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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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Preface ............................................................................................................................................ 9 Pick of the Month ......................................................................................................................... 10 Union Budget 2013-14: Projected Expenditure Rs 16.65 Trillion ......................................... 10 Railway Budget 2013-14: Passenger Amenities, Main Priority ............................................ 12 Economic Survey of India 2012-13: An Overview and Highlights ......................................... 13 Nicos Anastasiades Won Cyprus Presidential Elections ....................................................... 14 India Got a Go Ahead on Kishanganga Project ..................................................................... 15 First India-Japan Maritime Affairs Dialogue was held .......................................................... 17 Ahmadinejad is first Iranian President to visit Egypt since 1979 .......................................... 18 President’s Assent to Criminal Law (AMDT.) Ordinance, 2013 ............................................ 18 SC: Seize operations of Unsuccessful Bidders of 2G Spectrum ............................................ 20 ISRO's PSLV-C20 Rocket successfully launched SARAL ......................................................... 21 Afzal Guru, the Convict of Parliament Attack 2001 Hanged ................................................. 22 Zhuang Zedong, Three-Time World Table Tennis Champion Died ....................................... 23 Giuseppe held on Bribe Charges in Defence Helicopter Deal .............................................. 23 Australia clinched ICC Women’s World Cup Trophy............................................................. 24 First Complete Bionic Man of the World Unveiled ............................................................... 26 World’s First Mercury Treaty adopted by 140 Countries ..................................................... 26 International ................................................................................................................................. 28 Hamadi Jebali, Resigned from Post of Prime Minister of Tunisia ......................................... 28 Prime Minister of Bulgaria Resigned Because of Protests.................................................... 28 Trade Deficit of Japan Hit Record in January 2013 ............................................................... 29 India & Sri Lanka Signed Agreement On Combating Terrorism............................................ 30 India and UAE agreed improve their Trade Relations .......................................................... 30 India-US Joint Working Group held its 10th Meet ................................................................ 30
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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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India and France agreed to Cooperate on Counter Terrorism ............................................. 31 Pakistan approved Deal to Hand over Gwadar Port to China .............................................. 32 India and Austria signed a Social Security Pact..................................................................... 32 United States of America filed a Civil Lawsuit against S&P .................................................. 33 Jackie Chan Selected As Member of Chinese Parliament..................................................... 33 India at 140th Position in Latest World Press Freedom Index ............................................. 33 International Quizzes ............................................................................................................ 34 World Dairy ................................................................................................................................... 38 National ......................................................................................................................................... 40 Panel to Examine issues of Cinematograph Act 1952 .......................................................... 40 SC: Govt. to notify Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal Award ............................................... 41 Committee to Review Functioning of Prasar Bharti ............................................................. 41 Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram launched in Thane ........................................................ 43 My India Initiative-A Digital Volunteer Programme ............................................................. 43 First Ever Live Twitter Conference arranged by Ministry of I&B .......................................... 44 PSL to Minorities Crossed 15 Percent Mark in 2012-2013 ................................................... 44 New 15 Point Programme for Welfare of Minorities ........................................................... 45 CBI Registered Case against Airtel and Tata Communications ............................................. 45 Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Bill approved ................................................. 46 NACO signed MoU with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare .......................................... 46 National Quizzes ................................................................................................................... 47 India Dairy ..................................................................................................................................... 51 Economy........................................................................................................................................ 53 BHEL & GAIL Granted Maharatna Status by Union Government ......................................... 53 ED Slapped 98.5 Crore Rupees Penalty on Rajasthan Royals ............................................... 53 CCEA gave its nod to Price Pooling Mechanism on Coal ...................................................... 54
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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

......................... 70 M&M Acquired Stake of Navistar International Corporation ............................................... 69 Parle-G is 1st Indian FMCG Brand to Cross Rs 5000 Crore Mark ..8 Per Cent in January 2013 .......... 65 Bharti Airtel Launched Emergency Alert Service for Women.......... 55 Railway Revenue Earnings increased by 20............................51 Million .......... 67 Makemytrip Launched Application Called Routeplanner ..................... 59 Uttar Pradesh Budget 2013-14: 221201................................................................ 56 Exports of India Increased By 0................................................................................................... 54 TRAI: Teledensity declined by 25..................................................................................... 58 Inflation went Down to Three Years Low to 6...... .................................... 73 www.....................62 percent s ............................... 55 CCEA approved Increase of MSP of Copra for 2013 Season ..... 59 RBI issued Guidelines for Licensing of New Private Banks ................ the Online Fashion Retailer Acquired Rival Inkfruit ..................... 66 ICICI Partnered With Aircel to Launch Mobile Banking Service...................... 65 Zovi................ 60 Economy Current Affairs Quizzes ..... 68 SC asked SEBI to Freeze Accounts of Two Companies of Sahara ............................................................................................ Third National Stock Exchange Made Debut in India .................................................................................................jagranjosh................................................................................... 67 Times Television Network Tied Up With MSM Discovery Pvt... 67 Flightsafety International Entered India ................ 62 Corporate .......................................... 70 MCX-SX............................................................. 68 GAIL (India) Signed MOU with EDF Trading ....................................................................................................Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 4 Economic Growth of India Estimated to Fall To 5 Percent ............. Ltd..................... 65 Thirty Software Companies Separated From NASSCOM .................... 73 Twitter launched Pay-By-Tweet Services..........38 Per Cent ...........19 crore rupees Budget ....97 Million to 895................................................................................................................................ 56 Comfort Letter issued by Finance Ministry.............................................................................................................................. 73 Telecom Operator Uninor closed its Operations in Mumbai ................................ 57 SEBI ordered to Freeze Accounts of Two Companies of Sahara Page 4 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ........................

........................................... 87 Sachin Tendulkar equaled Sunil Gavaskar’s record .................................. 79 HC ordered Gujarat to Implement Scholarship Scheme ........................................................................................................................24 crore on BCCI .................................................... Jharkhand ..................... 89 www............................................................ 78 ADB Gave 100 Million US Dollar Loan to Uttarakhand ....................................................................... 81 Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Projects Receive a Nod ............................... 81 Kerala Raised Age Limit to Buy and Sell Liquor from 18 to 21 ......................................................................................................................................... Mathews appointed Captain of the Sri Lankan Cricket Team ........................................ Williams Became World Number One Women’s Tennis Player .............. 85 India won 46 Medals in 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics ..................................................... 78 India & World Bank signed a Deal for KWDP II ........ 86 Ranchi Rhinos won Inaugural Hockey India League Page 5 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ....................................................... 80 CCI approved proposal for NKSTPP........................................................................................ 84 Marussia F1 Team Unveiled Their New Formula 1 Car......... 74 NTPC Signed 250 Million US $ Loan Agreement with Banks .............................................................................. 73 Pre-Consultation Paper on Mobile Number Portability Issued ................... 88 Lydia Ko is Youngest Winner Of European Tour Golf Event .......... 81 Sports ..................................... 84 MS Dhoni Named as the Vice-President of India Cements ................................................................... 85 CCI Slapped a Penalty of 52......................................................................................................... (BHPV) Merged With BHEL ............... 75 Corporate Current Affair Quizzes ......... First Indian State to produce over 500 million kg Tea .............................Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 5 AMR Sealed 11 Billion US Dollars Merger with US Airways ........ 84 Glenn McGrath Joined Australian Cricket Hall of Fame ................................................................. 89 S............................ 74 Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Ltd..........................................jagranjosh.. MR02 .................................... 88 A........ 75 State ........... 81 Assam................. 88 Horacio Zeballos Won VTR OPEN 2013 ..................................................... 78 Medical Treatment to be given to Criminal Offence Victims ....................................................................................................

..................................................... 100 NASA Satellite Data Found Freshwater Losses in Middle East ........................... 98 Scientists Created World’s First Digital Atlas of Brain .......................................................................................................................................................... Curiosity Drilled into First Martian Rock ............................ 99 Japanese Scientists Filmed Thoughts of a Fish for First Time...... 96 Shells of Snails Provide Information about Ancient Climate Page 6 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ........................................................................ 108 First Direct Presidential Election was held in Czech Republic ........................................................................ 108 NASA launched a New Communication Satellite called TDRS ............................................................................................................... 95 Hydro Projects worth 2500 MW accorded Clearance ................................... 96 Nepal Started Census of Endangered Species Tigers .............. of Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster ....................................... 98 NASA Scientists Discovered a 10-M-Year Old Star .......................... 90 Sports Current Affairs Quizzes .............................. Vasudeva Rao Appointed As Director of IGCAR ..................................................... 90 Marina Erakovic Won Her First WTA Title ..................... 101 Researchers Discovered Water on the Oldest Rocks of Moon ................................................... 102 One Liners .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 6 FIFA confirmed use of Goal-Line Technology at 2014 World Cup ..................................................................................................................... 93 Various Indian Reptiles Face Severe Extinction Threat: Study ........................................ 97 Science & Technology ...................................................................................... 93 Committee to Examine Cover on Elephant Habitats Constituted ................. 93 First Wildlife Skywalk of India to Come Up in Sikkim ................... 99 NASA’s Mars Rover........................... 98 NASA Marks 10th Anni.... 93 NASA Study Revealed Alarming Loss of Water in Middle East ............................................................. 100 Researchers Discovered Water on the Oldest Rocks of Moon ...............................................jagranjosh......... 102 Science and Technology Quizzes .................................................. 108 P........... 109 www............................... 91 Environment Ecology ............................................................................ 105 News Capsule .....

........................... 115 Mohan Parasaran Appointed As the Solicitor General of India .......... 112 Union Government of India approved setting up of NPCA ....................................... 121 Black Money Generated In India Would Exceed 10 % of GDP ............................................ 119 Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa Re-elected for a Third Term .............................. 121 NASA Re-Established Contact with ISS after 3 Hours . 123 www........................... 117 One Billion Rising Campaign launched ................. 117 Int.......................... 122 Ratan Tata Awarded with Life Time Achievement Award 2012 ....................................................................................................................................................... 110 Union Cabinet approved DRDO for developing AWACS for IAF .................................................................. 120 Ela Bhatt Conferred 2011 Indira Gandhi Prize .............................................................................................................0 struck the Solomon Islands ........ 121 T....... 118 Meteorite exploded over the Skies of Russia .............. R.......................................................................................... Interior Secretary ...... 111 Obama Nominated Sally Jewell as U......................................... Nariman Solicitor-General of India resigned from his Office ........................................................ 111 World’s Largest Prime Number Discovered............ 120 Judicial Probe in Kumbh Railway Station Stampede ordered ................................................ 116 Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Pass through Earth Poses No Threat .................. Shankar Honoured With Grammy Award ........................................... 114 Allahabad Stampede during Mauni Amavasya ....................................................... 109 Report: India accounts to 86 % Oral Cancer Figure ................. 112 Pt.........................................................jagranjosh.... Livni entered into Coalition Deal with Benjamin Netanyahu Page 7 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ........................................................................... Con............................................................. 113 Delhi Declaration of SAAN concluded ....................................................................................................... 110 Earthquake of magnitude 8.............. 115 Seventeenth Convocation of the NIMHANS held in Bangalore ................... on Traditional Medicine for SE Asian Countries............S........................................... 109 R.............Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 7 Sir Issac Newton’s 300-Year-Old Textbooks Discovered ... 119 Twenty-Seventh edition of Surajkund Mela ended ........... 113 Pope Benedict XVI announced his Resignation ...................

........jagranjosh......................Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 8 Two Blasts in Hyderabad claimed 14 Lives and left 119 Injured Page 8 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ......................................... 124 Silk Route Car Rally from Kolkata to Kunming ................. 123 NASA Scientists spotted Youngest Black Hole in Milky Way ................... 126 www................................. 124 Usha Mehra Commission Submitted its Report to Government................................................ 125 Questions of the Month.................................................................

Banking. the events have been evaluated using genuine methods and represented in a way that it meets the requirements of the readers in the best way. National. www. Science And Technology as well as Environment and Ecology. MBA as well as Board Exams of CBSE and State Boards. The perception of the stories allows a candidate to apply the theories behind the making of the event and face the challenges during the exams everywhere. so that your way ahead to competitive exams becomes easier. An expert team work hard to analyse the importance of every event in accordance to their occurrence and try to provide you with an accurate data in all formats. SSC. Hence. International. The magazine that we provide has been drafted to meet the requirements of different level of exams including IAS|PCS.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 9 PREFACE The Current Affairs PDF Magazine February 2013 includes the happenings of February Month. The PDF is planned to help you remember the events with a better perception. Sports happenings and Issues of different States of the country. Before being included in the magazine. Current Affairs makes you aware of the latest happenings of the world in almost every section like Economy. Corporate. The Current Affairs PDF magazine provided by us is reliable and one to depend on it for their preparation in terms of current affairs. it is a helpful guide for candidates of different levels of competitive Page 9 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh.

49 billion rupees for agriculture in 2013-14 RBI expected GDP growth of 5. 3511 crore allocation to minorities which is 12 per cent hike over budget estimates. This is 11. Health and Family Welfare Ministry had been allotted 37330 crore rupees. 14000 crore Rupees will be provided for PSB recapitalization. • • • • • • • • • www.65 trillion rupees and displayed concerns towards fiscal deficit.5% for Financial Year 2013-14 80194 crore rupees allocation have been made for rural development schemes including MGNAREGA. and INDIRA AWAS YOYANA. The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission will to continue during the 12th plan period.65 TRILLION The Union Budget 2013-14 estimated a total expenditure of 16. 1.94 billion rupees to rural development in 2013-14 Plan to allocate 270.65 trillion rupees in 2013-14 India's 2013-14 plan expenditure seen at 5.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 10 PICK OF THE MONTH UNION BUDGET 2013-14: PROJECTED EXPENDITURE RS 16.jagranjosh. ICDS gets 17700 crore rupees.7 percent more than the current year.400 crore was provided for setting up water purification plants to cover arsenic and fluoride affected rural Page 10 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . slow growth and high inflation. He will constitute a panel on transaction costs.55 trillion rupees To allocate 801.049 crore rupees for agricultural ministry and additional 200 crore to women and child Welfare Ministry. Allocations also include 13215 crore rupees for mid day meal programme. 500 Crore rupees have been earmarked for high tech crop diversification program. PMGSY. Education gets 65867 crore rupees. Drinking water and sanitation will receive 15260 crore rupees. an increase of 17 percent over RE for 2012-13. 110 crore rupees allotted for welfare of disabled. UNION BUDGET 2013:14: HIGHLIGHTS • • • • • • Total budget expenditure was Estimated at 16. 65867 crore rupees have been allocated to the Ministry of Human resources development which is 17 per cent hike over the revised estimates. 27. and financial policies.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • • • • • • • • • Page 11 Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) Refinance Fund doubled to an amount of 10000 crore rupees. Refinancing capacity of SIDBI rose to Rs. Plans of Government are to encourage PPP projects along with Coal India. 2000 for the tax payers in the first bracket of 2 to 5 lakhs. New taxes to yield 18000 crore Rupees. Finance ministry approved 50000 crore Rupees tax-free bonds in FY14. 3000 km of road projects will be awarded in first six months of FY14. A grant of 100 crore each has been made to 4 institutions of excellence including Aligarh Muslim University. A surcharge of 10 percent on persons (other than companies) whose taxable income exceeds Rs. The Bank will be set up by October 2013. Tobacco products. Heritage (INTACH). SUVs and Mobile Phones to cost more.  • • • • • • Union Budget 2013-14: List of Commodities on which Taxes Increased or Decreased Union Budget 2013-2014: New Plans and Schemes Introduced and Proposed Union Budget 2013-14: Allocation of Funds to the Social Sector www. Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme launched for recovering service tax dues. 9000 crore Rupees earmarked as the first installment of balance of CST compensations to different States/UTs. Guwahati and Indian National Trust for Art and Page 11 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) for textile to continue in 12th Plan with an investment target of 151000 crore Rupees. 14000 crore Rupees will be provided to public sector banks for capital infusion in 201314.jagranjosh. 1000 crore Rupees initial capital for a new women's bank which will be another public sector bank. P Chidambaram announced setting up of a new all-women's bank.000 crore. The government expects to raise 25000 crore rupees via tax-free bonds in FY13. Tata Institute of Social Sciences.1 crore has been levied. An amount of additional 10000 crore rupees allotted for Food Security Bill in FY14. Banaras Hindu University. Relief of Rs. 10.

No increase in passenger fares 500-km new lines to be completed in 2013-14 Diesel price hike added 3300 crore rupees to fuel bill of Railways Railways hopes to end 2013-14 with a balance of 12506 crore rupees Concessional fare for sportspersons Five fellowships to be announced to motivate students Seek to fill 1. Elimination of 10797 level crossings during the 12th Plan and no addition of new LCs to the IR system henceforth. Passenger Amenities and Fiscal Discipline and 106 new trains (67 Express trains. Consolidation. 8 DEMU and 5 MEMU) are to be launched on different routes.52 lakh vacancies in railways this year. Introduction of Train Protection Warning System on Automatic Signaling Systems. Five Percent Increase in freight to push Inflation. 47000 vacancies for weaker sections and physically challenged to be filled up soon Target of 4000 crore rupees for railway production units in 2014 Induction of e-ticketing through mobile phones.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Union Budget 2013-14: Allocation of Funds to Industrial Sector Page 12 Union Budget 2013-14: Allocation to Rural Development.jagranjosh. MAIN PRIORITY The Thrust of this year Railway Budget was on Safety. Rigorous trials of the indigenously developed Train Collision Avoidance System. Four companies of women RPF personnel set up and another 8 to be set up to strengthen the security of rail passengers. 26 passenger Page 12 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . 60 more 'Adarsh' stations www. SMS alerts to passengers Free Wi-Fi facilities in select trains. especially women passengers Recruitment to RPF with 10% vacancies reserved for women. Agriculture and Food Security RAILWAY BUDGET 2013-14: PASSENGER AMENITIES. MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS AT A GLANCE • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Deployment of new generation energy efficient electric locomotives and EMUs.

reservation fee. Railway Budget 2013-14: 67 New Express Trains Announced Railway budget 2013-14: New Initiatives Railway Budget 2013-14: New Plans and Schemes ECONOMIC SURVEY OF INDIA 2012-13: AN OVERVIEW AND HIGHLIGHTS High rates as well as policy constraints adversely impacted investment and thus the growth of GDP and other macro aggregates achieved was 5. Announcement Facility and Electronic display boards in train. which was 1.0 percent in the economic survey 2012-13.6 pct by March2013 Focus on curbing imports.yet losses continue to Page 13 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . clerkage charge. 24000 crore in 2012-13 Proposal for setting up of Railway Tariff Regulatory Authority formulated and at interministerial consultation stage.2 percent less than that of 2011-12.8 pct of GDP in 2013/14 Government target for fiscal deficit is 3 pct of GDP in 2016/17 Headline WPI inflation may decline to 6. THE MAJOR HIGHLIGHTS OF THE ECONOMIC SURVEY 2012-13 ARE • • • • • • • • GDP growth seen at 6. Complimentary card passes to Olympic medalist and Dronacharya Awardees for Rajdhani Shatabdi Trains.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • • • Page 13 The number of passenger trains has increased from 8000 in 2001 to over 12000 in 2012 . making oil prices more market determined to reign in current account deficit Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) flows need to be targeted towards long-term rupee instruments Prioritisation of expenditure seen as key ingredient of credible medium-term fiscal consolidation plan Raising tax to GDP ratio to more than 11 percent seen as critical for sustaining fiscal consolidation www.1-6. cancellation charge and tatkal charge marginally increased.7 percent in 2013/14 Government target for fiscal deficit is 4. It is estimated to be Rs. Supplementary charges for super fast trains.jagranjosh.

Cyprus had also asked European Union for bailout in order to shore up the banks. the centre-right DISY (the Democratic Rally) party leader won the presidential elections of Cyprus on 24 February 2013 with 57.6 Billion at December 2012 end NICOS ANASTASIADES WON CYPRUS PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS Nicos Page 14 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Back in July 2012. For this. The economy of Cyprus is in recession. MAJOR CHALLENGES TO BE FACED BY NICOS ANASTASIADES The major challenge that would be faced by Nicos Anastasiades is that Cyprus is standing on the verge of bankruptcy because of knock-on effect of the economic despair of Greece. The term of his office starts from 28 February 2013.5 percent votes in the election.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • • • • • • • • • • Room for accommodative monetary policy with expected fiscal consolidation Page 14 India likely to meet fiscal deficit target of 5.3 pct of GDP in 2012/13.5 percent votes. private bondholders had to suffer losses. despite significant shortfall in revenues Recommends curbing gold imports to reign in current account deficit Room to increase exports in the short run limited Industrial output seen growing around 3 pct in 2012/13 Government priority to fight inflation by reducing fiscal impetus to demand as well as by focusing on incentivizing food production More jobs in low productivity construction sector Balance of Payments under pressure with net exports decline Service sector has shown more resilience despite global slowdown Pitches for hike in price of diesel and LPG to cut subsidy burden Railway freight grows by 5. resulting in Cyprus’s banks losing 75 percent of the investments. As a result of the bailout deal for Greece as well as restructuring of debts. Nicos Anastasiades had a very easy-going victory over Communist-backed Stavros Malas who secured 42. Nicos Anastasiades after winning therefore declared that his first priority would be to reinstate the credibility of Cyprus. www.jagranjosh.1 per cent in 2012-13 Foreign Exchange reserves remains steady at USD 295. he would favour deals with the foreign lenders.

He is the leader of centre-right DISY (the Democratic Rally) party since 1997.jagranjosh. But it restrained India from adoption of the drawdown technique of flushing for clearing the sedimentation of the run-of-the river project that had been designed and asked it to adopt a different technique for generation of 330 MW power facilities. Dimitris Christofias who served the office from 28 February 2008 and will remain into the designation till the end of his term on 28 February 2013. The office of the President of Cyprus was formed in 1960 after the country achieved its freedom from the UK. ABOUT NICOS ANASTASIADES • • • Nicos Anastasiades is a 66-year old lawyer and a member of the Cyprus’s parliament since Page 15 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The President of the Republic of Cyprus is also known as the head of the state as well as the head of the government of Cyprus. The aim of the newly elected president would also be to exploit the immense natural gas. Eventually. • • INDIA GOT A GO AHEAD ON KISHANGANGA PROJECT The Court of Arbitration at The Hague on 18 February 2013 allowed India to go ahead with the Construction of the Kishanganga hydro-electric project in Gurez valley near Bandipura in North Kashmir. IMPORTANT FACTS • Presidential elections took place in the Republic of Cyprus on 17 February 2013. Dimitris Christofias belonged to the Progressive Party of Working People. The Court had also demanded the environmental flows statistics of the project. which in turn would bring energy as well as income. a runoff took place on 24 February 2013 where Nicos Anastasiades emerged as the winner. the court rejected the plea of Pakistan that the construction was a violation of 1960 Indus Water Treaty. chaired by Stephen M. The Court of Arbitration. for generation of hydro-electric power. None of the candidates received 50 percent of the overall votes from first round. Nicos Anastasiades would be replacing the former President of Cyprus. Schwebel in its orders stated that India can move ahead with the diversion of water plans of Kishanganga that is a tributary of Jhelum.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 15 New president Nicos Anastasiades would be required to finalise the deal with 16 countries which use Euro as the currency as well as with International Monetary Fund (IMF). www.

But India denied the charges forced on to it by explain that the country reserved its rights to divert the water from one of the tributaries of Jhelum to another. India is diverting the waters of the river from the dam site to Bonar Madmati Nallah that is another tributary of Jhelum. ISSUES RAISED BY PAKISTAN IN THE COURT OF ARBITRATION • The project is being developed at the downstream of Kishanganga River that is known by the name Neelam in Pakistan and is a tributary of Jhelum. India planned to use modern drawdown flushing technique for sedimentation management in the dam. The Indus system of rivers comprises three Eastern Rivers (Ravi. The Indus Waters Treaty 1960 was signed on 19.1960 between India and Pakistan. ii.jagranjosh. It is however effective from Page 16 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .09. iii. The technique requires waters to be brought below the dead storage level (as per the treaty the water can be reduced below the dead storage level only in cases of unforeseen emergency) and was this plan was accepted by the neutral expert during the Bahlihar dispute with Pakistan. Jhelum and Chenab and their tributaries). ISSUES FOR PAKISTAN FROM ITS PERSPECTIVE Pakistan on 17 May 2010 raised objections on the making of the Kishanganga Hydro-power project for which it demanded setting up of the Court of Arbitration. the members from the Court of Arbitration. Under the Treaty. • In June 2011. Pakistan initiated the arbitration against India with a charge that India violated the provisions of the Water Treaty between the two countries. The Hague visited India as well as Pakistan for inspection of the site.04. Beas and Sutlej and their tributaries) and threes Western Rivers (Indus.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 16 Bhaswati Mukherjee. Indian Ambassador and her Pakistani counterpart Fauzia Mazhar Sana received the Judgment of the Court at The Hague. India is under obligation to let flow the waters of the Western Rivers except for the following uses: (a) Domestic Use (b) Non-consumptive use (c) Agricultural use as specified www. the waters of Eastern Rivers are allocated to India. BRIEF PROVISIONS OF INDUS WATERS TREATY 1960 i.1960.

The Kishanganga hydro-electric project is a 3600 crore project. KISHANGANGA PROJECT Kishanganga hydro-electric power project is a 330 MW project under its construction phase on the Kishanganga River and is developed by the National Power Corporation in Gurez Valley. maritime security including non-traditional www. As per Pakistan. It provides resolution to the disputes related to intergovernmental organizations. The PCA can assist in the selection of arbitrators. The Commissioners of the Indus Waters may discuss the questions arising under the Treaty under Article IX of the Treaty related to Settlement of Differences and Disputes and in the case of non-resolution. FIRST INDIA-JAPAN MARITIME AFFAIRS DIALOGUE WAS HELD The first India-Japan Maritime Affairs Dialogue was held in New Delhi on 29 January 2013. the diversion of the water of Kishanganga as well as implementation of the drawdown flushing technique at Kishanganga project as well as other hydro-electric plants were the violation of the Treat signed in 1960. named Indus Water Treaty. It is an intergovernmental organization (IGO) that provides a variety of dispute resolution services to the international community. PCA provides services for the resolution of disputes involving various combinations of Page 17 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . take further action under this Article for resolution through a Neutral Expert. The work on the project started in the year 1992. and private parties. Netherland. states. state entities. Issues of mutual interest were discussed. negotiators or Court of Arbitration. PCA is located in The Hague. state entities and private parties. Kishanganga is called Neelam in Pakistan. PERMANENT COURT OF ARBITRATION The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) was established during the First Hague Peace Conference 1899 by a treaty. ARTICLES UNDER CONSIDERATION • • Article III (2): Let flow all waters of the Western Rivers and not permit any interference with the water Article IV (6): Both the countries require use of the best endeavors at each other’s end for maintenance of natural channels of the rivers and should avoid all the steps that may obstruct the flow of these rivers creating a material damage at the end of any of the two parties.jagranjosh. near Bandipura in North Kashmir. and may be called upon to designate or act as appointing authority. inter alia. intergovernmental organisations.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 (d) Generation of hydro-electric power as specified Page 17 ix.

