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A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch.

by IceKitten©
Diary Entry: It is the year of our lord seventeen hundred and seventy nine and this day has found me traveling the Scottish land on my way to visit my godparents Lord and Lady McCloud. My father and Lord McCloud, Uncle Angus to me, had been good friends from before he had ever met my mother here in Scotland. This year my parents decided to holiday in England.. And well I had no desire to be at court with Henry or his preconceived notions that my father was going to give me to him in marriage. My father being Italian and not being one to conform to the way things were supposed to be. Has promised me that he would not wed me off to some greedy, pox ridden drooling man. He had told me that he wished me to marry for love as he and my mother did almost 25 years ago. I cannot believe that come next month they will have been married so long. I hope I am as happy as they are when I marry. The trip has been a long one, but I have enjoyed the solitude. No hustle of the city I am glad to be going to Uncle Angus’s I cannot remember a time when it was not a happy place for me to go. I remember when I was a little girl and father would say we were going to Scotland.. I would run to my room and start packing. Coming here was always special to me. It was the one place I could run around without being hovered over. No nanny, mother, father and no brother, Antonio, just the land and me. Aunt Heather was a wonderful woman as well, she and uncle Angus had been married as long as mama and papa had been if not longer. There was only one other person there and that was Duncan Patrick McCloud. He was their son and the most I remember about him was his eyes. Duncan had the bluest eyes. I remember whenever I was there he was there, except once, I believe that was the only time. I was totally dismayed that he was not there with me. Duncan and I were inseparable. I have not seen Duncan in ten or more years. As he was off at school and in the military, like Uncle Angus had been. I have written him over the years. Of all my friends that I correspond with, Duncan has always been the one I cannot forget to write, he writes me back faithfully. A brother and sister could not be as close as we are. I am writing this as the carriage makes its way over the green hills of Scotland. I know I am only half Italian and half Scott. But it feels like home here. The closer I get the faster my heart beats, I am anxious to be there already. I know that there will be rain and I cannot wait to take a walk in the warm rain and sit by the Loch and watch the sun set. The colors in the sky after it rained were the most beautiful skies I have ever seen. I can see the manor house, it will not be long now and I will be home, my second home.

It feels wonderful to be here. Uncle Angus and Aunt Heather look grand.. I feel like a little girl again.. Dinner will be soon. I must go and change into something a bit more fitting, still no sign of Duncan. Maybe he will not be here. I will be saddened if he cannot be there..

Lady Revali stepped from the black and gold gilded coach with help from the coachmen. Her eyes fell upon the home she had spent many years at as a child. She entered the foyer and was greeted by Steven. He had been there as long as Castalena could remember. He was a young man of 12 when she was only 6. He was a houseboy, but now he was her Uncle’s all around good guy. She remembered coming here every summer and seeing Steven grow up as she grew. Steven now was 34, maybe older she could not be sure. But the one thing she did know was Steven was her Uncle’s confidant in most every matter, he was highly trusted and her uncle did not give his trust easily. “Greetings Miss Castalena” he said as entered the house. He helped her with her cloak and the coachmen began to bring her things in. “M’lord and Lady are in the sitting room waiting” he explained to her. Castalena smiled and walked to the sitting room. “Uncle Angus, Aunt Heather, I’m home!” she yelled to them with a giggle in her voice, just as she had when she was a child. As she bellowed so un-Lady like, her Uncle came around the corner of the door way and opened his arms lovingly. Well Castalena could not help but run into his arms and hug him like a daughter would her father.. Angus hugged her with such delight and love. He picked her off the floor in his great bear hug. Angus was Six feet plus. So it was no wonder she came off the floor. She giggled just as she had done time and time again. Aunt Heather chided her husband. “Put the child down before ye break her in two Angus” she said. “Aunt Heather” she smiled and said as her Uncle put her down. Castalena went and hugged her Aunt lovingly. Castalena whispered in her aunts ear ”Tis good to be home.” Aunt Heather smiled as she hugged her niece “Tis good to have ye home Lass.” She said. ”Ye must be tired lassy” Said Angus. “Nae uncle, I am fine really” protested Castalena. “Ye room be ready as always dear heart. “ came the loving tones from her aunt. The next few hours were spent in idle conversation about her parents and such. Her Uncle asked if the rogue Henry had withdrawn his desire to marry her. “Nae Uncle, He still persists. Father has told him nae more times then I care to count.” She commented as she sipped some tea. “Bloody ‘ell when will that whelp take no for an answer!” Angus growled. “Calm ye self Angus, ye will burst a blood vessel.” Her Aunt’s soothing words came. But her uncle would not be calmed by words he had enough of Henry Colinsforth and his relentless pursuit of his goddaughter/niece. If he would have seen the bloody man who was not only almost ten years Castalena’s senior, he was also a money hungry, foul tempered, brigand of a noble. Angus could not stand the man at all. He tried to avoid him at all costs but then, there were those times when he had to bite his tongue and play nice. As his wife would say.

“Damm Man!” her Uncle yelled his huge hand slamming on the side table. This caused Castalena to jump slightly; she had never seen him so angry. She wondered why he hated Henry so much but she was not about to question him now. Her Aunt went to her husband and placed a slender hand to his cheek and smiled, as only she could, the beauty and the beast, the beast of rage. She could sooth his rage with but a gentle stroke of her hand. Castalena rose from her chair and walked to them. “ I think I will go for a walk, it is such a lovely day.” she told them both. Her Uncle caressed her cheek and she smiled. ”Tis alright Uncle Angus do not let him bother you, he bothers me not.” She kissed his cheek and walked out to the balcony, which lead to the gardens. And the forest beyond, past that was the loch. It would take her a fair amount of time to walk to the Loch but she loved the walk. It was summer and the sun was out and it was warm. Not typical Scottish weather. As Castalena walked on she picked wild flowers and put them in her hair. She was glad to be home, there was no other smell like the forest or the Loch. She walked on till she came to a small clearing where she could sit upon an outcropping, which over looked a grassy spot where a willow tree stood. Much to her surprise she happened to see what she thought were two naked people swimming in the loch. She shook her head and dismissed it, thinking it was but an image that played on the waters glassy surface. Castalena laid back on the rocks and gazed at he blue sky dotted with wisps of thin white clouds that seemed to just gently caress the blue background where they hung. As she lay there with her eyes fixed on a passing cloud she heard the sounds of a woman laughing. She picked her head up and looked around and there below her not far were the two people she thought she had seen in the lake. A woman was being chased by a young man around the willow tree below. They were both NAKED! Castalena could not believe her eyes! She tried to stay out of sight as to not call attention to herself. She watched as they played and laughed. The young lad cornered the lass against the tree. Her chest was rising and falling as she tried to catch her breath. Castalena could see the definitions of each body. The lass had chestnut colored hair that fell wet to her body it came past her shoulders. Her skin was fair, light in tone as most Scots were. She had a pleasant body to look at. She could see why the young lad wished to be with her. She had well-rounded breasts a tiny waist and long legs. Things men admired in women. As Castalena looked at the lad she was shocked to see that he had a erection that could have killed a cow! His manhood had to be at least eight, if not more, inches long and about four inches in girth. She found herself gaping. He was hung like a bull for breeding. The man reached out and pushed some of her wet hair back behind her shoulder so as to expose her full breasts to his hungry gaze. He trailed his finger over the warm skin, till his finger came to rest on her nipple where it made tiny circles till she suspected the lass’s nipples were hard. Castalena bit her bottom lip, these two could not be thinking to, out here! Her mind filled with shock, as she could not believe this couple was going to have at each other right under the tree. The lass arched her back which thrust out her breast against his teasing finger. The lad smiled and leaned in and began to kiss her neck. She could see the lass cock her head to the side leaving him a clear path of her throat to kiss and nibble on. Castalena swallowed hard. She really should have turned away but she seemed stuck, frozen where she was watching this

her legs still wrapped around him. The lad’s hands went behind her and grabbed both globes of her ass and pulled her closer to him. yes!“ she heard the lass exclaim as he went from one nipple to the next seemingly driving her into a lather. He lowered himself down to her. He was pounding the hell out of her and she was screaming for more and in absolute ecstasy. She watched as the woman’s body moved with every deep stroke the lad sunk into her quivering whole. She could not stop watching. “Harder! Aye. what ye plan’n tae do wit it lad?” she asked. The lass licked her lips… ‘My. Castalena felt her heart begin to beat a bit faster as she watched on. he took the taunt nipple in his mouth and began to lick and suck on it. But they flew open when she heard the lass scream. just watching the couple was enough to wake the fire in her. He lowered his head and let his mouth suck in one of her nipples again. He pressed the hot blood filled head of his cock to her waiting slit. harder as she took in a sharp breath and slowly closed her eyes. Castalena could feel her body churn as she watched on. she should be turning away and leaving. When she looked the girl had been flipped to her stomach and he was taking her in the animal fashion. He grabbed her hips and held her to him. Her voice filled with lustful tones. my what a big cock ye have. He began to stroke it slowly. And had told Castalena all about it. His cock was standing straight out pointing at her. Her best friend back in Italy was well versed in the art. The lass dropped her legs from his waist and he leaned back. The lad bent over her and gabbed a hold of her swinging breasts and his hips bucked against hers in short hard jerking deep moves. He rammed into her with such great force that the lass’s body rocked back and forth. He was fucking this young woman right in front of her. She was getting excited by watching. He eased the tip of his throbbing manhood into her. Castalena could have sworn she could feel it from where she was. But for herself she was waiting. This made the lass moan. saving herself for the right man. Castalena could feel her heart race.blatant display of lust. Then he used his hand to taunt the other one. Castalena was still a virgin but she was no dummy when it came to knowing about sex. Castalena felt her skin begin to heat. His thrusts became faster and harder. or they did not seem to care that she was watching them. almost animalistic but she begged him not to stop. “I plan tae make ye scream like a wail’n banshee lass. Her moans and cries of passion echoed over the loch with a eeriness that was captivating. “Ohhh. for only that man. Her legs fell further apart giving him more room to move. she could not believe her eyes. The lad began to pump into the lass with long full deep strokes making her writhe under him. like a wild beast. She gasped as he began to push deeper into her quivering wetness. not more than twenty yards or less from where she was sitting. her eyes fixed on the couple.“ he replied. “AYE!” she could hear the lass scream. With a shock to her body Castalena felt her own slit begin to quiver and throb. Without a second thought the lad slammed into her with a great force then the girl arched her back off the ground lifting herself into his pounding strokes. Her moment of thought was shattered by the lass’s next volley of . The couple had not noticed her. make ye scream. The lad grabbed her left breast in his hand and began to massage it while his mouth made its way down her throat to her breastbone then lowering his head further. There he laid her down on her back. when in all reality. The slightest touch of his made her lift her hips to meet him. Well that she was laying down so she could not be seen at all at a fast glance. He began to grunt harder and pant. harder!” she could hear the woman yell. He must have said something funny cause all of a sudden the lass burst out laughing. The lad picked the lass up and she wrapped her legs around his waist and he carried her to the blanket.

Castalena moved her arms and legs backwards in a effort to scoot away from the wolf. She stumbled backward letting out a shriek. “Aye! Fo’uk me like the beast ye be. he could sense she was scared but she did not show it. They lay there close to each other. her skin was burning and flushed. Castalena took a slight step back slowly she was not sure what she could do. she could tell he was still buried up to his balls in her pussy. Castalena felt her own pussy soaked and throbbing as if she was about ready to cum with the couple she was watching. she was mesmerized. As she stepped back she did not see the fallen tree behind her. She snapped her head around to see what was behind her. Castalena could not move. She watched as the lad jerked his hips more as if he was giving her every last drop of his seed and she bucked back at him gladly accepting it. Wolves were excellent hunters and hardly ever missed their quarry. Their voices joined in an erotic combination of passion. How passionate and erotic they were and how loving he was when he covered them both and held her to him. The wolf began to stalk toward her. Blue? A wolf with blue eyes? She stood there shocked she could not move she was too frightened. She knew it was wrong to watch such carnal acts but she could not stop herself.words. She felt her body shiver as her own orgasms subsided. Those striking eyes. Her heart started to calm then as she walked but her reverie was broken by the sound of something behind her. in the case it leapt at her she would try and defend herself somehow. The lass thrashed in his vice-like grip as her orgasms washed over her like an earth pounding herd of beasts. Her chest began to heave and her breathing became erratic. That was enough to push Castalena over the edge. For what seemed only a split second she was looking at the sky then before she knew it she heard the breathing of something at her feet she slowly sat up and saw that the wolf was glaring down at her. Afterward they both collapsed on the blanket. He kissed the side of her head and cuddled her close. The lad’s arm came over her ribs and grabbed the blanket and he covered them both. its eyes captivated her. In the short moment in which she flew he had managed to cover the ground between them. It was like they were locked like that and they were glad to be like that. she could not believe she had been so affected by this. Castalena kept her eyes locked on the wolf. lust and ecstasy. Fill me with ye hot seed” came the lass’s hot words. She shuddered as she bit back her own moans. As she walked she could not get the image of the couple out of her mind. Her Uncle had always told her never try to run as they would chase and leap at you as if you were something they were hunting. as hard as he could. He watched her. Within seconds of the lass’s begging words the lad grunted and groaned and yelled. She was taken aback to see a wolf looking at her from a small clearing in the forest not more then fifteen feet from her! He was black as pitch and his eyes were piercing blue. As she slowly stepped back the wolf came forward in slow well-placed steps. It was the most erotic and most loving thing she had ever seen in her life. She could see the lass’s pleased and contented smile on her face. She was finally able to break her gaze away from the couple and she scooted back and climbed off the outcropping and quietly walked away. As if those words were some sort of signal the boy reared back and grabbed her hips and as if he could have gotten any deeper into the girls seeping pussy he slammed his way harder. Her rear hit the cold hard forest ground with a hard smack. She could not out run the wolf so she hoped if she just stayed calm it would get bored with her and leave. they seemed to look right into her very soul. She kept a . Her pussy exploded merely watching the two.

His hot breath caressed her legs as he exhaled. She closed her eyes tight as she thought this would be the end that for sure he was about to rip her throat out and rip her to shreds. Watching the wolf stalk closer her breath became more ragged and her heart began to race. She struggled against the huge hands that held her arms keeping her from falling. She dared not move for the mere fact that now the wolf was upon her. She keep her hand flat to the ground and her legs were cast out in front of her.calm exterior. What seemed like forever his nose stayed there inhaling her scent then he continued his trek up her body. She knew what it was doing and she stayed absolutely still. and she was amazed to find the wolf was resting its head on her. Suddenly she froze with fright as his muzzle nudged against her soaked crotch. Castalena could feel the rough dog-like tongue drag over her hot skin. Slowly it began to sniff its way up her leg. She took a fast gasp of air when her back came in contact with a tree and she was stuck between it and the wolf that was stalking toward her. Castalena flipped her head up and there to her joy he stood. In that moment she bolted up and began to run she ran through the forest as fast as she could. She slammed into it like hitting a wall. it was soft and warm. its long strands slipped into and past her fingers with ease. He began to move higher and higher up her legs sniffing as he went. He was not snarling or growling but he was still intimidating. It was Duncan! Her Duncan! . She slowly opened her eyes. his head swung around and he seemed to be looking for something. Its muzzle was upturned in a snarl and he was growling. His head came level with her heaving chest. Her dress skirt was gathered up around her thighs leaving her calves exposed. Suddenly a hulking body stopped her. her dress hiked up around her knees giving her ample leg room to run. She heard what she could only describe as a soft growl but not a threatening one. She could not believe what the wolf was doing. She knew that wolves and other such animals were drawn to the scent of females and it would trigger the desire to mate and she knew that her womanhood was drenched from her excitement. there it was coming closer to them. “LET GO OF ME!” she screamed as she struggled. But that was not possible. he stood in front of Castalena as if he was protecting her. His head was down and his ears slightly laid back. They were clad in silk white ladies stockings and a garter holding each one up about her thigh. Yet another wolf. in a surprising move the wolf slid his raspy tongue over her shivering flesh. Not a second later as she was petting him his head came up with a jerk. She began to get worried when his head got dangerously close to her upper thigh. she felt as if it were going to beat right out of her chest. But to her surprise he nuzzled her neck instead. even though her breast rose and fell with every deep breath she took. ‘Bella mia” he said. she thought it could not be. The black wolf’s hair rose and his ears lay back to his head. Slowly and with great care she reached up and ran a trembling hand into its thick fur. this one was brown in color with dark sinister looking eyes. She began to calm some as she got the feeling he was not going to rip her to tiny bits. His head was at her feet. his breath was hot and moist as he exhaled on her bare skin. The black wolf leapt at the brown wolf and the fight ensued. Was it tasting her? No.

what has ye in such a state?" His tone was rather agitated. Castalena dared not look past his face for the sake of her own embarrassment. That was how well he knew her. Unlike his kinsmen he was darker in skin tone like his father. She seemed lost in her own daze. I know ye and ye path like my hand. he was oh so right. Her Duncan! Duncan smiled down at her. She laid her hands on his strong chest and she could feel his heartbeat and the warmth of his sun-kissed skin under her still trembling fingers. "I'm glad ye are home for my visit. "Castalena are ye alright?" He asked her again. one of her own arms draped over his shoulder and around his neck. Tis been so long since we have had a visit face to face. Just well. Both were overly tall. "Tis only you" she panted slightly "Bella mia. It was Duncan. Castalena told him of the slight adventure she had with the wolves in the forest. yes. what be ye problem" he asked her in his soft yet deep voice. Duncan swooped her up in his buff arms and carried her out of the forest. His pitch-black hair was pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a piece of rawhide. his pecks stood out like rocks and his stomach was taut. His clan colors were red and black plaid with thin green out lining. She did not stop him. Duncan's upper arms were like small trees bulging with hard biceps with definition lines." She told him. Then he kissed her forehead.. For some reason at the moment she noticed how handsome. "Lass what be wrong. I have missed our talks and walks" . muscular. The last time she saw Duncan he did not look this damn good to her but then again she never looked. 2 by IceKitten© "Bella mia" he said. no. She dared not even tell him about what happened at the Loch." " How did ye know where to find me?" She asked. "Oh! Yes.A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. His forearms were just as well formed as the rest of the man. I'm not hurt. She got a slight blush to her cheeks because of her dumb question. His skin was glistening with a slight sheen of sweat. Duncan ran his eyes over her body as if checking to make sure she was not hurt or marred in any way. His chest was all muscle. Castalena took a deep breath and sighed. broadshouldered and wide backed. a bit frazzled. both of them! She lay in his arms. Castalena flipped her head up and there to her joy he stood. and sighed. "Lass please. He knew he could find her on the darkest night in a storm. Actually. His skin was bronze from working out in the sun. he was getting worried. "Da wanted me tae come find ye. gorgeous Duncan was standing there holding her. she was kind of glad he was carrying her. as she was a bit weakkneed from the whole ordeal." He smiled. I think. Both were unusual for Scotsmen. She knew better. how dammed long have we known each other? Hmm? We have roamed these woods together forever and a day. Duncan stood there in just his kilt and tartan slung over his left shoulder. He had a well defined sixpack. his eyes sparkled in the daylight.

really You nae have tae carry me I can walk. Duncan turned to his mother and smiled. It only enhanced the beauty of her skin and the dark color of her eyes and hair. it reminded her of when he carried her back home when they were younger."And I have too Bella Mia. And told her she was as light as the breeze in spring and he could carry her forever if he had to. "Nothin Da. She had her head on his shoulder. The only thing caressing them were long curled tendrils of dark earthy chestnut colored hair. "What in the name of bloody 'ell happened Boy? " his father asked. He had the need and the desire to be close even then to her. Out of the house came Duncan's mother and father calling out as they ran to their son. Even as a young lad when they would walk the forest together. what have ye been up tae since last I saw ye. I lost track of time." Duncan told his father." "That man will nae give up he keeps trying to buy my affection and I send every thing back unopened and unread" she spoke plainly. Castalena entered the sitting room to find her family and a guest chatting as they waited for her. he would hold her hand as they talked. And her Aunt wore a dress of blue more fashionable for a married Lady. There talking to her family was a stranger. She smiled softly. no kilts. His eyes never left hers. The top of her dress hung low on her arms exposing her soft shoulders. But he was dressed for dinner. He shook his head. the bodice hugged her so well that she never wore a corset too tightly. Aunt. She shrugged it off and didn't give it a second thought. Similar build as well. she is fine she just ran in tae a wolf is all. He never seemed to get tired of carrying her. as he was content to have his 'Bella Mia' in his arms. as to give her the slender waist. "Come lass lets get ye inside. Even when she told him she could walk the rest of the way. They all waked into the house then. "So tell me Bella Mia. "Helping papa and Antonio with the vineyards and other things and Staying away from Henry. Castalena came down from her room dressed in a gown of dark emerald green. besides growing into a most lovely woman?" he asked chuckling. As he carried her home they talked of this and that." "Bah!" he exclaimed. She felt as if he was looking right into her and could see what she was . after she sprained her ankle climbing a tree. I have too" he whispered as he carried her. Angus looked his niece over and took her from Duncan's arms. They talked the whole way back to the manor house. from the moment he laid eyes on her when she was a wee lass his heart belonged to her. Duncan and his father and the guest turned their heads as she entered the room. "Forgive me Uncle. Odd. Duncan's muscles tensed at the mention of Henry's name but he clamed his anger. He could not remember a time when he did not wish to be with her. He too wore the tartan of his clan." " Uncle Angus I am fine." Duncan walked to Castalena and took her hand in his and kissed the back of it. Tall and rather good-looking with dark auburn hair tied back just as Duncan's was. it struck her even then he could carry her without effort. pants and shirts with proper jackets to match. Once they were convinced she was alright she stood and went to her room to clean up and get ready for dinner. Though he had never told her in all the years how he felt about her. Tall and well built.

" "You're most kind M'lord McConner" she said softly. He always was the last to say good night. that the men would go off and talk of manly things and drink brandy but. while the others laughed. I mean Andrew." "Oh then he is just like you then?" she remarked. "It is a pleasure to meet. Andrew spoke then "Duncan tell me how did ye land such a fish as this mermaid? She is as bright at any star that was put to the heavens to shine. Castalena could feel Duncan looking at her from across the table. She smiled and kissed him then went and kissed her aunt good night. Drew. "We have always been close. Andrew took Castalena's hand in his and kissed it. She nodded then and looked to Duncan. And good lord save her if he could. She shook Andrews hand." Once dinner was served in the dinning room they all sat about talking and laughing and having a rather good night of it all. this is my closest of friend. She returned the smile and gently gripped his hand. as he wanted her to think of him as the last person she saw before sleeping. Oh yes Heather had noticed the look in her son's eyes whenever he talked of her. Duncan has told me all about you and how you and him are so close. I am weary from the days events and am sorely in need of rest. Andrew knew how he felt about his Bella Mia. The men stayed with the women and shared the closeness of each other's company. Angus watched his son and his god daughter and hid a sly smile as he looked to his wife and reached out his hand to her. All Duncan could do was smile. As the night went on Castalena became tired. "Aye lass we understand. He kissed her hand and told her it was all his pleasure to have met her and to have been in her pleasant company. Even though he had never told her. in between bites. rest well" he told her. brains and wit. He walked her to her room and they stood there and talked alone for a few moments. I have missed your company something fierce" he told her as his hand brushed some stands of hair from her face. she did have a long journey and the days incidents that had drained her long before now. Duncan pulled her a bit snug to his body and walked her to where his good friend Andrew stood with his parents. "Nae good lady please call me Andrew. "OHH! Now I see the woman is equal in beauty. Closer then any two could be. You are truly lucky ole man to have her as such a friend" Duncan chuckled and nodded. May I introduce Lady Castalena Angelena Revali." Angus stood and went to his god daughter and kissed her on the brow. "Tis been a pleasure sir. "I bid you all good night. Slowly she rose and excused herself from the company of the others. When dinner was done the group moved to the sitting room." she said." Commented Andrew. "Bella Mia. "Bella Mia I want you to meet a good old friend of mine from school. he was waiting to bid her good night. She blushed some and he smiled and winked at her.thinking. Andrew Jonatan McConner. There was no denying it Duncan was in love. not in this house. she is my love and my heart and there is none I am closer to then she. She would glance up and smile now and then. Now it was the fashion of the times. she could not get the image of the couple by the tree out of her mind. . This had always struck Castalena as odd but it was a pleasant thing. no he had always been in love with the lass. Now Bella Mia nae let this one fool ye he is a rogue and a rapscallion of the worst kind. She laughed and then kissed Duncan on the cheek.

She let her fingers dance slowly over the wet hot flesh of her slit. She pressed her cheek to his hand and smiled. Castalena could feel that same burn that she had earlier in the day. She nodded " I will be there come dawn. her heart raced and her tender vaginal passage began that same throbbing as when she was by the loch. And just as earlier her body began to stir with that same needful feeling. She closed the window and walked to her bed. Her heart began to beat a bit harder as she pictured them in her mind. She stepped in and leaned on the door slightly. She bit her bottom lip to keep her from crying out in sweet torturous pleasure. her naked flesh cooled slightly by the bedding. He fondly remembered them sneaking out before everyone in the house awoke. "I will stay as long as I can Duncan. She rose from the vanity and went to the window. Castalena never slept in anything. Slowly her hands began to caress her heating flesh. her hand slowly slid down her heated body over her breasts over the flat of her tanned skin and the already moist patch of hair before slipping between the swollen lips of her wetness. Her eyes were closed as her mind began to drift away from the lad she had seen to a more familiar face. Once she had closed the door and he had gone she undressed and sat at the vanity brushing her hair she was lost in recollection of earlier events in the day by the tree. but this time she was not bound by her restraining clothing. She closed her eyes and sighed she began to think of the two from the day. that is all I can promise. Her eyes never left his as they talked. She could still hear the moans and groans of the couple as they were locked in their torrid embrace. her body began to react more and more with every passing moment. She groaned as the image of his face caressed her thoughts. Moving across her breast teasing the already hard nipples. Her chest began to rise and fall slightly with every deepening breath. Castalena snapped out of her dream state when she heard the howl of the wolf outside. she wondered what it would feel like to have a beast like that buried inside her aching whole. She moaned ever so quietly as her finger grazed over her pulsating clit making her body shiver with delight. She peered out but could not see anything but strangely she could feel him out there watching her. her breaths became a bit shallower as she thought about the lad she saw and the sight of his manhood sticking straight out from his flat stomach and the round head. Her moans were like pants but she did everything she could to keep from crying out. she removed the robe she wore and slipped under the silken sheets. moving the sweet nectar of her excitement over her fingers and skin. if anything it egged her on even more making her heart pound as if it would leap out of her chest. He leaned into and whispered to her "Meet me at the glen come dawn and we will go for a swim in the spring" his eyes sparkled. she smelled of roses. Her chest came up sharply and crashed just as badly as if she had been running for miles.You are in my thought every day and night before I sleep and the first person I think of come the dawn. As she imagined them being together in the lustful way. but it did not stop her from playing with herself. they would sneak out of the house and go swim in the spring. I promise" she told him." He nodded then leaned in and kissed her brow and opened her room's door. Still her fingers played their taunting game making her hips begin to . Her heart began to pound even just at the thought of it. the face of Duncan. Her fingers were slick with her own juice making her fingers slide between her puffy lips building her to an even higher fevered pitch of delight." he questioned. Her face was warm and soft. Her nipples became hard little pebbles of flesh. Tell me that this time your stay will nae be so short as it has been in the past.

ever. her legs still a bit weak from the Earth shattering orgasm. making it hard for her to hold back the tremendous wave of pleasure that was about to wash over her like hot bath water soaking her skin. Her body was slightly shrouded by the dark color of her robe but her figure was outlined perfectly as the moon's glow silhouetting her image to any one that had happened to see her traveling from the house to the gardens and then to the wolf by the forest. She felt this strong pull. His body pressed to hers. She could see him clearly only because of the bright light from the full moon that hung in the beauty of the night sky. But where was he leading her? In another part of the house a while earlier. She threw her head back as she came hard from her masturbating. the moon was shinning in through the slightly open balcony doors. Feeling his throbbing penis laying to the flat of her stomach as he lay hovering above her looking into her eyes. she bucked her hips up off the bed to meet with her hand while her other hand grabbed the bedding in a grip of lust. The wind caught her hair and let it flutter behind her head like dark brown silk ribbons caught in the twisting wind. They slipped in past the outer lips to delve deeper into her waiting pussy. Slowly her steps brought her closer to him as he seemed to be waiting for her and her alone. as if she could not resist going and following him. Never had she thought of him in this way. Castalena grabbed the pillow with the hand that had been holding the bedding and all but screamed as her pussy exploded in a tremendous orgasm that spilled out of her pussy like the water behind a broken damm. Her thoughts were broken by the echoing howl of something outside the manor house. Her eyes scanned the manor houses grounds and then there he was. Curiosity getting the better of her. standing at the edge of the woods. hard and shallow. She looked up and slowly sat up in bed. she slid from bed. She finally made it to his side and slowly he turned and walked back into the forest from whence he came and she disappeared with him. Her mind pictured it was Duncan that was tormenting her crevasse instead of her own slippery fingers. Putting on the silken bathrobe that laid at the foot of her bed. Castalena arched her back some as she felt her pussy contract around her probing fingers. The breeze moved the thin curtains making them flutter away from the doors. one could only call a nymph of such great beauty that even the flowers she walked by had to bow in her presence. One finger began to moving across her clit teasing it. her Duncan. He stood there as if calling to her from his hidden place in the forest-darkened place. Andrew and Duncan sat by the fire talking . tying it in the front she walked to the balcony doors and pushed them fully open. She walked through the garden as a vision.undulate against her probing fingers. A smile crept to her soft red lips as she could not help but try and image what he looked like naked. well that was until now! Castalena curled her self around her pillow and laid her head to the others. Castalena left her room moments later and slipped down the back way of the house and out the kitchen door and then through the garden and to the forest. it took her a moment to try and catch a big enough gulp of air to realize what had happened to her and how far over the edge she had gone. Her eyes sprung open as she came to the realization that it was not the boy under the tree that had pushed her to this point of ecstasy but the image of Duncan. her breaths were fast. The man she had known all her life.

