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From: Svengali <> Newsgroups: Subject: Re: Blowing chicks OUT!! (WHEN?

) Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 15:43:07 -0800 Organization: Posted via Supernews, Lines: 258 Message-ID: <> References: <9MjX3.168$> <> <> <> <> X-Complaints-To: MIME-Version: 1.0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1 Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit Mail-Copies-To: nobody X-Face: %5|+*uA+&|{g-h32v;3|4J2mh:q86r6}\/0%Y|iij2FI?5,XUBWEVX]f^b+A< GcMrj! BR'QikSI>dEh^*1r-OjhQKhIRc7rL"Ln=RZ&@:;e?./@[5qJa1E.R]1(! np<@( =zlpkDaR;4&S]/@-]Ow`UXp\q.SdS!LNNb[_/ax X-comments: ©1999, all rights reserved. X-no-archive: yes User-Agent: YA-NewsWatcher/3.1.8 Greg1 said: > > A woman's goal is to have a man give ALL of his heart, mind, soul and > > body. The dating game, the phone game and all the other stuff you fell > > for is exactly the woman's game. "NYC" replied: > right! and FUCK her game... make her play your game or get the fuck OUT! One of the things that I learned from my mentor, very early in life, was Not to play the game women want you to play with Their rules and advantages, while still knowing it and turning it around, and then using it to your advantage. At the same time I was cautioned, and had to be retold, Not to turn my game into a weapon, or work, or any kind of battle because that would only end the fun, and therefore the game for me. Ironically, I realized that's what I was doing by Only wanting and seeking one night stands. {It's all about manipulating and getting her, before and in lieu of her manipulating and getting you. Whew! Battle plan, strategy, movement, conquest or pull back for the next attack, day after day, after day.}

and what you say to . occasional get-together fuck only. In fact. Maybe you'll find a woman who has your same > > goal like me. but to set up a meeting to meet and use one makes no sense at all to me. a month. The Svengali Way: 1) First recognize that what you Really want is that damn near all women want too. meaning you want all these great feelings that come from someone wanting you. Start using > > methods from the newsgroup. (Which is how so many men lose so many women. are the ones who decide if they're going to accept you into their hearts (souls) and body cavities. and they're Only going to do that if they like/love you. while Some are looking for a non committal one time. and not the overwhelming amount of women looking for a relationship. or long term commitment. two times. and with having sex with someone you feel good/great about. 2) Understand that women. now I need to modify my pivot approach. My GF likes being a player too. a week. > sweet and TIMELY post greg1. years or whenever the emotional tide turns. with being with someone special.Greg1 said: > > Establish your goal. solved a dilemma for me. few times. 3) By and large.. But then. with rare exceptions. women are looking for relationships.. your objective in meeting a woman. to me. or desire for it with the idea of "eternity". And it's only your experience with women that will let you know when you happen upon one of those fuck-only women. {When the emotional tide turns for a woman.)} 5) What turns meetings. 4) Never mistake a relationship. for a relationship/long term commitment can be a day. that long term/forever relationship is. when you run into them.. Throw out the dating game. I'm looking to Enjoy her. over. into relationships. a year. I'm not looking for conquest. I'm looking for and to having some fun with another individual with whom I am having sex with too. it reek's of being a "date" without being called a date. is that which you feel about yourself. in western culture. I disagree. Pivot's are and can be fun. I'm not looking to reward her..