The other reason for the tension is naming of a street in Tehran by the name of the Islamist. in the Ministry of External Affairs and the Japanese delegation by Mr. Deputy Director General (Ambassador). which was then replaced by the Islamic republic under Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.jagranjosh. Mohamed Morsi. when Iran stood against the influence of Western Power in the Middle East. a shoe was thrown on Ahmadinejad by a Syrian protestor after which he managed to flee from there. the leader of the revolution. TEHRAN'S 1979 ISLAMIC REVOLUTION The Islamic Revolution of 1979 was the series of events that took place for overthrowing the Pahlavi dynasty under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. He flew into the Egyptian capital city Cairo for attending the summit of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) that started on 6 Feb 2013. PRESIDENT ’S ASSENT TO CRIMINAL LAW (AMDT.) ORDINANCE. Ahmadinejad received a red carpet welcome by the President of Egypt. marine biodiversity and cooperation at various multilateral Page 18 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . marine sciences and technology. This was the time. The Indian delegation was led by DB Venkatesh Varma. namely Europe and United States. an ancient mosque. Kazuyuki Yamazaki. The President www. the predecessor of Hosni Mubarak concluded a peace treaty with Israel in 1979 to became an ally with the Western Powers. During his visit to the al-Azhar.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 18 threats. cooperation in shipping. who was responsible for the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981. the President of Iran on 5 February 2013 became the first Iranian leader to visit Egypt after Tehran's 1979 Islamic revolution. AHMADINEJAD IS FIRST IRANIAN PRESIDENT TO VISIT EGYPT SINCE 1979 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Joint Secretary (Disarmament and International Security Affairs). REASON FOR TENSIONS BETWEEN IRAN AND EGYPT The relations between the two countries went sour since late 1970’s. The Presidents of the two nations discussed on the ways to improve relations between them and to resolve the Syrian crisis without resorting to military intervention. when Anwar Sadat (Egypt). During this historic visit to Egypt. Foreign Policy Bureau. 2013 for sharpening the laws against sexual assault. Pranab Mukherjee on 3 February 2013 agreed to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. Ahmadinejad’s visit to Egypt was scheduled to improve the ties between the two countries. 2013 The President of India.

jagranjosh. punishment for sexual assault.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 19 mandated harsher punishment such as death penalty for the offenders in such cases where the victim either dies or lands into the vegetative state. 376. The amended law would come into force almost immediately. 2013 This Ordinance may be called the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. It shall come into force at once. sexual assault by husband upon his wife during separation. sexual assault by gang and punishment for repeat offenders. 1872: Evidence of character or previous sexual experience not relevant in certain cases. • • • • • • • • WHAT DOES THE CRIMINAL LAW (AMENDMENT) ORDINANCE. 1872: Presumption as to absence of consent in certain prosecution for sexual assault. employing of a trafficked person. Substitution of new sections for sections 375. 1872 : Witness unable to communicate verbally. sexual intercourse by a person in Page 19 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . 376B. 2013 INCLUDE? www. 376A. voyeurism. Insertion of new sections 326A and 326B to the Indian Penal Code: Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by use of acid. Substitution of new section for section 114A of the Indian Evidence Act. Insertion of new sections 354A. • Insertion of new section 166A to the Indian Penal Code: Public servant disobeying direction under law. Substitution of new sections 370 and 370A for section 370 to the Indian Penal Code: Trafficking of person. stalking. FEATURES OF THE CRIMINAL LAW (AMENDMENT) ORDINANCE. voluntarily throwing or attempting to throw acid. 376C and 376D to the Indian Penal Code: Sexual assault. Insertion of new section 198B of the Code of Criminal Procedure: Cognizance of offence Insertion of new section 53A of the Indian Evidence Act. Substitution of new section for section 119 of the Indian Evidence Act. 354B. 354C and 354D to the Indian Penal Code: Sexual harassment and punishment for sexual harassment. 2013. Assault or use of criminal force to woman with intent to disrobe. punishment for causing death or resulting in persistent vegetative state of the victim.

if before the expiration of that period resolutions disapproving it are passed by both Houses. These crimes were given the status of specific offences under the Indian Penal Code.Where the Houses of Parliament are summoned to reassemble on different dates. except when both Houses of Parliament are in session. SC: SEIZE OPERATIONS OF UNSUCCESSFUL BIDDERS OF 2G SPECTRUM Page 20 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . the Parliament needs to pass the ordinance. it shall be void. Article 123 includes power of president to promulgate ordinances during recess of parliament. (2) An Ordinance promulgated under this article shall have the same force and effect as an Act of Parliament. but every such Ordinance(a) shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament and shall cease to operate at the expiration of six weeks from the reassembly of Parliament. the period of six weeks shall be reckoned from the later of those dates for the purposes of this clause. ARTICLE 123 OF THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA (1) If at any time. (3) If and so far as an Ordinance under this article makes any provision which Parliament would not under this Constitution be competent to enact. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. the President is satisfied that circumstances exist which render it necessary for him to take immediate action. acid attacks as well as disrobing of women.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • Page 20 The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. upon the passing of the second of those resolutions. 2013 was given assent by the President and it includes stalking. The ordinance brought changes to the clauses of already-existing criminal law by making amendments in Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC).jagranjosh. The ordinance was approved by Union Cabinet of India on 1 February 2013. and (b) May be withdrawn at any time by the President. The ordinance is an impact of the Delhi gangrape which took place on 16 December 2012 in a moving bus. • Part V the Union CHAPTER III of the Constitution of India grants legislative powers to the president to pass the ordinance. DURATION OF THE ORDINANCE An ordinance once passed by the President of India remains into force for a time period of six months. Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Evidence Act. Explanation . 2013 comprises of various recommendations from the JS Verma committee as well. or. Within this period. he may promulgate such Ordinances as the circumstances appear to him to require. voyeurism.

The President of India.jagranjosh. SATELLITES LAUNCHED BY PSLV-C20 ROCKET • • • • • • 410-kg SARAL with payloads . whose licenses were cancelled by it. The Supreme Court bench of two Judges that comprised justices G S Singhvi and K S Radhakrishnan directed the telecom companies whose licenses were scrapped on 2 February 2012 but allowed to function were supposed to pay back the reserved price fixed for the licenses during the first round of November 2012 auction. Pranab Mukherjee witnessed this launch from mission control centre at Sriharikota. The fresh auction took place after the licenses issued earlier were scrapped by the Court. ISRO'S PSLV-C20 ROCKET SUCCESSFULLY LAUNCHED SARAL Six foreign micro and mini spacecrafts as well as the Indo-French oceanographic study satellite. The Supreme Court also cleared that the Court would soon order the companies. which were successful in winning their biddings in the actions those were held on 12 November and 14 November 2012 to start operations in their respective circles immediately.Argos and Altika Two micro-satellites UniBRITE and BRITE from Austria AAUSAT3 from Denmark Strand from United Kingdom Micro-satellite (NEOSSat) Mini-satellite (SAPPHIRE) from Canada Page 21 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . SARAL (Satellite for Argos-3 and Altika) were launched successfully by ISRO's PSLV-C20 rocket on 25 February 2013 from the spaceport at Sriharikota. The Court in its declaration cleared that the Judgment pronounced in February 2012 was not applicable for the telecom companies that holds spectrum in 900 MHz band as the orders of February 2012 held’s no bearing on litigations related to 900 MHz band. The Court also ordered to put on immediate and fresh auction the entire 2G Spectrum.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 21 The Supreme Court (SC) of India on 15 February 2013 directed the telecom companies that failed to win bidding in the fresh 2G Spectrum Auction or didn’t participated into it to cease their operations immediately. The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) of Indian Space Research Organization’s (ISRO) flew from first launch pad of Satish Dhawan Space Centre and was successfully put into the orbit.

AFZAL GURU’S SECRET HANGING WAS CALLED OPERATION THREE STAR Operation Three Star: Code name given to secret plan for executing Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist Afzal Guru in Tihar Jail on 9 February 2013. Operation Three Star started on 4 February 2013. ISRO also has plans to launch the Geo-Synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle that has indigenous cryogenic engine. ARGOS-2 will help in collecting the data. the convict of 2001 Parliament attack was hanged on 9 February 2013 at 8 AM in Tihar Jail. along with the India’s mission to Mars. MORE MERCY PLEA’S RE JECTED BY THE PRESIDENT. SARAL will study the sea surface heights and ocean currents. both of which are scheduled for 2013. SARAL will also assist researchers in studying about the climatic developments. The Supreme Court of India pronounced the death Sentence for Afzal Guru in 2004 for masterminding the terrorist attack on Indian Parliament on 13 December 2001. SARAL.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 22 These seven satellites were launched successfully by PSLV which depicted its versatility and recorded 22nd successful flight consecutive. New Delhi. A few top officials of Home Ministry were aware about secret Operation Three Star. protection of biodiversity and coastal erosion. AFZAL GURU. Its practical applications include study of migration of the marine animals. The decision of hanging him came after the mercy petition filed was cancelled by the President of India. PRANAB MUKHERJEE www. Pranab Mukherjee on 23 January 2013.jagranjosh. leading to the death of about a dozen of people including the security persons as well as civilians. THE UNIQUE SATELLITE • • • • • • SARAL is said to be a very unique satellite which serves the research community. while Altikameter will be responsible for measuring the height of sea surface. THE CONVICT OF PARLIAMENT ATTACK 2001 HANGED Mohamammed Afzal Guru. THE 2001 PARLIAMENT ATTACK The terrorist of Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad managed to attack on the Parliament of Page 22 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . This satellite will assist the researchers in oceanographic studies. continental ice studies. just a day after the President of India Pranab Mukherjee rejected mercy plea of Afzal Guru.

was hanged in a Yerwada Jail. ZHUANG ZEDONG DIPLOMACY AND PING-PONG Zhuang Zedong remained a crucial figure in pingpong diplomacy of 1971 and is popularly also called the Architect of Ping-Pong Diplomacy. This was done to normalise relations between these two countries. he was hanged at Yerwada Central Jail on 21 November 2012.jagranjosh. the terrorist caught during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai. Karnataka and his plea was rejected by the President on 4 January 2013. the person convicted for murdering his daughter and wife and was sentenced to death. He won a range of events in 1960s. Ajmal Kasab. Ping-pong diplomacy means exchange of the table tennis (pingpong) players between China and US. GIUSEPPE HELD ON BRIBE CHARGES IN DEFENCE HELICOPTER DEAL Giuseppe Orsi. Pune in a top-secret operation on 21 November 2012. He was aged 72 years. the table tennis legend died in Beijing on 10 February 2013 following lengthy fight with cancer. Zhuang Zedong is a three-time world table tennis champion. Hanging of Mumbai terror attack militant Ajmal Kasab was called Operation X. Belgaum. THREE-TIME WORLD TABLE TENNIS CHAMPION DIED Zhuang Zedong. THE DEAL www. Ajmal Kasab and Saibanna Ningappa Natikar. He was renowned for chance meeting with Glenn Cowan. ZHUANG ZEDONG. head of an Italian defence and aerospace giant Finmeccanica was arrested in Milan on 11 February 2013 on the charges of his alleged involvement in the bribery activity to secure an Indian defence helicopter deal of 3600 crore rupees.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 23 Before rejection of Afzal Guru’s mercy plea. Saibanna Ningappa Natikar currently lodged in the Central Prison at Hindalga. two more mercy pleas were rejected by the President in the recent past and they include the mercy pleas of 26/11 Mumbai Terror Attacks convict. the US table tennis player during 31st World Table Tennis Championships in Page 23 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . He was arrested in relation to the probe of the international corruption.

ABOUT FINMECCANICA The Finmeccanica is an Italian defence Giant company that entered into a deal to supply 12 three-engine AW-101 helicopters to India in February 2010. CAPTAINS • • Australian Captain: Jodie Fields West Indies Captain: Merissa Aguilleira SCORECARD OF FINALS • Australia: 7/259 i. As per the reports on the bribe scam. The company is a total capability provider in the vertical lift market. J Cameron scored 75runs in the finals ii. By now. now the CEO of Finmeccanica and the then head of its Helicopter Unit was arrested on the charges of the bribe scandal that surfaced.jagranjosh. three choppers have already been delivered to India. AUSTRALIA CLINCHED I CC WOMEN’S WORLD CUP TROPHY Australia won the ICC Women’s World Cup Trophy after defeating West -Indies by 114-runs on 17 February 2013 at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai. Giuseppe Orsi. it’s expected that about 362 crore rupees that is equivalent to about 10 percent of the final deal was given back to help the Italian firm in winning the contract. Australia clinched the title for the sixth time in the history of women’s cricket World Cup it last won t he title in 2005. AGUSTAWESTLAND AgustaWestland is an Anglo-Italian helicopter company that is owned by Italy’s Finmeccanica.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 24 The contract signed with Italian defence giant Finmeccanica in February 2010 involved supply of 12 VVIP three-engine AW-101 choppers from AgustaWestland for the Indian Air Force’s elite Communication Sqadron. S Quintyne took 3 wickets for 27 runs Page 24 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Australia scored 259 runs (this is the highest score in Women’s World Cup Final) at the loss of 7 wickets in 50 overs and West Indies lost all its wickets at the score of 145. R Haynes scored 52 runs in the finals iii.

the final was played between England and Australia and England won the match by 92 runs Second World Cup was played in India in the year 1978 India. Australia and New Zealand were the two teams in the final. WOMEN'S WORLD CUP HISTORY •   • •     First World Cup was played in the year 1973 at England. She made her debut in the international cricket in 2001 in an ODI match against England till her retirement she managed to play 125 one day internationals. The final was played between New Zealand and England. MR Aguilleria scored 23 runs in the finals iii.83 in the series. The final was played between Australia and England. Australia and New Zealand. Australia won it by 3 wickets The sixth World Cup was played in England in the year 1993. all-rounder Lisa Sthalekar announced her retirement from International cricket after the Australian women’s cricket team won the world cup title 2013. The final was played between. Australia and India were the two teams in final. The Australian. New Zealand won it by 4 runs The ninth World Cup was held in South Africa in the year 2005.New Zealand’s Suzie Bates for scoring 407 runs with three half-centuries and a ton at an average of 67. Australia won it by 3 wickets In 1988 venue for the fourth World Cup was played in Australia. England and Australia were the teams in the Page 25 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh. Australia won it by 5 wickets Eighth World Cup was played at New Zealand in the year 2000. England won it by 67 runs The seventh World Cup was played in 1997 in India. Australia won the match by 8 wickets Third World Cup was played in 1982 at New Zealand. E Perry took 3 wickets for 19 runs TOURNAMENT REPORT • Player of the tournament . England won it by 4 wickets www. England and Australia were the team in the final match.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • West Indies 10/145 Page 25 i. KA Knight scored 21* in the finals ii. Australia won it by 98 runs The tenth World Cup was held in Australia and the final was played between England and New Zealand. 8 tests and 54 women T20 international matches.

and set enforceable limits as well as to encourage alternatives where mercury in not used or released www. Other parts however. Australia won the match with 114 runs Captain of England Women’s Cricket team. Charlotte Edwards became the first women to pass 5000 runs in one-day international after hitting 121 runs of 106 balls in the semi-final match against New Zealand. a host of products and industrial processes. such as pancreas and heart can be designed to work automatically. For example bionic hands require signals from brain and muscles to work properly.5 feet. synthetic blood from Sheffield University. West Indies and Australia were the two teams in final. India failed to make its path into the quarterfinals and had never won any world cup trophy till date. Rex has a human face with brown eyes and a height of 6. The internal organs of Rex such as artificial lungs. The treaty would be signed in Minamata. It is important to note that it is not possible for certain technology to function without the help of human input. The bionic man was created using 1 million US dollar limbs as well as organs. retinas from Oxford University and artificial lungs came from Swansea. mining. pancreas and artificial kidneys from University College London.Current Affairs PDF February 2013  Page 26 2013 the tournament was played in India. bladder and pancreas were in line of development. FIRST COMPLETE BIONIC MAN OF THE WORLD UNVEILED First bionic man of the world called Rex was unveiled on 7 February 2013 at London's Science Museum. It was designed jointly with assistance from 18 universities and companies. in October 2013 to honour the inhabitants of town who have suffered the consequences of serious mercury contamination for decades Aims of the Treaty • • • Reduction of global emission levels of the toxic heavy metal or the quick silver Reduce the production and the use of mercury in industrial processes and product production To cut mercury pollution from utility plants. WORLD’S FIRST MERCURY TREATY ADOPTED BY 140 COUNTRIES An international treaty that legally binds the nation to limit the use of health hazardous mercury was adopted by 140 nations in the third week of January 2013 at Geneva. Prosthetic legs and ankle came from MIT. Rex would remain in display at London's Science Museum from 7 February 201 to 11 March 2013. Japan. spleens.jagranjosh. Rex gave a hope that it was possible to replace the body parts with the artificial alternatives. for the very first Page 26 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

gold mining activities as well as electrical goods and other consumer products.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 MAKING OF THE TREATY Page 27 Switzerland and Norway pushed forward for making of an international treaty to limit the emission of Mercury in the atmosphere. language impairment and kidney damage. www.jagranjosh. IMPACT OF MERCURY ON HUMAN BEING The natural element Mercury cannot be created or destroyed. Mercury enters the food-chain via fish and poses a threat to the living being more likely to pregnant women and children. water and land from different activities like coal powder Page 27 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . but is released in air. The two nations came up with the plans of reducing the emission of mercury decades ago and it was finalized after a long conference in Geneva held in February 2013. As per the data released by the World Health Organisation intake of mercury or any of its compounds to any limit is not safe and it may lead to memory loss.

While announcing his resignation. Assassination of Chokri Belaid on 6 February 2013 led to mass protests as well as resignations from the coalition government of Tunisia. The Prime Minister of Bulgaria.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 28 INTERNATIONAL HAMADI Page 28 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Boiko www. Boiko Borisov earlier tried to bring peace by sacking the finance minister and assured cutting the power prices as well as punishing the foreign-owned companies. ABOUT HAMADI JEBALI Hamadi Jebali is the Tunisian Islamist politician. Belaid. the opposition leader. lower living standards. The Boiko Borisov on 20 February 2013 announced his resignation. A cabinet of apolitical technocrats was proposed by Jebali to suppress the disorder created after the assassination of the secular opposition politician Chokri Belaid on 6 February 2013. RESIGNED FROM POST OF PRIME MINISTER OF TUNISIA Hamadi Jebali resigned from the office of the Prime Minister of Tunisia on 19 February 2013 after his attempt to end a political standoff by formation of a Government of Technocrats failed. CAUSE OF RESIGNATION GOVERNMENT OF BULGARIA’S Bulgarians held protests in the country because of concerns over higher energy costs. power monopolies as well as corruption.jagranjosh. who remained in office as the PM from December 2011 to 19 February 2013. PRIME MINISTER OF BULGARIA RESIGNED BECAUSE OF PROTESTS The Prime Minister of Bulgaria resigned from the office on 20 February 2013 on grounds of protests in the nation against the high electricity prices. Hamadi Jebali was trying to create coalition because of the political crisis which took birth by killing of Chokri Belaid. He is a member of the Islamist Ennahda party. an outspoken critic of the government and a leaning lawyer was shot dead and his death created a situation of mass protests across the nation. He was also the Secretary-General of the Ennahda Movement which is the Islamist party in Tunisia. He belonged to the Ennahda Movement political party of Tunisia.

Exports of Japan increased because the goods became affordable for the foreign buyers. However.. Boiko Borisov belonged to the Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria party.e. was hurt because of ongoing debt crisis of the region.jagranjosh. The exports increased in January. The deficit of Japan was also affected because of an increase in the fuel imports. This was the 10 percent increase from 2012.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 29 Borisov did not mention anything about the parliamentary elections which are scheduled for July 2013. exports also increased 6.1 billion US dollars. because of the weakened Yen. its currency considerably.3 percent in January 2013 from January 2012. Territorial dispute with the biggest trading partner of Japan. i. In the meanwhile. www. headed by Boiko Borisov. • TRADE DEFICIT OF JAPAN HIT RECORD IN JANUARY 2013 The monthly trade deficit of Japan hit record in January 2013 after the aggressive monetary policy weakened Yen. Prime Minister of Bulgaria.4 percent. It has remained a ruling party in Bulgaria since 2009.6tn yen or 17. FACTORS AFFECTING JA PAN’S EXPORT The exports of Japan are crucial factors that drive its economic growth. The imports of the country increased 7. Exports of Japan were affected because of various factors. which was the first increase in 8 months time. The exports were driven considerably by shipment of the manufactured goods. IMPORTANT FACTS • • Bulgaria is located in Southeastern Europe. It is the center-right political party of Bulgaria which was established in 2006. which is abbreviated as GERB (Grazhdani za evropeysko razvitie na Balgariya). The highest jump was in import of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) which increased over 28 percent. Japan is the third largest economy of the world and there was an increase in the fuel imports because most of the nuclear reactors of the country remained shut Page 29 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Eurozone. It is the 14th largest country of Europe. the import bill also increased which eventually led to a monthly trade deficit of 1. THESE FACTORS ARE AS FOLLOWS • • Demand from the biggest markets of Japan. China hit the sales of goods produced by Japan over the duration of past certain months.

Apart from this. Page 30 INDIA & SRI LANKA SIGNED AGREEMENT ON COMBATING TERRORISM India and Sri Lanka on 22 January 2013 signed two agreements for fighting against international terrorism as well as avoiding double taxation. INDIA-US JOINT WORKING GROUP HELD ITS 10TH MEET www. Discussions held during 8th India-Sri Lanka Joint Commission meeting • The agreements were signed after discussions on cooperation on various areas such as civil nuclear energy and many more. Information and communications technology and aviation sectors. India and UAE also decided to work together for third country projects. External Affairs Minister led the Indian side in the meeting. while the Sri Lankan side was led by G L Page 30 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The two countries also agreed to put in place Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPA). including Africa aimed at collaborating in the infrastructure sector and oil and gas exploration. The meeting was cochaired by the Union Minister of Commerce. manufacturing and technology. Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court. Industry and Textiles. trade and investment.jagranjosh. it was agreed that a dialogue between the Commerce Secretary of India and Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development of Sri Lanka would be initiated to progress the framework for special economic partnership between these two nations. The agreements were signed after 8th India-Sri Lanka Joint Commission meeting which was held in New Delhi. INDIA AND UAE AGREED IMPROVE THEIR TRADE RELATIONS India and the UAE agreed to improve their trade and investment relations during the first meeting of India-UAE High Level Task Force on Investment in Abu Dhabi on 18 February 2013.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • The exports also declined to the European Union during January 2013. Anand Sharma and Sheikh Hamid Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. UAE decided to invest 2 billion dollars in Infrastructure sector projects in India and the two countries decided to work for and support Strategic Oil Reserve in India. 13th Amendment of the Lankan constitution which provides autonomy to the provinces was also discussed. • • It is important to note that India and Sri Lanka are the largest trade partners of each other in South Asia. Issue of the fishermen as well as rehabilitation process of the Tamils in Sri Lanka was also discussed during the meeting. After the meeting. Five high level sub committees will be set up to promote investment in infrastructure and energy. As a part of the bilateral agreement.

Joint Working Group on UN Peacekeeping held its 10th meeting in Washington on 13 February 2013. At the meeting. architects. and agreed the talks helped advance their shared commitment to supporting and strengthening United Nations peacekeeping operations. India and the United States advanced a number of goals laid out in the Declaration of Principles the Joint Working Group agreed upon in 2011. They also agreed on the need to reinvigorate economic engagement between the two countries. and their mutual interest in assuring the success of UN peacekeeping missions. OTHER IMPORTANT INDIA-FRANCE AGREEMENTS • • • Both the nations agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fields of the modernisation of the railway.jagranjosh.S. researchers. which have made good progress. students to improve people-to-people contacts. The Joint Working Group also continued indepth consultations on UN peacekeeping Page 31 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . India and USA welcomed the open and comprehensive nature of the discussions. jointly identified the means to pursue further cooperation. are completed. Both nations agreed that the 11th meeting of the Working Group will be held in New Delhi in 2014. www. Moreover. artists. A pact was changed to increase exchanges between the sportspersons. INDIA AND FRANCE AGREED TO COOPERATE ON COUNTER TERRORISM India and France on 14 February 2013 agreed to strengthen counter terrorism and intelligence cooperation between the two countries during the visit of French President Francois Holllande to India. Both nations exchanged views on a number of bi-lateral. teachers. and explored an agreement on a set of Principles of India-U. high speed corridors and network upgradation of railway stations. Both the nations also concluded negotiations on the short range surface to Air missile to be coproduced in India. regional and multilateral issues. Cooperation in the Area of Training UN Peacekeepers and institutional arrangements between their peacekeeping institutions. they had in-depth discussion on the defence cooperation issue including submarines and missiles. India and France also reviewed progress on the Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project and reiterated our commitment to its early implementation as soon as the commercial and technical negotiations.S.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 31 The India-U. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and France's CNES under the space cooperation programme.

It is only 400 kilometres away from the Strait of Hormuz. Rudoulf Hundstorfer signed the pact. China has also plans to build a port in Bangladesh. a key global oil supply route. Pakistan’ decision to hand over Gwadar port to China is a serious concern for Page 32 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . MoU was signed between Indian Institute of Science. the country that is a home for more than 17000 Indian professionals. PROVISIONS OF THE AGREEMENT • Indians working in the country on short-term contracts of up to five years are exempted from making social security contribution in Austria if they continue making the payments in India. If any Indian worker is sent to Austria by an Indian company from a third country then also he can avail the relief. The pact of social security between the two countries would also boost cooperation of the labour market expansion in Austria. • www. if such payments are already made in India. Gwadar port is situated at a strategic location of the Arabian Sea and the mouth of the Persian Gulf. Bangalore and France's CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) CFA(Credit Facility Agreement) was signed for the Bangalore Metro Rail Project. It can be an attempt by China to encircle India. Overseas Indian Affairs Minister Vayalar Ravi and Austrian Minister for Labour and Social Security. Ministry of Finance and the French Development Agency(AFD) PAKISTAN APPROVED DEAL TO HAND OVER GWADAR PORT TO CHINA Pakistan in the last week of January 2013 approved the deal which transferred operational control of Gwadar port from Singapore’s PSA International to Chinese Overseas Port Holdings Ltd. In addition to funding ports in Sri Lanka. under which the Indian professionals working in Austria would be exempted from paying the social security contribution of the country. INDIA AND AUSTRIA SIGNED A SOCIAL SECURITY PACT India and Austria on 5 February 2013 inked a social security pact at Vienna.jagranjosh.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • Page 32 The cooperation between various Indian and French educational institutions was finalised. Phase-1 between Department of Economic Affairs.

