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DOC. No. : SS 75 6028 REV. No. : 1



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storing. All incidental hardware & miscellaneous items such as saddles. conduits and pipes etc. minor civil works such as patch up of any holes made by the contractor on the walls in an approved manner. cable accessories like cable glands. installation. nylon cord. testing. lugs. the installation work shall include unloading. Bidder shall quote for supply & installation of above items.1 3. 1. 1 OF 12 REV. Nothing in this specification shall be construed to relieve the contractor of his responsibility. The installation. cable carrier supports on main pipe rack structure.0 2. cable identification tags and ferrules.0 3. termination and jointing kits.2 3. In the absence of this it shall be construed that the bidder’s offer is in full conformity with this specification without any exception. junction boxes. provision of embedded conduits / pipes in RCC / masonry structures and across roads / railway tracks shall be excluded from the cable installation contractor’s scope unless otherwise specified.0 1. electricity rules. anchor fasteners. regulations and safety codes of the locality where the installation is being carried out. However. testing and commissioning of complete cabling system shall be carried out in accordance with the General & Technical requirements and installation procedures enumerated in this specification for cable trays. as required for the cable installation shall be deemed to be included in contractor’s scope as a part of this specification. laying. supervisors. The installation work shall conform to the latest applicable codes of practices.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No. The contractor shall arrange for all labours. Supply of cables is not a part of this specification. glands.2 2. cable trays. Also installation of cables. spacers. nuts. All deviations from this specification shall be clearly brought out in the bid. jointing / termination.: DOC.1 2. cable trays & other accessories shall be carried out as per the Purchaser’s / Engineer’s typical and specific project drawings and data sheets. marshalling boxes. GENERAL The scope and supply shall cover the requirements of cabling accessories such as lugs. Civil works for construction of built-up cable trenches / tunnels / duct banks.4 FV5705-5/6 . 1 1.: SS 75 6028 SHT. commissioning of cables and any other work items necessary for completing the job. junction boxes. No.2 3. washers. conduits & pipes etc. fire insurance regulations and other specific standards indicated in the data sheet. welding equipment. fixing. tools & tackles and testing equipment as required for installation work. testing and commissioning of the cabling system.1 INTRODUCTION The intent of this specification is to define the requirements of supply. termination/jointing kits. bolts. GI wire etc. However. (scope of cable supply is specified elsewhere).3 3. cable route & joint markers and protective covers for buried cables. The cost of supply and cost of installation shall be segregated. CODES AND STANDARDS The cabling system installation work shall comply with the latest applicable standards.

1 The cable trays shall be fabricated out of mild steel sheets free from flaws and conforming to any international / national codes / standards. In case of any doubts or misunderstanding as to correct interpretation of drawings / instructions. The persons deputed by the contractor should also hold valid permits issued or recognised by the concerned Licensing Board of that locality / State where the work is to be carried out. The contractor shall work in coordination with the civil. contractor shall obtain necessary clarifications from the engineer / purchaser.1. The cable trays shall be either prefabricated hotdip galvanised. shall be made good by the contractor. remove cable drums. All thefts and damage of cables or equipment to which cables are to be connected.0 4. (if not already done by Civil contractor) shall be included in the contractor’s scope of work. 4. surplus/waste materials & all other similar items after the installation work is completed. All such changes shall be marked by the contractor on relevant project drawings / in cable and conduit schedule for approval by the consultant’s site / design office. sheet steel trays or fibreglass (FRP) or site fabricated steel trays.8 3.10 WORKMANSHIP The contractor shall ensure workmanship of good quality and shall assign qualified Supervisors / Engineers. of the workmanship is not of good order. skilled & competent labours experienced in the several trades of similar nature. walls.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No. cable schedules.2 The cable trays shall be ladder type and perforated type. etc.: DOC.1. piping and equipment installation contractors at site. It will be the responsibility of the contractor to clean the trays/tunnels. No. air-conditioning.1 TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS CABLE TRAYS 3. 4.7 3.: SS 75 6028 SHT. as specified elsewhere. laying. The purchaser / engineer shall reserve the right to reject non-competent persons employed by the contractor. 3. till the installation is handed over to the purchaser. 1 embedding of short lengths of conduits in floors.6 3. FV5705-5/6 . testing and commissioning of the cabling system. Any changes in routes of cables which are required to be made to suit site conditions shall be carried out by the contractor in consultation with the engineer / purchaser. instructions and recommendations shall be strictly followed by the contractor while handling. The site engineer / purchaser shall arrange to clear the area / cable routes / trenches to facilitate the contractor to proceed with cable laying work without any obstructions. 3.5 The manufacturer’s / purchaser’s / engineer’s drawings. CONTRACTOR’S LICENCE It shall be the responsibility of the contractor to obtain necessary Licence / Authorisation / Permit for work from the Licensing Board of the locality / State where the work is to be carried out. 2 OF 11 REV.9 4.

