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Blond Haired CyberTot

This doll was knit with US ndl size 2 (2.75 mm) and Caron Simply Soft. The arms are stitched onto doll. We used the smaller size of the pattern. Her eyes are embroidered with black yarn. She measures app 10.5"/26 cm. Her hair is Lion Brand Jiffy and was attached with back sts on her entire head. The bangs were split later after trimming. Coat Measurements: sleeves across: 8"/21 cm; top of hood to bottom: 9 1/4"/23.5 cm. We apologize for the quality of the picture, we will update picture soon.
Unfortunately, we can't guarantee error-free patterns. Please email and let us know if you find any errors.

Clothes for Blond Haired CyberTot
Needles: US size 6 (4 mm), dp ndls can be used for markers if need be. Yarn:: Simply Soft by Caron as main color, the trim was worked with Lion Brand Wool Ease. (use DK yarn if you can't find these type of brands). Gauge: 5 sts per inch/2.5 cm.

Coat with Hood
Note: The coat is worked in SS from the neck down, increasing the work on every other row by 8 sts until the work splits to sleeves, front pieces and back. The hood is work from the neck up. The trim is the picked up in the sides of hood

K10. K11*. inc in next 2 sts. Cut yarn. work as described. K11* (50 sts). join and work an inc in next st. CO 2 sts. K3**. inc in next st. Bind off (WS) in seed. Switch to contrasting color and K next row. Repeat these 2 rows adding 1 st to each '*' until there are 76 sts on ndl (5 more times). K18. inc in next 2 sts. P next row.and front pieces afterwards. K4* (36 sts). P next row. Switch to contrasting color. Work 3 rows of SS. Else the first few rows are hard to work because of lack of room due to the coat's front and back having been knit as one piece. inc in next 2 sts. K4*. Work 5 rows of SS. inc in next 2 sts. K3**. picking up a st in each of the CO sts from the start of coat (28 sts). Work 2 row of seed. join and work an inc in next st. bind off (WS) in seed on next row. Next row. K first row. Sew up the underarm hole to coat. inc in next 2 sts. First. ease into coat's opening. Sleeves Note: you may want to use dp ndls and work sleeve in the round. K6**. Work next 2 rows in seed. Next. Cut yarn. K20**. P next row. There should be 58 sts on ndl. adding 1 st to each '*'. There should be 46 sts on ndl. Repeat for other sleeve. inc in next st. sco 2 sts at end (21 sts). Repeat last 4 rows twice. splitting the work: K 10 sts. inc in next 2 sts. save next 17 sts to scrap yarn for sleeve. CO 28 sts and P first row. . Next row (RS). then K the saved 17 sts for the one sleeve. Hood Work first row on RS. save next 17 sts to scrap yarn. Sew up sleeves.

K1. K12. turn. Work 6 rows of SS. turn. work 8 increases evenly spaced. K2. crochet 2 chains or use yarn as is. K10. Next row/round. Make 2 pompoms by wrapping yarn around one finger about 60 times. Work 2 rows of seed. Boots Needles: US size 3/3. K next row. Next. K12 (32 sts) and P next row. K2tog.g work next row as established). ratio app 3 sts to rows. K2. sl 1. K2tog. yarn is Woolease. work an increase in next 4 sts. K2. K18. Next. K2tog) twice. K1) twice. K next round for round knitting (e. K2tog 4 times. (K2tog. Work next row/round as established. for round knitting. 6 sts per ndl. K2. K2tog across row (12 sts). Next row (RS). K2tog. Next row (RS). P2tog. K2tog) twice. P row/round. bind off the sts together. K2tog twice. K11. Next. Next. Note: K in the round if you so desire. Next row marking the sole. Bind off (WS) in seed. Work 2 rows of seed. P7. P next row for straight knitting. Attach to chain/string. K9. If you know how. Slip sts to 2 dp ndls. Completion In contrasting color. K10 (28 sts). WS facing. P next row (knit if round).25 mm. K2tog twice. CO 24 sts. P16. sl 1. K2tog. complete row/round (27 sts). complete row (26 sts). we highly suggest grafting the sts (split sts to 2 ndls. K6. (K2tog. 6 sts . K11 (28 sts) and P next row. K2. K2tog 4 times. K10 (24 sts) and P next row. Work 15 rows of SS or until work from start of neck measures 2 3/4"/7 cm (or measure to doll). complete round (26 sts). Next row for straight knitting. K2tog. K next 2 rounds. P next row. gauge: 11 sts per inch/5 cm. Attach yarn strings or crocheted chains on front pieces by the neck line. splitting the sts at top of hood to ease the knitting. K2. Seam is in the back of boot. Cut yarn to 12"/30 cm tail. K2tog twice. K2tog twice (12 sts). splitting the sts evenly to 3 dp ndls. Next row (RS). K1. using 2 ndls. (K1. (K1. K2tog. making sure next row is RS. K1) twice (20 sts). pick up 96 sts alongside the front edges and hood. Using contrasting color.Next row. K10.

. Else Bind off row. sew up small seam from seed rows at start of boot.per ndl). Secure starting tail in work on WS. fold work (or graft) and sew up seam of bottom of sole. For straight knitting. then continue to back of boot ending at start of work. For round knitting.