The party includes 893 members of the Communist Party.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • Page 33 Export of the benefits of social security would be offered to the Indian worker. other known face to be given a seat in this political party includes former NBA star and popular basket ball player Yao Ming. political and economic fields. Norway and Japan. Switzerland. Xi Jinping is the new general secretary of the Communist Party. Belgium. who relocates to India once his/her service term in Austria ends. Hungary. one of the houses of Chinese parliament. 399 are women. The self employed Indians can also carry on the same benefits on relocation to India India already have inked similar types of agreements with countries like Czech Republic. cultural. military officers. Finland. South Korea. The chosen officials include members of non-Communist parties. INDIA AT 140TH POSITION IN LATEST WORLD PRESS FREEDOM INDEX www. social. every employer and employee who falls under the umbrella of Employees Provident Fund Act 1952 needs to make contribution towards provident fund. The Netherlands. Canada. which misrepresented the securities true credit risks the investors. CPPCC comprises of the members from different fields and they were selected without any election process. Apart from Mo Yan and Jackie Chan. 2012 and Jackie Chan. representatives from environmental. Similarly the mandatory contribution fund in Austria is known as Social Security. Germany. the Indian professionals posted in foreign countries paid social security tax in the countries of their stay although they contributed there part in India. JACKIE CHAN SELECTED AS MEMBER OF CHINESE PARLIAMENT Mo Yan. Out of 2237 people. France. The lawsuit have claimed that as a result of the ratings issued by the S& Page 33 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Luxembourg. Before signing of these agreements. He will become the President of China after two Houses of Parliament have meeting in March 2013. the movie star were given a political role in China by being selected as members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference. officials. the winner of Nobel Prize for literature. even those who were federally insured financial institution lost billions of dollars on collateralized Debt Obligations. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FILED A CIVIL LAWSUIT AGAINST S&P The United States of America on 5 February 2013 filed a civil lawsuit against Standard and Poor's (S&P) the credit rating agency alleging that the agency lied about the nations objectivity and independence by the way it rated the mortgage bonds.jagranjosh. Denmark. Mo Yan and Jackie Chan were among 2237 people selected by China's new leaders led by Xi Jinping as the members of CPPCC National Committee. As per the Indian Labour Law.

They are not protected by authorities in case they face violence against them. Name the book on Netaji Subhash Chndra Bose that was presented to the President of India Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Bhavan in February 2013 by Professor Anita B. there has been a decline in freedom of information in South Asia and the Indian subcontinent among Asia witnessed the sharpest deterioration in providing freedom and security for those involved in news reporting in 2012. India got this lowly rank because of increasing impunity for violence against journalists and internet censorship. Pakistan that was ranked at 159th position is one of the world’s most dangerous nations for Reporters. a) Disappearance of Subhas Chandra Bose b) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Germany c) Subahsh Chandra Bose and The National struggle of independence d) Netaji and Azad Hind Fouz www. which is the lowest since 2002. Norway and Finland topped the list. Bangladesh more or less faces the same situation. North Korea and Eritrea were placed at the bottom of the list as has been in the last three years. the authorities insist on censoring the Web and impose numerous kinds of restrictions. China got 173rd rank.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 34 India dropped nine places to 140th rank in the list of 179 countries in the latest World Press Freedom Index Page 34 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Turkmenistan. Nepal was ranked at 118th position. This new analytic tool is helpful in measuring the overall level of freedom of information in the world and the performance of the world's governments in their response to Press freedom. Pfaff. The Press Freedom Index was released by world Press Freedom index for the year 2013. Reporters without Borders also published an annual global indicator of worldwide media freedom which coincided with the release of its 2013 Press Freedom Index.jagranjosh. while violence against journalists was not punished and the regions like Kashmir and Chhattisgarh are getting increasingly isolated. The Maldives crashed to 103rd place (-30) because of violence and threats against journalists in state television and private media regarded as Nasheed supporters by the coup leaders. As per the Press index report. Its journalists are targets of police violence frequently. Netherlands. In India considered as the world's biggest democracy. To Read More International Stories INTERNATIONAL QUIZZES 1.

iii and iv are true c) Statement ii. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and France's CNES under the space cooperation programme jointly identified the means to pursue further cooperation. Which of the below mentioned statements in relation to the MoU is True? i. (b) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Germany Page 35 2. iii and iv are true d) All the four statements are true Answer. Page 35 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . iii. India and France on 14 February 2013 agreed to strengthen counter terrorism and intelligence cooperation between the two countries during the visit of French President Francois Holllande to India. (a) Statement i. Which of the below mentioned statements about the agreement made between the two countries are true? i. high speed corridors and network upgradation of railway stations. Participation of specialists / professionals in seminars. ii and iii are true 3. Bangalore and France's CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) ii. iii.jagranjosh. conferences and meetings to be organized by both the parties Development of human resources. Fostering cooperation for the development of culturally sensitive and effective public and professional awareness campaign including clinical practices and best practices guidelines for healthcare providers and caretakers to benefit individuals and families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities Exchange of scientific materials and information as well as joint collaboration in the area of research in medical science. a) Statement i. MoU was signed between Indian Institute of Science. but no exchange of doctors and health care professionals between the two nations ii. Both the nations agreed to strengthen cooperation in the fields of the modernisation of the railway. www.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Answer. ii and iii are true b) Statement i. iv. India and Bangladesh signed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) on Health in New Delhi in February 2013.

(d) All the four statements are true 4. Page 36 CFA (Credit Facility Agreement) was signed for the Bangalore Metro Rail Project. Phase1 between Department of Economic Affairs. Name the court that ordered India to go ahead with the development of Kishanganga hydro-electric project in Gurez valley near Bandipura in North Kashmir? a) Court of Arbitration at The Hague b) Permanent Court of International Justice c) Permanent Court of International Justice d) Special Court for Sierra Leone Answer. iii and iv are true c) Statement ii. India is diverting the waters of the river from the dam site to Bonar Madmati Nallah that is another tributary of Jhelum The Indus system of rivers comprises three Eastern Rivers (Ravi. The project is being developed at the upstream of Kishanganga River that is known by the name Neelam in Pakistan and is a tributary of Jhelum. The Court of Arbitration restrained India from adoption of the drawdown technique of flushing for clearing the sedimentation of the run-of-the river project that had been designed and asked it to adopt a different technique for generation of 330 MW power facilities Pakistan initiated the arbitration against India with a charge that India violated the provisions of the 1960 Indus Water Treaty between the two countries. iii and iv are true d) All the four statements are true Answer. Beas and Sutlej and their tributaries) and threes Western Rivers (Indus.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 iv.jagranjosh. Jhelum and Chenab and their tributaries) ii. ii and iii are true b) Statement i. Ministry of Finance and the French Development Agency(AFD) a) Statement i. (a) Court of Arbitration at The Hague Page 36 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . iv. www. Which of the following statements related to Kishanganga hydro-electric Project true? i. iii.

ii and iii are true b) Statement i.jagranjosh. ii and iv are true c) Statement ii. (b) Statement i. iii and iv are true d) All the four statements are true Page 37 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 a) Statement i. ii and iv are true For More International Quizzes Page 37 www.

5 million US Dollars to Syria.  India and USA inaugurated the first triangular India-US-Africa Partnership at Hyderabad. 5 February 2013  Allan Border Medal 2013: Michael Clarke won the medal fourth time. 30 January 2013  India and Australia agreed to concentrate on Energy and Food Security.  India and Austria signed a Social Security Pact. 2 February 2013  Japanese scientists filmed the thoughts of a fish for the first time. 11 February 2013  Seventeen Indian prisoners on death row in Sharjah Jail released. contains 17 million Page 38 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . 1 February 2013  India dropped to 140th Rank in the latest World Press Freedom Index. 8 February 2013  Presidential Election in Maldives scheduled in September 2013. 29 January 2013  India and Bangladesh signed Agreements on Extradition and Visa Regime. 7 February 2013  Ahmadinejad is the first Iranian President to visit Egypt since 1979 Islamic Revolution.  World’s largest prime number discovered. 6 February 2013  United States of America filed a civil lawsuit against Standard and Poor's. 9 February 2013  Shaukat Ullah took oath as Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.jagranjosh.  Milos Zeman won the Czech Republic Presidential Election 2013.  World Cancer Day observed across the world. 4 February 2013  Mo Yan and Jackie Chan selected as members of Chinese parliament. 13 February 2013  India and Japan held talks to strengthen cooperation in tourism sector.  Iran called on for destruction and end of the Nuclear Weapons of the World.  Pakistan approved the deal which handed over Gwadar Port to China. 12 February 2013  India and Bangladesh signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) on health. 10 February 2013  Tunisian president's party withdrew from coalition. 31 January 2013  India Pledged humanitarian assistance of 2. 3 February 2013s  Sir Issac Newton’s 300-year-old textbooks discovered in UK School. www.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 38 WORLD DAIRY 28 January 2013  China successfully carried out interceptor missile test.

17 February 2013  India and Bangladesh held joint consultative commission meeting in Dhaka. 18 February 2013  India-US joint working group held its 10th meeting in Washington. 19 February 2013  Court of Arbitration.  Government of Bulgaria resigned because of protest against high electricity prices. The Hague gave a go ahead to India on Kishanganga Project. 16 February 2013  First India-Japan maritime affairs dialogue was held in New Delhi.  India and the UAE agreed to take their trade relations to another Level. 22 February 2013  Hamadi Jebali. 20 February 2013  India and Sri Lanka signed agreements on combating terrorism and avoiding doubletaxation.jagranjosh. 23 February 2013  UK Scientists discovered the deepest hydrothermal vents in the world.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 39 14 February 2013  North Korea conducted its third nuclear test and defied UN Regulations for world peace. 15 February 2013  India and France agreed to strengthen cooperation on counter terrorism. 24 February 2013  African leaders signed UN-Brokered accord in DR Congo.  World’s First Mercury Treaty adopted by 140 Countries at Geneva.  Afghan Government not in favour of taking air support from international forces. www. resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Tunisia. 21 February 2013  Trade deficit of Japan hit record in January 2013 as Yen Page 39 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

particularly with reference to making of the unlawful copies. inter alia. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE PANEL I) The Panel would be responsible for reviewing the mandate and functioning of CBFC and recommend measures that includes constitutional changes for enabling CBFC to deal with contemporary requirements of certification with increased transparency/efficiency. under the Cinematograph (Amendment) Bill. including the mechanism followed by Examining and Revising Committees b) Categories of certification. interpolation/insertion of clips after certification and such similar issues V) It will be responsible for the issues that the Panel may find fit to deliberate upon MEMBERS OF THE PANEL CONSTITUTED TO EXAMINE ISSUES • Mukul Mudgal is appointed as the chairperson of the panel.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 40 NATIONAL PANEL TO EXAMINE ISSUES OF CINEMATOGRAPH ACT 1952 The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 4 February 2013 constituted a panel for examining the issues of certification under Cinematographer Act 1952. may include: a) The process of certification under the Act and Rules. Mukul Mudgal. cam-cording in cinema halls. existing and proposed.jagranjosh. 2013 c) Requirement of special categories of certification for the purposes of broadcasting on television channels and radio stations II) It will be responsible for reviewing the mandate and functioning of Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) in order to make it a more efficacious appellate body III) It will be responsible towards examining the role of Central Government regarding sanctioning of cinematograph films for exhibition under Entry Page 40 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . List II of the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India IV) The Panel will also be responsible for suggesting measures for carrying on more effective legal remedies and penal provisions in the Act. List I of the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India with reference to Entry 33. He is the retired chief justice of high court of Punjab and Haryana www. the retired Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court was appointed the Chairman of the Panel. The issues.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE COMMITTEE www. SC: GOVT. she was the former Chairperson of CBFC Janab Javed Akhtar. is the Advocate in Supreme Court of India Raghvendra Singh.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • • • • • Lalit Bhasin. COMMITTEE TO REVIEW FUNCTIONING OF PRASAR BHARTI The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting on 29 January 2013 constituted an Expert Committee to review the institutional frame work of Prasar Bharati as well as its relationship with Government. It asked the Commission to form a three-member expert body which will visit the states and directed it to file report within two days. Sam Pitroda is the Chairperson of the committee. renowned music composer. The court was hearing Tamil Nadu's petition seeking the immediate release of 12 TMC of Page 41 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . she is the Chairperson of CBFC Page 41 L Suresh. he is the Secretary of South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce and former President of Film Federation of India Rameeza Hakim. its role in continuance as a public broadcaster and the measures that needs to be taken to ensure technical upgradation of the organization. writer and lyricist Leela Samson. TO NOTIFY CAUVERY WATER DISPUTES TRIBUNAL AWARD The Supreme Court of India on 4 February 2013 directed the Union Government of India to notify the six-year-old final award of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal by 20 February 2013. The court posted the matter for further hearing on 7 February 2013.jagranjosh. The apex court also directed Karnataka to release 2 Thousand Million Cubic feet. at present is the Chairperson of FCAT Sharmila Tagore. A bench headed by Justice RM Lodha expressed displeasure over the government not notifying the award even after the warring Tamil Nadu and Karnataka had agreed before it on 4 January 2013 that they had no objection if the award was notified. he is the Joint Secretary (Films) and I&B-Member and Convenor The constituted Panel is responsible for submission of report within two months period from the day of its constitution. The Centre had earlier assured the apex court that it would notify the tribunal’s award by 31 December 2013. of Cauvery water to Tamil Nadu and directed the Central Water Commission to file a report on the water requirement of the two states.

P.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • Page 42 To suggest measures to sustain. he is a retired IAS and former Secretary to the Govt. he is the Mission Director of e-Governance Shekhar Kapur (member of the committee). the Bakshi Committee and the Narayanamurthy committee. Gairola (member of the committee). At present he is the advisor to the Prime Minister of India on Public Information Infrastructure & Innovations Asha Swaroop (member of the committee). digitalization system and networks The committee is responsible to find the ways offer suggestions to use the new media for delivering digital content. Gupta(member of the committee). M. of India Dr. which includes digitization of the materials of the Independence Movement.jagranjosh. The committee is responsible for reviewing the status of implementation of the recommendations. mainly. which were made by different committees after undertaking the study of Prasar Bharati. As well suggest the measures for development of infrastructure data Page 42 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . the Sengupta committee. both in broadcast mode (DTH) and in a demand-based mode (Free on social media like You-Tube and on payment through IPTV). The committee is responsible for identifying the ways for digitization of the archived material available with Doordarshan (DD) and All India Radio (AIR). he is the Additional Secretary and nominated member on Prasar Bharati Board www. • • • • • MEMBERS APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNMENT IN THE EXPERT COMMITTEE • • • • • • Sam Pitroda is appointed as the Chairperson of the committee. he is the Member of the National Innovation Council Prof. he is from IIT Delhi .K. Identify the ways and develop strategy to create a network of domestic and overseas business partners to ensure wider reach to a worldwide audience that includes creation of an exclusive overseas service. B. strengthen and amplify Prasar Bharati`s role as a Public Broadcaster with special reference to its relationship with Government in the emerging context.Member Jitendra Shankar Mathur (member of the committee). Any other statutory issue that the Committee may like to consider. It is also responsible to suggest a road map ahead to enhance the reach and potential of Prasar Bharati.

6 per cent of all new-born deaths and 4 per cent of under-five mortality. a set of thirty common conditions have been identified for screening and further management of child health.jagranjosh. This was the first ever www. diseases and deficiencies.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • Page 43 Shri Jawhar Sircar (Convenor member of the committee). which are among key factors for child mortality. which will be implemented in a phased manner. Manish Tewari on 7 February 2013 launched the MyIndia Initiative-A Digital Volunteer Programme to reach out the people in the social media space. The scheme. is a part of the National Rural Health Mission of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. RASHTRIYA BAL SWASTHYA KARYAKRAM LAUNCHED IN THANE UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on 6 February 2013 launched a new health initiative called Rashtriya Bal Sawsthya Karyakram at Palghar town in Thane district of Maharashtra. The initiative is an effort to make the citizen contribute positively towards nation building and this would initiate a principle of participative governance across the nation. The initiative from the I&B Ministry is aimed towards disseminating and delivering the messages of development to the citizens by registering them as volunteers them on the social media platforms. Birth defects account for 9. The Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram. National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) is an Indian health program for improving health care delivery across rural Page 43 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The I&B Ministry on 8 February 2013 also tried to reach out the citizens for the first time via Live Twitter Conference on the eve of 3rd Community Radio Conference. The new initiative would assure a package of health services for all children up to 18 years of The programme will also prove economical for and marginalized. FEATURES OF RASHTRIYA BAL SWASTHYA KARYAKRAM • The Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram is aimed at improving overall quality of life of children through early detection of birth defects. age. According to the programme. MY INDIA INITIATIVE-A DIGITAL VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME The Information and Broadcasting Minister. poor • • The services will be provided through dedicated mobile health teams placed in every block. It was launched on 12 April 2005 for a period of 7 years. at present he is the Chief Executive of Prasar Bharati. is expected to benefit approximately 27 crore children across the country.

Community Radio: Road Travelled & way forward was the topic for community radio conference and it lasted for a period of 30 minutes from 4 pm to 4:30 pm. Uday Kumar Varma.71crore Rupees as on September 2012 to the minorities. also provided a good platform to the citizens for making them aware about the important policies as well as programmes of the Government of India. During the Live Twitter Conference.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 44 conference of such type by any of the Ministry’s of Government of India. www. Other senior officials of the I&B were present as well. I&B announced that the first Live Twitter Conference enabled it to understand the mindset of people in terms of social media Page 44 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh. in the meanwhile. licensing. various steps were undertaken by the Government. Self-employment initiatives were created and sustained because of bank credit. The Live Twitter Conference was scheduled for half an hour but continued for around more than 1 hour. The intervention. The Secretary of Ministry of I&B gave answers to around 45 questions.01 percent in 2012-2013. PSL TO MINORITIES CROSSED 15 PERCENT MARK IN 2012-2013 Priority Sector Lending (PSL) to Minorities increased considerably from 10. It was also ensured that awareness in terms of key policy interventions like Community Radio reached people in a way that it was understood by them. FIRST EVER LIVE TWITTER CONFERENCE ARRANGED BY MINISTRY OF I&B The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on 8 February 2013 arranged the first of its kind Live Twitter Conference based on the theme. In order to increase credit flow to the minorities.60 percent of total PSL in 2007-2008 to 15. The first ever Live Twitter Conference was chaired by the Secretary of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. THESE INCLUDED • Reserve Bank of India issued directions on Priority Sector Lending in order to improve credit facilities to the minorities. over 200 questions were asked on various topics of Community Radio programme. An increase was observed because of lending of 171960.Community Radio: Road Travelled & Way Forward. waiver and spectrum fee of Community Radio Model as well as career prospects. Priority Sector Lending (PSL) to minorities belongs to one of the schemes which are covered under the Prime Minister’s New 15 Point Programme for Welfare of Minorities. These questions were associated to topics such as sustainability. The increase was observed because of sustained efforts of government of India.

and recruitment to State and Central Government Page 45 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh. Improving the conditions of living of minorities by ensuring an appropriate share for them in infrastructure development schemes. Priority Sector Lending (PSL) to Minorities in the absolute terms increased from 58662. Ensuring an equitable share for minorities in economic activities and employment. • • CBI REGISTERED CASE AGAINST AIRTEL AND TATA COMMUNICATIONS The Central Bureau of Investigation registered a case on 22 February 2013 against Bharti Airtel Ltd and Tata Communications Ltd. NEW 15 POINT PROGRAMME FOR WELFARE OF MINORITIES The President on 25 February 2005 announced that Government of India would recast the 15 Point Programme for the Welfare of Minorities for including certain programme specific interventions. the giant telecom companies for having link up with the Singapore Telecom for the purpose of international calls. Bharti Airtel Ltd and Tata Communications Ltd had entered into an agreement with the Singapore www. Actually. OBJECTIVES OF THIS PROGRAMME • • Enhancing opportunities for education. Regular monitoring of Public Sector Banks was done for checking disposal of loan applications for the minorities. through existing and new schemes. 5954 branches of bank were opened in those areas where there was substantial minority population. enhanced credit support for self-employment.67 crore Rupees in 2007-2008 to 171960. thereby violating norms of Department of Telecom (DoT). 14244 awareness campaigns were organised by Public Sector Banks in 15466 towns and blocks which covered minority population. Prevention and control of communal disharmony and violence.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • Page 45 From 2007-2008 to 2011-2012.71crore Rupees as of September 2012. CBI filed an FIR in the local court in Delhi after complaints of Communications and IT Ministry. CBI on 24 February 2013 announced that the two companies were charged for causing a loss of around 48 crore Rupees to the Union Government of India since 2004 because of illegal arrangement. CBI accused these operators on charges of cheating and criminal conspiracy.

NACO SIGNED MOU WITH MINISTRY OF HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO). www. unorganized as well as Private Sectors. would be penalized with 50000 Page 46 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . seafarers. SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT WORKPLACE BILL APPROVED Rajya Sabha on 25 February 2013 approved the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention. which violates the norms that are laid down by the Department of Telecommunications. The Bill was passed by Lok Sabha. The bill had made it mandatory for every organization with 10 or more employees to form an internal complaint committee to deal with the complaints of sexual offences. the bill covers sexual remarks. The committees should be disposed of within 90 days and organizations that fails to follow the guidelines. single male migrants and other vulnerable population etc.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 46 Telecom for the purpose of international calls. Organisations that repeatedly violate the provisions of the bill would be penalized to a greater level and the offence may lead to the cancellation of the licenses or registration of the business conduct. According to the MoU. Ensure identified health personnel from the facilities are provided capacity building by State AIDS Control Societies. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare signed the first MoU with the Ministry of Shipping on 14 February 2013 as a part of its efforts to highlight issues relating to HIV/AIDS. MINISTRY OF SHIPPING COMMITS ITSELF TO FOLLOWING POINTS • • • Make available health infrastructure and human resources for prevention and management of HIV/AIDS/STI. It also aims to provide stigma free environment and promote greater involvement of people living with HIV in all major port areas. any act of unwelcome touch and physical advance and showing pornography. NACO will provide HIV/AIDS/STI preventive. Designate responsibility to personnel at suitable level to plan. implement and monitor HIV/AIDS/STI services. The bill seeks protection for women in all type of organised. truckers.jagranjosh. Prohibition and Redressal) Bill. Under its list of offences. the lower house of the Parliament in September 2012. including the sexual harassment of domestic help as well as agricultural workers. care support and treatment services to port workers as well as community around major ports including fishermen. sexual favour demands. UNDER MOU.

laboratory technicians on syndromic case management of ST1. Ensure ICTC/PPTCT/ and STI services and ensure availability of rapid HIV diagnostic kits (3 different antigens/principles) as per NACO guidelines and specifications.jagranjosh. which could be direct training or training of trainers as per the number of personnel. Providing training to major port health personnel (Doctors. To Read More National Stories • • • • • • • • • • NATIONAL QUIZZES www. nurses. guidelines and standards pertaining to STI/HIV/AIDS. Providing technical support and build capacity of ports health personnel to facilitate integration of HIVIAIDS in the Health Services. Ensure record keeping and reporting to SACS as per prescribed format. Coordinate and strengthen referral linkages with State AIDS Control societies and implementing partners like targeted interventions TI NGOs/drop in centre/community care centres and network of HIV Positive persons. nurses. The NACO commits itself to the following points Share nationally approved treatment protocols. Provide technical support for implementation of IEC and awareness activities around major ports with support of ports authorities. Commit resource (Manpower. Providing training to major port health personnel (Doctors. which could be direct training or training of trainers as per the number of personnel. material and money) for HIV/AIDS/STI in budgets/or CSR component for sustainability to his endeavor. laboratory technicians) on integrated counseling and testing services for HIV. Ensure dissemination/display of IEC material pertaining to HIV/AIDS/STI at ports/health facilities and outreach activities.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • • Page 47 Promote safe sexual practices among vulnerable population in port setting with necessary support from State AIDS Control Societies. NACO/SACS will coordinate and provide necessary technical support to Ministry of Shipping /major ports to integrate STI/HIV/AIDS services. Set up designated STI/ICTC Clinics at major ports for vulnerable population including truckers and transport workers and ensure availability of STI drug kits as per NACO guidelines and specifications. Sharing reporting formats and monitoring Page 47 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

(d) Statements i and ii are only true 3. 2012 www. The consultative status was given during the annual ongoing session of the world body panel in the week dated 21 January 2013 to 27 January 2013. has as of now. Name the committee that approved the status of the six NGO’s? a) Economic and Social Council of the United Nations b) Committee on Conferences c) Committee on the Administration of Justice at the United Nations d) Committee on a Comprehensive and Integral International Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Rights and Dignity of Persons with Disabilities Answer. To make the punishment harsher. accorded this special status to over 13500 NGOs from the world. The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations includes 70 members. a) Statements i. The NGOs which enjoy general and special status are eligible for attending the meetings of the Council as well as issuing statements. Which of the following statements in context of upliftment of Indian NGOs to the consultative status true? i. The President of India mandated harsher punishment such as death penalty for the offenders of Sexual Assaults in cases where the victim either dies or lands into the vegetative state. 2013 b) Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. all of which are chosen on the grounds of equitable geographical representation. ii. iv. iii and iv are true c) All statements are true d) Statements i and ii are only true Answer. the president assented an ordinance. The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations. what is the name of the ordinance? a) Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. Dalits as well as women were approved by the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations for consultative status with the UN. Six Indian NGOs or non-governmental organisations working towards upliftment of poor. ii. and iii are true b) Statements Page 48 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 48 1. iii.jagranjosh. (a) Economic and Social Council of the United Nations 2.

i and ii are true c) Statements ii and iii are true d) Statements i. Below is the name of some movies that faced the heat of protests at the time of their release. The Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. Insertion of new sections 326A and 326B to the Indian Penal Code: Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by use of acid. 2013 true? i. (a) Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. iii. a) Statements i.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 c) Prevention of Criminal Law (Amendment) Act. i D D D Vishwaroopam Bandit Queen Aandhi Fire ii C A B iii B B A (A) 1994 (B) 1975 (C) 1998 (D) 2013 iv A C C www. 2013 d) Prevention of Criminal Law (Amendment) Act. voyeurism. 2012 Answer.jagranjosh. (d) Statements i. A Tamil movie in January 2013 faced the heats of protests leading to ban of its release. ii. ii. and iii are true b) Statement. iv. i. 2013 Page 49 4. 2013 was given assent by the President and it includes stalking. Page 49 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Match the name of the movies with the year of their release. ii and iv are true 5. employing of a trafficked person. Substitution of new sections 370 and 370A for section 370 to the Indian Penal Code: Trafficking of person. Omission of new section 166A to the Indian Penal Code: Public servant disobeying direction under law. Which of the following statements in context of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Ordinance. voluntarily throwing or attempting to throw acid. iv. acid attacks as well as disrobing of women. iii. iii and iv are true Answer.

