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An English House Party Ch.

by AMY_Monaco©
Author's note: This is a build-up to the hot & heavy stuff, so bear with me on this one. Comments are much appreciated and happy reading! * Jason Cartwright, Marquess of Fords eyed the ballroom wearily. Every matchmaking mama and their daughters were staring at him like he was a sweetmeat to be bought in a shop. He arched his eyebrow at his father, the Duke of Delaford. "You said this was a small affair." The duke, a tall man with a full head of white hair cleared his throat. "This is a small affair." "Of course, forgive me." Jason answered sarcastically. "Three hundred people is small for a London ball." The resemblance between father and son was unmistakable. Both were well over six feet tall, athletically thin and possessed the same square jaw lines and straight, patrician noses. Jason's dark blond hair was slicked back and his dark blue eyes darted from one young woman to another, failing to notice that every female he made unintentional eye contact with threatened to faint from anticipation. As the one to inherit the lofty title of duke when his father passes away, the Marquess also possessed unimaginable wealth. Every unwed female in the room was aware of this and several young debutantes flashed practiced smiled in his direction when he glanced at them. By god, he'd only been here five minutes and already they marked him as bait. "I will only stay the length of time that's expected of me." The duke turned to him. "You will stay long enough to meet your affianced and dance with her." Ah, yes. His betrothed. Jason searched the room, expecting to see her among the groups of the other debutantes. How long had it been since he'd seen her? Nine -- no, ten years. She'd been a mere ten years old when he last saw her as a mere boy of twelve. His memories of her were vague, mostly of a scrawny little girl with raven black hair and an impish face. "Pray, tell me she has grown into a tolerable young woman and not one of these

simpering misses." Jason said in a low voice. "She is an exceptional young woman with a quick mind and even temper." His father assured him. The music started, a flowing piece of violins and flutes that had couples joining on the dance floor. His father chuckled and clapped him on the back. "You will be breaking hundreds of hearts when they all find out you are engaged." "If only that were true. It will become common knowledge that our betrothal was made when we were children. Young ladies now are cleverer. They think such things can be broken if they make the men fall in love with them. Brandon had been betrothed. And look at him now." Jason was referring to one of his closest friends, who'd also been betrothed from childhood, only to find himself in love and married to his former upstairs maid. "And he's happy, I suppose?" "Yes. The bloody fool." Jason said fondly. "My lord. Your grace. " A very robust woman with blond hair approached them. Her neck dripped with jewels, generous gifts from her doting husband. Jason bent to kiss his hostess's hand. "Lady Carmichael. You look wonderful this evening. If I knew your husband wouldn't be glaring daggers at me, I would tell you exactly how wonderful you look." The older women laughed behind her open fan, then closed it and swat it on Jason's arms playfully. "You rascal." Then she came between him and his father and linked her arms with theirs, leading them further into the ballroom. "Come, I must introduce you to a particular young lady. Can you believe that she's enjoyed the entire Season without once seeing you? I am ecstatic that accepted my invitation, though it's the end of the Season. You wicked boy. You thought to avoid all these gatherings, did you?" There was no going back when one was entangled in a conversation with Lady Carmichael, albeit a one-sided conversation, for the woman loved to talk. "She's just over there, talking with her sister. Come, gels." The two young ladies, both raven haired, their violet-blue eyes sparkling in the ballroom candlelight stopped talking and turned to face them. "Jason, the Marquess of Fords, this is Miss Penelope Kingsley and her sister, Emma." Penny curtsied deeply, as he sister did the same. As she lifted her head, her unwavering gaze met his. So this was her husband-to-be. A handsome fellow, she must admit. Tall, built, his wavy blond hair was a bit longer than what was considered fashionable, but it

looked right on him. His piercing blue gaze reflected her own curiosity. He smiled, revealing straight, white teeth. "May I have this dance?" He asked. Wordlessly, she accepted, taking his hand. It was a waltz and he swept her onto the floor, moving with a grace that surprised her. She didn't think he danced much on his travels abroad. "You dance uncommonly well, my lord." The corners of his lips lifted. "This surprises you? We took our dancing lessons together, remember?" "Yes, I remember. And you used to step on my toes quite often." Now his smile was full-on and it made him appear younger. What was he, two and thirty years? "Most of the time it was accidental, I promise you." He spun her by the hand before bringing her into his embrace again. "You weren't surprised to see me, were you?" This time, it was Penny's turn to smile. "Lady Carmichael isn't subtle. She made it quite clear I was going to be meeting the eligible and utterly wonderful Marquess of Fords, who also happens to be my fiancé." "And you're not upset by the fact you'll be shackled to me for life?" She shrugged, such an unladylike gesture. He arched an eyebrow at her. "I pose that same question to you, my lord. Aren't you a little nervous to soon be losing all your freedom? I heard marriage is very confining." Her candidness surprised him. Here he was, expecting her to be coy and shy, and bring up the weather. Instead, she looked him straight in the eye, asking questions that would be considered 'unfashionable' for young ladies. "I'm not nervous. Our marriage is a part of my duty as the future Duke of Delaford." "Ah. And our marriage is part of my duty as the future Duchess of Delaford." She flashed a brilliant smile at him. The years had been kind to her. Her black hair was swept up and pinned to frame her pale and delicate face. In the years he'd spent away at school and on his travels around Europe, she'd developed into a woman of subtle curves and unmatched beauty. Her straightforward way of speaking only added to the intrigue. "I should like you to attend my house party next weekend. Several of my close friends will be in attendance, and your sister is welcome to join. It will be a way for us to reacquaint ourselves with each other." He said it as-a-matter-of-factly, much like one would in a tone of a business transaction. Penny thought for a moment. She'd long ago accepted this marriage, for it was inevitable and bound by a solid contract drafter

There are many things you don't know about me." In her words. Though her father." Sometimes it was hard to keep up with . thus for a better part of her early childhood. "No one's let me forget that fact since the contract was drawn up." "It's Jason. as well. wealth and at the age of twenty and nineteen. just like the duke. She'd spent the entire season getting to know Julian under a chaperone's attention." Emma said. "We're affianced. Julian Dunsforth will be coming. James Kingsley is a mere mister. Emma was watching the trees pass by them through the small window. Who will some of the guests be?" "My friends Brandon and his new wife. Penny could remember Jason being a part of it. "I'll be there. the Earl of Whittenhall and the Viscount Macey. hoping her fiancé hadn't noticed anything amiss. most of which she recognized." He ran off a small list of names. 02 by AMY_Monaco© The Kingsley sisters were blessed with beauty -.between their fathers." "You speak very candidly for a young woman. "My future brother-in-law is quite handsome. They were even neighbors for many years. Penelope. A house party would offer more freedom. but it was Julian Dunsforth's name that held her attention.. he'd come from generations of wealth and her father and the duke had been great as black as night and an unusual shade of violet-blue eyes that sparkled with humor.. my lord. They sat in the family carriage. Penelope and Emma were desired as the perfect society wives. They came from good English stock. The thought thrilled her. "It sounds a lovely party. on their way to the home of the Marquess of Fords. remember?" She offered him another one of her smiles. She looked away." "It's been so years since we've seen each other. It was to be a country party and the sisters dressed accordingly. there was a promise. I dare say that the guest list will be very long. "So tall." He answered. An English House Party Ch. To be continued.

" Emma said with a small laugh. I swear I will scream. There wasn't a Delaford estate the Kingsley sisters hadn't visited. as opposed to the family seat. "Do you think any of them will be handsome enough to tempt me?" Emma voiced as she checked her appearance in the mirror. looking up at the manor. "Everyone is arrived. You can hardly expect me to call him by a name I haven't used in ten years. He recited names I've never heard of. and appointed upstairs. Delaford. "I barely know the man. Jason was there to greet them. Penny smiled. Whittenhall." Jason informed them. "I shall see you ladies downstairs. thought Penny. a three story stone building with tall windows and columns." "I suppose." "Well. for she switched subjects without preamble. "It's just as I remembered it. which the duke resided in." Indeed. Oh. I can tolerate talks of science and business. I hope they aren't boring. standing next to her younger sister. Miss Emma. but if one man so much as compares fishing techniques between trout and salmon. "Why do you still refer to him as the Marquess? He is your fiancé." "I feel memories flooding over me." They occupied rooms connected by a door in the east wing. close to the Marquess' own bedroom. "As for many of the men." . look!" Emma pointed out the window as the manor came into view. Footmen brought up their trunks and maids were starting to unpack their things." "I highly doubt the Marquess keeps such dull company. The guests were to settle in before taking tea in the drawing room. Now this place was made the Marquess' permanent residence. a circular room with a crystal chandelier hanging over it. The carriage came to a stop and a footman came forth to help them down. except for my friend. I don't think you've met them all yet. "Perhaps you'll fall in love with one of his friends and we could have a double wedding.Emma's conversations." Emma gave her a look. They were led through the foyer." Penny sighed. "Penelope. since their families were so close.

The top of her head barely reached his shoulders. She turned to the Marquess. "This is quite a start to your party." She eyed the room. Lord Huxley and Lord Avery rounded out the eligible bachelors. They've yet to say anything to each other." *** They were introduced to a round of his guests. which he now owned with his brother. The banns will be read in a few weeks." "I don't see why we should delay. since it's everyone's first evening here. Penelope?" Penny turned to find Jason standing casually near the fireplace. George Granville was a slightly stocky fellow with a friendly smile. "That all depends on his friends. Others were conversing with ease." He smiled. I think this house party will prove to be interesting. "I did. sharing tea and cakes. "I'd like to know what has captivated your attention. Penny. but the way he craned his head to speak to her left little distance between their faces. Her eyes outlined the shape of his lips and then she shook herself mentally. Penelope. There was Brandon Steel and his new wife." Jason's low voice snapped her out of her thoughts. She caught Julian Dunsforth's gaze and saw him lift an eyebrow in greeting." Jason nodded absently. Julian was dark as Jason was fair. easy manners and possessed a love for hunting and fishing." She sipped her tea. He was standing closer than she thought. I'll be sure to tell the stable hands to have a gentle mount available whenever you feel the desire to go out riding. She hoped soon she would get a moment alone with him. Penny already knew that her sister Emma would be avoiding him as much as possible. Having come from a middle class background. "I thought we'd all relax for the rest of the day. using it as an excuse to look around the room.Emma grinned. I did plan for a morning ride. "I forgot you're fond of horses. Viscount Macey. "Have you settled in comfortably. Julian had worked his way up from the docks to becoming owner to a successful shipping business. Julie. clapping Jason on the back. Julian was the opposite of Jason." "I don't suppose you'll refrain from announcing out betrothal at dinner. both unmarried and charming. "Should be . Mr. The Fergusons consisted of a brother and sister. "I suggest a ride for tomorrow morning. Coincidentally." "Where's Whittenhall?" Viscount Macey asked.

Alex could only oblige her." . just as Emma came to join them. Carla was every man's desire as a perfect mistress. she'd rode him like a wild animal and it was her liking that she end their nights by pleasuring him with her mouth. It would have worked before. stretching out on the bed. burying the head of his cock into the back of her throat." "Said he had some business to take care of before getting here." "Then who will comfort me at night?" Carla asked with a pout. The image used to please him. She was voluptuous and he appreciated how her large. "I have a party to attend. miles away. he started lacing up his boots. "I could be good to you some more if you will stay. full breasts bounced as she bobbed her head up and down on him. "He's often traveling." He said. Carla. She spread her legs for his benefit and started touching herself in hopes of convincing him to stay. "You've been good to me. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed and started to dress. He felt the tip of her tongue flick around the head of his staff and he arched into her mouth. She smiled up at him sensually and moaned softly from her own ministrations. He could feel himself swell and then explode into her mouth. Alexander by now. Alex groaned as she took all of him into her mouth. Moments before. but Alex was determined to finish what he'd come here to do." "I don't believe I've met the Earl before." Penny commented. With his breeches on. and grabbed his neck cloth and jacket. my lord. He lay naked on her bed. watching his erection disappeared between her painted lips. he went to lean over the bed and kissed her on the mouth." *** At that very moment. Now it only irritated him. She'd smartly tied her long brown hair back so he could see her face. he saw his semen drip from Carla's red-painted lips. But he'll be here. "You won't stay the night?" Carla purred. As he shrugged on his shirt. the Earl of Whittenhall was enjoying the skilled pleasures of his mistress. When Alex finally opened his eyes.

When Penny dared to glance at Julian." "As you wish." "Are you sure." She was screaming at the top of her lungs as he stepped out of her house toward his carriage. It's over between us." "I made no promises. "Goodbye." *** Dinner that night went smoothly. But after that. my lord." "You are leaving me?" Carla's voice rose in anger as she sat up in bed. better stop at the house so I can change. He . she saw him offer a tight smile. "What?" "You may keep the house and I will have this month's allowance deposited to you. you'll have to find another protector. She opened it to reveal a long necklace of diamonds. "I think not. "How could you? You promised -." "You arrogant bastard -. "Straight to Jason's house in the country. "You are a cruel man to leave me like this. Henry asked. Penny was sitting to the right of Jason as he announced their betrothal." She stopped and stared at him. Carla. "On second thought. followed by a formal toast of champagne. With the house came the servants. richly decorated with everything his money offered. the little carriage he'd provided her. my lord?" His driver. which met with sounds approval and applause. Alex sniffed his shirt." He looked around the room. my dear. his eyes subtly going to Alex's clothes." He extracted a long velvet box from his coat pocket and tossed it on the bed. but she grabbed the box as if he would snatch it from her any moment. "This should soften the blow. my lord?" Henry cleared his throat." She was furious. "Where to.He offered her a tight smile. He smelled heavily of Carla's perfume.

"Penny. while she sat on a bench near one of the windows. draping his arm casually around her waist as he did so when she stood up. Send him in. who'd been conversing with Jamie Ferguson caught the look exchanged between . indicating that he was about to join them." Julian stared into the cup in his hand." A cheer of triumph from the card table startled them. Miss Reinhart. Miles entered the room. Julian. my lord. "Good. "It's far from Sussex. After dinner. "You look well. She was wearing one of her favored gowns." Penny saw the Marquess stand and glance her way. I -. About time. "London will always be there for us to meet." She whispered quickly. "Come to my room tonight at midnight. "The Earl of Whittenhall has arrived." He said in a low voice. where furniture of the highest craftsmanship was perfectly aligned to offer comfortable seating. the women adjourned to the drawing room for tea and coffee. the high arched ceilings were painted with mythical and heavenly scenes. She scanned the room. She lifted the cup to her lips. I must see you alone. Miles. He took a seat next to her. a bronze satin one with short puffed sleeves and a gold-laced neckline. "We shouldn't speak of this here. there purchasing an estate. "And you. Emma. It's far from me." She murmured. She was there to visit an aunt and Julian. A small card game was assembled when the men joined them. It was now that Julian approached Penny.knew about the betrothal beforehand." It was where they first met early this Season. Persian rugs covered the polished hardwood floor. Jason's butler. I suppose I should get used to it. Richly decorated in gold and cream molding. saw Jason deep in conversation with the Viscount and then smiled at Julian. though he made sure not to sit too close. Penny. while the men remained behind for cigars and port." "I suppose this shall be your home when you marry him. "Yes." She looked around the drawing room." He joined Julian and Penny." Jason turned. cutting of Julian's words. a slender brunette and wide mouth was at the pianoforte playing a duet with Nora Ferguson.

