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IT Officer Professional knowledge Practice Material -I 1.

What type of attack do some firewalls try to limit by enforcing rules on how long a GET or POST request can be? [A] Smurf [B] Denial of service [C] Buffer overflow [D] LAND [E] None of these (Ans):-C 2. This is a documents that states in writing how a company plans to protect the company’s physical and IT assets: [A] Data Encryption Standard [B] Security Policy [C] Public Key Certificate [D] Access Control List [E] Copyright (Ans):-B 3. This is the process of determining whether someone or something os, in fact, who or what is declared to be? [A] Conditional access [B] Anonymizer [C] Bypass [D] User profile [E] Authentication (Ans):-E 4. This is an agreement a company may ask an employee to sign that specifies what is considered to be appropriate (or in appropriate) use of e-mail or web browsing? [A] RSA [B] AUP [C] SET [D] VPN [E] None of these (Ans):-B 5. Which are examples of IPS (Intrusion Protection system)? [A] Solar Open Design Wall [B] Grsecurity [C] LOMAC [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D

The basic objective of Audit is: [A] Safeguard and Assets [B] Maintain Data Integrity [C] Maintain Process Integrity [D] Achieve the goals organization effectively [E] None of these (Ans):-E . usually located at a network gateway server. that protects the resources of a private network from other network: [A] Firewall [B] Root kit [C] Sandbox [D] Password Cracker [E] None of these (Ans):-A 8. What happens if you digitally sign and inject footer on an e-mail message in the order? [A] Nothing [B] The message won’t be sent. This is a class of programs that searches your hard drive and floppy disks for any known or potential virus: [A] Intrusion Detection [B] Security identifier [C] Antigen [D] Probe [E] Antivirus software (Ans):-E 10. This is a set of related programs. Which of the following are methods of Network Security? [A] VPN [B] Encryption [C] Honey pots [D] Firewall [E] All of the above (Ans):-E 7. [C] The footer will invalidate the signature.6. [D] The footer will be illegible. [E] None of these (Ans):-C 9.

[B] It throws much light on system effectiveness.11. Processing control procedures have [A] Authorization and authentication of users [B] Access control for online data [C] Reporting of before and after images [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-D . Which is not true about Computer audit? [A] Computer audit does not focus on process integrity. [D] Computer audit is carried done mostly around the computer. Which of them is not an input control type? [A] Unintentional entry of wrong data [B] Preparation of false input forms [C] Intentional entry of fraudulent data [D] Use of unauthorized Input forms [E] Password secrecy (Ans):-E 13. Which of them forms a data items for audit trails? [A] Unique identifier of source code [B] Unique identifier of person [C] Time and Date at which messages are dispatched [D] Unique identifier for each node of network [E] All the above (Ans):-E 15. Which of them is not an approach for computer auditing? [A] Audit around the computer [B] Audit with computer [C] Audit through the computer [D] Audit on computer [E] None of these (Ans):-D 16. What best defines audit Trail? [A] Trailing of audit process [B] Chronological record of all events on system are maintained [C] Chronological record of all events on system are not maintained [D] Its maintenance of audit process [E] None of these (Ans):-B 14. [C] Scope is limited to system and procedure being followed. [E] None of these (Ans):-B 12.

MICR devices can read: [A] Letters [B] Numbers [C] Both of these [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B 22. SMTP protocol is used for [A] Sending email messages between servers [B] Sits between client server [C] Transmit news to all clients [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A 20. Which cannot assure data accuracy in an application? [A] Control total [B] Limit and reasonableness test [C] Echo checking [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C 18. Auxiliary storage consists of [A] Magnetic tapes [B] CDs [C] Both of these [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-A .17. Which form of job scheduling uses triggers? [A] Manual scheduling [B] Distributed scheduling [C] Mainframe scheduling [D] Automated scheduling [E] None of these (Ans):-C 21. A computer works faster with [A] GUI [B] Mouse [C] Keyboard [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C 19.

In case of a virus getting into computer.23. Security policy of an organization need not have [A] The overall security philosophy of the organization [B] The authorization procedure for accessing data [C] Security awareness program [D] Highlights and identity of the sensitive security features [E] None of these (Ans):-D 25. Which of the following do you think is NOT necessary for computerization system in a bank? [A] Effective customer service [B] Effective back office integration [C] Focus on manual records [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C 27. Who can provides access rights to users? [A] Data custodian [B] Data owner [C] The data base administrator [D] Management [E] None of these (Ans):-C 24. BCNF is needed because: [A] Otherwise tuples may be duplicated [B] When a data is deleted tuples may be lost [C] Updating is otherwise is difficult [D] When there is dependent attributes in two possible composite keys one of the attribute is unnecessarily duplicated in the tuples [E] None of these (Ans):-D . which of the following will help? [A] Encryption [B] NORTON [C] Police complaint [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B 26.