C For More National Quizzes Page 50 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . (b) D. B. A.jagranjosh.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 D A C B Page 50 Answer.

R.jagranjosh. 2013 5 February  Panel to Examine issues of Certification under Cinematograph Act 1952 Constituted  SC directed Government to notify Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal Award 6 February  I&B Ministry Constituted Expert Committee to Review Functioning of Prasar Bharti 7 February  Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram launched in Thane. Maharashtra 8 February  Union Cabinet of India gave its nod to decrease head counts in areas covered under PMGSY  Supreme Court of India Directed Karnataka to Release 2.44 tmc Cauvery Water to TN 9 February  I&B Ministry launched MyIndia Initiative-A Digital Volunteer Programme to reach Citizens 10 February  Ministry of Civil Aviation launched Monthly Bi-lingual Shubh Yatra Magazine  www. Showcased Military Prowess and Cultural Heritage  Sreeramamurthy Janaki Refused to Accept Padma Bhushan on R-Day  Shah Rukh Khan Ranked First in Inaugural Forbes India Celebrity 100 List 29 January  The Centre resolved the Issue of CST Compensation with the States 30 January  Shah Rukh Khan Attempted to End Controversy over His Article on Being a Muslim in India  Expert committee under Sam Pitroda Constituted to review Working of Prasar Bharti 31 January  Madras High Court Upheld Ban on Vishwaroopam in Tamil Nadu 1 February  P.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 51 INDIA DAIRY 28 January India celebrated its 64th Republic Day. Vasudeva Rao Appointed As the Director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research 2 February  Report: India accounts to 86 percent Oral Cancer Figure across the World 3 February  Kamal Haasan’s Film Vishwaroopam Cleared by Madras High Court 4 February  President of India Pranab Mukherjee Gave Assent to the Criminal Law (Amendment) Page 51 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

the Former LIC Chief Took Over as the Chairman of IRDA 22 February  Two Blasts in Hyderabad claimed 14 Lives and left 119 Injured  Ratan Tata Awarded the Life Time Achievement Award 2012 by Ernst & Young 23 February  Silk Route Car Rally from Kolkata to Kunming organised by CII Flagged Off 24 February  CBI Registered Case against Airtel and Tata Communications for Violating DoT Norms www. Justice Bhatt to Conduct Judicial Probe in Allahabad Railway Station Stampede  Black Money Generated In India Would Exceed 10 Percent of GDP: NIPFP 21 February  T. Vijayan. S.jagranjosh.Current Affairs PDF February 2013  Page 52 Finance Minister P Chidambaram launched Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme in Mumbai 11 February  First Ever Live Twitter Conference Arranged By Ministry of I&B on Community Radio  The Union Government directed all States to Review Cases of Under-Trial 12 February  Priority Sector Lending (PSL) to Minorities Crossed 15 Percent Mark in 2012-2013  Allahabad Stampede: Several Injured and Killed at Allahabad Railway Station 13 February  Afzal Guru’s Secret Hanging Was Called Operation Three Star  2G Prosecutor removed for his alleged involvement in leaking Agency's Trial Strategy  World Radio Day was observed to raise Awareness about the Importance of Radio 14 February  Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty Appointed As the Chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi  Mohan Parasaran Appointed As the Solicitor General of India  One Billion Rising Campaign launched to end the Violence against Women 15 February  Aero India 2013 ended after displaying magnificent Aerobatic Skills  Seventeenth Convocation of the NIMHANS held in Bangalore 16 February  SC ordered Seizure of operations of Unsuccessful Bidders of Auction of 2G Spectrum  Human Resource Development Ministry Launched Sanskrit Caravan 17 February  NACO signed MoU with Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to Highlight Issues related to AIDS 18 February  Devanoor's Collection of Articles Edege Bidda Akshara released 19 February  Ela Bhatt Conferred 2011 Indira Gandhi Prize for Page 52 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Disarmament and Development Award 20 February  Retd.

However. there are 14 Navratna companies. Even though all other conditions of Maharatna status were met by both these PSUs but their boards do not have requisite number of board members. While GAIL is short of 4 independent directors.BHEL and GAIL on 1 February 2013.jagranjosh. net worth as well as net profit. both these companies meet all the eligibility criterions. both BHEL and GAIL do not have enough non-official directors on the board. including Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited and NMDC. ED SLAPPED 98. forms with Navratna status have the capability of 1000 crore Rupees. there are seven Maharatna companies.5 crore Rupees. NTPC and CIL. the annual turnover should be over 25000 crore Rupees in past three years. as per the guidelines issued by Department of Public Enterprises. Granting Maharatna status to BHEL and GAIL will provide them with better functional and financial freedom and will also guarantee them with better valuation of the shares. www. The net profit should be over 5000 crore Rupees during past three years. ELIGIBILITY OF A COMPANY TO GET A MAHARATNA STATUS • For any company to qualify for Maharatna status. Three notices in all were sent across to the IPL franchise which totaled to 98.5 CRORE RUPEES PENALTY ON RAJASTHAN ROYALS The Enforcement Directorate (ED) slapped the IPL team Rajasthan Royals with a penalty notice of around 100 crore Rupees for violating the Forex laws.ONGC. In terms of turnover. • • At present. which is why they cannot exercise their Maharatna powers. BHEL. Ideally any Maharatna firm has a capacity to take investment decision of around 5000 crore Rupees without taking assistance from the government. after inclusion of BHEL and GAIL and these companies are .com Page 53 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 53 ECONOMY BHEL & GAIL GRANTED MAHARATNA STATUS BY UNION GOVERNMENT The Union Government of India gave the Maharatna status to two PSUs. SAIL. on the other hand is short of 6 non-official directors. ED issued this penalty notice after investigating the matter for 2 years under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). Indian Oil. On the other hand. The net worth of the PSU should be more than 15000 crore Rupees in past three years. Also.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) in its advance forecast of the national income chopped off the gross domestic product (GDP) growth estimate to 5 percent for financial year which will end on 31 March 2013.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 54 The Jaipur IPL Cricket Private Limited (JIPL) as well as its directors was sent a penalty notice of 50 crore Rupees.jagranjosh. CCEA GAVE ITS NOD TO PRICE POOLING MECHANISM ON COAL The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) on 5 February 2013 gave its principle approval for the price pooling mechanism of coal. According to the Page 54 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . This is said to be the worst performance of economy of India since 2002-2003 when the economic growth was 4 percent. Basic principles and parameters of the price pooling mechanism have been identified and a specific data on the same would be created by the Power and Coal Ministries. United Kingdom and its directors. agriculture and manufacturing sectors. Mauritius and its directors for evading the Forex duties. The first penalty order was issued by ED against the Rajasthan Royals in mid-2011.5 crore Rupees was also issued additionally against the Ms ND Investments.50 percent. This is said to be the first biggest order against any team issued by the ED. This disinvestment of NTPC would fetch about 12000 crore rupees for the exchequer. This is much less than the GDP of 6. IPL team needs to make the payment in 45 days. 34 crore Rupees penalty notice was issued against EM Sporting Holding. Now. www. According to the penalty order. it was found that the foreign investment in JIPL was conducted in flagrant contravention of FEMA. All these three parties are free to appeal against the penalty order in appellate authority of FEMA. The sale of the stake was approved by the Empowered Group of Ministers on disinvestment chaired by Finance Minister P Chidambaram on 5 February 2013. it issued the final orders after it moved to FEMA Adjudicating Authority in Delhi in order to examine investigations in the case.5 percent stake of the National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) from its present holding of 84. ECONOMIC GROWTH OF INDIA ESTIMATED TO FALL TO 5 PERCENT The Central Statistics Office (CSO) on 7 February 2013 revealed that the economic growth of India is estimated to fall to 5 percent in 2012-2013 financial year. The mechanism includes cost blending of the domestic coal with the imported one to counterbalance price hike. A notice of 14. Apart from this. A fall in the economic growth is because of the poor performance of the services. which is the lowest figure in 10 years.2 percent in 2011-2012 financial year. The mechanism has been created before government decided to put on sale the 9.

jagranjosh. Also in the quarterly monetary policy review which took place in the first week of February 2013.5 percent for 2012-2013 financial year. In the union budget for financial year 2012-2013 which was presented in March 2012. (NAFED) is the body that will act as the nodal agency for undertaking the price support operation at the minimum support prices in the coconut growing states. Chidambaram had projected the economic growth of 5.4 percent. TRAI reasoned that this decline is majorly due to large scale disconnections of inactive SIMs by some of the service providers. The farm sector growth will fall down to 1. the growth would be around 4. The services sector is estimated to record a growth of 5.97 million to 895. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) stated that total wireless subscriber base decreased from 890. As far as the industry sector is concerned.51 MILLION As cellphone operators continued disconnecting inactive SIM cards. the economy of India grew by 5. In November. the country had 921. In the meanwhile. CCEA APPROVED INCREASE OF MSP OF COPRA FOR 2013 SEASON The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on 6 February 2013 approved increase in the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for 2013 season of both Milling and Ball Copra by 150 rupees per quintal over the MSP that was regulated in 2012.51 million in December.34 per cent at the end of December.9 percent in 2012-2013 FY.97 MILLION TO 895. Page 55 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Government also cleared that National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. the government pegged India’s economic growth at 7. The decision from government of India may ignite the interests of the farmers to invest in cultivation of coconut to increase its productivity.6 percent. It is important to note that the official projection of the economic growth of India is much lower than budgetary estimate as well as projections of the central bank of India and other organisations.8 percent.7 percent. Finance Minister P. as per the latest estimate. it is expected that the growth would decrease to 1.47 million telecom subscribers.55 per cent in the previous month. India's total telecom subscriber base declined by 25.2 percent in 2012-2013 fiscal year against 7 percent of 2011-2012 fiscal year. The MSP for the Fair Average Quality (FAQ) of Milling Copra is fixed at 5250 rupees per quintal.72 million at the end of December 2012.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 55 The major share of India’s GDP comes from the services sector. TRAI: TELEDENSITY DECLINED BY 25. However. the Reserve Bank of India projected the growth of 5. 2012 from 75. With this.60 million in November 2012 to 864. Industry bodies in the meanwhile asked the government to press for the reform process in order to revive the economic growth.6 percent in second half of 2012-2013. the overall teledensity in India decreased to 73. In first half of 2012-2013 FY. and for the Ball Copra it is 5500 rupees per quintal.

86 percent to 239. The total approximate numbers of passengers booked during 1st April 2012 – 31st January 2013 were 7150.89 billion US dollars in comparison to 14.42 crore rupees during the same period last year.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 RAILWAY REVENUE EARNINGS INCREASED BY 20.87 billion US dollars in January 2012.60 million compared to 6910. INDIA'S TRADE DEFICIT FOR APRIL . The total passenger revenue earnings during 1 April 2012 – 31 January 2013 were 25924.36 crore rupees during 1 April 2012 – 31 January 2013.jagranjosh. Now. 2012-13 WAS ESTIMATED AT 167168. In the suburban and non-suburban sectors.30 crore rupees during 1 April 2011 – 31st January 2012 to 70067. an increase of 11.8 percent in the month of January 2013 to Page 56 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .12 percent to 45. showing an increase of 2. Imports on the other hand.54 crore rupees during the same period last year. As a cumulative result. the numbers of passengers booked during April 2012 -January 2013 were 3753.74 crore rupees during the same period last year. registering an increase of 24.5 billion US dollars. exports in January 2012 were 25.9 percent.58 billion US dollars. During April to January 2012-2013. registering an increase of 11.30 million during the same period last year. the overseas shipments of India dropped by 4.January 2013 compared to 2353.28 million compared to 3651.91 percent to 15.32 million and 3397. The total goods earnings have gone up from 56163.05 per cent. Import of crude oil was growing at a faster pace. as per the data released by Ministry of Railways. increased by 6. Comparatively.78 per cent 3.29 crore rupees compared to 23344. registering an increase of 20.38 per cent.48 per cent respectively. The revenue earnings from other coaching amounted to 2617. the exports depicted an arrest in decreasing exports.20 per cent. the result is 4.76 per cent.12 MILLION US DOLLARS www.48 per cent. EXPORTS OF INDIA INCREASED BY 0.00 million during the same period last year.19 crore rupees during April 2012 .8 PER CENT IN JANUARY 2013 The Exports of India increased by 0.JANUARY.37 billion US dollars. Oil imports in January 2013 increased by 6. showing an increase of 3.70 million and 3258. The main concern for the country is however to widen the trade deficit.38 PER CENT Page 56 The total approximate earnings of Indian Railways on originating basis during 1 April 2012 to 31 January 2013 were 101223.95 crore rupees compared to 84083.6 billion US dollars.

24 million US dollars. CRUDE OIL AND NON-OIL IMPORTS Oil imports during January.0 million US dollars which was 5.01 per cent in Dollar terms and growth of 14.05 million US dollars (130294.96 crore rupees) registering a positive growth of 0. TRADE BALANCE The trade deficit for April .63 crore rupees) representing a growth of 6.46 crore rupees) as against 406820. 2013 were valued at 15899. COMFORT LETTER ISSUED BY FINANCE MINISTRY www.70 crore rupees) which was 0.39 rupees) as against 251930. India’s performance in export and import are as following: EXPORTS Exports during January. Cumulative value of exports for the period April-January 2012 -13 was 239687. Non-oil imports during April – January 2012-13 were valued at 266435.67 per cent higher in Rupee terms) than the level of 25379.01 million US dollars (1305420.14 million US dollars during April -January 2011-12.3 million in January 2012.47 million US Dollars ( 220514.jagranjosh.25 million US dollars (247593.86 per cent in Dollar terms and growth of 9.71 per cent higher than non-oil imports of US 28081. 2012-13 were valued at 140420. Cumulative value of imports for the period April-January 2012-13 was 406855. (138981.54 crore rupees) in January 2012.12 million US dollars which was higher than the deficit of 154890.14 million US dollars (1196962.82 per cent higher in Dollar terms (6.91 per cent higher than oil imports valued at 14871.33 crore rupees) registering a negative growth of 4.1 million US dollars in April .56 per cent higher than the oil imports of 125874.12 per cent in Dollar terms and 12.January Page 57 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .January 2012-13 was estimated at 167168.28 per cent in Rupee terms over the level of imports valued at 42952.0 million US dollars which was 5. IMPORTS Imports during January.06 per cent in Rupee terms over the same period 2011-12.17 per cent lower than the level of such imports valued at 280946.1 million US dollars which was 11. 2013 were valued at 25587. Oil imports during April-January.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 57 As per the data released by Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry on 13 February 2013.28 million US dollars (1934946.13 million US dollars (2215115.02 crore rupees) during January 2012. 2013 were valued at 45583.3 million US dollars which was 6.2 million US dollars in the corresponding period last year. Non-oil imports during January 2013 were estimated at 29684.2 million US Dollars in the corresponding period last year.48 per cent in Rupee terms over the same period 2011-12.

Page 58 A comfort letter was issued on 7 February 2013 by the Union Finance Ministry to the Indian Oil Corp. Ltd (IOC). and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation Ltd. The subsidy package is being given to help the retailers in making up of the revenue that they lost while selling cooking and auto fuel below cost in the current fiscal year of April to December Page 58 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The sanctioned subsidy meets about 44 percent of the revenue lost by the three firms of 124854 crore rupees together on the Sale of cooking and auto fuels in a period of April to December in 2012. Ltd (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum Corp. SEBI’s orders restricts the Sahara India Estate Corporation from operating its demat accounts and redeeming the mutual fund units held by it as well as from transferring the shares controlled by it to any other body or company.jagranjosh.25 crore rupees and 5538.56 crore rupees. and its Chairman Subrata Roy as well as top executives Vandana Bhargava. domestic LPG and kerosene below cost or at subsidized cost. The market regulator gave 21 days time to Sahara Firms to submit the details of the investments done and not listed in an order. 5987. BPCL and HPCL would get 13474. SEBI ORDERED TO FREEZE ACCOUNTS OF TWO COMPANIES OF SAHARA Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) the stock market regulator of India on 13 February 2013 ordered freezing of bank accounts and attachment of properties of two Sahara group firms Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd.19 crore rupees respectively.000 crore rupees to investors. Ravi Shanker Dubey and Ashok Roy Choudhary after it failed to refund more than 24.000 crore rupees as the part of the revenue lost by them on selling diesel. The decision from the market regulator came after the Supreme Court of India granted it the freedom to freeze the accounts of the two companies and attach the properties of the defaulting groups. Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd (HPCL) that sanctioned sanctioning 25. As per the latest sanctions reveled IOC.. Sahara Housing was asked to furnish details related to the development rights along with the special puprpose vehicles as well as stakes.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 The Union Finance Ministry in second week of February 2013 decided to pay an additional cash subsidy of 25000 crore rupees for the state owned fuel retailers. The orders to submit the details of movable and www.

jagranjosh. measured in December 2012. UTTAR PRADESH BUDGET 2013-14: 221201.19 CRORE RUPEES BUDGET The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 19 February 2013 presented a budget of 221201. 2013 rose by 0. this was the first step in nine months. The new budget had levied no new taxes but estimated a deficit of 2. The state finance ministry of Uttar Pradesh is led by the Chief Minister of the State Akhilesh Yadav himself.5 percent. The two factors have affected the manufacturing as well as service sectors of India.62 percent in January 2013 from the 7.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 59 immovable properties to Subrata Roy and the three executives have restrained them from alienating. The official Wholesale Price Index for All Commodities (Base: 2004-05 = 100) in January. The Policy makers have also taken afresh steps to revive the slowing economic conditions of the nation. disposing or encumbering the properties on their names.4 percent to 169. Slowing exports and decline in investments and low demand in the domestic market have been a major factor in slipping down the growth rate of India. both in government and government aided colleges www.75 Page 59 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . IMPORTANT POINTS OF THE STATE BUDGET 2013-14 • • People with annual income less than 36000 rupees will be provided free houses in the state Free education for girls in degree colleges. INFLATION WENT DOWN TO THREE YEARS LOW TO 6. To revive a fresh air in the slowing down economic conditions of India. The growth forecast for the running fiscal year that would end on 31 March 2013 was lowered by the India’s Statistical Office to 5 percent.18 percent. The Reserve Bank of India also changed its forecast from 5.62 PERCENT S The inflation rate of India dropped down to the three year low in the chart to 6. The budget has not presented any new tax.19 crore rupees for the fiscal year 2013-2014 in the Vidhan Sabha.6 (Provisional) for the previous month. the Reserve Bank took a major step of lowering the key interest rate from 8 percent to 7. The budget presented for the upcoming fiscal year is 10.5 percent more than the budget presented in the 2012-13 fiscal year.94 percent in the new financial year. The inflation was measured based upon monthly Wholesale Price Index.2 (Provisional) from 168.8 percent to 5.

Flyovers. this is 25 percent more than the allocation made in 2012-13 budget 17. Roads. (ii) Fit and Proper criteria: Entities / groups should have a past record of sound credentials and integrity. The budget has assured construction of 313 junior schools and 1200 primary schools in the 2013-14 fiscal year.641 crore rupees for developing Infrastructure and Value-Addition on Bridges.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • 750 crore rupees was allocated for a loan waiver for farmers.92 crore rupees have been allocated for uplifting of SCs. entities in public sector and Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) shall be eligible to set up a bank through a whollyowned Non-Operative Financial Holding Company (NOFHC). Expressways. physically handicapped. OBCs. be financially sound Page 60 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Page 60 BUDGETARY ALLOCATION OF MONEY • • • • 32886 crore rupees for Education 20292 crore rupees for Social Welfare Schemes 10. KEY FEATURES OF THE ISSUED GUIDELINES (i) Eligible Promoters: Entities / groups in the private sector. Minority groups as well as BPL families of general category • • • • • The budget has displayed a revenue loss of 3 percent (24000 crore rupees) in the GDP.774 crore rupees for Agriculture 1.200 crore rupees for unemployment allowance 100 crore rupees for the development of Poorvanchal The state Government have allotted a sum of 350 crore rupees for its scheme Hamari Beti Ushka Kal 20292. STs.654 crore rupees for Health 26. RBI ISSUED GUIDELINES FOR LICENSING OF NEW PRIVATE BANKS The Reserve Bank of India on 22 February 2013 released the Guidelines for Licensing of New Banks in the Private Sector. The guidelines issued by the Apex Bank have opened gates for private players as well as the finance firms to enter into the strictly regulated banking sector of India.

The bank shall not invest in the equity / debt capital instruments of any financial entities held by the NOFHC.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 61 with a successful track record of 10 years. The NOFHC shall hold the bank as well as all the other financial services entities of the group. The NOFHC shall initially hold a minimum of 40 per cent of the paid-up voting equity capital of the bank which shall be locked in for a period of five years and which shall be brought down to 15 per cent within 12 years. The NOFHC shall be registered as a non-banking finance company (NBFC) with the RBI and will be governed by a separate set of directions issued by RBI. relevant Statutes and the Page 61 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . (iv) Minimum Voting Equity Capital requirements for banks and shareholding by NOFHC: The initial minimum paid-up voting equity capital for a bank shall be `5 billion. (v) Regulatory Framework: The bank will be governed by the provisions of the relevant Acts. www. (xi) Other conditions for the Bank: The Board of the bank should have a majority of independent Directors. For this purpose. • • The bank shall open at least 25 per cent of its branches in unbanked rural centres (population up to 9.999 as per the latest census) The bank shall comply with the priority sector lending targets and sub-targets as applicable to the existing domestic banks. (vii) Corporate governance of NOFHC: At least 50% of the Directors of the NOFHC should be independent directors. RBI may seek feedback from other regulators and enforcement and investigative agencies. (x) Business Plan for the Bank: The business plan should be realistic and viable and should address how the bank proposes to achieve financial inclusion. The corporate structure should not impede effective supervision of the bank and the NOFHC on a consolidated basis by RBI. Prudential regulations and other Guidelines/Instructions issued by RBI and other regulators. (ix) Exposure Norms: The NOFHC and the bank shall not have any exposure to the Promoter Group. The bank shall get its shares listed on the stock exchanges within three years of the commencement of business by the bank.jagranjosh. (viii) Prudential norms for the NOFHC: The prudential norms will be applied to NOFHC both on stand-alone as well as on a consolidated basis and the norms would be on similar lines as that of the bank. (vi) Foreign shareholding in the Bank: The aggregate non-resident shareholding in the new bank shall not exceed 49% for the first 5 years after which it will be as per the extant policy. (iii) Corporate Structure of the NOFHC: The NOFHC shall be wholly owned by the Promoter / Promoter Group.

jagranjosh. iii. Name the two Page 62 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • Page 62 Banks promoted by groups having 40 per cent or more assets/income from nonfinancial business will require RBI’s prior approval for raising paid -up voting equity capital beyond 10 billion for every block of 5 billion. Miniratna Category I D. Miniratna Category I C. BACKGROUND The guidelines for the Licensing of New Banks in the Private Sector were finalized after amending the Banking Regulation Act. Coal India Limited Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited RITES Limited A. Navratna B. 1949 in December 2012. To Read More Stories ECONOMY CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZZES 1. • (xii) Additional conditions for NBFCs promoting/converting into a Bank: Existing NBFCs. Maharatana www. (c) BHEL and GAIL 2. may be permitted to promote a new bank or convert themselves into banks. which were granted the Maharatna status by the Union Government of India in February 2013? a) ONGC and Gail b) NTPC and BHEL c) BHEL and GAIL d) ONGC and NTPC Answer. iv. Any non-compliance of terms and conditions will attract penal measures including cancellation of license of the bank. Match the following PSUs with the status granted to them? i. ii. if considered eligible.

C 3. Rajasthan Royals was penalized with a fine amount of around 100 crore Rupees for violating the Forex laws in February 2013. Which of the following statements mentioned below are true? i. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) in February 2013 gave its principle approval for the price pooling mechanism of coal. The Union Government of India gave the Maharatna status to three PSUs. (a) D. B. The mechanism includes cost blending of the domestic coal with the imported one to counterbalance price hike. Name the body that slapped the fine on the IPL team? a) BCCI b) Competition Commission of India c) Enforcement Directorate d) None of these Answer.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 i D C D A ii A A B D iii B B A C iv C D C B Page 63 Answer. iv. The penalty notice was issued after investigating the matter for 2 years under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). ii. iii and iv are true www. Enforcement Directorate issued a penalty notice to IPL team Rajasthan Royals for violation of Forex Laws. On the other hand. Page 63 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .BHEL. Maharatna firm has a capacity to take investment decision of around 10000 crore Rupees without taking assistance from the government. Granting Maharatna status to BHEL. a) Statements ii. A. forms with Navratna status have this capability of 5000 crore Rupees.jagranjosh. (c) Enforcement Directorate 4. AAI and GAIL on 1 February 2013. AAI and GAIL will provide them with better functional and financial freedom and will also guarantee them with better valuation of the shares.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013
b) Statements ii and iv are true c) Statements i and iii are true d) Statement ii is only true Answer. (b) Statements ii and iv are true

Page 64

5. The Reserve Bank of India on 29 January 2013 slashed its key interest rates by 0.25 per cent and released 18000 crore rupees additional liquidity into the system to perk up growth through reduced cost of borrowing. Which of the following statements in context of the same is true? i. ii. iii. RBI in its third quarter monetary policy review surprised the market by cutting shortterm lending rate called repo, by 0.25 per cent to 7.75 per cent The Cash Reserve Ratio was slashed to 4 percent The repo rate cut will increase the cost of borrowing for individuals and corporate, whereas the reduction in CRR, which is the portion of deposits that banks have to park with RBI, would improve the availability of funds. the stance of monetary policy in this review is intended to provide an appropriate interest rate environment to support growth as inflation risks moderate


a) All the four statements are true b) Statements i, ii and iv are true c) Statements ii and iii are true’ d) Only statement iii is true Answer. (b) Statements i, ii and iv are true For More Quizzes on Economy
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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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Zovi, the Bangalore-based online fashion retailer acquired its rival company Inkfruit in the last week of January 2013. Inkfruit is struggling as of now to raise its fresh funds. SAIF Partners and Tiger Global, the global investors triggered latest e-commerce M&A. These two investors pumped in 10 million US dollar in Zovi after merger. After the third round of investment, the overall funding which was raised by Zovi came to 25 million US dollar. Inkfruit is the community-based customized fashion and accessories retailer. Zovi, after acquisition will offer products to a wider age group ranging from 16 years to 45 years. There has been an increased interest in the Indian e-commerce since 2012. In 2012, there was three times increase in the e-commerce M&A deals because small players did not attract enough funds and were therefore acquired at the discounted rates.

