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Thursday, February 14, 2013

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LCC Comfort Dogs Return To Zion Lutheran School

Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) was founded in 1947 as a nonprofit ministry to help support Christian human care ministries of the church. As part of that mission, Deaconess Tiffany Manor and Comfort Dog Zeke from LCC visited Zion Lutheran School in Beecher on February 6. Lutheran Church Charities works throughout the United States and internationally, serving the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of those who are hurting. Comfort Dogs were invited to go to Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT and have been there every day as children return to school. Deaconess Manor educated Zion students about LCC, the K9 Comfort Dog Ministry and dog safety. She read Psalm 119: 76-77 Let your steadfast love comfort me according to your promise to your servant. Let your mercy come to me, that I may live, for your law is my delight. After the assembly, all students had a chance to meet and spend time with Zeke, a trained Comfort Dog serving the Central Illinois District of the Lutheran Church. He interacts with people at churches, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, events and in disaster response situations. A dog is a friend who brings a calming influence, allowing people to open their hearts and receive help for what is affecting them. Zion students collected $596.81 during Lutheran Schools Week in classroom Penny War competitions with offerings designated to the Comfort Dogs Program. We chose K-9 Comfort Dogs after seeing the wonderful work they were doing in Newtown, CT. With our donation to Lutheran Church Charities, they are able to dispatch more dogs to areas in need, providing God's reassuring Word to people in times of trouble. For Zion students, Comfort Dogs motivate them to help and encourage others who are facing difficult times, says Kristin LoSchiavo, Zion preschool teacher and Penny War coordinator.

Revisions To Village Code Addressed By Board

The Board of Trustees incorporated seven major changes to title number six of the Beecher Village Code which covered long overdue revisions. The updates include regulations over residential fire pits, sound amplification from vehicles, and allowing the Chief of Police to appoint part-time police officers with the consent of the Board. Another addition was to include the 1993 ordinance which was passed that outlawed sales from the street but was never officially added to the title two decades ago. Dog regulations were also revised which placed the laws in line with Will County regulations and classifications for vicious dogs. Also presented at the meeting was the 2012 Beecher Police Report by Jeffry Weissgerber, Beechers Chief of Police, who discussed the annual document in front of the Board of Trustees and was impressed with the numbers. Our Uniform Crime Report Index is low this year. On the list we had four burglaries with three of which being unoccupied homes and every one of our numbers are down from the past years. I hope it stays this way and it isnt the calm before the storm. said Weissgerber. The amount of fuel consumed by the squad cars drew some alarm from the trustees who asked why the numbers were so high. Weissgerber responded, Its the idling that kills you, you see the miles per gallon and most of our cars get good gas mileage but when its running in park the numbers dont matter since youre getting two miles per gallon. The cars idle during traffic stops, patrol, and at an accident scene which eats away at the fuel. Ive made sure to instruct my officers to turn off their cars if they are going to be parked for more than 10 minutes. Ron Kuhlman spoke of the steps the Public Safety Committee was taking to increase school safety and security after the recent string of school tragedies. Under the guidance of Weissgerber the Beecher Police Department has had two training drills focusing on rapid deployment incase of an emergency and the drills were over seen by an Illinois State Trooper who said Beecher is light years ahead in preparing compared to other districts. We want parents to know that safety in the school and in the daycare is important to our residents and while we prepare our officers we are also working on helping other communities once we streamline our tactics. said Kuhlman. In a previous town meeting the topic of finding a company that would collect bags of yard waste for the village was brought up for further research and discussion with the public. A lengthy argument erupted when the proposal to switch garbage collection providers to one that includes yard waste hauling was reached on the agenda. Currently Beecher has a contract with Homewood Disposal as the refuse collector while Beecher Public Works collects and disposes of yard waste. Allied, another garbage collection agency, sent a proposal that would also include yard waste removal with their refuse hauling but at a higher cost over
See Code, page 7

K-9 COMFORT DOG ZEKE enjoys the attention given by Zion Lutheran Schools students Cheyanna Stluka and Alyssa Collins during an assembly on February 6

Over the past two years, Dean Bettenhausen and the Tractors For A Cure Team have raised $134,000 for the American Cancer Society, proving Dean's big dreams can have even bigger results. On a cold November evening, with a warm smile, Dean greeted Barbara Hodgett, Myra Kocsis, Howard Perry, Susan Sebastian, Michael Stanula, Christine Szymanski and Scott Wehling for their first meeting, announcing, Welcome to my next dream. And a few productive meetings later, plans are well underway for Beecher's Ribbon of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden, believed to be the first of its kind. This initiative will promote cancer awareness in Beecher and its surrounding communities with a permanent daily reminder. The Village of Beecher has given permission for the garden to be built at the far northwest corner of Fireman's Park, adjacent to Miller Street. The committee's goal is to build and maintain the Ribbon of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden for present and future generations. Designed by architect Michael

