. D. information is updated as it becomes available in real time via RSS feed. Using Skype cuts down on non-essential business travel and maintains productivity levels that would otherwise be lost by traveling. It provides insight for budget forecast and identifies areas where savings can be made.How Are New Technologies Affecting the Way We Communicate 4 Skype is an IP telephony platform owned by Microsoft and has over 600 million users worldwide. thereby allowing them to implement many innovative. It is found that the ability of a digital social network to create immediate system-wide solutions. to share applied-knowledge. Podcast is a type of digital media program that is broadcasts over the internet using an XML protocol called an RSS feed. on-demand communication that organizations use to leverage resources efficiently while maintaining customer satisfaction standards. Innovative companies are beginning to embrace social networking tools as a way to enhance communication. microphone. Podcasts are audio and video episodes and are a great cost effective tool for training. allows employees to behave as fractals . 2010). print. information sharing. and paper expenses. and instant messaging via the internet. Once you have subscribed. together with a management approach that transforms the organization into a complex adaptive system. to take . Communication with colleagues or customers can be set up locally or globally.

and well developed SMART Policies are some ways organizations can achieve compliance with using these tools. monitoring of electronic medias. it gives the candidate a presence rather than relying on the Recruiter’s pre-screen notes. Proper training of employees. At their convenience. . to update their superiors. S. It is both time and costs savings for us to video interview.How Are New Technologies Affecting the Way We Communicate 5 responsibility for performance and management of the processes. move them to the next level. (2007).. The organization I work for has used video-enabled interviewing via Skype technology. or reach out to other managers if a candidate appears to be a better fit for another department. the candidate clicks and respond to preset interview questions while being recorded on a webcam. rank the candidates. In the initial rounds of interviews we send an e-mail link to candidates for an interview. and their profile can be viewed by the hiring manager on their own time. A. In conclusion. & Shoham. There are numerous advantages as well as disadvantages depending on how the organization regulates the usage of these technologies. In the past we have incurred travel and lodging expenses for candidates who were not the top ranked for a position we are filling. The interviews can also be set up quicker and it opens up more time for Recruiters to do their job. The hiring manager can then review the profiles. It provides consistency with the interview questions. and to develop self-management abilities at the local level (Hasgall. the introduction of new technologies can pose to be a great tool for organizations to use.

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