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Amigurumi Tiny Turtle

He measures a tiny 3.5" long and 2" tall however you can knit him on a larger needle size for a slightly larger turtle, but i always think the smaller the toy the cuter it gets. Materials · Set of 3mm needles (UK size 11, US size 3) · Yarn needle · Toy stuffing · 5mm black toy safety eyes (optional as eyes can be embroidered on with black thread/yarn) Yarn weight Double knitting/ worsted weight Gauge Not important but make it tight so stuffing doesn’t show through Abbreviations: · CO = cast on · K or k = knit · P or p = purl · Kfb = knit front and back (Knit a stitch, leaving stitch on left needle; knit into the back loop of this stitch) · K2tog = Knit two stitches together to make one · Sts or st = stitches · CC1= Colour 1 (in the photo this would be yellow) · CC2= Colour 2 (in the photo this would be green) · *.......* = repeat the pattern set within the asterisk · BO = Bind off

kfb every st (12sts) 3. Purl 8. K1 (21st) row 5: purl row 6: *k1.*k2tog* to end of row (11sts) row 17: purl change to cc2 row 18: k1. K1 (11st) row 3: purl row 4: *kfb* repeat 10 times. Head CO 6st 1.draw tail through remaining stitches.*k2tog. Use the remaining long yarn tail to mattress stitch the row ends together until you reach the purl row on the right side of the knitting.kfb* along row(24sts) 7. Weave in any loose ends. purl 4. kfb* along row (18sts) 5. Fill the shell with toy stuffing and then continue to close the remaining opening using mattress stich and then tie off. knit 9.*k2tog* to end of row (6sts) Cut yarn leaving a long tail. kfb* along row (31st) row 7: knit <------please see the note below about this row row 8: knit row 9: purl change to cc2 row 10: knit row11: purl change to cc1 row12: knit row13: purl change to cc2 row 14: k1.Shell Cast on 6 sts start with cc1 row 1: knit row 2: *kfb* repeat 5 times. *k1. purl 2.k1* to end of row (21sts) row 15: purl change to cc1 row 16: k1. purl . *k2. Purl 6.

k1* along row(12sts) 15. leave a long yarn tail to sew the legs to the body. Purl BO (leaving a long yarn tail) At this point to may want to add the safety eyes (or embroider some eyes on with thread or yarn for babies or very small children). Knit 10. knit 7. Purl 16. *K2tog. Draw tail through remaining stitches and pull tightly and secure. *K2tog.10. Pull the yran tail through the cast on stitches to give a drawsting effect. Knit 11. knit 4. try not to overstuff the head or the turtle may end up head heavy** Legs (make 4) CO 3st 1. *K2tog. Use tail to mattress stitch row ends closed (please note i didnt fill the legs with stuffing but you can if you wanted to. leaving a long tail. *k2tog * along row(3sts) 11. knit 8. Continue until you reach the cast on stitches. Now you have your very own tiny turtle. Now go forth and multiple! . *k2tog * along row(6sts) 9. Finishing Attach the head to the shell on the curved side. kfb every st (12sts) 5. Attach the legs to the flat of the shell. k2* along row (18sts) 13. Purl 12. tie off and weave in any loose ends. purl 14. just remember to stop halfway to stuff). Knit 2. knit 6. kfb every st (6sts) 3. Use the long yarn tail to matress stitch the row ends together. * along row (6sts) 17. stopping halfway to stuff and then along to the cast on stitches. **Please note. Knit Cut yarn.

Note about shell row 7: It hass come to my attention that some people think that this row is a mistake and should be replaced by a purl row. The pattern is correct and it should not be changed to a purl. This row is a knit row as it mark the point where the flat shell bottom changes to the shell curve and allows for an easy 'fold' once the toy is stuffed and sewn. .