Bharti Airtel launched an emergency alert service for the subscribers in Odisha, Bengal and Kolkata on 1 February 2013. The service is directed towards the women primarily and allows them to dial the Airtel helpline number known as 55100 as well as send the messages when there is an emergency. As soon as the number is dialed, an alert SMS will be sent across along with the recorded voice message to the already loaded 10 numbers. The message will in turn allow these 10 pre-loaded numbers to track the location of a sender along with the time. Messages and recorded voice message will be sent across simultaneously to these ten recipients. Also, these alert messages will repeat three times within just 30 minutes. According to Airtel, the service primarily focuses women subscribers. For first 30 days, this service will be available free of cost but then it would cost 30 Rupees per month. At present, there are 20 million subscribers of Airtel across Kolkata, Bengal and Odisha and one-third out of these are women. Airtel expects that around 10 percent of these women subscribers will opt for this service. According to the Airtel, the company was also having negotiations with the local police in order to make sure that one single number should be introduced for the purpose of emergency calls. The alerts could be generated through this single number such as 100 to all local police stations as well.
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Current Affairs PDF February 2013


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Thirty Indian software product companies joined hands to form their own new association, marking a break-up with the IT industry body NASSCOM. Thirty founder members who were led by Bharat Goenka, co-founder of Tally Solutions, Vishnu Dusad, founder of Nucleus Software, Sharad Sharma, former head of Yahoo India R&D, startup mentor and founder of Brand Sigma and Naveen Tewari, founder of InMobi, will meet on 4 February 2013 to formalize this newly formed association and also for developing further action plans. The new association is called Indian Software Product Industry Round Table or iSpirt.

The vision of Indian Software Product Industry Round Table or iSpirt is to transform India in terms of IT and also deliver the invaluable IT solutions at the international level. The objective of iSpirt is to share experiences and expertise of these industries in order to create the awareness in government as well as society about the importance of IT. These 30 Indian software product companies that formed their new association believed that it was not possible for them to grow under larger umbrella of NASSCOM.

One of the founder members of the new association, Bharat Goenka made it clear that there were negotiations about new association formation since past six months. NASSCOM had in return promised support and that there were no conflicts with the IT body. Also, it was explained that the new association would work with everyone including NASSCOM.

A founder member Sharad Sharma described that the new association iSpirt will not have a president or similar nomenclature. Instead, there will be a governing council that will consist of these four founding members- Sharma, Goenka, Tewari and Dusad. There will be a flat structure of the association. Volunteer model will be adopted.

 NASSCOM is expanded as National Association of Software and Services Companies. It is a trade association of the BPO and IT industry. It was established in 1988 and is a nonprofit organisation. It is a global trade organisation with more than 1200 members out of which there are 250 global companies as well from China, Japan, Europe, UK and US. The member companies of NASSCOM have businesses such as software services, software development, BPO, IT and e-commerce. Current Affairs PDF February 2013
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MakeMyTrip announced that it made use of the technology as well as innovation for empowering the travelers. the headquarters of NASSCOM is in New Delhi. FLIGHTSAFETY INTERNATIONAL ENTERED INDIA www. money transfer to the third-parties as well as utility bills transfer.Current Affairs PDF February 2013  Page 67 NASSCOM was established to facilitate trade and business in services and software in order to encourage advanced research in the software technology. ICICI bank had launched the Mobile Money with Tata Docomo and Vodafone. At Page 67 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . cabs. 2300 flight routes. Rollout of this service to other parts of Tamil Nadu as well as the rest of India will occur over 2013. RoutePlanner also allows the users to check various routes for destination pair. cash deposits. the largest private sector bank of India partnered with Aircel to announce the launch of their mobile banking service called Mobile Money. It is registered under Indian Societies Act. The Mobile Money platform will be provided and managed through VISA. buses and flights and displays exact connectivity options that lie between two destinations in India.  ICICI PARTNERED WITH AIRCEL TO LAUNCH MOBILE BANKING SERVICE ICICI Bank. The service allows the unbanked population of ICICI and Aircel to transfer money instantly and safely through the mobiles without even connecting to data services. an innovative application which makes people’s traveling easier and faster. At first the service will be available in Tamil Nadu and will especially cater to migrant working population from the area of Tirunelveli that now lives in Chennai. 1860. Mobile Money allows such users to go for financial services such as cash withdrawals. It allows a person to plan the trip between any two diverse destinations in India by putting together various modes of transport across 4300 cities. one of the largest tourism-related online portals in India on 5 February 2013 launched the RoutePlanner. MAKEMYTRIP LAUNCHED APPLICATION CALLED ROUTEPLANNER MakeMyTrip. 65000 bus routes and 970000 train routes. Mobile Money is aimed at those users who wish to transfer money but are devoid of services such as lack of branches or the ATMs. self-reload of prepaid mobile credit. Initially. RoutePlanner actually combines the availability of various services such as trains. the global payments technology company.jagranjosh.

LTD. India operations of FlightSafety will start by June 2013. all the entertainment and news channels of TTN i. Also. SC ASKED SEBI TO FREEZE ACCOUNTS OF TWO COMPANIES OF SAHARA The Supreme Court of India on 6 February 2013 gave its ruling against Sahara Group setting the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) free for seizing the properties and freezing the accounts of the two companies of Sahara Group for disobeying the Apex Courts orders of refunding 24000 crore rupees of investors.jagranjosh. Movies Now. Aviators India has remained in business of aircraft charter services as well as sales of corporate jets to Indians for around 20 Page 68 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Cable (Digital and Analogue).. TTN channels have more than 100 million viewers in 30 million households in India. After the tie-up. It also additionally supplies visual systems. In its early stage. FlightSafety will address two main kinds of market training in India and these are initial market and recurrence market training. Times Now and ET Now will be distributed across the country for collecting subscription of revenue over HITS. DTH and IPTV platforms as the part of TheOneAlliance. there would be a growth of 100 percent in this vertical.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 68 FlightSafety International. TIMES TELEVISION NETWORK TIED UP WITH MSM DISCOVERY PVT. the channel penetration and marketing will be done independently by the TTN. which is said to be one of the biggest aviation training companies promoted by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway.e. Times Television Network (TTN) tied up with one of the leading distribution companies MSM Discovery Pvt Ltd. There has been a business relationship between Multi Screen Media and Times Group since long which spreads over Filmfare Awards. movie licensing deal with the Sony Pictures Entertainment as well as the international advertising sales partnership for US. (MSMD) in the second week of February 2013 in order to collect subscription revenue of its channels. Multi Screen Media India announced that TheOneAlliance offers entertainment to its viewers and addition of the TTN channels will help in strengthening the company even more. in next five to seven years. cabin attendants and technicians every year. pilots. FlightSafety would start with the training of cabin attendant for corporate and commercial flight operators. entered India through licensing and consultancy agreement with the Bangalore-based Aviators India. Zoom. MSMD is known as TheOneAlliance and is actually a joint venture of Sony's Multi Screen Media Pvt Ltd as well as Discovery Communications. However. flight simulators and displays to the military. commercial and governmental organisations across the length and breadth of the world. FlightSafety International is a 60-year old company based in New York and it offers more than million hours of flight training to the aviation professionals. The Supreme Court also issued a notice against www. Bangalore-based Aviators India announced that there will be more than 10000 flight attendants in India for corporate and commercial operators.

Justice K. The Supreme Court bench of two Judges. Radhakrishnan and J. SERIES OF DEVELOPMENTS ON THE ISSUE • • • • • 31 August 2012 – Supreme Court ordered two Sahara Companies to refund 24000 crore rupees to investors.jagranjosh. The Supreme Court bench also cleared that SEBI was free to take its actions against Sahara Group companies and the contempt plea would not come on the way of proceedings initiated by it. December 2012 – Sahara group rapped by Supreme Court for not refunding the amount to investors and gave a week’s deadline 5 December 2012 – Sahara group got two months time to pay the amount to investors in three different installments January 2013 – SEBI informed that all paper in case of Sahara was not received by them 6 February 2013 – Supreme Court passed its ruling and set SEBI free to freeze the accounts and seize the properties of the two companies of Sahara.S. Khehar also pulled up SEBI for not taking action against the Sahara group companies namely Sahara India Real Estate Corporation (SIREC) and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation (SHIC) after it defied the Court orders as per the 31 August 2012 orders. GAIL (INDIA) SIGNED MOU WITH EDF TRADING www. WHAT IS THE ISSUE? Supreme Court on 31 August 2012 ordered the two companies Sahara India Real Estate Corporation (SIREC) and Sahara Housing Investment Corporation (SHIC) to refund the amount of around 24000 crore rupees to the investors with 15 percent interest per annum within three months as the two companies raised the amount from the investors after violating the rules and regulations. REGION FOR THE SUPRE ME COURT’S DECISION The two companies of the Sahara namely the Sahara India Real Estate Corporation (SIREC) and the Sahara Housing Investment Corporation (SHIC) defied the orders of the Court and failed to pay back the amount of 24000 crore rupees to the investors.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 69 Sahara Group seeking response within four weeks that why the contempt proceedings should not be initiated against the Page 69 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

MCX-SX started its trading in shared of 1116 listed companies against 1665 companies in National Stock Exchange and 5191 companies in Bombay Stock Exchange. It is the third national stock exchange of India after Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange. while at the same time also selling thrice more products than Maggi. MCX-SX INDEX www. Parle-G that has less than 1 billion dollar sales in a year. the third bourse on the equities and equity derivatives trading block debuted on 11 February 2013. This means that Parle Products sold over 100 crore packets of the glucose biscuits every month. Apart from GAIL (India) Ltd. PARLE-G IS 1ST INDIAN FMCG BRAND TO CROSS RS 5000 CRORE MARK Parle-G in February 2013 became the first Indian FMCG brand that crossed 5000 crore Rupees mark in terms of retail sales in one year. re-gasification as well as nomination in networks as well as terminal operations. shares of Britannia's Tiger and ITC's Sunfeast brand fell down. The MoU will also help in development of these assets. Parle Products were launched in 1939 when the British ruled India. Parle-G’s share increased from 67 percent in 2002 to 79 percent in 2012. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed between GAIL (India) Ltd and EDF Trading on 2 February 2013. EDF Trading is leading participants of LNG market in the world and it facilitates its users with services such as supply and delivery. Factually. Parle Products in 2012 sold 5010 crore rupees worth glucose biscuits at the retail price. but even then it has good lead over its rivals such as Hindustan Unilever's Wheel and Ghari Detergent. THIRD NATIONAL STOCK EXCHANGE MADE DEBUT IN INDIA MCX-SX. Both these companies will additionally be the partner in trading as well as optimization of LNG and US gas. it is also in agreements with some of the leading participants of the market as well as long-term supply contracts in West Asia and Asia. surpassing the domestic sales of Godrej products and Dabur.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 70 GAIL (India) Ltd and EDF Trading on 7 February 2013 announced that they signed a MoU to jointly get hold of the oil and gas assets in North Page 70 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . or 14600 crore biscuits in 2012. Comparatively.jagranjosh. It is important to note that GAIL (India) has its footprint in US already through the 20 percent stake in Eagle Shale gas assets in Texas by Carrizo Oil. MCX-SX.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 71 MCX-SX Index is called Page 71 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . SX40 is formulated for measuring the economic performance through polished presentation of different industries as well as sectors based on ICB. This is like Sensex of BSE and Nifty of NSE. SX40 CONSTITUENTS SX40 constituents are as follows • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ACC Ambuja Cements Asian Paints Bajaj Auto BPCL Bharti Airtel BHEL Cairn India Cipla Coal India Dr Reddy's Gail (India) HCL Tech HDFC Bank HDFC Hero MotoCorp Hindalco HUL ICICI Bank Infosys ITC www. which is a leading international classification from FTSE-100 of Britain.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • JP Associates JSPL L&T Lupin M&M Maruti Suzuki NTPC ONGC Power Grid Corp RIL Sun Pharma TCS Tata Motors Tata Power Tata Steel Titan Industries United Spirits Wipro Zee Entertainment Page 72 WHAT IS SX40? • • • • SX40 is the free-float based index. It is an index of 40 large-cap as well as liquid Page 72 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . SX40 includes those companies which have minimum free float of 10 per cent. Britain's FTSE includes 25 percent free float criteria and US S&P 500 includes 50 percent free float criteria. which means that the shares are available at any time for trading. MCX-SX’s competition www. In terms of international indexes. These companies are included within top 100 liquid companies.jagranjosh.

have not been permitted by the Supreme Court. Telenor is now in the process of transferring business of Uninor in Maharashtra and Goa. Cardholders of Amex willing to purchase a product by pay-by-tweet service needs to link their cards with their twitter account through the financial service application of the firm. Telenor participated in the November 2012 auction through new entity Telewings Communications and won spectrum in six circles. Gujarat. The apex court had ordered immediate closure of the company after it cancelled 22 licences of Uninor in February 2012.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • The direct competition of MCX-SX is with NSE and BSE. AMR SEALED 11 BILLION US DOLLARS MERGER WITH US AIRWAYS www.jagranjosh. UP East. its operations in these service areas will continue as fresh spectrum for 20 years has already been secured. Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) announced that it took over complete ownership to sell products of MNAL and MNEPL. Twitter and Amex have came together to create an integrated e-commerce payment mechanism in twitter and Amex cardholders would have an access to the offers made on the website by the merchants. Ltd. TWITTER LAUNCHED PAY-BY-TWEET SERVICES 11 February 2013 launched its first pay-by-tweet service in partnership with the American Express. too. Navistar however decided that it would source the components from India. Page 73 M&M ACQUIRED STAKE OF NAVISTAR INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) acquired stake of Navistar International Corporation in two joint ventures Mahindra Navistar Engines Pvt. which in turn would facilitate support to it through the license agreements. The majority stakeholder of the company. UP West. The service is designed to allow the cardholders to purchase products by tweeting #hashtags. TELECOM OPERATOR UNINOR CLOSED ITS OPERATIONS IN MUMBAI Telecom operator Uninor closed its operations in Mumbai on 17 February 2013 following a Supreme Court order. M&M would forward its engineering services to Navistar. According to Uninor statement. Temporary licenses. (MNEPL) and Mahindra Navistar Automotives Ltd (MNAL) on 12 February 2013. Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) has further plans of introducing refrigerated trucks in the market. to Telewings Page 73 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The cardholder will also have to confirm the messages that come as a follow-up from Amex to complete the transaction. Bihar and Jharkhand and Andhra Pradesh service areas.

this time is 7 working days. The combined company will have an equity value of approximately 11 billion US dollars. the time required for completing porting for North East. As of now. parent company of American Airlines as well as US Airways on 14 February 2013 confirmed about their merger plans in a deal which would result in creation of second largest airline of the world in terms of revenue. NTPC SIGNED 250 MILLION US $ LOAN AGREEMENT WITH BANKS www. US Airways announced that merger would result in cost savings because of combined systems. The deal came 15 months after the AMR Corporation sought for protection in November 2011. maintenance facilities and single team for management. Also. charging. The merger between the two companies will happen just after clearance from US Bankruptcy Court. routing. AMR’s chief executive on the other hand will be the temporary non-executive chairman. The US Airways chief executive. TRAI announced that it would seek views from the stakeholders on certain issues through the pre-consultation paper. that there were two MNP service providers which catered to 22 service areas. mobile number portability (MNP) services were available in one service area only. But with the help of country-wide MNP services. testing as well as much Page 74 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh. The deal was approved by the board of two companies. Tom Horton. However. the users would be able to have same number even if they change their location state-wise. The net combined debt of these companies would be somewhere around 15 billion US dollars. TRAI asked the stakeholders to offer their views by 7 March 2013 on methods or techniques that needed to be used for implementation of full MNP. the judge that is overseeing the bankruptcy of AMR will clear the plan.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 74 AMR Corporation. The merger will take place after Sean Lane. PRE-CONSULTATION PAPER ON MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY ISSUED Telecom Regulator Authority of India (TRAI) started the pre-consultation process for the country-wide mobile number portability services which will enable the users to have the same number even if they change their service area. TRAI announced. there would be a need to ensure connectivity between the MNP service providers. As per the present MNP regulations. In other service areas. The two companies announced that they would continue to operate in their present hubs as well as serve everywhere they served as of now. At present. Doug Parker would be the chief executive of this new company. number portability from one service area to another as well as amendments needed in the existing regulation. J&K as well as Assam is 15 working days. Implementing complete MNP service would have issues associated with processing of these porting requests.

(BHPV) Vishakhapatnam with Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) on 21 February 2013. (BHPV) MERGED WITH BHEL The Union Cabinet of India approved merger of Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Ltd. BHVP will be a unit of BHEL. BHVP will be able to participate in the tenders as well as obtain the orders. After the merger. BHARAT HEAVY PLATE & VESSELS LTD.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) tied up a term loan facility of 250 million US dollars with the State Bank of India. because BHVP was a separate company. With execution of this term loan facility. Which leading car manufacturer acclaimed the title of top selling automaker of the world in 2012. therefore it was not able to derive complete benefits. The loan will empower NTPC for making use of the proceeds of loan towards capital expenditure for procurement of goods and services for new as well as ongoing projects. BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED (BHEL) Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) acquired BHPV in 2008 as 100 percent subsidiary. New York Branch as well as Singapore Branch of Mizuho Corporate Bank Limited. which is the maximum amount allowed under the Automatic Route of the ECB guidelines issued by the Central Bank of India . It also has door to door maturity of 7 years. It will also help NTPC in modernization as well as renovation of stations of this corporation. For More Corporate Stories CORPORATE CURRENT AFFAIR QUIZZES 1. BHARAT HEAVY PLATE & VESSELS LTD. The loan signed by NTPC will carry a floating rate of interest associated to LIBOR. Page 75 The agreement for the loan was signed in New York. Post-merger. (BHPV) is the engineering and heavy fabrication company which was established back in 1966 in Andhra Pradesh. The company had suffered immense loss because of various reasons. However. (BHPV) Bharat Heavy Plate & Vessels Page 75 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . recording the highest sales and beating its arch rivals Volkswagen and General Motors? a) Nissan Motors www. NTPC raised a total of 750 million US Dollars in 20122013 fiscal year.RBI.

One Rate which offers users one rate for voice. Name the only Indian private airline to launch its flights to Guangzhou. Which mobile company on 28 January 2013 launched a product called One Nation.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 b) Honda Motors c) Toyota Motor d) Chevrolet Answer: (c) Toyota Motor Page 76 Page 76 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Which bank was appointed as the depository bank for Global Depository Receipt (GDR) of Indiabulls Infrastructure and Power Limited (IIPL)? a) JPMorgan Chase Bank b) Deutsche Bank c) ERSTE Group Bank d) Citi Bank Answer: (b) Deutsche Bank 3.jagranjosh. a) SpiceJet b) Jet Airways c) Kingfisher d) None of these Answer: (a) SpiceJet www. The flights were launched in the first week of February 2013. China. SMS and data in home circles and on roaming? a) Airtel b) Vodafone c) Idea d) Aircel Answer: (d) Aircel 4.

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5. Which electronics company sold the audio and video business to Funai Electric of Japan in the deal which exited it from consumer electronics completely in India? a) Bajaj Electronics b) Philips Electronics c) Sony Electronics d) Samsung Electronics Answer: (b) Philips Electronics For More Corporate Quizzes
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The Delhi High Court on 31 January 2013 ordered the Government of Delhi to issue guidelines to all hospitals, including the private hospitals in the capital not to refuse treatment to the victims of criminal offences, mainly those of road accidents and rapes. A bench which was headed by Chief Justice D Murugesan ordered the Delhi government that victims of gangrape and other crimes, including road accidents should immediately be given first aid treatment, as per the condition of the victim. The directions of Delhi High Court were a result of the Delhi gangrape which took place on 16 December 2012 in a moving bus. The court also said that Police Commissioner of Delhi will issue directions with immediate effect after the order is passed by the Government of Delhi to abide by the orders of the Delhi High Court.

The Union Government of India on 31 January 2013 signed an agreement with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for 100 million US dollar loan as second tranche of urban sector development investment programme of Uttarakhand. The loan will provide support in terms of rehabilitation as well as expansion of the basic urban infrastructure in five main urban towns of Uttarakhand. The loan will also guarantee sustainable municipal service delivery. The loan will help the urban infrastructure programme which was already started under first tranche in Nanital, Haridwar and Dehra Dun. Apart from this, the loan will also be extended to include the towns like Ramnagar, Roorkee and Haldwani. This will help primarily in improving water supply infrastructure which will provide benefit to around 800000 residents. The agreement was signed by Department of Economic Affairs Joint Secretary Anup Wadhawan who acted on behalf of the Union Government, as well as Uttarakhand’s Urban Development Secretary M.H. Khan. In the second tranche of loan from ADB, there is a 25 year term which also includes the grace period of 5 years along with the commitment charges of 0.15 per cent. It also additionally carries interest rate which will be determined along with the Manila-based multilateral agency’s LIBOR-based lending facility.
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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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Apart from this, the complementary funds of 42.86 million US dollar will be provided by the Centre for the total second tranche project investment cost amounting to 142.86 million US dollar.

The Government of India and the World Bank on 11 February 2013 signed a 60 million US dollars credit agreement for the Karnataka Watershed Development Project II (KWDP II) to further improve watershed planning and management in project areas. The Project will improve government watershed operations in 930 micro-watersheds covering 465000 ha across 7 districts of Karnataka. This project builds on the successful experience of earlier Bank-supported Karnataka Watershed Development Project I, also known as Sujala, which helped improve the lives of 230000 farmers by increasing crop yields by about 25 percent, and raising household incomes of small and marginal farmers by 40 percent. KWDP II will focus on improving the performance and results of IWMP by introducing new tools and approaches for integrated watershed planning, incorporating more information about water resources into the planning process, facilitating better convergence of IWMP with other government programs such as NREGS, and helping farmers increase agricultural productivity. The project will cover about 465000 ha and 160000 farmer households in 7 districts. Consequently, a primary focus of the project is on supporting the implementation of IWMP in the 7-selected districts of Karnataka through better planning, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, and post-harvest value addition. Focus will also be on understanding local needs, like location‐specific soil‐crop‐water interactions; expanding the scope of rainwater harvesting and groundwater recharge, by partly converging the NREGS with the IWMP and developing agro‐climatic zone specific technology to enable rural communities to better adapt to the effects of climate change. Among the other components of the project, horticulture is expected to play a major role in raising income of farmers even in dry tracks. The Project will support activities for promoting dry land production for annual and perennial crops; crop diversification; help farmers in carrying out soil, water and leaf analysis to identify nutrient deficiencies; create facilities for testing, training and demonstrations; facilitate farmers in availing quality seed and planting material; and support farmers to improve post-harvest handling and marketing of the produce among others. Karnataka’s dry regions are among the states’ poorest, have low agricultural productivity, and are susceptible to drought and deepening environmental stress and degradation. The project area has 39400 landless families. Annual normal rainfall varies from 600 to 800 mm with 43 rainy days in a year. Rain fed agriculture in 278000 ha of project area, experiences at least two
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From the High Court Bench of five judges. The orders of the court came after hearing of the PILs launched against the Sta te Government’s decision to hold on the implementation of the Centre's pre-matriculation scholarship scheme since 2008. • • The Scholarship is provided to students from minority community up to tenth class. HC ORDERED GUJARAT TO IMPLEMENT SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME The High Court of Gujarat on 15 February 2013 ordered the state Government to implement the Centre's Prematriculation Scholarship Scheme for students of minority community in the state. Whereas the minority verdict identified that the scheme violated the provisions of the section. Buddhist and Parsi with annual income below 1 lakh rupees.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 80 water deficit years in a five year cycle due to prolonged dry spells during crop season and/or delayed onset of monsoon rains. D H Vaghela and Akil Kureshi supported the implementation of the scheme upholding its constitutional validity and declared that equating it with any particular type of reservation was not possible. Sikh. The Court in its majority verdict established that the scheme doesn’t violate the provisions mentioned in the Article 15 (1) of the Constitution of India. whereas two judges namely Justice R R Tripathi and J B Pardiwala ruled against the scheme. The Closing Date of the Project is 31 December Page 80 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . who are studying in private as well as Government schools. when the scheme was launched across the country.jagranjosh. three namely Justices V M Sahai. Under the provisions of the scheme. Christian. the central government provides 75 percent scholarship to students covered under the scheme and the rest 25 percent is the responsibility of the State Government. PRE-MATRICULATION SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME FOR MINORITY COMMUNITIES The Centre's pre-matriculation scholarship scheme is a scheme run by the Central Government of India and it covers students. The court rejected the contention of Narendra Modi. the Chief Minister of the state of in implementation of the Centre's pre-matriculation scholarship scheme by stating it discriminatory. The main objective of the scholarship is to empower the country through education and create a potential of upliftment of the socio economic conditions of minority community www.The project will be financed by a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) – the World Bank’s concessionary lending arm – which provides interest-free loans with 25 years to maturity and a grace period of five years. who belong to five religious minorities including Muslim.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 • Page 81 Monetary benefits are also provided to the deserving candidates to help the families of these students and to encourage other families of the minority community to send their children to schools CCI APPROVED PROPOSAL FOR NKSTPP. against the consumption of liquor. According to an estimate. This was aimed at bringing down the consumption of liquor in Kerala. Apart from Page 81 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . over seven thousand five hundred crore rupee turn-over was recorded in Assam tea sector in 2012. TRANSIT-ORIENTED DEVELOPMENT (TOD) PROJECTS RECEIVE A NOD www. The new policy was announced in 2012. KERALA RAISED AGE LIMIT TO BUY AND SELL LIQUOR FROM 18 TO 21 The State Government of Kerala on 20 February 2013 approved Kerala Abkari Act Amendment Ordinance 2013 that envisaged raising age limit for buying or selling liquor from 18 years to 21 years. JHARKHAND The Cabinet Committee on Investment (CCI) on 20 February 2013 cleared the proposal of the Power Ministry to set up the North Karanpura Super Thermal Power Plant (NKSTPP) (3 x 660 MW) near Tandwa town in Chatra district of Jharkhand by the National Thermal Power Corporation. which is 53 percent of the country’s total tea production. Fifty percent of them are women. The safeguards of the project was recommended by the Chaturvedi Committee were accepted by the Group of Ministers that was chaired by the Finance Minister of Indian Union. Assam produced five hundred 88 million kilogram of tea in 2012. according to which Congress had committed to raise liquor buying and selling age from 18 to 21 years. It may be recalled that around seven lakh workers are engaged in the tea sector. The power project is being developed for generation of 1980 MW power. Earlier in 2011. the Kerala Abkari Act Amendment Ordinance 2013 would obligate showing statutory warnings for movies and television.jagranjosh. 5 hundred 89 million kilogram tea was produced in the state. ASSAM. This supply will be made available in the 13th Five Year Plan. FIRST INDIAN STATE TO PRODUCE OVER 500 MILLION KG TEA Assam became the first state in India to produce over 500 million kilogram tea for two years in a row. The Plant is expected to generate electricity for a period of about 35 years. NTPC. The CCI also agreed for restoring the original coal linkage for the project and declared that the project will be based on environment friendly super-critical technology.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 82 The UTTIPEC (Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Planning and Engineering Centre) on 21 February 2013 started efforts for developing vision as well as strategy for successful implementation of the plans for mass-rapid transport system in Delhi. Page 82 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . AIM OF TOD The aim of TOD is building mass-rapid transport hubs which will have inner zone of 300 metres radius that would be called intense-zone. pedestrians as well as high-density mixed use development. the workshops will include concerns raised by stakeholders such as NGOs. Two other concentric zones of 800 metres and 2 km will be built with equal road-space distribution and high-density street network. RWAs. UTTIPEC is the division of Delhi Development Authority. DTC as well as other experts. private transporters. design competitions will be held.jagranjosh. It has plans for conducting around 25 workshops in coming months which would focus on metro corridors between Chattarpur to Arjangarh and Peeragarhi to Teekri Kalan. green-field development and redevelopment. Also. Already. cyclists and walkers. DMRC. NINE THEMES The workshops would create strategies as well as plans which would have nine themes • • • • • • • • Visualising of the TOD-based development Economic feasibility and market testing Strategy for sustainable infrastructure Transferring development rights as well as its implementation Strategy for incentivising redevelopment Strategy for sustainable transport infrastructure Strategy for effective parking Strategy for rolling out the TOD In order to select the models for retrofitting. UTTIPEC planners on 21 February 2013 emphasised on the fact that TOD system would help in making the transport system friendly to women. The aim of these workshops is to create awareness about TOD policy. This intense-zone will give preference to nonmotorised transport. pilot projects along the four metro corridors as well as Karkardooma have got in-principal approval for first phase of transit-oriented development (TOD). To Read More State Stories www. Page 83 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 83 www.

