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An Original Aussie Jean's Knitting Pattern

Clown shelf/computer doll - for experienced knitters only

Materials: Oddments of 8ply/DK/WW. No.11 (3mm)(USA2) knitting needles; child safe toy stuffing, tweezers and sewing needle. Tension & Size: Worked at a tension of 26 stitches and 36 rows to 10 x 10cm over stocking stitch, using No.11(3mm) needles throughout. Height: From base to top of hat 18cms (7") not including legs. Abbreviations: K, knit; p, purl; st(sts), stitch, stitches; sl, slip; tog, together; inc, increase (by working twice into same st); dec, decrease (by taking 2 sts tog); ss, stocking stitch (k on right side and p on wrong side); psso, pass slipped stitch over; skpo, (slip1, knit1, pass slipped stitch over); ytb; yarn to back of work; NR: next row; Coloured marker: Use a small length of yarn that is a different colour to the one you are using at the moment: Cast off: bind off. BODY: (make 1 piece) Starting at base edge cast on 40sts and placing a coloured marker (small length of yarn) in 18th and 23rd sts in the first row, ss2 rows. Break off yarn and continue working in 2 row stripes ss16 rows. Shape for shoulders: K4, (k2tog) six times, k8, (k2tog) six times, k4 (28sts). NR: P4, (p2tog) three times, p8, (p2tog) three times, P4 (22sts). Ss2 rows.

cast on 10sts and knit one row. Leaving a long end. Leaving a long end. row: (K2. break off yarn and thread through sts and put aside. (k1. 2nd dec. Purl every alternate row. row: (K1. (k1. NR: Purl. HAT: (make 1 piece) Using yellow yarn. k2tog) to end of row (16sts). NR: K2. Hands: Break off yarn and join in white yarn and ss4 rows. LEGS: (make 2 pieces) Using black yarn and starting underneath of foot. k2tog) to end of row (32sts). ss7 rows. Knit 6 rows.k2tog) to last st. k1 (34sts). pull up tightly and oversew to cast on edge. 3rd dec. p1). cast on 42sts and work 6 rows in single rib (k1. Starting with a purl row. k1 (10sts). (k2tog) three times. NR: K2tog. in each st to last two sts. 1st dec row: K1.k2tog) to last st. and set piece aside. NR: Inc. break off yarn and thread through sts. cast on 72sts and knit 4 rows. k2tog) to last st. 4th dec row: K1. break off yarn and thread through sts. Ss12 rows. Break off yarn and thread through sts and put aside. NECK FRILL: (make 1 piece) Using green yarn. K5 (16sts). (k3. to end of row (10sts). 4th dec. (k2. k1 (18sts). row: Placing a coloured marker in first and last st. NR: P. row: (K2tog) to end of row (8sts). NOSE: (make 1 piece) Using red yarn. (k2tog) to last st. Leaving a long end. 3rd dec row: K1. Cast off all sts. Ss17 rows. inc. K5 (13sts). to end of row (5sts). k2 (40sts). Bobble: Break off yellow and join in red yarn and knit one row. NR: P. Ss3 rows.Head: Break off coloured yarn and join in white yarn and ss2 rows. k1 (10sts). NR: Knit. Stuff nose lightly.k2tog) to last st. Break off yarn and thread through sts. NR: K1. NR: (Inc) in every st knitwise (10sts). Cast off all sts knitwise. Ss3 rows Break off black and continuing in 2 row stripe throughout. cast on 12sts and purl one row. 5th dec row: (P2tog) to end of row (5sts). ARMS: (make 2 pieces) Starting at top of sleeve and continuing in 2 row stripes cast on 12sts and ss7 rows. (k2tog) six times. CHEEKS/CIRCLES: (make 2 pieces) Using orange yarn. Shape for top of head: 1st dec. k1 (22sts). k1 (26sts). (inc) in next 10sts. Cast off all sts. NR: (P3tog) to end of row (24sts). cast on 5sts and knit twice into every st. BASE: (make 1 piece) Cast on 18sts using the same coloured yarn as you used to make the first stripe on the cast on edge of body and ss12 rows. Pull stitches up tightly and sew row ends to form a circle. (K3. Ss3 rows. Ss3 rows. Ss3 rows. NR: K1. NR: K5. ss8 rows. 2nd dec row: K1. Starting with a knit row. one st each end of row (14sts). . ss28 rows. NR: Knit. NR: K5. k2tog) to end of row (24sts).

Take pins out of head. Turn hat to right side and stuff bobble. of head. *Take needle back through the end of loops and back into head pulling yarn up tightly to secure**. Sew foot seams together with leg seam to back of boot. Turn body and legs to wrong side and with legs now inside of body and continue to pin base to cast on edge of body. Hair: Take hat off of head and thread needle with a long length of yarn. to end of row (10sts). Repeat from * to star twice. Place a row of pins just under the turn up. Stuff hands and 1cm(1/2") of arm. leaving a 4st gap in the middle and the front of legs facing the body. Stuff bobble lightly. leaving the rest of arm empty. Turn rib up. Sew arm to body on second stripe down from beg. Body: Sew row ends together from coloured marker on head to cast on edge. Sew base to body. Leaving a long end. Thread needle and work a row of running sts through the cast on row and pull up tightly to form a ball. Feet should be facing the neck line with the back seam of legs now facing outwards. Pin the legs to base either side of coloured markers in the cast on row. Turn body right side out and stuff firmly. Stuff foot firmly. Arms: Pull stitches up tightly and sew side seams together. pull up tightly and oversew to cast on edge. Stuff hat lightly to shape and place hat back on head. Neck frill: Place the frill on neck and sew row ends together. Fold arm so that side seam is in the centre and back and facing body. Pull up sts at the top of bobble tightly and sew in ends. Facial features: (See photo 1 for placement). Turn leg to right side. MAKING UP: Legs: Sew row ends together from cast on edge to cast off edge.Bobbles: (make 4 pieces) Using yellow yarn. break off yarn and thread through sts. Pull up stitches tightly at top of head and oversew side edges together down to the coloured marker. stuff boot lightly and leave rest of leg empty. Attach yarn to head on the row of pins starting at left temple and wind thread four times round two of your fingers. (See photo 2 for placement) Pin cast on edge of base to legs with one st overhanging each side of legs. Turn so that right side of work is facing you. Eyes: Leaving a gap of 4sts between eyes and using black yarn work a daisy st in one st and work a second daisy st round the first . Ss4 rows. Hat: Sew row ends leaving the sts at top of bobble open. Sew hat to head through the fifth row of rib from cast on edge of hat and through hair. cast on 5sts and knit twice into every st. Continuing making the loops following the line of pins round the back of head and stopping at right temple. Place hat on head with the first four rows of rib turned up.

work a row of chain stitches for mouth (See photo 1 for placement). Sew orange circles to cheeks (See photo 1 for placement). Using red two rows in depth. Nose: Sew nose to the centre and one row down from eyes. .