: SS 75 6028 SHT.5m length. Normal prefabricated trays and accessories may not be useful there.1 Cable termination and jointing kits shall be of proven design and fully “type tested”. The terminating kits shall FV5705-5/6 . 4.4 The perforated type cable trays shall be fabricated out of 2mm thick sheet steel. The trays shall have smooth surfaces for easy cable laying / pulling. shall be formed out of 2mm thick mild steel sheets having similar side rails and ladder rungs. Each straight section shall be approximately 2.: DOC. tees. 4. Rubber components used in cable glands shall be of neoprene and of tested quality.5 Cable trays shall have standard widths of 150mm. crimping of terminals shall be done by using corrosion inhibitory compound. 3 OF 11 REV.3.4.1. 4.1 Cable glands shall be of double compression type.3. machine finished and tinned to avoid corrosion and oxidation. In such cases.3 Crimping tool used shall be of approved design and make. Details of cable trays and fittings shall be in accordance with the drawings wherever applicable. The rungs shall be spot welded to the elbows.3. Solder-less. The maximum and minimum overall diameter and diameter under armour of the cables will be furnished to the successful contractor. tees.2.2 The make of cable glands shall be as approved by the Client/Purchaser. These cable glands shall be of heavy duty brass. No. 450mm.3 The ladder type cable trays shall consists of side rails and ladder rungs fabricated out of 2mm thick sheet steel. 4. contractor shall fabricate at site suitable sections of trays and accessories for the specific purpose. 4. 4. The cable lugs shall suit the type of terminals provided on the compound. 4. 300mm.6 In certain cases it will be necessary to site fabricated portion of trays and fittings like nonstandard bends to suit particular layout.2 CABLE GLANDS 4. crosses etc.2 The cable lugs shall be Dowell’s make or Equivalent make approved by the Client / Purchaser. reducers. shall also comprise 2mm thick sheet steel.2. All burrs and sharp edges shall be ground and filed after perforations are made.1 Cable lugs shall be tinned copper solder-less crimping type suitable for aluminium or copper conductor cables (as applicable).4.3 CABLE LUGS 4. 600mm and 800mm or as indicated in the drawings / data sheets enclosed elsewhere. robust construction capable of clamping cable and cable armour (for armoured cables) firmly without injury to insulation.4 CABLE TERMINATION / JOINTING KITS 4. 4.1.2 The termination kits shall be suitable for termination of the cables to an indoor switchgear or to a weatherproof cable box of an outdoor mounted transformer / motor. 4.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No.1. The cable glands shall be tested as per BS-6121 or equivalent standards. 1 4. The fittings like elbows.1. crosses etc. 4.

3 Stud type terminals shall be provided for higher size cables. 2.1 The junction boxes shall be weather. FV5705-5/6 . steel/non-metallic conduits/pipes. flexible. 4. lockouts. galvanised terminal studs. washers. Heat . of CCI make Heat .5.shrinkable type Sleeve of Raychem make. IP55 enclosure protection. ‘TROPOLINK’ type. weather shields / sealing ends and any other accessories required shall also form part of the kits.shrinkable type Sleeve.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No. provided the contractor furnishes type test certificates along with his offer.5.4. 4. Junction Boxes shall be provided with two earthing terminals suitable for connecting GI earthing strips.5.4 Make of kits other than those specified above may be considered. The terminals shall be made of copper alloy and shall be of box clamp type.: DOC. The junction boxes shall be duly galvanised. 4 OF 11 REV. All the terminals shall be complete with insulated barriers. Suitable locking and sealing arrangement shall be provided for the junction boxes. dust and vermin proof and of 2mm thickness with min.1 Rigid.6.2 The rigid conduits and pipes shall be supplied in standard lengths of 5M and flexible conduits in 20M.. No.5 JUNCTION BOXES 4. The jointing kit shall be one of the following types or equivalent make approved by the Client / Purchaser: a) b) c) ‘TAPEX’ of M-seal make ‘TROPOLINK’ type. of CCI make. 4.6 CONDUITS AND PIPES 4. The cover shall be provided with a suitable neoprene rubber gasket. 4.6.4. nuts. The junction box shall be provided with four knockout plates for cable / conduit connection and a weeping hole at the bottom plate. of Raychem make. ‘PUSH-ON’ type of CCI make using factory moulded Silicon rubber insulators. Each terminal shall be suitable for connecting 2 nos. 4.5mm² copper conductors on each side.3 The straight through jointing kits shall be suitable for underground buried installation with uncontrolled backfill and possibility of flooding by water. identification strips etc. For outdoor installations. 4.2 The terminal blocks used in the junction boxes shall be rated for 1100V shall be of clip on type. 4. fittings as required in the data sheet and project layout drawings conforming to relevant standards shall be supplied. 1 be preferably be as of the following types or equivalent make approved by the Client / Purchaser: a) b) c) d) ‘TAPEX’ of M-seal make using non-linear resistance material for stress grading.: SS 75 6028 SHT.

