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Monty the TOY MONKEY in Sullivans Knitting Yarns HEIGHT 52 cm (20½ in) MATERIALS KNITTING YARN 5 x 50g balls Knitting

Yarn Purple Twist 1 x 50g ball Knitting Cotton Natural 1 x 50g ball Sullivans Knitting Cotton Rose 1 x 50g ball Sullivans Knitting Cotton Daffodil Small amount BOA Knitting Yarn Jay NEEDLES 1 pr each x 2.0mm, 3.0mm & 4.0mm (US 0, 2-3, 6, UK 14, 11 8) needles. EXTRAS 1 pkt thin Chenille sticks (Pipe cleaners) 6mm Fibrefill for stuffing. Teddy Bear Eyes with wire loops. Embroidery Floss Dental Floss

TENSION (Gauge) 20 sts = 10cm and 10 rows = 4cm To help you keep track of your rows, mark your “knit row” needle with some yarn or a row counter. ABBREVIATIONS KP – (K1, P1) into next st. W3tog – (Work 3tog) Put RH needle into next 2 sts as though to knit tog, instead, slip these 2 sts off needle. This twists them. Knit next st, then pass slipped sts over this st, one by one. Inc 1 – (Increase One) by knitting into front and back of next st. Yon – yarn over needle BODY (Starting at bottom and ending at top of head) With 3mm (US 2-3, UK 11) needles and Purple Twist, cast on 18 sts. Knit 1 row. (Row 1) * (KP, K2) 6 times. (24 sts) (Row 2 and alt rows) Purl (Row 3) * (KP, K2) 8 times (32 sts) (Row 5) K2, * (KP, K2) 10 times (42 sts) Work 3 rows stkg-st. (Row 9) K2, * (KP, K3) 10 times Work 3 rows. Inc 1 st both ends of next row. (54 st)

K5) 6 times (44 sts) (Row 9) K2. HANDS AND FEET (Make 4) With 2mm (US 0. (Row 1 and alt rows) Purl (Row 2) K1. K2) 9 times (36 sts) Work 4 rows stkg-st. Second Finger: Rejoin yarn and work next 5 sts. K1) 8 times (27 sts) (Row 6) * (KP. starting 1½ cms (5/8 in) from cast on edge and finishing at secured point. rem. K8) 6 times (62 sts) (Row 15) K2. * (K2tog. Do not sew up yet. Work 9. FACE (Starting at chin and ending on forehead) With 2mm (US 0. K7) 6 times. (42 sts) (Row 5) K2. * (K2tog. in stkg-st until work measures 29 cms. UK 11) needles and Purple Twist cast on 18 sts. using Purple Twist and leaving a generous opening at upper back for stuffing. Cont without shaping until work measures 23 cms (9 in) Cast off. * (K2tog. Finish as for first finger. cast on 30 sts and work in stkg-st for 4½ cm. Sew up the other fingers as well. UK 14) needles and Natural Knitting Cotton. K3) 13 times. Thread yarn through all sts and sew up side seam. Rep these last 6 rows until 18 sts. K7) 6 times (48 sts) (Row 2 and alt rows) Purl (Row 3) * (K2tog. Work 5 rows stkg-st. in stkg-st until work measures 21 cms (8 ¼ in) Shape Neck and Head. * (KP. Dec 1 st both ends of next row. * (K2tog. side (12 sts) Work 10 rows. cast on 10 sts loosely. Make this point secure. K1) 13 times (Row 7) K1. *(KP ) 9 times (19 sts) (Row 4) K3. Turn. * (K2tog) 19 times (Row 9) * (K2tog) 10 times. Pick up another 6 sts down the opp. Thread yarn through all 10 sts and leave. Knit 1 row. UK 14) needles and Natural Knitting Cotton. (Row 1) * (K2tog. K9) 6 times (68 sts) Cont. * (KP.(11 ½ in) (Dec Row1) K1. cast on 30 sts. * (KP. Cont on these 10 sts (slipping first st to keep edges neat) for 12 rows. Work these 5 sts again and then 5 sts from the other side. Make a Third Finger the same way but when this finger is finished. K6) 6 times (50 sts) (Row 11) K2. Use crochet hook to turn fingers inside out. Sl 1. Make Thumb (A crochet hook is helpful for this part): Pick up 6 sts along one side seam. thread yarn through all sts and sew down side seam to 3 cm (1¼ in) from cast on edge. * (KP. LEGS With 3mm needles and Purple Twist. (56 sts) (Row 13) K2. ARMS With 3mm (US 2-3. Turn. K6) 6 times. (1¾ in) First Finger: Work 20 sts. * (KP. . * (KP. turn.Cont. Cont on thes 10 sts for 12 rows. turn. (Row 2) and alt rows: Purl (Row 3) K1. K2) 13 times (Row 5) K1. butt seams tog and sew up back. Work in stkg-st for 25 cm (10 in) Cast off. K8) 4 times (38 sts) (Row 7) K2. pull tight. Thread yarn through all sts.