She had told him to give it to the woman he gave his heart to as his father had done with her. She was bathed in the moons flickering light as it filtered through the leaves of the trees canopy. to ponder what to do. to hold her so close that I can feel her breathing and her heart beat. He grabbed her in his monstrous hands as it gripped the fabric of the simple dress she wore." "Man yer daft if ye do not tell her.alone with each other seeing as his parents retired for the evening. but my head says wait. The men sat by the fire talking with each other about things. If for nothing else to have her in my arms again. even hear her breathing. Since then he had never taken it off. my heart tells me to go to her now and take her as my own. That scent of her now drives me wild with wanting. He could hear her gasp as her skin was exposed to the night's cool air. can ye bare to let her slip through your fingers? Maybe marry some great oaf?" "Damm it Andrew. His words were soft and deep they even had a rumbling that she could feel against her skin. I cannot just go and steal her like she was some village maiden" Duncan stood up fast. "Sooner or later lad you're going ta have ta tell the lass how it is. then she can decide for herself." He rattled off to Andrew who slowly stood from his chair and walked to his friend. " Drew that woman is in my very blood. He trekked into the forest and to the meeting spot where he had the secret meeting. It had once belonged to his mother. He took off his jacket and his shirt and then his breeches. all I want to hear is your cries of lust as I take you all night" came his voice while his breath tickled the side of her face as he spoke in her ear. "ah now there's the wench" he whispered to himself. Yes he did stalk her from behind slowly." Andrew patted Duncan's shoulder and began to move from the room and to the double doors. she had given it to him when she pasted on not more then 10 summers now. 'If she is the women ye say she be then you should not be a worr'in about it lad. Duncan sighed and left to go for a walk. "So tell me Duncan do ye plan to tell the lass your heart or will ye let her just go on without so much as a clue?" " I do not know Andrew. Momentarily he stopped and took in a deep breath and a wickedly evil grin came to his lips. even right at this moment. then slowly he stalked closer to his prey. his feet made a resounding thud as he walked the one or two steps to the fire place. Andrew had a meeting to attend to. I can feel her. "Not a word wench. until he was upon her in but a blink of an eye. Just a walk somewhere out past the house out on the road somewhere. it was enough to make him want to just pounce her and ravage her but he was not that kind of man. With a swift move his strong hands ripped the thin material of the bodice of the dress she was wearing. He now was totally naked except for a choker about his neck where a Cross hung." He would look to the ceiling her room was just above them. Slowly he turned and looked at his troubled friend." He smiled and left. "I can smell the roses she bathed with this day. She gasped and was about to scream when she heard him almost growl in her ear. Andrew came around a large tree to a small patch of tall thick grass and there she was. The sheer thrill of having this woman in front of him and exposing those lush breasts to the night air . She looked like a vision. Meanwhile Andrew walked outside and out past the pasture.

she helped his warm hands caress and massage them. But now. I know I said to ye I would never say this but you have stolen my heart how and when I do not know but somewhere in all this I fell in love with ye and I can no longer hide it. this goddess of a woman he was holding. Her tingling womanhood would bump against the fabric of her dress. "mmmmmmm lass some'in a miss are ye cold?" His hands pushed the ripped dress off her shoulders and down to her waist exposing more of her sensual body to the night. damm that voice haunted him at night when he laid alone in his bed. He had not been with anyone else since he had been with this (in his eyes). They were dark blue almost like sapphires but with this forest green colored flecks they make her eyes burn bright. he knew she was the one. All he could hear was a soft sigh slip past her gently bitten lips. He leaned down and silenced her words before she could utter another sound with a kiss that burnt her to the very core. His passionate growls rang in her ear giving her a shiver. his tongue trailed up the length of her neck to her ear where he nibbled on the soft warm lobe. He stood over her and just marveled for a moment at the woman in front of him. She slightly pushed her chest into his hands she knew him so well and these stolen moments were overly exciting for her and for him and she knew it as she could feel the evidence as it pressed to the stilldressed clad globes of her ass. so hard that he thought his heart had stopped beating. She could remember every time they had been together over the past few years. Andrew grabbed the fleshy globes of her rump and pulled her up to him. his body hard yet his hands were always gentle and loving. "Andrew. Those long slender legs of hers wrapped around his waist and he strode off with her thus still kissing her. He could feel her body melt against his.made her nipples harder right off the bat without even as much as the merest touch of his hands made his heart pound. In all his years he had never ever found one woman that could give him a feeling of being complete. the one he wanted. Each step he took bounced her body down to his. Andrew carried Shannan to a flat-topped rock and laid her down. which was the only barrier that was between her and his lust-gorged eight inch hungry beast. he was lost in them every time their eyes met even in a mere glance. And Andrew did just that. Shannan arched her body off the rock her hands grabbed his head as he trailed . which was no small feat in itself. Her hands grabbed his and moved them to her aching breasts. against his chest. Something in him grabbed at her. He took in her scent and kissed her neck. her hair was like fire. He could sense her excitement building at his teasing. their skin grazing each other's. If in that single moment that he held her so close it hit him hard. sucking on them each in turn." Her voice. Her body trembled in his grasp she could never deny him not since the first time she met him so long ago. her skin glowed a pale color but her hair even just in the moon's light. Deep dark and rich just like her. he knew right then she was only his. she tilted it to the side giving him the long slender slope of her throat leaving it there for him to kiss and suck on. Not like she had done. He had bedded hundreds of women. Then he tore the rest of the dress in twain and leaned down to her and began to feed on the hard-nippled breast. Her eyes shimmered in the light of the night. His hands caressed the small of her back pulling her even closer pressing her to him so hard that he could feel her heart beating like the flapping of birds wings. Scream and tell me how much you want me? " She turned in his grasp to face him her bare chest pressed into his. and each time was like the first. And those pools she called her eyes. "Will you scream for me tonight my love. his eyes were deep and rich like the earth.

His hands grabbed hers and pinned them over her head. She could taste the tanginess of her own fluids in their kiss. "You drive me to the depth of hell and back what spell have you . Slowly his tongue licked at her aching flesh tasting the sweet juice that already gathered there in that sweet hiding place. Wild with lust the men in his family feed on such things. He kissed her lips his tongue slipped past her lips and sought out hers in the snake-like dance. The muscles in his arms were taunt and trained as he pounded relentlessly into her quivering whole. that scent of sexual arousal. His body glistened with a slick coating of sweat. Her chest was cresting and falling fast. the essence of every woman that men desire so much. growled like a wild animal in the wilderness. Each kiss sent a shock into her body but the greatest shock came when his tongue swirled in past the puffy tender lips of her essence. he bit her neck gently as his hands braced on her shoulders and slammed her down as he jerked his hips up. He groaned. Slowly her back came to rest on the cold of the stone. as his hands slipped up her back slowly caressing her soft skin. her voice broke the night air sending birds to take flight as her sweet cry of pleasure echoed over the land. In a swift move he took her to the ground and laid into her like some mad beast in a rage of lust. no. He looked up her long body it was arched off the rock. With that Andrew grabbed her hips and held her in the position as he sucked and licked at her tangy honey. she moaned as she felt the head of his cock press to her waiting slit. deeply filing her to the hilt. he knew this was driving her up the wall. Her legs slipped open and up along his sides by his ribs.kisses over her cool night-kissed skin. every one burying him up into her till his balls met with the hot skin of her ass. he saw the curve of her belly and then the cascading strands of her hair. The clash of their groins made her whimper in sweet bliss. it would make him go wild. That was all Andrew needed to hear. He could hear her moaning and panting. Every move they made bumped her closer to cumming again. her eyes were closed and her face had that expression of a woman in heaven. "Woman" he groaned. His strokes were powerful and deep. With a expert tongue he teased the little sensitive spot where it seems every nerve ends. Andrew reached for her thighs and pulled her legs around him then with a jerk he pulled her up and sat down on the rock's surface leaving her in his lap. now slowly tormenting her further he kissed and licked up her tense body. She bent her head to his huge shoulder. He drank her in taking all she could give him. He was not disappointed not very long after he had that thought. Shannan moaned as her hips moved slowly to grind against him. Damm if her words could not spur on a stampede of beasts to trample the ground. Did he stop his relentless feasting on her fulfilling fare she had to offer? Not on his life! He would not stop till he heard her scream and till she writhed in his strong grasp. Slowly swirling around it then taking it into his mouth grazing his teeth over it and sucking on it with just enough pressure that Shannan's hips jetted forward into his mouth. He was ever so pleased with what he had done to her. He breathed in her scent. It drove them to great heights. "Take me hard and fast Andrew please" came her soft voice in his ear. Andrew lifted her by the roundness of her ass and then slowly let his swollen member press past the outer barrier and began to sink in to her.

He caressed her cheek gently and lovingly. She knew as well as he did what was going to happen under their roof sooner or later. Angus arched a brow and gave her rump a good firm loving swat. He is stubborn as is his father” he chuckled. his own love. She buried him as deep as she could till he hit bottom. With a great deep rumbling sound Andrew let loose his seed deep into her waiting and quivering womb. the woman that gave him such a fine son and made his life more joyous then he could have ever hoped. I know I know. she gently and lovingly kissed the place over it. She rocked her hips wildly on him as her muscles twitched and contracted about his tormented cock. Then something happened. 3 by IceKitten© Angus looked at his wife Heather and smiled. The did not know how much time pasted till she laid on his heaving chest. “Angus behave yourself. A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. boiling capacity. and looked into her eyes as she sat in the chair by the fire. She looked down at him.cast on me?" With every word he pushed harder into her. His hands gripped her hips and held her against him making sure that every last drop of his life just filled her to over flowing. "Tis not a spell that I have spun. nothing nor anyone. He warped his arms around his lady. And if it were some trigger her cumming just signaled his own. “What would I be with out ye in my life?” he asked her. “Watch ye self wench this old hound of a man can still make ye scream all the night” She yelped at the swat he gave her. now his love. That boy is about to explode if he nae tells the lass his heart. Still her body beamed of both youth and life. She shook her head “I would not know love. “Aye love. Nothing would take her from him. Shannan braced her thighs to his hips in a grip like a vice as her body shook violently in a tremendous spasm. Andrew knew all too well that she was about to cum and hard. She still smiled at him. She heard the racing of his heart. His paw-like hands pulled her closer to him. He held her hips as he bucked hard into her like a run-away horse. She impaled herself onto his raging erection. Her hands were balled fists that lay on his chest so as not to claw the hell out of him. Angus could not imagine his love without his precious wife. tis just my undying love for you Andrew" she said almost without breath. rogue we . she somehow was able to flip him over on his back.. His head was thrown back as far as it could while his hips banged into hers. His cocks twitched in her shaking pussy which in it self made her quake with after shocks. save maybe some lonely old hound of a man “ she could not hold back a chuckle. He held her tiny waist. She even after all these years was an exquisite woman. Heather moved to stand in front of him. Gasping for air her eyes rolled back in her head and her body arched.

but her gaze never left Angus. She sighed as she saw it was only Angus. He licked at each nipple making them react and become hard. “Blast them all if they are to daft to know that a man still desires his wench” he smiled as he called her that. “Then best they go sleep in the stables.have guests. He was handsome then and he was still handsome to this day. you beast. bunching it about her hips.” she said in hushed tones as she was sure that yelp of hers was heard. All four talked. He could feel her try and pull away but he held her there against him. Heather closed her eyes and grabbed the back of the chair as her body stirred at his tongues’ teasing moves across her flesh. and that he had found her eavesdropping on the men’s business. Angus was in his twenties and Heather barely nineteen but for them in their time that was of good age to marry and have a family. even after all these years she was like honey to him. “Angus stop. we’ll wake the others. His hands grabbed at the white nightdress she is wearing. He nipped at her tender flesh. .” she said in a gasped voice as he kissed and nibbled his way about her neck. her father Patrick and brother Thomas and Angus and his father Michael. Slowly his hands found the small of her back and pulled her gently to him as he leaned back in his chair. She had hoped he had not seen her. Heather had been hiding on the balcony of the library while her father and Angus talked of dowries and such. Her body leaned forward as Angus held her slender waist in his hands. He let his tongue slowly drag over his wife’s soft flesh that stretched between her ample breasts. I want my wife and I mean to have her now!“ his hand grabbed the flimsy material and pulled it off of her to expose her still firm and lush body to his hungry eyes. Gods but that man knew how to make her weak in the knees. She froze in fright thinking it was her father. she fought back a giggle as her hand came over her mouth to still the giggle should it have escaped her lips. Her thoughts swam with images of when they first met and how he pursued her for months. She stood there spying on the men. A wolfish grin played on his lips as he leaned in and kissed her neck. She never told him that she had fallen in love with him the same night he came to talk to her father about marrying her. She bit her bottom lip as she ducked behind the planter when Angus turned his head to look at her. She took on a rather stern look. where it is quiet” With that Angus pulled his wife into his lap so she was astride his huge strong thighs. She swallowed hard and slowly turned. Her heart skipped a beat or two. All of a sudden Heather felt someone or something staring at her. “Too bad. Heather had made it so hard on Angus when he was courting her.

heather became incensed at the tone of voice he took with her. never had any man she met made her body stir in such a fashion that it literally scared the wits out of her. Her eyes never moved from him. as they knew what had happened.“Youuu You keep your distance you are no gentlemen!” her voice cracked. She stirred his soul and his mind. “Ye have nae answered me girl. They knew Angus had incurred the wrath of the Lady Hellion. now go. waist and ribs. Gods she was hell-fire itself.” he said to her. She was taken aback by his lightening-like move and she had no time to react. stilling the rage of her words.” Like what was only a blink of an eye or less Angus was upon her. While poor Angus was dealing with Heather on the balcony her brother and father shook their heads and chuckled. who thought he could bully his way over her.“Oh tis only you “ she said with an upper curst lady-like air about her. he walked after her. Her blood raced through her body with a fire she had never known. “You have nae any right tae question me in my own home. one at the small of her back so she could not run and the other cradled the back of her head as he pulled her to him and kissed her with a fierce longing and burning only a man could show a woman he loved and adored. she was a dangerous fire he did not mind being burned by. but not hard enough to get loose. or is there a special reason hmm?” he asked her straight.” Now ye think ye are my Da!!” her voice carried well as the night was still. Angus stood there with his arms crossed over his mighty chest even then he was big. “How dare ye!” she snapped at him. Heather stood there wide-eyed. At the mention of the word girl. His tongue slipped past the tender lips that would scorn him to seek out her tongue and let his dance with hers. “BLOODY ‘ELL WOMAN!. what be ye problem!” He said as he grabbed the assaulted shin. I wish not tae. His striking green eyes looked into the soft doe brown of hers. His hand held her right under the bottom crest of her breast. Well if he was looking for a Rowe he had just stepped into one. Her heart stirred as his kiss deepened and his hand traced the curves of her hips. Her mouth was ravaged in the most heated kiss. and rubbed where her foot had kicked him. He could feel her shudder at his touch. An agonizing scream could be heard breaking the night and some foul words followed. Heather could feel him so dangerously close as she tried in vane to get away. His gaze seemed to hold her there for a long moment till she broke it and turned with an up-turned nose at him and walked away. His lips pressed to her. Angus leaned on the wall rubbing his sore leg. as if he were her father! She turned and looked at him. “Blazing ‘ell where did ye learn tae kick like a mule?” came his comment. but it seemed to her as if he had lasted longer. But Heather was too fiery to be pushed around by any man or anyone for that matter. “Lass do ye always be sneaking around outside at this hour. His great big hands held her close. Swiftly she kicked him in the shins and backed away. All of this was but a few moments in time. She snapped out of her trance and realized he was kissing her and his hand was in a place it should not have been. Heather looked into Angus’s green eyes and saw . Angus could only smile and shake his head. She did not answer but it came from growing up with a brat of a brother.

“Tell me love what I must do to win you to my heart and I will do it. No one but him had ever said things like this to her. knew in the depths of her soul that he was the man she wanted. I will not relent my pursuit of you for this week. Hers sparkled with fire for life. Angus had her pressed to his mouth while his mouth was busy feeding on her sweet left breast while his hand played and taunted the other one. Heather’s sweet recollection was broken by the sound of a moan. Then quickly turning on her toes to leave and go back within the house. the man that was her mate for all time. but know this. “Come put your foot to the planter and let me look at this pain of yours” she said with that tone still in her voice. “Give me time to think. he turned and walked off into the night. there will never be anything but love in my eyes for ye” Damm him she thought to herself he had to have been the single most caring man she had ever met. it was publicly known he wished to marry her. My bonny Heather?” he called as he walked to her with a slight limp in his step. she had to look up to his face. his heart beat was strong against her hand. a broad back. it was then that she knew. She took small ginger steps towards him.that she had really hurt him. Heather’s hands gripped the back of the chair . I will come here every day from now till then until you give me your answer. Heather reached down and pulled the skirt of her dress up and reached and grabbed her petty coat and ripped a swath of it off and then wrapped the elongated piece around his shin. it made her legs weak and her heart drop to her stomach for ever having kicked him. She watched his face turn from a pained expression to that of a soft and gentler mode. He could see her eyes in a sea of browneyed women. She bit her lip as she had not really wanted to hurt him.” she said looking at him. His finger lifted her chin to look at him. Marry me. “I will wait the week my love. or his shin but his feelings for her. she just wanted to scare him off. “Are ye daft woman so ye can beat me more?” “Oh hush you great oaf. even after death I will love you as my own. It was rugged. “I love ye with all that I am. Well it had not worked. I will give ye my answer before the next full moon” she said softly to him. That was what he saw and loved about her besides her great soft beauty. but she had to be strong. put ye foot to the planter.” Angus put his foot up and she could see the red mark and the slight cut her shoe had made. she was afraid he would see the truth of how she felt. His hands were the size of dinner plates compared to her tiny ones. He had been courting her for a while now. “Heather. and chiseled with strong features with deep green eyes that looked into her soul. wide shoulders and a massive chest that rippled with muscles. She was far from that. and tied it off.” His words struck her to the core.” With that Angus kissed the palm of her hand and let her go. he says that if I win ye to my own that I can have ye as my own wife. All he wanted was to show her how much he loved her. Heather looked shyly way from his stare.” His words almost sounded like a plea. she did not want him to think her some frilly female of the time. not his pride. “Never look away from me. I swear there will never be another. Her eyes dammed those brown soft eyes they could melt the ice off of any cold plain. “There all mended. my love. the tone of a strong willed woman. her own. She turned to look at him. Angus took her hand in his and held her palm to his chest where his heart was and he spoke what his heart felt. your Da has put it plainly.

she is as she was the first day you took her to your bed oh so long ago.” her words almost mewed from her throat. As Angus and Heather made slow sweet love. His head lay to . He looked into her eyes and there she saw that devilish look. Her father let her go. the moon was bright and it filtered through the summer trees and made the light dance on the ground. “Heather my love and my life. Angus gripped his wife’s legs and placed them around his hips and then slowly and lovingly slipped within the wet velvet folds of her pleasure spot. he pulled her down into his lap further and devoured her sweet lips. His hardness rubbed against the growingly wet place between her cradling thighs. He grunted as his hips ground against hers. And he would. they had been there before but never on a night like this. Heather smiled and looked him in his eyes. There he fell to both knees before her and held her hands in his. which spurred Angus to quicken his pace. He wanted to fill her completely with his own raging desire. “Is my wench hungry for her brooding mate?” he asked her in a ever so tender voice. do not turn me away” He spoke in a way she had never heard. Angus took Heather for a long ride into the forest to a clearing. I would share a walk through hell as long as you were by my side. her eyes shone brightly. Angus dismounted and helped her off. he stood from the chair and carried his wife about two feet and laid her on the fur run in front of the fire. Her chest rose to meet his mouth while her hands held his head in her hands and moaned his name out. It was one week till they were to wed and Angus came to the house and asked to take Heather for a night ride in the moonlit night. He cherished these stolen moments when they made love in front of the fire. A deep rumble came from his throat as his hips began to plunge deeper into his wife’s depths.” That was all he needed to hear from her jeweled lips. That above gave him the greatest pleasure. he lay between her legs and leaned down and kissed her gently his weight bared on his forearms and he pressed to her. I would never hide anything from you as you are my heart and soul. watching and feeling his wife cum around him he could stand that forever and a day without experiencing another orgasm for himself. his hand wrapped around her and pulled her close. Heather smiled at him. then taking her hand without a word he lead her to the center of the clearing. you mean more to me then my life. “Aye love. Slowly. I want to share this night here in the glen with you alone with none other but ourselves. he remembered the first time he and she had laid together. he would enjoy hearing her scream in absolute joy. he had a feeling that Angus wanted some time alone with his wife to be. Soon he was naked as the day he was born. he loved to feel the velvet folds of her dripping hole. there is nothing I would not do to keep you safe from all harm. but I pray you love. his tones were deep and filled with longing like some hunted animal that cries in the night for its mate. I wish to share all that I am with you this night. Tell me no and it will be so. She thrust her hips off the fur rug in a urgent need to be filled with his well endowed manhood. “My love I am yours always. Her eyes closed as he began to kiss her neck and lower over the front of her throat dragging his tongue along her warm milky skin. His thrusts became a bit faster and deeper. teasingly he licked at the hard nipple and sucked on it like a feeding child would.while her husband feasted on her bountiful soft mounds of flesh.

You have awoken something in me and I can nae ebb its tide. He kissed her gently. Her heart was racing she didn’t care if the pain wracked her body for days. He could feel her chest heave slightly as his paw size hands held her breast and ran his thumbs across her nipples making them stand out and become hard. But it would either be now or then and I would choose you not to bare any pain on so sweet a night as when we wed” Heather. ”My love that is me. He kissed and caressed her body slowly. Dammed to hell but he could drink this vision as if for all time. Her hands came to meet his. He came to stand behind her. Her mind raced not knowing how she would be able to fit around his monster. not from fright but from a powerful longing that grew from the deepest part of her being. balls deep in her. there would be the place that would cradle their children where his love for her would grow and bring life to this dreary world. His heart beat wild like the animal of the woods. he laid still in her not moving waiting till he body relaxed and the pain had filtered way. He crawled up her body parting her legs as he went ”Would that I could spare you the pain of this. There he laid her on the cool stone. Her body shivered at the slight chill but she did not care. Her kiss broke and she opened her eyes. He grabbed her thighs as she caressed his flanks. Angus gazed. Slowly he undid the lacing to the bodice of her dress and pushed the fabric away from her shoulder. the barest of tears .rest on her stomach. in a surprising move pulled him to her and kissed him. In a swift and heart breaking move Angus buried his cock full into her waiting depths. Angus’s eyes flew open as his love all but assaulted his lips with hers. Angus stood slowly he cupped her gentle face in his hands and kissed her so softly that even the breeze could not have been so light. Heather tensed at the wave of pain and the flash of heat that washed over her. no marveled at the creation that lay before him. Heathers body trembled at his touch. He cradled her into his arms and took her to the flat rock there was there in the glen. He stood there in all his magnificence. Heather’s eyes widened at the sight of him. his tongue licking and flickering across her cool night-kissed skin. loving and protective yet there was a temper that boiled deep in his being that he kept in check at all times. strong. lovingly without parrile. She could feel him buried. breaking the barrier that was her maidenhood. there was no need to try and excite her and make her juices flow. both he folded and made a pillow for her head to rest upon.” Angus whispered in her ear. kind. Her need for him overrode the fear of the pain. which stirred an awakening of his groin. His member rose from its slumber till it was full and erect and pressed away from his stomach. “Angus take me please I can nae stand this boiling in my blood. She watched as he removed his tartan and kilt. Her scream was muffled by their kiss. Her arms were around his neck and her lips were locked in the most tumultuous kiss. it pulls at me like some unseen thing in the night. she was already soaked with desire. her voice was breathless to say the least. He slid his hands down the curve of her hips and pressed her up against him. His thoughts raced. his hands roamed over her as if his hands were drinking in her figure. I sit at night and watch over you like a guardian to make sure my love is safe and well” His hands pushed the dress away from her so that all her glorious body was bathed in the moon’s soft flittering glow.

. She slipped down the back stairs and out the service door and made her way out to the forest and down to the spring. For a moment Castalena was frightened. She could feel its hot breath on her skin and the dribble of drool as it slid slowly down the side of her neck. Angus’s cock twitched inside her getting ready to fill her womb with his hot seed. Castalena's robe was open and the wolf moved its head lower and started to sniff at her skin. *laughs* Please Enjoy. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end.. as Heather’s moans became sweet passion filled cries. he rolled over on to his back and pulled her in to his arms. Her hips rocked up to meet his pounding thrust that only pushed them both closer to a huge climax. She made her way down the stairs. the house was still dark as the sun had yet an hour left to rise. Though there was something ever so strange about him and his wife as the lay joined in such sweet splendor. maybe. He whispered soft words to her and she smiled. their bodies moved together as one. Just as he did back then. hard and deep inside her trembling pussy. The weak of heart should not read. well unless you really must. ***** Castalena woke to the sounds of the clock she stretched and smiled. He made love to her there on that rock. 4 by IceKitten© Warning this story has graphic sex and and altered human sex. Angus reached over and gripped one edge of the rug then pulled it to cover his wifes splendid body. hard! All of a sudden the wolf peered down at her and growled. It was the same brown one from the day before. Slipping from bed she went and grabbed the robe at the foot of her bed and then proceeded to sneak out of her room to go meet Duncan at the spring. The wolf lowered its head as its jaw opened. Castalena walked on a bit faster as she just felt something evil was around her. It looked as if it was going to clamp down on her throat. Only the servants might be about at this hour. her eyes looked into its almost black eyes. As she walked she had the feeling she was being watched. Slowly he began to move within her letting her get used to his length and girth. Closing their eyes both drifted off into a sweet slumber.fell and Angus kissed them away.While his beast lay in its heated cavern. Both their voices echoed through the manor house. A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. Slower and lower. As in the past Angus now all but howled as he spewed forth the life giving seed into his wife who lay on the rug under him. Her steps quickened when a wolf tackled her. She did not move for fear that it would rip her to shreds.. his head went till it came to hang right over . Castalena was plowed into the ground. It was a bit of a walk but she didn't mind too much. Heather wrapped her legs around him barely giving him room to move that only made his thrusts short.

her belly. Castalena's breath caught in her throat as the wolf's head moved down to the joining place of her thighs. She swung her leg over the tree limb. its steamy breath fell against her trembling flesh. she for the first time saw him in his glory since they were children. The wolf looked at her and stared her in the eyes. "Damm Duncan where are you?" she muttered. She told him she climbed the small tree so as to get off the ground. Castalena went to move and the creature growled at her. Castalena then told him of her encounter with that brown wolf from the other day. her cheeks . It began to sniff at her sex like some starved beast smelling a fresh kill. Moments flew by but it seemed like forever then she heard a voice calling her. As she came upon the spring she did not see him at all. "Bella Mia what in the name of Scotland are ye doing in that tree?" he questioned. His eyes drank in her beauty even now she was lovely. Then he put out his hands to her. her heart was beating so fast she could not even begin to count its beat. where if he had followed he could not get to her. Castalena was too afraid to move. if he came at all. She could have sworn that it was grinning at her. As if her face had been blasted with a gust of hot air. Castalena watched him as he came from behind the tree. Once there he walked behind a tree and disrobed. He looked back down her body then strode off into the forest. He looked right to where she was as if he knew she was there. "There your safe with me at your side Bella Mia" he said. Somewhere in her mind she heard a voice telling her to get up. Duncan got a rather annoyed look to his features. She stilled her movements. "Come on my lil prey come off your perch none will harm you" he told her with a chuckle to his voice. It was not long till he arrived. it never occurred to her that Duncan could see the bareness of certain parts of her body. It was enough to stir her from her state of shock. Castalena found an old spot in a tree where she could hide till Duncan came. Castalena called to him from her hiding spot. He was gorgeous tan and muscular. She landed on the ground with his hands on her waist. He took her hand and led her to the spring. She got up and walked as fast as she could to the spring in hopes that Duncan was there. "Get up and move he's gone." Came the deep rich voice in her head. It's eyes were cold and dark. He walked straight up to the tree and placed his hands to his hips and looked at her robed body. Her heart raced with fear she dared not move less it attack and most likely kill her.

