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United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 1

Strategic Plan for United Charters of America, Phase Three: Balanced Scorecard BUS/475 University of Phoenix April 1, 2013

Strategic Plan for United Charters of America, Phase Three: Balanced Scorecard

learning. A strong. The balanced scorecard will clarify the four viewpoints that include finances. customer knowledge. UCOA can accomplish its goals effectively described in the vision and mission statements if the activities and methods of measures include in the company’s strategic planning. threats. they require teams of well-organized. 2010). They explain the results of past transactions and disregard what the future benefits could be” (M3 Planning. UCOA must examine its business operations. 2012). p. values and strengths. customers. 202). weaknesses. Therefore. Stakeholder Value or Financial Perspective United Charters of America (UCOA) can have strong business operations if the company wisely evaluates its actions. consumer fulfillment management. They tell the story of what has happened to the organization. motivated individuals to articulate strategies that give them a competitive edge in the marketing environment. balanced scorecard helps companies implement specific measures in their business operations effectively. and annual income growth. Operating a business can be difficult for the proprietors and other stakeholders within the organization. and growth accordingly (Kaplan and Norton. and learning and growth” (Pearce and Robinson 2009. “The balanced scorecard is a set of four measures directly linked to a company’s strategy: financial performance. internal business processes.United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 2 “Traditional financial measures – ROI. and market share – fail to capture the true picture of a firm’s value propositions because they focus on the past. opportunities. During . internal business processes. net profit. United Charters of America must construct a balanced scorecard to support the company by clearly defining its vision. sales growth. and trends (SWOTT) analysis. The company must also reduce business operations costs and examine its ability to be financially stable. mission.

Consumer fulfillment. Upper management will observe the business steps to make .United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 3 the process. Customer Value Perspective Because United Charters of America is a new organization and consumers (parents/students) will have to evaluate the business to help the company determine if it is successful in its business operations. it will produce an increase in the business operations within the community also provide incentives to loyal consumers who are committed to helping the company improve its services. the use of the balanced scorecard will be helpful to assist with eliminating the waste of company resources. 2012). The company’s plan will be significant in many areas including. but not limited to. Additionally. Process or Internal Operations Perspective The internal business process perspective demonstrates the most crucial internal processes for the company’s strategy to be successful (M3 Planning. Before and Aftercare). United Charters of America will create a plan for the activities within the business that will plainly detail the specific objectives of daily operations. offering higher quality services to the target audience. The feedbacks from consumers will help to determine if established objectives have been achieved. improving the “face” of the organization in the marketing environment..g. public knowledge about the business. and participation in community activities will help United Charters of America build a respectable name within a community. United Charters of America will continually observe consumer satisfaction through continual research which consists of both parent and employee surveys. and researching and providing other goods and services (e. ensuring that the business provides quality services and goods to consumers.

This is especially important for those who work in the field of education. As such. create a positive work environment. However. “Can we continue to improve and create value?” It points out the infrastructure the company must build in order to establish long-term growth and continuous improvement. consumer satisfaction.United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 4 sure that activities are performed properly. Fundamentally. and a minimized employee turnover are achieved for better outcomes. for better results United Charters of America must outline strategies that have simple and clear communication channels from managers to employees are present . the company will ensure that there are programs in place that reward parents (customers) for having their children enrolled in the school for a number of years and/or who demonstrate a love for the schools by the time they commit to the schools. Even in the school setting. The activities must focus on keeping disciplined workers who can improve their knowledge through continual education. parents find value in being shown appreciation for their loyalty. Learning and Growth (Employee) Perspective The learning and growth perspective asks the important question of. advertisements can help to retain present and attract new consumers. The perspective will assist the company with the creation of continual education for employees and business cultural behavior through business adjustment. Additionally. United Charters of America will concentrate on adjusting to modern technology. The company’s objective is to employ and retain well-disciplined employees. The creation of United Charters of America’s vision and mission statements are the basics for a stable business operation. improve organizational abilities and adjust to modern technological systems. United Charters of America will have to measure the process performances to ensure that educational services.

United Charters of America must use the four measures to accomplish its activities. sustain and harvest stage (M3 Planning. The company has to create a balanced scorecard that can assist persons involved in the operations in determining suitable processes to accomplish these activities. Shareholder Value or Financial Perspective The financial performance measure will change based on the long-term objectives and strategies in business growth. The strategic plan outlines the four perspectives explained earlier and each perspective includes objectives. Objectives Increase market share of previous year Increase annual income Use company resources Limit company expenses Reduce the number of expenses Ability to sustain financially Measures Return on share Money goes toward business expenses Profit on investment Profit on capital . measures and initiatives. finances. consumer.United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 5 within the organization. 2012). a successful business has to clearly identify its learning and growth.. and processes of internal business. targets. Finally.

United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 6 Targets Gain measure about 18% Market share will grow about 2% every year Initiatives Search for other organizations in the similar business Customer Value Perspective Objectives Offer higher quality products and services to target audience Public knowledgeable about the business Participate in community activities Measures Consumer fulfillment needs about 100% Increase clientele base about 24% Initiatives Provide incentives to consumers Business growth Process or Internal Operations Perspective Objectives Effective steps within the operation Search for other products Use the resources wisely to purchase other organizations to increase value to the business Measures .

United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 7 Reduce reproduction of similar products Observe annual income of modern systems Observe worker and consumer satisfaction Targets Consumer growth about 40% Fulfillment needs about 100% Decrease percentage of consumers from returning products about 20% Initiatives Discounts or incentives Advertisement Learning and Growth (Employee) Perspective Objectives Hire and keep well-disciplined individuals Better worker fulfillment needs Adjust to modern technological systems Measures Strong observation Ongoing education Satisfy consumer needs Reduce worker transfer percentage Targets Employee motivation about 100% Initiatives .

United Charters of America – Balanced Scorecard 8 Free education Maximize employee evaluation Modern electronic invoicing .

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