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Amy Doll Sun Dress And Hat

Materials: Knitting worsted in color of your choice 1 button Knitting needles size 6 Crochet hook size G Gauge: 5 sts = 1 inch Abbreviations: K = knit P = purl YO = yarn over tog = together

Repeat on other side. sew back seam for about an inch. K 2 tog. K across remaining sts. ( K 3. (k 2 tog) across row to last st. stockinette 15 rows. K to end of row Next row: Next row: Bind off 18 sts. Hat: Cast on 80 sts. attach yarn to corner of bib with slip stitch. Starting at bottom edge. K 1 Next row: Purl Next row: K 3. Overlap waistband. decreasing 22 sts evenly across row. End K 2. Bind off. ( K 2. P to last 2 sts. Next row: K 1. End K 2 Purl K 2. Tie the ties around the neck. Sew button under buttonhole. Using crochet hook. End K 2. K 2 Next row: Knit Repeat last 2 rows unril bib is 1 and 1/2 inches long.Sundress: Cast on 100 sts. Cut yarn and thread through stitches remaining on needle. K 4 rows (2 garter st ridges) Starting with a purl row. Purl. Purl K 2. K 2 tog) across row. Copyright 2005 Yvonne Boucher . K 2 tog) across row. Chain 30. k 2 tog) across row. Fasten off. Button in back. ( K 4. K 2 tog) across row. Put on doll. Garter stitch 4 rows. (58 sts) Stockinette stitch until piece measures 2 and 1/4 inches from cast on edge Decrease: K 2. Next row: Bind of 18 sts. Put on doll and turn up hat brim in front. Pull tight to gather. Sew back seam. K 2. YO. End K 2 Purl K 2 tog across row. Garter st (Knit every row) for 1 and 1/2 inches Next row: Knit. Purl to end of row. Next row: (Wrong side) K 2. ( K 1.