A protocol is: [A] Service that helps in communicating [B] Rules that help computer talk [C] Way of transmission data over the net [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B 32. Which of the following is reliable service? [A] TCP [B] UDP [C] Both [A] & (2) [D] Either [A] nor (2) [E] None of these (Ans):-A 29.28. Which of the following are relational integrity constraints? [A] Null value [B] Prim any key [C] Referential integrity [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D 33. Firewall is used in PC for [A] Security [B] Authentication [C] Data transmission [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-A 30. Which of the following do think is NOT to develop an application for computer? [A] Feasibility study [B] Designing [C] Testing [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D . A transmission in which receiver receives the data simultaneously as it is relayed is called [A] Video-conferencing [B] Online transmission [C] Real-time transmission [D] Offline transmission [E] None of these (Ans):-C 31.

Binary equivalent to 87 is: [A] 1010111 [B] 1101111 [C] 1011111 [D] 10111111 [E] None of these (Ans):-A 35. In binary system the highest value of an 8-bit number is [A] 255 [B] 256 [C] 253 [D] 259 [E] None of these (Ans):-A 36. alphabets [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A 37. [C] Data is numbers. that represent an idea or object [B] Data is raw material from which information is derived. [A] Abstraction [B] Completeness [C] User’s screen [D] Directionality [E] None of these (Ans):-D .34. Which of them is true? [A] Data can be facts / figures / letters / words symbols etc. ____________ deals with the restructuring of existing source code in reverse engineering. Maximum storage space is available on [A] CDs [B] Floppies [C] ROM [D] Hard disc [E] None of these (Ans):-D 38.

Software change management decides: [A] How to manage alternations. Which of the following person should be made responsible for reporting maintenance problems in a LAN? [A] Network administrator [B] Users [C] Security officer [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-B 40. How many rollers are actually responsible for movement of the cursor in the mouse [A] 1 [B] 2 [C] 3 [D] Depends from mouse to mouse [E] None of these (Ans):-B 43. Which of there can have more than one value? [A] A composite attribute [B] A multi valued attribute [C] A Derived attribute [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A . Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used for: [A] Relating IP Address to Ethernet addresses [B] Preventing two computers from using the same IP address [C] Enables a workstation to know its IP address by broad casting its local address [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A 42.39. irrespective of the stage of the life cycle of a product [B] Development stages working [C] Maintenance stages working [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A 41.

What are the facilities offered by tele banking? [A] Balance enquiries [B] Enquiries about the specific transaction [C] Transfer of funds [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 46. The purpose of using computer in an organization is _____________? [A] To produce image . The base line for a software in term if software configuration management [A] Point of latest release of the software [B] Point of latest change of the software [C] Point of change approved in the software and added to the project data base [D] All the above [E] None of 1these (Ans):-C 48. reports etc. Which of the following do you think is NOT true for SNMP? [A] It is connection less protocol [B] It guarantees data transmission [C] It can accommodate devices from different vendors [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 45. texts. Approval for software projects has to be done by [A] The project head [B] The user department head [C] The senior management [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 47. Which of the following mandatory parts of complete PC system? [A] Hardware and software [B] Input and Output [C] Keyboard and Printer [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A . [B] To be able get on the internet [C] To process data in to information [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 49.44.

and procedures [D] All the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 51. users. The elements of computer processing system are [A] Hardware. Which of the following is to be done the auditor while internet banking services audit ? [A] Tour the server room [B] The user is not allowed to login after defined repeated failed attempts [C] Contract clearly states the services that will be provided by the vendor [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-A 52. software. Which of the following details do you think should be checked on security breaches? [A] Authorized access to system resources [B] Un-authorized access to system [C] Un-authorized attempts to change security definitions [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D .B 55. [A] Permanent establishment [B] Residence based [C] Income based classification [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D 53. Data. To stop unauthorized access to the computer systems we should : [A] Have a trust worthy system administrator [B] Have a sound encryption policy [C] Have as good password policy [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 54. An attack on network will not bother to do : [A] Network Investigation [B] Network Management [C] Access Gaining [D] Escaping [E] None of these (Ans):. and people [C] Hardware. ___________ can be one of the approach used to tax online transactions . programs. information &people [B] Hardware.50.