It was like when they were little again. Duncan looked into her eyes and smiled. No words were needed. his right hand came to rest on the back of her head and gently pulled her face closer. He could have done anything and she would always be there for him. she could not believe how all this time she had never noticed how blue his eyes were. That door that she so well hid her feelings was now open. her eyes looked up to see Duncan right above her and diving over her head to hit the water with very little. Gently and lovingly Duncan pulled her head up some. The lock had been broken with no chance of being repaired. He slipped his left arm about her waist and pulled her to him. He captured her soft lips within such a passion filled kiss that moment her mind was filled with images and emotions she had long kept deep within herself. He reached out and moved some stray strands of wet hair from her face. He treaded water not more then a few inches in front of her. "My bella mia. I will always be by your side. It had seemingly sprung to life." He spoke in almost a whisper. Slowly Duncan let his lips move from their happy place pressed to hers." His hand caressed her face softly as he spoke. where you could not run away from me. you do not know how long I have waited for such a moment alone with thee. "Duncan there is nothing you could ever say or do that would ever make me run from you. but I never had the nerve till this moment. In an instant her hands came to rest along side his face pulling him into a deeper kiss. They were like deep sky blue orbs. There had never been a kiss greater then the one they shared at this moment. Castalena turned and walked to the rock and dropped her robe and dove into the water quickly before Duncan could get a good look at her blushing like a child. She came up for air a bit later. The outside world did not exist for the two of them and this brilliant moment in their lives when all was right with the world and there was nothing that could ruin it for them. In that soft wonderful kiss both hearts seemed to know each other and the feelings they held. She turned her head when she noticed his manhood. Then the silence was broken by his words as he spoke. moments later he came up for air. 'You are all I have ever wanted and all I will ever need Castalena" his words were just a whisper on the breeze that carried them to her sweet ears. then he leaned down. She looked at him.turned red and flushed. if no splash at all. . she felt mesmerized by his stare as if she could not break free from his gaze. his touch sent shivers through her whole body. "Long have I wanted to tell you what's in my heart. I wanted you somewhere. Slowly she opened her eyes and there he saw what he had been hoping for. her exquisite face bathed in the moons glow looked that the vision of an angel. She looked over his body from head to toe." Her words shook him to the very core for he knew she meant her words.

I have loved you since" She paused. "I can not remember a time when I did not love you" as she uttered those words he kissed her again this time with a heated fury of emotions. "Please speak it to me I need to hear it " His words were pleading. "Aye. Duncan could not think of anything more than to lift her to the shore and take her in this perfect moment but he would wait. "That girl never knows when to back away from a fight. "And just where have ye both been. I be up early but seems nae as early as you two" Angus said with a very sternly. She had heard it too many times when she was young. He would kill Duncan for keeping her out like this and in this unseemly manner." He said. as they knew who's voice it was. "Do you Love me?" The words caught in her throat. Just like all those before him and all those to come after. She would not stand down. "Do you Love me Castalena?" Duncan. desire but most of all love that it stilled her heartbeat and took her breath. lust. as her father had said many times. He needed to hear what her eyes said to him in great volume. She hesitated afraid that this was all some dream. "But uncle?" she questioned him. "Morning Uncle Angus" she said meekly. they had crumbled into dust in the wake of their kiss. ye be up early" came Duncan unwavering tone. They had not noticed that the dawn was beginning to break. He asked her again. Both dressed and walked hand in hand back to the house. She took what deep breath she could as she was held tight against him. They made their way up stairs and almost to her room when this booming deep voice came from around the corner. it almost broke her heart to hear that tone in his voice. they had to get back before anyone suspected their private meeting least of all his father. Once there both tried to sneak back into the house. That kiss they had shared was so filled with passion. When it was over Duncan took his love to the shore and lifted her out then climbed out himself. "Da. when he was deadly serious would always use her real name and not his pet name for her. but she knew that tone in her uncle's voice. "To yer room lass. He had to wait till the time was right and not before. Swiftly Duncan put her behind him in hopes of well TRYING to hide her from his father. One day she's going to meet her . all she could do was nod. Castalena knew from his tone both she and Duncan had been caught.In a deep rumbling confident voice he asked her. "Yes Duncan I do. so slowly she peeked out from behind Duncan. she knew not to push the issue just yet. If she had any doubts about her love for him. Was she meek? No. hmm?" Both of them froze.

with all that I am" "Good" he said as he turned to look at his son with a broad smile. to telling the lass. I will leave here with Duncan!" she spat out. her Italian temper most apparent in her facial expression and in her eyes. "Aye Da I do. Taking a deep breath. told him to go to the library and they needed to talk. It is nae a hard question to answer either you do or ye do not. and looked at his son and with a fatherly tone. 'Do ye love her Duncan?" he asked. "I was wondering when ye were going tae get around to it. "Now lad" was all that was said the whole way to the library. "I went for a …… What?? What did ye say da?" he was thrown off his guard by his fathers odd question.match and she will have to relent" "Now I said!" he bellowed." "I was nae" but his words were halted by his fathers words. . Heather wanted to laugh but kept a staunch expression on her face as Angus began to speak. 'I said boy Do you love the lass. Which is it?" he asked of his son. but not before giving her Uncle that look of defiance that was so her. We have know it since ye both were wee children" His mother put her arms out to give Duncan a hug when all of a sudden the library door came bursting open and there she stood. Once they stepped into the room Duncan saw his mother and she did not look amused. "How dare you! You have no right to be angry with us! We love each other and there is nothing you or my father can do about it! If you force me to choose over my family or your son. You must be a strong and a true leader or you will not have the respect of our clan. Angus held back a laugh and a smile. Once she was in her room Angus motioned to his son. Castalena jumped slightly at his booming voice. of our family. . This was such a cruel thing to do to them both but they needed to be sure it was not some folly. Reluctantly she moved to the door of her room. Lord he was in for it now. With an arched brow he looked at his mother trying to discern what in the name of Hell was going on. A pin drop would have sounded like thunder at this point it was so deadly quiet. There can be no room for this flittering around in the night frolicking in the woods with some woman. As Duncan looked at his father as if challenging his words. Duncan sighed as he knew for sure he was about to get the worst beating he had ever had for challenging his father. They were both angry with him. 'When I am gone Duncan you will be the leader of our clan. not realizing what was going on. she glanced up at him and could see that wolfish smile on his lips. he told her to go in her room and that he would be back for her no matter what. Angus moved to the window of the library and clasped his hands behind his back. Heather moved to stand by Angus.

"She will make a grand clanswoman and a great wife to our clans leader" said his mother with a slight chuckle still in her voice. Like his father he could not stay mad at her for more then a few moments. 'Remind me Da never tae kiss her when she's mad. aye. "See Da." He still had a chuckle in his voice. The next thing she noticed was her aunt and uncle laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. "WHAT!?" she bellowed. And ye and my son have shown that ye both love each other enough to even defy my authority. "Aye my boy. Castalena looked at them all now totally confused by her uncle and aunt's laughter and Duncan's comment. truly but I needed to know if Duncan was truly in love with ye" he said. Angus walked to his devil-tempered niece and hugged her to him. I nae think my shins will survive" he laughed. ye mother did the same tae me when I was courting her. her anger ebbed quickly as they all laughed. "Aye the hellion is as bad as thee were my love" her uncle said to his wife whom was laughing so hard she had her hands wrapped about her midsection.Duncan came up to her and tried to still her anger but she would not have it. "Lass I am sorry. They all stood there looking at each other. She continued to voice her displeasure of this whole situation. "DAMMM NATION WOMAN!!" he hopped around grabbing his leg and promptly fell to his arse. They all laughed even Castalena. see what hell I am in love with" Angus just laughed. Duncan yelled. "What?? This was all some sort of test?" She questioned. Oh but no. hard. when having no other recourse Duncan grabbed her and kissed her just to get her to be quiet for a moment so he could then explain to her what was going on. "Aye lass it was. her Italian temper was up and there was no just claming her up with a mere kiss! In a split second between sweet pleasure of his kiss Castalena realized what he was trying to do and without thought she kicked him in the shin." How dare you try and sway me from my anger!! With a kiss!" Poor Duncan sat on the floor looking up at his parents. And it made me love her more!" he laughed. Castalena looked to Duncan and her eyes spoke the words "I am so sorry" but Duncan was no longer mad at her. .

We walked till we came to a glen where there was a flat stone. 1719… Dearest diary… Last night I had the strangest of dreams last eve. This entry would comment on a strange dream she had. as if some great leader looking out over his vast domain. He then leapt to stand at the edge of it in a stance that was most regal. Almost a want and need to be with the wolf. She looked around and Henry came to her and knelt . But could it have. Not like a pain but a yearning. There she found there was a carriage with a familiar crest on it. "Uncle Angus??" she said as she entered. I was awakened by the howl of a wolf outside my window. Then lay back and looked to the sky. She went to her room and changed but not before writing in her diary as she had done every day since she started it. She entered the living room where she found everyone. But alas it was but a dream…but the feeling that is was so real shook me. Odd I know. But was it all a dream. There was something about his eyes they were so deep and caring.Once every thing had calmed down. The time there was peaceful. As we came closer the black wolf nudged me closer till I was standing in front of it. He never left my side. What in the name of hell had that pompous bastard come here for now! Castalena stormed into the house but kept her cool. from servants on up to her Uncle and Aunt and even Henry and Robert. and took in a deep breath. It was Henry's. What I will do next I have no clue. Later that day after having looked for the wolf and having no luck in doing so she returned to the manor house. To my amazement he then lay down on this flat stone and looked into my eyes. you could have heard a feather hit the floor. He was waiting for me I swear! I met him at the edge of the forest. Slowly I reached out and ran my fingers through his thick fur. strange even but its there. I think I am going to go and see if I can find him today. No she thought. that black wolf with those blue eyes. he wait for me we then walked into the forest together. I woke this morning with a deep ache. He let out what I can only describe as a sigh. He closed his eyes. Her anger began to boil. It must just have been a dream that was just so real it made her think it happened. which was supported by another stone. The feelings it stirred inside her made her almost believe that it really did happen. I arose and looked from my balcony and there he was. He was standing under a painting of himself and his wife and Castalena's parents. She noted that everyone was sullen and quiet. After having fallen into a sweet slumber. The large flat stone looked like it was some sort of dais. My black wolf laid his huge head to my stomach and I continued to pet his head. I had never known such a feeling of peace and wholeness. I sat upon the stone.

"Henry. whispered. which had been unusual for London it had spread quickly. He went on to tell them that a fire broke out in the stables adjoining the house and with the dry weather. The wind had spread the fire faster than they could deal with it. dear one. "Gone? What do you mean gone?" She pulled her hand from his and walked to her Uncle whom she knew would be honest and straight with her. Henry turned to Angus and his wife and bowed. But before leaving Angus went to him and thanked him for his kindness." He said." He tried to say it but the words caught in his throat. "I am truly sorry for the bad news I brought My Lord and Lady McCloud but I thought it best be brought by someone the dear lady knew and not by some stranger. "My dearest Lady forgive me to be the bearer of bad news but I have just arrived from London. Mother and Brother. "Aye. She stepped back from him in disbelief. "Uncle?" she said with a questioning tone. And he saw it in his loving nieces eyes when his words fell to her ears. Then walked . "Your family. what is going on?" she asked him front of her and grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it." He did not look her in the eyes. With that Henry stood and looked down at her. Soon there were seven people trapped in the house beside her Father." Angus felt his heart rip from his chest with those words. She on the other hand looked down at him then looked to see her Aunt dabbing at her weeping eyes. Henry came to say " Castalena they died in a tragic fire at the home they were staying at. "Sweet Lady" he paused. Her Uncle's hands reached for her shoulders but she jerked them away and moved to stand alone while Henry told the awful tale. Father Guido? Gone? How? When? What happened?" her tones became louder and filled with anger. gone lass they have… gone to be with GOD. With pained eyes Angus looked to his lovely niece. A few others died in the blaze as well" "How do you know! " she screamed at him. this can not be. he just looked at Henry and the others with out one bit of emotion showing. Bowing his head again he turned to the door. Mother. "Castalena they are gone. "No. Every one looked sadly at each other except Robert. The roof had caved in and… "STOP! Please STOP!" she screamed as she ran from the room bolting for the stairs and up to her room where the echo of her door slamming was the last thing heard.

"Duncan I have bad news Lad. 4 by IceKitten© The house was deadly silent when Duncan and Andrew came back later that evening. Duncan went to her and grasped her hands and held them to his chest after kissing them. "Bella. Duncan looked to his father as if asking for help on what to say . Andrew now stood by Duncan's side waiting to hear the news. "How. her own were tinged with a faint hint of red from crying. "Does the lass know M'lord Angus?" "Aye Andrew she does. And that Henry had never come to give her the news. He said nothing more. "All of them dead?" said Duncan. She looked into his eyes. Then it hit him to ask what and why the black ribbons were at the house. She had convinced herself that all her family had not perished in that fire in London. There were black ribbons adoring the front door and the columns to the porch at the front of the house. what ever do you mean. Castalena's Mother and Da and Guido have passed on lad. Duncan and Andrew raced into the house fearing that his Father or gods save him his mother was dead. 'Da?" he asked." Angus looked to his son and his friend.him to his carriage. And looked to the fire. Grief filled his eyes. Why would I need to lean on you?" Her words were somewhat cold and short. His heart rang with the pang of joy when he came to see his parents sitting sullen in the sitting room. Duncan went to his loving mother and fell at her feet to his knees praising GOD that she was alright and so was his Father. Lean on me if you need" Duncan's words were soft and gentle. "What?" Came the utter shocked tone from Andrew. She has nae come from her room for the past few hours. 'Duncan. She had put herself into a state of denial. She walked into the parlor where everyone was. She does. She appeared none the less for wear." He said in a very hushed tone. A while later Castalena came down stairs. tis all I know " Angus bowed his head. what happened da?" "A fire son tis all I know. She had cried for maybe 10 minutes then she had stopped. I am here for you. A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch.

All Duncan did was nod once then he turned with Andrew at his side. All Duncan could think of was ripping his throat out. He had to deal with this with delicate hands. Giving the Lady time to mourn the loss of her family. Afterward the house was open to the guests for the wake. Now we are the only family she has. So in accordance with Antonio's wishes there was a grand time to be had by all that came to pay their respects. The funeral went off well enough. There was music and joy and such on such a sad day. " I bid you good eve My Lord McCloud. He knew in his heart seeing them laid to rest would make her snap. We must protect her and make her feel safe. Henry had made it clear that he intended to ask for Castalena's hand in marriage when the time was right. now that she was a bit in shock from this matter. He was stuck. Henry one down to the servants were at the graves to bid their good byes to the Revali Family. Angus had been keeping a close eye on his niece. Everyone attended. as one could hope. no tears and no sign of any emotion. It would have to be done in a few days. Angus and Heather had gone to their room to rest for the night. Her uncle had their family cemetery readied for the three bodies of whom he thought of as family. but Castalena was not among those there to hear the condolences. But for his love's sake he would remain calm. as Angus was the executor of his will. Duncan being the good host walked Henry to his awaiting coach where Robert stood waiting as well. Something he was going to hate to deal with but Angus and Antonio had made a deal long ago to take care of the others families should one of them pass on. Later Duncan. But then again The Revali's wanted their lives to be celebrated. Castalena sat in the carriage she still did not wish to believe that her family was dead. Andrew and Duncan both seemed to be . As if to say "Just let it be". When all was said and done and the last guest left Henry Duncan Andrew and Robert sat in the parlor talking. His niece now stood to inherit a great deal of land and wealth and he was sure Henry would try to get her swayed. So that the rest of the dealings with the barrister and such could be dealt with for Castalena's sake. he knew she could not contain her heartache for much longer. Angus and Andrew gathered outside to talk alone. All Angus could do was give his son a knowing nod. Angus knew what was about to unfold. Three Days Later. "Lads this is a tender time for the Lass all she knew has been ripped from her. Castalena acted as if she was attending some one else's funeral and not her own kin. She stood there like stone. but what to do? First he and Heather would arrange the funeral to be held at the house and the wake afterwards. Duncan had kept his temper but Henry knew that it just dug at him that he was going to approach her for marriage." Angus paced back and forth in front of the two men. It was not like the traditional Scottish wakes. Kit gloves if you will.or do. " came Henry's words.

Without hesitation both men raced up the stairs by threes. . 'Dear LORD!" his mother exclaimed. When Castalena's hand been examined by her family it was seen that she had been cut badly on the hands from the class panes of the balcony door. It was as if something was blocking it besides having been locked. It had looked like a storm whipped through her room with an unstoppable fury. " Bella open the door! " He yelled. That worried the family more then her screaming. what made her snap. Just broken things all over the room. But the question was. Duncan used all his body weight to shove open the door but it gave not an inch. As if she were some fragile thing Andrew picked her up while Duncan and his Father went to find things to tend to her. The wood gave way with a sickening creek and it bent and split. "What in the name of GOD?" Angus knew just what had happened. Her Aunt worked to help tend to her nieces wounds. It was clear that it was not done intentionally. It had sunk in to her that it was real. Now fearing something truly was wrong they all three in one swift moment kicked the door in with all their might. Duncan nodded but once. The scream was preceded by the sound of breaking glass and the crashing of some object. Heather spotted the bloodied hand by the balcony door. Then it was silent. his anger already at the boiling point from Henry. She yelled the lass's name and rushed to her at once. Angus's large hands grabbed that which had been wedged under the handle of the door. The three shoved the door open till at last they could grab at the blockage. He hit it with enough force it bow it slightly. Andrew grabbed for the doors handle and tried to open it but it would not budge. The oak frame of the door was thick but the force of three grown men in their prime and of their background the door did not stand a chance. Had she barricaded herself in the room? "Castalena!?' Andrew called but she did not answer. He got no answer just the sound of crashing things within. nothing. Then to all of the men there was the somewhat sweet smell of fresh blood. In his frustration his nails had dug into the fabric and shredded it like tissue. Not even winded they came to a screeching halt at her door only to be met by his father and mother. He was about to say something when a mournful scream came from the second floor and from Castalena's room. " If that bloody bastard thinks my father will let him marry my love he is crazy!" Duncan slammed his fist on the table.thinking the same cause the only thing that was heard from either man was a guttural growl like some wild animal. but got no answer. When they entered there was no sign of her. Andrew placed a comforting hand to his friends shoulder. Andrew brought Castalena to Duncan's room and laid her to rest on his bed. And then he flung it out of the way. There in the balcony just outside the door laid Castalena having passed out it seemed. "Lass?" he said as he knocked on her door. 'You understand he is a Leader and that lackey at his side is his slinking snake in the grass??" Andrew commented. Finally All three men tried and nothing. As they looked around for her. Duncan came to bang on the door hard and with force.

Next his Father came with herbs to help heal the cuts. He even then started to call her 'Bella Mia' even at such a tender age. Heather Angus and Andrew looked at Duncan and then slowly left the room and closed the door behind them. .First came Duncan with towels and water and other such things to clean the wounds. Well from that day on that was what he called her. and she was his and he knew it. Nothing grand just a family place where they could get away from the daily grind of life and just be at peace. "She needs rest. Duncan sighed as his minds eye he saw her image in a pale blue little girls dress with her hair tied back with a blue bow and her eyes smiling with joy as his father gave her a piggy back ride. Heather kissed Castalena's forehead and looked at Duncan. Which made him 25 yrs old come this winter. No it was basically Bella Mia. Duncan slipped into bed and laid her to his chest and held her close. " She whispered brushing the girls hair from her face and dabbing a wet towel to her forehead. The night went on and the hour grew late but Duncan refused to sleep. Even at Seven Duncan knew that Castalena was going to be his mate for all time. It was 18 or so years ago when Duncan laid eyes on Castalena for the first time she had to have been 4 years of age but he remembered it as if it were yesterday. It was the summer of 1761 when the Revali family came to spend the whole of the summer with the McCLoud's at retreat at Loch Daibhreach. This must be so hard on her. Gods he was getting old he thought with a chuckle." He said with great conviction in his voice. He sat there stroking her forehead gently with but a finger he began to think back to when they first meet as small children. We are her family She will come through this just fine. It meant Beautiful Mine. " She is not alone. the poor thing. She has us all now. But there was a bit more to it. It was funny as her father used to call her that and Duncan asked his uncle what it meant. That summer was the beginning of what would be the object of his life's dream. He must have been 7. he would sit there like a sentinel in the dark daring any one or thing to come forth. Leaving Duncan to care for his love. Then wrapped them carefully. Hardly ever calling her Castalena or Lena like her brother called her. He took the towel from his mother's hand and pressed it to Castalena's head. There were others that came back to the loch ever so many years to pick their mates. It was the first time her really remembered seeing her and remembering who she was. Heather gently pulled any slivers out of Castalena's hands and then washed them off with water and put salve on them.

Five years ago she had asked him what he wanted for his birthday. When his birthday had arrived she could not attend. It was of her. When it was all over and done with. When Duncan was about 15 he and some of the other boys of the clan had gone out hunting. "All I need or want I have standing in front of me but I would have a picture of you so I may see your beauty in my dreams forever" Castalena blushed badly she had never had anyone say such sweet words. Duncan suffered a bad gash in his side. she and he were always together. About who and what he really was. At Castalena's coming out party when she was 18. she found Duncan had past out on the back walkway.That first summer it seemed they were inseparable. as she was sick with the flu and her family refused to let her travel from the warmth of Italy to the cold dampness of Scotland. She found herself surrounded by them. The pack started to close in on her when from out of nowhere these other wolves appeared and the fight ensued. While she made her way back she was set upon by a small pack of wolves. She could never hide from him he would know her scent in the darkest of nights. Well she hated to be left behind so she followed Duncan and the others into the forest. Once Castalena got back to the manor. Castalena would take off running and hide in a clump of bushes and like nothing he would find her. Duncan remembered the first time he turned into a wolf and hunted her down when they were playing hide and seek. Duncan smiled. His simple answer was. Pack hunting. There was the one time she was here and he was away. He remembered waking after a three-day slumber from the fever he had. He found her sleeping in the great chair by his bed with her head on the bed and her arm draped over his stomach. It was the time when Duncan knew in his deepest of places that there was no one for him other than her. It was the only time he remembered her never coming to Scotland. So she had her father commission an artist to paint her. After having him taken to his room Castalena spent the next days at his side nursing him back to health. Her father had business there and that was the only . She was 18 and it was in London. but other than those two times. So Her family brought the painting along. He touched her face with a soft warm hand as his thoughts swam about when they were younger. He leaned his head back and looked at the painting over his fireplace. He could feel the sting in his side even till today. He wanted her to know how much he loved her. There had been so many things he wanted to tell her over the years. that had to have been the most passion filled few days for the both of them. Wherever one was the other was close behind. But they had turned into wolves and she quickly lost them.

" She pointed to the door and so he left like a sulking little child. Even her brother whom she loved so much was just being sweet and kind. "Duncan Leave now and I will nae tell your father about this. Normally Castalena was not one for this pampering and such. "And you rogue are in my bed chamber. After a few moments of talking with her niece Heather turned and looked at the screen. "What in the name of the good lord are ye doing here?" she asked with an annoyed tone in her voice. Even now. The day went well the house was done up to receive the one hundred guests that were going to arrive for her coming out and birthday. Castalena turned with a jerk and smiled as she saw who it was. Castalena had spent her day primping and getting pampered. He chuckled to himself as he remembered that day with great fondness. Slowly and very seductively she reached down and picked up the heather and then walked to him and placed a small piece in his tartan pin. This was her day and they were going to make dammed sure it went off with out a hitch and with out any problems. but today she let her Mother and Father fawn over her. Duncan and his family arrived earlier that day but Castalena had not gotten a chance to see them yet.reason her coming out was not held in Italy. 'I came tae give ye the Heather. "You look simply lovely Bella" he said in his roguish deep voice. And them smiled at her. " You are so beautiful Bella I can not think of my life without you" Just as he said that there was a knock on her bedroom door and her Aunt Heather walked in. It was his way of telling her that he was ever so proud of her. But she also knew he was in love with her. Though she knew dammed well what he was doing and that he would never ever dishonor his or her family in such an unsavory light. Duncan got a sly smile upon his face as he remembered sneaking into her room and hide behind the changing screen and waited for the attendant to leave and at her feet he threw a boquet of purple and white heather. Duncan did turn back and winked at Castalena and left. He looked down . "Come out Duncan" Duncan come out from behind the screen with that very guilty look on his face. I had to come and give it to you in person. What would our families think? Hmm" she seemed to mew her words. If he was going to play this game with her. for London that is. she would play right back. The day was nice. Duncan ducked back behind the screen before his mother saw him or so he thought." He stroked the fame of her face with a single finger.

And right there on his knees in front of his mother and father he took a deep Castalena as she was sleeping against him. "Well I wish to marry your young niece and as it seems you are her guardian. What only seemed like a few moments turned out to be a few hours. but it was beyond his capabilities. His heart was breaking for his love. After last night he was afraid something might have happened. She was sitting there bathed in the suns light. It gave a soft halo to her image. A woman came to the door and with her came Henry and his friend Robert. I did not wish to wake you. Henry and Robert walked into the parlor. He had not felt her leave. "Nae do that to me again!" he bellowed at her. "He would nae take no for an answer my lord. You looked so tired. He felt his heart start to pound in his massive chest. It was the same woman who was in love with Andrew. He sighed. He pulled back from her and looked down into her eyes and then put her to sit back down. I am fine really. She could feel his heart racing as she laid her head to his chest. He yelled for her at the top of his lungs. Then he pulled her to him in the most loving of all embraces any man could give a woman. Protocol . He went to her in a moment of frustration and fear he grabbed her up by the arms. He wished he could make it all right for her. She stood there looking at Angus with an apologetic look to her face. I have toiled all night over this matter and even though I know it is to early I employ you to hear me out. "He insisted my lord. He could not imagine what was going on. He jumped out of bed and rushed down the stairs and went about the house looking for her. which he did not do." "You are dismissed girl" Was the words from Henry's mouth but she stood fast till her lord dismissed her." She said in a soft voice. Dam but his heart stopped when he laid eyes on her." Said the sweet maid. When he woke she was gone. He laid his head to the post of the headboard and closed his eyes. "Duncan I am sorry. "My Lord I have come to ask you to please indulge me in a moment of your time. Duncan pushed the doors open with a hard shove just to find her sitting on the settee with his mother. Shannan stood there and said nothing. The he heard his father calling him into the parlor. His eyes showed the over protectiveness he had for her and the love all in those deep eyes." Henry spoke "Aye go on" Said Angus as he stood there his arms crossed over his chest.