He'd planned the timing of Carla's dismissal perfectly. Miss Emma Kingsley. "It is my immense pleasure to meet you. "You missed a delicious dinner. "Whit. but Emma Kingsley. She lifted an eyebrow when she watched him roam his eyes slowly over her. She was shocked when she felt his tongue against her skin instead of the light brush of his lips. Miss Kingsley. But she let her hand rest in his and he lifted it to his lips. The Earl was tall with large shoulders and slender build. "I quite agree that the country air has done some good. and Emma couldn't help but stare at him back. she could see the tiny lines that spread at the corners of his eyes." My. Penelope Kingsely. Normally he was drawn to the more sophisticated and buxom sort.her sister. eyes still on Emma. the man kissed her sister's hand and then turned to Emma. old boy. On second thought. She caught him staring and gave him a disdainful arch of her eyebrow. who joined the card game." Like a gentleman..Yes. Her eyes flew to the Earl of Whittenhall entering the room.. He accepted a cup of coffee and drank." No doubt. An English House Party Ch. She was sassy. with her youthful body and full breasts just straining against the dress of hers had desire shooting through him. 03 by AMY_Monaco© Note from the author: Thanks to those who caught my little mistake. beginning from her head descending down to the very hem of her dress. The corners of his mouth lifted. He probably allowed himself to be preoccupied with many women all te time. The candlelight caught in his reddish brown hair as he walked past everyone toward Jason. paired up with Jamie Ferguson. she thought dryly. "I was a little preoccupied. he probably wasn't a gentleman. "No doubt you've cleared your head now that you've gotten a taste of country air. my lord. Miss Emma Kingsley was a delectable slip of a woman. I want you to meet my lovely fiancée." "Hmm. and when he smiled." Emma said. And he couldn't help but wonder if she was equally as feisty in bed. I can now correct . The Earl's smile broadened. Where have you been?" The Earl was still staring at her. He was in the market for a new mistress and Emma Kingsley will do nicely." The Viscount joined them. This is her sister.

"You know I couldn't turn away from you. she started to pull at his neck cloth.. It was their only option. I understand." She stared at the back of his head helplessly. So there is a twelve-year gap and it has been about 10 years since they've seen each other." He clenched his hands together. and he eighteen. closing her eyes at her words." Julian cursed under his breath. The upper class. seemed to have little freedom in choosing whom they could marry." She started kissing his chin. I've missed you. and because they loved each other. He hated the guilt that ate at him inside. Penny. running it through his fingers. "I hate this sneaking around." Boldly. Julian. He bent his head down to kiss her. They grew up as children and were contracted to be married by their fathers when she was six. He turned and went to take her in his arms. To put Penny and the Marquess through this went against everything Julian believed in. covered in stubble now. "You know I cannot. Julian. Make me yours.I need you.. But here you are. "If you don't wish to become my lover after I'm married. He never understood this of the upper class... "God. for it meant ruin for her and it would damage his business dealings. He respected the Marquess of Fords both as a man and a businessman. "Cry off from the engagement." Penny whispered." He frowned and pulled away. What sane man would want to betroth his daughter to a man while she was a child? It made no sense. Julian closed his arms around her. "I hate this. I hate myself for asking you to. Happy reading! *** Penny pulled Julian into the room before anyone could catch him." He stroked her hair." He murmured against her lips. Penny. "I shouldn't be here. "You shouldn't. He could hardly ask her to elope with him.. Penelope is twenty years old and the Marquess is thirty-two." . with all their wealth and privileges.) But your comments are much appreciated -. Our fathers expect it of us.and any others that might pop up during these chapters due to the age-mistake! (Like the comment Jason made about the dancing lessons.the age gap. He took a deep whiff of her lavender soap. The second the door was shut.. "Make love to me. Sorry for the confusion. She tilted her head up at him.I love to hear what you think. they had to settle for being lovers. but.

He held her wrists fast. Confused. She'd already resigned to the idea of becoming Jason's duchess and all the duties that went with the title. to be who she wanted to be before it would all be taken from her. He groaned. . Julian. strong. He hesitated when she came upon his member.. sucking gently and heard her soft moan fill his ears. He closed his mouth over her nipple. of doing something forbidden to young unwed ladies. He pushed her against the wall. Penny. flawless skin. He shook his head.I don't care anymore. She rubbed her body against his in encouragement. heard him exhale deeply when her hand met with his burning skin. He stood before her." She slipped her hand into his shirt. she watched him part the hair between her legs. She tangled her fingers in the curly hair that covered his chest. Her eyes darted down to his erection sprouting from a thatch of dark hair. before pulling him down for her kiss." He instructed softly. swirling his tongue around her repeatedly. but she felt so safe with him." He took a deep breath. naked. rough and calloused from years of working at the docks." She sighed. But for tonight. "You know we shouldn't. With his neck cloth tossed away. "Look at me. pulling her naked flesh against his. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders as he pulled the ties of her nightgown. ran over her body. Penny. he shed his breeches. Timidly. "Then do you trust me?" "With my life. these two weeks. It fluttered to the floor. Her nightgown was thin and she reveled in feeling his heat against hers. All of me. "Then you should leave.. "Listen to me. She wanted to be loved as only Julian could love her. Still kissing her. she wondered how the entire house couldn't hear. wrapping her fingers around him.he'll know. cupping her full breasts. by the thrill of sneaking around." She was nervous. revealing her pale. if I make love to you now. It is you I love -. before he knelt before her. Her heart pounded so loudly. But nothing mattered. caressing her. kneading her. running it down his chest to his stomach." "I don't care. Penny was at a loss for breath. He worshipped her other breast. Julian. she began undoing the buttons at his shirt. Penny. she touched her hands to his skin. His hands. He left a trail of hot kisses down her breasts to her stomach. She was driven by her love for him. He kissed her hard. she wanted the freedom to do as she liked. Nothing but Julian in her arms. "I don't want any barriers between us. His hand came up to guide hers." Penny wanted to feel him as close to her as possible.

Her eyes shot up to Julian and she realized he was watching her intently.. working her pussy.but you can use your hands if you don't want to use your mouth. his face beaded with sweat.. In and out of his finger moved." Like before."Lift your leg. "Julian?" "Shh. This is turn made him groan softly. He showed her how to take him by the base of his cock and run her hands up and down. "What do I do?" "The same thing I did. indicating that he enjoyed it. One finger slid into her and she nearly screamed. she tried to push his entire length into her mouth.just trust me. When she opened her mouth. When she look up at Julian." He groaned her name. "I'm coming. Penny. letting her taste herself. Penny. but it wasn't unpleasant. The pleasure was too much as he continued to take her with his mouth and pumping two fingers in and out of her. breathless. "Keep. causing her gag reflex to react. Then she felt his arousal pressed against her stomach.. More confident. She bucked. Julian drank her in. She continued to do this and soon was able to take most of him into her mouth.I didn't know." Penny said. She covered her mouth with her fist and closed her eyes." . That feels so good. Ever carefully. He tasted salty and slightly bitter. All at once. She felt her throat tighten around his cock and pulled back. but his hand came up to rest on the back of her head.Keep doing that." He hooked her leg over his shoulder and she squirmed when she felt his hot breath against her there. They traded places. he guided her with his hands. Curiously." She bit her lip to keep from crying out when his fingers touched her. "I. clutching her hips to his face. everything exploded inside of her and she let out a choked moan. "Spread yourself wide. His stomach clenched and he thrust forward." She did as he said. where he leaned against the wall and he gently pushed her onto her knees. it brings me great pleasure.. Strangely enough.. He was moving his hips slightly in rhythm with her mouth and once or twice. Then she felt his mouth close over her mound. Penny slid him deeper into her mouth. flicking her engorged clit.... "Keep doing that.I'm coming.. it only aroused her..alternate fast and slow if you want or go steadily. "You didn't. Penny. Penny. Julian hissed. this time she closed her lips over him. tracing the lines of her wet folds. she felt the tip of him hit the back of her throat. his eyebrows were furrowed deeply. grabbing for his shoulders for balance.. Julian stood up and kissed her." "Do you still trust me?" She nodded." She took his deeply each time now and the sight of her sucking him as skillfully as a whore made Julian's cock twitch.. licking her.. she stuck her tongue out to taste...

I am surprised that you do as well. He pulled out as he began to soften in her mouth. "You prefer riding to lazing in bed.well. Emma's hat sported black netting that covered her eyes and a long pheasant feather. "Of course.and kicked her mount into a gallop. your virginity will be in tact for your wedding night. Nora Ferguson. As Jason led off the ride. now. her rosy lips curved into a sensual smile. Emma cast one last look at him over her shoulder -. Jason and the Viscount made up their little riding group. "I'm sure you could lecture on it at university. I'd want you to be my first. doesn't it?" Unlike the other men. my lord. that depends on the sport. only she. when you enter me. She tilted her head at him.. not sport. Both she and Emma sported new riding habits of forest green dresses and matching jackets with little hats angled on their pinned up hair. there are many things to be said about lounging in bed." She let her eyes roam slowly over him. His green eyes flashed with something darker that she couldn't decipher and honestly. Julian. She eyed the Earl as he mounted his horse with ease. Whittenhall. Emma." *** Penny mounted her horse gracefully and settled into the sidesaddle. He pulled them to the bed and lay there with her in silence." That damn smile of his appeared on his face.She wasn't prepared for his load and swallowed each spurt instinctively. When she met his green gaze. The sky was dull with gray clouds and the weather was breezy. Alex gave her a bemused. "If I had a choice. Miss Kingsley?" He asked. As several of the guests were still abed. the black netting of her hat offering a cover to allow her to linger her eyes on the lower part of him a little longer." "I know." She laid her hand over his beating heart and looked at him. I took you for a man of leisure. "Well. But there is no need to tutor me. "I thought making love is when you. didn't care to. "Yes. But this way." "It's another form of lovemaking.much like one beckoning him to follow -.. He brought his horse over to hers. He chuckled and did the ." Her comment intrigued him. yet very amused look. he wore no hat and already the wind was disheveling his reddish brown hair.

Later the party paired up." Penny said. Now. "We're both skilled riders. And frankly. Penelope. "I challenge you to the jump down by the lake where the red oak fell so many years ago. the exhilaration of speed and abandonment. "Where is she off to?" Jason cursed and kicked his steed into a run. Stop this at once!" "No harm will come of it. Jason tried once again to reach for her reins." Jason frowned. barely hearing Nora ask loudly." But Jason shook his head. I am warning you. Their pace was slow as they enjoyed the quiet of morning. "Get set -. with Penny and Jason at the front. Penny laughed and glanced back. Who was he to dictate what she could or could not do? A small voice reminded her that he was her fiancé. Jason.Go!" She shot forth." he warned. and Emma and the Earl bringing up the rear. As they were all skilled riders. Jason's face was hard with fury as he sped up to catch up to her. Behind her. "Penelope. "Come. We'll make it. the Viscount and Nora Ferguson. The mare she was given moved with her as one and they made the jumps smoothly. The party that remained behind stared after them. As the water came into view. on your mark. They rode over the hill that led down to the lake. Jason led the course through hurdles and easy jumps.same. I wouldn't try. yet it only served to irritate her more. "Are you afraid?" She called back. not even me. "It's too dangerous. Jason. No one's ever made a jump that difficult. This only encouraged her and she bent her body forward and held the reins tightly. "Slow down. It's just a bit of fun!" . Penny reveled in the freedom of the wind in her face." Something in Penny wanted to rebel against him. "Penelope. she heard the drone of conversation. The jump is too dangerous!" He shouted. Penelope. His horse caught up with hers but she dodged him when he tried to reach over to grab her reins. Let us race.

but felt her leg slip as the horse drew higher than she anticipated. "I apologize for putting your horse in danger. He broke into a run. "Is anything broken? Are you in pain?" "I'm all right. bringing it in as the horse drew back and then up. "See." She lifted her chin rebelliously. No harm done. "You apologize for. Jason. cutting off her scream. Jason still held her tightly and she tried to shrug him off. "Penelope. "You little fool. but she was uninjured." She crooned to the horse and clutched the reins." He exhaled deeply." Her eyes fluttered open and Jason let out a heavy sigh of relief."Penelope. you will refrain . Until you can ride safely. "You could have killed yourself. I just had the wind knocked out of me. You'll make it." She started to sit up and felt nothing broken or sprained. "All was well. darling. unable to understand why he was angry." He looked at her incredulously." She whispered. "I said I was all right." His sober words made her stop. You won't make it!" As the red oak drew closer. "I take back my offer to have a horse at the ready for you." He shook her again. etched into his handsome face. lifting her unmoving form into his arms." He grasped her by the shoulders and shook her." Fury burned in his blue eyes. girl.. Penelope landed hard on the ground." She frowned. "But we're both all right." He muttered and dismounted.. Jason reined in his horse and watched in horror as Penelope's leg slip from under her. "What if the horse hadn't been able to make the jump? You could have been gravely injured. Penelope. Not to mention injured my horse. "Penelope. "Jesus. Her scream echoed in his ears as her horse gained foothold on the other side of the fallen oak. for God' sake! You're riding sidesaddle. The jump had been too much. He fell to his knees beside her. Can you hear me?" His heart pounded with fear as he pulled her hat off and touched her pale cheek. Penelope. she braced herself for the jump. thrown off or killed. "Come one. causing her to lose both grip and balance. You could have twisted your neck and died. open your eyes. Penny felt gravity pull and she angled herself to meet the jump.

" She cried out again. Jason. We are civilized people!" "Argue as much as you like." "This is undignified. Shocked that he actually spanked her.let me go!" "Such language. He tossed her over his knee. Think again. "Jason. my lord. . Jason -. Her hair. "Damn you -. for the Duchess of Delaford and as my future wife. Her skin was burning and she squirmed." She let out a yelp of pain as the palm of his hand came down hard on her bottom. I warned you. You cannot punish me like a little girl caught steeling biscuits. "What you attempted was undignified for your station.ah!" Another slap." "You nearly killed my horse and yourself.from doing so." She fought him." "You don't have a heart. It calls for drastic measures. turning her head just in time to see his hand make contact with her skin. loosened from the fall fell over her face and she pushed it aside in frustration. "You forced me to this." -." She felt the cool breeze on her bottom. darling. "It is not! Not here! This is England."You may think me one of your many suitors." She said angrily and felt the sting of his hand. she tried to wiggle out of his arms." Another slap make her jerk in pain. "Your travels have led you to believe that your form of punishment is acceptable. but he held her firmly as he began to flip her skirts up. darling. "What are you doing?" "Punishing you. It won't soften my heart." "I'm afraid your travels -. Penelope.Another slap -. those lovesick fops who overlook your wicked tongue and bewitching beauty. muffling her cries of pain as his hand came down on her again and again. I will not tolerate insubordination that could harm yourself or others." He frowned deeply. She clenched her teeth. my lord!" She shouted. "This is uncalled for. feeling her face flush with embarrassment. shielded only by the thin material of her drawers." "I said I was sorry. Penelope. you cannot mean to actually punish me like this and -.

Feeling guilt and hating him -.she pushed off of him. She tried to close them together to keep him from finding out. Her eyes went to his breeches and saw a big bulge straining against the tan colored material. "Stop this. "You little minx. Soothingly. Her drawers had a wide opening there and she could feel the heat of his hand against her. They stared at each other. Not Jason. what are you -. Jason. sliding one finger into her. Two more slaps and he stopped." "And who's going to protect me from you?" She shot back.What's worse was she felt a strange wetness between her legs. "I am not one of your worthless and cowardly suitors. She reminded herself that it was Jason who'd sought to punish her like some wayward child." He made to stand and towered over her. darling. She squirmed. this time not in pain. "You've grown wet from my punishment. and leaned over to capture her reluctant mouth as he fingered her. I'll do what I must to protect you. She felt an ache down there where he touched her. Now let me go!" "I don't think you have. But she lifted her bottom up when she felt his fingers circle her clit. "Jason. "Let me up. "I demand it!" He ignored her. "Let me up. if I have to. unconvincing.hating herself -. slowly moving to her inner thighs." She hissed. "I meant what I said. He shouldn't be arousing her. I won't tolerate your tantrums or schemes. . yet fought to stop this." She said flatly. The fire in his eyes made him look dangerous and she couldn't break her gaze from him. Only Julian could do that. Jason noticed this and caught her gaze as he traced her damp pussy." She whimpered as she felt his hand close over her mound." She demanded. "I've learned my lesson. He pushed them apart and she felt the sting of his hand again." "Protect me from what?" She glared daggers up at him. She was so aroused that too soon." "No. "From yourself." She shook her head. finding her clit and flicking it lightly." He muttered. he rubbed his palm over her now sore bottom. she came in his hand." He said. but wanting. She felt his palms knead her skin. both panting for breath. His voice had grown husky.