The highest tally of McGrath is 563 wickets at 21. John Blackham. Charles Macartney. Hall of fame chairman David Crow declared that these two pace bowlers were inducted officially at Allan Border Medal ceremonies on 4 February 2013. Bob Simpson. the renowned fast bowlers were unanimously chosen to be inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame on 3 February 2013. Richie Benaud. Including MS Dhoni’s name in the India Cements team for Corporate Trophy starting from 1 February 2013 to 8 February 2013 was actually a Page 84 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The Managing Director-cum-vice-chairman of India Cements is Srinivasan. Dhoni played in the Corporate Trophy for the team of Air India. McGrath was also the winner of Allan Border Medal in 2000. but later he resigned. Raipur. the captaincy of which lies in the hands of Dhoni since 2008. took 6-15 on test debut at Sydney in 1887. Lindsay Hassett. Arthur Morris. Steve Waugh.64. It is important to note that Dhoni resigned from Air India team recently and now is expected to play for India Cements in the BCCI Corporate Trophy which started on 1 February 2013. on the other hand. Hugh Trumble. Bill O'Reilly. Doug Walters. Victor Trumper. He was inducted in ICC Hall of Fame in December 2012. Bill Ponsford.53 in 17 test matches between the time period of 1887 and 1895. Sir Donald Bradman. Rod Marsh. OTHER HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES The other Hall of Fame inductees include Keith Miller. This is the fourth highest tally of all times. Charlie Turner. Bill Woodfull. Glenn McGrath. Ian Healy.s GLENN MCGRATH JOINED AUSTRALIAN CRICKET HALL OF FAME Glenn McGrath and Charlie Turner. Earlier. Turner took 101 wickets at 16. The Corporate Trophy will be taking place in four main citiesNagpur. India Cements owns IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings. Stan McCabe.jagranjosh. Indore and Pune. Allan Border. Shane Warne. McGrath has a test career spanning 14 years over 124 matches. especially because the captain had declared to take rest for some time. He died in 1944. www. Warwick Armstrong.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 84 SPORTS MS DHONI NAMED AS THE VICE-PRESIDENT OF INDIA CEMENTS Mahendra Singh Dhoni. the captain of the Indian cricket team was appointed as the vice-president of India Cements on 1 February 2013. India Cements is headed by BCCI President N Srinivasan.

Adlington. Greg Chappell. Mark Taylor. Monty Noble and Bill Lawry.World Championship 800m gold 2012 . KERS was legalised since 2011. New driver of the Marussia F1 team.Olympic Games 400m gold 2008 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 85 Graham McKenzie. The benefit of KERS is that enables Page 85 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . MR02 is first of its kind car that is designed using the technique of CFD complementing wind tunnel.Olympic Games 800m bronze INDIA WON 46 MEDALS IN 2013 PYEONGCHANG SPECIAL OLYMPICS www. Rebecca Adlington.3 seconds per lap. Fred Spofforth. the Olympic champion announced retirement from all forms of competitive swimming on 4 February 2013. Max Chilton drove this car on first day of the F1 preseason testing at Jerez in Spain ON 5 February 2013. 23 is from Mansfield. MR02 Marussia F1 team unveiled their new Formula 1 car called MR02 on 5 February 2013. Clem Hill. Alan Davidson. Olympic Gold Medalist Announced Retirement from Competitive Swimming Britain-based Rebecca Adlington. Dennis Lillee.Olympic Games 800m gold 2009 . MARUSSIA F1 TEAM UNVEILED THEIR NEW FORMULA 1 CAR. George Giffen. Ian Chappell.Commonwealth Games 400m gold 2010 . Clarrie Grimmett. Ray Lindwall. Neil Harvey. REBECCA ADLINGTON’S MEDALS ARE AS FOLLOWS           2008 . Marussia F1 team described this car as an all-inclusive evolution of older 2012 model.World Championship 400m silver 2011 . The specialty of this car is that it equips the KERS (the kinetic energy recovery system) power-boost system which is not found in any other existing teams.European Championship 400m gold 2010 .Commonwealth Games 800m gold 2011 .jagranjosh.World Championship 400m bronze 2010 .Olympic Games 400m bronze 2012 .

figure skating. The medal tally of India doubled from World Winter Games 2009.alpine skiing. snowshoeing. 17 silver and 16 bronze from mentally-challenged 2200 athletes participating from more than 120 nations in the games. Almost 200000 spectators witnessed the games in venues.13 gold. This complaint against BCCI was sent to the CCI’s Director General in December 2010 for hearing. The games took place from 29 January 2013 to 5 February 2013. The CCI in its statement noted that BCCI have a huge economic power helped it in keeping away other competitors from the market by using its position as a de facto regulatory body. The CCI in its verdict claimed that BCCI abused its dominant position and directed it to cease its all practices of denying market access to the potential competitors. Various celebrities participated in the games to support these athletes. floor hockey and floorball. Some of the popular faces were former NBA All-Star Yao Ming and Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi.24 crore rupees by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) for being indulged in anticompetitive practices. A complaint was filed by Surinder Singh Barmi in November 2010 against BCCI and his allegations were based on issues related to a Professional League Tournament and Indian Premier League (IPL) conducted by the BCCI.jagranjosh. snowboarding. The differently-abled athletes of India won 46 medals in all. cross-country skiing. The regulator also stated that the stance of BCCI was of serious concern and quantum of penalty which should be levied that is proportional to the seriousness of violation. These games were completed in eight categories of sports. The BCCI had a strategy of monopoly over the market as a result of which it didn’t allow any other competitor to emerge in the market.24 CRORE ON BCCI Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on 8 February 2013 was slapped a penalty of 52. short track speed skating. CCI SLAPPED A PENALTY OF 52. South Korea. The CCI ordered BCCI to deposit the penalty within 90 days from the date of issue of orders.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 86 The 2013 Pyeongchang Special Olympics World Winter Games finished on 5 February 2013 after a week of competition among differently-abled Page 86 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . www. In its closing ceremony. as a result of it many players which would have opted for other competitions were not successful in doing so.Pyeongchang and Gangneung. India returned with 46 medals in 2013 Special Olympics World Winter Games at Pyeong Chang. The issues were related to irregularities in granting the rights of franchise of the team ownership and award of sponsorship rights as well as media rights of the league. figure skating superstars Kim Yu-na and Michelle Kwan were also present.

2500000): Sardar Singh Ponty Chadha Trophy for Upcoming Player of the Tournament (Rs.jagranjosh. Runners-up Delhi Waveriders on the other hand. 12500000): Delhi Waveriders Third Place (Prize Money: Rs. Uttar Pradesh Wizards defeated Punjab Warriors 4-3 to claim third position. Mumbai and Ranchi. Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 87 • • www. Renowned hockey players of the world participated in the Hockey India League (HIL). Mumbai Magicians player Sandeep Singh hit maximum goals (11) in the tournament. Jalandhar. 34 matches in all were played during the tournament. Apart from winning the trophy. 25000000): Ranchi Rhinos Runners-Up (Prize Money: Rs. Jaypee Punjab . THE AWARDS GIVEN AWAY IN THE HOCKEY INDIA LEAGUE (HIL) • • • • • • • • • Hero Goal of the Day: Manpreet Singh Man-ofthe-Match: Mauritz Furtse Winners (Prize Money Rs.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 87 The Director General finally concluded that BCCI was a non-profit making organization and was registered as a society. Sahara India Uttar Pradesh Wizards. 2000000): Mandeep Singh Airtel Award for Most Goals in the Tournament (Rs. RANCHI RHINOS WON INAUGURAL HOCKEY INDIA LEAGUE Ranchi Rhinos beat Delhi Waveriders 2-1 to win the inaugural Hockey India League (HIL) in the match at Astroturf Hockey Stadium on 10 February 2013. pocketed 1. Dabur Mumbai Magicians and Patel-Union Ranchi Rhinos participated. franchise rights. Lucknow. but the activities performed by it like IPL earned it huge revenues and profits from the market via activities like grant of media rights. 1000000): Delhi Waveriders ABOUT HOCKEY INDIA LEAGUE (HIL) • Hockey India League (HIL) was played from 14 January 2013 to 10 February 2013 in which 5 teams Delhi Waveriders.Delhi. sponsorship rights and many more.5 crore Rupees. Uttar Pradesh Wizards that completed in the third place took away 75 lakh Rupees. Ranchi Rhinos took away 2. The tournament was played at 5 places.25 crore Rupees. 7500000): Uttar Pradesh Wizards Fair-Play Award: Ranchi Rhinos Hero Player of the Tournament (Rs.

jagranjosh. the teenager became youngest winner of a women's European Tour golf event by winning at New Zealand Women's Open in Christchurch on 10 February Page 88 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . HORACIO ZEBALLOS WON VTR OPEN 2013 World No. Her first victory was in pro tour event which took place at ALPG's Bing Lee Samsung Women's NSW Open in early 2012 when Lydia Ko was just 14 years of age. eight months and 17 days. 73 Horacio Zeballos defeated Rafael Nadal 6-7 (2) 7-6 (6) 6-4 to win his first ATP World Tour trophy in VTR OPEN 2013 on 10 February 2013 in Vina del Mar. He managed to equal Gavaskar’s record after scoring an unbeaten 140 runs in Irani Trophy against Rest of India in the first innings of the tournament of Mumbai team. Lydia Ko in the meanwhile. Ko at present is at number 38 on professional rankings of the world. This is her third victory of the professional title. Horacio Zeballos became the second first-time winner in ATP World Tour 2013. also became the third amateur.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 SACHIN TENDULKAR EQU ALED SUNIL GAVASKAR’ S RECORD Page 88 Sachin Tendulkar on 8 February 2013 equaled the record of Sunil Gavaskar of 81 first class hundreds in first class cricket at Mumbai. 27-year-old Horacio www. Chile in Men’s Singles. First and second amateurs were Gillian Stewart and Yang respectively. who won on women's European Tour. She is aged just 15 years. CENTURIES OF SACHIN IN FIRST CLASS CRICKET • • • • • • 51 in Test matches 18 in Ranji Trophy 2 in Irani Cup 3 in Duleep Trophy 1 in county cricket for Yorkshire 6 in other games LYDIA KO IS YOUNGEST WINNER OF EUROPEAN TOUR GOLF EVENT Lydia Ko. The first one was Australian Bernard Tomic who won at Apia International Sydney. Her second victory came at 2012’s Canadian Women's Open. She will go for Australian Open in Canberra that would kick off on 14 February 2013.

On entering the semi-finals. the Sri Lankan all-rounder cricketer was appointed the Captain of the test and one-day cricket team of Sri Lanka on 14 February 2013 for a period of one year. fifth seed Albert Ramos and eighth seed Carlos Berlocq. Mathews replaced Mahela Jayawardene. ABOUT VTR OPEN 2013 • VTR OPEN 2013 was played on the clay courts.jagranjosh.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 89 Zeballos knocked all the four seeded opponents to grab the title. Lasith Malinga was appointed as the vice-captain for the T20 team. It took place from 2 February 2013 to 10 February 2013. www. It is a tennis tournament. WILLIAMS BECAME WORLD NUMBER ONE WOMEN’S TENNIS PLAYE R Serena Williams became the new World number one women’s tennis player. the wicket-keeper batsman was appointed as the vice-captain in the test and one-day format of the game and will lead the country as a captain in the T20 format of the Page 89 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . VTR OPEN 2013 took place in Viña del Mar. Serena Williams will compete against Maria Sharapova in the Semifinals on 16 February 2013. she achieved the top position after a period of two and a half years. • • A. Dinesh Chandimal. Apart from Nadal. 6-4). he defeated fourth seed Pablo Andujar. This was the 20th edition of VTR OPEN and also a part of ATP World Tour 250 series of the 2013 ATP World Tour. 7-5 and reached Semifinals of Qatar Open Tennis Championship in Doha. Chile. who announced to quit captaincy after Sri Lanka’s tour of Australia. Rafael Nadal. who made his debut in the international cricket in a One Day International match against Zimbabwe in November 2008. ANGELO MATHEWS • Angelo Mathews is a Sri Lankan all-rounder cricketer. MATHEWS APPOINTED CAPTAIN OF THE SRI LANKAN CRICKET TEAM Angelo Mathews. 3-6. In 31 test matches Mathews have scored 1668 runs since making his debut in 2009 and recorded his first and only test century against Australia • S. Maria Sharapova reached semifinals after defeating Samantha Stosur 6-2. 6-4. additionally also lost in Men’s Doubles after he and Juan Monaco of Argentina lost to Italians Paolo Lorenzi and Potito Starace (6-2. Serena Williams who is aged 31 years thrashed Petra Kvitova of Czech Republic 6-3.

com Page 90 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . the rule making panel of FIFA in July 2012 decided to approve the goal-line technology for the competitive matches after it passed an extensive test conducted by the body. The decision by FIFA was expected once its rule-making panel. Introduction of the technology in football is being insisted to provide a high-tech aid to the World Cup referees to rule on the disputed incidents. GOAL-LINE TECHNOLOGY (GLT) Goal-line Technology is a technology that is used to determine the fact that has the ball passed the goal-line or not with the support of an electronic-device to help the referee decided to take a call that either it was a goal or not. She broke the record of Chris Evert (30 years. known as IFAB.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 90 Serena Williams (31 years. 4 months.jagranjosh. US National Indoor Tennis Championship 2013 after beating Germany's Sabine Lisicki in Memphis on 23 February 2013. This is her first career victory. 11 months. IFAB. 3 days) of USA. 24 days) is now the oldest woman tennis player to hold number 1 ranking. FIFA CONFIRMED USE OF GOAL-LINE TECHNOLOGY AT 2014 WORLD CUP Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) on 19 February 2013 confirmed the use of goal-line technology during the 2014 FIFA World Cup to be organised in Brazil. To Read More Stories on Sports www. About Marina Erakovic • • With this victory. It also stated that the technology could be introduced in the next season’s Premier league. MARINA ERAKOVIC WON HER FIRST WTA TITLE Marina Erakovic won her first Women's Tennis Association title. The match merely took place for one set with Marina Erakovic winning 6-1 and Sabine Lisicki unable to begin due to illness. decided last July to approve goal-line technology at competitive matches after two systems passed extensive tests. FIFA had invited tenders from more service providers of the technology to conduct an official bidding ahead of the Confederations Cup to be held in June 2013. Erakovic became the first women from New Zealand to win WTA Title since Belinda Cordwell in Singapore in 1989.

ii and iv are true All the four statements are true Statements ii.jagranjosh. the captain of Indian Cricket team was recently appointed as the Vice-President of a corporate house. Mahendra Singh Dhoni. iii. ii. (a) Glenn McGrath and Charlie Turner 3. ii and iii are true Answer. (b) India Cement 2. Name the corporate house that appointed Dhoni as its Vice-President? a) b) c) d) Cement India Limited India Cements Indian Cements Bharat Cements Answer. Name the Olympic Gold Medalist. (d) Statement i. who announced retirement from all forms of Competitive Swimming? a) Rebecca Adlington b) Cameron van der Burgh c) Matt Biondi d) Nathan Adrian Answer. ii and iii are true 4. (a) Rebecca Adlington www. iii and iv are true Statement i. a) Glenn McGrath and Charlie Turner b) Glenn McGrath and Matthew Hayden c) Charlie Turner and Charles Bannerman d) Charles Bannerman and Adam Gilchrist Answer. a) b) c) d) Which of the following statements mentioned below about the Marussia F1 Team true? Marussia F1 Team is based in Banbury in the United Kingdom Marussia F1 team unveiled their new Formula 1 car called MR02 in February 2013 Formula 1 car MR02 of Marussia F1 team is equipped with the KERS (the kinetic energy recovery system) power-boost system which is not found in any other existing teams Use of KERS technology in the F1 races was legalised in 2008 Statement i. i. Name the two Cricketers. iv.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 SPORTS CURRENT AFFAIRS QUIZZES Page 91 1. who recently in February 2013 joined the Australian Cricket Hall of Page 91 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

India was placed at third position in the list iii.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 92 5. (a) Statement i and ii are true For More Sports Quizzes www. ICC rankings for test cricket was released on 4 February 2013 in Dubai. International Cricket Council. Which of the following statements in context of the rankings true? i.jagranjosh. ii and iii are true Answer. Hasim Amla was placed at first position in the list of best batsman category iv. South Africa was ranked at first position in the list Page 92 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Pragyan Ojha was choosen as the best bowler in the rankings a) Statement i and iii are true b) Statement ii and iii are true c) Statement ii is only true d) Statement i.

VARIOUS INDIAN REPTILES FACE SEVERE EXTINCTION THREAT: STUDY Zoological Society of London along with IUCN species survival commission in their largest-ever analysis found out that 19 percent of turtles. inspite of opposition from the wild-lifers. it was found that 112 were from India. Bengal Roof Turtle. Out of the endangered species are the King cobra. The conversationalists worry about the fact that at present. Indian crocodile (mugger). These reptiles are affected by international as well as national trade. Jaggedshelled turtle and Hawksbill turtle. there is no information about conservation status of around one in every three reptiles in India. One out of every five out of 10000 species of reptiles in the world. Out of these 1500 species. many of which are from India.jagranjosh. snakes. South Andaman krait and four kinds of turtles namely. It is a popular tourist destination as Page 93 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Red-crowned Roofed Turtle. These species were identified to be extinct forever. The environment ministry too has approved the proposal of Sikkim government for the first wildlife skywalk of India proposal that would cost 500 crore Rupees. NASA STUDY REVEALED ALARMING LOSS OF WATER IN MIDDLE EAST A recent NASA study revealed that Middle East lost quantity of freshwater which is almost the size of Dead Sea because of www. The skywalk in Grand Canyon in North America gets more than 300000 visitors every year. This will also have rain shelter as well as public conveniences. The study conducted found out that 30 percent of the freshwater reptiles were almost close to extinction. Also. Our of 1500 species samples in the study. is facing a threat of extinction. the capital of the state. crocodiles and other reptiles were facing severe threat of extinction. 15 percent reptiles in Indo-Malayan region were threatened. The State Government of Sikkim proposed to construct 22 km rope-way from Maenam sanctuary to skywalk which would be built on edge of Bhalleydhunga steep face. lizards.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 93 ENVIRONMENT ECOLOGY FIRST WILDLIFE SKYWALK OF INDIA TO COME UP IN SIKKIM The first wildlife skywalk of India will be coming up in Maenam wildlife sanctuary. Sikkim. 12.2 percent had threat of extinction. This skywalk would be like the one in Grand Canyon in North America. Maenam wildlife sanctuary in Sikkim is 65 km south from Gangtok. The figure increases to 50 percent when just the freshwater turtles are considered.

Water runoff would decrease 10 percent by 2050 and the demand for water would increase 60 percent by 2045. Turkey. war as well as climatic changes.jagranjosh. Another one-fifth loss happened because of loss of surface water from reservoirs and Page 94 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 94 poor management. This region particularly had lowest quantity of freshwater in the entire world. 1000 wells in Iraq were pumped for groundwater. The demand for water in Middle East is increasing because of increasing population. When the report was released during U. CAUSE OF LOSS OF WATER     60 percent of loss was a result of pumping of underground reservoirs for ground water. increasing demand of groundwater as well as the after-effects of 2007 drought. The NASA study researched on the data over a time period of seven years since 2003 with the help of gravity-measuring satellites. One-fifth loss occurred because of impacts of drought which included decreasing snow packs as well as drying up of soil. Climatic changes would result in more droughts in these regions with extreme situations.N. It also depicts that certain countries would face acute shortage of water in near future. Fulfilling the increasing demand of water is the biggest challenge for improving the water conservation in Tigris and Euphrates river basins. which are a part of NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment or GRACE. Iraq and Iran along Euphrates and Tigris river basins lost 117 million acre feet or 144 cubic kilometers of total stored freshwater.   NEED FOR COORDINATED WATER MANAGEMENT BETWEEN TURKEY. Researchers discovered that freshwater reserves in areas in countries like Syria. The rate at which water loss occurred is the largest liquid freshwater loss on the continents. climate talks in Qatar. WORSENING WATER-CRISIS IN MIDDLE EAST  The latest NASA study revealed about the worsening of water crisis in Middle East. SYRIA & IRAQ www. World Bank had concluded that water shortage was one among the critical problems in North Africa and Middle East. which is said to be the second-fastest loss.

There is a need for coordinated water management. which at present does not exist among Turkey. COMMITTEE TO CONSTITUTED EXAMINE COVER ON ELEPHANT HABITATS The Environment Ministry in the third week of February 2013 constituted a committee that will review better legal protection to elephant reserves as well as the corridors in India under the green laws which are already present. chief wildlife warden of Odisha J D Sharma and Supreme Court lawyer Sanjay Upadhayaya. the tensions intensified since the drought of 2007 because Turkey diverts water to irrigate farmland. The size of these reserves varies from 450-6724 sq km. The central government has already identified two-third elephant reserves which cover 69582 sq km of area. UN as well as anecdotal reports from area residents made it clear in the report that because of a decline in the stream flow. cities and villages as well. The government does not face many difficulties in safeguarding the tiger reserves. The committee was constituted after National Board for Wildlife raised concerns about absence of any legal cover for the elephant corridors and reserves. elephant conservation expert Ajay Desai. As a result. the northern Iraq had to turn up to groundwater. However. As of now. decline in the stream flow puts pressure on northern Iraq. These reserves not just include the forest patches of various kinds but also the tea plantations. there are certain difficulties faced by the Page 95 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . national parks and sanctuaries. these elephant reserves are identified as the programme of the environment ministry for facilitating more funds under Project Elephant central scheme. Syria and Iraq. it does not facilitate better legal protection against the changes to demarcated landscape like that is case of tiger reserves. villages and townships.jagranjosh. MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE    The committee which was set up by the environment ministry will be headed over by retired senior forest officer. This is so because the elephants travel hundreds of kilometer in a year and they run through the forest and. revenue land. Other members will include Member of National Board for Wildlife M D Madhusudan. PURPOSE OF THE COMMITTEE www.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 95 Tigris and Euphrates headwaters are controlled by Turkey. Vinod Rishi. Also. but in case of elephant reserves. The director of Project Tiger will be the member convener of the committee. Also the reservoirs and the infrastructure of Turkey's Greater Anatolia Project which dictates the quantity of downstream of water flow into Iraq and Syria are controlled by Turkey. agricultural land.

