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BENJI BEAR 26 cm – 11.5 inches 8 ply yarn, 3.

00 mm needles

Benji can be made with a contrast colour for feet, ear fronts and muzzle as set out below, or all in one colour as in the photograph. This teddy is wonderful to dress and the clothes patterns have been done in crochet. For these patterns see separate pattern sheet.

Materials. 60 gms main colour, small amount of contrast. 8 ply (double knit – UK) (worsted weight – USA) 3.00 mm needles (11 – UK) (3 – USA) Front. Legs. Using contrast cast on 13 sts. Purl 1 row. Next row: Inc into each st (26 sts) Beg with a p row, St-st 3 rows. Using main colour, G-st 6 rows Next row: K2tog to end (13 sts) G-st 23 rows and leave on spare needle. Work another leg the same, but do not break off yarn. Body. Working across both legs (26 sts.) G-st 2 rows. Shape tummy. 1st row: K11, inc, K1, inc, K12 (28 sts) G-st 3 rows 5th row: K12, inc. K1, inc, K13 (30 sts) G st 3 rows.

Body. K2. Work as for Front from *** to ***. (26) Knit 1 row. ( 24 sts). Using contrast. inc. K13 (30) G-st 3 rows. Inc 1 st at beginning of next 10 rows. (7 sts). K12 (28) G-st 3 rows. Next row: K11. cast on 9 sts. K2tog tbl. K11. (Inc. G-st 10 rows. K2tog. K14 (32 sts) G-st 3 rows. G-st 32 rows. Cast on 11 sts at beginning of next 2 rows Inc 1 st at beginning of next 6 rows. Next row: K12. Working across both legs (26 sts). (54 sts) G-st 4 rows. K1. K1) to end. K2tog tbl. K2. Dec 1 st at begging of next 10 rows (14 sts) Cast off purlwise the remaining 14 sts. K2tog. Work another leg the same. Using main colour. Cast off. G-st 30 rows and leave on spare needle. (8 sts). Front. Next row: K14. Dec 1 st at beginning of next 6 rows. inc. Back (make 2) Using main colour cast on 14 sts. St-st 8 rows. Ears. K2. K15 (34 sts) G-st 3 rows. (13 sts) St-st 3 rows. K14 (32) G-st 3 rows. K2tog. *** Shape arms. K1. inc.9th row: K13. but do not break off yarn. K2tog. Dec 1 st at each end of the next 3 rows. 13th row: K14. (make 2) Using contrast colour cast on 13 sts. Next row: K1. Next row: K13. inc. . K2. K2tog tbl. Dec 1 st at each end of the next 3 rows. *** Back Legs. (48 sts) Cast off 17 sts at beginning of next 2 rows (14) Shape head. K2tog tbl. G-st 17 rows.

and close base of snout. Position and pin snout with top half way up face. Embroider nose and mouth onto snout. Turn and close base of ears. starting at the top of snout. Purl 1 row. To Make Up. Continue in st-st. Snout. Match side seams of legs and oversew foot seam to run from toe to heel. Oversew top of head closed. Using contrast. Place on head so that centre of base is at edge of cast off row of head. Oversew back of body to front. Turn through head opening and stuff firmly. Oversew back to front of ears. Work 7 rows. Cast on 15 sts. Inc at each end of next 3 rows (21 sts). leaving cast off sts (top of head) open. Slip st top and sides of snout. Dec at each end of next 4 rows (13 sts) Cast off. . stuff lightly. Embroider eyes 8 sts apart just above snout.Cast off.