In other words. So too your objective. she is wondering if she has what I want and doesn't know whether to tell me the honest truth.. (c) Is happy and flattered that I'm really interested in her as person.} You want to feel good/great. screening a woman to see if we are compatible. with rare exceptions. and she wants a good/great looking guy. I learn a lot about her. and you are wanting to know if she has what you are wanting and looking for in a woman. if you feel such 'n such about yourself. and what may be a cover up of sorts. which is carried in your approaching and talking to her. She wants to know if you have what she is wanting and looking for in a guy. and back onto what I'm wanting to know about her. is that in a very short time. So she tells me more.. only I'm doing it first. or some truth. feeling good/great about yourself. and by also observing her bodily actions. from moment one. she wants to feel good/great. seen and agreed to by her. because I discreetly and uniquely divert her interest away from me. use what she wants. {How you feel about youself and her. 6) Use what you want. I can tell right away what is and isn't true.. Therefore. The funny thing is. and you. and she knows it. so that I can show her how much alike we are). {If I had dollar for every time a woman came back to me and said "what I said about. here is one of the BIG Svengali secrets: I am.} . or some part of yourself. And at Any Time I discover that we're not a match. I'd probably have enough money to buy Microsoft. (b) Feels good about it and me for knowing and doing it. You want a good/great looking woman. picked up. what women would normally do with a guy. and I'm doing the leading before and in addition to the pacing. a woman sees what I'm doing and (a) is surprised to know that I know and am playing Their game that they normally play with a guy. are wanting and looking for the same. while at the same time trying to find out more about me (I say try. wasn't really/exactly true". carries that message. It's just that simple. not just a piece of meat. and use your desire to have what you both want. I'm doing. I politely dismiss myself and move on to the next interesting woman. {Your words carry that message. Alright. that idea IS going to be. (d) Is turned on because she sees and knows that I'm not just interested in her as a piece of meat to have.the woman/women that you meet. What's interesting. and by looking into her eyes as she says things.} She is wanting and looking for a relationship of some kind. and then cut and run. or lie. Either way.

in the stands/boxes at football games. I really enjoy that you do.. (And if you want to watch while we do it. and why. or do any number of things I like and love to do with a woman. I've taken many a woman home then and not see them anymore beyond happenstance.along with the sex that goes with it.)} (2) I want a woman who likes and wants to do what I like and want to do. and I know that along with the activity will be sex somewhere with her. or go to a movie. in a cab. (3) I want a woman and women who share or accept my core and satellite relationship outlook.)} Whenever we get together. in the car. on a train. it's to do that which we both like/love and want to do. (1) I want a woman who turns me on at that moment. (I don't do 'piggies' but I do try and make them feel good so that They decide to do that which makes them 'piggies' no more. Which means. and for those areas in which we are different. there's no reason for me to be with her anymore. and along with other things we like/love to do because that is how I feel sex should be. etc. (4) I want a woman and women who are not into game playing and are trustworthy.At this point I need to tell you what Svengali wants in a woman and relationship.. at the park. where I'm just polite. Sorry. that fulfill my needs in those areas . along with having the same basic or greater sexual outlook and desires as I do. In fact. so the rest of it makes sense. that makes me want to meet and be with her. I have other women who I¹m in a realtionship with. and she alluded to the fact that we were alike in some Very Important areas. on the tennis court. I let her know that the reason I'm with her is because I thought. and it's just going to happen in addition to. nationality. This is how I use what I find: If she is of the same desire and outlook of sex as I am. {Which means age. I don¹t depend on one woman for anything. at the beach. and that includes sex. or racquetball. that¹s fine with me too. {If she rejects sex. and if that's not the case. meaning there is something about her at the time I see her.) Therefore. boob size. {I'm the guy you may be seeing humping some woman on plane. which means I always have one or two women who fulfill most of my desires because we are of like kind. in movie theatre. body type. {The opposite is also . when I want to play tennis. because that's my Now meaning of desire fulfillment. skin color. (Yes. and all that other shit goes out the door. no second chances as she deceived me and therefore shown me she's not to be trusted. in the pool. I know exactly who to call for that activity. we are going to have sex soon after meeting and whenever we meet.

