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Linsey Bair

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Linsey Bair 227S 400W Heyburn, ID 83336 208 670 0600

Brochure 2. Flier . Stationery 8. Logo 7. Business Card 6.Table of Contents 1. Web Page 5. Event Ad 4. Montage 3. Imaging 9.

on the back of my brochure I added my contact information. Create an Process: I first opened InDesign and started to set up rulers for original company logo and use it in a brochure. Finally. .Brochure Description: I created this brochure to tell people about Black and Programs: InDesign and Photoshop Date: March 30. folded document. After I had three out of the four of my photographs I found my 4th photo and I put in Photoshop so I could use it for my text wrap. my double-sided brochure so I would stay organized. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Set up and align a two-sided. Then I started to add my design to InDesign. White Photography. I then added my information and used the paragraph styles to make them indent. After I had my basic design I started to add my photographs. Incorporate quality images. I started with a black background and then I added my bars of color. I wanted to have a bold brochure to make people look.

Nothing will stop us from taking a perfect black and white picture. We look at the beauty of the world through a lens and bring it to you on a canvas. Upon entering our studio. We take an average human being and show you the soul. Nothing leaves our studio with out our stamp of 312 867 5309 Introduction: Black and White Photography takes the life of color and places it in a realm of black and white. Our Promise: As a company we promise to bring you the best of black and white. but a thing of wonder. you will leave the world of color and find Black and White Photography. Our professional photographers are trained to find the light in darkness and beauty in a world of familiar places. and anything in between. Or if you want the perfect graduation picture we will be there to make your dreams a reality through Black and White Photography. Florida 33114 B&Wgmail.Black & White Photograpy & 259 Parkside Boulevard Miami. And an object will no longer be an object. The contrast that is created through black and white will add professionalism to a photograph. we will take it. Nothing will be the same in Black and White Photography. We will travel the world in search of the perfect shot for you. . Our team of photographer’s specialties ranges from weddings to landscapes. Specialties: If you want it. A landscape will transform from an inviting space to a harsh new world. If you want to capture the intensity of sports we will be there to capture every moment.

Then I searched for two photos that fit the required size and matched the tone I wanted to use with my quote. After playing with size and different text I finally made a decision. Then I put a poster edge filter on the compass.5 and using image size to increase the compass by 10%. Programs: Adobe Photoshop Course: Comm 130-05 Date: February 16. Learn to blend images together smoothly. I then put the pictures into Photoshop and re-sized both. Apply appropriate typography. by cropping the autumn scene to 11×8. I first had it in the left hand corner of the picture but I decided to put it on the path so it would fit with the quote. I wanted to make people ponder about which road they are traveling. I first had a picture of children but they did not fit my quote or the direction I wanted to go with my project so I switched to clocks. I then added a mask to the compass and started to gradually blend it so it would gradually disappear into the background.Montage Description: I created this montage to spread a message. Using 100% opacity I got rid of the hard lines and then I reduced the opacity to 30% to slowly fade the compass into the background. using the Internet. Use filters. I got both to the right size. 2013 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Learn to manage Photoshop layers. Process: First I found a quote that I liked. . I first had it black and in the light of the picture but I moved it and changed the color so I could get more of a contrast. Then I started to place my type. but still the subject mater did not fit so I went with a compass. using masks.


Insert and edit images in Word.2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Find. Then I scanned it using my scanner and changed the resolution. scan and import a high-quality image. Programs: Word Date: February 2. I used the red and black to give contrast and the eye shadow to draw eyes toward the bottom of the page. I rearranged my page a few times to get flow through out the ad and changed the font of the title to make it more “beauty” orientated. Create a full-bleed design. Next. I then followed the tutorials to change my margins and get the basic idea of how to work Word to design an ad. So I wanted to stay with a clean-cut page. Use text boxes for layout in Word. My idea for this ad was finding True Beauty. . Process: First I found a picture that I wanted to use in my ad. I wanted to raise money and give True Beauty to people around my community.Event Ad Description: I created this event for the Boys and Girls Club. “The Salon” my fake company is giving facials and donating five dollars to the Boys and Girls Club. I had to take the background away from my eye shadow so I used Words applications to take it away.

  True Beauty For every Facial The Salon will donate $5 to The Boys and Girls Club At: The Salon When: Thursday. 6am-7pm For: All proceeds go to The Boys and Girls Club . February 14.