You are acquainted with the Marquess from his travels. That's a promise. I'll tell everyone you took a fall and won't be joining them for the rest of the afternoon." "Do you think so? "I understand you grew up together. I'll be your lord and master. then." The memories were fond ones. grabbing her by her bottom so he rubbed himself against her. They used to challenge each other to races all the time. of course belonged to my father.. and it brought a smile to Emma's lips. just as their host started after Penelope." An English House Party Ch. You don't need to be protected from me. The Viscount waved at them dismissively. "Yes.. It's the language of lovers. "They're childhood friends. you know." "They are a handsome pair." "That must have been in interesting childhood. You speak Italian. Their horses were several yards away from the Viscount and Nora Ferguson's." The Earl commented to Emma. "Oh." . "I'm going to be your husband. Now you mentioned." "Are you Italian?" "My mother was." He bent down to lift her up and kissed her hard on the mouth. doesn't mean you'll be my true lord and master. The title. 04 by AMY_Monaco© "Where is she off to?" Nora voiced. "Get your horse. I mean." Then he backed away from her and grabbed his riding crop from the grass. my lord?" "We met in Italy." "Fluently. Our fathers are great friends and one of our family homes is next to their family seat at Delaford. where I have a villa." "Just because you'll be my husband.He frowned. "Jason and your sister.

She smiled confidently. "I could always soothe away your pain. I aim to have. She'd decided right then and there that it was the most masculine scents she'd ever smelt." . She drew up her back to keep from shivering." Penny took a big step back from him. As guests piled their plates up from the sideboard in the dining room. Her so-called accident labeled her an invalid for the afternoon and as everyone expressed sympathy. always wanted the last word. And you." He reined in his horse closer to his. I don't want you touching me again. And she always loved a good intrigue." The way he say her name. they also left her alone to recuperate for the coming evening. thanks to you. Emma checked on her briefly." Something darkened his eyes and he lowered his head closer to hers. He came toward her with a swagger that heightened her anger. Men like him. "Both in the bedroom and out." She appreciated honesty. You seemed to enjoy it earlier. Jason later came up to make sure she was all right. "My lord. Penny found herself eating alone in her room. nor will I laugh at your comments simply to boost your ego. his type only annoyed her -. Yet there was something about the Earl that intrigued her. the smell of leather and citrus. She caught a whiff of him. You just stay away from me. Though she only had one Season to hone her social and flirting skills. And she returned the sentiment. The shy. cara. "I am sure you use Italian to compliment women all the time. drawing out each syllable was like a physical caress of his hand on her bare skin. she'd met every kind of man. You will find I will not simper and sigh at your charm. wincing in pain as she stood up.the self-assured arrogance they possessed in acquiring any woman they wanted to warm their bed. I succeed. Emma. she was sure." *** They served themselves for breakfast later that morning." She stared at him wide-eyed then let out a nervous laugh. the boisterous. Whatever I aim to possess. She'd met his kind before. "I'm merely being truthful. the friendly and the womanizing. making sure she was comfortable before joining the others for the morning meal. "I am a man accustomed to getting what he wants. you'd have better luck to aim your interests at another young lady of the party. Normally." He smiled wickedly. It was obvious which category the Earl fell under. "No. "Miss Emma Kingsley. "You mean to shock me." She said. "I'm sore.

" He fell into step beside her. her hands clasped behind her back. "I'll have one of the maids bring an ointment for you to ease some of the discomfort." "Then I will initiate the kiss. you will find that I am nothing but. we live in a civilized world. "You've become impossible. We'll slowly work our way up to more. "I dare say I'm dull company compared to your opera singers and actresses." He bent his head down to kiss her. as I am your fiancé. "Sometimes. He scanned the title. A romantic. after all." She thought of Julian and shook her head. when we see each other. saw the book and plucked it out of her hand. Emma found herself breaking away from the group.intimate activities.. for he appeared in the opposite direction.cultured people. a group went out to take a stroll in the vast gardens spread over the estate. She expected the Earl to show up any minute." He brought their faces close. "Pride and Prejudice. my lord. it seems I must be uncivilized. making a show of observing the flora." She felt his lips brush against her cheek. "From now on. "When it comes to taming you." *** After lunch.. you will greet me with a kiss.."I think that will be a bit difficult. When will you get it into your thick head that I won't carry out your demands like some slave? Like I said. He didn't disappoint her. are you?" She smiled. wanting to explore the grounds at her own pace." Penny felt herself grow warm in his embrace." He glanced behind her. I would have the greatest pleasure in nursing your wounds.. "How do you know I court opera singers and actresses?" "Don't all men? They are such. But I implore you to send word immediately if you wish for a more personal nurturing. he didn't resist. But I'm a realistic romantic." She pushed him away and this time. walking casually toward her. his shoulder bumping hers as they walked. by Jane Austen. She walked along the rose bushes. She remembered as a little girl that it was her favorite place on the entire estate. "I will do no such thing. no more so than you. He started for the door. She carried a book with the intention of reading quietly in the little alcove near the fountain where a statue of Venus stood. "At the moment." . offering a picture of innocence. "And in bed." Was her dry response. The boxed hedges were trimmed and blooms of every color brightened the otherwise ordinary day. and truthfully had hoped he would.

Darcy doesn't exist in real life. And I have a feeling you are the latter.He scoffed at her. "There's no such thing as a realistic romantic. avoiding his kiss. answering him with a candor that surprised even his jaded age of five and thirty. socially inadequate fop who spouts poetic words and undying love?" She shot him a challenging look. Instead. Every man has to be so we may rise above the ranks. my lord. Darcy. feeling her lips curve into a sensual smile. Look at Elizabeth and Mr. picking one of the white flowers and lifting the bloom to her nose." Alex's eyes lowered to her rosy mouth." "A man can be a romantic and practical and still succeed. He cleared his throat. he's out there in some way shape or form." *** "Then what did he say?" . You're either practical or a daydreamer.nineteen -." Emma stopped to admire one of the plants. Emma felt him lean in and she stealthily stepped aside. "Is that what you want? A proud. he had another thing coming. "I want a man who's confident enough to seize his desires." "Oh. so full and bow-shaped. "And I shall venture a guess that you are the former?" "Practical and ambitious. "I could give you a tour of the gardens. anxious to bed his first wench. Then he straightened and clasped the book in his hands behind his back. yet she acted like a woman in charge of her own fate." He bent his head down toward hers. If he thought she was that easy to get. I'll even show you my favorite spot at the Venus fountain. This game they played of cat and mouse ignited a fire inside of him he hadn't felt since he was a green lad. she met his comments with a challenge of her own." "Your Mr. She was young -. cara. it beckoned for a kiss. She felt his warm breath caress her face. he said nothing.he knew this because he'd inquired. She didn't bat her eyelashes at him or take offense at his blunt conversation. Nor did he intimidate her." He watched her with eyes darkened with passion and for a moment. "Lead the way. Just as a woman can. among other things. so she'd only have to tilt her head to feel his kiss.

she rolled her eyes." "Well. "I'd be cautious. Both fair-haired. Their strict grandfather raised the twins. but there's just something. Attached to the yellow mums was a card. for they got along with everyone." Nora said. The Earl could be dangerous. He thinks he can weave his spell over me like he does his opera singers. is he?" She muttered.. I am determined to show him that I won't easily fall to his prey. friendly and easy-going. "Perhaps you're falling in love. I have two weeks to give him a taste of his own medicine. "Heaven help the man. "The Marquess seemed anxious all day. They think they own everything. I'm not one of his ladyloves he can shower attention on one moment and then discard like yesterday's newspaper. hid her wince as she got off the bed and pressed her cheek against her sister's.oh! He's so sure of himself. "To brighten your day. I'll be able to handle him.. Penny. The Earl is so." *** A vase of hothouse flowers arrived for Penny just as she was leaving her room the next morning. "I'm glad you're recovering from your fall beautifully." "I've dealt with his kind before." Penny shook her head. She bumped into Nora Ferguson on the way down the stairs.Emma looked at her sister through the mirror as she brushed her raven back hair." Emma smirked." Emma said nothing for a moment. but this isn't like it was during your Come-Out. She met her sister's gaze in the mirror once more. "He said he was a man accustomed to getting what he wants. You think you've known every kind of man. darling -. I can't stop thinking about him. Brother and sister soon became a favorite of the party. including the people they meet. He kept glancing at the ceiling. Nora hooked her arm with Penny's and together they rounded the landing toward the dining room. the blooms were quite pretty and had the maid set them near the window." From the edge of the bed where Penny was perched. probably worried that you were in pain. Em. "Men. I don't know what it is about him." Emma replied. Penny.J. with faint freckles scattered across their noses they made an attractive pair. he isn't much for poetry. She had to admit though. They were the only son and daughter of philanthropists who'd died years ago on a ship that sunk on its way to Asia." . Emma Kingsley aims to serve justice. Written in a strong. The Fergusons were a warm duo. "He intrigues me." Penny grinned. "I most definitely am not falling in love. sweeping hand were the words.

They've planned another ride. Perhaps next time. "I saw the flowers in your room. I hope you'll decline to recuperate properly. rolled her eyes as she met her sister's gaze." She found her sister chatting quietly with the Earl at the breakfast table. blushing from the neck up. "We've schedule another ride after breakfast. Emma. she might as well get used to his ways." "I did. the gentleman who was fond of hunting and fishing broke into a debate with Lord Huxley on the ideal weather to hunt for Quail. She slipped her arm into the crook of Penny's as they headed toward the study." "Excellent." She shot her fiancé a look. Penny lifted the glass of orange juice to her pursed lips. "Very well. She felt some relief that no one paid them mind. Will you be well enough to join us?" Penny shook her head. for I've declined the ride as well. who'd also declined to join them. George Granville." She answered tightly. "I have declined. When she sat down with her plate. She offered Nora a smile.He was probably gloating in his power over her. *** There was great commotion as the party readied for the village." Emma commented. "I hope you liked the flowers I sent up. She shouldn't allow him to anger her so. "I better not. If she was going to survive a lifetime with him. my dear?" He leaned over the table and brushed their lips together. I thought I might spend some time in the library or in the gardens. Penny thought angrily." "I think I'll join you." The conversational tone he used irked her. She froze and glanced around the room. Jason folded down the newspaper he was reading. "He's a completely different person as I thought he would be. but I cannot possibly see the resemblance between the sweet and kind . which he returned with the lift of his eyebrow as if he dared her to refuse him. but she tried to calm herself. I know I judge him from a child's memories. this time to the nearby village. thank you. "Sleep well. Quite pretty and thoughtful of the Marquess.

She took a seat near one of the fireplaces. my lord. Emma stood a little straighter as the Earl entered the study. with his quick temper." Penny tried not to smile. "I trust both of you are settled into your rooms and enjoying the party. Jason met her gaze. We're family. barely reach Emma and the Earl." Penny said. Jason joined her. but I am surprised you care at all." "You two make quite a picture. I did the same to your sister. you are responsible for half of my pain. "I know this must be hard for you." Jason chuckled softly and took a seat beside her. Penelope. "We have. my lord. ordering me to do things and claiming to do what's best for me." Their two dark heads lifted as the Marquess came to join them." "Not yet. When their laughter died down." He began. the sounds of their mirth was lost in the cavernous study." . "He seems even tempered to me. I will never want to leave. while Jason led Penny to the other. too. "I think I shall search your library for a good read. "If it's any consolation. "Marrying someone I don't really know is new for me." "Yes. but she didn't put the bonnet on. And I confess that now that I am here." "If you think I forgave you for placing that frog in my bonnet all those years ago. "Yes. taking her time to adjust her skirts." "Temper?" Emma shot her a skeptical look. we aren't. But when he's with me. After all." Emma announced and started for the far end of the study. to you and everyone else." "Still angry about it? You used to be very forgiving." It was Emma who offered a genuine smile. Penelope?" Jason asked in a low voice." "Please. You were right to make this your permanent residence. you are sadly mistaken.Jason I knew to the Marquess." Then she couldn't help herself and let out the laugh she'd been holding in. "How are you feeling today. it's Jason. "I'm fine. he's the Devil himself.

Penny sobered and looked down at her folded hands. "Hasn't it occurred to our fathers that we might fall in love with other people?" Jason thought about this for a moment. "Our society doesn't believe in love matches, not for us anyway." He saw her nod slowly, as if reluctantly agreeing with him. Even unsmiling, she was beautiful. Her profile was flawless with classical features, and had he noticed this before? She had a tiniest birthmark just below her left earlobe. It was almost hidden by a wisp of hair, but as close as he was sitting, he could see it. He felt an unusual urge to press his lips there. "Look, I won't fall in love with anyone, I give you my word." She looked up. "Matters of the heart cannot be controlled at will, Jason. I thought you intelligent enough to know this." "You will soon realize that I can control mine. If I give you my word, than believe it. I won't fall in love with anyone." He repeated. Penny rolled her eyes. "You say this now, but one day you will look across the room and gaze upon the woman you wish to marry for love. We do not control who we love." He let out an incredulous laugh. Penelope Kingsley was the most beguiling and baffling creature in his entire acquaintance. "It is starting to sound like you want me to fall in love with someone else. Or is there some other motive?" Penny lifted her face, smiling mysteriously. "My motives are my own, Jason. You will never know the truth of them." *** When the Earl joined Emma, she was scanning the titles on a shelf housing foreign books. His eyes followed the curved of her narrow shoulders, right down to her trim waist and the rest of her. He'd lost track of how many hours he'd lain in bed, imagining her beneath him, on top of him, and everything in between. "I thought you were joining the others to the village." Was her greeting. She didn't bother to look at him. "I knew I'd find more fascinating company elsewhere." "And have you?" He gave her an once-over; so blatant it caused her to shift restlessly. "I think you know the answer to that, cara." "I wish you wouldn't call me that, my lord."

"And I wish you wouldn't call me 'my lord.' It's Alex." She laughed. "That is only reserved for family or..." "Lovers?" He suggested and enjoyed seeing the heat flare in her eyes. What he really wanted was to see her eyes darken as he entered her for the first time. She'd be exquisite. Daringly, she met his gaze and leaned in a little closer. "Is that what you wish us to be, my lord?" The question surprised him, yet at the same time, he'd expected a playful response. Emma wouldn't answer him any other way, and he was beginning to find this one of her most attractive qualities. It was safe to say he actually liked Emma Kingsley. Which was saying much, for there was a very select group he respected or truly liked. He leaned closer, until their faces were inches away. "I'd like to be as close to you as possible, cara. If our host and your sister weren't in this room, I would take you up against this bookcase right now and show no mercy until you were screaming my name." If she were any other woman, Emma was sure she would have fainted dead away. The image he described fascinated her. Unconsciously, her lips parted, causing his gaze to shift to her mouth. Never in his life had he wanted to kiss a woman more. By god, he'd give his entire fortune to taste those lips, to feel her melt in his arms as he drank her in. "I told you once, my lord that I am not one of your opera singers." "Cara, you have my word that I want you more than I want my next breath. Opera singers, be damned." Emma was taken aback by his confession. His voice had grown husky, their voices lowered to such an intimate tone, anyone would think them lovers. She was determined to let him think he was dealing with a skilled seductress. "I grow weary from such a confession. Men really should be more creative when enticing me to their beds." Her offhanded comment had his eyes narrowing slightly. As meaning sunk in, he lifted his arm, resting it against the bookshelf. "You are only nineteen." "How old were you when you first bed a woman?" She challenged. "Touché. Only, for well bred young ladies, I had thought..." He smiled slowly. "Give me the word and I shall come to you." His intense eyes held promise. One she was so tempted to accept yet something told her to hold off. She felt the ache in her breasts, in her belly, the wetness between her legs.