as per the relevant cable installation practice notes and typical / project drawings. terminating the cables in the cable boxes / glands.1 The contractor shall install.3 All cable termination’s and joints shall be done by skilled and experienced persons.4 The ends of steel conduits / pipes shall be threaded.4 The scope of jointing of various sizes and types of power cables indicated in the data sheet shall include all necessary special tools and incidental accessories and H. directly buried in ground.2 The cables shall be laid in built-up trenches.8.7. 4. FV5705-5/6 . local pushbuttons. panels. One end shall be supplied with coupler / socket and cap and the other end with cap only.8 CABLE TERMINATION AND JOINTS 4. bunching and connection of all the cores of the cables.6. 4. 1 4.V. Supply of trefoil clamps for single core cables shall be quoted separately. 4.7.. crimping the cable lugs on each core.5 The scope of termination at each end shall include dressing. spacers and nylon cord for tying as required. instruments or junction / marshalling boxes terminals as the case may be. 4. 4. neatly clamping the cables inside switch gear / panels. vertical raceways and supply and installation of cable fixing saddles. 5 OF 11 REV. pulled through pipes and conduits etc. pressure testing of the joints. cold-rolled. The quantities. sizes and types of cables shall be indicated in the cable schedule or in data sheet.2 The termination and jointing of cables shall be done strictly in accordance with cable and termination kit manufacturer’s instruction. test and commission power and control cables as per the cable schedule which will be furnished by the Purchaser.3 Steel conduits and pipes shall be manufactured by Electric Welding Resistance process and they shall be galvanised unless otherwise specifically indicated in the data sheet. annealed and electro-galvanised mild steel wires.3 The scope of cable laying shall include laying. 4. equipment.6 Flexible conduit / pipe shall be provided with end adapters for termination. drawing and / or as directed by the client.6. However.8. 4.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No.5 Flexible conduits shall be made of bright.6. The following shall be included in the scope of work: a) Making the requisite holes at the bottom / gland plate of the switch gear for cable boxes / glands. No. racks.8.8. 4. proper dressing of cables on cable trays. clamped on structures / walls / ceiling.1 All cables that will be laid by the contractor shall be connected at both ends to switch gear. pulling cables as above. fixing the cable boxes / glands. vertical raceways. 4. 4.: SS 75 6028 SHT.: DOC. on cable trays.6. 4.8.7 CABLE LAYING 4.7. the installation of trefoil clamps for clamping the cables shall be included in the installation cost of relevant cables.