Shannan came back and stood by the doorway watching in silence. Lady Heather and Lady Castalena are in the parlor with them. 4 by IceKitten© "Well it seems I have missed the fun and games" Andrew spouted out in a rather sarcastic tone. "Not now Andrew lad let it pass" Henry on the other hand was having word of great intent with Castalena telling her in her . I am afraid there is going to be a fight. He came in like a thundering herd of beasts as he came to a sliding halt. he spoke "Is that your newest conquest Andrew or is she just something to warm your bed" His words dripped with malice. He heard her words as if they were thunder but Heather spoke not above a whisper. "I will never marry you Lord Henry I can not stand you! Now leave my Uncle's home at once!" A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. " No! That is my answer sir. He went to stand by Lady Heather and his friends. Now mind you Andrew would never ever presume to try and out do the clanswoman but it was his duty to protect her and others in the Clan. as she knew something was about to happen so slowly she left the parlor and ran out to the garden where she had seen Andrew resting under a tree reading. Andrew took all but a footstep and Heather's hand was holding him back." Shannan watched. While Robert gave Andrew a hateful glare. God rest them" Angus looked at Henry and with a resounding boom in his baritone voice he replied to Henry. she does not wish to marry you. She has made it very clear whom she wishes to marry and I must abide by my nieces decision.demands that I talk to you about this matter. Without a word Andrew was gone and raced back to the house. Castalena was voicing her opinion over the matter at hand. "ANDREW!" she yelled as he ran to him. He looked at the lady he could call mother and none would fault him. I had talks with her father but nothing was settled due to the accident. In the parlor were Duncan and his Father being held back by Heather. Duncan and Angus looked like they were ready to kill. In the house Lord Henry and his Friend! He's asking Angus for her hand.

"Do not worry about it at this time dear" she said with soothing words and a gentle caress." She paused in her steps. "YOU ENGLISH BASTARD! You dare come into to my home and demand that I give your dammed hide my niece's hand! Have Ye Lost your mind! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Angus started to push Henry to the parlor room door when Robert pulled out a weapon and pointed it at Angus. "tis not you. she had never seen such a look on them and Andrew was beside himself. Inside the parlor three men seethed and boiled with anger. "Let my lord go!" Robert put the pistol to Angus shoulder. Angus. How dare he come in and ride roughshod in his home. Nor would he give your hand to that pig of a man. There was a servant by the door whom held it open and then closed it quietly and then disappeared . It came from Lady Heather whom walked confidently up to Robert and pushed his pistol off her husband's shoulder before Angus lopped the fool's head off. While Henry yelled he would get his revenge for being treated with such malice when he came in good faith and intent. "ENOUGH!" Was the next word yelled and it was not by one of the men. Duncan and Andrew were spouting off." As the woman walked to another part of the house the three argued in the parlor on how best to deal with Henry and Robert. . She had never seen her Aunt back down from him save for now.grief she did not know what she wanted and that she was not in her right mind to make such a poignant decision as this and that she should leave it to her elders. She looked at her aunt with a troubled look. The three men talked amongst themselves till her aunt butted in and Castalena was surprised as hell when her Uncle all but growled at her. "Boy. It was not going to be of any use for the women to be standing gawking at the three. tis that beast of a man Henry. Heather turned and walked over to her niece and then gently ushered her and Shannan out of the parlor. With that Angus pushed past his wife and grabbed the man by the collar. Henry and Robert backed out of the room. Angus turned to him. It was like he was a madman and she knew better than approach him at this time. best ye be putting the pea shooter away before you get hurt" His words were cold and filled with anger. They were past angry. Well being a man of the times he backed down. Angus had to calm Duncan as he wanted to just chase after Henry and rip him to tiny bits bare handed well which he could do but with no second thought what so ever. "Aunt Heather just what in God's name? I have never seen them so angry. Now in all this time Castalena had never really seen her Uncle or Duncan this angry. Your Uncle would never have that in his own home. He dared to come to your uncle's home and make demands.

" His words were almost a plea. tis time. I feel the same way. "Well Duncan I think now is a good time for you to ask her to marry you. Andrew looked at the others. Turns out she up and disappeared. "Now lad go. please I can not bare to be apart from you any longer. With that Andrew went off to find Shannan. my love. . a cry of passion and love mixed into one sweet sound. Duncan went and found Castalena out in the garden. I have never told you my heart. and my every breath. I cannot imagine living without you in my life. Something having to do with a girl they were both trying to court. He approached her slowly. Her flesh got a flush to it and her cheeks became warm with the light pink hue of a blush. wanted you. my heartbeat." She said." It did not take his father prodding him a second time. It was England some years back in school where Andrew was studying architecture. He did not want to appear mad or such but inside all the things Henry had said flooded his mind and his hate and anger just boiled. my mate. Castalena looked at those blue eyes of his as her heart began to race. There had been bad blood between the two. "You wish to marry the lass?" he asked in a shocked if not stunned look Angus had not the clue that his sons best friend was courting one of his house staff." Angus looked at Andrew with a look of shock. "Bella.Andrew on the other hand was quiet for the moment he had come to remember where he and Robert had met before. Well as long at it is alright with you my lord. no trace of her what so ever. Never in all these years has there ever been a time when I have never loved you. be my wife. "Well if you truly love the lass you have my blessing seeing as she has no family to speak of. You are my life's blood. Simply and quietly Duncan went to Castalena and as before bent down. Her voice trembled with joy as she gave him his answer. I have been pondering asking Shannan to be my mate. "Duncan. She had to see it in his eyes to know if he was telling the truth and he was. He looked into her eyes. Castalena never looked away not once did her eyes leave his." she said with a soft tone. needed you in my life. He then turned back to his son. "Bella I am sorry you saw me so angry I would never in my life be that angry with you. " Angus did not know what else to say. "Yes! I would have married you when we were children if you had asked.

like the paws of a wolf. . All of him turned into a deep brownish rust colored wolf. "Shannan do you love me?" came his words. She was sure part of it was from what happened in the manor house. Shannan stood there gaping at him. Andrew looked into her eyes and asked her. And it was a kiss to last forever. His eyes welled with tears. She was not sure why he was so upset past any point she had seen him. Andrew had stormed through the house looking for Shannan but the house maid said she had gone for a walk in the forest as the Lady had given everyone the rest of the day off to spend with their families. the night we spent here" She looked at him with deep concern. They were filled with urgency and anger. But what I do have will make you a well set woman and I will never ever see you want for anything. He raced out of the house his strides were long and well placed he was not running like a normal man would. Finally he came upon her. "Shannan marry me. I have no fancy words nor do I have great caches of gold. I told ye that. Her heart was leaping in her chest but her mind never in all her time would prepare her for what happened next. He had a purpose. In a swift blinding movement Andrew grabbed her by the upper arms in a grip that was firm and strong but not overly powerful. One escaped and rolled down his cheek and she leaned in and kissed it away. he wanted and needed to find her. He placed it in her hand. You must know everything about me. She was leaning on the rock alter. "Aye Andrew I do. Andrew started removing his clothing. "If you still love me after I show and tell you who and what I am. she had walked to the clearing where they had made love that night under the stars. His eyes became feral and wolfish.As if God's angels spoke to him. put the choker on. Duncan then met her lips with his and they kissed." Andrew was silenced by her lips pressing to his in a warm kiss but then Andrew broke it. As he did his body began to change. Andrew removed the choker from his neck. his hair became longer and his hands began to change as well they started to look like paws. her head tilted back her face lifted up to the rays of the sun that filtered down. If the answer is nae leave it on the rocks" He told her this as he backed away from her. I will gladly give my life for you and…. Andrew was turning into a wolf before her very eyes. "Shannan before you answer me. but she felt something else was behind it." "Andrew there is nothing that can change my mind nor my heart" she said to him.

but not that of anger but something else. the scent every female has. her caressing her body gently and with great care as he did when he was human. A WERE WOLF! His hands were no longer hands but monstrous clawed paws that could shred a person to bits. Like the beast I am?" his words seemed to bring her back from her fear of him. She was not sure why or what it was. He would lick her as if he tasted her. Slowly as if intending to entice or seduce her his hands slid over the peak of her breast making her nipples awaken.Slowly Andrews's body began to transform yet again but this time it was not a human form. closer his huge frame loomed over her by a good 2 ft if not more. His claws slowly came down at her his head bent slowly till it was by her throat. from her thighs to her hips and ribs then to the ample swell of her breast that were held back by the bodice of her dress. He seemed to growl in her ear. Andrew could sense her heart beating he could smell her scent. she gasped as his other hand (paw?) continued to caress her here and there. Instead his animal-like tongue came out and dragged slowly over the warmth of her neck. One by one his sharp claws cut through them like they were nothing. The roughness of his tongue was strange but exciting. It was deep and rough but she could understand it. Shannan held her breath as she though for sure he would rip it in twain but he did not. Shannan from instinct alone backed away till the small of her back was pressed to the edge of the slab of stone. Andrew's other hand came up the length of her body. Then a clawed hand came to slip behind her waist and tugged her roughly to him. . her knuckles where white. He came closer to her. it made her shiver but not from cold. His body began to crack and snap as his bones reshaped themselves in his head reformed. as she did not wish to see the man she loved tear into her flesh like she was some prey in the wild. She wanted to scream but there was something inside her that stopped her from screaming. In her hand she still held the choker. she gasped but did not move a muscle she let him trail his tongue over her shaking flesh. She closed her eyes. As if from some fairy tale a child might hear when young she heard a voice. His breath was hot and steamy and it caressed her soft pale skin. His giant clawed hand came to the top of the bodice of her dress and flicked at the ties there. She closed her eyes for a moment hoping that when she opened them it would be some dream she woke from but it wasn't he was still there before. Slowly and without even thinking she put the palm of her empty hand to his face and wiped the tear away. When she opened her eyes and looked into those black orbs she could see the hurt and longing and pain in his eyes. Within moments there his stood the man she loved. "Shannan can you love me like this. Her heat broke and a tear came to her eyes when she saw him weeping.

" With that Shannan put on the necklace. "Andrew I will not lie. "Shannan we must mate as wolf and human for you to be mine. "But then I looked into your eyes and saw the man I love standing afore me and I could not run nor could I turn away from his love." She said to him. Then…" he seemed to pause. She could feel her heart pumping hard and fast as she felt his breath on her skin. "Then my love I must bite you." As she spoke Andrew felt his heart beginning to break. If she left he would not fault her. If your are to become my wife and my mate for life. she looked into his eyes while her mind tried to understand this overwhelming ordeal. He pulled her now naked body to his. "Then do what you must Andrew for I will not leave you." She told him. it is all so strange and freighting to me. In one fell move he lifted her to the ritual rock and laid her down. His wolf-like head nodded once more. For a few moments there was silence she did not say anything."I do not know if I can live without you in my life Shannan. which on her was not a choker but a loose hanging necklace." he said. But…" she paused. His monstrous head bobbed once as his paws came around her face in so gentle a caress as she thought no man could give a woman. If a werewolf could show joy Andrew was beaming. Taking a deep breath Shannan reached behind her to her other hand and produced the cross necklace he had given her earlier. Within he knew he was the happiest man or wolf to live. "Andrew I would go through hell and back if you asked me. . "Your touch sent shivers so deep into me that I could not run." He hated to say that but the ritual had to be done if he were to be hers and she his. She knew his heart and that was all that mattered to her. He towered over her like some great tree in the forest. She moved her hand from his face. happen. She looked into his eyes." He would have kissed her but in this form he could not. This was much to ask of any human. At first all I could think to do was run and never look back. Andrew waited for her answer. Andrew began to feel that urge that all his kind felt when the mating was to take place. "Shannan there is something we need to do. You… this. Slowly his hands moved away the fabric of her peasant dress. Her skin felt the warmth from the sun. He caressed her face and looked at her lovely beauty. Let alone the woman he loved. she closed her eyes and let what ever was going to happen. "So be it then. But then again so were the others when they had found their mate. In that moment she knew she loved him now without question. Then she felt his fur pressing to her skin as his hands came about her small waist. He leaned his head into the palm of her warm small hand." She looked at him.

His growls of lust and hunger echoed in her ears. Shannan was tense and a bit frightened but she made herself stay. slowly the fell open more. starved even." she said. A cry of pain and excitement escaped Shannan's mouth as she buried her face in his neck. Then she felt his paw move her legs. He sat back some and moved his hips. like sand. She could never fear him. Her naked body there for him to love or rip apart. Andrew now stood at the foot of the ritual rock he leaned down to the space that was nestled between her milky colored thighs. Her mind tried to grasp what it would be like when they mated. The head of his raging member pressed to the tender opening. she looked like a sleeping beauty waiting for someone to wake her. Slowly his head neared and his tongue came snaking out of his maw and caressed her sweet nectar dewed womanly lips. The urge to take her and feed off her was the test he had to bare. His hand came out and began to touch her flesh here and there playing with her. Something in her begged for him to just plow into her and do what he must and yet part of her wanted to shrink back in terror. He looked at her lying there so innocent. At the moment Andrew smelt her essence and tasted her sweetness his own body reacted like any male. She could feel him pressing to her wet slit. it was different than a humans tongue. His member began to swell and grow to well a size that had Shannan looked would have made her cringe in fear of it. Shannan almost jumped off the rock feeling the roughness of his tongue. Slowly Shannan opened her eyes and looked at him. She had not opened her eyes. She brought her hands up to his face and spoke softly to him. His expression was feral. His lust was driving in him and he fought to keep control.His heart raced his instincts to be more animalistic plagued every fiber of is being. He began to get aroused. Her chest rose and fell with every deep breath. he slowly stepped back and then with the speed and agility of a wolf he pounced upon her. Her nipples hardened again at his touch. hungry. . She was not going to fear him. Andrew forced himself deep into her as he still had a hold of her hips. bucking up into her with deep strokes. His body arched and his giant paws grabbed her hips and roughly pulled her to him. He grew to his full size of 10 or so inched and with a thickness of about maybe 5 inches in circumference. "Andrew I love you. Shannan could only think of one thing to stop this fear and torment. Her body was arched high against him. She sat up quickly and wrapped her arms around his thick muscular neck and then impaled herself on his penis. He towered above her his own lust apparent. And he had to fight this urge less he would kill her. Andrew stalked around her like some primal beast he could smell her. The head of his own beast throbbed and jumped with excitement and within Andrew fought with his own demon. It was longer for one and a bit more powerful and it was rough. Andrew growled softly and Shannan took a deep breath as she felt his hand on her body. like some cat playing with its prey. her scent soaked every pore of his being. His nostrils flared as they took in her scent.

Shannan felt him fill her like never before his length and width were almost more then she could stand and he was not fully buried into her waiting depths. Shannan sat atop him for a moment letting him move as her womanhood felt like she had just been split in two. Andrew bucked into Shannan with the force of a beast in heat. She tried desperately to move away to give her self a moment to become accustomed to his huge member but Andrew's lust was building to a even more fanatic height. He took her in a beastly way almost savagely but yet she could feel him holding back. Her soft cries fedl into his wolf shaped ears. His ears twitched as they heard her cry but he could feel himself slipping into a more animal-like lust. He growled as he pushed into her and buried himself fully into her. Shannan bit back a scream but the tears streamed from her eyes. She could feel him jump and throb inside her. Every slight movement he made she felt slowly the pain ebbed and she began to feel him sliding easier, more and more as she became wetter. Andrew's growls trembled into Shannan like the rumbling of thunder. He moved her so that she was laying on the stone her back pressed into it. His arms pushed his torso away from her as his hips drove him in deep. Shannan looked at him then her eyes rolled back under her lids and her hips began to move against him. She forgot all about the pain and just started to make love back to him. Her long legs wrapped somewhat about his huge body pulling her closer to him while his hips meshed against hers. Andrew pressed his body forward and down to hers, while his cock throbbed and slid within the wet walls of her. Faster Andrew moved into her, he had controlled the beast within him for the moment, though the struggle was great. The more excited he got and the closer he came to exploding inside her the harder it was to contain himself and keep control. His lust was almost at its peek. He could sense, smell her need and her excitement, she was close he knew the signs that she was close to cumming. Now he would have to have his greatest amount of strength when she and he came at the same time he would have to bite her. And for his kind the scent and taste of blood was enough to drive him into a frenzy. This is where; if he did not keep control he could kill her. Shannan began panting harder and faster, her hands reached out and grabbed Andrews fur. He could feel the muscles clinching around his altered cock. Shannan screamed in pleasure calling his name as she felt not only her orgasm bombard her body but when Andrew swiftly dropped his head and his maw gapped and then sunk his fangs into her shoulder. In the animal kingdom when some animals mate the male grabs the female keeping her in place as they join together that insures that the connection is unbroken. But it was only part of the reason.

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 4
by IceKitten©

Andrews's cock exploded deep within her walls, spilling his life giving seed into her. Not only did his mouth latch to her sweet flesh but also his cock took on a characteristic that was indicative of all species of wolf or wolf like creatures. His penis grew a knot in it, which kept him, and Shannan locked together. Her body was a mass of tense muscles and just a shaking mass of wonderful feminine flesh. He had great control he had not lost himself in this mating. Her skin was broken just barely, some of her blood dripped to the ritual stone as had so many other woman who had been willing to give themselves to the werewolf men they loved. It was part of the way things were done. Before Shannan there was Heather, Angus's wife. Soon Castalena would be next if all went the way Duncan had hoped. Soon Shannan's breathing slowed and she opened her eyes all she saw was his massive fur shoulders. She wrapped her arms around him and whispered his name and told him how much she loved him. Then sleepily her eyes drifted closed. She was spent emotionally and physically; Andrew let the grip on her shoulder go. He could taste the sweetness of her blood and feel the tenderness in her embrace. Andrew could feel her breath on his fur slowly his body came back to normal, to normal human state. Shannan feeling his change slowly opened her eyes ad smiled at him. "You are the most magnificent man creature I know. I am so lucky to be loved by you" Andrew kissed her deeply as he had wanted to do before but in a Werewolf form that was impossible. But now he could drink in her soft lips, capture them in his own. He kissed her deeply. Slowly his hips began to move against her once again his lust not even close to being sated. His manhood was still hard even after he had expended himself within her heated walls. He slid without effort, grinding against her slowly and intensely. He was going to tease her into lather again. Gods be dammed she fired his soul so much that he could have her hour after hour and never be full. He loved her touch, they way her skin felt against his. His now man sized hands reached for her legs and moved them so that he could rest fully between them leaving him now fully embedded in her soaking silt. It was just glorious to be with her under any circumstance. Andrew kissed the place where he had bitten her ever so gently then down her neck to her throat and then the valley of her ample breasts. Though he never stopped his hips from moving. He looked at her shinning face and could see the dreamy state of her eyes. Her whole body moved as his thrust into her with the passion of a man full of need and love. Shannan reached for his arms to hold her to him so she did not slide across the marble smooth stone she laid upon. Her hips began in earnest to buck against his downward thrusts giving Andrew the notion that she too was still yearning for the fires within to be stirred and quenched over again. Andrew groaned, well growled was more of what it sounded like as it came from deep in his chest into his throat. When he rumbled Shannan could feel it in her own self.

Her head tilted back as she pressed up into his downward motion, her legs coming to caress his flanks while her back arched upwards at him leaving him a wonderful view of her nippled hard sweet mounds of tender flesh. He could not deny them the demanding attention they called for. So in a swift move Andrew flipped them both so that he was under her and she was astride his hips. His hands caressed the small of her back as he gazed up at her. Her hair shone in the dappling light that filtered through the trees. His hands pulled her down till her sweet breasts hung before his hungry mouth. He suckled on the taut nipple and held it between his teeth flicking his tongue about the hardening nub. Shannan took a deep breath of air when she felt the warmth of his mouth on her breast. Slightly arching her back to more or less feed him the one he was already feasting on Andrew gripped her hips and pressed her down onto his raging cock imbedding himself into her quivering pussy. The raw passion they both felt for one another showed in their tender lovemaking. Though it was at times raw and lustful and sometimes extremely intense there was nothing that would or could come between them. The hours seemed to fly by for the two as they continued to make love on the rock for the rest of the day. They both fell asleep in each others arms only to be awakened by the sounds of howling in the forest.

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. 5
by IceKitten©
Note: Contains some graphic violence Days later in England William paced in his study plotting and screaming about how to steal Castalena away from the McClouds. He had decided that playing the nice gentlemen was not going to work. He now needed to resort to more desperate means. He had dealt with her father and now it was time to deal with Duncan and his family. He would not let his little golden trinket get away. Not this easily, but what and how would he accomplish this task? Just then Robert walked in.

He slunk in the shadows stalking out his next victim. 'Robert" he said. Yes William had been that eerie wolf. He would let Duncan see with his dying breath his precious Love being taken by another. Once William's plans were in place he would make a final trip to Scotland. Seeing her ravaged before his eyes as the life's blood ebbed away. In a rather rough and deadly seriously dreadful tone he uttered "By any all means. While back in the study William looked out at the night and felt the tug. I would go but for now. none can now of what I am. He needed to feed on fresh flesh and blood among other things. By the time William reached the bottom of the stair well he had changed. Who would it be what luscious tart would he devour this night. "I have a task for you. not his own. That was the madness of his plan but only the beginning. yes that yearning. His appetite was ravenous. Hurriedly he took the stairs. Now William ran from the passage ways of the house out into the streets."My Lord you did call for me?" he said William turned and gave his confident a sly grin. He would need a few things for the travel. And by what means should I persuade the good Lady to return?" he questioned. But he would make Duncan suffer in the worse way. There he would destroy the McClouds and rule the clan and keep Castalena at his side to bare him many strong sons. His body burned for many things and he needed to sate the growing pains of hunger that toiled inside his mind and body. Do I make myself clear?" Robert got a wicked snarl to his lips. He caught her scent and waited for her to go with in. He stalked the streets looking for the perfect victim and there she was like a devil sent idol. His guise as a wolf made no never mind as he looked like a dog. standing by the front of grand apartment building * other wise known as a Hotel* the pale blue dress clung well to her sweet light frame. A woman of no more then 20 if such. Do you understand me?" Robert grinned "Oh yes my Lord I fully understand. None! Should or will stand in my way of that lil bitch and her fortune. he bowed and left the companionship of his Lord and went to make plans. changed into a wolf with rustic colored fur and pitch black eyes. And he knew that the black wolf was her champion Duncan. the same wolf that had stalked Castalena those few times. Listening to her screams as he took her over and over again knowing that his seed would be the one to spill into her and impregnate her. He stalked her as she walked. Castalena and I have already had two run-in's and I do not wish to arouse the suspicions of any one especially her. I wish you to go and spy on my Lady Revali and persuade her that she should come back to England with you. He then waited till she had settled in her . Swiftly he walked from the window to the book case where he touched the torch and pulled there revealing a hidden passage. if you know what I mean. Then the McCloud line would die. William began to change into the beast that was within.

He began to kiss her more and lower till his mouth was poised over her nipple. There his tongue swirled around it. Her nipples became as hard as pebbles at his touch. waited for his moment. He could feel his blood race in his veins. Slowly he pulled back the coverings to expose her body to his hungry eyes.apartment he was able to track her by her scent he had no problem doing that he was an expert tracker for sure. Maybe he would need more then one. She hummed a wonderful old English tune as she disrobed. on scent alone he would find her. And they did so. William had now changed once again into a man. There she lay now only covered by a sheer night dress. He would begin to kiss her neck and shoulders as his hand undid the front lacing to her nightdress. His huge sized hand encircled her right breast and massaged it. Then like a ghost in the night he would scale the walls and climb to her window. William came closer to her slowly as not to wake her just yet. His human hand caressed over the covering with a light touch taking every curve of her luscious body in. Her heart . There he began to suckle on it gently at first as he wanted her body to burn with lust and heat. A sick sounding hissing snicker was heard. He grinned as her body woke to his touch. it made the beast wake and grow. He pushed the soft material aside and let the bareness of her skin touch his own. He would take great pleasure from her before her final breath was taken. As he did the other breast was manipulated by his fingers. There he watched her sleep her chest rising and falling under the sheet. The woman went into the other room where she began to undress but not before lowering the shades over the windows. He went about the room snuffing out the candles. how it would enjoy feeding upon it as well. She walked to the window and closed it the rest of the way then drew shut the curtains and headed off to the other room to retire for the night. She began to moan softly as her body began to wake to his ministrations of lust. He watched his prey head off into the other room. Just the thought of her made his body shake with wicked evil lust. His fingertips slid down her throat then to her shoulder slowly it trekked its way over her breasts taunting the nipples to respond to his touch. Slowly his hand began to play over her body slowly awakening her. He felt its throbbing as it came to life knowing the feeding of sweet womanly flesh was about to come. or maybe not. His hand grabbed at the fabric of her night dress and pulled it up to her hips. making the room pitch black. When she went to see what was going on. And soon she would be his sweet treat for the night. William stood in the darkness of the room clad only in the night's gentle caress of darkness.. As the poor girl readied for bed she heard an odd shuffling noise coming from the front room. He then slid his tongue across the fleshy valley between them till his tongue tripped over the immensely other hard nipple. he contemplated the pleasures he would take from her tender flesh. William waited till he knew she was in bed an asleep before he made his way into the room. tormenting it some more. He waited for a moment till the lady had entered the other room before he slithered his form in through and open window. There he waited. she found that the window was ajar and had blown all the candles out in the room.

Slowly he sank his head down till his long rough tongue could flick at the blood gorged throbbing little nub of nerve endings. She gasped in her half excited state of arousal as she felt the tugging and heard the sound of her night dress fall into tatters. as his fingers could seek out that sweet wetness that he had started to draw from her as he woke her in this manner. William knew her blood would be sweet when he fed on her tender flesh. He felt her move in his grasp and an evil grin came to his lips as he then nestled his lips against the small blood filled nub and drew it into his waiting mouth. and again he tortured her with his tongue. There he licked and flicked his tongue out over it and sucked on it all together making her body stiffen with pleasure. Slowly William slinked down the length of her soft hot body. Ah! Her flesh was hot and her taste would soon be lapped up by his invading tongue. He softly growled. slipping it over the tender fleshy of her womanly virtue. He pushed her thighs wider to accommodate him. The girl's whole body jumped at the flicking tongue. Her body became hotter with desire and wetter with every stroke of his beckoning finger within her. Little did the poor unsuspecting woman know that by the end of her dream she would not wake. giving him a tell tail sign that she was lost now to his sexual advances on her person. Then he snaked out his raspy tongue to flick over her clit this caused the poor girl to just writhe some. his tongue leaving a damp trail of saliva as he did. Then for a moment his fingers stopped their assault on her clit just for the moment it took for him to rip away the night dress. She moaned louder at his teasing. William could begin to taste the sweet nectar that his tongue was teasing froth from her body.began to beat at a quicker pace her flesh began to get warm with the felling of sexual awakening. she was a virgin and that drove him to suck harder and tease her inner walls with his finger. His mouth trailed down across her body till it met with the fabric. this was more then he had hoped for. as his hands pushed her thighs apart some. There to his surprise he felt the barrier of her womanhood. He could smell her even more not her scent was driving him. In her mind she thought this was some lust filled dream. There he pressed his fingers a bit harder and rubbed her slowly. Oh. His fingers pressed father between her soft folds till he found the small throbbing mound of nerves. She moaned in a half awake state. He heard her heart beating and felt it between her thighs. moaned and grabbed at the bedding as her body was plagued with the hot feelings of sexual desire which he just flamed further by slipping a finger into her wet depths. With that his flicking juice coated tongue pushes past the outer lips and into her . His tongue trailed father south past her belly button till it met with the soft thick mass of pubic hair. His hands raked over her sides as he went lower and lower till his hungry mouth was poised over the virginal flesh of her wet warm womanhood. William licked his way over her sweet tender skin nipping at it here and there making her body jump under him. She gasped. Her hips moved of their own accord.