She knew the basics of lovemaking, having accidentally come upon a couple at a party during her Season. She'd been unable to tear her eyes from the sight of a woman first using her hands to pleasure the man before he slid his member into her. The image had forever been etched into her mind. She didn't think it would ever become useful to her until now. Abruptly, Emma grabbed a random book of the shelf and turned away from the Earl. "Penny, Jason." She called. Jason and her sister looked up from their deep conversation. "I've decided I want to go back into the garden for some reading. The Earl says he has some business to take care of and I hardly want to interrupt the two of you." Penny waved at the seating around them. "You aren't interrupting anything. Of course, you can join us." "No, I really think the fresh air will do me good, so if you'll excuse me." With her back turned to them, she was able to exchange a sensual look with Alex. "My lord, I hope you shall finishing your business in time to enjoy tonight's...entertainment."

An English House Party Ch. 04
by AMY_Monaco©
Alex's eyes followed Emma out the room. She was proving to be his favorite person. He waited a reasonable amount of time and then excused himself. He took a different route to the grounds, finding her in a walled garden almost hidden away by crawling ivy and thick hedges. The instant he was near, he brought her up against him hard, capturing her mouth with his. The book she carried fell to the ground. He pulled her further into the garden and up against the wall. Almost frantically, he worked the buttons on her dress, eager to expose her skin. His mouth left hot kisses all over her face, her neck, nibbling on her shoulder as he pushed the neckline down enough to expose her full, pert breasts. She wordless pulled his head down to kiss her there and moaned when he suckled one hardened nipple. He was as hard as a rock, ready to spill himself like an untried boy. He freed his own erection and grasped her hand. "Touch me, cara." He murmured against her lips. "Oh, god." Her warm hand closed around him. At first she moved hesitantly, but her hands eventually gained a rhythm that had him groaning. If she'd asked for the moon, he would have given it to her. She was too

tarts and fresh pastries. Alex shook his head. Bewitching. They dined on cold meats and bread. He watched her through half-closed eyes as she swallowed his load. Whoever the fellow was to have taught her this." He said. One moment they were conversing in the study." He groaned. he looked around him. the next she had him in her mouth. Alex. I must say. She was referring to the village they'd just returned from." She said nothing and kissed him." "Your grandfather won't mind?" Asked Miss Reinhart. *** When the party returned from the village. rubbing the back of his neck. they all settled for late luncheon. "Geinhart is a charming place. "The people are so friendly.good. "I dare say we shall look for residence here. fruit. His hands started to lift her skirts. wondering what had happened. "Shh. She kissed him fervently. With his hands on his hips. a habit of his whenever he was confused or restless. And Lord Avery seemed to know everyone and proceeded to introduce us to them when they waved a hello. She gracefully stood up and nuzzled his neck." Nora announced. "Leave the door unlocked. .. thrusting her tongue against his own. It was the only way to describe her. cheeses. it was set out on the terrace where the guests could serve themselves. he felt his seed shoot into her mouth too soon. he watched her fall to her knees and slowly touched the tip of her tongue to the swollen head of his staff." Her brother Jamie said from the other end.. "Would you like my mouth on you?" She whispered against his ear.just enjoy it. "Cara." The sound of his name on her lips was his undoing. Lost in his desire. but she shook her head. Then she bent down to pick her book up and cast an enticing glance over her shoulder before leaving him alone in the garden. trying to pull her up so he could finish this properly. curling her fingers through his thick hair as she worked his cock. "I'm coming to your room tonight. Since the day was warm and not too sunny. some carrying packages wrapped in brown paper. cara. Alex would have to thank him personally. He could feel his orgasm build and embarrassingly. Now more than ever he was determined to have her as his mistress. There was a hearty dish of potatoes seasoned with herbs and powder biscuits. straightening his breeches. giving him the best blowjob he'd ever experienced. a connoisseur of the art of lovemaking.

touched her under the table while Jason turned to say something to Nora. "Tonight?" He whispered. he seemed to have no control. She nodded ever so slightly. He could well afford it. or whatever sort of gem she preferred. hard from desire." He murmured. she felt she had to make more of an effort to accept him. Suddenly. Dressed in his robe. "And might I also ask for your secretary to make a list of bachelors in the area? It's about time my wayward sister make a match. "My brother is determined to get rid of me. Still there was no answer. But he dismissed the discomfort quickly as his mind wandered to other things. his eyes on his plate. he thought. my lord. who was seated next to Penny. I offer my services. He quietly returned to his room and fell into bed naked. He's dress her in the finest gowns."I hardly think so. Frustrated. He tried again. . He imagined it with incredible detail." Julian. though he cannot deny I do well as his hostess when our grandfather is away. he wanted the house party to end so he could go straight to establishing a home for her. "My secretary could inquire about the estates here." Everyone at the table laughed along. yet her duty was to Jason and after their conversation this morning. scratching softly on her door. "If you do decide to look in the area. Jason was and it was only fair she do." "Excellent. Emma was becoming an obsession for him." Jamie said with a nod." Nora responded cheerfully. he stared down at his cock. He twisted the knob and frowned when it didn't budge. wondering what tomorrow had in store for them. the latest fashion. Penny met Julian's eyes and felt her heart ache. He smiled. The little minx. He'd shower her with diamonds and emeralds. he slipped out of his room and down the hall toward Emma's. "Emma. too. *** Alex waited impatiently for the hour to strike midnight. Suddenly she felt torn between two men. For her. She loved Julian. Alex felt an odd ache in his heart and he rubbed it absently. He'd set up a limitless allowance. I shall take you on that offer." Jason said.

Emma. drawing close to her as polite society could allow. Now that Nora and Jamie were set on purchasing an estate nearby. reacquainting themselves with people they'd met years ago and smiling at the soldiers newly arrived in town. though her neckline was square cut and her sleeves were at three-quarter's length. "Oh. sipping from wine and Emma found herself laughing more than once at Saunders' amusing stories. I won't need an escort. Emma wore a similar shade as Penny. They stood in one of the drawing rooms. 05 by AMY_Monaco© The house party attended an Assembly held by one of the Marquess's neighbors." "I want to see you alone so I can finish what we've started. "I can say I could not eat it for weeks after that. "Or do you mean to toy with me like you do with your past lovers?" She set her glass down on a passing servant's tray and turned to him. Jason reserved the first two dances in the first set with his fiancée." Emma turned in time to see the Earl approach. The Kingsley sisters proved to be popular. Saunders smartly excused himself. "I believe I am unwell and wish to return to the Marquess' home. the men made a handsome sight and even Emma found herself flirting with one particular soldier with wavy blond hair." His voice was deepened by the promise in his words and she smiled into her glass of wine as she sipped. Dressed in regimentals." Alex said. Hundreds of candles were lit for the occasion. cara. Penny wasn't exempt from this and looked very becoming in a gown of purple satin." "Ah. it was the perfect opportunity for them to mingle with the local society. "You've been avoiding me.An English House Party Ch. how awful!" Emma laughed and Saunders shrugged sheepishly. Jason tried to ignore the slight jealousy he felt when he witnessed Penelope becoming more relaxed in Julian Dunsforth's company. casting a complimenting glow on the ladies. "Not really. Soon the lively music and the chatter of gossip put everyone in high spirits. There you are. but if you desire .

. She berated herself for being so irrational. She couldn't stop touching him and reveled in the velvet softness of his arousal. though he'd discarded his blazer and the buttons on his vest were undone. he carried her to the bed and laid her on the cool sheets. enhancing his image of sinner. With his legs planted firmly apart. he'd meet her later in her room. his hands at his side. Emma's feet moved of their own accord. tossing his shirt away. Even as her heart skipped a beat at the mere thought of He undid the buttons on her dress with speed and pulled the material off her." She whirled around as the door was shut closed to her room. "Cara. She sighed at the feel of his hard chest touching her own full breasts. cara. Hooking his arm under her legs. "You're exquisite. As he tugged his breeches down and discarded his boots and socks. she curtsied and went to make her excuses. as the carriage pulled up to the house. It was no use. His eyes looked pitch black in the dimness of the room and the firelight danced on his skin. Emma slumped back into her velvet seat. she didn't feel an ounce of shyness. She told her sister she'd take the carriage home and that there would be no need for an escort. Alex met her halfway." She whispered. "Heaven forbid. balancing his weight on his arms as they kissed. She was very much in danger of falling head over heels in love with him. If the Earl had taken the hint." She murmured.. She went straight upstairs.. cupping her face gently before kissing her again. Their hands worked quickly at each other's clothing. she unpinned her hair.make sure I am well." With a smile. shedding his vest and neck cloth.. anxious to get back to her room. The earl stood there in his formal clothes. she cared for him more than she let on. He pushed her slender legs apart and positioned his cock at her entrance. I would be much obliged. swollen from desire. She was a gently bred lady and here she was. partially covering her nipples. Her hands explored the hard planes of his body. he looked the very image of masculinity. about to lose her virginity to the Earl. Standing naked before him. kissing her hard. "Alex. shaking it until the long black tresses cascaded down her shoulders. Her body was humming as she sat in the carriage. One who wasn't going to offer marriage and most likely would stop pursuing her as soon as he got a taste of her. He moved over her. ." He whispered. she knew that deep down.

Alex watched her throw her head back in rapture. Instinctively. Her eyes went to the white sticky substance on her stomach. she lifted her legs high over his hips. staring at the ceiling. His mind had gone blank the moment she was in his arms and the only clear thought he had was of her. He was getting closer to release and when he caught sight of that seductive smile on her lips. he looked . his face hardened by concentration. a siren bent on killing him with pleasure. Emma blinked. yet seeing nothing. he reached for the sheets and wiped his come off her skin. "Cara. A slow smile curved on her lips as she felt her pleasure build with each deep stroke. His large hands held her tightly by the waist. Her name was a mantra on his lips as he began to pound in and out of her. He arched to meet her. The ends of her long hair tickled his thighs as she rode his cock." He began to move. Their lips met in a torrid kiss. He angled his thrusts so that he was able to trigger pleasure from her clit. bringing him in deeper. "Oh. He ground his hips into her and drawing the last of his strength. he pulled her down for a kiss and rolled her beneath him as he plunged into her. you're so wet for me. She drew from that power. When she opened her eyes. With a lazy hand. Driven by passion he'd ignited. God. she lifted herself over his hard throbbing length and slammed down on him. she was beautiful. the power she had to cause this passion to pound through him. his entire body tense. He thrust into her in one swift stroke and went still immediately as she whimpered." He said. Emma wasn't prepared for the pain. using his strength to pull her over his cock. she found him staring at her with such intensity. managed to pull out just as the first spurt of his seed shot from his cock. It brought him deeper inside her and she let out a sultry laugh at this knowledge. She murmured his name. He collapsed beside her. Emma let out a guttural moan as she climaxed and he finally was able to let go. he rolled onto his back so she straddled him."Jesus." He said. He was breathing hard. holding his throbbing cock as he emptied himself over her stomach. so powerful that every thought could be extracted from her to the point that nothing else mattered but this euphoria. Emma cried out softly as he moved steadily. She'd never imagine lovemaking could be this intense. his nostrils flaring. Propping his head on his hand. winding her arms around him. She leaned forward to rest her hands on his chest for balance and arched her back. Suddenly. god. watching the muscles cord in his neck and shoulders as he penetrated deeper and deeper. He shuddered.

Without looking at her. he said. I am your future husband. cara. I have a right to know whether my fiancée is having an affair." He reached for her shoulders. Alex. "The pain was quickly gone and I very much enjoyed everything else. There. "We danced. resting his hand on her abdomen. "It damn well is my business. "Assemblies never end early. "I beg your pardon?" He turned to her now. You are my first." She said. Emma was the first to break their reverie." . "You should have told me. "I don't see how that is any of your business. Crickets and the faint music behind them orchestrated the night. *** Penny followed the Marquess out onto one of the small terraces. That hardly counts as an affair. they leaned against the stone railing and stared quietly out at the garden." As he said this." "And here I am. you two exchanged a look. lazy kiss. After lying in comfortable silence. cara. forcing her to look at him. "When he asked you to dance. "You led me to believe you've had lovers.down at her." They shared a long. his golden blond hair and blue eyes made him look sinister. He leaned closer to her. She was grateful for the darkness to hide her reddening face." That slow smile returned to her lips and her hand came to his chest. Alex frowned slightly at her comment." Alex smirked." With only his hands and mouth." Her head whirled around to look at him. "What goes on there?" She turned away. "Everyone will be returning soon. I could have eased your pain instead of taking you so quickly. feeling so unwell that I have to miss the dances. engulfed in near darkness." She didn't bother to hide herself beneath a sheet. They'd just made love and somehow the idea showing modesty now seemed a ridiculous notion. "I saw the way you looked at Julian Dunsforth. In the darkness." "Well." It was her turn to frown. the frown on his face deepened. "Perhaps I can think of something to make you feel better. obviously I didn't. he brought her to the heights of two more orgasms before he pulled out of her with a heavy groan. referring to her lie and pretended to pout.

where the butler handed them his cane. He was one of the few who respected those who rose successfully from nothing. He told the butler to make his excuses to their host. You are making a grave mistake to mix with the likes of him. Someone might hear you." "Is he your lover?" She lifted her chin. "What I do is my own affair. hat and her silk wrap. "I'll be watching him. Perhaps you wish me to think he's taken you to his bed already. Accept it. but I warn you. Penelope. telling me what to do. doesn't mean he isn't worthy. my lord. They walked through the foyer. Jason." She let out an exasperated sigh. my lord. you high-handed boar. by trade. "No wife of mine is going to carry another man's bastard." "Yes." "Julian Dunsforth is wealthy by his own right. Jason. All he wants is your money. darling. "Listen to me." "Oh." "Just stay clear of him. "And what if he is?" Jason curse." Jason regretted his words as soon as he said them." "Good. just as you have female friends. Penelope." He grasped her by the arm. or you'll make a scene. I will keep the company I like. "There you go again." He warned low in her ear and proceeded to lead her through the ballroom crowd." He said in a dangerously low voice. I don't want any man getting too friendly with you. "Where are you taking me?" "Don't resist me.His eyes narrowed and for a moment he said nothing. "Just because he doesn't carry a title as lofty as yours." "You're being arrogant again." "I don't exchange heated looks with my female friends." She hissed." "Let me go. . His kind do not care for you. I can have male friends. She wriggled out of his arms and stepped back.

blocking her. up the stairs. "I'm not giving you or Dunsforth any more opportunities to plant his seed in you. She watched him come toward her as he shrugged his jacket off. Penelope. "What are you doing?" She said. "You can be assured that you will not be locked in your room. "You can't lock me in my room like a little girl. He pulled her into his room and locked it with a decisive click. She locked eyes with him and suddenly saw the fury burning in his blue eyes.He practically pushed Penny into the carriage. feeling a little nervous now." "Jason." When the carriage pulled up to the house. You cannot simply drag me around like a puppet. When she made to move away. keep away. "This is madness." He said. It only made her feel worse. and soon found herself backed against his bed." He answered simply. He forced her mouth to his. She struggled and found her hands pinned to the bed. What was it about him that had her acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum? Never had she felt such an urge to kick her feet and scream. We cannot choose who we fall in love with. It won't matter. ready to do as you please. She stared at him. "Why do you insist on calling me Penelope? It's Penny. "I demand you stop this at once!" . then his vest." He managed to strip her of her gown. He pulled at his neck cloth without a care to the expensive material and tossed it aside." She pounded her tiny fists into the cushions of her seat." "I'm only doing this for your own good. he dragged her out and straight into the house. he covered her body with his. referring to their conversation in the library the other day." She said." She said crossly. Pen-ny! Oh!" She crossed her arms over her chest. "Like I said before. ignoring her protests and squirming. She glared at him from the opposite seat as it began to move. "You cannot do this!" "We're betrothed. "I thought we were going to try being friends. The edge hit the back of her legs and she fell onto the soft mattress.