4.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No.7 Supply of lugs.3 Supply of trays and accessories shall be indicated separately as per specification.2 Supply shall be indicated separately as per specification.9. elbows. 4.9 CABLE TRAYS INSTALLATION 4. which are nonstandard. 6 OF 11 REV. FV5705-5/6 . tees and bends as required in project layout drawings.8 Spare cores of control cables shall be connected to spare terminal blocks. Proper crimping tools of reputed / approved make shall be used by the contractor. install and paint the following as per relevant enclosed drawings / general notes: a) Mounting arrangements for cable trays.10. wiring troughs and connecting to correct terminals as per the purchaser’s / manufacturer’s wiring diagrams and cable schedules. glands. VERTICAL RACEWAYS AND CABLE CARRIER STRUCTURES 4. the spar cores shall be properly insulated and bunched together and shall be neatly kept inside the panel. 1 cable alleys.2 The scope of cable trays installation shall include the supply and installation of the associated accessories like coupler plates.1 All vertical raceways / trays and outdoor trays shall be generally covered by 16 gauge painted / galvanised MS sheet covers unless otherwise specified.1 The contractor shall fabricate.1 The contractor shall install the type and sizes of cable trays as indicated in Project layout drawings. 4. Any cable trays.10.8. The estimated lengths and widths of these covers shall be included in the data sheet.9. 4. No. The scope of work shall include the installation of these covers including necessary screws when required for fixing to vertical raceways. The trays shall be welded or bolted to the mounting / carrier structures. with appropriate ferrules.9. The crimping tools used shall be subject to the purchaser’s / engineer’s approval. junction bends. 4. The contractor shall also include earthing of the cable trays at distances not exceeding 10M length by means of minimum size 25 x 3mm GI flat unless otherwise noted or as specified elsewhere in the contract document. 4. 4. 4. drop-outs. shall be fabricated as racks to suit installation drawings.11. cable-boxes. The cable and core identifying lugs and ferules respectively shall be supplied and installed by the contractor as a part of cable termination work.8.10 CABLE TRAYS COVERS INSTALLATION 4.8. junction boxes shall be included in contractor’s scope unless otherwise specified in the specification / data sheet. 4. If there are no spare terminal blocks.: DOC.6 All cable terminations shall be solder-less crimping type. where available.11 CABLE TRAYS MOUNTING ARRANGEMENTS.: SS 75 6028 SHT.

welding works as required for fabrication and installation.2 The scope of installation of conduits / pipes shall include supply and installation of all accessories like tees.1 The contractor’s scope of work required for directly buried cables shall include excavation. earthing to system grid of all vertical raceways and cable carrier structures in tunnels / trenches by minimum size 25 x 3mm GI flat(unless noted otherwise). 4. The sizes and quantities shall be as indicated in the data sheet. supply of all incidental accessories like anchor fasteners. to be furnished by the contractor will be indicated in the data sheet and the rate for the same shall be stated separately in his quotation. if any extra floor plates are required in certain locations for convenience of cable routing. tunnels and cabling practices. nuts. supply and installation of route markers and joint markers.11.13. 1 b) Vertical cable raceways and steel accessories (angles and plates) required to seal the floor openings in the case of indoor raceways. installation. c) Cable carrier structures (racks) for cable trenches and tunnels. these shall be painted in the original manner. 4. as indicated in enclosed drawings / notes. The supply of steel if required. No. preparation of riddled soil bedding. painting. 7 OF 11 REV. as required. bell-mouths.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No. Normally civil contractor will do all floor plate inserts / steel embodiments in walls required for welding the cable support structures to the same. washers. 4.: DOC. The details of construction work and provision of protective covers and markers shall be as indicated in the enclosed drawings of installation practice for directly buried cables. cable boxes if mounted below switchgear etc. the same shall be fitted by means of anchor fasteners by the contractor.. bolts. trenches.13.11. ramming. d) Supporting steel for junction / marshalling boxes.2 The cable tray mounting structures / cable racks shall be fabricated from standard structural steel members as indicated in enclosed drawings (channels. conduit end plugs. elbows. 4. plates. pull-boxes. 4. Where any cuts or holes are made or welding is done on painted / galvanised steel work / cable-trays.1 The contractor shall install all conduits / pipes required for the cable work as per enclosed drawings / notes. However. GI wire for cable FV5705-5/6 . vertical structures for clamping trefoil cables. 4. 4.3 The scope of installation of structural steel shall include fabrication. pushbuttons.12. angles and flats).12 ASSOCIATED WORK FOR DIRECT BURIAL OF CABLE. supply and installation of protective covers. The estimated quantity of steel shall be as indicated in the data sheet.12. back-filling.: SS 75 6028 SHT.11. CONDUITS AND PIPES 4.4 All structural steel shall be painted as per instructions given in enclosed drawings / notes on cable tray mountings.2 The contractor’s scope of construction work for directly buried pipes / conduits shall be excavation and back filling as per varying depths / widths required in project drawings.13 CONDUITS / PIPES INSTALLATION 4. The BIDDER to indicate this scope as per cubic metre basis.