A snide smile curled his lips then with a flash his mouth surrounded her clit and sucked just hard enough to cause her body to arch into him. Unlike the others. He feed hungrily off the tender flesh making her crazy with lust knowing soon that her body would yield to him. Williams thought were that he could devour this tender morsel lie this for a rather long time till her body shook violently with the spasms of orgasm after orgasm rendering her even more helpless against him. He nipped and licked the saltiness of her hot skin. He bit at her throat gently making sure not to break the skin as his hands reached for her hips. The woman moaned and cried out in pleasure. He licked the hot tart and tangy feminine juice as if it were life giving blood to him. throbbing ready to have its on feast. There was only one woman he would even consider trying to hold the beast back for but for the moment she was not an issue he would deal with her later. her chest was heaving her mind a whirl in a fog of her experience. He laid between her now wildly spread thighs.wet opening. William looked t the innocent female that lay under him a evil grin formed on his lips as he mind began to flow. Not too much after that William hear the cries of her as she was thrown into a spasm of ecstasy of her most likely first orgasm. Her breath was almost not even there it was so hard for her to catch. as a deep rumbling growl echoed in his throat and chest. Her skin was dotted with small beads of sweat her hand clinched while surprisingly her other one reached down to lace her fingers in his thing mane of hair. he sought another tender pleasure from her first. both hands splayed out on the bed sheets then grabbing them in bunched up masses in her trembling hands. . Her breathing was labored and ragged her chest rose and feel in a fast motion. He relished in the excitement her body was going through at his actions. yet William did not stop his feasting. His animal self raged to get out and feed off her flesh. the blood. Her body rocked under him but he did not relent. which just in tern makes him drive his tongue deeper into her wet depths. Slightly pushing he hand to his the back of his head making the kiss deepen. He drank the hot fluid as if it was liquor that was meant to be savored and devoured at the same time. William knew her dilemma of ecstasy was her undoing and his triumph over her. William's hands held to her hips in a vice like grip while his tongue makes the woman writhe on the bed under him. had she not been held tight in his grip. It was a sing that she was beyond rational thinking. thought of the sexual pleasure he was about to take from this one made the beast with in begin to wake. His tongue lapped at her flesh pulling the sweet taste of her into his mouth. When the woman's body lay in a heap William crawled his way up her length. The woman all but flew off the mattress. Her moans echoed in his well trained ears. It sought to burry itself deep in the sheath of her body it twitched and ached to have its hunger filled. his beast. William growled into her silt in excitement as she did this. He thrived on the bitterness. Williams feeding upon her became now more ravenous as he was spurred on by the clinching of her fingers in his hair. Her hips bucked wildly as much as possible. William did not care if his beast got out of control. but no not yet. and the rage.

The inner beast in him began to surface slowly. she looked up to see to her eyes a horrid sight of some beastly looking creature that was fucking her for his own pleasure. William began to change to his inner more true self. William slide into her with out any effort as she was soaked from the lavishing of his tongue on her sweet young untouched virginity. To say he was an animal was doing a discredit to the animal world. William dislodged himself from her dead body and stretched to his full 8 foot plus height and growled and turned as she heard people scurrying in the halls towards the room. Quickly William made his way to the window whence he came from and scurried himself into the darkness of the night only to hear the yell for the constables to be called as there had been a murder. The woman's own climax was sent over the edge as his pulsing beast let loose within her she grabbed onto his forearms and dug her nails into his wolfs body. Her moans of pleasure began to change into grunts and groans as he plowed his manhood into the unknown woman. A low growl cam from his throat. A great knot began to fill the woman's ravaged slit lending only more to the pleasure of his unrelenting attack on her body. on and on heaving his now huge werewolf body to hers. William was to the point of howling when she did that. . as his skin began to change as well all the hair started to grow longer and thicker. His back began to pop and arch as he continued his onslaught of sexual ravaging of her body. his eyes and hers locked. all but a sickeningly muffled gurgled. Once the last of her heart beat was felt and the woman life's blood ebbed onto the sheets of the bed. This time the woman found herself screaming for help. she was pinned to the bed by its mighty paws and body. As she came slowly down from the pure ecstasy of the sexual experience she just had. His lycanthrope state was in full measure. The crunch that was heard was that of the poor helpless woman's throat being crushed in William's massive jaws. In his maddened lust driven state he growled loudly and burst within her spilling his evil seed into her. Williams cock throbbed within its soaked sheath moving harder and faster with every pounding thrust. When William found him self climaxing yet again he almost let out his primal howl. and crunch was heard as he stifled her scream. William turned his muzzle down to peer at her. His wolf-like mouth drooled and it fell on her pinkish hued skin. The woman screamed as her virginity was taken in an unceremonious way.With out any warning or even a care William slammed his cock up to the hilt into the woman. being as the pain was almost pleasurable to him. She would have screamed but her voice was quieted only by the fright that took her over. With out care or concern. Her scream snapped William out of his devilish euphoric state just as the woman was about to scream again William's head lowered. Savagely he took his pleasure. He lowered his head and sniffed at her his hips rocked forward into her savagely again and again causing the woman to cry soft sobs. With a savage fury he pounded into her time after time till the cries of pain her deep moans of sweet unbridled pleasure as his cock took what pleasure it wanted from the woman beneath him. His eyes became more feral. His hands began to curl some as they grew into huge paw like objects.

She began to dream almost right away about her child hood her family. Duncan and other such things. Neither woman had any idea what was about to befall them. Shannan was not used to such treatment. when we are old and grey. She must have been more tired then she thought as she drifted right off. Andrew informed . The heat of the day made her a bit weary. " I was thinking I think it would be a wonderful idea if we were all to get a painting done. Something she had never been part of before. lay under a light coverlet. She disrobed some leaving only her undergarments on. to be married to two such loving and totally devoted men was more then most women could ask for." "Here Here!" Duncan piped up "That is a marvelous idea Andrew to bad you thought of it first" he chuckled. Andrew and Duncan sat on the warmth of the dark green of the grass while their ladies sat upon the stone bench." said Castalena.Two Days later back in Scotland The sun shone brightly on the warm summer's day Castalena and Duncan. "Well why not after when the weddings are done with. While down stairs in the sitting room the others talked about things. and closed her eyes. The four talked and laughed for quiet some time before they headed back in to have a light noon meal. of all four of us and have two copies made. Out of now where Andrew spoke…. well not in this manner. some what part of the Mc Cloud clan and family. The two couples stopped and sat on a stone bench. When it was done Castalena excused her self and went to her room to rest. They talked of a double wedding in one month's time. She pulled her hair out of its pinned up state to leave it flow over her shoulders and down her back. Then we will have time to think on how we wish it to be painted. Both men walked with their brides to be close and in the inside as they themselves walked on the outside in a most protecting manner. "Before or after we are wed?" "Good question what do you suggest?" Duncan asked. She was no longer a servant but going to be a wife to Andrew. She crawled in bed. Then we could both have a copy and be reminded of this glorious time. Both women laughed and nodded thinking it was a wonderful idea. Shannan posed a question though. so she thought a short nap maybe an hour or two would make her feel refreshed. Andrew and Shannan all walked along the gardens together..

Yes he knew her well inside and out but still there was always that small part of him that wondered. And the chance of you telling her is too great so I ask to bind you to our secret till such time as she knows.Duncan that Shannan knew everything about him and his alter self and was totally excepting of the fact that he was who and what he was. He hoped in his heart and soul that it would not make a difference. She could have persuaded it but she thought not to and left it at that accepting Duncan's request.. Too much had pasted for this relationship not to continue. And he planned to make that come true as much as possible when they married. Duncan left the two alone and went out to the stable where he began to groom his horse Titan. Duncan's hand stroke the neck of his noble horse Titan while his mind drifted away to when Bella was twelve years old. but word has come that two days past there was an attack in England and that it might be *he emphases the might be* one of our own kind. by some sort of K-9. Each year they would switch off houses to celebrate at. He suspects one of two and I need not tell you who those two might be. While Duncan seemed to day dream.. " .. "My Lord forgive the intrusion. He had dark brooding eyes and dark thick hair.. It was the holidays and they had traveled to Italy to spend Christmas with Bella and her family. Castalena does not know of yet and wish of her not to know till I tell her. she was sexually assaulted." A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. he remembered the food and fare the music and the hours of just being with her. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly as he pondered how Bella would take the news of him and what he was. His voice rumbled when he spoke.. And it would not be laid to rest till she knew it all and accepted him as is. If he had one wish in all his life it would to be spend every moment of his life holding her close to him and never letting her go. Shannan was shocked somewhat to find out that Duncan and the rest of the men about the manor house were also Were's. a tall rugged looking beef of a man entered the stables and bowed deeply.. Donald sent word from the police station that the woman's throat was ripped out. how you all came to be?" Andrew looked to his old friend Duncan and wondered if he should not go and get Angus to tell this tale. "Shannan I have something to ask of you. Shannan looked to Andrew "Tell me how it all came to pass. Duncan and Bella had been through so much already from child hood to now. But it was not a bad thing she was comfortable with it all. But then Duncan spoke up. 5 by IceKitten© She looked at him then to her husband to be.

Later that night as they all sat about the table having a late dinner the topic of discussion was wedding plans. And they are our wives to be and your wife sir. Duncan had always been the confident type but when it came to his Bella he was unsure at times.Duncan got red faced. and to make sure no one else was unduly killed. He gave the man instructions to have William. compassionate and beautiful women in all of Christendom and there they sit like exquisite pieces of art work to admire from near and far. Angus had to admit to himself that had Heather turned him down there would have been no other woman in his life that filled his heart and soul.*he laughed as he knew his own wife's anger* and most of all the last thing is always be honest and talk with her no matter how small or trivial the matter might seem. 1) Treat your wife with respect and dignity and honor. as she had done over the years. But you have both picked extraordinary women to marry and I am sure your lives will be blessed many times over.. Other then that my boys your on your own." Angus laughed knowing both men were in for nothing but an exciting life with the women they were going to marry. But Duncan was quick to get a handle on his temper less he do something rash. 2) Never EVER anger her most women are worse then any men when anger is involved. Robert followed night and day. Angus was sipping his scotch while the chatter went about when his son made a slight motion to talk to his father and Andrew outside on the back porch.. Angus smiled and gave both young men his advice. And then to ask him some questions on marriage. Both women you are going to marry are going to be part of a clan that most would not accept as a part of normal life or even reality. "My Boys. and so did Duncan and Andrew. Angus turned and looked into the dinning rooms balcony doors. We have managed to find three of the most loving. And wind up getting us all killed!" Duncan slammed his fist against the paddock wall making the wood plank give way some. there is only a few things in the life of a married husband that you should always remember. "You know Gents we three are the luckiest men to walk god's good earth. "I swear that if I did not think it would cause a clan war I would hunt the bloody son of a bitch down and rip his lying cheating no good rotten heart out with my own hand! He is going to cause too much attention to our kind. which was hard for him with such dark toned skin. Duncan looked at his father and tried to find the right words to tell him first what he had been told earlier about William. He growled out his words. caring." Andrew said while he gazed at Shannan's shining face as it beamed with such loveliness that it made his heart all but . The men excused themselves from the table and went out side to talk.. His anger boiled like a tea kettle on the stove.

With that the couples smiled and bid each good night and went on their way. The other two nodded in agreement at Andrews words. as he could see it in her eyes. "My dear the lass's and I were discussing the plans for weddings and we came up with a wonderful idea. All the men had happy expressions on their faces as the looked at the three beauties at the table. At that moment Angus opened the door to the dinning room and stepped in with the others. His scruffiness brushed the side of her face and chuckled as it tickled. "As you wish my wife I would marry you again every day of the year if that what made you happy. He could hold her for an eternity just this way and be the happiest man alive. as he knew his lovely wife to well. Angus and Heather went to their room. Bella laid her head against his massively strong chest and let his body embrace her own. "Well I thought it would be nice if we re-wed. She sighed softly quite happy to be this way as well for all time. What do you think love?" she asked. and smiled. The others looked up and began to chuckle. "My dear what are you thinking about?" he asked. He held her close to him feeling the warmth of her body mingle with his own. went to their respective men. But he got the classic answer from his wife "Nothing my dear. Nothing was said for the longest time. The girls seem to think it is a wonderful idea. Seeing as there is already going to be a double wedding why not make it a triple. His face lay gently to the side of hers.burst with joy. Andrew took Shannan to hers. Heather looked up and saw the faces of the men gazing in through the window and she waved and commented to the others that they were being stared at by three roguish looking men." Angus looked to his wife slightly puzzled. He took a deep breath and all he could smell was the scent of her." Heather smiled and it was settled in one month's time there would be a triple Scottish wedding. But Angus knew better then to trust that statement. The silence was only broken by the sound of a wolf far off howling in the clear of . nothing at all". In one months time they wish to be wed and they thought it would be a lovely idea that we make it a triple wedding. while Duncan and Castalena stood on the balcony wrapped with in each others arms. But Angus knew his wife well enough to know that she was enthused about it. With out another word from his wife the ladies got up. A soft yet strong scent that she had that it filled his every fiber. "Aye lasses what be ye laughing at?" he questioned. Duncan gave her a gentle squeeze which hugged her closer to him if at all possible. He did wonder what wicked things they spoke of while they had been outside talking themselves. kissed them on their cheeks.

"Well Bella it is time for this man to rest you have worn me out.* But how was the next thing. His hand as large as they were already began to change into wolven paws. He gave a shake and his fur seemed to settle along his body in a flat manner not the way it had been as he changed. 'Well well. her own words that did it to him. He wanted to get her attention. Maybe his fears were quelled at that moment.the night.* Castalena nodded and moved from her warm comfortable place in his arms. more of an upright fashion. Duncan slipped out of the Library doors and down the balcony walkway to her room where he began to paw at the door to make a scratching sound. Slowly Duncan began to change his body began to grow thick black fur long shinning strands of fur. She could feel his hands shake. Duncan lead her back to her room. then he smiled and closed the door then went to his room. Castalena opened the door. Duncan thought to him self. Duncan removed his clothing leaving his strong well toned body naked and bathed in the moon lights slight glow. "I love the sound they make at night." Hello?" she said as she looked around and saw the Black wolf standing there at her doorway. Then it came to him." Lord did he lie it was not the night that made the burly Scotsmen shake like a leaf but it was. what are you doing here my forest friend?" she questioned as she began to . His body fell slowly to the floor on all fours till he was totally consume with his wolfs form. *maybe it is time for me to tell her."*he chuckled* as he talked. Bella looked up at the sound of the howl. there he looked into her eyes and caressed the soft colored cheek then leaned down and placed the most loving and tender of kisses to her warm lips as any man in 100 years had done before him. or did he? Duncan turned and walked down the hall way to his room but then turned and headed for the library and entered the great room. she turned and looked at him and spoke softly. "Duncan?? Is something wrong your hands are shaking like a leaf in autumn?" He looked at her and spoke "No love I am fine just a chill from the night air is all. So he opened the balcony doors and stepped away. At times I wish I was a free as they are. Seeing as she was the only one awake this would be an easy way to do this. hoping she would open the door and so she did. Once the kiss was broken he opened the door to her room and watched her enter." In that moment Duncan's heart must have skipped a beat or two to hear his beloved make such a comment.

. 'What is wrong?" she asked and then walked after the wolf. My head felt like it was pounding my eyes stung as I opened them slowly. Once I could focus I saw I was within a simple cottage and the woman lay on the rug sleeping so peacefully I had not the heart to wake her. But he did not stay there he moved down further till he came to the library doors and slipped with in the darken room. In the room there was a podium with a book. It was hunting time. She ran her fingers over the smooth leather covering of the book then slowly and with great care respect. When she did not he gave a slight barking sound hoping that would give her the clue. I went to check on the woman she had but scrapes and scratches nothing too deadly. She began to read. Pictures of her Mother and her Aunt Heather and now two empty frames hung there as if waiting for their hosts to come.lean down and pet him. But. I went off to tend to my own wounds. Seeing she was fine. and on the walls were these portrait's of…. her father. I lay down and prepared to strike out and kill my prey when the silence of the forest was broken by the scream of the woman I had seen but moments before. And on the other wall facing the men were Pictures. did not escape uninjured. I did not make it a yard or two when I collapsed. When I woke. There some other hunter had her pinned to the forest floor. as I searched the forest for a deer or such I saw what only could be described as an angel. how it all began. I though. Castalena flipped the pages one by one. I followed her for what seemed forever then I remembered what I had come here to do. who were they for she wondered. At that the section moved and swung gently open to reveal a room. She could not believe her eyes there on the wall were her Uncle Angus. I remember racing through the forest till I found her. I found myself laying afore a fire covered and bandaged. It was a cold winter as I remember and the weather was dreary as it ever could be. She followed and walked into the great room. but why. *Book Entry #1* Here is the story of our lives. Time to eat and find food for the rest. Castalena moved to the book case and gently touched it. Yes it was a room behind the books. she was a perfection of the god's creations walking about the forest. the hunter was dead. she looked for her wolf but some how he was gone? How could that be she thought she followed him in here. I began to hunt for food for the others I came upon a deer foraging on some winter grass. I leapt at the hunter and knocked him off and we began to fight. Duncan and Andrew and some other men she did not know. he moved away and down the walkway some waiting to see if she followed. She walked to the book and there on the front was a symbol of a woman who was lying down and lay afore her was a wolf. but then a shimmering light caught her eye as its glow came from under and around the edge of a section of the book casing. When it was all said and done.

But I tell you it is true. Not much. Months past and I kept silent watch over her from afar till the storm came. then two. . I knew she would not be able to hunt for her self. "Had I been born wolf or you human I think we could have been happy. Months past and then a year. We sat under the moon and the stars in this glade that was surrounded by trees. We lay there night after night and in the day she would toil in her daily chores. But I could not do anything at the time. which I did late the last night. I had fallen in love. Dark eyes long chestnut hair. I could have gotten lost in her eyes and stayed such forever. She looked at me and uttered words I thought my ears might never hear." In that moment I felt my heart sink as her words spoke only the truth. she sat up and smiled then looked me over. like the color of the earth in spring. I had no way to fix the rest. She made me something to eat and took care of me for the next 2 or so days till I was able to leave on my own. How connected yet totally apart were we. Yes. checked the bandages. We stayed laid out under the blanket of stars for hours till she had fallen asleep on me. I noted that the roof and other things were patched and badly. her face was like an angels. Her eyes opened all the way and she smiled. or as we walked along the forest together. Every day since then I have made my way to her front door and we spent many days and night in each others company. There was a large bed in one corner table with chairs.Slowly I rose and walked about the cottage looking about taking things in. She was beautiful. Gods. I started to stay about her cottage more and more. fresh and full of life. she and I went for a long walk in the forest on a summer's night when things were green. And that was enough for me. The storm past and all was well again. Fate is cruel to put two beings together who's time is spent as ours is. In hopes she would find it out side her door at least she would have food. Her touch was a simple pet as it had always been with me at her side. We could have loved and had a wonderful life. I hated to leave her when the nights ended. I did not want to see her eyes when I left. To help but I had set in my mind that I would help her as she had come to help me. Yet. Dried herbs wild flowers roots and such hung drying all about the kitchen. She must have been a healer of some sorts. and made sure the wounds I had suffered were healing. So I would hunt and leave the fresh kill by her door. yes I know it is impossible. but it seemed comfortable. And I worried that her cottage would not weather the storm. some sewing. For the next two days I stayed with her till I was strong enough to leave on my own. In those two days something happened to me. a few books. That night while we lay resting by the fire. But for now we were together. Hearing her begin to wake I went back to her side. I could not nor did I want to be with out her in some way shape or form. It was if my heart was struck with cupid's arrow and pierced fully.

Mangling him in an instant. As my life drained from me my last thoughts were of how I wished that the gods had granted me a single moment as a human so that I might hold her and kiss those lips. They out numbered the hunters in a great mass. through blurry eyes I could see her. I moved and she woke she looked around but yet her eyes nor could her sense of smell know what was coming as I did. I realized that I had been hurt one of the hunter's had stabbed me with his blade leaving a great gash in my side. ready for a fight. I pushed Elizabeth back.In the dark I heard the shuffling of footsteps. Then to my ears and eyes I saw wolves immerge from the forest. see her being pulled upon and tugged away by these lecherous men. I could feel my anger seething with in as I fought tooth and nail against my assailants with every thing I had. I leapt from my spot and lunged at the closest intruder catching him in the face and throat. The one who protect all that dwell within my boundaries. Had I known how bad it was I would have been amazed at how I could continue the fight but I did. I could not see nor hear the forest or my loves voice the end of my time had come. Immediately. back further behind me while the men advanced. I could not see Elizabeth but I could hear her screams as one of the hunters pawed at her and made unpleasant comments about her and myself. but I had not known it yet. holding her to me. Protectively I poised myself in front of her. I could not see her well but her hand stroked my head and she soothed my pain with the tender tone of her voice. looking into her eyes. The hunter's cooed and tried to get Elizabeth from my side but it just kept her closer. and professing my undying love for her or making love to this woman for hours on end. She came to me her eyes spilt tears like a river in spring after the winters thaw. I let out a loathsome howl as another warning and a call to my brethren to come to me so that we might relieve ourselves of this menace the plagued us. there was a image with a shinning light glowing about it. I . Taking her in my arms. Then the eerie silence came over me. Then it came that sharp burning flooded my body as if my blood was on fire and I became weak. Out of the forest came the hunter's men they were bent on hunting down my protected friends within the great confines of the forest. Then what had seemed hours or days later I woke in my glade where I had remembered last being. I asked aloud 'who are you?" and a gentle voice replied "I am the sprite of the forest. My eyes strained to see past the glow but it was hard. but there was strangeness to it. Elizabeth was set free as the men tried to defend themselves from the oncoming onslaught of fangs and claws that were about to strike. They stalked closer and before I knew it one reached out for my love and the battle was on. She stood by me as if trying to protect me from these men but it was I that was doing the protecting. where as the others stalked after me. I gave them fair warning not to trifle with me. As I lay there within a pool of my own blood I remembered praying to the gods that they would deliver me quickly now into their hands and keep my beloved Elizabeth safe for all time. In the fight I had not realized that the man I attacked had stabbed me fatally. These were the same wolves I had come to know and care for and trust.

so much I fell to them in a grateful way. there you lie Logan stilled in deaths shroud and your loving Elizabeth is still by your side even now she will not leave.have come to talk with you Logan. I am not worthy of such a gift. I will send you back but know this from now on you live a double life. "My Pray? But good sprite I am dead already what prays have I uttered that you can answer?" I question her not fully understanding what was going on or where I was really." I rose and walked to her. She bid me turn and look upon my glade which I did and there to my eyes lay all the wolves in what looked like a morning circle. animal or other wise and for that I am grateful. Do you understand?" "Yes I do. And should you accept it then those to follow in your line will pay the price with you. No caring being could do more for another then to give their life. "Mistress of the forest I am humbled by your presence and power. "Logan what I am bout to give you comes with a heavy price. And for all time ." A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch." She said. You gave no thought to your own safety and that is the most noble of things. For Years now you have protected those that live here. human. There was only one in my eye that out shined this sprite." I said still my head bent in respect. " My children are protecting the body of a falling family member till such time as I bid them leave. 'Logan you gave your life freely to protect the woman you love. 5 by IceKitten© When upon hearing her words I felt my heart race and my knees go weak. "Rise then and see what I have seen. A love so pure as this is never gone unnoticed. The forest is my home and will protect it with all that I am and any that need it. So I have come to grant your wish and give you a second chance at life. I was not sure what I was about to see but I knew with in me that I had nothing to fear. then the light dulled and she was only the second most beautiful woman in all my years. It is not something to be taken lightly. this apparition that was before my so unworthy eyes. Her hair was golden like the sun her eyes green as any blade of grass. I have heard those silent prays and I have come to answer it. Her skin was deep and rich the color of honey in the comb." I said to her.

And for their pure love for the other and those that dwelled in her forest they were granted this gift. Yes! I almost yelled at the top of my lungs. . Look. Upon reading the entry Castalena moved away from the book in disbelief of what she had just read. "Logan. I swore on my life to do as she bid me. I. With the strength to rival any tree in my forest. 5 women and a gathering of children about them. She just nodded to me.all any of your descendants will suffer the same. Animal turned into human. She told me next.. her eyes were wide open as it hit her that the 6 men and 6 women were the original ones. Then she looked at the wall right in front of her and it was as if a bolt of lightening had struck her and she reeled backwards almost falling. But with this gift you are also endowed with the charge of protecting all that seek help and refuge within the forest walls. I have seen in my dreams the long line of my blood for the ages and how we will survive this world. Then she bid me walk to my body that lay cold on the ground which I did. but a wolf that is a cross of man and wolf. the once that began this Clan. you will be able to change these forms at will. My grateful thanks were uttered over and over to the woman. if I were such then I could be with Elizabeth for ever. It's not possible there is no way that such could happen. with free thought and feeling and emotion and all the instincts of the wolf. With that I felt myself being drawn back. She muttered as she looked around the room at all the pictures. back into the shell of my dead body. she had to know it burned inside her but yet in the same breath she was frightened to know the truth. Her face streamed with tears as her mind swam with the thoughts of what she just read. I wondered who these 10 men and women were. Do you except this gift?" "HUMAN?!??! I will be human? I asked. as some day you will should any other be worthy of my gift. Her heart raced and her breathing became erratic. the goddess has blessed me above all others with a mate whose love sees no bounds and no lines. "I am the first of this clan." She pointed and from the forest came 5 men. There but only 5 others that in my life I have given this gift and the come now. May all who come to this clan be honest and true if they break the scared trust given unto them may the burn in the fires of hell and never have a moment's peace. from now on you will live your life as wolf and man. The lady then told me that they like myself had loved with out question and solely to one person. I have created this book as a tale of lineage of those to come after me. All I could think of was that I would be back with my love and my life and some how she knew. Logan Anthony McCloud the 6th of my kind have been given the most wondrous of all gifts. Castalena made her way back to the book to see what if anything happened. But not an ordinary wolf. she knew that I would do what ever she asked of me. Human. By the grace of the gods and all that dwell with in I have been given human life." I exclaimed.

"Elizabeth I have been given a new chance in this life. She opened her mouth to speak. my legs became arms and human legs. As I began to change I felt the pain of my body as it morphed into it new form. I took her hand in mine and put it to my chest where my beating heart lay. I closed my eyes and reveled in her touch it was like life. She looked at me with curious eyes and surprise." I knew what he meant and with his words I began to will my self to change. all I could do was stay there with out moving. alive! I moved my head and saw her. My paws hands with fingers my head shaping to that of a human my fur leaving me replaced by a richly toned skin color. It was then I felt hands lift me to my feet and support me. My whole body a mass of tense and strained muscles. She stood with the help of the others then slowly took a step towards me. The 10 and the host of children came forth and knelt by me. A scream of pain echoed in the woods as I finally became human. One I heard say. Every muscle screamed in pain but I did not care all I knew was I wanted to be with her. my lungs burning to breathe. The thought that I could hold her in my arms and kiss her lips was all I needed to inspire me to change into a Man. . I saw the 5 women go to her and help her stand she was in shock. She reached out to me touching my face tracing it with her soft warm hands. my body ached so that I could not move my arms to move the hair from my face. I was alive. Gods." was all she could say. did she think I was horrid or some unspeakable beast? I spoke." Elizabeth?" it was all I could say. I could see nothing but love in her even if she now ran from me I could not stop loving her. I fell to my knees gasping for breath. slowly I got up with a grunt and a weak stagger to my feat.Book Entry # 2 The next thing I remembered was the sound of my heart and then those of my brethren and last the sounds of those mourning about me. The others stepped back and I looked at her. there I could see my Elizabeth still knelt on the ground looking at him in disbelief. I love you would every fiber that I am and will be. Growing changing. The others backed away as I stood not in fear but in reverence that I was alive again. Please say that you love me and will be mine forever?" Stunned she just looked at me. "I do not even know your name. My eyes opened to see the shine of the sun and the blue of the sky. Then. I lifted my head and all I could see was a veil of my own raven black hair. "Come brother it is time for you to become a part of this realm of humanity. which I could fully understand as so was I at this. it gave me strength it feed my body and I could stand on my own. my love my life my own.

so soft and warm I could never have imagined such sweetness. her hand slipped behind my head and pulled me to her. never again would my words go unheard ever. and handed them to me. I Logan McCloud married Elizabeth Mc Douglas on the day of June the 14th in the year 1205. My instinct took over and I pulled her to me in a heated kiss and embrace holding her to my strong human body. but with in the group a woman came forth with pants and a simple shirt. Life was good and this was how it began. Then she noticed something strange. But it seemed no one minded really. I feel as if this were a dream" she spoke in a hushed voice. seeing as they were not Scottish nor were they part of this family line. Her lips met mine. I rejoin my love and my family and we spoke. Beth started crying like a child which worried me. Gratefully I accepted them and got dressed. "Come now and meet those that are your family the others that serve and protect all that need it here. I could feel her body shake in my grasp which made me break the kiss and look at her. Then it hit her. She clung to me as if clinging to life itself. There on the pages were her mother and fathers and brothers and her own name. "Your so" I finished that sentence for her "alive." I said and then began to tell her what happened while I was dead. "Love what? What's wrong. . could it be could all of them be descendants of Logan and the others? How could she not know how in the world? She closed the book and again her mind reeled at the thoughts." He said." I had a voice and could speak. Had I not been there I never would have believed it my self. speak to me your shaking. As Castalena read on she was fascinated with the entries that were written in this scared book. Odd she thought that her families name were in this book. ever again. We are all the children of the forest once wolves as he was now we are both Wolves and Humans. Then she heard a voice "Hard to fathom isn't it?" Castalena whipped around so fast her head could have snapped clean off her shoulders. Here with in I will enter the first of the names of my line…. "No it is not a dream this is real we are all real and blessed but the forest to be so. "Love. why are you crying?" my voice shook with fear. The gods gave me a chance at life again and a chance to be with you. Born to us on January 27th in the year 1206 were Douglas Steven McCloud and Angela Marie McCloud."My name is Logan" I replied." One of the men said and walked to us. "Your alive and human my prays and dreams have come true. my new life had begun and I would never ever forget this moment for all my time. Had I not looked fully at my Beth and then realized I was naked I would have come to spend my time with out clothing.

