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Amy Doll

A cute little baby wearing a diaper, booties and sweater. Doll has jointed arms and legs. Finished doll is about 14 inches tall. A word about size. A great deal depends on the yarn you are using. For example, dolls made with Paton’s Canadiana, as this one was, will be bigger than doll’s made of WoolEase. All my toy instructions are given in row to insure the proportion of length to width will be the same no matter what yarn is used. Materials: Doll: 3 ounces worted weight yarn in color of your choice Sacque and booties: 1 skein knitting worsted in color of your choice Diaper: 1/2 ounce white Hair: 1 pre-cut sheet of craft fur. If you cannot find craft fur you can find fake fur by the yard in fabric stores. Choose one with long fur and a soft backing.

Wrap end around neck and again. Weave about a 20 inch length of face color yarn through center row of neck. The head should measure 12 inches around. Purl (K 1. size 3 and 6 Polyester fiberfill Yarn needle and darning needle with large eye (Yarn needle will not go through stuffing) 2 small safety pins for diaper Sewing needle and thread to match fur color Gauge: 26 stitches to 4 inches on size 3 needles 5-1/2 stitches to 1 inch on size 6 needles Abbreviations: K = knit sts = stitches P = purl tog = together inc = increase Doll: Body: Cast on 48 stitches on size 3 needles. Purl (K 2 tog) across row Cut yarn leaving a long tail to sew back seam of doll. K 2 tog) across row. stockinette 3 rows. Shape top of head: (K 4. K 2 tog) across row. Before closing the last little hole add more stuffing to fill in corners. Beginning with a purl row. Thread tail through yarn needle and pass through stitches remaining on needle removing them on to tail.Face: scraps of black. Sew back seam of doll being careful to match increase and decrease rows at neck. 1-3/4 yards of 1/8 inch satin ribbon Knitting needles U. stockinette 23 rows. Pull up tight. When doll is stuffed center back seam and overcast cast on stitches at bottom of doll. Increase for head: (Inc in every st) Repeat across row (48 sts) Head: Beginning with a purl row. Pull up tight to close hole. . stockinette 31 rows. pull up tight. Beginning with a purl row. Purl (K 3. Decrease for neck: (K 2 tog) Repeat across row. K 2 tog) across row. Finish off and bury ends in doll. Stuff doll very firmly.S. Purl (K 2. K 2 tog) across row. pink and rose.

Legs: With face color and size 3 needles. stockinette 9 rows. inc in next st. Put through head bringing needle and yarn out at one eye position. Repeat 2 times for a total of 3 stitches. Make second leg in the same way. k to last 2 sts. With needle and thread sew a running stitch all the way around. Cut only the backing. inc in next st. pull wig cap to stretch and make snug. K to last 5 sts. Stuff last half inch lightly so doll will sit. Mouth: With rose yarn make a longer horizontal for mouth. K 1. (32 sts). Hair: Cut a circle 6 ½” in diameter out of fur. K to last 2 sts. Fasten off. not the fur. Starting with a purl row. horizontal stitch for nose. Bind off. Thread a darning needle with a length of black yarn. Next row: Inc in every st. Face: Mark position of eyes with pins. K to last 2 sts. Put needle through face 2 stitches directly above first stitch and come out at first stitch. Next row: Purl Next row K 1. K 1 Purl Next row: K 1. Arrange gathers evenly. Tie in knot and put ends through doll’s leg. End with a purl row. K 1 Beginning with a purl row. (K 2 tog) 4 rimes. Make a second smaller stitch under the first one for bottom lip.Tip: Use your darning needle to put yarn ends through doll. Put yarn through at that point going straight through to other side of leg. Pull up stitches to gather. K 2 tog twice. Sew to head using whip stitch. K 8 (20 sts). Fasten off. Brush “hair” and arrange as you like. Next row: K 8. Nose: Using pale pink. stockinette 5 rows. Over cast bound off sts. Stuff leg very firmly. Neatly sew seam across top of each leg to seam across . Pull yarn ends until you have the amount of shaping that pleases you. Stockinette 9 rows. K 2 tog twice. inc in next st. (K 2 tog) 8 times. make small. K 1 Next row: Purl Repeat these two rows until there are 24 sts on needle. cast on 16 stitches. Knee: Thread darning needle with a length of face color yarn. Next row: K1. Pinch leg to determine where you want knee. inc in next st. Go over one strand of yarn (so yarn won’t pull through when tightened) and go back through leg to starting point. Repeat for other eye. As you sew. Put on doll’s head and pull up gathers to fit. inc in next st. K 8 Next row: Purl Next row: K 8. You have completed one stitch. Next row: Purl Next row: K 1. inc in first st. Pull yarn through.