After all. and often times. then this lifestyle will not work for you because you¹re into control. they're the ones. have anything to hide. or really be there for me if something terrible happened. nor you. I am always ready to walk. it naturally flows/happens with her. it¹s because she wants to be with you More Then anyone or anything else. when it was over. which makes for some mighty exciting times. And women pick up on that right away. You must Never rest on your laurels when it comes to these .. when declined by me. Plus. Soon the joy of skill and accomplishment was gone. then know that every time she is with you. along with all kinds of other good/great feelings. because I Always have a woman/women that I¹ve sexaully been with that day. and I had to do it all over again. well you get the picture. which I Always include in my discussions. In screening women to learn their compatibility with me. they're the ones who are trying to appeal to me. As a result. just as you can. she's got to Show me that what she told me is true. Also. Additionally. I learned early on that just going out for what I could get right then and there was a lot of work. or that I¹m about to have. I had no real female relationships or lovers that would care for me.true: I get ³tons² of calls every day from ³my² relationship women who are inviting me to do this and that with them. with great women. However if you Can accept the freedom-for-her-too idea. if I¹d just like to come over and get on. So by making a simple little adaptation. soon after meeting her. I Never have to go out looking for a woman to have sex. right? Why do I do this apart from the obvious? Simple.. I Really don¹t care what Any woman says or does that I happen to meet whenever I¹m saying or doing what-have-you. And because sex is part of that package. and I do. so each of you are free to tell each other about anything and everything. the other things I want to do too. So they're the ones on the defensive.} Now let's go back to what I was saying in my "one of Svengali's big secrets" above. they're the one's who are wondering if they're good/great enough.} A caveat: If you¹re the type of guy who canNOT accept the idea that any woman/women of ³yours² can do whatever the hell they want when they¹re not with you. {The feeling of power and confidence you have when you¹re never needy is overwhelming. it¹s over. she and you will know that she. and I always receive and have all the sex I want each day.

which is fine as long as you two do that for each other. to satisfy your own.0 Content-Type: text/plain. fuck her! 'o o' Svengali From: Svengali <Svengali_here@use. who she then decides to have sex with at that moment. and replace her with someone else. 30 Nov 1999 04:05:00 -0800 Organization: Posted via Supernews. This means.. D) You can develop and have Your own way of doing Subject: Re: Sven's multiple LTR theory Date: Tue. Decide what you want..} So here are you choices: A) You can desire and hope to meet that one perfect woman who will fulfill your every need and desire (what the group would call AFC-ness).net> X-Complaints-To: newsabuse@supernews. and go for it! -If life's a bitch. meeting and being with other women who fulfill your criteria too. C) You can try my way of primary and secondary relationships that provide you with lots of women and sex having every day. and rather then trying to change her out of some new desire she has. charset=ISO-8859-1 . Rather.relationships. you need to be ready to and continually move your relationship women into and out of your board Message-ID: <301119990405002184%Svengali_here@use. in my opinion. by and of necessity. is waaaayyy too much work and MIME-Version: 1. {Sort of like chess. along with all the other things you want to do and have. It also means seeing the changes one of your relationship women are going through. and don¹t hit some kind of stumbling block with her running into a player/acquistioner (what I more see myself as) at that moment. B) You can go out and seek and have new women every day> Newsgroups: alt. so to speak. who provides her with the feelings she wants to have at the moment.seduction. you merely acknowledge and accept her desire changes. E) You can be celibate. http://www.supernews.

In other words. that for whatever reason.R]1(! np<@( =zlpkDaR. Keep in mind this does NOT preclude letting go of and not using any of the knowing and skills you have. Here's something that you can try immediately. something she's wearing. Unfortunately. > Snipped remaining.1.Content-transfer-encoding: 8bit Mail-Copies-To: nobody X-Face: %5|+*uA+&|{g-h32v. . and just zero in on that woman..e?. > on to the next chick.XUBWEVX]f^b+A< GcMrj! BR'QikSI>dEh^*1r-OjhQKhIRc7rL"Ln=RZ&@:.8 MrSex4uNYC wrote: > I like Sven's multiple LTR theory. all rights reserved. forget about years. and see an immediate difference. just a twist in the way you use them. that they all believe ONE > THING > UNIVERSALLY about me then decide on how they are going to react to that > belief.. later other woman.SdS!LNNb[_/ax X-comments: ©1999 "Svengali".4&S]/@-]Ow`UXp\q. Sounds like an episode of "Cheers" I saw where Sam Malone learned that the only woman that would want to be with him long term. many. and women. many years ago that I had to learn to recover from. Go to where you usually go to meet women. forget about facial and body beauty for a moment. was Diane. only this time just go with the attitude that you're going to meet and talk with whatever woman./@[5qJa1E. it's also what I went through many. X-no-archive: yes User-Agent: YA-NewsWatcher/3.3|4J2mh:q86r6}\/0%Y|iij2FI?5. :-) > I have noticed now that I am TALKING to chicks. > they ALL believe I am going to "hit and run" fuck them then dump them > forever. It could be something she's doing. turns you on from an interesting point of view. who appeals to you for god-knows-what reason. later other woman.