"What? Who's there?" she asked. that they are bound to even before birth. Tell me something lass that first time you saw Duncan those long years ago do you remember how you felt?" Castalena turned around and looked at all the paintings. no. "Well. How?" "Your mother is Scottish she was born here and your father. Tony. he paused. You and he share a pure and true love for one another. such as you and Duncan. It is like our bible of sorts. Her eyes looked at Duncan and she could not help but smile. Only the male born were Were's and the females were purely human. Your uncle" "Is what I read true? You and the others?" She questioned him with a tremor in her voice. but mother. father husband is contained with in. father." "Why. Some times one must wait for the other to be born. When your father and I met there was a bond like brothers." He paused for a moment as he walked to stand behind the pillar that held the book. We have been given that name down through the years do to those that did not understand and were afraid of us. Lass as in anything of nature…Man or animal there is not only the good and the bad which we must live with. "When Logan came to understand more about the Were that he was. some times the two do not get along and are free like any of us to do as they please.. . were they both not half and half. every solemn word written in that book. "You see. Every name of every child wife. It is like the bond between you and Duncan it can never be broken not even in death." "But. And a Were is that what your kind is. When he married your mother the bond was straightened in ways one could never understand. Something that could not be broken. half man half wolf the others told him and Elizabeth that there was a secret about their kind that they had to understand. I mean our kind are called?" She asked him realizing that she was of the Werewolf family. No sweet niece our kind roams all over the lands. Every female born to our kind has a mate some male of our kind. You think our kind is only here in Scotland. "It just be me lass. even if I had a brother your father and I were closer then that." "Are you telling me that he and I were to be bound no matter what?" "No. "Aye lass tis true.

sending her falling to the cold ground. Nothing has changed save that you know who and what we are. Both men sinking to the ground. even in thought. But now what I mean I. and yanked him away from her. She tried as she could to shove him away but he would not budge. The blackness inked away and she could see Duncan and William in a heated fight. go to bed and rest well tomorrow is another day. Was that what they all had been talking about when they said that after their holiday they had to have a long family chat? How could she have been so blind? Now they were gone and she would never know what all they had wised to convey to her. Her head lay on the soft feather pillows and her eyes drifted closed. Then it loomed into a pitch blackness filled with cold and despair and her family was gone. she tried to let it all sink in." Angus kissed the top of her head and scooted her out of the secret room. A hand came out of the dark. Her eyes widened as he stepped out of the darkness to her. He knew in his heart that his niece would never hurt his son nor would she ever. she had no clue which had been shot.She laughed as she remembered the first time she really thought. Mother and Tony her brother. time nor distance could break. She screamed and ran to Duncan's prone body. ever turn him away. Castalena made it back to her room. Her father spoke to her for was a brief moment. She turned and looked at her Uncle with a smile. How in all these years had her father and brother kept that from her. "Your right I do not think there has been a moment of my life where Duncan was not in it. But her uncle was right there as always there had been a bond between them something that. ." Her uncle went to he beloved niece and held her close in a loving embrace. for he loved her with out question with all he was. his eyes burning into her. then like a bell strike there was a shot that rang out she sat there frightened out of her mind. She cried his name out holding him to her rocking him in her arms his body lifeless in a pool of his own blood as it soaked the skirt of her own dress. "Just do what you have done so far lass. She could feel the cold of his hands as they snaked around her waist and puller her close to him. He was an icky boy and boys were just dirty frog carrying brats. she moves back to her bed and lay down thinking solemnly to herself about what she had just read and heard. Williams voice laughing all about her then there he stood like some great devil of hell. They were all standing in the garden smiling and happy as if nothing had happened. she felt her heart go cold her breathing become labored her skin covered in goose bumps. They held out their arms to her and she fell into them gladly. Now go. he told her to love Duncan with all she was. and then out of the dark loomed this figure tall massive in size. She sat there panting for breath her eyes gapping and her mouth dropped open when she saw William stand. He smiled as he watched her go knowing that everything would work our fore the best.. She dreamt about her Father. coming to rest in grip on his shoulder. She fought him off best she could but it was to no avail. She drifted off to sleep and began dreaming right off it seemed. They were trading blows one after another after another. and her mother.I have no clue where to start what to do. He leaned his face closer to hers as his lips met hers they were cold and wet like a dead fish on the shore. His hands were as an iron grip about her it was as if he was suffocating her.

Then his massive hands reached out for her shoulders and grabbed her gently from behind. She ran out into the warmth of the night." He cooed in her ear as his arms gently wrapped around her body bring one up to caress the back of her head. "Duncan I love you. dragging her even. "DUNCAN!!!!" she screamed over and over. She ran and ran till she came to the glade. He nodded and looked into her eyes he prayed to himself she would not run from him and she did not." "Is it true Duncan. "Duncan!" She threw herself into his arms and held him tightly. more then I have ever loved any one. Out of the forest behind her he came like a figure from the forest slowly he came up behind her looking at her studying her. She sprung from her bed uttering one simple word "Duncan". In her heart she prayed that his death was only a horrid night mare that had not come to pass. She looked around her room to see that she had dreamt it all. Yet she clung tighter to him. Castalena screamed and jump about 5ft into the air before she realized who it was behind her. I'm here and alive no one will take me away from you. She screamed for him but he was dead. that clearing in the middle of the forest where the rock dais was. Her eyes darted around the glade looking for him but she could not see anything but the black of the night. where could he be. I love you more then my own life. Her chest was having under the sheaf of a night dress she wore." "Bella Mia shhhh love it was just a dream. not even death. "Shhh Bella what's wrong love tell me. 'Bella please love calm thyself. But I never ever .William's hands gripped her about the shoulders tugging at her pulling her away. is it?" Duncan knew what she meant and he was not going to lie to her. I fell in love with you that first day though I did not know it then. her whole self trembling. Her breathing was erratic and labored her body was trembling something terrible. She fell to the ground slowly she head hung low. where was he she knew this was the spot they came to before but he wasn't here. The silence of the night was broken by the single howl of a wolf in the night Castalena snapped her head to face the balcony doors. "Duncan I had the awful dream I dreamt you die in my arms. Her face dotted with beads of sweat and her heart racing like as if she had run miles in the dense forest." He stroked her hair gently. Castalena woke with a start as she was yelling his name. running through the garden and past the boundaries of the house and into the thick of the forest.

With in a few moments the man she knew as Duncan had changed before her eyes to the Black wolf she had come to care and love for as she watched in amazement Duncan's body began to transform yet again. Blue as the evening sky soft loving gentle and kind. Duncan bowed his head to her and held her close she could hear the . black fur began to form and cover his whole body. nothing will ever. "Duncan." She caressed his face as she spoke. She brought her hand up slowly and gently to touch his face. I want to see for my own eyes. had he been even an evil being of sorts her love was undying for him it would last for all time. His body rose to about 8 or 9 ft in height towering over her like some giant structure." Duncan's blue eyes filled with tears. His arms and hands became the legs and paws of a wolf as well. His face changed to that of a wolf. I want you for all time. The he heard her utter words as if they had broken the silence of a starry night. I love you with all that I am I would never run from you no matter what or who you are. A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. I would die if I ever lost you. while his paws moved to pull her to him his size dwarfed her twice over it seemed. She spoke to him in hushed tones so soft that not even the night could hear them." With that Duncan took a step back and closed his eyes. 5 by IceKitten© Castalena moved closer to her love even in this form she loved him with out question." Came her words. ever change that. his eyes left unchanged. You have had my heart for all times. bones popped and cracked his faced changed to that of a wolf.for a moment stopped thinking about you caring for you. you should have told me so long ago. Her eyes never left his own she looked at him and saw only him not what he was outwardly but what was inside what made up the man she so desperately loved all this time. "*Whispered* Duncan show me. to caress it. he willed his body. she knew in her heart he would never hurt her in any way there was nothing but love in his tender pools. He tightened his hold on his beloved not twilling to let this moment pass. her words touched him beyond any words he had ever heard. leaving him to look ominous and dangerous but. needing you in my life. His mouth became elongated and fangs grew. His skin changed the hair on his wolfs body became thicker and lay flatter to his body. she heard his bones crack and pop but this time he grew in height and size. He looked at her and just simply nodded then moved away after he places a kiss to her brow and whispered "I love you Bella Mia. His face leaned into her warm soft hand.

Her whole person seemed to shiver as he took in a breath and let it out. It is the finale link to our union. shhh I do not care if you are in this form or the other you were just in…It make no difference it is not the form that I am in love with but the man. I want you.rapid racing of his heart and the deep sound of his breathing. It will not be with out peril or pain but once the first time is past there will be nothing pleasure and joy shared between us." Duncan's heart skipped a beat or two when he heard her words they were like a trigger the flipped his body into a different mode he could feel the burn in him begin that fire that burnt in every male of his kind when the time had come to take his mate as his own. I have wanted you for so long now my body aches for your touch to have you take me. His wolf blue eyes taking in ever feature of her body from her hair to her feet. He whispered as he kissed her tender flesh . I trust you with my life Duncan. "Duncan. He wanted her with every fiber he was. Against his urge Duncan fought to change his body back to his human state so he could talk with her and make sure this was what she truly wanted. His eyes were only followed by his huge hand that caressed her body with such gentleness that is was amazing to her. "Duncan. His body changed slowly and not with out pain as he tried to quall the hunger to take her as it was. He could smell her scent she was like heaven he could feel his body stir more and more as the moments pasted. never would her force himself on her no matter what his body ached to do. His hand slowly moved up her long tan leg pushing the slip of a night dress away leaving her thigh exposed. make me your own. "Bella there is much you have to understand before you give yourself so willingly to me. In a swift move Duncan picked her up and carried her to the stone dais there he laid her down and looked upon her loveliness. His eyebrow arched not sure what or why she had stilled his words. 'Bella know this if I take you as the werewolf that I am I will bit you causing you great pain but it will link us fore ever. his eyes never leaving hers." He took her hand from his mouth. he looked at her and smiled he began to speak in soft tones. His hands moved hers away and he began to kiss her shoulders moving the material away with his own hands. Castalena did not resist his touch nor did she ask him to stop." He was hushed by her hand placed on his mouth. Her eyes drifted closed as she felt his gentle touch on her body. Slowly she sat up and spoke softly to him." "I am not afraid" with that she went to push the shoulder straps off of her shoulders when Duncan stopped her. There will never be a time when you do not feel me or I feel you. She closed her eyes and laid her head to his massive chest just listening. But yet he would not touch her in such ways till she gave him leave to.

she moaned softly into the kiss as she felt the night air kiss her now exposed skin. Her hand rose to his head leaving her fingers to lace in his thick strands of hair. Castalena arched her sensual body more into Duncan slightly pushing her breast into his . tenderly Duncan's fingers stroked the outer lips of her quivering pussy. he slipped his hand closer to the inner part gently moving it way so that he could tease at her tender virginal flesh. His hands traced the slope of her neck to her shoulders then to her collar bones then slowly over the swells of her breasts grazing the already excited hard nipples making them stiffen even more. She had wanted his touch for so long even ached for it. Duncan's need for her his want for her began to take over. that in it self only feed Duncan hunger for her. she cupped his faces and silenced him by pressing her lips to his. He could feel the heat from her slit as his fingers trailed slowly closer and closer. His hand caressed her side and traveled down her body till it felt the firmness of her thigh."I have wanted you from the moment I saw you to make you mine even then. He lowered his head to her nipple and slid his hands to her ribs and under her back making her body willingly arch into him. he laid her back gently and ripped the rest of the dress from her form. As they kissed Duncan grabbed a hold of the front of her dress and with not even any effort he tore the dress in two. she heard her brother and his pals talking she had also heard the other girls talking amongst them selves when they did not think she was paying any heed to them and about how men enjoyed it when their women talked naughty to them in times of passion. Oh yes. but was always afraid of the reputation that others had been labeled as whores and sluts when the had sex before marriage and she did not want Duncan to ever think of her in that light. I knew we would be together you were always my own. He pushed the dress away and ran his huge hands over her slowly. She captured his lips in a passion filled kiss giving him no room to do much more the kiss her back." Castalena moved so that his face and hers met. she gasped as she heard the material of her clothing tare. he needed to see her body to drink her in with his eyes. and pulled him closer to her. There had been so many times when her body and mind just wanted to scream to him "Take me. Finally she broke the kiss and gazed into his eyes. she knew that type of talk she was not some frilly virginal woman. He could hear her heart quickening and her berating get slightly more rapid the further and further his fingers got. a gasp was heard as the palms of his hands felt the hardness of her nipples. She closed her eyes slowly as his hands explored her body. He groaned as he felt her pulling him to her willingly feeding her self to his hungry mouth. His hand roamed over her body with great care and need caressing her flesh taking in every small curve and every ripple in her skin leaving her to shiver at his touch. He could feel her quiver in his grasp. feeding her breast to his hot mouth. it sent a shiver through her whole body which excited Duncan even further. fuck me till I can't stand it any longer".

most heart stopping pleasures that she and her body could feel or even imagine he she would be so exhausted she would not be able to move come the morning. Duncan began to move his tongue a bit faster and deeper into her hot slit as if teasing the juices out of her. He drew the pert piece of hardened flesh into his mouth and sucked on it. Duncan was strong to resist the urge to ravage her sweet gentle flesh. his tongue squiggled and swirled over her hot steamy flesh till he came to meet with the soft dark curly hair of her sex. He would devour her slowly leaving her to feel every tremendous peak of pleasure they were going to share. He would show her body such pleasures that she would scream his name the whole night. To impale her body on his stiffened cock quenching this uncontrollable fire that was raging. . With a slight bit of pressure he pressed the tip of his tongue to her clit pushing on it and then tracing a circle about the blood filled lil bud. Castalena's nails slightly raked at the stone that she lay upon while her love tormented her with the touches of erotic pleasures with his tongue on such a private place of a women's body. His mouth left the hard nipple and trailed down her torso down along the flat of her stomach letting his tongue dip into the sunken divot of her navel. letting his tongue flick over it and about it like some child sucking on a piece of candy. With each stroke of his fingers on her aching fleshy nub Castalena felt that burn the blazed in the pit of her stomach. Duncan's movement sent her one step to climaxing for the first time. then he continued his trek south on her body. He could hear her gasp as his hot tongue touched her wetness causing her to shudder. Had she tried to squirm way he would pull her to him by the hips forcing her pussy into his ravenous mouth. Her chest rose and fell with hard breaths as she felt the hot burn of a building orgasm. Every sweep of his tongue in or around her pussy sent a charge of wicked pleasure she had never felt before. He slipped two fingers gently into her massing her pussy in the most tender of ways making her muscles quiver as he slowly slipped past the outer puffy lips. flicked it softly. But Duncan had other ideas first. His grin widened as he looked up and saw her body shake. He had waited so long to feast on her that he was savoring the taste of her with much enthusiasm making her body shiver more and more. His fingers felt the slick wet fluid as his fingers played with her clit as he rubbed it. as she felt his finger graze over the sensitive clit leaving her chest to heave as she took in a huge gulp of air at his tender touch. Duncan slowly licked the sweet taste of her sex while he held her gently at the hips keeping her from moving away from him. and even pressed it gently. Her fingers tighten slightly in his thick mane of hair.relentlessly feeding mouth. wanting him to nothing more the break the barrier that was between them. Duncan kissed his way over to the other nipple noting he could hear and feel her hearts beating quicken. He moved to a better position and then gently moved his love and slowly he dipped the long point of his tongue into the sweet honey of her pussy sending her body into a tense state of pleasure. he would be for the nights end have her writhing in the sweetest tormenting. His own hunger and desire for her raged within himself but. He made her giggle slightly which brought a wolfish grin to his face. it made her mind race with erotic thoughts even more then she could imagine.

But now it was compounded by fact that his face was buried in the crease of her lush thighs and he was drinking in the sweet taste of her. He had to make sure he kept in total control over it till it was time to let it out and take her in very primal way. He gritted his teeth some as the beast with in woke fully now. leaving her to feel the extreme hardness of his . she screamed in such sweet pleasure her climax washed over her like a hot wave of molten lava from the inner depths of her body. She writhed under him and he did not relent as she bucked uncontrollably against him. His body rubbed against hers. enjoying her self and two. Her chest was heaving hard and her head was tilted back leaving her in a sinewy arch of perfection. Duncan felt the ache of his cock as it hardened more then he thought possible. He made another low growl into her pussy send her just one step closer to cumming and that just made his own animal with in wake more. then to her lips kissing her deeply. His chest began to move in and out in a rapid manner his senesces overwhelmed by her scent and his own desires. He reveled in the tangy tastes that flowed from her slit into his mouth savoring last drop he could before slowly letting his tongue slip from her now quivering passage. His thoughts raced about in visions of his body and hers locked in the combat of lovemaking. as in with any primal animal of any kind human or wolf her smell sent his body into a slow rage of lust as if it were not already in that way. Her skin had that rosy glow of a woman who had just cum hard and fast leaving her body to shiver in the climax's wake. She did not mind her own taste somehow it was more erotic that way. In a swift move Duncan pushed his tongue in as far as he could past her puffy tender aggravated slick outer lips making her cry out softly calling his name. Duncan's eyes closed and his senesces were filled with her scent. This only spurred Duncan to lick and suck faster and hard knowing she would not be able to stand his ministrations for longer. this feral look in his blue eyes. Her head began to slightly thrash back and forth as he continued his teasing. He nipped and kissed at the slop of her throat. Duncan felt her pussy contract some around his delving tongue and knew that she was just on the edge now. He crawled his way back up her body. He felt it as she cam. He in a fevered licking frenzy of his tongue attacked her clit with a flurry of hard and soft flicks in combination with his lips grabbing her clit and sucking on it. Duncan drank the sweet nectar of her pussy with great gusto coaxing every tiny droplet out onto his slithering tongue. she was getting closer to total loss of control of her building climax. Bella could taste the tartness of her own juices as he kissed her with such a fevered pitch. Soon he felt her hand grasp his hair tighter then before and press his face into her aching pussy giving him the inclination that she was one. He held her tight by the hips and feed of the sweet taste of her climax as it flooded his starving mouth with hot sticky juices of her now orgasmimg body. A slight growl slipped past his throat and the vibrations made her arch her hips into his mouth uncontrollably.This was so much better and more intense then those times she masturbated alone in the darkness of her rooms so many times. Castalena's eyes were still closed as she bathed in the after effects of her climax.

But I need you to know it will hurt and I am sorry I would. he was.cock as it pressed against her slick opening. With out any delay Duncan lowered his head to the slope of her throat where it met with her shoulder and with a swift and hard push into her pussy and into the flesh of neck they were joined. In a gruff and deep voice he grumbled. the sound of her pulsing blood made his own burn more. She raked her nails to his inhuman back drawing blood unintentionally. His clawed paws grabbed her and pulled her into his hips hard leaving him to push himself into her fully leaving his genitals to slap against the bar skin of her round sweet ass. "I want you now my sweet love I want to burry my self deep into your heavenly body leaving no barrier between us. change into the Werewolf. such was the price their kind paid. His heart races like a mad beast running in the night he could feel and hear her heart beat. She thrashed slightly against him and the stone beneath her. Her hands splayed out on the stone while her nails scratched at the smooth ." His words were hushed by her lips on his kissing him with such passion and desire that he need no other words from her yet he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes and told her " When I bite it will lock us for ever to one another there will never be another time when we will not feel each other in our souls and body. Slowly her eyes opened and she saw the look of lust in his deep eyes and with out words she let him know she felt as he did. He could feel the beast wake fully now in him and he would fight the deep urges with in to just feed upon her tender warm flesh. To fight the raging madness when it set upon them during this time. Duncan let out a passionate growl against her throat as his face had moved away from hers. " As he spoke he let his body begin to change. He moved with deep strokes in and out of her tight whole as deep growl emanating from deep in his throat as her blood bathed his tongue as he lapped at it. Their bodies began moving to each others in seductive and passionate ways. her hips slowly rubbing to his groin leaving her to be arched slightly to his beast's body. Her blood oozed down her the back of her shoulder and to the stone slab under her and dribbled into his grasping maw of a mouth where his tongue was bathed in the sweet hot blood of her being. Her muscles clinched around his harden shaft as he began to take her faster and a bit rougher. Castalena watched his change and pushed her body to his arch up into him leaving her slick wet pussy to rub against his now growing cock. Her legs came to caress his sides and ribs while her fingers laced in his thick mane of hair. he growled and arched into her body pressing his hips hard into her. Her body moved against his. by pushing her desires higher with every swift hard jab of his unyielding 8 inch cock into her soft velvet pouch. her legs moving to rub his sides. Every time he pushed into her the power overwhelmed him. Letting go of her throat he reared back then grabbed her hips and forced her into him while his cock thrust into her with all the force of his massive body. Castalena moaned out her lovers name spurring him on more. only the strong of will and mind could fight back the beast inside. She cried out in sweet pleasure as she felt his hard length just plow deep into her wet passage. She tensed and let out a slight scream as she felt her womanhood break as he had thrust into virginal slit and then sinking his teeth into her tender flesh. The barriers now forever gone they belonged to no other but each other.

Now in human form Duncan's massive body spasmed and shook in a sexual manner leaving him to spill the hot cum into her tight slick soaked pussy yet again. He regained a hold of her hips and aimed his rock hard manhood back into the sweet sticky juice laden pussy. His groans were loud and mingled with her in the night. Slowly his body began to change even while buried within her. he pinned her arms behind hr and with a quick flash of a move she was off of him and set onto all fours. Her cries broke the night like the sound of a nightingale singing. He did not cease his movements into her. As she screamed his cock exploded with hot streams of burning seed. She reared back to him her hand locking behind his strong neck. Even in his human form Duncan did not cease his thrusting into her soaked cavern. Castalena moved to him leaving her legs to fall apart more so his could burry with in her as deep as he could. her hips jerked to him wanting him without question. Her body shivered from the pleasure of it all.stones surface. Her head was arched back and her body arched up into a sensual bend to the cool night air. Duncan clung to his humanity but his animal thirst for lust drove him on. She yelled into the dark of the night trying to take him in deeper. He came with a hard force and he howled out into the night with grunts and groans with every pull of her into his groin. with out the slightest resistance save for the tightness of her walls that milked his cock with every penetrating thrust. To him it was music. Her nails raked at the muscles at the back of his shoulders forcing him to arch back making his hips press into her harder. pounding into her. with out any inclinations Duncan pulled her up to him so that her breast mashed to his fur covered chest. feeling her body convulse in his grip. He whispered into her ear with a soft growl to his gruff voice "Bella you feel so good around me" came his words while he pumped into her wildly spread thighs. Deeper and deeper he tried to burry himself as each push left him to let out a deep grunt. Duncan grasped at her free breasts dragging his claws over the hardened nipples. She threw her head back and screamed as it did not take him or his thrusts more then a few moves before she began to cum hard for the first time in such an intimate way with him. Almost a humanly growl one might say. But it would not be the last. Her moans of want and need spurred him on to just pound away at her till yet again her body surrendered an almost heart stopping orgasm. even after cumming he was still hard and buried hilt into her sheath. 5 by IceKitten© . A Scottish Werewolf's Love Ch. Slowly human hands began to form caressing her tender nipples she felt her heart skip a beat at the touch that made her body arch even more into him.

His breathing was labored and rouged from the sheer exertion of energy it took him to with hold the urges that ran naturally with in him. There was nothing he would not give or do for her. Please enjoy I look forward to hearing your comments. the one in Scotland. Buts God in heaven would be the only saving grace to any man on earth that harmed the woman he had just made such passionate and lustful love too. He would give his life for her with out thought. Ari sat in front of her computer screen looking at the architectural designs of the building yet in the back of her mind she was thinking of the other building. Be prepared for some interesting turns of events. Chpt 1. Now their lives had begun truly as one heart and one soul. he did not think of her as some possession but she was his life and love. ***** Time: Modern day. But the question is for how long? __________________________ _________________________ _________________________ A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 by IceKitten© For all those who have been waiting here is Bk2 of the werewolf saga. he was hers heart body and soul. Duncan had past the test of will and love as he was human now and there was no doubt in his mind that his love for this woman would endure anything even death could not keep them parted. Only time would tell what pleasures and pains would come across their paths but William would surly if not truly be one of the biggest battles they would face. As much as she was his. why was it that since she could remember this and other scenes plagued her dreams or even her waking thoughts? . fighting against his inner nature of the beast. Hell could not stop Duncan from seeking out his revenge should any one hurt his Bella. Many men have to fight the beast with in when mating where as some other give into the urge to devour the ones with them only the strong of will and heart can tame the beast and resist the urge to kill. in his eyes the world revolved around her.There was nothing more delightful to Duncan then laying there gently atop her once his body had for now extinguished the fire of love lust and desire he had felt for her. But for now all was right with the world. She was his in every manner. The one in all her dreams.

She wore a simple black silk cocktail dress with an over coat. before she got there as she was not one that liked to be caught off guard. Maybe she would make a stop in Scotland and see if she could find the house. Once done she sent the e-mail to Toni. Wha'cha think there sparky?" Ari added sugar to her ice tea as Toni spoke to her about the trip. "Ari you always look so wonderful in that dress". I was thinking. go a lil early take like a mini vacation. "I got your mail today. She was V. He stood up from the he seat and hugged her.Ari shook her head to clear her thought and went back to the task as hand which was making sure the design was flawless before presenting it to the customer. and he was waiting for her at their normal table. See if she could put a puzzle together as to why all this was happening. that her and Antonio were going to go back to Italy where they were buried and visit. he smiled at her as he had always liked that dress on her. well more of a castle one would guess it would be. There father did not last long maybe 5 years after the car crash that took his beloved Rosalina's life that snowy night 10 yrs ago. then retook his own. she spent the next while after doing her work reading. She smiled at him and sipped her ice tea. why don't we. while he was wearing his black Armani suit. the searched out all she could about the surround area she was going to go visit. Ari was a successful woman in the world of building design she worked for the family company call Black Wolf Designs Inc. BW is doing well and there are others that can take up the slack not that there is much. it was 630 by the time she got there. Making reservations at hotels. He had not been gone 5yrs yet but it was not so far off in the imitate future.P along with her brother since their father and mother past. rental cars all the things needed to get this thing all set and ready to go. The waiter came with their drinks as Toni had ordered a head a time. basically she took the rest of the of the day off. kissed her cheek then held the chair out for her to sit in. Maybe? Ari started making the plans already booking flights to Italy and to Scotland.m came around Ari had learnt about as much as she could from the net about where she was going now it was a matter of getting there was all. She left work to meet Toni for dinner at Tavern on the Green. She downloaded some reading material about the history of Scotland. . By the time 5p.