I don't want this. He watched her through a daze."I cannot do that. "You say you don't want this. Jason was." He said huskily. Penelope. beckoning him to use his mouth on her." His hands found her clit and flicked it. You lied to me. She found herself moaning when she felt his hands caress her skin. filling her with his hot come. "Jason. "You little minx. Her body soon betrayed her. She didn't want to feel so good in Jason's arms. At her words. . He settled his cock at her wet entrance and she felt him push its bulbous head into her. He felt guilt wash over him as his eyes roamed over her flushed body. holding her close in his arms. as well as angry. of Julian." He said. but from desire. She moaned again. She closed her eyes tight and clung to him as he moved faster and deeper. yet it was Jason's body that she felt. "Don't deny yourself. causing her to arch off the bed. felt the familiar moisture build between her legs. feeling his thrusts draw out her pleasure. He bit her earlobe gently and she gasped. He kept them apart with his knee as he opened his breeches and pulled out his cock." He tore through her hymen and she bit hard on his shoulder to keep from crying out. He didn't disappoint her and suckled hard. Jason felt his muscles flex. fearful. Yet the jealousy he'd felt when he realized Dunsforth had been her first had been too strong to ignore. not from anger now. Penny stared at him. He lowered his hand to her clit again and circled it as he thrust forward. darling. "No. Please -. stained with her blood. He saw a small tear slid down her cheek." Her words were cut off as he pushed deeper. She tried to think of something else. He came hard. don't do this. She climaxed. He shouldn't have taken her in anger. Penelope seemed withdrawn now as she stared blankly at the ceiling. felt her legs spread to him. but you respond to my every touch. Jason's face that she saw when her eyes opened. Her nipples stood out hard and sensitive. I don't want you!" She tried once again to think of Julian. When he glanced down at the sheets. He didn't give her a chance to adjust to him. Penelope. But he wasn't the first. tighten. he pounded into her as if in punishment.

They respect you as you respect them. It fills you up with warmth and it makes you smile even when you feel sad. though her confession of love for Dunsforth haunted him . "Have you never been in love." "I find his passion to my liking. I want you to start distancing yourself from him. After all. You must have loved at least once in your lifetime. "You don't love him. It's a wonderful feeling. Jason? You're two and thirty. It was only fair that whatever she and Dunsforth had done be forgotten. he hadn't exactly been celibate before Penelope. long before he was reacquainted with Penelope. Now the thought of bedding another woman no longer seemed appealing. but it's done. too. after I have given birth to your children and become your Duchess. Jason. After I marry you. I have never been in love. So you see." "Don't act shocked. Julian makes me feel all those things. It's undying. I won't send him away." Jason said nothing. my heart will always belong to Julian."I plan to make him my lover after we marry. I'm not proud that I took you in anger. profound. "Because he's a commoner in trade?" "Because he's not your equal in passion. Eventually his eyes started to close and he slept. She slipped it on and left the room without a word." "No. her eyes wet with unshed tears. "Whatever you did with him. "You had planned on taking a mistress as soon as we were wed." She turned her head slowly to him. I'll always have my love for him and you cannot change that or take it away from me." "All those characteristics can be said for friendship. It's knowing the other person is there for you no matter what." Her voice was oddly flat and it only made him feel worse." He clenched and unclenched his hand." She slipped out of bed. And the thought of her in Dunsforth's arms only made him angry. willing his jealousy and anger. Jason lay back on his bed." He began slowly. it gives one hope. A woman should be able to have her lovers. Penelope. "I don't wish to know." "How jaded you've become. In the morning. He had thought about it. He wasn't sure how to go on." His hand tightened on her stomach." Penny stared at him. He didn't stop her as she bent to pick up her gown. "The hell you will. for I have business to discuss with him." "Then I pity you. Jason.

An English House Party Ch. 06 by AMY_Monaco© Thank you so much for the comments. here's the next installment. She could hear the steady beating of his heart and it seemed to beat as one with hers. When she looked up. never to see each other again. It was only the thrill of his forbidden touch that led Emma to make love with him. When he arrived down at breakfast. he gave everyone who looked up a curt nod before taking his place at the head of the table. she reminded herself. I really appreciate them. She couldn't help but smile back. Most likely they would go separate ways. He'd tossed and turned all night. True. Emma rested her head on Alex's chest while he idly stroked circled on her bare back. She wouldn't fall in love. He made love to her twice more. Couldn't. he smiled. She told herself for the millionth time that night that she would have to be satisfied with just these two weeks with him. Then she felt him place a tender kiss to the palm of her left hand. She was looking for something more and Alex Coulter. he settled only for a cup of . Well. Having little appetite. Sated. Happy reading! *** Jason was in an irritable mood the next morning.and his dreams. sexually frustrated and disturbed by Penelope's words of undying love to that man. The Earl of Whittenhall was the worst person to fall in love with. They had about one more week with each other and she wondered what would happen then. Earl of Whittenhall certainly wasn't the type to want a lasting relationship. but nothing could come from seeing each other regularly. they moved in the same circles. after everyone had returned and settled into their beds. In normal circumstances. Alex slipped into Emma's room once again. but it was the realization that she did love him a little that had her heart racing. That night. the likes of Alex would have been unworthy of her attention. And she was convinced that half of their passion would be missing if it weren't for the thrill of sneaking around. They definitely aid and encourage the writing process. Dunsforth.

When she met his eyes. She lifted one dark eyebrow. telling himself that last night was over with. closed it. Jason." George Granville said jovially and several people around the table chuckled. Penny tried to pull her hand away. I'll see you tonight. but his attention was drawn away when he heard Penelope's soft laugh nearing. She glanced up at Dunsforth. They both should be able to move on. Jason hated to see her bright smile fade when she locked eyes with him. he even made her doubt her own feelings for Julian! She blinked and then her eyes shot up when his hand covered hers. Don't argue with me. By god. "We'll be sorry to lose another bachelor to the shackles of marriage. "Is that all you're going to be eating?" He asked in a low voice. It was him she should be engaged to. not Jason." Viscount Macey's words broke their trance and both she and Jason looked up to find they had an audience. They were after all. It was an almost tender gesture. "I before scanning the newspaper. as if they'd glimpsed Jason and Penelope sharing a private moment. He forced his eyes back to the paper. The women were far from danger of fainting. He put his paper down and saw only half a slice of toast and a small bunch of grapes on Penelope's plate. Dunsforth had taken a seat far away from Penelope. She stared down at her plate. the Earl of Whittenhall exchanged a searing look with Emma. He didn't bother to contribute to any of the conversations going on at the table. He silently cursed himself. Don't listen to all the stories. "I want to speak to you privately tonight. Almost." Penelope opened her mouth to say something." When he looked at her closely. "No. who as indifferent to emotions like love and warmth. "It's not so bad. old man. which suited Jason just fine." He shook his head. Jason frowned slightly over the top of his paper. Even now she couldn't figure out how he could unhinge her cool and make her feel so vulnerable and less sure of herself. he saw the slight shadows under her eyes and knew that she hadn't had a pleasant night either. who was in conversation with Miss Reinhart and Lord Avery. He looked up in time to see her walk in with Dunsforth. Brandon Steel. there was something indecipherable and dark in his eyes. "I'm not very hungry this morning. For some reason she couldn't think of him ever being tender toward anyone. being the only married one in the party said. adults. my lord. you'll make the rest of the women faint. Penelope. though he noticed Alex Coulter. but Jason held it firmly. if the two of you continue looking at each other like that. concerned that what happened last night would affect her health. It's rather nice. but then on second thought. She ached to be with Julian." . They all watched with dreamy expressions on their faces.

Jason did interest her.and he is a Marquess and will be a duke in the future. Penny knew he was doing it for the benefit of their audience. Penny thought. You're getting to know him. *** "Can I see you tonight?" Penelope hesitated and then shook her head.intimate. He needn't know we've been. "You better not.."It's fortunate I do not view marriage as being restrictive.. Especially not when my lovely bride is one I've known since childhood." .. hasn't he?" Julian asked. "You've softened toward him." "I don't see how this means anything. "But still you could have kept it from him. There's something reassuring in knowing we have a long history together.. "What?" "I understand." Jason said. Resisting didn't help when he lifted her hand up to his lips.." Julian said nothing for a moment." His comment made her pause. Jason mentioned that we had something private to discuss. Lucky indeed. Does he know?" "I had to tell him. "You are so lucky. Our fathers are good friends." Miss Reinhart announced." "You're no longer indifferent to him. Miss Kingsley. causing the men to mumble their comments. "Yes.. and she could hear the pain in his voice. He was sitting beside her on the sofa as they conversed quietly." She said." "He's touched you already. "We grew up with one another." She looked away. "I'm surprised he hasn't thrown me out yet." Penny stared at Julian. yet she couldn't understand why. Julian. You know I care nothing about titles. unable to lie to him.

One negative word from you could ruin him. I understand how this must be . just to be able to talk to him. preventing her from leaving." Jason caught her by the shoulders. brushing her hair out. "It'll all work out in the Jason and to Julian. "Dunsforth has thanked me for my hospitality and intends to leave. though no tears fell. "Promise me you don't intend to harm his career. "Is this what you came to tell me?" "I came here so we could come to some sort of agreement. "I swear. He's worked hard all his life."He intends to keep a mistress. Promise me." Her hand froze and she stared at him through the mirror." She jerked away and turned.he's a good man." She glared at him through her wet eyes. She tried once again to get to the door. he deserves his good fortune. He found her sitting at the dressing table. "He is leaving by his own choice. if you have said anything or threatened him -." Sadness filled her." *** It was late into the night when Jason approached Penelope's door. "You could have had us meet in your study. but he held her firmly. Then. She was beginning to hate that she needed to explain everything she did . "He wouldn't." He didn't bother to comment and instead said. He knocked softly before entering. Even if she couldn't be with Julian physically. having him near had been a comfort. "I promise." She said finally. she stood up and started for the door. I wanted to have it out in the open that I will have a lover of my own. Penny found herself folding her hands tightly on her lap to keep from fidgeting. Jason." This discussion was becoming tiring." Jason frowned. abruptly. "I don't wish to talk about this anymore." "He leaves at dawn.

" And then he left the room. not Dunsforth. How could you possibly know what it feels like to love someone and have them taken away from you?" Jason steeled himself from the warring emotions inside of him. "You're duty is to me. sensual kiss. Oh! Arguing with you is useless. He urged her forward. bringing him deeper inside of her.for you -. Confused. She went lax on top of him and he was content to have her there." He handed her an envelope. her hands resting on his hard chest. *** Emma moved slowly over Alex." "My petulance?" She turned to stare at him angrily. You must be happy now. and it only made her want to cry more. she followed his example and rode him until they both moaned in climax. but will he be gone from your heart?" "Why would you even care? This is an arranged marriage." She saw how Jason's jaw tensed as he stared at her. "Yes. I want you to read it. She smiled down at him. "I seem to recall your bouts of fury. With her hands now on either side of his head. my lord. The gentleness of his kiss surprised her. his voice suddenly losing all its anger. slightly bent and worn at the corners. . I am going to be your husband and frankly. bringing her down harder on him. "I came here tonight to give you this. she stared at it." He came up to her. His hands came to rest on her hips. Julian will be gone in the morning." "How could you? You've never loved anyone. Conflicting emotions flashed in his dark blue eyes." "Why. catching her mouth in a slow. "Just read it. "I forgot I even had it until recently. loving the way he watched her so intensely. close to him. does it contain a curse you've learned from your travels?" He ignored her comment and bent down to kiss her on her lips. She sighed in contentment as she arched herself. I have had enough of your petulance.

visit me once in awhile?" "I'll set you up anywhere you wish. her black hair spread everywhere on the pillow. so different from what the women of his past had done. You'll have a troop of servants. she rolled onto her stomach." Normally. "Then you should stay the night." "I want you as long as we share this passion for each other. "We can hide you in the wardrobe when the maid comes in the morning and then you can sneak back to your room. "Come to London with me. "What will you do with me? Set me up in a small house. her dark hair falling over the length of her body. He'd been so obsessed about getting Emma to be his that he'd completely forgotten that she was a well-bred young lady. there was the matter of her family. "Oh Alex." He chuckled and brought her close. her violet-blue eyes darkened by desire. stretching lazily in a way that reminded him of a cat. cara. As his mistress. sir." He kissed her shoulder.It was their third night together and he had yet to pose the question. Though he did know that he had to set her up as his mistress soon. "And pray. he rejected the idea." She said softly. I'll shower you with jewels -. Emma rolled onto her side to face him.sapphires to compliment your eyes and dark beauty. all the gowns you want. he'd been content. It was getting harder and harder to pull out when he climaxed. what shall I tell my father and sister? That I've taken a lover but have no intention of marrying him?" Ah. innocent gesture. "I can't seem to get enough of you. cara. "We shall end it while it is still good. "You want me as your mistress. The action tugged at his heart. let us just be content with this week. At the moment. she would know the ways of preventing pregnancy. "We're good together." He murmured." His expression sobered." . We should make this last. Yet from her." Emma felt her lips curl into a slight smile. "I have a better idea. She was striking as she lay there." She whispered. yes. it was too much for his mind. facing her on the bed. She reached over and traced a long slender finger over her face. her smile faded and then. Such an unpracticed." For a moment. even thrilled to hear those words from a woman.

He found himself wanting to just hold her. I want to show you my home." She stretched again and kissed him on the lips. the thick locks tangling in her fingers. for all his impressions of being cavalier and uncaring. revealed a gentle side many did not know about." "You like women. He frowned. marriage and babies. cara. Everything they thought. Alex. "I want you more than that. he was disinclined to leave a woman's side. She wanted devotion and love. Emma knew she would always remember these moments with him. But she knew deep in her heart she wanted something more." "I am offering it to you. "I'll take you to my villa in Italy. his fingers tucking a lock of her hair behind her ear. "Consider my offer. to sleep with her in his arms. If only she could just settle for being his mistress.He gave her a strange look. and shared was in their eyes." "Is that where you take all your women?" She asked playfully. He was reluctant. Alex." Emma felt her heart twist. all of which Alex Coulter was not willing to offer." She replied softly. Can you not just simply accept the fact that I neither ask nor require anything of you but these weeks of pleasure? I didn't ask you to set me up in style." He came over her. I do not hold it against you for what you are." "You just enjoy the thrill of chasing me. "I think it best we end it when this party comes to a close. He grasped her by her hips. "Please just understand that I want nothing from you but what we are able to share here. How she loved to see his red-brown hair in the soft glow of the firelight. no matter that he was satisfied. but he only shook his head. That's when he stood up from the bed and made to grab for his robe." "But I'll be your mistress there." She rolled onto her back. For the first time in his life. Alex. "I should go. He'd never spent the entire night with a woman and with such a thought popping into his mind had him . Not just when they were making love. "You are the first I have suggested it to. He kissed her lips. content to be with one another in the stillness of night. Few words were needed. I want you with me." She nodded. She reached up to comb her hands through it. but when they were holding each other. wanted.