Project (800 MW) in Arunachal Pradesh.E. Banke and Chitwan.E. First counting of the tigers started in Shuklaphanta reserve which is situated in far-west region. The clearances were pending for a long time. Project (775 MW) in Himachal Pradesh to be executed by Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam (SJVN) Limited. the MoEF has recently granted Stage-I forest clearance to eight transmission projects and Stage-II forest clearance to two transmission projects of the Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. The census includes five main conservation areas in Nepal which include two wildlife reserves namely. The committee will also assess impact of wildlife protection regulations on the population that lives on or uses the land that falls inside elephant corridors and reserves.jagranjosh. Teesta-IV Page 96 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The National Board for Wild Life (NBWL) has accorded wild life clearance to Vishnugad Pipalkoti H.E. The census was jointly started by the World Wide Fund for Nature and the National Trust for Nature Conservation. The MoEF. NEPAL STARTED CENSUS OF ENDANGERED SPECIES TIGERS Nepal started a three-month-long census of the tigers on 4 February 2013. Tigers were declared as the endangered species by International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2010. www. However.E.  HYDRO PROJECTS WORTH 2500 MW ACCORDED CLEARANCE The Hydro Projects worth 2500 MW across various states were accorded clearance by the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC) of Ministry of Environment & Forest (MoEF) on 5 February 2013. 50 cameras were installed in Shuklaphanta reserve for counting the number of tigers. All the conservation areas where census began lie in the Terai plains of the country.Current Affairs PDF February 2013  Page 96 The committee will have a one year time for examining the existing networks of elephant corridors and reserves. Project (520 MW) in Sikkim to be executed by NHPC Limited and Luhri H. Project (444 MW) in Uttarakhand to be executed by THDC India Limited subject to clearance by the State Board of Wild Life. Parsa and Shuklaphanta as well as three national parks namely Bardiya. through an order exempted certain linear projects including transmission lines from the requirement of obtaining consent of the concerned Gram Sabha(s) unless recognised rights of Primitive Tribal Groups/Pre-Agricultural Communities are being affected. The way is straight clear in tapping the hydro potential of the country to meet the country’s power needs. Separately. all other conditions as prescribed in the MoEF`s earlier order would apply. The projects include Tawang-II H. This would help transmission projects obtain clearances faster. The committee will inspect whether these reserves and corridors sufficiently cover the habitat of elephants and that what other legal cover can be provided to these reserves and corridors under the green laws recommended by Elephant Task Force.

through the snails. The researchers described that a lot of information could be extracted about weather conditions that were there 1000s of years ago.jagranjosh. poaching remains a threat to tigers in Nepal. A team of researchers which was led by Andre Carlo Colonese from York's department of Archaeology believed that the land snails held plethora of information about not just the palaeoclimatic conditions but also the human behaviour. a large scale regional picture of the weather conditions that existed over western Mediterranean area could be produced. Andre Carlo Colonese described that when the research on snails was put together from various sites such as Italy and Spain. To Read More Environment and Ecology Stories www.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 97 Nepal is said to be the abode of Royal Bengal Tiger that primarily dwells in dense forests of the Terai plains. the researchers studied the chemistry behind shells of snail which dated back to 9000 to 2500 years ago. However. As per the initial Page 97 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The study was conducted by looking at the different phases in past. Royal Bengal Tiger was declared as the endangered species by International Union for Conservation of Nature in 2010. SHELLS OF SNAILS PROVIDE INFORMATION ABOUT ANCIENT CLIMATE Researchers from the University of York in the last week of January 2013 revealed that the snails could help in predicting the weather conditions which existed thousands of years ago. which were recovered from the Mediterranean caves. there were a total of 200 tigers in Nepal. In their study.

www. NASA announced that the disk of material which surrounds TW Hydrae could be huge enough for creating the planets in a number which could be larger than our solar system. Michael Anderson. the findings of NASA also demonstrated a precise and new method for measuring the weight of the planet-forming disks. Apart from describing the state of this star. Seven astronauts were aboard Columbia which disintegrated across southern United States. NASA decided to mark the anniversary in just the low-key ceremonies in Texas as well as Florida in order to honour the crew members of Columbia along with those who died in the Challenger shuttle explosion on 28 January 1986. TW Hydrae is 176 light years away from the Earth. which they believe could create new planets even now.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 98 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY NASA MARKS 10TH ANNI. specialists Kalpana Chawla. This new method can help in directly investigating the gas which is typically used for making the new planets. The findings were created using the Herschel Space Telescope of European Space Agency. but this particular star had mass which could create as many as 50 Jupiter’s. which means that it is relatively closer to the Earth as per the astronomical standards. Relatively this star is young theoretically but it has already crossed the age at which it can create the giant planets. OF SPACE SHUTTLE COLUMBIA DISASTER NASA on 1 February 2013 marks 10th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia that perished into the atmosphere of the Earth upon its re-entry. Columbia broke into pieces on re-entering the atmosphere of the Earth. co-pilot William McCool. The debris of Columbia spread across 200mile stretch from Texas to Louisiana. The cause for its explosion was attributed towards the piece of foam which dropped from external rocket tank on Page 98 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . which eventually created a hole in the shuttle wing. TW Hydrae is around 10 million years old and 176 light years away from Earth. The seven crew members on-board included Commander Rick Husband.jagranjosh. Laurel Clark. in the mission where NASA is also a participant. Participants of the ceremony include family members of the crew who waited at Kennedy on 1 February 2003 when Columbia was about to land. NASA SCIENTISTS DISCOVERED A 10-M-YEAR OLD STAR Scientists from NASA in the last week of January 2013 discovered an old star called TW Hydrae. David Brown and Ilan Ramon an Israeli fighter pilot. The scientists explained that the stars of this age usually have cleared the surrounding material.

The scientists would also be able to find out which part of brain is an absentee during the neurological disorders such as epilepsy. memory. Actually. they are the switches which are used to inform actual genes when they should become active and create a protein. the scientists demonstrated the map in a brain of the Zebra fish. joy. Every cell type of human body composes of different sets of enhancers which are switched on or off. This map was also present in human brain. The world’s first atlas o f this kind documents the cerebrum. the thoughts of a fish while it tracks the prey. The gene enhancers in reality are the short pieces of DNA in human genome. JAPANESE SCIENTISTS FILMED THOUGHTS OF A FISH FOR FIRST TIME The Japanese scientists from the Saitama University in the first week of February 2013 filmed for the first time. it could be used for learning about the abnormalities which lead to increase in diseases of a brain. Therefore these enhancers do not give rise to the proteins. the patterns of the brain activities while making use of MRI scans were studied. These MRI scans were used to find out when the different regions of a brain switched on and off. autism and schizophrenia. www. This could greatly help in interpreting the behaviour of an animal which includes understanding their anger. this new study used a very different approach for recording which individual cells were being used at a particular moment. The study is a first of its kind and it led to real-time recording of the precise brain processes in the animal. rather than the actual genes. The filmed thoughts are very important because this technology can be used for understanding the thought process of the animals as well as the humans. However. as described by the scientists are the switches which help a gene in getting information about when and where they should be switched on or Page 99 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . In the study. Also. the scientists created the first of its kind genome-wide digital atlas of gene enhancers that are found in the brain.jagranjosh. In their major breakthrough. This atlas enabled the scientists to get a detailed study about how the individual genes can be regulated during the development of a brain and also how the genetic mutations can create an impact on the human neurological disorders. they created the digital atlas of gene enhancers in the human brain. Axel Visel described that the most challenging tasks of the contemporary science is to understand the functioning or malfunctioning of the brain.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 SCIENTISTS CREATED W ORLD’S FIRST DIGITAL ATLAS OF BRAIN Page 99 Scientists at the Berkeley Lab in their first major breakthrough made possible to get the close view of how a brain develops as well as functions. these can help in coordination of activities of 20000 genes in every single cell. Genomes. learning and much more. In the similar studies conducted earlier. motor functions as well as emotion identifies and also find out various gene-regulating elements that form the basic causes of neurological disorders. A geneticist with Berkeley Lab's genomics division. Together. Therefore. revealing about the precision of the brain activity that governs its hunting behaviour.

which has solar system like that of Earth. Iraq and Iran along the Tigris and Euphrates river basins lost 117 million acre feet (144 cubic kilometers) of its total stored freshwater. the pictures were sent by Curiosity which depicted a hole of around 0. As an outcome of the Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 100 . Curiosity is on a two-year mission on Mars for finding out the chemical and geologic conditions on Mars which are required for supporting as well as preserving the microbial life.jagranjosh. such as that from NASA's twin Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites. NASA SATELLITE DATA FOUND FRESHWATER LOSSES IN MIDDLE EAST A new study using data from a pair of gravity-measuring NASA satellites found on 12 February 2013 that large parts of the arid Middle East region lost freshwater reserves rapidly during the past decade. satellite data. supports microbial life or not. That is almost the amount of water in the Dead Sea. The first drill target of Curi osity was a Martian rock which was laced with the veins which appeared like water-deposited minerals. The final target of Curiosity is 3-mile. Scientists at the University of California at Irvine found that during a seven-year period beginning in 2003.(5-km) high mound of layered sediment which rises from floor of Gale Crater landing site. the scientists modified the larvae of the Zebra Fish genetically so that the neurons in their optic tectum emitted a fluorescent green light when being used. GRACE is providing a global picture of water storage trends and is invaluable when hydrologic observations are not routinely collected or shared beyond political boundaries. NASA’S MARS ROVER.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 100 In their study. The drilling was a part of endeavor to learn whether the Martian surface. The researchers attribute about 60 percent of the loss to pumping of groundwater from underground reservoirs. C URIOSITY DRILLED INTO FIRST MARTIAN ROCK NASA on 9 February 2013 announced that its Mars rover Curiosity drilled into the surface of the planet for first time. Syria. www. Earlier in the second week of February 2013. The larvae of Zebra Fish have transparent bodies which meant that the activities of brain cells could be easily filmed in a real-time with the help of a microscope and a high-resolution camera. Engineers are not clear yet whether the powder was produced in what quantity but it is enough for laboratory analysis. Since obtaining ground-based data in the area is difficult. are essential. parts of Turkey. engineers spent a few days in order to make use of the Curiosity’s drill which also included boring practice holes. The drilling fetched out small heap of powder which will be fed in onboard laboratory instruments so that the chemical makeup of the rock can be determined.63 inches wide and 2. The drilling into Martian surface took place for the first time on 8 February 2013. NASA announced that using drill was the biggest achievement for the team of Curiosity ever since the rover landed on Mars in August 2012.5 inches deep in the finegrained sedimentary bedrock.

jagranjosh. the lunar highlands represent original crust which is actually crystallised from Magma Ocean that was found mainly on the molten early Moon. Loss of surface water from lakes and reservoirs accounted for about another fifth of the Page 101 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Researchers made use of the Infrared spectroscopy for analysing water content in a part of plagioclase feldspar from lunar anorthosites. When a drought reduces an available surface water supply. which Famiglietti directs. RESEARCHERS DISCOVERED WATER ON THE OLDEST ROCKS OF MOON Researchers in the third week of February 2013 detected water traces inside the crystalline structure of one of the oldest lunar rocks which were obtained through Apollo missions on Moon. It is believed that these bright-coloured highlands rocks formed early in the history of the moon when plagioclase crystallised from the magma ocean and came up to the surface. GRACE is a joint mission with the German Aerospace Center and the German Research Center for Geosciences. Within a given region. These hydroxyl groups that were detected are evident that the interior of the Moon contained water during the early molten state of it. The team calculated about one-fifth of the observed water losses resulted from soil drying up and snowpack shrinking. The infrared spectroscopy work found out about the presence of 6 parts per million of water in lunar anorthosites. a number that does not include the numerous private wells landowners also very likely drilled. For example. As per the study conducted by University of Michigan. partly in response to the 2007 drought. Plagioclase feldspar from lunar anorthosites is basically the lunar rocks which are formed of over 90 percent plagioclase. The majority of the water lost approximately 73 million acre feet (90 cubic kilometers) was due to reductions in groundwater. lead author of the study and a water policy fellow with the University of California's Center for Hydrological Modeling in Irvine. rising or falling water reserves alter Earth's mass. Water management is a complex issue in the Middle East. By periodically measuring gravity regionally. The water content that was measured is not actually liquid water but hydroxyl groups which were distributed in mineral grain. an area that already is dealing with limited water resources and competing stakeholders said Kate Voss. GRACE tells us how much each region's water storage changes over time. irrigators and other water users turn to groundwater supplies. www. in partnership with the University of Texas at Austin.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 101 GRACE is like having a giant scale in the sky. Later the crust was solidified and played a crucial role in lunar basalts developments. influencing how strong the local gravitational attraction is. the Iraqi government drilled about 1000 wells in response to the 2007 drought.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

Page 102

Because there are some oldest rocks from the Moon, therefore it is believed that water would have been there in the Moon when it was formed. Earlier theories revealed that Moon was formed when the Mars-sized body bumped into the young Earth. Eventually the debris broke off and combined into new body. It was believed that a lot of water would have been evaporated in the space, leaving Moon arid.

Researchers in the third week of February 2013 detected water traces inside the crystalline structure of one of the oldest lunar rocks which were obtained through Apollo missions on Moon. As per the study conducted by University of Michigan, the lunar highlands represent original crust which is actually crystallised from Magma Ocean that was found mainly on the molten early Moon. Researchers made use of the Infrared spectroscopy for analysing water content in a part of plagioclase feldspar from lunar anorthosites. Plagioclase feldspar from lunar anorthosites are basically the lunar rocks which are formed of over 90 percent plagioclase. It is believed that these bright-coloured highlands rocks formed early in the history of the moon when plagioclase crystallised from the magma ocean and came up to the surface. The infrared spectroscopy work found out about the presence of 6 parts per million of water in lunar anorthosites. The water content that was measured is not actually liquid water but hydroxyl groups which were distributed in mineral grain. These hydroxyl groups that were detected are evident that the interior of the Moon contained water during the early molten state of it. Later the crust was solidified and played a crucial role in lunar basalts developments. Because there are some oldest rocks from the Moon, therefore it is believed that water would have been there in the Moon when it was formed. Earlier theories revealed that Moon was formed when the Mars-sized body bumped into the young Earth. Eventually the debris broke off and combined into new body. It was believed that a lot of water would have been evaporated in the space, leaving Moon arid. To Read More Science and Technology Stories

1. The space telescope of NASA discovered astonishing magnetic braids of super-hot matter in outer atmosphere of the Sun. Which of the following statements is true in context with this statement? a) The scientists claimed that this discovery could help in explaining the mysterious hot centre of the Sun.

Page 102

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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b) The NASA’s telescope captured 1000 photographs depicting astonishing details. c) It was found out that the Sun’s surface was almost up to 6125 degrees Celsiu s. d) The scientists also discovered that the powerful magnetic waves which rippled from within the surface of the Sun. Answer: (c) It was found out that the Sun’s surface was almost up to 6125 degrees Celsius. 2. Iran on 28 January 2013 announced that it had successfully sent into space a primate. Which primate did it send into space? a) Worms b) Monkey c) Turtle d) Mouse Answer: (b) Monkey 3. NASA on 1 February 2013 marked 10th anniversary of which Space Shuttle? a) Columbia b) Challenger c) Both of these d) None of these Answer: (a) Columbia 4. Scientists from NASA in the last week of January 2013 discovered an old star called TW Hydrae which they believe could create new planets even now. How old is this star? a) 100 million years old b) 50 million years old c) 20 million years old d) 10 million years old Answer: (d) 10 million years old

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Current Affairs PDF February 2013

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5. The Japanese scientists from the Saitama University in the first week of February 2013 filmed for the first time, the thoughts of which animal while it was tracking its prey? a) A fish b) A zebra c) An elephant d) A snail Answer: (a) A fish For More Science and Tech Quizzes

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Ayesha Haroon World cancer day was observed on .Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck The fourth largest private sector Bank of India which was awarded the Financial Institutions Syndicated Deal of the Year 2012 in its Asia Pacific Region.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 105 ONE LINERS                The new communication satellite launched by NASA on 31 January 2013 to stay in touch with its space station astronauts.Shanu Lahiri The prominent Pakistani journalist died on 2 February 2013 in New York following 4year long fight with cancer. who resigned from his office on 4 February 2013.Zhuang Zedong The sitar legend was honoured with the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy award ON 9 February 2013.Joseph Dunford Page 105 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Rajkeswur Purryag The King of Bhutan who visited India from 23 to 30 January 2013 and was the Chief Guest for the Republic Day Celebration.YES Bank The Parliament Attack Convict. who was hanged on 9 Feb 2013 at Tihar Jail after his mercy petition was cancelled by the President of India.Michael Clarke President of Republic of Mauritius who visited India from 3 Jan 2013 to 10 Jan 2013 and was honoured with the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman Award.Rohinton F Nariman The Australian cricket captain who won the fourth Allan Border Medal in Melbourne on 4 February 2013.Afzal Guru The Advocate-General of West Bengal who resigned from his office on 8 Feb 2013Anindya Kumar Mitra The 72 years old table tennis legend who died in Beijing on 10 February 2013 following lengthy fight with cancer.Pandit Ravi Shankar US Marine General who took over the command of the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan.4 February 2013 Solicitor-General of India.TDRS(Tracking and Data Relay Satellite) The person who emerged as winner to the first direct Presidential elections held in Czech Republic on 25 January 2013-Milos Zeman The renowned painter of Bengal School died on 1 February 2013 following a brief illness at Kolkata hospital.jagranjosh.

T. Thinley World Radio Day was observed on which day to raise awareness about the importance of radio. 2013.Ratan Tata The Car Rally that was flagged off from the Helipad Ground in Salt Lake Stadium.Radhakishan Malviya The former LIC chief who took over as the Chairman of the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) on 21 February 2013. West Bengal on 22 February 2013. who sworn in as the Lokayukta on 14 February 2013.Silk Route Car Rally Current Affairs PDF February 2013     www. S.Lyonchhen Jigmi Page 106 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013             Page 106 Conference for South Asian Autism Network (SAAN) for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) was concluded on -11 Feb 2013 Code name given to secret plan for executing Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist Afzal Guru in Tihar Jail on 9 February 2013 -Operation Three Star The short range surface-to-surface missile launched by Pakistan on 11 February 2013 Hatf IX (NASR) The Person appointed as the chairman of Lalit Kala Akademi on 12 February 2013Kalyan Kumar Chakravarty Prime Minister of the Himalayan Kingdom Bhutan was on an official visit to India from 7 Feb. Vijayan The former head of Tata Group who was awarded the life time achievement award 2012 by Ernst & Young on 21 February 2013. Disarmament and Development Award 2011 by the President of India Pranab Mukherjee on 18 Feb 2013 Ela Ramesh Bhatt The former Union Minister and three times MP for Rajya Sabha.Rafael Correa The Person who was conferred with Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace.Bangladesh The Ecuador's President who was re-elected for a third term with more than 50 percent of the vote. to 9 Feb. who died at the age of 68 on 19 February 2013.Y Bhaskar Rao The theme of 27nd edition of Surajkund mela that was ended on 15 February 2013 was –Karnataka The person who was appointed as the next Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations on 13 February 2013.Asoke Kumar Mukerji The Country which banned the Japanese cartoon Doraemon in the third week of February 2013 because of the fears of Hindi invasion.12 February 2013 The former Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court.

Silver Linings Playbook The Person who had sworn -in as the first woman President of South Korea on 25 February 2013.Current Affairs PDF February 2013   Page 107 The playbook which won four awards at the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on 24 February Page 107 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh.Park Geun-hye www.

C Chetal. This is the 11th TDRS satellite to be launched by NASA. Chemistry Group in IGCAR and is also a specialist in the field of actinide chemistry as well as a few areas of chemistry of nuclear fuel cycle. Dr. It will take two weeks for the satellite to reach its intended 22300-mile- www. Rao led various R&D programmes related to the field of chemistry. RAO • • • • • • Dr. Once it begins working. Dr. He later became a part of the Department of Atomic Energy after he graduated from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) Training School. He played a crucial role in establishing Radiochemistry Laboratory in IGCAR. which also include Indian Nuclear Society award in 2007. Rao was earlier the Director. Chennai in 1972. This newest third-generation TDRS carries the letter K designation. NASA LAUNCHED A NEW COMMUNICATION SATELLITE CALLED TDRS NASA on 31 January 2013 launched a new communication satellite to stay in touch with its space station astronauts and relay more Hubble telescope images.jagranjosh. Rao did graduation from Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College. degree in actinide chemistry from Bombay University. In IGCAR. Dr. ABOUT DR. Vasudeva Rao became the Director of the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) at Kalpakkam on 31 January 2013. He succeeded S. Various awards were bagged by him. he joined IGCAR.R.D.R. He got his Ph. VASUDEVA RAO APPOINTED AS DIRECTOR OF IGCAR P. who has now Page 108 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The space agency uses the orbiting network to communicate with astronauts living on the International Space Station.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 108 NEWS CAPSULE P. The first TDRS spacecraft flew in 1983. In 1978. Rao’s specialty is designing and developing breeder reactors. after resigning from BARC. Trombay. it will become TDRS-11. An unmanned Atlas V rocket blasted into the starry night sky carrying the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) from Cape Canaveral.

will be launched in 2014. SIR IS SAC NEWTON’S 300 -YEAR-OLD TEXTBOOKS DISCOVERED A box of books said to be that of Sir Isaac Newton. Sir Newton was leading scientist in subjects such as alchemy.jagranjosh. The Czech Republic is a land-locked country in central Europe. The books contained Newton’s Laws of Motion as well as the account of principles of gravity spread across over 1000 pages. Francis Elliot Kitchener. He was born in 1642 and died in 1727. NASA estimates the satellite costs between 350 and 400 million US Dollars. meaning mathematical principles of natural philosophy. Another TDRS spacecraft. After a long discussion. fueled by allegations of corruption in the voting process. Until 2012. Milos Zeman is the former Prime Minister of Czech Republic and head of the Party of Civic Rights-Zemanovci (SPOZ) while Karel Schwarzenberg is foreign minister in the present centre-right coalition government. who was a keen scientist. Zeman succeeded Vaclav Klaus as the President of Czech Republic. The books were discovered by the sixth-form physics student Will Garside while working on the artefacts from the school site. They were first published on 5 July 1687. The discovered books are a set of three volumes and are said to be the property of first headmaster. The work of Sir Issac Newton was translated in English in 1728. the constitution was amended in 2012 to provide for direct Presidential elections. REPORT: INDIA ACCOUNTS TO 86 % ORAL CANCER FIGURE Experts of National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) in first week of February released a report on the harmful effects of gutka. Milos Zeman emerged as winner. natural philosophy and astronomy. The auctioneers estimated that the discovery could be worth thousands of pounds. FIRST DIRECT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WAS HELD IN CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Republic: It is a landlocked country in Central Europe The result of first direct Presidential elections held in Czech Republic was declared on 25 January 2013. theology. Staffordshire in UK were discovered in the first week of February Page 109 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 109 high orbit. It reported that 86 percent of the total oral www. The three books are known as Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica. the Parliament elected the President for a five-year term. L in the series. The textbooks are over 300 years old and contain works of Sir Issac Newton. who is credited with discovery of gravity. in the school physics laboratory of Newcastle-under-Lyme School. Testing will last a few months. He won 55 percent as compared with 45 percent of Karel Schwarzenberg.

6 million deaths worldwide. Nariman was designated as a senior advocate at the age of 37. In case of men from South-East Asia Region. The statistics released by the Health Ministry 65 percent cancers in India are caused due to the use of tobacco. The rate of oral cancer reported in India is about twice the global average.0 STRUCK THE SOLOMON ISLANDS A powerful earthquake of magnitude 8.0 has struck off the Solomon Islands in the Pacific Ocean on 6 February 2013 and generated a potentially destructive tsunami. In the history of last four decades.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 110 cancer figure across the world accounted to India. at a depth of 5. oral and lung cancers are the most prevalent ones and breast and cervical cancers are mainly found in women. because Indians chew tobacco more than smoking. He was appointed at the second highest law official of India on 23 July 2011 after Gopal Subramanium resigned from his office on 14 July 2011 following the issues with Government in context to the 2G Spectrum Allocation Scam.N. Dipankar Gupta from 1992-97 and G E Vahanvati from Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 110 . only three Solicitor Generals have been successful in completing his five year term in the office and they are . www. The Government of India invests a sum of 300 billion rupees per year approximately on treatment of tobacco related illness via both private and public spending. when M. The earthquake struck the Santa Cruz Islands a part of the Solomon Islands Nation at 01:12 GMT as per the reports from the US Geological Survey. India consists of 14 percent smoking tobacco users and 26 percent chewing tobacco users. Venkatachaliah.8 kilometres. The quake struck 81 kilometres west of Lata. The Tsunami warning was raised for Papua New Guinea.jagranjosh.7 million lung diseases in India every year. About 2500 persons die every day in India due to diseases related to tobacco. the Chief Justice of India amended the rules and reduced the age from 45 years for designating a lawyer as a senior advocate.5 lakh cancer patients. As per the report tobacco is responsible for creating 1.L N Sinha from 1972-77. Other data released reveled that a third of the annual 5. the Solicitor-General of India resigned from his office on 4 February 2013.6 million cancer deaths in India occurs due to the excessive use of tobacco. R. EARTHQUAKE OF MAGNITUDE 8. In 2008 cancer was the cause of 7. 4. It accounts to onefourth of the total spending on health issues in the country. A total of 75000 to 80000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in India itself.2 million heart diseases and 3. making India an oral cancer capital. In case of India the maximum number of cancer was a result of tobacco chewing. NARIMAN SOLICITOR-GENERAL OF INDIA RESIGNED FROM HIS OFFICE Rohinton F Nariman.

interior secretary for looking after the huge energy reserves as well as the national parks. and Wallis and Futuna and Kiribati islands. Leader of Opposition in Lok sabha. King of Bhutan visited India as Republic Day function Chief Guest The King and Queen of Bhutan. Obama while nominating Jewell described her as an expert on climate issues and energy issues. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck was invited by the Indian President to be the Chief Guest for the Republic Day Celebrations of India. King of Bhutan. Page 111 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . At present. the Vice-President. Nauru. It is important to note that Jewell is the first woman who is nominated to join second term of Obama. INTERIOR SECRETARY US President Barack Obama nominated Sally Jewell. DRDO officials announced that DRDO would work for finalisation of further details of the programmes as well as the number of aircrafts that IAF would need for giving overall coverage to India’s boundaries. New Caledonia. Vanuatu. AWACS allows IAF to keep a close watch on the enemy territory. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and Jetsun Pema respectively visited India from 23 January to 30 January 2013. the King of Bhutan met with President of India. Foreign Secretary. The government granted an in-principal approval to the proposal for developing an indigenous AWACS. Tuvalu.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 111 Solomon Islands.jagranjosh. Prime Minister. Kosrae. www. The approval was granted in the meeting of Cabinet Committee on Security. During his visit. India has a fleet of three AWACS aircraft. UPA Chairperson. The visit of the King of Bhutan and his acceptance to be the chief guest for the Republic Day celebration would contribute to further strengthening and expansion of the bilateral relation and ties between Bhutan and India. a retail executive and outdoor enthusiast on 6 February 2013 as the U.S. OBAMA NOMINATED SALLY JEWELL AS U. National Security Advisor. UNION CABINET APPROVED DRDO FOR DEVELOPING AWACS FOR IAF The Union Cabinet of India on 6 February 2013 gave approval to Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) for developing an indigenous Airborne Early Warning and Control System (AWACS) for IAF.