Web Page Description: I created this web page for my business. My word count was 239 in my website description. Acquire a working knowledge of HTML and basic understanding of CSS. Identify hex colors for web design. I then put my finished project in Photoshop and placed it on a page for my post. Write content to describe the process of creating your logo and how it appeals to a target audience. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Size and optimize an original logo as a . Design a web page using HTML to display the logo and content. I followed the instructions online to create my website. I tried a lot of different combinations and then finally I found one I liked with the css program. Compress multiple files in a zipped folder to attach as one file. I wanted to keep with the color scheme and have a simple page.png for a web page. because I had never heard of html of CSS. . Process: I created this website using Text Wrangler and the CSS and html programs. I wanted to match my logo with the colors on my website but I wanted to make my logo stand out so I dulled my colors. I first took the html instructions and created my website bones. Programs: Text Wrangler and Adobe Photoshop Date: March 16.


I wanted bold and this logo stands for everything that you would want in an advertising company. Use the basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign. Make it bold or don’t make it at all. The B and the A overshadow the M. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image. Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead. Process: The boxes that I designed brought out a different way of looking at my company. I wanted a clean-cut bold business card. which is what my company stands for. . Programs: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign Date: March 2.Business Card Description: I created this Business Card to accompany my stationery.

M Bold Move Advertising 259 ParkSide Boulevard . Florida 33114 312 867 5309 bma@gmail.

I wanted to have three different looks. I went through multiply combinations to find a pair that would add both contrast and professionalism. I liked the black and white look but I decided that color would make it pop. I used the pen tool in the first logo to cover the white spots. I worked simultaneously with each logo so I would not use the same concepts in each logo. I tried many different combinations until I found one that really complemented it. Use the basic tools of Illustrator. Then I went to the color.Logo Description: I created these logos for my future Advertising Business. Process: First I came up with my company. I first started with the text. I tried to experiment with the tools of Illustrator as much as I could to develop my skills. Programs: Adobe Illustrator Date: February 23. . and then I started to sketch out some ideas. I wanted to use circles to give it a clean round look. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Create a variety of logos to fit a company or personal image. Then I started to play with shapes. and then I used the pencil in the last logo to fill the o’s with color.

Bold Move Advertisement B M BOLDMOVE Advertisement Bold Move A D V E R T I S E M E N T .

I Programs: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign Date: March 2. Then I added my contact information. I added the M and made it red. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Create a new logo to fit a company or personal image. Design consistent layouts for a business card and letterhead. . I wanted to find something that was overshadowing. I felt like something was missing so I decided to add the lines right next to my logo so your eye would be drawn to it. Process: First. and used black and white to add contrast. I was looking for something that would be different enough but not to curly like a script that I did not want to look at it more than a second. I started with boxes. I started playing with type. wanted to have a clean-cut paper that could be used for letter writing. After not finding what I was looking for I started to construct my own letters. Use the basic tools of Illustrator & InDesign. I made different sizes. After creating the B and the A.Stationery Description: I created this stationery for my future business.


Size and crop the image. . and then I put the Film Grain filter on it. taking multiple shots until I found one that I liked. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Learn basic photography skills. Programs: Photoshop. Use a filter or colorize a portion of the image. so that I could find the best flow and best put to use the rule of thirds. I changed the color of the two polls so that the main fire hydrant would be the focus. Desaturate the selected portion of the image. Then I put it into Photoshop and started to work on my project. hue and saturation levels. and then download it. Use a selection tool to isolate a portion of the image. Adjust image brightness. Finally. Use a digital camera to take a quality image.Imaging Description: I went around campus looking for a basic composition that I could add a filter too. Canon Camera Date: February 9. Process: I walked around campus with my camera. I then cropped it to fit the assignment. I played around with the crop. contrast. I wanted to add a basic look of snow to the background. I first selected the background and desaturated it.


Then I started to add contrast with the title and the sub category boxes. Then I got great tips from my classmates and incorporated their ideas into my project. Programs: InDesign Date: January 26. I pulled a few rulers so I could keep things evenly spaced and in a straight lines. . I also moved things a lot until I found a design that gave great flow and good proximity. logo and InDesign document to keep links intact. Process: First I started by sketching a few ideas onto paper.Flier Description: I created this flier for a Leadership Conference. Incorporate basic InDesign skills to improve basic flier layout. Giving basic information about what the conference would be about. 2013 Course: Comm 130-05 Instructor: Brother Lybbert Objectives: Apply the design principles and use appropriate typography. During this time I tried a couple of different fonts together until I found the two I liked. combining different ideas. After a little while I continued to pull things I like from different sketches. erasing and trying different options. After everything was typed I went from left aligned to right aligned to see which one fit with the type of design I wanted. Create a project folder with image. Retrieve image and logo from links on this page. With InDesign before I started. Then I started the actual project. During this step I made a lot of changes. Also I incorporated repetition to create a since of unity.