Don't burst her bubble. women sense and know what you're doing (screening them as a potential partner) and they become all flustered because they want to say the right things. if she's physically a turn-off to you. that she is falling in love and lust with you at such an accelerated rate. but rather --do I dare say it?-. but don't lead her on either. there's something else that you must do --screen her! That's right screen her. and (b) to take back that power and start screening you.a genuinely nice guy who just likes to get to know people. you won't notice that "interestingness" about her anyway. . Having said this. in her eyes. it will knock your socks off. talk with her about the special something that said to you. bring you more great women then you can imagine. a certain magic occurs where she pours her heart and soul out to you (you'll still need to use your knowings and skills for awhile). and to keep her talking about what you want to know about her. Just go with the flow. but they don't know what those things are. and/or women in general. and whatever kind of relationship you want with this particular woman.something about her that for whatever reason has you wondering what she is like. If you are sincere/genuine about this. (Do it with guys --you know what I mean-. "that's interesting/she's interesting in some special way that I can't put my finger on. This way they'll become your allies. although a 5-10 minute courtesy with them will. {Now before you or anyone gets into it. and people will be coming on to you constantly to share something with you. I think I'll find out more about it and her". But that's another story. {Here's where your knowing and skills come in to keep her talking about herself. I'm not saying chow down on a dog. and you'll quickly see.} When you meet her. By that I mean you shift the tables and screen her for the qualities that you are looking for in a woman.) In no time at all your whole reputation will change. rather then your competitors or enemies. So they try and find out more about you to (a) say the right things. somewhere down the line.. to have you. An interesting thing happens when you do this. Having said this. So it really doesn't matter..too.} The really neat thing about this is that you are no longer seen as a "player" or "dog" by the outside world.

In the course of learning about it. Yet there's something about her. Fine. However. and more importantly. or if you start talking negatively about her or him. like you do. you MUST give up on the idea of scoring with every woman. And here is where you're reputation changes from being a "player" or "dog" to the outside world.. you discover --in ten to twenty minutes-. with every woman you know you could "do".". and you saw this plain woman who. {It's an extremely subtle. So you're going to want to call her the next time you want to play tennis (knowing. So let's say that you like to play tennis. friendly. And you discover what it was (god. nor .} This is a very subtle change "NYC" because. In other words. it's exciting to me to even think about it). who is genuinely interested in her. it does NOT mean giving up the communication skills you have learned and use. This locks in your being a really great and exciting guy.To do this. and her. Repeat with the next "something-about-her" woman that you see. {Blow your steam. you must now become selective about who you want to be with sexually and physically. and why you want to be with them. you learn that she plays tennis a lot. to that of just being a nice. if you take the time to do this with some guys too.. now let's say that you met an interesting woman. yet Very Profound shift that takes place when done this way. and from your knowing.that her personality leaves much to be desired. Thank her for the conversation and leave. curious guy who gets along with everyone. and believe me. that With the tennis there is sex too). and she is going to want to be with you because she is not thinking that you're only calling her to get in her pants (you've already done that). you now Want To see her because she also plays a lot of tennis. for whatever reason (non verbally) said to you "nearly every woman in here is better looking then she is. and you meet her. or bragging off this group or similiar location. With the sex out of the way. like I said. you Will destroy your new great reputation if go around bragging that you bagged this woman or that. and in screening her for personality traits similiar to your own. but to talk to and be with her. you fulfill her knight-adventure fantasy and do her someplace other then your or her apartment.} Alright. skills and kino application. there's nothing like playing tennis with a woman in a tennis skirt with no panties or underwear.