1 PAINTING OF CABLE TRAYS AND ACCESSORIES Cable tray supports and mounting structures and all other non-galvanised parts shall be brushed before giving one coat of red lead primer.1 The contractor shall install the junction / marshalling boxes wherever indicated in the project drawings for the convenience of marshalling several cables at a local point near a equipment or central to various field mounted equipment’s.1 All floor openings for vertical cable trays / raceways shall be sealed by fireproof and waterproof compound as specified in the contract documents. structures. nuts.14.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No. spacers.2 Unless otherwise specified. The supply rate for the compound and installation shall be indicated separately by the contractor. Cable trays fabricated out of mild steel material shall be painted with the above procedure. 5.2. otherwise. 4.15.2 Junction boxes shall be given one coat of red primer. The charges for conducting these tests shall be quoted separately. 4. the contractor shall install the Pushbutton stations local to motors as per relevant enclosed typical cabling practices drawings. The “type test” certificates shall be submitted by the contractor along with the offer for the jointing system considered. one coat of oil primer followed by two finishing coats of shade dark grey for the exterior and glossy white for interior surface unless otherwise specified elsewhere. including necessary bolts. TESTING AND COMMISSIONING TESTS ON CABLE TERMINATION’S AND JOINTS “Type tests” to be carried out at manufacturer’s works to prove the general qualities and design of a given type of termination / jointing system. 4. columns.0 6. screws. 5. nuts and bolts.2 The scope of work shall include preparing and laying of the compound.14 SEALING OF FLOOR OPENINGS 4.: SS 75 6028 SHT.15. 4. 466 and VDE 0278 specifications. GI saddles. one coat of oil primer followed by two finishing coats of aluminium alloyed paint.15. however the colour shade of finish coat shall be light grey as per RAL 7032 or equivalent unless specified.14.3 The scope of installation of junction / marshalling boxes and Pushbutton stations shall be mounting on walls. The quantity of these Pushbutton stations shall be indicated in the data sheet. No. 4. 1 pulling.1 . FV5705-5/6 6.0 5. The “type test” shall include the following tests conforming to the latest IEC 502. The estimated sizes and quantity of these boxes shall be indicated in the data sheet.: DOC. 8 OF 11 REV. screws and welding work as necessary.15 JUNCTION / MARSHALLING BOXES / PUSHBUTTON STATION INSTALLATION 4.

C. 9 OF 11 REV.4 kV D.: DOC. ii) Check for insulation resistance before termination / jointing and after termination / jointing. No. b) Partial discharge test (for screened cables with solid dielectrics only). iv) D. d) AC high voltage test following load cycling test with conductor temperature at 95°C. i) Salt log test. Terminations shall be kept unfinished so that motors. high voltage test shall be conducted on all 1100V grade cables in which strength through joints have been made and cables above 1100V grade after cables shall be installed in final position with all the straight through joints complete. switch gear. 18 kV D.000V grade cable 33. 1 a) AC Voltage with stand dry test for 1 minute. In addition. a) Cable i) Check for physical damage.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No.8 kV D. g) Humidity test.000V grade cable 1000 kV Megger 2500 kV Megger 5000 kV Megger iii) 6. h) Dynamic short-circuit withstand test. j) Impact test. The test voltage shall be as under : For 3. This test voltage shall be as per international / national codes and standards.3 kV grade cables For 6. The following meggers shall be used for the purpose : 1100V grade cable 6600V/11.6kV grade XLPE cables shall be pressure tested before commissioning. .6 kV grade cables For 11 kV grade cables FV5705-5/6 5.C. 6.2 COMMISSIONING The contractor shall carryout the following tests and checks after erection at site.: SS 75 6028 SHT. 10. the contractor shall carryout all other checks and tests as recommended by the manufacturers.C. are not subjected to test voltage. c) Impulse with stand test.C. f) DC Voltage with stand test for 30 minutes. e) Thermal short-circuit test of 250°C for 1 second. transformers etc.

iv) Check for earth continuity and earth connection of cable trays. Cable Trays / Supports and Accessories i) Check for proper galvanising / painting and identification number of the cable trays / supports and accessories. 7. vii) Check for proper earth connections of cable glands. No. vi) Check for correct polarity and phasing of cable connections. iii) Check that all sharp corners. cable armour.: SS 75 6028 SHT.: DOC. cable boxes. screens etc.0 AS BUILT DRAWINGS The contractor shall submit one(1) set of drawings to the owner duly marked with all the changes / modifications made at site during erection / commissioning for preparation of “AS BUILT” drawings. 10 OF 11 REV. burrs and waste materials have been removed from the trays / supports. 1 v) Check for continuity of all cores of the cables.STANDARD SPECIFICATION VALDEL ENGINEERS & CONSTRUCTORS PVT LTD FOR CABLE SYSTEM INSTALLATION WORK PAGE No. core ferrules. tightness of connections. FV5705-5/6 . ii) Check for continuity of power and control cable trays over the entire route. viii) b) Check for provision of correct cable tags.