He was determined to have her. Servants set up blankets on the grass along with large umbrellas to block out the sunlight. She wasn't one of the practiced seductresses he'd known. he wasn't sure what he was ready for.. his retreat and he'd never asked any woman that before. as Alex took a seat next to her on the blanket. as my decision will be influenced by others. cara." He then added. That was enough for now. The ache in his chest returned again as he stripped for his own bed. He rubbed his chest absently as he thought of Emma.bemused." The Earl replied mysteriously. but the more she was around him. He may want Emma Kingsley as his mistress. He set down his plate and leaned over to whisper in her ear. "I don't wish to be subtle." "Bloody opera singers. She was resigned to end it in a week. That's why I like you. my lord. "You are too sure of yourself." At least he liked her." He answered frustratingly. Emma was curious herself of what he would do. a voice told him. cara. . "Ah. He conversed easily with others and shared a laugh with the Viscount and Nora before he caught Emma watching him. my lord?" Miss Reinhart asked of the Earl. of course return to her family home. "Will you return to London. you see. I will have you after this week ends. Emma could see the looks exchanged by the others. An innocent. the harder it was to ignore her feelings." Emma popped a grape into her mouth. but he wasn't quite ready to. cara. He'd asked her to come to his villa in Italy. a well-bred lady to become his mistress. Again. but a young woman who'd come to him untouched." Emma said. Enjoy it and him. then leave. I must have you. I said I wasn't one of your -." *** A picnic was planned for the next day. the sun was high and bright. She herself would. "You're not being subtle.. "At the moment I cannot answer that. "Sweet dreams.well. causing faint lines to appear at the corner of his eyes." He murmured against her lips and slipped out of her room. The only obstacle was to convince her. "Business. As the entire party took carriages out to the grassy hills covering the Marquess of Fords' grounds. She wasn't sure if that was good and kept herself from dwelling on it further. "I know. It was becoming a mantra in her mind. Alex had discarded his hat despite the sun and his eyes squinted from the brightness of day.

causing several heads to turn their way. I respect you as both a man and a businessman. she was thankfully talking to Jamie Ferguson. "My lord. as well. Jason and Penelope partnered up on a blanket and were sharing their meal as they listened to the others. captured her hand and brought it to his lips. "I don't like the way the Earl watches my sister. feeling insecure of what the letter might do to them. "You would?" His blue gaze was unwavering. He knew she was upset about Dunsforth leaving. Jason looked up and watched the said couple for a while. The couple was oblivious to their audience. I think there's something more. He needed to touch her in some small way. but he was grateful the man had. looked Dunsforth in the eye. Yet Jason felt doubt seep in when he saw the Earl's hand slip over Emma's waist briefly before coming to rest on the blanket behind her. It was a possessive gesture. He shifted uneasily on the blanket and on a whim. He wondered if she'd read it yet and suddenly felt self-conscious about it." "No. too.Meanwhile. When Jason glanced at Penelope." Penny looked up at him in surprise. His thoughts soon switched to the letter he'd given her the night before. "This is about Penelope. a territorial male making claim on his female. These house parties usually bore him and your sister is an intriguing creature. Alexander Coulter would never seduce a debutante. I'll have a talk with him. his interest in Emma was purely because there was no one else to amuse him here. but he'd take care where Emma is concerned." Jason. as well as yours. so therefore. who'd been sitting at his desk. now. When Dunsforth had shown up in Jason's study. I'll see to her protection." Penny said in a low voice. had noticed the looks exchanged between them. He felt her fingers close over his and he squeezed back. Alex may be a rake." Jason leaned over her and rubbed her arm in a comforting manner." . I've been watching them. he hadn't expect his straightforward manner." At least he hoped. "She's my family. "Alex is just flirting with her. "Do not worry yourself too much. Emma looked into the Earl's eyes as he did this and said something to him that had the man laughing out loud. And if it gets out of hand. He too. it is my wish to decline the rest of your hospitality and take my leave in the morning.

"No last words to her?" The man drew up his height stiffly. 07 by AMY_Monaco© . and I would have you do so. "I used to be a dock loader. I haven't told Pen -." "This secrecy between us. What was it about this man that he could gain Penelope's affection? Jason extended his hand and Dunsforth accepted it reluctantly." "Allow me to offer you passage home." "Yet you choose to leave a week before the party ends. "She knows how I feel. Dunsforth?" The man laughed dryly. I only have one ill befits her station. "All is arranged." Jason remembered feeling hurt by this confession. my lord. "Yes. Let's not foot around the subject. "I understand you and my fiancée have known each other for some time. hands clasped behind his back. "My lord. There's very little in this world that could offend me." "I love her. Penny deserves that much." An English House Party Ch. it is." Dunsforth shook his head.Miss Kingsley.. And I do not wish to offend you anymore than I have." Jason stood up and went to the window. "I shall leave at dawn." "It doesn't offend you. when it could be time spent with her before she marries." When Jason turned..Dunsforth swallowed hard and nodded curtly." Jason lifted an eyebrow. the man shifted his feet." "Which is?" "That you try to love her.

She brought it with her to the bed and settled under the covers. She felt anger for being betrothed to him when he was practically a stranger. She shook her head. She took out a sheet of parchment and lifted the quill to write. he was trying to confuse her. restless and unable to sleep. When he wasn't being bossy. completely still. "Emma. Because Julian was gone now. Then her eyes went to the connecting room. he probably wanted to break her down so she'd accept her fate as his future wife. Penny took a seat at a small desk positioned near the window. She broke the seal and unfolded the paper. like the rest of the letter. *** That same night. His eyes roamed over her with appreciation. Her eyes came upon the worn letter sitting next to the inkwell. She felt confusion about how vulnerable and yet. She stood before him naked. he was actually charming and kind. She would miss talking to him in the darkness as they held each other after lovemaking. But the words 'Dear Julian' didn't appear on the paper – wouldn't appear. The picnic earlier in the day had stirred emotions inside of her for Jason she didn't think she could feel. dodging a maid who was carrying out a last minute request. what are you doing here?" She slowly untied the sash of her robe and let it fall to the floor. His room was empty as she closed the door quietly behind her. It was addressed to her. Something was stopping her. even romantic. the connecting door opened and Alex walked in with nothing but a towel around his waist. She stood there. Emma didn't wait for the Earl to join her. His mouth claimed hers in a demanding kiss as he pushed her up against a wall. but the ink seemed to be slightly faded. where she heard a soft splash of water.Penny paced her bedroom. wondering if she should go in and surprise him. she'd miss his soft laughter and deep voice. Just then. Without knocking she turned the knob of the door. Now she took it in her hands and flipped it over. It was still unopened and in the same condition as when Jason gave it to her. ." She said in a sultry voice. Alex. She would miss being with him after they parted. She slipped from her room and down the hall. "I think you know the answer to that. No. safe she was when she was with him. She let out a soft laugh when he tossed his towel aside and went straight for her. He was using another towel to dry his damp hair when he looked up and froze. He was taking a bath. He brought her hard against him.

Alex plunged as deep as he could." He obliged her by pulling almost all the way out of her. Then she felt the coolness of a washcloth on her stomach. Alex. "We cannot end this here..." Emma bucked and dug her nails into his back. "Alex!" Blinded by his release. "Damn it. It was an eternity as they stood. Emma moaned as he ground against her clit with each deep stroke. His darkened eyes alighted on her face. "I want to come inside you. laying her arm across his chest as she slipped her thigh between his. He was coming to realize he needed her." He groaned. Frantically. as if it were the last time they would make love. Content to just lie in his arms. her efusal driving him. you feel so good around me." He added more strongly. "I need you so much. just before the sunset – and not just in his bed. cara. he slid into her to the hilt. damp from their lovemaking. Her inner muscles clenched around him and he felt his entire body know I cannot. afternoon. He alternated between short and long strokes. The mistresses he'd kept had been good for one thing only – sex. with only the wall to hold them up as they panted for breath. pulling him closer." Nostrils flaring. raking her fingers through his damp hair. it was making love. Without thinking. Emma vaguely felt Alex lift her into his arms and lay her on his bed. They both sighed. wrapping them around his waist. he barely had strength enough to pull out of her. Instantly. she listened to his rapidly beating heart slow . cara. her rosy mouth moist from his kisses and parted as she sucked in air. "You. he blurted out. He rained kisses all over her face and neck. Alex." She whispered. teasing her wet slit with the swollen head of his staff for a moment – then plunging into her. He pounded into her. But with Emma. cleaning off their lovemaking. Actually needed her. "I need you deeper. He nuzzled the side of her neck." He grunted. The groan was forced out of him and he managed to push away as his seed spilled. He answered with another hard thrust into her." She sighed. "Deeper. She was ready for him. "Ah. flushed.His skin smelled of soap and she breathed him in. She snuggled up to his body when he joined her. He wanted her in the morning. she unhooked his towel and spread her legs. unable to get enough of her taste. taunting her with his body until she was begging. come to Italy with me. And he was coming to realize he wanted more from her than just a tumble in bed each night while sneaking around at night.

"Are you telling me you will have no problem walking away from what we shared. I want you by my side. "You just say so because it's a solution to my coming with you to London or Italy. her heart starting to beat faster. "Have you no answer for me?" "I. cara?" She fought the tears misting her eyes. how she wanted to. But weeks from now or months from now." He frowned and sat up to lean against the headboard of the bed. Oh. "I just asked you to be my wife. I meant what I said. I want to introduce you to my family and show you Italy. His large hand came to hold hers over his chest. but not the one you think." He reinstated." She sat up. "I said nothing about a mistress. Yet the small voice inside her that remained wise told her that becoming his wife would only mean heartbreak. you will be the ." Emma only shook her head sadly.." "Say yes. I made love with you knowing very well I'd never see you again after this." His frown deepened." He lifted her chin gently. too to face him. A rake. "Emma. will you do me the honor of being my wife?" She blinked. "Alex.I don't know what to say. Had she heard him correctly? Had he asked her what she longed to hear? No." "It is a solution. "Cara. When I marry you. I think. And then where would she be? She would be miserable. especially one like the Earl of Whittenhall would never – "Emma. I don't require anything of you. She stared at him disbelieving. "My answer will have to be no. wishing only to hear what her heart desired. he'd tire of her. she must have dozed off and imagined it all. from us. "I don't wish to change who you are nor do you wish to change. I just asked you to marry me. because her husband would be out entertaining his mistress. perhaps because he was still feeling lust. I will not marry a man who will later take a mistress." Her heart soared." "Hmm?" She lazily looked up to meet his eyes. He wanted to marry her now.. I want you to say a steady rhythm.

Not with you.only woman I'll make love to. I have bedded more women than I care to count or remember. whispering words into his ear until they both panted and moaned. Listen to me. "It won't work. That may be young to you. Emma. His confession only confused her." He cupped her face and kissed her. cara. She made to lose herself in this ecstasy. Rakes are never happy in marriage. "I hope this isn't over. She shook her head. this is marriage.. I know it is not the way of so many people of the Ton. "I love the way you fill me. my lord. I have thought of no other female." Emma shook her head again. He watched her through desire-heavy eyes." She pulled the sheets aside and straddled him. but I know what I want." "Fine speech for one so young." She rode him slowly. She knew that in years to come. "But I will not just settle for that. but I have accepted what you are. for even a brief period in her ." Frustrated now. With her mouth. "I highly doubt you will ever be boring. she would remember these moments with vivid detail." "All of them. I admit that my past is.. This isn't over. I'll end up boring you in a few weeks." "Let me be the judge of what makes me happy.colorful. And not just any marriage." "As do I. "Alex. Have you never heard the phrase that reformed rakes make the best husbands?" The sad smile lingered on her lips. And I want you as my wife." She rubbed her moist pussy over the length of his hardening cock. Can't you just settle for something brief and good? You've probably done it with other women. she licked at his skin. but in my heart. cara. Truthfully." Then she settled her heat over him. nibbling on his vulnerable areas like right underneath his earlobe and where his neck and shoulder met. she tucked a long lock of dark hair behind her ear and tried to focus her thoughts." "I am nineteen. But since meeting you. Yes. I desire a husband to remain true. He grasped her by the waist. Alex. as I will. "You won't be happy. I admit that I am jealous of the women who've known you before me. but one where the man and wife will stay faithful to each other." "You'll want to bed other women. "Do not think to distract me. then. reveling in his hot embrace and the feel of his chest pounding beneath hers. She couldn't allow herself to accept it so easily. She would know she had lived." He muttered.

They had eight children and six and twenty grandchildren. I myself find the language fascinating. they kept the front door open and watched the world pass by as they sat in their old chairs. though it seems impractical to learn it unless one wishes to translate old documents. I know I have neglected to send you any news of me and I thought I should since we are betrothed. There was no mistaking the look of affection they gave one another as they told their story. Perhaps someday I could take you here or I can tell you about it in person. My friends have all gone either to bed or out to enjoy local entertainment. I would describe it here in this missive. His wife. .perhaps you share the same infliction. I understand there is a large age gap between us and we may be strangers to each other. The man was bald with a weathered face and rough hands.. *** Dear Penelope. Being among the locals helps to enhance the journey and I've learned a lot during these hours with my neighbors and their families. All these thoughts of our future marriage. But it came in use these past few months while I was guided through the ruins of Greece. I understand from my father that you've started lessons on from the architecture. they were patient and happy enough to allow my guide to translate our words. it made me want what they had. as I've been restless for many nights now. a petite woman with small eyes and never failing smile still had her wedding ring on. but I know I wouldn't do these ruins justice. ancient scrolls to artwork. narrow street. What amazed me about this seemingly ordinary couple was their faith in marriage. He wore thick spectacles on his round face. and there they were. The history here is so rich and well recorded. It's nearly midnight now. They've been married fifty-two years. I wish you could be here to see it with me. When I saw their frail hands touching. the man fondly described each of his grandchildren. I decided not to join them. she had known this profound love for one man. average day as this. As the day was hot. even on a hot. holding hands as we conversed with them. Earlier today. While the woman told me how they met. nor would I have pages enough to do so. though they knew no English. Recalling the old couple made me think of you and our future. I was walking with my guide down a small.. Somehow a conversation began. We came upon an aging couple that sat leisurely in the front of their home.

exactly how long ago. I hope to see the gold band slightly dulled on your finger. It is my deepest wish to see you look at me one day as the old woman did to her husband.but I would very much like to make our future marriage to be harmonious. with love and devotion sparkling in your violet eyes. all I can picture is your youthful. She couldn't understand why she was crying either. His views could have changed. along with the exciting ones. yet in this letter. She'd always had feelings for Jason. don't quite know the meaning of the word.. there is much expected of me. I've never loved anyone and frankly. She clutched the letter to her heart. and now. tears were sliding down Penny's cheeks uncontrollably. It would have made her feel less alone in this arranged marriage. But of all the questions. I give my heart to you. the most she wanted answered was why now? Why did he give it to her now? . but I hope one day to see laugh lines mar the corners of your eyes. Why had Jason never sent this letter to her? It would have helped her understand him better. she wasn't sure. impish face framed by black hair. like those of the old woman. Right now. Jason said he wouldn't ever fall in love. I hope to share with you children and dull days. Jason The Marquess of Fords *** After rereading the letter for the second time. he confessed to want to know something akin to the emotion. But then again. There were so many questions she wanted answers to. At first it was child adoration. Like the old couple. There is no need to address my confessions specifically. Always yours.. an indication that you never took it off. but know that you hold my heart in the palm of your hand. I have known of my duties to my title and to you for a long time. it had been written years ago. It would mean you have shared a happy life with me. But as you are my future wife and the mother of my unborn children. But I don't want you to assume I think these thoughts simply because it is my duty. As the Marquess of Fords and the future Duke of Delaford. So many emotions were warring inside of her and she couldn't seem to focus on just one. then friendship. I sincerely hope this letter finds you in good health and I await your reply with anticipation. Penny cried harder.