but rather you're just fulfilling their fantasies and desires. take the nude pictures of her. with really great women. on the airplane. But. Do the porn movie she would like to do. and it's Solely based on your postings) is that after you're with a woman for awhile. Additionally. and I would dare say. and over again. who also Appears To Be screening for a potential partner too (you never admist or deny that you are). you are never trying to get them to do anything. and we both we're using the "Svengali" (for lack of a better term) way. being the good/great guy that you are. they are competing for your Long Term affections and company. which means they have to do things over. Plus your always going to and doing what you love. or any of the other knowledge you have and things you do. and over. Rather it's the way and how you now apply them that changes. "see if couldn't do it/I wouldn't let him do it with me". by you're not gearing everything toward the one night stand. Remember when you posted on more then one occaison about chicks being competitive? When it's heard/seen that you're a friendly great guy. some women are putting up amazing blocks just to show/say to others. etc. Have sex in the park. rather then once you've been used to. that I don't do "wingmen" along with my stating why.does it mean giving up kino. you change the dynamics of everything as its seen that you're just being friendly. she starts telling you all kinds of things that she would like to do that she's dreamed about. based on your posts. is that you're quickly screening all the women for that one woman who will have no-strings-attached sex with you right now. What's happening with you. and by YOU saying "no" to women you KNOW you could have that night. See what you haven't learned yet (this is NOT a put-down. who you are having sex with too. . And word is getting around. and screening for potential partners too. in the pool. You've heard me say here. If you try this for a month or two you will quickly discover that you no longer go out to meet women because you are talking to and meeting fascinating women everywhere. Go to the swinging events she would like to experience. So you. what do you think happens? You got it! Only now. I'm going to use that concept and what I just presented to you to explain what would happen if I met you in NY.

That brings up the type of relationship question: how long.. I would just smile. etc. So let's say that she likes to fly. does she like to play tennis and is she any good at it? Once I found that. with who we want to do it with. and if you were into it. we would have a doubles game. a "foursome" too. and just maintain the realtionship with an occasional . to further lead her into conversation. Somewhere along the line you and I would be having sex with a woman within a couple-three hours of meeting her. go to the hotel without you where you would meet me later. but rather. because I like to do those things a lot. My only comments would be those that I felt you didn't pick up on. and wherever else we decided to go. If. This would take 10-20 minutes. play racquetball. Because we'd both be skilled at this technique. however. And that's the way our whole time would go. too.. perhaps repeating this process several times. she didn't have the qualities you were looking for.First. and in that time you would know where you wanted to go with her. not just her words. and so our desire for sex would be lacking for awhile. So we would be doing what we want to do. bidding them farewell in the way I have determined. and what you wanted to do next. let's say it was you who spotted and wanted to meet some intriguing woman. listen and be fascinated by what she would say as you were communicating with her. you or I would see some woman and we would go meet her because there's something about her. tennis and volleyball. I'm going to be with this kind of woman a lot. and the restaurant. and if need be. But if she only likes to do one of them. I also learn her Natural personality traits that comes from her actions. Here's how I do it: I learn how many things she likes/loves to do that I do too. I would see what is happening. then I'm not going to be with her very often. talking with someone. Then as we're going through the airport. just pass on the opportunity to be with her sometime. with the fascinating woman I found then. you would see me coming off the plane. My screening process. what type. or as I usually do. and we would each be doing what we want to do. Now let's say that you and I decided to play tennis the next day. and wanted to do doubles. in addition to having on the spot sex every time we get together. we would go through the airport. and you had someone you play tennis and have sex with. We would do the same when we got to the hotel. That means that one or both of us would NOT be gearing our vocal and physical actions toward having sex with any woman we found fascinating at the moment. we would either get her number. skydive. because that would be appropriate. would be.

in a nice way. in my opinion. but now better then her (from the standpoint of what I'm looking for) in the personality department. But it's there choice as I'm not forcing anyone to do anything. and replace her with the two activities woman. you mileage may vary. No pressure. two. If they don't like it. However let's say that I meet a woman who loves skydiving and racquetball. In other words. That means I will let go of --via fewer and fewer phone calls and meetings over time-. I'm meeting women of all generations who like to do one. she may find herself replaced with a woman who is like her in the activities department. and then arrange things to fit your desires. Do some complain? You bet. If she changes where she suddenly does like all that affection (kino) I like to provide and receive. and is that the kind of woman you want to be with --one you're already in conflict with?} As a result of meeting this and that fascinating woman.five-ten minute phone conversation now and then. the relationship on my part is going to change too. there is absolutely no reason for me to be with Any woman. Let's take the next most important item --sex. But if she is not into having sex with me. just a simple laying-my-cards-on-the-table with her. Now I have someone that I can be with for more then one activity reason. and I explain to her just what I said here. three. who I'm not Also having sex with. After all. well you get the idea. are seen by me again. go meet and be with another guy. and those that understand and accept it. Those that get pissed about it get a "have a good life" from me. if all I'm wanting is to play basketball. right? {Any woman that doesn't like this is saying that she wants things her own way. and three's get replaced by four. beyond a few minutes. As you have seen me post. and don't call or see her anymore. Nine times out of ten the inevitable phone call of why have I stopped calling her comes. So you have to decide what is it you would like and want. I merely end our time together. and has the personality traits I'm wanting her to have too. So let's say that I have a woman whose only compatible activity with me is skydiving. However. I'm into sex with her. And two's get replaced by three's. four or more of the things that I like to do. who I see when I want to do that in addition to having sex. I can do that with my guy friends. right? So during or after the activitiy(s) we both like/love. .the one activity woman. procedure. in addition to sex.