"Well princess we would be lost with out each other" he took her hand and kissed the back of it." Ari look at him with deep concern she just held his hand with hers. Ari and Toni lived in a penthouse in Manhattan."Toni I think I would like that a lot. he hailed a handsome cab and they went for a night ride around the park and back to where they could get a yellow cab and go home for the night as they had a early day she would as it were barely get 6 hours sleep as it was. Ari just could not help but laugh. on my life. or is that girlfriends? That man had more women in his life then she could keep track of. like Toni and his girlfriend." "Well I was thinking all day on it * as he spoke he pulled out something from his pocket* I was sure you would say that so I went and bought the tickets. it was big enough for them to be together but apart and have privacy if they needed. There is no one more in the world more important to me then you. "We are all the family we have left just you and I Ari I won't let anything happen to you I swear on my life Ari. touched his. and gave it a squeeze. She packed for the trip then went to bed she was asleep in no time almost when her head hit the pillow she was zonked out. he had always been there protecting her and it made her feel safe and sound knowing he was there. I went home and packed for the trip so all you have to do is pack your bags get some sleep and we are off. She put her hand out. even thought he was older then her by a year. Toni had always been one step ahead of her on some things as she had been thinking the same thing as he produced the tickets. talked about work as well and what big deals were coming up. then they went for a walk in the park. How's that for efficient work?" he chuckled as he drank his scotch and water. We leave at 5 am tomorrow. when do you wanna leave. the nurses on duty helped her father bring Antonio in.. "What would I do with out you cookie monster?" she laughed as that had been her child hood name for him as he was always into the cookie jar at home and even now all grown up he was still a cookie stealer. They talked about the trip while they ate dinner and desert. . like you said we are all caught up on the drafts and anything could be handled by the others. after about 4 or so hours Ari was starting to respond to the treatment. against the Dr's orders. When Ari was 7 or 8 months she got sick and had to be hospitalized no matter what was done she seemed just to stay stable till one night her father brought her brother to the hospital and laid him in the crib next to her. It was amazing that two siblings could be so close and not be at each others throats fighting and tormenting the other.The were close they had always been close even as infants she was always told if they were separated they were just unhappy as long as they were with in reach they were happy. That is how close they were. he was all she had left . he was such a wolf she swore it.

"yesss "she softly hissed as his head began to move lower over her swelled breasts. piercing blue eyes a strong body wearing a kilt and tartan in front of a huge window. Soon she was up swept into his arms and taken to a huge 4 poster bed which seemed to come out of thin air. while his hands shredded her clothes. his mouth feasting on the succulent tender yet hard nipples that moments ago had been grazing his barreled chest. Their eyes never leaving each others as his hands roamed with out hindrance from her. "Come Bella Mia you need to wake it is time for us to be together". Ari was watching as if out of her self. I am waiting for you I have missed you so much. Suddenly she felt as if she had been struck by an electric shock when his rough tongue took a slow deliberate swipe over her slit as if he were savoring her taste. He laid himself between her thighs. She left her body to him like of in a trance. She could feel it burning in her stomach. come back to me Bella Mia. this time he spoke to her. Her back came off the bed in a slender arch feeding them to him. while his hands pulled at the fabric of her clothing and tore it away from her sensual form. and kissed her. "Bella you have to wake. who ever this man was she had seen him all her life it was as if he grew up with her in her dreams. He came close to her. He was tender yet so hungry for her kiss she could not tear her self away from it. feeding off of the burning desire raging under the surface. He gently nudged her long legs apart giving him what he wanted willingly. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the heat of his breath puffing on her tender skin. soon after that she felt the hardness of his body crushing to her stealing her breath. "I want you I want to taste you so long has it been ". it is time. She heard the tearing of the material and whimpered into the kiss as her hands reached into his hair to pull him closer. the kiss never stopping. Her . He caressed her face then slowly moved his hand down her length taking in the curves of her body under his huge hands. or was it the other way around. lost in his eyes. but in such a way it did not worry her not to breath." With that he leaned in and gave her a searing kiss. Ari let her fingers slip away from him as his body slowly slid across hers and down lower till his head was above the soft dark neatly cut curls of her crotch. Ari's eyes seemed glue to what she was watching. leaned down.Like so many nights before she started dreaming of a man tall. it was draped in black and red curtains and bed coverings. that need the sense of urgency as if she did not give in to it she would burst into flames. Her head pressed into the pillows as fingers stayed in his hair guiding him. jet black hair. Soon she was naked under him and his mouth halted its attack on her lips just to continue on other parts of her body drinking in the heat of her flesh as if tasting her. put his hand to her face. Though this time something was different.

He could smell her scent it had not changed he knew it was her. his mouth sucked on her clit with a firm but tender touch that is made her twist her hips. Ari looked at him and shook her head some. soon his tongue slapped hard against her clit making her almost buck off the bed with the jolts of lust he was driving into her. Soon they would be together again and he would reclaim his beloved. He would not relent his devouring of her sweet spot. I'm sorry I woke you. He wanted her in frenzy. wanting her to cum again and again he could not get enough of her.go back to bed" she . she was panting madly and her whole body shook from well something. you all right?" he questioned her as he looked into her eyes wondering what in her dream made her scream like that.* she paused* fine really I don't know what made me scream. Soon his tongue was licking slowly from bottom to top only to torment her already throbbing clit. a passionate lust filled craze. Ari's scream though not one of panic roused Toni from a dead sleep and he came rushing into her bed room and grabbed her waking her from her dream. Soon he could hear her sweet screams as his mouth was touched with the sweet hot juices as her orgasm ripped through her like a bursting damm. He held her tight to his staving mouth letting his tongue slapped its rough surface to the soft fleshy bit in his mouth making her gasp with need. the sweat tang of her juices just made him drive his tongue into her more as if fucking her with it. his life his reason for existing so long in this dreary world of ours.hands grabbed at the bed as she moaned loud just at that one touch. locating its prey. He knew the need she felt. With one fast hard suckle and a few fast hard strokes of his tongue he pushed her over the edge. but it was not the last. it was his doing. Her eyes opened with a snap. She writhed under him screaming in pleasure as she felt the deep exploding inside her as she came in what felt like a gushing geyser popping after a tremendous build up of pressure finally let go. it was what he wanted. which he promptly grabbed and held her in place as his tongue beat the nub with fast strike like the tongue of a snack sensing the heat around it. making her lust yield to his want of her. you screamed it woke me up.. He feed on her ever drop. The fire growing as if a blaze being feed more fuel. "Ari!" he said with a loud firm tone 'Wake up you were having some sort of dream. she spoke softly "No Toni. He licked slowly and savored the sweetness of her juices as her body churned more and more.

Instead of washing her face she turned on the water and took a relaxing shower.said as she caressed his cheek assuring him she was fine. dreams that would make her sleep walk or talk in her sleep. Despite the fact she was still a virgin Ari was not with out her means of self pleasure. Once he had left her room Ari slipped out of bed. For as long as he could remember she always had rousing dreams. It accrued to him now why she screamed. he could use this to playfully tease ." Was all he said as he left the room with a wicked smile on his face. he could use this to playfully tease her later on.?? A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch." Was all he said as he left the room with a wicked smile on his face. But. "alright princesses but if you can't sleep come get me I'll make you some of the tea you like..Why.. something so powerful it made her body react in the real world not just the dream world. She had a wet dream as it were. It just amazed her how it happened. She knew the feeling between her legs she was drenched like noting before. she leaned her head on the cold of the porcelain tiles and sighed as the hot water ran down her back making her body just loosen up and go limp. Soon the steam was filling the room and her muscles began to calm. But. Who was he why had he always been in her dreams always so familiar but yet so far away like if he was something from her past. her legs a bit shaky nothing like any thing she had felt. he could feel the tremble in her hands but he would not press it.. The scent of sex that sweet smell woman have after having mind blowing sex. While there she started thinking about her dream how real it felt worse how exploding that orgasm was in her mind that she actually came so hard for real. He slightly raised a brow as he caught scent of her. "go wash your face and try and go back to sleep we have an early day. 02 by IceKitten© A 16 Hour Flight (From the end of Chpt 1) "Go wash your face and try and go back to sleep we have an early day. from there tense state. Had her dream been SOOOOO real? Well her body thought so. hmm" * he kissed her forehead and then looked at her.

She knew the feeling between her legs she was drenched like noting before. Who was he why had he always been in her dreams always so familiar but yet so far away like if he was something from her past. but it slipped thru any way. Instead of washing her face she turned on the water and took a relaxing shower. her legs a bit shaky nothing like any thing she had felt. if I didn't know any better I would have thought you were having a go with some hunk in your room. She sipped her coffee. "You sure screamed awful louuuuuuud there last night. Toni smiled and looked at her. Soon the steam was filling the room and her muscles began to calm.. "Sooooooo sleep better after your little um bad dream?" Toni was playing coy but it was gonna be fun to get his teases in He watched her face start to get warm.????? Chapter 2 Morning came and they were off to the Airport. Toni looked at Ari and sipped the coffee he got from the waitress. Ari looked at her brother and threw a napkin at him. She could not deny he had a tight hard body from working out all the time. well a hotty even if he was her brother. You didn't like throw him out did ya?" he so tried to not giggle. In and out of bed as it were. and all she did was laugh at his comment. Had her dream been SOOOOO real? Well her body thought so. But.her later.. While there she started thinking about her dream how real it felt worse how exploding that orgasm was in her mind that she actually came so hard for real. "Dam it your evil. she leaned her head on the cold of the porcelain tiles and sighed as the hot water ran down her back making her body just loosen up and go limp. Despite the fact she was still a virgin Ari was not with out her means of self pleasure.. the plane was not leaving for some time but they wanted to be early better that then late as they say. Once he had left her room Ari slipped out of bed.Why. she chuckled silently to her self. from there tense state." She quipped back at him with out thought. It just amazed her how it happened. he was. it would not be any different that the thousands of nights I have heard you humping who or who's ever in your room. After getting the bags checked and rechecked and their tickets stamped and all that stuff the went to sit in the lounge." He winked at her. "Well least you got a good earful and know your big brothers a hot stud in the bed room. .

It is a pleasure to meet you Antonio Logan Selvaggio. He loved women there was no doubt about it but he was picky and he respected women. There is no other place as beautiful as Scotland rain or shine hot or cold. "I am Antonio Logan Selvaggio. Gavina seemed to hang onto ever word he was saying as if she had some vested interest in what he was telling her. you'll love it there.m. Well like planes for one. his blood was just starting to churn. there was herself and Toni and one other woman. "Aye. Toni on the other hand was chit chatting with the hot looking brunette that was in first class with them. They talked for what seemed for hours there was something about her that made him so comfortable and at ease to talk to her about everything and anything. One thing nice about this flight was there were not many people in first class which was nice to say the least. and you are?" "Gavina Bryus. I am. After the pre flight speech from the attendant and all they took off things were going well she was calm and relaxed she had taken something to help her nerves while she was gonna be in air for 16 hours. After parents with children and the elderly and those with special needs. Something his mother and father taught him from a young edge. "Logan says you're going to Italy first then coming to Scotland.The time passed quickly before the flight was called." She smiled at Ari as . that fire that was always inside him ever since he could remember he always felt it. Lunch time came around and Toni woke Ari from her sleep so she could eat. All the time Ari watched her brother and this well stranger interact with each other and it was all too weird that they seemed to be getting along so well as if they had knew each other for years. It was easy to just get any girl and fuck her till she passed out but Toni wasn't the kinda guy. He introduced her to Gavina and they all enjoyed a nice lunch together. Now here came the tough part. The time passed and Ari fell asleep some time around 10 a. she and Toni got on board before most the others." She gave him a smile and her hand to shake which he did. They chit chatted about this that and the other thing when Gavina spoke up and began to tell Ari and Toni about some things in Scotland. when she was totally asleep. But inside he was just burning. "So your going to Scotland?" he asked her politely of course. They spoke of why and where they were both going and about Ari and her need to go to Scotland. she and Toni boarded she always got the window seat." she said with this Scottish accent that just made Toni wanna drool all over himself but being the guy he was that would never happen outwardly. Ari was a strong willed woman little bothered her except being in a confined space.

"Logan?" she chuckled. and as far as the other. She listened to the tale as Gavina went on to tell about the tale about how some time later about 5 years or so there was a major fight between Lord Duncan and Lord Colinsforth. seems she died in a horrible fight between clans.she sipped her tea. The story goes that this Italian Lady of state married into a well to do family. it was like she knew that name but. . so the story goes." Gavina just shrugged. I like the stories most about the werewolves that lived live in Scotland about 300 yrs ago or so. There were more wolves at one time then there were humans. there people would change flights to go where ever it was they were going. you don't mind do you?" "Nae its fine. He eats like a wolf. It is said that many years ago they roamed all over Scotland. the McCloud's. which brought around the untimely death of the lady. "I haven't heard him called that before except when our parents were mad at him and called him by his full name. Sounds terribly romantic" Ari got a chill down her spine when she heard the name Duncan. There was a tale that once they ruled much of Europe. Lady Revali and Lord Duncan were married on the castle grounds in summer at night they say under a full moon. "I guess each of us believe what we want. It is said that the sprites of those that lived among us still linger waiting for some one to return. like people do now. "Sit. Seems the lady and the Lord Duncan were childhood sweethearts. "They say that the leader is waiting for his beloved wife to come back." With that Toni barked at his sister playfully. to which she answered. some one destine to bring them back from their long sleep in the other world. there's no such thing. just don't call him late for dinner." "I like the name Logan I asked if he would not mind me calling him that. down boy" then laughed." Ari commented." "Werewolves. She sat back in her chair after kicking off her shoes and curling her feet up under her. That's when I knew he was in for it. "Well ok in stories and in movies but those are fiction" "Oh not it's true that there was more wolves then humans at one time. she did not know any one by that name. "When I was a young lass my granny used to tell me about the wolves and why they were so protected by some people in Scotland. Seems the McCloud and Colinsforth clans had a huge war and she was caught in the middle. She began her tale with the words. as Werewolves." She smiled as she spoke. They all laughed then Gavina told Ari and Toni about an old folklore story just to pass the time wile in route to the first stop which happened to be London.

" Ari about went pale when she heard that. Toni looked at his sis and went to her he took her hands in his and rubbed them gently. He reached out and grabbed her with paw like hands that were some what rough yet gentle at the same time. The time passing by as they spoke about each others pasts. She ran the water till it got warm and then washed her face and hands. Her hands grabbed at his huge biceps and held on to him. while his arms held her fast and secure. Once in side she could see her hands were shaking. what's the matter you look like you saw a ghost. "Just get some shut eye you'll feel better princess. they were like warm Caribbean waters. Her dream started like all the rest. she could not stop him from taking this kiss. warm soft and totally looking right into her soul. Soon his lips captured hers in a fiery. like she was watching some romantic movie of her own device. and with a blinding move she was in his arms as he carried her to the waters edge. He laid her down in the grass there. But. What the hell was going on. "No one is allowed to speak her name it is an old tradition. He pulled her to him leaving his bare chest to press to her." He whispered so only she could hear him. out of respect I guess. it was the face of some one . she got up and excused her self and went to the ladies room to wash her face with some warm water. I think I am gonna take a nap. but when she saw the face of her own self it wasn't her own. Slowly the chill went away and she went back to her seat where Toni and Gav were still talking. She felt her body get cold all of a sudden. and yes she dreamt of him. "Nothing. "Well hot wild sex makes one tired. He was drop to your knees and thank god for men gorgeous. Toni went and sat on the other side of the cabin with Gavina and talked more." He leaned up gave her a soft kiss and pulled a blanket down along with the pillow from the over head and tucked her in as it were." he could not help but joke he tried to make her feel at ease. A myst started forming about her feet though this time it was different now she could hear the sounds of water running like a stream or brook. "Hey. she is only known as Lady Bella. it was the same name from her dreams. it was like some one stuck her in ice or something."What was the woman's name Gavina?" Ari asked of the new friend they had made. She could not stop looking at his blue eyes. She turned to see where the sound was coming from and there he was standing almost right behind her looking into her eyes. while on the other side Ari slept and dreamt. just got the chill's is all I'll be fine. and she found her self giving into this stranger in her dreams. blazing hot kiss that struck her to the core. and such. maybe I am just over tired from last night" He smiled and chuckled. interests. She could feel her knees go weak under her.

Thing went dark after that for Ari. there in front of her where the lovers had been was now a grave surrounded by a ton of people. to give me a reason to live. Ari found her self moving towards the group. tanned light honey colored skin doe like eyes like the deep earth on a spring morning. There carved in white and black Italian marble was the name Lady Castalena Revali-McCloud Loving wife. something held her gaze." He said in hushed tones. it will not be long till you can hold me in your arms again and we can be together. All three had a hand laid to the kneeling mans shoulders. beside him was an older woman and man and a rusty redheaded guy. Niece. I have missed you so much. "Oh my beloved. she must have slipped into a deeper sleep or something because the dream faded. A priest stood by and read the benediction of burial over the coffin of this person. "Bella Mia. he weep like a child that had lost his parents. then they moved off slowly and the sounds of sobs could be heard clearly. Soon both were locked in a passionate embrace. I have missed my wolf as he has missed his Bella. He crushed her sweet body under his own pressing hard to her. Who was this woman she saw. it surely wasn't her. . and Beloved Friend In memory of my Beloved wife Bella My one and only forever Love Ari felt her heart drop from her chest she had this overwhelming feeling of despair and emptiness as the coffin was lowered into the soft earth. my life as been empty with out you in it to give me life. then slowly people seemed to gently throw dirt into the grave. eyes that you could easily get lost in forever. The dark haired man knelt by the coffin there. she felt a tear fall from her eyes as the wolf lay down on the grave again its head resting on the dirt. Ari found that she could not look away even if she wanted." With that she pulled him to her and kissed him passionately. All of a sudden she heard the sound of weeping and cries of utter despair. there on the grave stone she saw whom the burial was for. As the night fell a lone black wolf padded its way into the grave yard. but the woman was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen with dark thick curls. it was so sad that it broke even her own heart. but he had not. her fingers in his hair pulling him to her.she had never seen before. it made its way to the fresh grave where it laid down on the fresh turned soil and whimpered then out of no where it let out the most mournful cry she had ever heard.

grabbed her ass again. His breathing got harder and deeper the more he kissed her. my heart has never beat so fast before just from a kiss but it's electrifying. and I want you." His words filled her with a liquid heat she had never had before. once his jeans were gone her legs wrapped around his hips. he wasted no time. "I don't know what it is about you but it's as if I have known you. It was a heart pounding kiss. She caressed his face with her soft fingers. Soon there was a spark between them and Toni could not help him self he leaned over and put his hand behind Gavi's neck and pulled her to him for a sultry breath taking kiss that seemed to last forever. then went to the bathroom. why you asking if I want to join it?" she chuckled back an answer. "No. and kissed her neck as he felt her hands grab at his hair and pull him to her. sadly this was going to be a quickie but it was going to be a mind blowing one. . grasping her by the tight round globes of her perfect ass. She got off his lap thinking good thing they were in first class and had a private lavatory." His voice seemed to get a rather deep tone even in his hushed whisper. Her moan made him growl into her neck. He stepped into the bathroom and she was sitting on the sink looking at him. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes. pushed her skirt up. then was pulled to him again and into another kiss this time Toni's other hand pulled her body to him and into his lap. "I don't understand it my self it is as if I was looking for my other half and then you came in and filled the void. When his hands came up under her skirt he was surprised to find she wasn't wearing any under ware. Suddenly he broke the kiss and looked at her. her silken and wet slit tighten around his cock throbbing and aching to be filled to the hilt with him. "Ever been part of the Mile High club?" he grinned with a wickedly naughty smile.While Ari was dreaming away Toni and Gavi were getting shall we dare say a bit friendlier with each other. and pulled her to the edge. His vibrations into her lips were like feral growls coming deep from in his chest. almost biting her soft flesh. but he just gave it a hard nip. "Go to the bathroom and wait for me I am going to check on Ari then I'll show you a wild ride baby. His hands left her ass and undid the zipper of his jeans letting them fall to the floor. some inner beast that just woke out of no where with her. something was waking in him. He smiled and pulled her closer to him. Toni watched her go and already his cock was so hard he could pound nails with it. Moving over to the other side he checked on Ari to make sure she was ok and still sleeping. She threw her head back and moaned behind a hard bit lip." She looked at him and smiled. he moved up between her long legs. he whispered softly to her. Toni groaned and pushed himself into her with a hard fast thrust pulling her ass to him at the same time making it hard for her to get away.

"Fuck me harder Logan. His hands held her hips still as he raised his head and looked at her. surprisingly he bit her hard enough he drew blood. cum with me baby!" he growled into her neck biting her a bit harder then before." . when's dinner?" It was about 4 or 5 at night US time and his stomach was growling. In a whisper she spoke in his ear as she kissed his neck. Her body jerked as he slammed into her as hard as possible given the place they were screwing around in. Her moans became whimpers and soft cries as her body started to tighten and shake. filling her with his hot sticky seed. her muffled cries echoed in his ears making his hips thrust harder into her. his need to be in her great that it drove him wild. but his head turned as he heard something. "Cum Gavi. "Hurry some ones coming I'll leave first" with that he pulled and zipped his jeans up and scooted out the door before the attendant made it to first class. He heard her scream into his neck so no one would hear her scream. Toni bucked herder into her pushing her to the breaking point of cumming right there in a place they could get caught." He spoke in soft words so no one would hear them. I have never cum so hard before." She smiled at him.He could feel her hips rocking against him as she fucked him back as his thrust's got harder and deeper and faster. her hips moving in his hands. Toni's growls being muffled in the crook of her neck. "Yes. He whispered in her ear softly. His tongue swiped over the trickle of blood and groaned more." That was more then enough to make Toni just bang into her as hard as he could. deep and hard baby fill me with that hard cock. "That's what I came to inquire if you and the others were ready for some dinner. His cock twitched in her quivering dripping slit making her gasp ever so softly. just then her body let go and her climax hit so hard her whole body shook with vengeance as Toni's cock just exploded inside her. he wanted to say sorry for biting her so hard but the look on her face and in her eyes gave him the notion that that bite was nothing to worry over. "Logan. "Is there anything I can get you sir?" she asked him sweetly. I don't know what came over me I have never had such a need hunger or want as I have with you. "Gavi. Slowly their bodies' clamed and her legs relinquished their hold on him. The attendant makes it to first class and smiles. that was incredible. Toni's growls got deeper and a bit louder as he got closer to cumming inside her.

what were they gloating as it were about? A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. Gavina picked them up at 10 a. Smiling broadly at them both. when their flight arrived. She scanned the crowd as they came down to the claim area but nothing. She wore blue jeans and a green sweater. she figured they would enjoy the countryside more then the City. . Toni just had to hide a chuckle as the attendant asked Gavi what she wanted to eat.m. Real life seems not to like to wait for us writers *LOL* I hope like the others you all enjoy this next chapter in the saga. Thank you all once again. Ari work just in time for dinner."Yes. "Welcome to Scotland!" She boldly exclaimed with that sweet accent of hers that just made Toni's blood race. as she promised when she talked to Toni the night before. She looked over and saw her borther and Gavina smiling about something. she saw them. It was a surprisingly sunny day in Scotland for that time of year." He said to her with a nice smile as he saw Gavi coming from the bathroom looking like she had been washing her hands or something.**** Scottish Were Wolf and the Italian Lady They finally landed in Scotland and meeting them at the Airport was Gavina. they walked off arm in arm to the luggage turntable. 03 by IceKitten© ****I want to thank every one for the feedback and sorry that this has taken so long in coming. Once she had the orders she went to the galley and prepared the dinners. the next day while Toni grabbed the bags then they all headed off to her car. please that would be great thanks. Hoping the peace and beauty would wash away the dreariness of New York City. she was throwing a paper towel away. She waited down stairs for them both by the baggage claim area. boots her hair pulled back in a ponytail tied up with a green ribbon. She explained them she had made plans for them to visit the Castle when they were rested. Had she made a mistake on the flight or time? Finally. she made her way up and hugged and kissed them both. They drove for almost two hours to get to the quiet lil sleepy town where Gavina's family lived.

"Yeah. haven't you told Ari about the plane yet?" . he had not told Ari about the plane deal yet but guess now it was out and he heard her mind roll over and was ready for the loving sister torment and teasing. Toni and Gav talked about this that what he and his sister did while in Italy. just heard lots of screaming and groaning. Ari looked to the lush greenness of the countryside getting lost in its splendor as her brother and Gavina spoke to each other about things she was not even paying any mind too. with a chuckle in his voice. Or it's the sex?" Gavina could not help but put that last part in knowing Toni more then likely did not mention the lil tryst in the bathroom on the plan that one time. snickering like a small child would. he did not say anything. Gavi chuckled before she answered Ari's question. yeah sorry I was just thinking. making her move to the middle of the back seat where she was sitting so she could join in the conversation her brother and Gavina were having. Toni groaned when Gavi mentioned sex." she paused for a moment "I think I could be very comfortable living here. pulling her out of her faraway state of mind. "Oh that good is he? Hmm never heard that from the other women.As they drove. maybe he has an animal magnetism I just can't resist. "Where did that come from?" However. "Oh I don't know really." He smiled and gave her knee a grab slightly. not yet at least. resting her arms on the back of the seats in front. "Gavi what in the hell do you see in this lump any way?" She shoved Toni some." She chuckled knowing that would get Toni's boxers just in a bunch. "You with us back there princess or what?" He asked her." Toni looked at her with an expression on his face as if to say. "What's wrong love. "Well stay here on earth with the rest of us will ya. "Hey!She snapped her head when her brother poked her. "Hey do you mind when did my sex life become topic of this conversation?" Both women snickered a bit then looked at him. Ari moved up.

those two against him he was way out numbered. She made his heart race. . the trip had been long and she was tired. The door opened and two people came out smiling and calling Gavina. I'm just not sure how my fucking around became so interesting all of a sudden. Sure. Was he falling in love with her? He had not been able to get her out of his mind since that day on the plane. There was a woman who followed suit." He looked at them both shaking his head. she's has had nothing but nice things to say! Welcome. this. Toni could see where Gav got it from now. and that nothing important or of any consequence." The man shouted as he walked to Gavina giving her a hearty hug." He said. The rest of the drive all they did was chitchat. The car came to a stop waking Ari in the back seat. Gavina she was something he had never experienced before. now with his sister he needed some one on his side. his chest tighten. A man walked out making his way to Toni hugging him tight making him groan slightly as the man did so. I am spoiled now I can never go back to Vanilla now that I have had Spumoni."No. he had his time with other women but she was something very different. While Toni and Gav rambled on in the front seat talking with each other Ari closed her eyes and just rested. I know when I am beat. soon they arrived at Gavina home. He loved his sister with out a doubt. They all laughed more as both women almost said at the same time. "Welcome to Scotland my boy! We've heard so much about you from Gavina. It looked like a scene from a painting. Welcome!" The man was a bubbly sort very friendly. "Ok. Ari could see why Gavina was so beautiful. The house was two stories all stone with vines up the sides and front smoke coming from the chimney. "But. Fuck me I am surrounded by willful strong thick headed women I can't win for nothing." Her cheery voice rang out making all three of them laugh like mad." "Baby you are the best flavor I have ever had. "Are we here already?" she asked in a sleepy voice. "Welcome back lass! Thought you got lost or some thing. Ok I give. you love us. it's like I am the flavor of the month or something.

