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Baby Georgia Chick Dress

Sizes: 3(6,9) months MATERIALS: Crystal Palace Baby Georgia 100% cotton, 40gm (142 yds). 5(5,6) balls color M,1 ball color C, small amount color A. Crystal Palace Bamboo Needles size 3 single point. Stitch holders. 3 buttons 1/2". GAUGE: 7 sts = 1" in Stockinette stitch (St st). Take time to check gauge. Abbreviations: yo: yarn over rem: remaining inc: increase tog: together cont: continue BACK: With size 3 needles and C cast on 138(150,162) sts. Work 4 rows Garter st. With M, work 6 rows St st. Then work 14 row chick motif in St st following chart, establishing pattern as follows: Work 2(5,8) sts M, 29 sts chick motif, [6(8,10) sts M, 29 sts motif] 3 times, 2(5,8) sts M. With M, work 2 rows St st. With C, work 4 rows Garter st. With M, work in St st until 8.5(9.5,10.5)" from beg. End with a purl row. K2 tog across next row. 69(75,81) sts. Work 3 rows St st. Knit 33(36,39) sts, cast off center 3 sts, k 33(36,39) sts to end row. Complete each side separately as follows: Cast on 4 sts at inside edge for button band (left side) or buttonhole band (right side). 38(40,43) sts. For remainder of back, work 4 sts for either band in Garter st in M . On buttonhole band make 3 buttonholes (k1, yo, k2tog, k1), the first in 10th row and the rem 212(14,16) rows apart. Shape Armholes: Work 4 rows St st in M. At same time, cast off at outside edge, every other row, 2 sts, 3 times and 1 st once. 30(33,36) sts. Work 4 rows Garter st in C. Cont in St st in M until work measures 13(14.25, 15.5)" from beg. Cast off. FRONT: Work as for back until work measures 8.5(9.5, 10.5)". K2 tog across row. 69(75,81) sts. Work 4 rows Garter st in C, 4 rows St st in M, 4 rows Garter st in C, at the same time, shape armholes at each edge as for Back. Cont in St st using M until work measures 11 (12.25,13.5)". Shape Neck: Cast off center 9(11,13) sts and complete each side separately as follows. Cast off at neck edge every other row 5 sts once, 3 sts once and 2 sts once. 13(15,17) sts. Cont straight until work measures 13(14.25,15.5)" Cast off.

Colors used in photo: color M: 6866 Cornflower color C: 19 Bleached White color A: 50 Pale Yellow . Work 4 rows Garter st. 78(84. FINISHING: On each chicken embroider crest with buttonhole st. Cont in St st in M and inc 1 st at each end of work alternately every 2 and 4 rows 13(14.4) sts once. 2 sts once and 3 sts once.25)" Shape Top of Sleeve: Cast off at each end of work every other row 2(3. Cont until work measures 5.71) sts around neck edge. 1 st 18(20. Sew side and underarm seams. working 2 sts tog across row. legs and beak with straight st and eyes with French knots in A. Join back and front at shoulders.SLEEVES: With size 3 needles and C cast on 52(56.60) sts.5(6. Work 4 rows Garter st.6. Cast off. Cast off rem 28 sts.90) sts.15) times. Neckband: With size 3 needles and C pick up 63(67.22) times. Sew on buttons. Sew in sleeves.