Ribbon Of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden Planned

Stanula, the Ribbon of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden will be 35 feet in diameter and will feature a larger-than-life, 14-foot metal ribbon elevated on a six-sided base engraved with powerful words of inspiration. The garden will include stepping stone paths, trees, shrubbery, flowers and benches.
See Garden, page 7

REBECCA KRAUS (center), Aiden and Alyssa all enjoy looking over some of the books which will be available at the Used Book Sale, Friday and Saturday, February 22 and 23, at the Community Hall. Doors open at 8 a.m. both days.

Devin Mahnke of the Grant Park/Beecher coop won the 1A Plano Sectional and will be headed to state. Dragon Kevin McNally will join in the finals. Read this and more in the sports section.

Wrestler Mahnke Heads To State


THE BEECHER HERALD 10 years. Trustee Jonathan Kypuros said he did not think residents would be interested in such a service but was surprised to find out that a majority of the 50 people he interviewed would want a company to collect bags filled with grass clippings, leaves, and tree branches. Personally when I left the meeting I thought hardly anyone would say theyd want this but seventy five to eighty percent of the people I talked to said they would go and buy the bags. I wouldnt use it but if the majority says they would then we should approve this thats why Im here so I can represent the people. said Kypuros. Trustee Brian Cleary argued against the idea, I dont see why we need this since there are residents out here who are on a fixed income and are already strapped for cash as it is. Not everyone will want to buy into a program that will only help a third of the village. When I went out and talked to people I went all across town and asked people too and you know what they all said? They would not want it or use it if it passed. Both Mayor Paul Lohmann and Trustee Greg Szymanski agreed the idea is good in theory to lock up a contract at low rates as the cost of yard waste removal is expected to increase steadily each year plus Beechers trees are aging which produces more falling leaves and it would cut down on Public Works time spent removing piles. You have to admit that Homewood has been good to us over the last 10 years and we are lucky to have such a relationship with them. Every time weve

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BEECHERS RIBBON of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden site plan

RIBBON OF HOPE Cancer Awareness Garden Committee members are (front row) Susan Sebastian, Myra Kocsis, Christine Szymanski and Barbara Hodgett; (back row) Scott Wehling, Howard Perry, Michael Stanula and Dean Bettenhausen.


This 360-degree interactive environment will be a tribute to cancer survivors and victims, as well as their support and families. The Ribbon of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden will be a place of reflection and renewal for Beecher and its surrounding communities. Those who visit the garden will be greeted with its mission statement and given an opportunity to journey the path in support of finding a cure. Everyone is invited and

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welcome to be a part of the energy and spirit of this cancer awareness initiative. The Ribbon of Hope committee is looking for monetary, material, labor and service donations to make this dream a soon-to-be reality. With help, the ground breaking ceremony will happen within a few month's time. The hope of finding a cure is very much in people's hearts; We all know someone who has fought the fight, Bettenhausen noted.

I am confident Beecher and its surrounding communities will rally to support cancer awareness and our beautiful garden of reflection and inspiration will flourish, he prophesied. The Ribbon of Hope Cancer Awareness Garden is not affiliated with Tractors For A Cure or the American Cancer Society. All donations to the garden will be used to build and maintain the site. Want to help? More information about donations, pavers for purchase, and who to contact, will be forthcoming.

had an issue theyve responded to us quickly and weve never had any complaints about their service so why jump ship now. I dont want us stuck in a contract with a company we havent worked with and we cant leave it. said Lohmann. The vote to enter a contract with Allied was defeated 4-2 against the proposal and the option to renew a contract with Homewood Disposal was agreed upon. Reports of semi traffic blocking Dutch American Way prompted the Board of Trustees to pass a new parking regulation that would allow for a one hour parking maximum on the west side of the street and the east side would be declared a no parking zone. When Dutch American Food first opened up in 2001 we only had five to ten trucks coming in every day to a couple docking ports said Weissgerber, now we have 50 to 60 a day all trying to meet their deliveries and sometime they arrive hours early and block traffic. None of us expected this kind of growth and admittedly we kept sweeping the traffic under the rug but now we have to address it. We dont want to start handing out tickets but we have to keep the roads clear. The Beecher Youth Commissions annual DaddyDaughter Dance will be taking place Saturday, Feb. 16 from 68:30 PM at the Beecher Junior High School. March 9 is the scheduled Mom-Son Dance. The cancer memorial is hoping for a grand opening at the Tractors For A Cure benefit in July as design plans are currently being finalized.

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