Heading off in the direction of the baying even though she was not sure where she was going but still she walked off. Da this is Toni and Ari. Midnight came and they all headed to bed except Ari. but soon the baying of a wolf in the distance broke the silence of the night. She could not get over how natural it felt here even Toni commented that he too he felt at home here strangely. Ari chuckled at the greetings her brother had gotten and smiled when the kind man gave her a somewhat tight hug as well. it was overwhelming. Come. They were sitting around the table talking. "This is so wonderful. The sound . Smiling the woman looped their arms together. Looking up she saw the dark blue-black of the sky with all its glowing sparkles of light it made her let out a soft breath. yelling. come you must be tired. Ari these are my mum and da. Mum. Here I'll show you to the rooms that are yours while you are here. Gavina and her parents talking getting to know one another a little bit better as dinner cooked. "Toni. Ari and Toni. no sounds of the city." She uttered quietly to her self. no guns going off just the sound of nature at night. The house is like your own home while you are here. even closer then before. Steven and Marian." Ari and Toni could not believe how sweet these people were being to total strangers. escorting Ari into the house while her husband and Toni got the things from the car. she went outside to sit on the swing out in front of the cottage. Toni and her parents had called it a night and headed to bed for the night. She heard and read about how nice the Scott's were but this did not seem to come close to what she imagined. Ari turned her head in the direction of the baying something about that sound made her smile. it felt so right to be here peaceful. We have your rooms all ready for you." "Gavi has told us all about you and your brother. then again. that you were coming to visit. Getting up from the swing. no need to stand on formality. They talked almost all through dinner and desert and late into the night before Gavina.Soon the mother followed suit hugging and kissing them both. and then meet the others downstairs. clean up. no screaming. Her heart starting to pound in her chest more and more the deeper she went. They changed. The next time it sounded closer. She was at the edge of a thick forest when she heard it again the baying like some wild call. she moved out into the field the grass so tall her hand brushed the tips softly bending them as she moved.

almost close enough she could just reach out and touch it. Now what is a lass like your self be doing out here in the forest alone on a night like this hmm?" Then she saw the ghostly out line of a mountain of a man no less then 6 ft in height and broad shouldered. She was stuck now she had nowhere else to back up too she was caught between this wolf and the tree. Then the light came up illuminating his face some. Andrew? Ari's head turned to the sound of the voice while the wolf seemed to understand and backed off with out so much as another glance at Ari. its head tilted to the sky its melodic haunting song echoing on the night air. "Andrew the wolf there he'd nea ever hurt a fly let alone a human less ye be hunting him then he'd nea give a fig what ye be. she kept going then it appeared a huge wolf standing in the clearing just beyond her. Foolishly. Her eyes locked on the shimmering orbs of some wild wolf it stole her reason and sense to run like mad back to the house. and then something made it jerk its head to the left. was all she could see of him just yet. "Who are you? What do you mean hunting humans?" Soon the yellow white light of a flashlight broke the pitch black of the night. she could not believe it. Don't run what ever you do just don't run. pulling her in just like her dreams. she took in a breath the first thing she saw were his eyes like none she had ever seen before. She took another few steps she looked back the house it was still visible she could in the dark of night the glow of lights in the window like a beacon of safety." Ari's eyes could not see the body to go with that voice but she knew it some how it was familiar. looking up at her. "God it's just going to rip me to bits if I don't get out of here. it sent a chill up her spine. "Sorry lass some times he can't help him self he thinks hunting humans is a game he really meant you not a bit of harm. The wolf began creeping its way towards her matching it seemed step for step with hers. and it was getting CLOSER! No more then ten feet from her its strode till it was now three feet from her. There in full view he was the face in her dreams. She heard a soft growling coming from the wolf.was so hunting. Her heart seemed to stop beating when she took in the image of his face. She felt a pang of fright when wolf lowered its head and looked dead smack at her. but her mind sparked the thought of just backing up slowly. "Andrew stop that back off with ye now go on go!" This voice came out of nowhere. Ari's world seemed to go for a spin with . She was sweating from the whole intensity of the moment. and then it was right on her sniffing at her." She kept telling her self softly until she backed her self into a huge tree letting out a huff of air as her back smacked hard into the rough bark.

Welcome to Scotland". His arms were like small tree trunks his just hard as a rock and his smell was like the forest. "Right then up ye go." He said and with out warning he scooped her up as if she were nothing. Soon his wife emerged from their room gasping at the site of Ari in the Lords arms being carried into her room Marian's voice become startled and alarmed when she spoke "What in all heavens!" she uttered loud enough to wake the others soon Ari was coming to be put to bed a thick blanket being pulled up over her by him. Ari put her arm over his shoulder as he carried her out of the forest and back into the tall grass field heading back for the house where she was staying. meeting Santa for the first time. "Lass can ye hear me are you alright?" "Huh? What oh yes. "Lass I think you best stay out of the forests from now on it can be a wee bit nasty out there if ye don't know where you're going. I think she's a wee bit in shock. He was saying something to her but dam if she really heard anything she just stared at him like a child at Christmas time. "Ah Steven I believe this is yours" he chuckled. She just looked at him still not able to figure out if this was real or a dream." "You're the American I have heard so much about.out her nothing but his face could she see no forest no sounds nothing just his face. it was like an inaudible sound for a while then the far off echo's started to resonate in her ears and she snapped out of her haze long enough for her world to come into focus. "Lords to heaven what happened?" Steven exclaimed as he motioned to come into the house. "Rest Bella you'll be fine I promise. . yes I am fine thank you very much. "Lass. She felt a cold shiver run down her spine as his words rang in her ears. "She was out for a stole and found Andrew. It was not a few moments later when the door opened." "Come in please her rooms this way." was all she could manage to utter." Steven said that while he walked up stairs then down the hall to her room was." He murmured softly but it was still like a something out of her dreams. Lass? Are you alright?" he asked of her and yet she did not respond to his words." He said to her as he came up to the house and pulled the chain for the bell. her voice just barely over a whisper like something out of some old movie. "Thank you.

"Come." Marian said as she hurried them all out and looked back at Ari. Something odd about the dark haired fellow made Toni stop a moment before pushed his way gently past the man and went right to Ari's side. tall grass the night sky above. Slowly she walked into the glade there was a stone pedestal in the middle lit up by pure moon like. once Toni saw it had to do with his sisters room he rushed across the hallway slamming right into the man coming out of the room. "She's alright lad she just had a wee bit of a fright out side. just illuminating the stone dais and its stone. sitting on the bed taking her hand in his." Toni looked at the man and felt the oddest sensation as if he knew him. . Out with ye now shoo. she be needing some rest is all." "Lost you never you could get any where from any where and back home. "Yes I'm fine really. Those eyes looking at her like a drilling gaze into her soul as if they knew her inner most self. out with you all. It looked like it had been there for years and years. It's been a long day for the lass with her trip and all. Toni went sprawling back but the other man's paw like hands grabbed and kept him up right." A deep baritone voice said coming form out of the dark somewhere. I just got lost is all. Finally she fell asleep and started dreaming again. Not knowing who or what it could be that was out there in the night with her. No worries. dreaming of him. "They call that Binders Bed. peaceful serene. he spoke to him. "Ari? What were you doing out there? You alright?" he asked her a few times before she looked at Toni and nodded." Ari nodded it was like a blur all she could see was his face when she closed her eyes. it was like a spot light.Hearing the commotion in the hallway Gavina and Toni came out of their rooms to see what was going on. she took a step back away from the figure. She looked at her fingers dragging as she walked the length of the stone. She walked over to it and ran her fingers over the year's worn stones surface. In a soft voice." He said as his hand caressed her face softly. "You go on and have a good rest things will be right as rain in the morning. she arched a brow as she saw a stain in the middle of the stone slab. Ari turned around not realizing any one was watching her. It started out like most the others her walking along in this glen trees.

The couple would come here if she were willing to give her self to her mate and on this rock in the moons full light they would make love for the first time and that stain there is from her blood. pulling her tight to his form the other hand slipping into the thick mane of her hair as he pressed his lips to hers in an almost crushing kiss. how long have you been watching me?" she asked though her voice seemed to quiver as she spoke. That stain is of her purity it is a symbol of the bond that time. She blushed at his comment for some reason. He scooped her up in his massively strong arms and places her on the stone slab looking down at her he caressed her face. He drank in the softness of her lips." He stepped out of the dark of the tree line. she could feel his tongue parting her lips and she willingly let them part searching out his tongue with her own leaving it to dance along with his wildly. She felt the fire of the kiss intensify the heat in her cheeks just as it had from the way he looked at her and spoke about the Binders Bed. inhaled her sweet scent. pressing her into him even more. Well so they say. 'There is no need to be afraid Ari. his body moved . "Do you believe in this fairy tale?" she asked wondering if he was telling her some folk tale or some strange tale to impress the strange American. Unknowingly her body leaned into his. She could feel her heart beat race making her breathing quicken as he deepened the kiss. He came closer to her almost reaching her in three huge strides. feeling her body molding to his." He said emphasizing the word Beauty in reference to her presence there." "Coming back? I have never seen you before how could I be coming back to you. and pulled her into his hard strong body. lowering his head to hers he kissed her softly but with such passion it made her knees weak. she felt the warmth rush over her cheeks and turned away. matter of fact I was wondering when you were coming back to me. "Not long I often come here for the peace and quiet and the beauty that comes into the glade. soon his other arm came about her waist. he was starving for her so badly it was like an endless hunger. "You. and tide can never break."They say the legion is that it was the rock where lovers took their undying vows to be with none other but each other. a soft groan escaped her lips as they kiss intensified. I am not going to hurt you. Slowly he broke the kiss and looked into her eyes as if he were looking into her soul searching for something in her. she moved back around to the other side of the stone slab looking at him." He smiled and walked around to the side she was on and looked down at her he reached down some and cupped her chin. His hand rested on the small of her back.

with a fluid grace as he positioned himself aside her body. Looking at her, he smiled while tenderly caressing her face. Slowly his hand trailed down over her throat over the bar part of her shoulder to the swell's of her breast's, down to her stomach trailing further still till his hand rests on her upper thigh. "Soon you will remember and understand and when you do I will bring you here again and make you mine." "Why do I feel like I know you? Why do you come to me like this?" "Soon Bella it will come back to you and you will remember but for now my love you must wake and dream no more this night of me." His voice trailed off into a whisper as he leaned in and kissed her again with the same fire and passion as the moments before. "Ari, Ari wake up sleepy, its morning." The voice in her dream seemed to get clearer as she started waking slowly but surely her eyes opened and there was Toni sitting on the edge of her bed shaking her gently to wake up. Ari's eyes blinked open and she saw Toni and arched a slender brow. "What the?" she exclaimed softly as she sat up in bed still dressed in what she had on last night. "Morn'n sleeping beauty, nice lil trip you took last night getting your self lost out there. Some tree of a guy found you brought you back, don'cha remember?" he asked her with a somewhat worried expression on his handsome face.

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. 03
by IceKitten©
"No, you dork I mean why I am still in my, oh never mind get out so I can get cleaned up and changed." "Awwww what I can't stay?" he teased her just as she swatted the hell out of his arm laughing as well. "God dam your getting bad what's gotten into you?" Toni chuckled. "I don't know but your look was great!" * He laughed and got off the bed

and went down stairs, she could hear him laughing the whole time. Some time later Ari came down wearing jeans and sneakers and such and sat at the table bidding all good morning. "Good Morning lass, feeling better then ya did last night?" "Yes sir I am thank you." "Sir? Pfft call me Steven lass that's my given name." She chuckled and smiled. "Alright Steven it is then." Soon breakfast was on the table and tea poured Marian dished up the sumptuous looking food. "Come now eat up before it gets cold." Marian said as she sat down. After a good meal and helping clean up Gavina took Toni and Ari to meet the lord of Black Wolf Castle, it came out over the hill like some stone guardian looking over the land. Ari could not believe her eyes it was the castle from her dreams it was real! She felt her heart begin to flutter and quicken the closer they got to the Castle. It was very real no longer did she think she was going crazy or insane. The got out of the car and made their way to the huge doors and pulled the chain to ring the old-fashioned bell then waited. Soon the doors open and a handsome red headed man answer the door. "Gav! I was hoping you would be coming over this morning. Come in lass come in." "Morning Drew, these are my friends Toni and Ari the Americans I told you and Duncan of remember?" "Aye, yes I remember. Come in all of you Duncan will be down shortly his lazy arse was still in bed till about 30 minutes ago. Please come in." They all walked in, Ari started looking around, and up taken back by how the old world seemed so alive in this place as if it was a living time capsule. "Let me introduce my self I am Drew, and you must be Toni?" He said as he put his hand out to Toni to shake it in a tight manly firm grip. The moment Toni shook Drew's hand he felt like a shock had gone into his body with the force of a hard punch to the gut but with out him doubling over, Toni's hand clinched hard to Drew's as they shook. "Aye Lad what a shake you got. Great grip you must be a boxer." Soon another voice joined in. Ari turned her head and her eyes widened when she saw

him standing there in full light not just the yellow eerie glow of the flashlight. "Welcome to Black Wolf Castle my home."

A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. 04
by IceKitten©
Book 2 Chapter 3 Welcome To Black Wolf castle "Welcome to Black Wolf Castle my home." She could feel the blood drain from her face when she saw him. How could she not stare at him, he was very gorgeous. He had a smile that made her heart skip a beat. His eyes looked into hers yet again as if they were looking into her soul. She felt that same chill run up her spine like the other night when he and she meet in the glade. "Well, hello you two again, I am glad to have you in my home." He walked to Tony and shook his, then turned and walked to Ari whom was still just staring him like she was in some sort of trance. "Good day to you Ari, I hope you are feeling better then the other night when we met. Ari did not say anything for a few moments as she was just looking at him still. "Huh? Oh yeah I am feeling great thanks. I want to thank you again for all your help." "It was my pleasure Arianna. What kind of man would I be if I let you come to some harm and not step in and, shall I say save the damsel in distress?" He smiled with a wickedly seductive smile, which made her knees weak, but she managed to keep standing. "This house has been in my family since the old days, more then 500 years now. Many of the Mc Cloud family's descendants have lived here in this house for as long as I can remember being told by my mother and father. I hear you are interested in the history of

I do not think you are insane so your worries can be quieted." " home. She thought now for sure she was or had gone crazy. He hoped with all his being. . though she really wanted to loose her self in his eyes that just captivated her immensely. Many wedding receptions have been held here over the years." She said to him still not having looked away from him. On the walls on both sides of the hallway were hundreds of family portraits and memorabilia that he must have inherited over the years. it's where we all gather when we have get togethers like parties and such. She moved down the narrow hallway between the great-room and seemed to be a study. she reached out for Tony's hand and took him off in the other direction." He nodded and smiled at here then reached out and moved a strand of dark red hair out of her sparkling eyes the eyes that held the image of his past and her own. Gavina looked at Duncan and Ari and smiled to her self." "Well. There were so many strange images from her dreams. that would be great thank you. I uh well this is going to sound utterly strange but I have." "Yours?" she asked him softly." She smiled and turned around and started walking off looking around at things as he told her the history of the house and the land it sat on. "Mine?" he chuckled. But my mother and father were married on the grounds here and I was born here as well. They both looked at each other and smiled. "This is the gathering room. Please don't think I am insane but. She might not yet remember it but soon he hoped it would come to her. By the time. They must have spent hours together talking about the house and all that had gone on there over 500 years. I can't tell you how much this means to me. Having not really noticed her brother and the others moving off she was taken by the hand and lead into the main room of the house. She shyly moved away from him. Faces she saw now in the paintings before her. how odd. I have been dreaming about this place all my life. they stopped walking they were in the rose garden. This house and Scotland. "Thank you so very much for the tour I enjoyed it immensely. I have not been able to think of much else since I got here. while Drew chuckled and walked off to go do some things in another part of the house. ever since I can remember. "No I am not married yet. Would you like a tour of the house and the grounds?" "Yes.

seems to me a true enough love has never been. the only difference was the hair color. Air turned to him with that far off look in her eyes and cocked her head slightly to one side her hand wanted to reach out and touch his face but something held her back. He took her gently by the arm. "Childhood sweethearts. When they were done it was some time after 2 pm and he invited them all to join him and Drew for an elegant dinner party they were having the next night." Her tones were as if she was far off in thought." He turned and pushed the door open to the Study. The woman in the painting had the darkest brown silken hair she had ever seen and doe like eyes to match. walked to the end of the hallway. "Who are these people?" She looked at him and the next words stuck in her throat cause she knew or at least thought he was going to think she was out of her fucken mind. There staring back at her was a woman who looked almost just like her. "She died something tragic.She turned to Duncan and then pointed to the paintings. Ari about fainted when she saw the woman in the picture. It is said he lived out his life in a small cabin not far from here." Duncan felt his heart stop at her words. He also offered Ari and her brother and open door invite to his home any time day or night." Before he could finish she finished for him. Duncan fought back the pain and the tears as he heard Ari speak of his beloved wife and mate. He talked to her about the family for what seemed like forever till they stopped at one picture. She died saving someone she loved. She called out for Tony but he was not answering. "It is said that he died the day she did. It was true his beloved Bella died saving him from being shot by Henry. the woodwork was very old but seemed to be in pristine condition. she was sure he was out having well his fun time with Gavina. . She held on to life for a week after being shot but the injury had been to much for her body to heal and she passed early in the morning about sunrise. They were. Duncan told her the whole history of the house and answered any questions she had. The suns rays lit up the dark wooded room and it shown with a deep rich rustic color that made Air marvel at the site. Never talking to any one ever. He was so in love with her his heart could not go on. and began telling her the Family History. Ari smiled and thanked him for all his kindness. they are from the first Mc Cloud till my self. they were meant to marry each other from childhood. "This is Castalena Revali. married to my name sake Duncan Mc Cloud. "These are the Mc Clouds my ancestors.

But. Long had he missed that soft warm smell of her on the air. Things sure were not what she thought they would be. She must have walked for hours but not back to Gavi's house. Nevertheless. she soon found her self out by the loch. "I know I have waited this long I can wait a while longer. Why was it all so real yet no foggy in her mind? She wrapped her arms around her and sighed softly watching the peace of nature pass her by slowly. but she'll remember her soon enough and you can be happy and live on a long time together. it was heavenly. The scene unfolded like it had in the past. long had it been since he looked into her eyes and saw her love for him." Duncan sighed and turned. For sure she thought that this was going to just turn out to be some crazy trip and that none of this really existed. Soon she found her mind drifting away to some other time. every night had he prayed she would come back. "Duncan?" Andrew's calling of his name pulled him out of his thoughts. one thing after another and she was not sure now what was real and what wasn't. like a dream but she was awake least she thought she was. I know it must be hard. her past she just didn't know it. For some reason she felt as she had been there before but. god it was real and she saw it and touched it. She sat there watching a man chase a woman around the tree below her. Was she really loosing her mind? Duncan looked out over the rose garden and took a deep breath. well she would try and make some sense out of it all. and now several hundred years past and now she had found her way back.She decided to walk to the house. He slightly looked over his shoulder at his life long friend and brother. soon the two were swept up into some lust driven embrace. She had no idea what she was going to do now. "Yes Drew?" "You alright. she found a place to sit down. All these things were coming at her left and right. I looked into her eyes and my heart about . I did not care either. She had been drawn there unknowingly. rocks over looking the loch and a huge tree. She watched them frolic. But gods man I wanted her the other night on the rock. he could smell her scent in the air. she wanted to be alone to think about everything that happened today. he looked out at the suns glowing rays as they peaked through the clouds. Ari found her self watching unable to turn away as if watching it all through some one else eyes. back to him. that can't have been she had never been to Scotland before this trip.

leaped out of my chest. the door opened the three women stepped out one at a time the front door to the ladies' dress shop opened. it was all that held me back. and fate had in stored for him." Andrew went to his brother and put his hand on his shoulder. "Oh don't bother dear she daydreaming about that large beast of a man and his . would it really work out in the end. back to him or was he going to live out his life like this forever. and a cheery woman greeted the trio. "Casta?" She heard her name ring out over the thumps and bumps of the carriage as it traveled along.. its been so long!. every part of me screams take her." Would it. Still on the other hand for him it was grinding on him hard.umm endowments. knowing she was with in arms reach and yet not being able to hold the woman he knew was there before him. he thought. ** The year 1779** **Place Black-Wolf Castle Scotland** The three women sat in the carriage as it made its way down the cobble stone streets of Edinburgh. just in reach of his true happiness? He would wait and see. The carriage came to a stop. Would she find her way home." Heather laughed heartily at her comment that seemed to snap Casta out of her dream. The other two women laughed hard as they saw the red in Casta's cheeks just beam from embarrassment. "AUNT HEATHER!!!" She screamed. "Hmm?" She said not really answering as she had drifted off into a daydream like state. "Welcome! Welcome! Lady Mc Cloud how wonderful to see you. "I know Dunc. Her aunt was just so mean at times to embarrass her in such a manner but it was all in the good sprit of fun and it made life so filled with joy and love she could never hold it against Heather. I know just a lil longer I know I can't really know how you feel but I know some what how you feel and I promise it will all work out in the end. breathing life's sweet air again. My head was the only thing that was reasonable. he would abide by what nature.' The . In truth she was thinking about the night on the rock and what had happened.

. it was like drawing of a sword on metal. "Ah how lovely. The rest of the day was spent on this and that. and for weddings. "MMM Lady Revali always a pleasure being in your company. getting things ordered for the wedding. ladies good day what a wonderful surprise to see you in Edinburgh. She heard his voice. "What do I owe this pleasure?" "Well. the one thing Heather believed in was when something was going on. but soon the joy was broken when Heather caught the sight of him. on a massive scale she like to get all the people in the city involved. "We are here having a ladies day out. we need two wedding dresses and a fashionable dress for my self as Angus and I are re-avowing our vows. so we came to you for your expert touch in dress making. They chit chatted and smiled having a good time. Castalena.woman hugged Heather and then led her in fawning over Heather in such a good-hearted way that all the women had to smile. like Bakers and Florists and so on." The woman squealed and beamed. The woman called out to her seamstress's and the whole shop was in a uproar for the rest of the time the three were there. there is no such better site as to see woman out on such a lovely day. she was just in a tether about having to make three dresses for such lovely women." It really was none of his business to as why they were there. and Shannan sat at this quaint lil café sipping something to drink. Heather might not have been a werewolf but she growled none the less under her breath. William spied the three and made his way in there direction. Henry was coming down the street and right for them. irritating. Heather got a very ridged back sitting there." Castalena said trying to get his attention off her aunt. "Well well." His words dripped with sarcasm. what brings you here?" Heather smiled politely as always then answered the insufferable man. Henry turned and smiled reaching out taking Casta's hand and kissing the back. There was nothing better then to help every one it was the best for all. She turned her head towards the carriage and the man nodded and disappeared suddenly. And do tell how are you ladies?" "We are well thank you kindly sir. Heather.

Castalena pulled her hand away after he kissed it and nodded." "Yes my lady. "My Lady are you all alright?" Carl asked with a lil edge to his voice. "Sir I am sorry but with out my husband here that is utterly impossible. Soon there was a slight thud on the roof of the carriage. She knew this would not be received well and was sure a scene would be made. after shifting back to human form and hurriedly redressing. I am happy for you." With that. "Thank you. yes Carl we are fine just get us home as fast as you can. Shannan jumped some and looked up. At that moment. "Oh really can I not convince you to stay for just a moment. "Worry not that is Carl. he was in wolf form and had jumped on the carriage as it pulled away. I really need to ask you something of great importance. would you do me the honor and become my wife?" With that. not much was said for ." Henry was seething inside as he walked the women to the carriage and held the door for them. "If you will so kindly excuse us my lord we must be heading home now. "I do wish you all the happiness to you and yours Lady Mc Cloud. There fore your request must be turned down. She slowly rose from her chair." "Oh. "Really? Well my congratulations. and any way she is taken and betrothed to my son. "Yes." Heather grabbed Castalena by the arm and Shannan's as well and headed for the carriage." Carl had been the man that had left when Heather looked at the carriage.' Holding the door for them till they had all stepped in he closed the door and the carriage jerked and pulled away. Heather felt her heart pounding from the encounter as it could have ended badly. and just what could that be sir?" "Well I was really hoping to talk to your family first. My good lady Revali. the carriage seemed to speed its way back to the Castle. but since your uncle is not about I will just have to ask you here and now. A moment later. please extend my best wishes to your son on his fine match with this gorgeous woman here. his head peeked in and looked at the three." She said with a sharp end to her word. Heather moved in and got between Castalena and him.

"Beloved?" "THAT ARROGANT INSULANT BASTARD!!!" She yelled out having stopped pacing and turning to her husband. "That slimy self absorbed bastard. "William!" her eyes seethed with anger and hate. tried to play me for a fool. The butler went and announced that the woman had returned and that the Lady heather was waiting in the study for the Lord and was not in a fair mood and wished to see him right off. He went right off to see what had her in a fury. should I announce you have returned?" "Yes please and tell my husband I wish to see him in his private study as soon as possible. "Shh my love. The carriage stopped out side the door to the castle where the butler received the ladies home with a bow and a smile. "Come now love who as brought this Scottish ire up in you? How must I kill?" Heather looked up at him. Angus knew when his wife was not in a good mood it must be bad. He opened the door and found his beloved wife pacing and talking to her self. the lords are in the garden." Heather regaled him with what happened in the city and calmed some but not much. He walked to his beloved wife and gently took hold of her arms. the tone in her voice making it clear she would handle this. it . surely those were not good signs. I will speak to them on this matter. "Welcome home M'ladies. "Say nothing to your Uncle or to Duncan. Gods she cursed and was yelling." Heather told him as she took off her shawl and hung it by the door then making her way up stairs to the private study. he could feel her from the garden. with his goodly ways and kind words!!! I should have slapped the bastard!" Angus caressed his wife's cheek softly lovingly. it was one of the things he so loved about her. gods she was gorgeous when she was fired up. tell me what happened and I shall right what wrong was done to ye.some time as Heather contemplated the matter at hand." Heather said to them both. some one truly pissed her off.

"Blast you and your wiles on me wolf. and then finally broke the kiss. The three were dressed in very Scottish attire for women. I love to see you this way. and it brought out his own beast." She tried so hard not to bust out into the giggles while saying that. "Toni my what cute knees you have dear brother I never knew. dam but he was in a mood seeing her riled up. Finally after about five or ten minutes of Toni and Steven. but not to often I am too old to fight you back. I will deal with him.took more then a caress to cool her anger. Toni and Ari wore clan colored Tartans of the Bryus's even though Ari and Toni were not of the Clan as it were they were guests and were honored as family.' He gave her a wicked grin. I will have what I want when I want. "Oh what a devil you are. and smiled. pulled her up into his arms. will it not? Woman you underestimate the will of this old wolf woman. He took her to there bedchamber and kicked the door closed with his foot. Angus listened to all she had to say and pulled her to him and from now where he kissed her with such passion and fire it caught her off guard. "Oh and more beloved." She looked at him and ooo'ed at him as she tired to get free. All one could hear was a growl coming from the room and Heather yelling no to her husband but there was a laugh in voice so all was well. he was shall we say helping it along. ." He did not let her go." She said swatting his shoulder. Ari smiled and chuckled seeing Toni in a kilt all dressed in Scottish attire she could not help it he looked so dam cute and all." That fire in ye I love so dearly. Trying to sway my anger are ye? Well it will not work this time. Worry not about that worm. **Modern Day ** The Bryus's Home: The two men waited in the living room for the woman to finish up getting ready so they could all attend the party that Duncan was giving in their honor at the castle tonight. tis what drew me to you. He kissed her for a long moment till his lungs began to burn. then Gavina and last but not least was Ari. "Nae." He chuckled. Steven had a inkling that fact of them being all family soon would happen. mumbling and joking the three women appeared there was Marian.

"Gavina you look stunning. Finally she thought her brother was now stuck. and winked at her. 04 by IceKitten© "Dear lady you look vibrant and lovely I am not sure the men will be able to keep their hands off of you tonight. Why. "Good gods! Your horrible boy!" she laughed. something in her wanted to flee and never come back." Ari could not help but roll her eyes at her brothers drooling over Gavina. you're not too old for me to spank. Ari never ran from a fight before she was not . how and for what reason she had not one clue. but yet in the same moment it all seemed so fated if you will." Toni looked up. Ari's heart was pounding in her chest something fierce like it would explode at any minute." He replied as he walked over to her and kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear how totally hot she looked in that red dress she was wearing. Ari sat in the back seat with Gav's parents while she and Toni took the other car."Oh don't you dare start lil girl. "Down boy she's mine yours is there" Stevens head motioned back over his shoulder where Gavina stood in a black tea length dress her hair up in curls and her clan tartan draped over one shoulder. smiled. it was sickeningly sweet and a nice change if she was being honest with herself. he was head over heels in love and acting like a drooling puppy over Gavina. But. A Scottish Werewolf's Love Book 02 Ch. Toni winked at Steven and then went to her gently kissing her lips and smiling. I think your husband might have to defend you. it was too funny. not to leave the other two lovely ladies out of his charms and such he grabbed Marian's hand and kissed the back of it and gave her a wolfish grin. Soon they all got into the cars and drove to the castle. "You're as bad a wolf as any in the country side!" Steven chuckled and walked to his wife and playfully smacked Toni's hand.

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