He couldn't understand her. ready to knock on Penelope's door. Jason was sitting in one of the chairs near the window. But then. But then he hesitated. Perhaps she really was convinced he would continue his philandering after marriage. Damn it. Alex slipped on boots and left the room. She refused him. He must look ridiculous standing there alone in the hall. choosing to lose himself in the darkness. a glass in his own hand. He couldn't believe she actually refused to accept him. hadn't she met him halfway instead of shying away from his advances? Alex shook his head. Emma was just the sort of person to defy convention.An English House Party Ch. He strained to hear movement on the other side. He tossed the towel and reached for his breeches and a shirt. 08 by AMY_Monaco© Jason lifted his fist." Alex turned. he'd make her his wife one way or another. Hardly in the mood for bed. He entered the bedroom and smelled the faint musk of his and Emma's lovemaking. He turned on his heel and started for the stairs. Alex knew Jason kept bottles of liquor in his study and headed there. It was too much a reminder of what they shared earlier. After all. He refused to believe she would be this wanton with other men. He had to consider the fact that she came to him untouched. "It's to your left on the counter there. *** Having taken a second bath that night. Perhaps she was asleep already. What young woman of good breeding would refuse a marriage proposal? He was an Earl. but there was only silence. It clung to the sheets of his bed and he turned away from it. Alex rubbed the towel vigorously over his naked body. He didn't even bother to grab a candle for light. his golden blond hair raked through and sticking out on ends. His shirt unmade. He knew the hour was late. Alex poured himself a healthy portion of . while the smell of her lingered in the air and on his pillow. he decided a stiff drink was in order. for god's sake. He couldn't stay here. he searched the wall for a drink. The study was silent and adjusting his eyes to the night with only moonlight from the windows.

yet she refused you. "More like she'll break mine. "I'm obsessed." Jason let out a dry laugh." Alex frowned deeply.adjusting. "I've been watching you. "You may be one of my best friends. Fords. they drank in silence. But Emma is young. "Brava. You wouldn't be down here if it weren't for problems with the missus.. For a while. If you've bedded her – " Alex cleared his throat. Alex found himself staring through the window. Whit. Alex looked up and lifted an eyebrow in question. but it didn't matter as they had the warmth of their drink. Whit." The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them. Jason merely grunted and took a large gulp from his glass." Alex smirked and slumped further into the chair.. thinking of Emma again. The room was cold." "Did you expect that to stop me?" A semblance of his former attitude weighed in that sentence." "You are the worst sort. She's an innocent. but I won't tolerate you breaking Emma's heart. "I asked her to marry me. though there was no heat in his words." "She's confident. Whit. "Damn it. Emma." Alex murmured as he slumped into the high-backed leather chair. He took another gulp of his drink. She's like a sister to me. She thinks she can act as women twice her age can and not get hurt.brandy and joined his host. All the women of London would wish herself in her position. shirting in his seat. but then the feeling was gone as fast as it came." "Penelope's is just. There's a difference." Jason said. "You're determined to paint me the worst sort." . Fords. "That's why I'm watching you. I'll give her that. breaking Alex's thoughts. Lost your touch there?" "We're on the same boat." Jason said. "Can't sleep." "And?" "She'll be my countess one way or another. "Has the Earl of Whittenhall gone and fallen in love?" Alex scowled. The familiar ache was back and he rubbed his chest.

He slept on his back. and glanced at her. his hair in disarray on the white of his pillow. She must have made a sound. Penny stood frozen. "That's what Emma said to me." He stood up and clinked his half-empty glass with Jason's. before downing the rest of the liquid. She stood there for a long moment in her robe and nightgown.I read the letter. Jason was fast asleep. Her eyes flew to the still figure on the bed. to feel his chest move beneath her touch. his eyes focusing on nothing particular until he saw Penelope standing at the door. "Cheers." His face appeared slightly flushed. Women are always more compliant after sex. "Suit yourself. that ache in his heart. mate." She forced her legs to carry her further into the room. The gentle rising of his chest fascinated her and she felt the need to just run her hand over him. man. for Jason began to stir.." Was Jason's wry comment. Seduce her. Take her to bed. thank you. Alex murmured." "Yes. She'll melt in your arms faster than poetry ever could." "I have my own methods. I know. But trust me on this. To the Kingsley women.. "It was a long time ago." "Why didn't you ever send it to me?" He shrugged."For God's sake." *** Two evenings later brought Penny to the front of Jason's door. unable to gather enough courage to knock. you could lecture on it. Jason sat up. The room was dark except for the blazing fire across the room." There it was again. He frowned. until she stood at the foot of the . what are you doing here?" "I. though it looked fitful as the sheets around his bare waist were tangled and falling off the bed. "I see. the letter clutched in her hand. "Penelope. the answer is simple. But a slight sound in the hall made her jump and she turned the doorknob and slipped in for fear of someone catching her.

I thought. I've been such a fool. "Jason?" "I only recently found it among some things I'd packed away. actually.the letter has changed things. While the fireplace crackled softly. I really hadn't intended to be so childish about all this. I've been trying to tell you this for awhile. caressing her soft cheek as he did so. too. "I don't wish to argue with you any more. He brought them both to climax and found himself soon wrapped with her in his arms. but her mouth beckoned him. cherishing every sigh and whimper from her parted mouth. Listen to me. "Might make the days a bit duller. "I gave it to you so that you understand this is not easy for me. But I want you to be happy." Biting down on her bottom lip." She blurted out. I want us to be happy.." She hit him playfully on the shoulder." He smiled softly.. squeezing his hands.Oh. He stripped her of the robe and nightgown quickly and had her underneath him in even less time." He grasped her hands in his large ones. He hadn't made love to her since the night of the Assembly. "Just burn it." He said. Jason stared at it and then leaned against the headboard." He had more to say. which only added to the fire that roared through his veins. "I always thought you said all those things to get me to marry you with no arguments.bed.. he suddenly shook his head. "And I promise to be less over bearing... "Jason. He wasn't sure himself. sinking into her warmth in one swift thrust. With hooded eyes." She walked around so she stood next to him. "I crave you. And I am sorry for all my childish behavior. . "You know what I mean. She arched beneath him. His smile faded as his gaze settled on her lips. I'm trying to call a truce. meeting his strokes with equal fever. Penelope. she knelt onto the bed and straddled her legs over Jason. he watched her writhe and squirm as he surged forward. laughing nervously. holding his breath. No more tantrums on my end. He just watched her silently. "Why did you give it to me?" He lifted a hand to rub the back of his neck." He lifted a hand to brush as a lock of her hair. Penelope looked up. Jason." He let his voice trail off. but if Julian is the one you want.. I thought I would be very calm about it. She tossed the letter onto the sheets. "I just thought you wanted to – " As if he felt foolish. Penelope. Jason. but I think I can live with that.

" Penny laid her head back down on Jason's chest. There. Emma was across the room. a book opened on her lap. she would only unweave what she'd done. He sailed away and for years while he was gone. Alex took up a hand and settled into his chair. For either of us. then. That same evening after dinner." Jason nodded. so she never finished. The couple sat by the fire. hundreds of volumes in Latin. he concentrated hard on the game and won the first round. he noticed and wondered if she would like the family collection in his villa in Italy. "Odysseus eventually returned home to his son and faithful wife. his wife Penelope was courted by suitors who pressed her to marry one of them. She was fond of books. Needing a distraction. "I won't if you agree not to take lovers. their faces not drawn in obligatory civility. a cup of tea at hand. performing her own tasks – letter . their heads bent together in conversation. "Do you still intend to take Dunsforth as your lover?" She felt her heart squeeze." Jason went quiet. Nora Ferguson and Miss Reinhart entertained everyone with duets at the pianoforte. promising to choose one when she finished her weaving. The light was always ample in that room. "What?" "The tale of Odysseus. "As I recall. Eventually. Italian and English lined the shelves in a room of Renaissance splendor." She shifted onto her elbow." "No lovers. He himself used the room to conduct business and liked to think she would be there too. his eyes wandered the room. He could imagine her curled up in the worn leather high-backed chair. Odysseus did not stay true to his wife." *** Tension filled the air the last day of the house party." He paused."Why do you always call me by my full name?" "It makes me think of the tale of Odysseus. due to the towering clerestory windows. whiling away the afternoon hours with a book. "But Penelope remained faithful to her husband. but animated in warmth. In the beginning." "But at night. a game of cards was set in the drawing room by the window. He noticed that Jason and Penelope were getting along.

Jason was already there with his own glass." Jason answered calmly. Alex remembered running through those gardens as a child. It would be nice to have her presence nearby. Whit. Then retreated back to his thoughts as Lord Avery dealt cards." "I wouldn't be down here in a cold room if I weren't troubled. Whittenhall. he returned to the library for a glass of brandy. Alex snapped his attention back to the game long enough to reveal his hand." Alex flushed from the neck up. He'd want a little girl named Sophia. chasing after his sisters and playing the dashing knight who rescued damsels. Sons and daughters with Emma's dark hair and flashing eyes. Lord Avery's eyebrows were arched in amusement. There the gardens flourished under the hot sun. overgrowing the walls and balustrades creating almost a wild realm in itself. And their son? Alex pondered worthy names. "Too many of those in the family." Alex's eyes darted up from his cards and shook his head. "We've been trying to gain your attention for the past five minutes. making the place feel more spacious and warm. "Alexander Coulter. after Alex left Emma's bed. Everyone at the table was staring at him. Then it sunk in that whoever had spoken hadn't been answering his question. he threw in a card. The image made his lips curve. going over menus. When the weather was sunny." *** Late that night. Sophia Coulter. in the exact image as her mother. Children. Some of his most cherished childhood memories had taken place at the family villa." He answered without thinking. Clearing his throat. all the doors were flung open. but the idea of making love to her there under the moonlight certainly put a new perspective on his sanctuary. Fords." Alex muttered. Emma would like Italy. How soon would it be to see his own children running through those gardens with abandon? That very thought made his heart thump faster. It had a nice ring to it.writing. "Don't look so smug. . "My apologies. He was far from the chivalrous knight now. "Just because you've got your lovely fiancée tamed.

They occupy a house in Grosvner Square. "What are you trying to tell me?" "Just that we'll be there. "I'm doing the bloody honorable thing and Emma won't have me. Mr. "Did you enjoy the house party?" Penny glanced at her sister." Alex smirked. The biscuit beside it remained untouched. " "Will you be returning to London after this?" "Very briefly. Penny poured the tea and Emma leaned over to pet one of her father's dogs. gulping down the entire glass's contents.Alex slumped into the chair. then poured the last cup for herself. He is anxious for the banns to be read. "He says he and Jason will join us in London." *** Penny and Emma both traveled back to their home in the country. if I ever saw one." Kingsley said. Alex narrowed his eyes." Jason paused. "That'll make the wedding night easier. as he settled down into his favorite chair. "Emma will be accompanying her sister and father to London in a week or so for wedding preparations. "Your fiancée decided to accept you yet?" Jason peered over the rim of his glass. Father. he was affectionate. Soft and sweet one moment. then the wedding." He nodded and they lapsed into silence. adamant and stubborn the next. noticing that Emma's eyes remained on her teacup. three doors down from mine. "Think so. She's a little hellcat. James Kingsley was outwardly a stern man." Penny's hand stilled – just for a moment – on the teapot. Sometime in the last few days. I've some business to tend to. Their father met them at the door and it was a happy reunion. But with his daughters of whom he adored.. she felt herself becoming anxious for the banns. Our new friends.Before I am away to Italy.. "Delaford was just here not two days ago. "Very much. the Fergusons have decided to take a house near . In case you wish to speak to her.

"I'm very glad you are back." "Excellent." Emma paused for a moment before the open trunk. I never heard you compliment the grounds here. "The hedges there offer – " She stopped herself and felt her cheeks warm. "I want nothing more than for my girls to broaden their minds and be happy. "They offer a very good shade for reading. Father." Their father grunted. dismissing the maid. Penny. He wasn't marriageable in any way." "Glad to hear it." Emma unfolded a gown from one of her trunks. "I didn't think you took such an interest in landscaping. He is Nora and Jamie Ferguson's grandfather. The fresh air and change of scenery at Jason's has done me enormous good." "Yes. But the one he resides is a fine place as any. "Has it become so obvious." Kingsley nodded. Em. "Speak plainly. if you pine for him so. Penny? I shouldn't feel so." "Do they now?" Her father inquired curiously. Ferguson?" "Indeed." Penny watched her sister closely. "I believe I've taken a new interest in landscaping. He will after all inherit it. At their father's announcement that he had a meeting with his secretary. I see it in your eyes. really. my dears." Tea passed on smoothly. He was pleasant company." His youngest looked up with a wry smile.Jason's because they found the countryside so diverting." "Ferguson. Emma. avoiding her sister's eyes. I hope." Kingsley nodded with finality and popped a little fruit tart into his mouth. I know this is about the Earl of Whittenhall. "Related to Henry J. He barely spoke to everyone else. you look simply glowing. Penny went into Emma's room as her younger sister unpacked. You'd quite enjoy their company. yet you've said nothing about it. You're reacquainting yourself with Jason. the sisters retired upstairs to rest before dinner." "The gardens are very fine. Father. "There is nothing for me to say. a rake of the first order. "Pleasant company? I should think not. They shall make very charming neighbors." He answered approvingly. "Strange that young Jason won't take Delaford as his home." Emma commented." "But my dear. sipping his tea. that is all. he seemed so attentive at the party. . Father.

" "Since you have confided in me. She took Penny's hand in hers. then I shall return the favor. "I know you should be ashamed of me. does this mean you love him?" Emma's laughter was infectious and Penny couldn't hold back her own mirth. I've grown very fond of him in the last few days of the party. Emma smiled. Being with Alex made me realize how much we women are deprived by society's strict rules. But I am confident that I no longer view him or this marriage so negatively." Emma's eyes widened at first." "Emma!" "I know!" Emma answered. "I do not know. a smile tinged with sadness. I was merely a distraction for him. I wanted the freedom to feel. then?" Emma nodded vaguely.devoting all his time to you." "He asked you to be his mistress. I cannot settle for an arrangement where there is no solid commitment. but I thought to take my own life in hand. "Penny.I gave myself to him. In her sister's confidence.. "Very much love.. I was convinced I could master my emotions. I love him so much. but found that I could not. "No." "Then he made no promise.. then she broke out in laughter. Alex – " "Alex?" Penny asked. surprised. Jason and I have been intimate." "And the freedom to love?" Penny pressed gently." . "Country parties are not his set.. Emma's hands froze on the next gown she was pulling out. "Like you. For once. "How close have you two become for you to refer to him by his given name?" Emma tossed the gown back into the trunk and sat next to her sister. of any sort?" Penny asked slowly. "Penny. she need not conceal her emotions." Emma looked up with one brow arched. not with him.none that I could accept. I've. needing the comfort only her sister could offer. to experience that sort of abandon we read in all those novels.