Which can be used for development for an application? [A] Data [B] Human factor [C] Technology [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-D 60. The security features of the application should be the time of [A] Programming phase [B] Conceptual design [C] Testing phase [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B .5 6. ____________ is the process of organizing data in tables with the object of elimination redundancy and inconsistent dependency. The internet is an example of a: [A] Packet switched network [B] Cell switched network [C] Circuit switched network [D] All of the above [E] None of the above (Ans):-A 57. [A] Data modeling [B] Normalization [C] Data mining [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-B 59. Which of the following methods are NOT used by kerbaos to establish a secure connection between the client and the target server? [A] OCR [B] Secret key [C] Password [D] Al of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C 58.

we have [A] A mathematically calculated check digit [B] Control check to verify if the data is in accordance to pre-determined criteria [C] Completeness check [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C 64. [B] The application should be easy to use by programming rather than by the end user [C] The requirement for the application should be decided [D] All of these are false [E] None of these (Ans):-B 62. Which department people can best help in auditing? [A] ERP [B] EDP [C] Finance [D] Higher Management [E] None of these (Ans):B .61.2005. Which of the following statements is ‘’FALSE’’ pegarding selection of hardware / software? [A] Budget allocated for application is limited to hardware and software cost. A detective control is used to check if correct numbers are keyed in [A] Sequence check [B] Manual check [C] Check digits [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):-C 65. A good data base should have [A] Financial stability of the vendor [B] Scope for achieves [C] Provision for data integrity and system integrity [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-D 63. To check if data that is being entered does not have blanks.2005. an accounting clerk prepared an invoice dated August 31. Which control can check this ? [A] Size check [B] Hash total [C] Range check [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):-C 66. On August 23.

Which of the following BEST describes ‘Partner’in the phrase’’People. Which of the following is not a common standard for service level management? [A] IEC2000 [B] ISO9000 [C] ISO2000 [D] COBIT [E] None of these (Ans):D 69. Which is the most important of SLM? [A] Customer service [B] Customer satisfaction [C] 24*7 IT support [D] Meeting the SLAs [E] None of these (Ans):B 71.67. Which is not manual technique for computer assisted audit technique? [A] Interviews [B] Code Reviews [C] Questionnaires [D] Control Flow Chart [E] None of these (Ans):B 68. Of the following which is not part of service level management? (1)Service level recruitment [B] Service desk [C] Service catalog [D] Service improvement plan [E] None of these (Ans):B 72. manufactures and vendors [B] Custemors [C] Enternal department [D] The facilities management function [E] None of these (Ans):A 70. What is the sub-process of capacity planning? [A] Business capacity planning [B] Service capacity planning [C] Resource capacity planning [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):D . Products and Partners’’? [A] Suppliers. Processes.

Which of the following is not a part of Financial Management for IT Services? [A] Charging [B] Budgeting [C] Accounting [D] Procurement [E] None of these (Ans):D 74. What does a service always deliver to customer? [A] Application [B] Infrastructure [C] Value [D] Resources [E] None of these (Ans):C 77.73. ‘’Financial department needs higher security measures’’ is example for which SLA? [A] Corporate level SLA [B] Customer level SLA [C] Service level SLA [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):B . Which is not a characteristics of a process? [A] Process is always measurable [B] Process always delivers specific results [C] Process always responds to specific events [D] Process always is necessary [E] None of these (Ans):D 76. Understanding customer usage of services and how this varies over time is part of which process? [A] Service portfolio Management [B] Service level management [C] Component capacity management [D] Demand management [E] None of these (Ans):D 75. Who owns the specific costs and risks associated with providing a service? [A] The service provider [B] The service level manger [C] The customer [D] Resources [E] None of these (Ans):A 78.

Which of the following do service metrics measures? [A] Processes and functions [B] Maturity and cost [C] The end to end service [D] Infrastructure availability [E] None of these (Ans):C 84. Which stage of the service life cycle is MOST concerned with defining policies and objectives? [A] Service design [B] Service transition [C] Service strategy [D] Service operation [E] None of these (Ans):C 82. What are the key issues in choosing the measurement process? [A] Accuracy [B] Cost [C] Visibility [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):D . Which of the following should a service catelog contain? [A] The version information of all software [B] The organizational structure of the company [C] The customer [D] Resources [E] None of these (Ans):D 83. ‘’E-mail services for a particular department needs encryption and secure backups’’ is example of: [A] Corporate level SLA [B] Customer level SLA [C] Service level SLA [D] All of these [E] None of these (Ans):C 81.79. Which of the following activities is NOT a part of the Deming cycle? [A] Act [B] Plan [C] D o [D] Coordinate [E] None of these (Ans):D 80.

85. Which of these is critical success for service level agreement? [A] All services are met [B] Users appreciate the costs of desired service levels [C] Service performance measures are available [D] All of the above [E] None of these (Ans):B .