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Little Knitted Mice

The body and head (height 12 cm) are knitted in one piece with a seam at the centre back. Arms and ears are worked separately. The sleeping bag is knitted from the bottom in a simple check pattern. The pillow is knitted after the centre back seam has been sewn.
You'll need

Small quantities Patons Bluebell 5-ply yarn in bright colours 1 pr 2.75 mm (No. 12) knitting needles Tapestry needle 2.50 mm (No. 12) crochet hook Polyester fibre for filling

K - Knit; P - Purl; st(s) - stitch(es); cont - continue; tog together; st st - stocking stitch; inc increase; dec -decrease; sl st -slip stitch; do - double crochet; ch chain; alt alternate.

Cast on 16 sts for foot. Knit 6 rows. Break off yarn and rep for other foot. Change to body colour and knit across both feet. Knit 27 rows. Change to head colour, K16, inc 1 by knitting loop bet sts, K16 (33 sts). Next and alt rows: Purl. Next row: K16, K3 times in next st, K16, (35 sts). Inc in this manner in central st in foll knit rows until 39 sts. Next row: P17, P2 tog, P1"P2 tog, P17(37 sts).

Next and alt rows: Knit. navy. K4. K2 tog. Next row: K2 tog twice. K15 (35 sts). K7. 1 ch. K1 (24 sts). K16. P9 (29 sts). Knit 8 rows. Knit 3 rows. Next row: Change colour. K2 tog. P2 tog. then 6th and 7th rows once. Sleeping bag Cast on 27 sts in navy. * sl 1 navy. Next row: P9. K3. K2 tog. K1. K2 tog. 2 dc. K2 tog. turn. K2 tog. K2 tog. Next row: K2 tog. K2 tog. P2 tog. Next row: 3 dc. K8 (50 sts).K11 (31 sts). P 1 red. P5. Next row: (K2 tog) 4 times (4 sts). work 2 do in next dc. (K2 tog. inc in each st (54 sts). work 2 do in next dc. K2) 3 times. Next row: K11. Next row: (K2 tog) 6 times. Knit 4 rows. K7. K2 (8 sts). Knit 3 rows. K2 tog. K1 red. K1 (12 sts). 8th row: Knit. K3. 2 dc. (K2 tog) 4 times. K2 tog. K5. K2 tog. Arm (work 2) Cast on 12 sts. P2 red rep 16 times. K2 tog. K2 tog. Purl one row. 2 dc. P13 (33 sts). turn. K3 (16 sts). K2 tog. 2 dc. 6th row: K1 red. St st 3 rows. Change colour knit 4 rows. K2 tog. 3 do (12 dc). K7. Next row: P13. K2 tog. Ear (crochet 2) Ch 2. K2 red rep 16 times. 7th row: P1 red. K5. work 2 do in next dc. Next row: Sl st in next 2 dc. turn. * sl 1 navy. K2 tog. P9. Next row: (Navy) K8. Cap Change colour and knit 6 rows. sl 1 navy. K3. K3 (20 sts). K2 tog. Work 5 do in 2nd ch from hook. K4. 2nd row: Knit. Cast off. .P2 tog. work 2 do in next dc. Fasten off.Next row: K15. sl 1 navy. K3. (K2 tog. Next row: K3. sl st in next 2 do (14 dc). Next row: 2 do in each do (10 dc). Next row: K2. 1 ch. Cast off. navy. fasten off. Next row: K3. K2) 3 times. P2 tog. Next row: K1. 9th row: Purl. Rep previous 4 rows 6 times. K2 tog.

Fold in half and sew one side and cast-off edge to conceal frost row of pillow. Sew back head to beg of cap. Sew back seam of cap. . fill softly and sew to body at sides. Fill feet and body with small pieces of fibre. Sew to end of cap. Weave a matching thread across first row of face on wrong side. sew remaining side. mouth and eyes in black following photograph.Pillow Pick up 18 sts (9 either side of back seam) at top of bag on the inside. Do not fill cap. defining fat tummies and pointed nose. To make up Using tapestry needle and matching thread sew sides of feet and gather up caston edges. Sew arm seam. Pull in neck and secure threads. Embroider nose. leave ends on right side. Sew back seam to neck. Cast off. Make a pompon the size of a machine bobbin. Knit 56 rows. Insert small pieces of filling. Gather straight edge of ears and sew to sides of head below cap.