That makes me special and feeling really good. she Really Wants to be with me. This does NOT mean. And if by some diaster none of them wanted to be with you at that particular time (never had it happen to me). But what do you care --you have other women you can call on. that feel I have to make a monogamist commitment to any of them. what do you care as you still have the skills to meet and "have" anyone you . however. and nearly all of them do after a few years. When you want to be doing it. but a great many of them. Big favor by being the way I am. Does this make me vulneralble? You bet.} All I'm interested in is "does she want to be with me when I call". In fact. or damn near anything else. But if I didn't allow for vulnerability and pain. criminal and Uncompassionate behavior. you've doomed yourself. proud. druggies. or doing anything and everything else that she could be doing.. BTW. and all that other stuff when they're not with you. and attempt to control their away-from-you-actions. or if she dresses like a nun. more so then being with. who they're with. and confident from the get-go. when they push for it. the very first thing she screens for is a guy looking for one. I have to let them go so They can have what They want with Another. I'm in love with these women. if you're wanting to know what they do. I'm actually doing a lot of guys a BIG.Now here's something that I doubt you or anyone would ever hear me say. Does this bring me pain? You bet. as often comes up. And with so many guys wanting and looking for that from moment one. rather then flow. there would be no openness and love coming from any of the women.} This brings up something else you must know and deal with: your own temperment.. Not all of them. I like being in love. {I screen. Big. You canNOT have this kind of arrangement if you're into total control. {When a woman leaves me for lack of permanent long term monogamous commitment. See. My attitude is this: I don't care if she's fucking and sucking off every guy on the NY Jets when she's not with me. What I mean by this is. and "does she provide me with what I want when she is with me"? Having my attitude tells me that when a woman is with me. and that would be the worst possible thing. to do what I want to do. watch for and stay away from alcoholics. you have to have a little give and take in this relationship setup because not every woman is going to be able to do what you want to do.

So if you want the best of both worlds --married and single-. and that.. pleasure filled and fun. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough. which is why I advocate NOT cohabitating with anyone. DON'T DO IT! Better that you park your ass over her place for awhile (which means you're free to get up and leave anytime you want). and we'll have the energy to fuck all of them". fifties and beyond. when you have a live-in. and if you want to continue on with this game well into your thirties. and then we won't frighten the herd away. when the baby bull turns around and sees a herd of cows down in valley below.without being either. . To which the papa bull replied "son. My best to you and everyone. you won't want to go back to your previous way. or anything else you feel I might be able to help you with. easy.. Naturally. like we were meant to do". forties. then for her to park her ass over yours. I've got a better idea. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't or can't have overnight or long term --which to me. comfortable. I remind you of the often maligned bull story: papa bull and baby bull are up on top a hill eating grass.. you cannot do this if you're living with someone. then you need to do it in a relaxed.. please do not hesitate to ask. is a maximum of one week--guests. "papa! There's a herd of cows down there in the valley below. Let's run down the hill and fuck some. I've done it your find-'em-feel-'em-fuck-'em-forget-'em-one-night-stand way for a few years. Should you need any more details. when you want it.want. so let me bring this to a conclusion. I've gone on too long. So baby bull in his excitement says to papa bull. It simply means that you lose all your freedom and the ability to have what you want. easy-going. fun filled. "NYC". I've discovered. Why don't you and I just walk down the hill. is far too much work and only leads to burn-out. Try it for awhile. loving way. You're starting to get up there in years. The way I do it now is far more comfortable.

. -If life's a bitch.Take care. fuck her! 'o o' Svengali Logged ..