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Knitted mice

Invisibly CO 5 st. K2 rows, then K1, inc1, K1, inc1, K1, inc1, K1, inc1, K1. K2 rows inc to 11 st. Begin shaping the back: Row1:K4,M1,K3,M1,K4 Row2( and all future even rows):Knit Row3:K5,M1,K3,M1,K5 Row5:K6,M1,K3,M1,K6 Row7:K7,M1,K3,M1,K7 Row9:K8,M1,K3,M1,K8 Row11:K9,M1,K3,M1,K9. 23 st total Now begin dec E 4th row as follows: Dec row 1 K10 dbl-dec (sl2 tog knitwise-k1-p2sso), k10. k3 rows Dec row 2 K9, dbl-dec, k9.knit 3 rows Dec row 3 K8, dbl-dec, k8;k3 rows. etc Continue in this manner until 9 st remain Then switch to stockinette stitch (purl even rows) for face, Face-row 1 K3, dbl-dec, k3. Face-row 2 Purl Continue to work dbl-dec in the same pattern every other row until 3 stitches remain. Knit on Wrong Side (making a purl row for turning) and begin to work flap in garter st uniting it to the existing selvages as you go. RS: Knit to the last st of the flap, SSK (being the last st plus one st from the selvedge st from back) Turn slip first st purl wise WS:Knit to the last st of flap, wool forward, sl2 purl wise(being last plus 1 selvedge st) Turn knit 2 together. Rep the above 2 rows. After 3/4", inc the 3 st to 5; after 2 inc to 7. Continue eating up

Skim in raw end.selvedge stitches to 2 rows before end: dec to 5 st. Make a small loop of yarn and work buttonhole st around loop. you will notice a strong resemblance to a slipper. About halfway thru decrease to 2 st. Use black thread for whiskers . About now start to stuff and continue adding stuffing as you go along rather than trying to stuff at the end) Ears Thread a sharp needle with doubled wool. (about halfway through. Tail Weave hole closed and pick up 3 stitches and make I-cord.