The interior secretary also strongly voices out the opinions in rules which govern the hydraulic fracturing or fracking on the public lands and drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic.S. There are infinite numbers of primes and there is not any specific formula for generating the primes like these. beating an earlier record of largest prime number by more than 4 million digits. GIMPS is a distributed computing project which was specifically formulated for finding out a certain kind of prime number which was first identified in 17th century.S. National Park Service. However there are certain rare kinds of prime numbers called Mersenne primes which have the form 2 multiplied by itself p times minus 1. One of the computers out of these spent 39 days in proving that number discovered was actually prime and later it was verified by other researchers as well. The new largest prime number discovered by the researchers has more than 17 million digits and is an only 48th Mersenne prime found so far. Therefore discovering numbers like these involves intensive computation. The new number now shot to 2 multiplied by itself 57885161 times minus 1 and this broke the record of finding the new and even larger primes. GIMPS discovered all the top ten largest Mersenne primes. All the prime numbers in the world can be divided by themselves and 1 only. UNION GOVERNMENT OF INDIA APPROVED SETTING UP OF NPCA Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 112 . interior secretary also looks after one fifth of the land mass of the country as well as offshore oil fields.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ABOUT SALLY JEWELL • • Page 112 Jewell who is 56 years of age has remained a leader in land conservation in the Pacific Northwest. It is the 14th discovery by GIMPS. The findings of the researchers were a part of Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS). where p denotes a prime number. The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) software functions on almost 1000 university computers. INTERIOR SECRETARY • • Apart from managing the U. ROLE OF THE U. WORLD’S L ARGEST PRIME NUMBER DISCOVERED Researchers from the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg in the second week of February 2013 discovered the largest prime number of the world.S. The earlier record of 2 multiplied by itself 43112609 times minus 1 was also discovered by GIMPS back in 2008 and it had just a few less than 13 million digits. the U.jagranjosh. She has also worked in banking and energy sector in early days of her career.

Pandit Ravi Shankar died on 11 December 2012 at 92 years of age. Pope Benedict XVI is 85 years old. His daughter sitarist Anoushka Shankar accepted the award on his behalf on 9 February 2013 ahead of the Grammy’s show that took place in Los Angeles on 10 February 2013. Pandit Ravi Shankar was in the list of seven other artistes named for Lifetime Achievement Award honourees and this also included Carole King and the Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 113 .jagranjosh. Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones attended the preGrammy ceremony at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre for accepting the honour which was given to their deceased father. PT. SHANKAR HONOURED WITH GRAMMY AWARD Pandit Ravi Shankar. To govern the implementation uniform policy and guidelines will be framed. He reasoned that he was too infirm to carry on. Pandit Ravi Shankar’s daughter Anoushka Shankar was also nominated in this category for album Traveller. R. The Government of India and the State Governments would be sharing the costs in a ratio of 70:30 and in case of the North-Eastern states the ratio is 90:10. The estimated cost to bring this plan into operations during the 12th Plan Period is 900 crore rupees. He had become the Pope in www. The formation of the NPCA was done with the objective of conserving aquatic ecosystems (lakes and wetlands) by implementing sustainable conservation plans. NATIONAL PLAN FOR CONSERVATION OF AQUATIC ECO-SYSTEMS (NPCA) The Union Government of India merged National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-systems (NPCA) to develop a new program named National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Ecosystems (NPCA). the sitar legend was honoured with the posthumous Lifetime Achievement Grammy award. The Indian sitar legend also won best world music album Grammy for The Living Room Sessions Part 1. The decision set the stage for the election of a new Pope before the end of March 2013.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 NPCA: National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-systems Page 113 The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs on 7 February 2013 approved the proposal for the merger of National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP) and National Wetlands Conservation Programme (NWCP) to develop a new scheme named National Plan for Conservation of Aquatic Eco-systems (NPCA). He is the first pontiff to do so in nearly 600 years. POPE BENEDICT XVI ANNOUNCED HIS RESIGNATION Pope Benedict XVI announced on 11 February 2013 that he would resign at the end of the month.

The Declaration of 2nd April as World Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations General Assembly 2007 e.jagranjosh. during New Delhi Declaration took into consideration different facts. • To reiterate the commitment of nations to the concept of all human beings being born free and equal in rights and dignity as enshrined in: Page 114 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . The Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989. families and nations because the scientific evidences for early intervention of the children with autism have increased at a large scale To consider the stigma. The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 2007. c. The last Pope to resign was Pope Gregory XII. THE DELHI DECLARATION IS AS FOLLOWS The members of South Asian Autism Network (SAAN). intervention and care for Autism which can surely improve the outcome and become a model for different types of developmental disabilities The concern for making the appropriate services accessible to children and their families. and increase the human and material costs for communities. who took this step in 1415 to put an end to the Great Western Split among competing papal claimants. DELHI DECLARATION OF SAAN CONCLUDED The Delhi Declaration of the first South Asian Autism Network (SAAN) for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) conference concluded in New Delhi on 11 February 2013.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 114 2005. discrimination as well as social exclusion those children and their families can face on a daily basis • • • www. b. making it affordable. d. The Dhaka Declaration on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities of July 2011 • • They reiterated towards its commitment for safeguarding every citizen from discrimination and social exclusion ensuring their inclusion in all spheres of life They noted down their concerns related to the increased occurrence of autism and disorders related to it as well as the absence of population based mechanisms to detect the accessible interventions on time To develop a community based model for early detection. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948.

the death toll reached to 36 people. owing to the moral responsibility. Victims included 9 men. develop collaborative networks for Advocacy and Legislation/Policy changes if required. in both letter and spirit • • • • • ALLAHABAD STAMPEDE DURING MAUNI AMAVASYA Stampede took place at the Allahabad railway station on 10 February 2013. On 11 February 2013. Bodies of 20 deceased people were identified. The death toll is likely to increase. The stampede took place at Platform number 5 and 6 where a number of passengers. MOHAN PARASARAN APPOINTED AS THE SOLICITOR GENERAL OF INDIA www. most of which were Maha Kumbh devotees. Mohammad Azam Khan. The government of Uttar Pradesh ordered inquiry into this matter.jagranjosh. on ASD which will also provide a platform for the voices of persons with ASD and their families Implementation of the Dhaka Declaration on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Developmental Disabilities of 2011.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 THE PARTICIPANT NATIONS UNDERTOOK • Page 115 A commitment to themselves to include ASD in all mainstream policies and programmes of their nations for addressing the issues related to early childhood development in all spheres of community life To develop measures for early detection and surveillance services at every level Evaluation and implementation of the efficacious and effective programs for addressing the life cycle needs of person with ASD The member countries agreed to undertake collaborative research on all aspects of autism To strive to improve Page 115 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . were returning after they took dip in the Holy Sangam on the occasion of Mauni Amavasya. AZAM KHAN RESIGNED AS IN-CHARGE OF KUMBH AFTER ALLAHABAD STAMPEDE Following the stampede that tolled 36 lives. the UP minister resigned as an in-charge of ongoing Kumbh Mela. 26 women and one child. The government also asked Railways to sanction ex-gratia of 5 lakh Rupees to families of deceased. The injured were being treated at SRN hospital in Allahabad and railway hospitals.

National review in mental health was conducted in which it was observed that around one out of two patients needed to travel over 5 km for care and 40 percent patients had • • • • www. Deficiencies and Disabilities since birth to 18 years. The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (ACC) cleared his name for Solicitor General of India. Mohan Parasaran is a senior advocate of the Supreme Court. The meeting between two nations was concluded on 11 February 2013 where both nations had Adoption of Delhi Declaration. SOLICITOR GENERAL OF INDIA The Solicitor General of India is the second highest law officer of India and a subordinate to the Attorney General for India. Diseases. Ghulam Nabi Azad. SEVENTEENTH CONVOCATION OF THE NIMHANS HELD IN BANGALORE Seventeenth Convocation of the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) was held on 14 February 2013 in Bangalore. The Health Ministers of India and Bangladesh signed a MoU on Health in New Delhi on 12 February 2013. Page 116 Mohan Parasaran will serve as the Solicitor General of India for a term of three years. The MoU was signed so that the two nations can cooperate in terms of health sector. the Additional Solicitor General was on 13 February 2013 appointed as the Solicitor General of India after senior advocate Rohinton Nariman resigned from his designation. He was appointed by first UPA Government as Additional Solicitor General (ASG) in July 2004. New initiative called Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram was launched on 6 February 2013 in Maharashtra for Universal Screening of Children for Page 116 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Mohan Parasaran. who is the Indian government's chief legal advisor. INITIATIVES TAKEN DURING THE CONVOCATION • Ghulam Nabi Azad declared that address and telephone based Mother and Child Tracking System were available for reaching out to the pregnant women for appropriate care during pregnancy as well as for every child for vaccination.jagranjosh. India and Bangladesh also facilitated setting up South Asian Autism Network (SAAN). This programme will include 270 million children in India. Chief Guest of the convocation was the Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare. Rohinton Nariman resigned from his post in Early February 2013.

INT.jagranjosh. The programme would be evaluated by NIMHANS. psychiatry wings of about 90 medical colleges were upgraded and District Hospitals were strengthened for facilitating medical care to patients who are mentally ill. Specialty of NIMHANS is in the discipline of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences in India. This would be the first encounter of the scientists with an object so close to earth. The Health Ministry also drew plan for scaling up the programme to around 300 districts and eventually to all the districts in a properly phased manner during 12th Five Year Plan. ON TRADITIONAL MEDICINE FOR SE ASIAN COUNTRIES The two-day International Conference on Traditional Medicine for South-East (SE) Asian Countries concluded with the Adoption of Delhi Declaration in New Delhi on 13 February 2013. This encounter will bring chances of studying the closet near earth object. ASTEROID 2012 DA14 TO PASS THROUGH EARTH POSES NO THREAT The Asteroid 2012 DA14. It was decided that 18 Ambulance services would be started for transporting the patients to District Hospitals in case of emergency. NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office that have predicted the path of the asteroid had cleared that there exist no chances of asteroid collision with earth. NIMHANS would facilitate a blue print for expanding these mental health services in India. inside the ring of geosynchronous weather and communications satellites. National Mental Health Programmes in context with this. NIMHANS laid its foundation on 14 February 1974. designated as Institute of National Importance by an Act of Parliament.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 117 to travel over 10 km. The asteroid would be visible across Asia including India and can be seen with the help of a binocular or telescope. • Apart from this. Also. Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 117 . CON. a 150-foot asteroid would fly above the earth at a distance of about 17000 miles on 15 February 2013. • • • ABOUT NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH AND NEURO SCIENCES (NIMHANS) • • • • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) is a deemed university. NIMHANS in 2012 started free legal aid services called NIMHANS Centre for Well-Being with 15 high-tech laboratories. were restrategised for upgrading all Mental Hospitals in India.

exchange of literature and more To pursue harmonized approach for the education. practice and regulation of traditional medicine along with the involvement of practitioners of health services of the traditional medicine Identification of the possible ways for promotion of mutual recognition of educational qualifications that is awarded by recognized Universities. strategies and interventions Development of institutionalized mechanism for exchange of information. DPR Korea. Indonesia. symposia. documentation.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 118 The Delhi Declaration was made for fostering the development of Traditional Medicine of the Page 118 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . Bhutan. Almost 200 hundred countries are taking part in this campaign. ONE BILLION RISING CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED The entire world came together on one platform to raise the voice for the violence against women across the globe by participating in One Billion Rising Campaign. pharmacopoeias and relevant databases of traditional medicine The declaration included development of a common document for reference on traditional medicines for the south East Asian nations To identify and develop the scopes of regional cooperation for training and capacity building of traditional medicine experts To encourage sustainable development and resource augmentation of medicinal plants in the South East Asian regional countries To establish regional centers as required for capacity building and networking in the areas of traditional medicine and medicinal plants To exchange views. monographs. www. India. Timor-Leste. Nepal. visit of experts. research. Myanmar. expertise and knowledge with active cooperation with WHO on traditional medicine through workshops. experiences and experts for integration of traditional medicine into national health systems in accordance with national policies and regulations • • • • • • • The conference was attended by the representatives of South-East Asian countries namely Bangladesh. This is a global campaign to rise against violence and take a stand for the one billion women. Maldives and Thailand. Sri Lanka. Agenda’s of Delhi Declaration on Traditional Medicine for the South -East Asian Countries • • For appropriate use of traditional medicines in the health care delivery system impartial development and promotion of national policies.

State as well as National awardees artisans from every corner of India participate in the mela. with Chelyabinsk. handicrafts. Three areas that suffered effects of meteorite and among them one included a crater of six meters near Lake Chebarkul. Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan also displayed their handicrafts and handicrafts during the mela ABOUT SURAJKUND MELA Surajkund Mela. presented a kaleidoscopic perspective of the rich Indian culture. Fragments of the meteorite effected several regions of Siberia and Kazakhstan.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 119 UN in its message stated that by standing together the world can end the violence against women and girls and build a world where all live free from harassment and Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 119 . for the first time was held in 1987 and since then the colorful traditional craft festival is held from 1 February to 15 February every year on the onset of spring season. Craftsmen from SAARC nations participated for the first time under one roof in the history of mela Craftsmen from Eurasian countries like Tajikistan. In fact. FACTS RELATED TO THE 27TH EDITION OF THE MEAL ARE AS FOLLOWS • • • The 27th edition of the mela carried Karnataka as its main theme and the theme was selected after a gap of 18 years. The mela lasted for fifteen days from 1 February to 15 February 2013. the industrial city of Russia. authentic fragrances and flavours of rich Indian cuisines. The meteorite exploded itself into small fragments at a distance of about 50 kilometers from earth surface. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry declared that the shockwaves injured around 500 people out of which 84 were children. The annual fair helps in showcasing the finest handlooms. TWENTY-SEVENTH EDITION OF SURAJKUND MELA ENDED The twenty seventh edition of the Surajkund International Crafts Mela ended on 15 February 2013 at Surajkund in Faridabad (Haryana). www. The meteorite was preceded the Asteroid 2012 DA14 that crossed over the skies of Indonesia and other parts of Asia. the governments across the globe should make a concrete commitment of action to end the violence against women and girls. The meteorite that travelled at a speed of 15 to 20 kilometer per second created a panic kind of situation and resulted into shockwaves that blasted windows and rocked buildings. METEORITE EXPLODED OVER THE SKIES OF RUSSIA The meteorite that weighed around 10 tonnes entered the earth’s atmosphere over Siberia above the skies of Ural Mountains on 15 February 2013.jagranjosh.

7 percent while his closest competitor Guillermo could secure only 23. The area was built by the ruler of Tomar Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 120 . Moreover. a renowned Women social worker. promotion of grassroot level entrepreneurship as well as contribution towards promotion of equitable development and peace. leading to creation of jobs in the process. President Pranab Mukherjee while giving away the award announced that SEWA was a vehicle of self employment and self reliance for the Indian women. The award was given away at Rashtrapati Bhavan. Correa is a socialist leader who was first elected in 2007.3 percent. He is credited with bringing political stability to a nation that experienced several protests and coups. As per the results. New Delhi. Rafael Correa got 56. Surajkund being a historical place is also included in the list of Haryana Tourism department. Complete mela carries the look of the selected state SURAJKUND AND ITS SIGNIFICANCE The name Surajkund means Lake of the Sun and the area lies in the backdrop of Aravalli hills.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 120 Every year the mela is organised based on the theme of a particular state of India that is chosen as the state of the year. Suraj Pal in tenth century. The place holds a historic sun temple of tenth century. Disarmament and Development Award to Ela Ramesh Bhatt. the President of Ecuador was required to win 50 percent of the total vote or 40 percent plus a 10-point margin over the second-placed candidate. He is known for his citizen revolution which made him popular among people of Ecuador. while at the same time being synonymous with the rural inclusiveness. ELA BHATT CONFERRED 2011 INDIRA GANDHI PRIZE The President of India Pranab Mukherjee on 18 February 2013 conferred 2011 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace. Ela Bhatt has her organisation SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association). During his six years in power.jagranjosh. He is 49 years old. Poverty rates declined significantly. www. Correa provided access to education and healthcare and bettered thousands of miles of highways. ECUADOR’S PRESIDENT RAFAEL CORREA RE-ELECTED FOR A THIRD TERM Ecuador's President Rafael Correa was re-elected for a third term with more than 50 percent of the vote according to the election results declared in the third week of February 2013. To avoid a run-off. Ela Bhatt was given away the award for life time achievements in women empowerment.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 ELA BHATT • • • Ela Bhatt is the founder of more than 1 million SEWAs in India. Interruptions like these have happened certain times in past. The main problem was that the primary computer that has the responsibility of controlling the critical functions of the ISS defaulted to the backup computer. Usually. the retired Justice of Allahabad High Court to conduct Judicial Probe into the Allahabad Railway Station Stampede that occurred during Kumbh Mela. BLACK MONEY GENERATED IN INDIA WOULD EXCEED 10 % OF GDP www. But ISS was able to irregularly contact NASA through the Russian stations. But it did not allow the ISS to communicate with the Tracking and Data Relay Satellites of NASA. The constituted committee that will probe into the matter is a one-man committee and was directed to submit its report in two months. Page 121 Since the state Government appointed Jagan Mathuews. The flight controllers of Houston were updating the ISS software when the data relay system broke down. The State Government ordered a Judicial Probe into the incident that occurred on the day of Mauni Amawasya 10 February 2013 at the Allahabad Railway Station during Kumbh Mela. Railways have also appointed an Inquiry Committee being headed by the Additional member traffic Railway Board. Ela Bhatt has been working for women empowerment and bringing women out of poverty through promotion of Self Help Groups.jagranjosh. NASA RE-ESTABLISHED CONTACT WITH ISS AFTER 3 HOURS The ground controllers of NASA re-established its contact with International Space Station in just less than 3 hours after the computer failure had blocked their communication. SEWA has empowered women with freedom as well as financial self. NASA communicates to ISS from Houston through three communication satellites. to look into the matter An inquiry committee that was constituted by the Railways to look into the matter. the committee is being headed by the Additional member traffic Railway Board. Chairman of the UP Board of Revenue to conduct an inquiry and submit its report within one month. Other Two Committees conducting Inquiry on the Case • • Earlier. JUDICIAL PROBE IN KUMBH RAILWAY STATION STAMPEDE ORDERED The State Government of Uttar Pradesh on 18 February 2013 appointed Onkareshwar Page 121 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .

e. NIPFP had also carried out the studies in 1976 and 1981 where it was estimated that black money in India was around 15-18 percent of GDP and 18-21 percent of GDP respectively. above 10 lakh crore Rupees as per the size of the economy..e. The study was commissioned by NIPFP in last week of December 2012 in order to quantify the black money that was generated in India.National Institute of Financial Management (NIFM).. i. The government. i. The study conducted by NIPFP was headed by the head of NIPFP's tax policy and research and also included former director general of income tax investigation. PREVIOUS ESTIMATION OF BLACK MONEY GENERATED AS PER STUDY OF NIPFP • • • 1975-76: 15-18 percent of GDP. up to 36000 crore Rupees. i...e. 31584 to 36784 crore Rupees ABOUT NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC FINANCE AND POLICY (NIPFP) • • • National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) is the centre for research in public finance and public policy.e. 20362 to 23678 crore Rupees 1983-84: 19-21 percent of GDP. LIVNI ENTERED INTO COALITION DEAL WITH BENJAMIN NETANYAHU www. 9958 to 11870 crore Rupees 1980-81: 18-21 percent of GDP.e. telecom sector. These three thinking tanks were.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 122 A 1000 page report submitted by the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) to the finance ministry estimated that unlawful wealth would exceed 10 percent or more of GDP. mining sector and real estate sector. A similar study like this was conducted last time by NIPFP in 1984 where it was estimated that black money generated in India was 19 percent to 21 percent of GDP. It was established in Page 122 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .. The report presented a sector-wise division of the scope of black money in India. National Council for Applied Economic Research (NCEAR) and National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). T. Before this. in order to combat this had also selected three thinking tanks in March 2011 in order to estimate the quantum of black money. Primary aim of NIPFP is contributing to policy making in areas which are related to public economics. The annual grant-in-aid is received by NIPFP from Ministry of Finance. for example. i.jagranjosh. Government of India and from various State Governments. i.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 123 Benjamin Netanyahu. Chief Executive Officer. Investigations were ordered by both the Central Government and the State Government to find out the group involved in the blast. Under the deal Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 123 . Serum Institute of India and Onkar S Kanwar. Chairman. Francisco D’Souza. TZIPI LIVNI Tzipi Livni is an Israeli Politician and the first women to be the leader of opposition in Israel. His party won the hard fought general elections on 23 January 2013 but felled shot of majority. She is the leader of the new centrist party. the busy shopping area of Hyderabad. at Jerusalem. the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh on 21 February 2013. Hatnuah. Cognizant Technology Solutions. Godrej Group Chairman. Apollo Tyres.jagranjosh. Ernst & Young announced names of successful entrepreneurs in various categories and these awards were given away to TT Jagannathan. TTK Group. TWO BLASTS IN HYDERABAD CLAIMED 14 LIVES AND LEFT 119 INJURED Two bomb blasts took place in Dilsukhnagar. the former head of Tata Group was awarded the life time achievement award 2012 by Ernst & Young on 21 February 2013. Managing Director. It is important to note that entrepreneur of the year award is an only business award which is based on self-nomination. the Prime Minister of Israel on 19 February 2013 announced a coalition deal with the rival centrist Hatnua Party Chairwomen and the former Israeli Foreign Minister. Livni will serve as the new Justice Minister and will oversee the peace efforts with the Palestinians. The entrepreneur of the year (2012) award was given away to Adi Godrej. He was given away the award for displaying great role for the Indian businessmen on global business level. 14 people were reported dead and 119 were critically injured in the serial blasts that rocked the city around 6:50 pm. Also. Chairman and Managing Director. She served Israel as its Foreign Minister from 2006 to 2009. Tzipi Livni. The State Government of www. Cyrus S Poonawalla. RATAN TATA AWARDED WITH LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2012 Ratan Tata. BENJAMIN NETANYAHU Netanyahu is the Prime Minister of Israel and the leader of the Right Wing bloc of Israel.

www. researchers were able to compare the Chandra data to theoretical models of how a star explodes. Most of these explosions are generally symmetrical. DILSUKHNAGAR Dilsukhnagar is a commercial and educational hub of Hyderabad. The lack of such evidence implies a black hole may have formed.jagranjosh. New data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory suggested a highly distorted supernova remnant may contain the most recent black holes formed in the Milky Way galaxy. educational institutions. The market of Dilsukhnagar is packed with shops. restaurants.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 124 Andhra Pradesh appointed a probe team into the matter. SILK ROUTE CAR RALLY FROM KOLKATA TO KUNMING The Silk Route Car rally from Kolkata to Kunming organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and supported by the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Forum for Regional Cooperation (BCIM) was flagged off on 22 February 2013 from Helipad Ground in Salt Lake Stadium. NASA explained that W49B appears to be the product of a rare explosion in which matter is ejected at high speeds along the poles of a rotating star. which were placed on two different bicycles at a distance of 100 meters from each other near Konark and Venkatadri theatres. which is just 1000-years-old and only 26000 light-years away from Earth. A careful search of the Chandra data revealed no evidence for a neutron star. The area of blasts lie on the Hyderabad-Vijaywada National Highway within Cyberabad police limits. By tracing the distribution and amounts of different elements in the stellar debris field. offering the evidence for a peculiar explosion. BLASTS IN RECENT PAST IN HYDERABAD A bomb blast occurred at the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad in May 2007 claiming lives of 9 people. exam preparation centers and theaters. who led the study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. the central region of the star collapses. triggering a chain of events that quickly culminate in a supernova explosion. The remnant now glows brightly in X-rays and other wavelengths. Laura Lopez. with the stellar material blasting away more or less evenly in all Page 124 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . NASA SCIENTISTS SPOTTED YOUNGEST BLACK HOLE IN MILKY WAY NASA scientists spotted the youngest black hole yet in the Milky Way galaxy called W49B. material near the poles of the doomed rotating star was ejected at a much higher speed than material emanating from its equator. However. in the W49B supernova. West Bengal. said that W49B is the first of its kind to be discovered in the galaxy. The blasts were triggered using the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). Usually when a massive star runs out of fuel.

Bangladesh and Myanmar in 20 SUVs will rally on the ancient trade route that have remained closed for more than six Page 125 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 . USHA MEHRA COMMISSION SUBMITTED ITS REPORT TO GOVERNMENT Justice Usha Mehra Commission on 22 February 2013 submitted its report to on the 16 December 2012 Delhi gang-rape incident to the Union Government of India. China. Usha Mehra was the head of this commission. The rally will end on 5 March 2013 at Kunming. The report was received by the Union Minister of Law and Justice Ashwani Kumar and the Union Home Secretary R. A total of eighty participants from India. To Read More News Capsules www. The commission was asked to submit the report within three months.jagranjosh.K. MAJOR FINDINGS OF THE USHA MEHRA COMMISSION • • Lack of Coordination between the Police and the transport department Lack of cooperation between the police of National Capital Territory and National Capital Region plays a great role in escape of the criminals from one place to another Lack of PCR vans and public transport facility in Delhi • USHA MEHRA COMMISSION The Usha Mehra Commission was constituted by the Union Government on 26 December 2012 to inquire into the different aspects of the brutal rape and assault incident of the girl on 16 December 2012 on the streets of Delhi. Retired Delhi High Court Judge. post World War II. Singh.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 125 In its 3000 kilometer long journey the car rally will pass from North-East of India to Bangladesh than will enter back to North-East and then to Myanmar to head towards China. China. Success of the rally may help in redefining the ancient trade route and bring out the trade potential of the region.

Describe elephant poaching in India and suggest measures to stem it.2) India and Sri Lanka signed agreements on terrorism and double taxation on 22 January 2013. Enlist the salient features of the bill. How far this peace accord is going to normalise situation in DR Congo? Comment. Q.4) Gabon recently decided to suspend the sale of arms to stem elephant poaching. Q.6) write brief notes on the Following: a) Cyprus elections b) Sugata Mitra c) Anupam Kher d) Park Geu-Hye Q.5) Write short notes on the following. Examine the recent developments in the bilateral relations of these two neighbours.1) African leaders signed peace accord to normalise situation in DR Congo.Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 126 QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH Q. a) Deepest hydrothermal vents b) water on the oldest rocks of moon c) Youngest black hole in Milky way d) First digital atlas of Brain Q.7) Give a brief analysis on any one of the two topics? a) Union Budget 2013-14 b) Railway Budget 2013-14 www. Discuss how India and Sri Lanka can avail from each other economically and control terrorism together? Q. Discuss the situation in DR Page 126 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .jagranjosh. Q. Critically discuss the state of women at workplace.3) Sexual harassment bill passed by Rajya Sabha on 25 February 2013.

Current Affairs PDF February 2013 Page 127 Page 127 Current Affairs PDF February 2013 .