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Amigurumi Lovebug ♥

Materials · Set of 3.75mm needles (UK size 9, US size 5) · Set of 3mm needles (UK size 11, US size 2 ½) · Set of 3mm double pointed needles (optional for I-Cord) · Yarn needle · Toy stuffing · Optional: black safety eyes, beads, buttons or felt for features, pipe cleaners. Yarn colours · Pink · Red · Scraps of black yarn/thread if embroidering the eyes and mouth Yarn weight: Double knitting/ worsted weight Gauge: not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through Finished measurements: approx 3.5” tall and 2” wide (excluding antennae and wings) Head (use 3.75 needles) CO 6 sts 1. knit 2. knit 3. kfb every sts (12sts) 4. knit 5. *k1, kfb* along (18sts) 6. Knit 7. *k2,kfb* along (24sts) 8. Knit

Knit 17. K2tog (6sts) BO remaining stitches leaving a long tail. At this stage you may want to add the safety eyes and embroider a mouth.75 needles) CO 6 sts 1. K2tog. kfb every sts (12sts) 4. knit 5. Change to pink k2tog. k3* along (24sts) 16. k1* along (12sts) 20. Knit 10. Knit 19. Continue to mattress stitch until you . knit 3. Knit 11. knit 17. k2* along (18sts) 18. kfb* along (18sts) 6. Knit 19.k2tog.k4. *k1. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure. leaving a long tail. *K2tog.9. k2tog (12sts) 21. knit 12. *K2tog. *K2tog.kfb* along (30sts) 10. knit 2. *k2. *k3. Change to red knit 16. Knit 13. Knit 14.k2.k2tog. k10. Knit 20. k2tog (14sts) 18. knit 15. k2* along (18sts) 12. Knit 21. Switch to red *K2tog. Body (use 3. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed stopping halfway to fill with stuffing. Knit 7. knit 9. Change to pink knit 14. *K2tog * along (6sts) Cut yarn. Knit 11. Knit 22. k4. Close remaining opening leaving a long tail to sew onto body.kfb* along (24sts) 8. Knit 13. Use tail to mattress stitch the body closed stopping halfway to fill with stuffing. Knit 15.

Knit 3. k2tog. k to last st. Knit 5. k2. kfb (8sts) 6. k to last st. kfb. k to last st. kfb. k to last st. k to last st. k2tog 21. kfb. k2tog. Kfb into both stitches (4sts) 3. k2tog twice 18. pull tightly and secure. knit 17. Weave in any leftover yarn ends. k2 tog. Wings (use 3mm needles) Make 2 CO 2 st 1. Shape the wider part of the antennae into the shape of a ball and sew over so a nice round shape is achieved. knit 5. cut a long piece of yarn (about 10″) and weave through back of piece to reattach to other side (where you left off when turning) 19. knit 11. I-cord for ¾” (2cm) 2. k5. k2tog 20. BO 4 st. k2. Knit Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure. kfb (10sts) 8. knit 7. BO 4 st Weave in any loose yarn ends Antennae (use dpn's) Make 2 Cast on 2 sts 1. kfb (14sts) 12. knit 15. k2tog 16. k5 and turn. kfb. kfb (4sts) 2. kfb. leaving remaining 7 st on the needle 14. Assembly: Sew yarn tail from the head onto the bind off stitches of the body. Sew the antennae onto the top of the head making sure they are symmetrical. k to last st. Knit 4. sew them on so that they are symmetrical. kfb. .reach the cast on stitches. knit 9. kfb (6sts) 4. Draw the yarn through the cast off stitches. Sew the wings about halfway down on the body. knit 13. kfb (12sts) 10.

this makes the toy completely safe for any child from birth as the features cannot be easily removed or fall off. Alternative features : · Small button eyes · Small bead eyes · Glue on ‘googly’ eyes · Felt eyes · Pipe cleaner antennae . I would not recommend given this toy to a child under 3 years old if safety eyes are used.Face Features: The lovebug in the pattern photograph has black toy safety eyes (size 5mm) Black mouth embroidered on with yarn. To make it safe to give to a child from birth I suggest embroidering eyes on with yarn.