. and you the glowing bride-to-be. She thought the morning air would clear her head." To be continued. I shall also endeavor to forget the Earl of Whittenhall. she took a short ride in Hyde Park." "I suppose men are excluded from these outings. Penny could think of him and not feel sad. But for you. Later. I shall endeavor to be myself again. but not a half hour into her ride. the right last minute frocks. "Morning. I shall be so melancholy these next few weeks. we are due at the shops to order the right flowers. From now on. 09 by AMY_Monaco© Author's Note: Thanks for reading everyone! And remember to vote! *** The morning they were due to attend a ball Emma woke very early." ." "Of course. Jason."And Julian?" For once." Emma squeezed her sister's hand. Penny. An English House Party Ch. Before breakfast was served. "We were not meant to be. her thoughts turned to the one man she was trying to avoid. "Just look at us." Jason's horse fell in step beside hers." Emma smiled. No need to go change. My place is with Jason now. Emma. Your riding attire will be perfectly acceptable. She angled her head high so she could see past the smart forest green hat she wore. sister. so let us head back now. the right shoes. after breakfast. "But do join us for breakfast." "Where is Penelope this morning?" "She's rather busy with wedding plans. "Good morning. I'm simply famished..

she had hoped. She could hardly expect a letter from Alex. How society is deprived of it's favorite rake!' It said. I'm sure. Katherine D---. Her eyes came upon the following article and her breath caught. the dangerously handsome Earl of W---. Think I could convince you to let me escort you two?" Penny laughed softly and nodded when he gestured at the steak ham. just look at all these invitations. I miss you. She was just seated when the footman came in with the post. putting aside all correspondence and invitations until there were none left.was seen boarding a ship bound for Italy just three days past. a certain widow by the name of Mrs. Emma quickly put her tea down and clutched the paper." The brightness of her smile was something he'd asked for a long time. Penny walked in and Emma put a bright smile on." "Considering it's Lady Snyder's. 'Speaking of eligible bachelors. but somewhere deep inside. but soon left them for the gossip columns. sans clothes." Jason's eyes locked on his fiancée and stood up to help Penny with her plate. Penelope. There was a brief on eligible bachelors and what parties they were going to attend. though. that on the same ship.." It was two weeks since he'd been able to make love to her. 'One wonders if he will be staying in Italy for awhile. reading the words carefully. she skimmed the letters. Emma let out a breath. "Good morning.. I haven't read any yet. since it is noted he did not accept any of the coveted invitations extended to him by the likes of the Duke and Duchess of Havenwood and the Earl of Garrett. one involving a Mrs. As her father had already left early. K------. then." "I want to see you alone. J------. Both Emma and Jason helped themselves. "We'll have some time alone tonight at the ball. who was caught with a Mr. "Emma told me about your female outing today. "Penny. She skimmed the latest scandal. Whoever said distance made the heart grow fonder obviously wasn't thinking about making love." Emma split the pile of letters with her sister.' . but I've decided we're going to accept them all.The sideboards in the breakfast room were topped with silver dishes. darling. Tonight. "I will be purchasing a few things I don't want you to see yet.was seen talking to the Earl. It was curious.

let me. Her partner spun her around and she was suddenly on the other side of the room. "Look at me. her thoughts drifted to Alex again. As she scribbled down their list. you look a bit pale. could you get us paper and stylus. flawless skin. currently in the arms of a Sir Geoffrey. I forgot I'm hungry. she had been replaced by a woman almost twice her age. but as the loud chatter of old henwits floated over the well-orchestrated music. but the words had gone on to describe some other bit of news. even though Penelope was still dancing and unable to see it. Suddenly. Fine by her. facing Jason. "I'm so excited for today. something spread in his chest. "You see. he stood with several acquaintances. his eyes lifting occasionally to watch Penelope on the dance floor..Katherine Dunfy. with a neckline that dipped enticingly low and short sleeves showing all that wonderful." "Here. The material moved with her body as she danced. His heart swelled almost painfully and he found himself smiling. Penny. 'I hope one day to see laugh lines mar the corners of your eyes. Since rereading . So. Emma.' He recalled the lines he'd written years ago. With drink in hand." Emma said to Freddie when he came back. Emma skimmed the rest of the article. her dark hair swept up with pearl hair combs. Jason remained close to his brideto-be. "Dear. Kingsley. notorious for taking titled lovers only. Let Alex Coulter make love to Katherine Dunfy. His father was off with Mr.. I think we better make a list of all the things we need. Emma thought. Penelope looked so beautiful tonight. Perhaps it was for the better. Just for a would mean you have shared a happy life with me. I'm so involved in the gossip columns. A wealthy widow. their eyes met. forming against the curves of her long legs. puffing away on cigars in the smoking room. *** Jason hated large crowds. with two dead husbands under her belt. Freddie. He was Italy. we'll be too busy shopping to be good conversation to you if you come. Country parties were all well enough. The cream colored gown she wore was a confection." Penny smiled at Jason." She took up her plate again." Emma looked up and forced herself to fold the newspaper slowly. I want to stop into the perfumery and I think it's time Father got a new pair of cuff-links. He held his breath when he saw the laughter and happiness reflected in her eyes.

just as the music ended." He said to Sir Geoffrey and took hold of Penelope's hand. "My lord. 'I hope to see the gold band slightly dulled on your finger. down a lit hall and into a smaller one." She gave him a strange look. leaning down to whisper into her ear. "I want you to know that I'm not . her smile returning that of her dance partner's. "Now. His own heart was pounding.' Absently.. "That woman happens to be you. and it made his smile." She was speechless. Out of the ballroom." Sir Geoffrey bowed." He nipped at the corner of her soft mouth. A small laugh escaped her and he rained fervent kisses down her neck.but as you are my future wife and the mother of my unborn children. she smiled." He mumbled under his breath.the letter two weeks ago. darling.." Jason said. "That one day I would look across the room and see the woman I love." "Right about what?" More amused about his behavior. He started for her. Jason instantly had her between him and the wall." "Jason. he placed his half-finished drink on a passing waiter's tray.' His eyes flew to her gloved hands.. "Excuse me. Penelope. I give my heart to you. he could remember every word. "Know that you hold my heart in the palm of your hand. without care to anyone who would venture past. His eyes stayed on Penelope as she danced. 'I've never loved anyone. "You were right." "I thought you would never. but nodded.. He kissed her. "What has gotten into you." She shook her head. "I need to speak with you alone. an indication that you never took it off. "I love you. eyes never straying from Penelope. his hand tightened on hers. Jason?" He kissed her deeply.

She'd taken special care of her appearance tonight for reasons she didn't quite know. His hair looked more brown than red in the dim lamplight of the opera house. too. the cool blond with a serene expression on her slightly tanned face. An Italian opera singer perhaps? She didn't look like one. beginning right now. a shade matching her eyes and shot with silver. a certain deep voice. White flowers were pinned to her dark hair. But she thought she heard something familiar.. then greeting an old acquaintances of her father's.private room. Alexander Coulter stood there with several people. She was about to turn when something out of the corner of her eye made her stop. He was dressed as all the other gentlemen were. It was now days away from Jason and Penelope's wedding." "I want you to tell me everyday.. in formal black with a gray vest and starch white neck cloth. Jason escorted his bride-to-be and Emma to his private box at the opera." "Let us find a more. That night. I was afraid to tell you. she could see all the details of his face. Jason.." He rubbed his lower body against hers in encouragement. It was during intermission that Emma wandered off on her own. Emma's eyes flew to the woman at his side and went pale. "I love you. "We'll be very quiet.saying this because you did. The woman was beautiful. but she did possess height and a long. but I love you. first speaking with a friend. The curtain was about to open and she ought to go back to her seat." She wrapped her arms around his neck. . She wore a gown of deep purple. But from where she stood.Emma went still. so the reviews brought in crowds. The show was one that was raved the performance of the century. looking as dangerously handsome as ever. emphasizing her dark beauty. shall we?" "But the party! Everyone will be wondering. graceful neck." "Hardly. The drone of conversation filled the halls as intermission had everyone coming out of their stuffy private boxes. It was cinched at the waist and sported the ever-popular lowering of the neckline. Just for a bit.. He suddenly leaned down to listen to his companion's words. I want to show you how much I've missed you." *** A month of afternoon teas. balls and musicales passed.

" "My lord. She let out a sigh of relief when the soft ringing indicated for everyone to return to their seats. as manners dictated. She must have been staring." . Do you make your home there or here in London?" "I suppose more in Italy. You and Jason can go on. "I think I'll just sit here. "It is my pleasure to introduce to you my sister. so she would be unable to concentrate on the performance. By the second. so I'll hardly be able to go anywhere. the Marquess of Fords. The intermission is only ten minutes. because the blond touched Alex's sleeve and nodded subtly to Emma. "Miss Emma." Penny replied. She glanced at Alex. Miss Penelope Kingsley and her sister. The nerve! To think he actually brought his mistress here. when did you return to London?" Jason came forward. Emma was forced to stand. "Whit. all anger gone. When she took up her seat." "May we come in?" A knock followed the question. Emma. "I understand you have come here from Italy. Ella. his fiancée." Lady Ella said. Lady Ella Coulter. she berated Alex silently for ruining her evening." Emma stared dumbfounded. Emma swung around to see Alex standing at the doorway of Jason's private box. The weather is so much nicer there. His hateful mistress was there on his arm. "May I?" Emma nodded. Sister? "I am very glad to meet you. Horrified that she'd been so obvious – and on the likes of Alex Coulter – had Emma turning on her heel. Miss Emma. it's good to see you again. "I have to say I was hoping I would be introduced to you soon. "Just. shorter intermission." Alex said. Miss Kingsley. for the gossip columns.She heard Alex and his companion share a laugh and sound tightened Emma's heart." Emma was finally able to find her tongue." Alex nodded and brought the woman next to him forward. who stood there talking to Jason and Penny. Miss Emma Kingsley. Emma was silently fuming and refused to get out of her seat. "I wanted to make it back before my homecoming turned into a treasure hunt of sorts. She wouldn't have to suffer any introductions. And he must have known seeing him would be too much of a distraction.

"I suppose you are right. But I seem to favor Italian operas performed in Italy. glaring up at Alex in his nightshirt and cap." Alex's eyes went up further to see Emma standing at the top of the stairs."Yes. Callers can visit between the hours of – " The butler pushed at the door. her long beautiful hair over her shoulders. stalking up the steps of the Kingsley residence. "What is the meaning of this. Now please. Mr. Before the butler could say anything. Penelope was there behind her. She was also very friendly and even invited Emma and her sister to tea one afternoon at their convenience. he started pounding on the door." Emma laughed. . his gaze lingered on her. sir?" "I demand to see Emma Kingsley." "Please. I demand to – " "Demand. but Alex held it firmly open. Kingsley. wrapped in a long dressing robe. Are you enjoying the performance?" "Very much. "I don't care if you are the Prince Regent himself! You will call at the appropriate hour. Alex walked right into the foyer. He was restless." Lady Ella Coulter was as composed as her cool blond looks. Father. let me in so that I can speak to her. Jason and Penelope were smart enough not to comment. sir?" Came an angry voice from the stairs. but as he said his good-byes for the night. they excused themselves. He did this until an old man answered. "Let me repeat myself. not a mere sir. Mr. *** Alex took a fortifying swig from his flask and looked anxiously out the carriage window." "I think not." Was this entire maddening household deaf? "I won't leave this house until I have spoken to Emma. Minutes before intermission came to an end. He knew it was past midnight and the streets were empty and dark. With his fist lifted. Alex barely said a word to her. When the carriage finally came to a stop and he jumped out. tapping his fingers on the windowsill. And I am the Earl of Whittenhall. Kingsley came downstairs with a candlestick in his hand.

His plan had been to court her. Why do you think I came storming in here in the middle of the night like a fool?" She shared in his laugh and touched his crooked neck cloth." She implored." She turned her head so he could see her profile." A tear slid down Emma's cheek. too. "I love you. it had unlocked all the desire and need he felt warring within him." He murmured into her hear. Even before you took me to your bed. but she still wasn't looking at him." He closed the distance between them and wrapped his arms around her tightly." He kissed her." He tilted her chin. "I thought she was one of your new ladyloves. He no longer had the patience for a courtship and long engagement. Kingsley's voice as he burst in. Alex. "I did so to prepare the house for a new mistress. Emma. Alex. She kept her back turned to him. end my torment. as she deserved. Emma Kingsley was definitely a siren. "For God's sake. I told you I would stop at nothing to have you. I'll marry you. But after seeing her the first time in so long. I am not leaving this house – this very spot – until you give me an – " "Yes. cara. "Did you mean what you said about my meeting your sisters?" Alex let out a frustrated laugh. The papers said you sailed back to Italy. she walked past him and her perfume intoxicated him. tormenting him the next. "I love you." She looked up at him. Her father started to grumble. teasing him one moment. The door behind them swung open. "I thought I would never see you again. for she descended and showed Alex into a small drawing room. He'd give her flowers and take her out on rides through the park. "You come into my home howling like a wolf and here I see you about to ." he called softly. Marry me. "I brought Ella back so she could be introduced to you. "I have heard enough!" Came Mr. of course. I meant it. "Cara." "Thank God. "You didn't answer my question. cara."It'll be only a moment. which must have been meant as consent. With the door closed.

" Her father sounded unconvinced. "Now. "Do I have your blessing then?" Alex asked carefully. "Is that so? What have you to recommend yourself?" Alex's eyes narrowed slightly. "Kidnap her! You must be besotted beyond reason." He didn't wait for an answer and started for the bar." "You love her. Leave us. You young pup! There are formalities. I will do anything to have Emma as my countess. Privately. one of the things Alex loved so much as there in her eyes. Alex blinked. he wanted an end to all these obstacles. Now. man!" Mr. "You are her father. my lord. After months of missing Emma. the wind was knocked out of him." "I want it to be as soon as possible." The man laughed. But if it is necessary." Emma's spirit. Kidnap her! Let us have cigars. That certain something in the man's tone made Alex snap. Kingsley lifted an eyebrow. my boy. a man goes to the woman's father for permission to marry her. sir." He cleared his throat. of being away from her. Kingsley said sternly. He suddenly came forward and clapped Alex on the back so hard. let us share a drink." "I am afraid she cannot marry before her sister is. of course." "I've come here to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. sir. sir. where we will be married. I am prepared to kidnap her and take her to Italy. Wait until Delaford hears about this. It's just not done. I'm of sound character and do not gamble or drink excessively. his arms clasped behind him. No? Not everyday a man has a suitor burst in at midnight demanding to marry his daughter. I must speak with the Earl. "Yes. "I have wealth enough to allow Emma to live in the way she is accustomed. "I love her. Come." Mr. state your business. Emma. The carriage outside need only to await my orders.ravish my youngest daughter in her father's home. so I wish not to offend you. Alex touched the spot her lips had covered. Like a lovesick puppy. "Glad to hear it. She kissed Alex right on the mouth and then her father on the cheek before closing the door. if I do not have your blessing." . He paced the room slowly and eyed Alex's rumpled appearance disdainfully. "In case you haven't the faintest idea. the wedding." The older man grunted.

cara." The older man said slowly. bent on following all the rules." "What?" He licked the flesh below her earlobe hotly. "You can count on my being very wicked in bed." "Leave your bedroom window open later. not after I threatened to elope with you. I like you wet and naked waiting for me. Emma was melted into Alex's arms as he did wonderful things with his hands and mouth. Leave your window open."A few days after. He found that rather humorous. "You underestimate a very aroused man-in-love. Remember." He had five minutes to say goodnight to her. "I may be a reformed rake. "Not at all. Kingsley's eyes narrowed in a suspicious manner that had Alex flushing. Alex. "No." "I love you. every night. I'll be here in thirty minutes. I don't wish to be parted from her any longer." "How are you ever going to get up to my room?" His wicked gaze met hers. With the drawing room door closed." He thought for a moment. window open. "Was he very mean about it?" Alex chuckled." "Mmmm. Don't ever become the stuffy sort. I don't think you do. but I am not going to remain celibate until our wedding." He cupped her bottom and rubbed against her." He ground his hip to hers seductively." Mr. "And no clothes." . "Say goodnight to Emma and return in the morning. We'll discuss the marriage contract then. "Just do it. I'll climb up and keep you warm tonight.

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