(1) P2tog. make a small pleat either side of the mouth to give the snout more shape. yon.1/2 in) into each finger. sew from eye dart around chin to eye dart. K2tog. W3tog. P2tog. Purl to last 2 sts. Do this several times until eye is secure. K6. Dec 1 st beg of next 6 rows. K12.(10 ½ in). Insert 2 pipe cleaners (with all sharp ends turned down about 1 cm . K9. Work 10 more rows without shaping. Rep these last 4 rows. Sew up eye darts. (2) K2tog. K2tog. yon.(about 2 ½ cms) (1 in) Dec 1 st both ends of next 3 rows (9 sts) Cast off. K9. Thread yarn through all sts and sew up seam. K2tog Shape Forehead Cast on 6 sts beg of next 2 rows. Tuck one end in about 2 ½ cm (1 in) and attach this bulky end to shoulder with dental floss. With sewing cotton pull wrist in and insert hand into open end of arm. (9) As Row 1 (10) K2tog. Tie another length around middle and pull in. Purl to end. Attach eyes using dental floss and a long Doll needle. W3tog. MAKING UP Stuff and sew up body. Work buttonhole st around the outer edge of each ear. (P1. K1) into next st. K6. K1) Into first st. (19 sts) Cast off. EARS With 2mm (US 0. going from arm to arm through the body. Finish stuffing the snout and sew down the eye surround. W3tog. Sew up arms by butting seams tog and sewing up on the outside. embroider a dark line with Embroidery Floss on the right side and a V for the nose. Secure Floss at front neck Go up through head to eye position. sew down and then attach to head. K1. attach eye and go back down to front neck. . K18. (Mark this point with some contrast yarn) Work 3 rows in stkg-st. TAIL With 3mm (US 2-3. Knit to end. K2tog. Using sewing cotton. K12. * (Inc 1. K17. K15. K18. The 2 marked points on the Face are the outer points of the mouth dart. Tie a length of Purple Twist around neck and pull in to shape. K2) 3 times (15 sts) (2) Sl 1. Next Row: (P2tog) 6 times.with Purple Twist. (K1. Partly stuff Snout before pinning Face to Head. You can cover the stitching with some strands of Purple Twist if you like. Sew up legs leaving narrow end open to accomodate feet. (18 sts) Cast on 11 sts beg of next 2 rows (40 sts) (Mark this point on same side with contrast yarn as well) Work about 11 rows ending with a purl row. W3tog. K15. cast on 12 st. twice more.With matching sewing cotton. Dec 1 st both ends of next 4 rows. (3) Sl 1. Purl 1 row. Work 12 rows straight. cast on 12 sts. Sew up these 2 darts and connect them in one continuous line. K2tog (7) As Row 1 (8) K2tog. When you are satisfied with the smoothness of the mouth. W3tog. (5) As Row 1 (6) K2tog. (1) K3.Dec 1 st both ends of next row. K1) into next st. Shape Nose. UK 14) needles and Natural Knitting Cotton. K19 Shape Snout. Work on these 12 sts for 27 cm. (3) As Row 1 (4) K2tog. Fold corners of ears over to meet. (K1. UK 11) needles and Purple Twist.

K14. K to end. K2tog beg of next 4 rows. reversing shapings. Inc 1 st beg of next row. Knit to end of row. working into 2 consecutive sts and missing the 3rd Make tassel for hat. Secure hat to head so it won’t fall off. K 1 row. Rejoin yarn to other Front and work 2 rows straight. taped into a circle and inserted inside the hat will improve its shape. UK 14) needles cast on 63 sts. Knit 1 row. K10 Dec 1 st end of next row (neck edge) Dec 1 st beg of next row. Sew around stitching line of Face. Cast off 5 sts beg of next row. Work another row of Daffodil around last row before crown shaping. K15. Make 2 lengths of 26 ch in Daffodil to decorate Jacket Fronts. Next Row: Sl 1. Cast off. K to end. Dec 1 st beg of next row. Cast off 11 sts. Work from Row 5. twice more. Rep Row 2. K14. Crochet a chain to loop under chin and secure to hat. K3) 7 times Row 11 * (K2tog. (Neck edge) Dec 1 st end of next row. K1) 7 times Row 15 * (K2tog) 7 times. cast on 88 sts. Cast off. (8 sts) Work 2 rows straight. Inc 1 st beg of next 4 rows. Rep this last row until work measures 4 cm.FACE FUR With 4mm (US 6. Work 2 rows. Rep this last row until work measures 4 cm (1 5/8 in) Row 1 * (K2tog. Rejoin yarn to Back 36 sts. K7) 7 times Row 2 and alt rows: Purl Row 3 * (K2tog. (6) Sl 1. MAKING UP Dc (USA sc) around edge as for Jacket. Then work another row using the Daffodil Cotton. Work 4 rows ending at front edge. Work straight until Back measures 8 cm (3 ¼ in). Cast off. UK 14) needles and Rose Knitting Cotton. Thread yarn through all sts and with right sides facing. Cast off. K6) 7 times Row 5 * (K2tog. Knit to end. JACKET (Worked in Garter St) With 2mm (US 0. cast off 16. Rejoin yarn to other side. UK 8) needles and Purple BOA cast on 48 sts and work 2 or 3 rows in stkg-st. A strip of cardboard or soft plastic from the lid of an icecream carton. cast off 11 sts. K5) 7 times Row 7 * (K2tog. Next Row: Sl 1. (2) Sl 1. . K4) 7 times Row 9 * (K2tog. (1 5/8 in) (1) Sl 1. (36 sts) Next Row: K10. MAKING UP Sew up shoulder seams and with Rose Cotton work a row of dc (USA sc) around all edges. Rep Rows 5 & 6 once more. HAT With Rose Knitting Cotton and 2mm (US 0. K36. K2) 7 times Row 13 * (K2tog. sew up the back seam. (1) Inc 1 st beg and dec 1 st at end of next row (2) Dec 1 st beg of next row (8 sts) Work straight for 8 rows. Cont straight until work measures 6 cm (2 ½ in) ending at armhole edge. (5) K2tog.