Knit 1 row. Next row: Knit 2 together to last stitch. Knit across sleeve stitches. Purl Next row: (Knit 3. knit 1 Starting with a purl row. To join arms to body follow diagram. knit to last 2 stitches. Next row: Cast on 2 sts. Next row: K 3. End with purl row. knit 2. stockinette 3 rows Next row: (Knit 2. gathering tightly and closing hole. K 3. Knit 2 rows. Repeat directions From * to ** . Starting at hand. Purl Next row: Knit 1. inc in next st. Slip markers as you come to them. Thread through stitches remaining on needle. purl to last 3 sts slipping markers as you go. Sweater: With sweater color and size 6 needles. (15sts) Starting with a purl row. *YO. place marker. Sleeves: Now working on left sleeve only. Repeat from * to * to last 3 stitches. Fasten off. inc in next st. Place stitches of back on yam holder. *cast on 2 sts.bottom of doll. Knit across row. K 8 for sleeve. knit 2. gather cast on stitches and pull tight. Sew arm seam. Purl across row. K 17 for back. End YO. stockinette 21 rows. place marker. Next row: Starting with a purl row. Pull up stitches at top of arm. stitches of right sleeve on yarn holder and stitches of right front on yarn holder. inc in next stitch. Do not pull up tight at this point. Bind off loosely. K 1 Cut yarn leaving a long tail. Arm: (Make 2) With face color cast on 10 stitches. knit 1 Next row: Purl Next row: Knit 1. K 10 for front. place marker. K 2 tog*. Next row: Knit across row increasing before and after each marker. Next row: K 3. knit 2 tog) Repeat across row. Pull arms tightly against body so they will stay in place. K 8 for sleeve. inc in next st. being sure to keep the first and last three stitches in garter stitch.** Put stitches of second sleeve on needle. Garter stitch (Knit every row) 4 rows. inc in next stitch. Next row: Knit across stitches of left front and place on length of yarn to hold. inc in next stitch) Repeat across row. stockinette 9 rows. until you have 117 stitches on needle. cast on 52 stitches. Stuff firmly. inc in next st. place marker. K3 Next row: Knit Dividing row:: K 10 for front. Continue to increase before and after each marker.

(K 2 tog) twice. Garter stitch (Knit every row) 10 rows. K 1 Next row: Purl. K 10 Next row: Knit Next row: (Knit 4. K 2 tog. YO.Sew sleeve seams. Next row: K1. knit across right front. Knit 1 row even and bind of. P 1 rib. stockinette 12 rows remembering to keep first and last 3 stitches in garter stitch. Repeat for other bootie. Overcast back seam and bottom of booties. Then K 1. Sew bow to front of bootie. cast on 4 stitches. Knit 1 row. (26 sts) Next row: Start K 1. Pick up 4 sts under left sleeve. Put on doll. End knit 2. Next row: K 11. Bring back tabs around and overlap front. Trim ribbon ends to desired length. K to last 3 sts. YO. Diaper: With white and size 6 needles. Cut a 9” length of ribbon and tie in bow. Blanket: If you wish to make a blanket for your baby use any favorite pattern or if you choose. Bind off loosely. knit across stitches of back. Repeat this row until you have 4 stitches on needle. inc in next stitch. Weave a 36” length of ribbon through beading at neck of sweater. inc in first stitch. KI 2 tog. Starting with a purl row. Tie bow in front. Turn down cuff and slip on doll’s foot. knit to end of row. Repeat these two rows until there are 14 sts on needle. Knit 1 row. Put diaper on doll. Pin. Then K 2. Using the combination of needles and yarn you like. Repeat this row until blanket is the sixr you want. (K 2 tog) twice. End with a purl row. pick up 4 sts under right sleeve. Next row: Knit Next row: Purl Next row: K 1. Next row: Knit Bind (cast) off. Garter stitch 4 rows.. K 2 tog. cast on 40 stitches. knit to last 2 sts. Body: Attach yarn to sleeve edge of left front. K 1 Next row: Purl Repeat these two rows until there are 32 stitches on needle. Rib for 1-1/2 inches Bind off loosely in rib.. inc in next st) across row. Purl 1 row. K 2 tog. use this old pattern based on a washcloth design. Bootie: With bootie color cast 26 stitches on size 6 needle. K 11 Next row: K 10. End with purl row. knit across row. .

End K 2. K 2 tog) across row. ( K 4. Purl K 2. End K 2 Purl K 2.Hat: Cast on 80 sts. ( K 2. Put on doll and turn up hat brim in front. K 2 tog) across row. K 2 tog) across row. K 2. Pull tight to gather. Cut yarn and thread through stitches remaining on needle. ( K 3. decreasing 22 sts evenly across row. . Garter st (Knit every row) for 1 and 1/2 inches Next row: Knit. (58 sts) Stockinette stitch until piece measures 2 and 1/4 inches from cast on edge Decrease: K 2. End K 2. Sew back seam. End K 2 Purl K 2 tog across row. Purl. ( K 1. k 2 tog) across row.