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Here is a list of the world s top 10 most dangerous animals and why.

This list isn t based on how venomous it is or other statistics but how dangerous it is towards humans. This is a list of the 10 most deadly animals in the world. This list is not base d on how venomous it is or what sort of prey it hunts but based on its danger to humans. Polar Bear Bears are the puppy-dogs of the wild. They are so cute that people want to pet t hem and that would be their first mistake. Polar bears are the largest carnivores on land; they eat ringed seals for breakfast but will settle for a young walrus or beluga whale. They ve been known to kill humans who venture too close. Like bl ack bears and grizzlies, its starvation that makes them dangerous. A smack from one of their paws can rip your head right off. Elephant Elephants are perceived to be peaceful and kind. What s more is that they aren t a p redator. They are known to help other animals and be socially active in their gr oup. While they are not in an epic war against humans they are known to turn on us rapidly, especially as a result of their abuse and harassment by humans. When caged or feeling the restraints of domesticated life, they can fall into a blin d rage. They have been known to kill their handlers, as well as stampede tourist s who show up to admire them Cape Buffalo Read more in Zoology « Great Indian BustardPetrel: Web-Footed Bird »Also known as the African buffalo the y are some of the most dangerous animals in Africa. This is not just a big com; it is a vicious beast that charges at humans seemingly for fun. Big game hunters cherish them for their malicious history. These animals spend their time grazin g in herds but lone males are known to stray from the group now and then. They s ee man as a predator so when they see one they charge at him -1500 pounds (appro x. 680kg) and all and use their horns for stabbing. It is said the when wounded by a hunter, they pursue him until either the buffalo or the hunter is dead. Lion The lion is known as the king of the jungle, and for good reason. The lion is th e top of the food chain in Africa. The lounge around all day, hanging out with t he family and strike when necessary. Basically a big cat, they have razor sharp claws and teeth that can shred apart any animal including humans. These beasts a re impressive but they are not to be messed with. They are fast and lethal, and nothing you can do can stop this African monster from attacking you. Great White Shark The most dangerous subspecies of the shark family, the great white shark is not the largest (although it is the largest predatory shark). Unlike in the movie Ja ws, sharks are not bent on revenge. If they attack humans it s because they think were fish. Whenever they sense blood in the water, they get excited and it can t rigger one of their famous feeding frenzies in which they will bite everything t hat moves. Sharks strike no matter what time of day or the condition of the wate r. Hunger, territorial, defence, movement, and mistaken identity are the main re asons for these attacks. Box Jellyfish Jellyfish are virtually road bumps in the ecosystem. They have no brain and only serve to eat zooplankton from the world s oceans. To do so they extend their tent acles (ranging from 10 to 60), which secrete a toxic substance. These tentacles range from a few feet to 15 feet long. The box jellyfish, also known as the sea wasp, lives off the waters of Northern Australia and is the most poisonous sea c

basically wait ing for contact with its victim. W henever they hear you coming with a lawnmower or trimmer. The male might even enter building in search of a female and will become aggressive if co rnered or disturbed. along with Russel s Viper. It is. before they devour th eir feast. There ar e about 2 million people who suffer from snakebites every year throughout the wo rld. but some bees escaped and began mating with Brazili an honeybees.reature in the world. They lie still in the water and wait for their pr ey. and Estuarine are the largest cro codile and therefore the most dangerous. they travel in packs and therein lies danger. The species has slowly but surely crept up from South America and is now invading the Southern United States. spider bi tes are rather rare and harmless. Fortunately. Killer Bees Read more in Zoology « Great Indian BustardPetrel: Web-Footed Bird »The killer bees are the result of an experiment gone terribly wrong. More than 50. Even if you run away. While they look exactly like a re gular bee and are less venomous. they will chase you as far as 1000feet and they can contin ue attacking you for up to 10 hours. then they overpower. . drown and dismember their victim.000 of these are fatal. The Australian estuarine crocodiles sometim es attack anything that moves. The Asian Cobra is technically not the reptile with the strongest venom but. The North American. is the most dangerous in the world. especially saltwater crocs. But being attacked by a venomous spider can pu t an end to your life in a matter of hours. which inclu de humans on their list of prey. This translucent being patrols the beaches. The result? The Africanized bee. Asian Cobra There s a reason why snakes have garnered such a bad name over the years. they will attack you. The funnel-web spider. they have massive fangs that can bite through a fingernail. The simple act of stepping on a tentacle can si gnify death in 4 minutes (but mere contact is not always fatal) Crocodile Crocodile Dundee. Nile. Again like most animals they attack when their hungry or defending their territory. it is the one th at kills the most people annually. b ut it is in Sri Lanka that they are most active. There are snakes in all parts of the world. Brazilian scientists wanted to breed a new speci es of honeybee in the 1950s. The Crocodile Hunter you d think this was an animal to inspire fe ar in people. whose body le ngth ranges from 0.5 2 inches. Funnel-Web Spider Arachnophobia is a very common fear among the population. Hailing from Australia.