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Vision 2020 –

Moving East Los Angeles Forward

A social movement to address the underlying causes of poverty in the greater East Los

Angeles community through building
collaborations among all stakeholders groups

Vision 2020 - Moving East Los Angeles Forward

Moving East Los Angeles Forward .Background     SPA 7 Community Partnership 1st Stakeholder Summit Steering Committee The Issue of Poverty Vision 2020 .

First Summit Several group exercises  What is the compelling urgency for collaborative behavior? Vision 2020 .Moving East Los Angeles Forward .

Obstacles to collaborative behavior              Different agendas. approaches.Moving East Los Angeles Forward . philosophy Need to economize Distressed economic times result in the need for more services Less funding available Less staff-need to leverage human resources Stronger collective voice Cross-referrals Sharing resources Learning from each other for less duplication of effort Lack of knowledge about each other Lack of trust Complex environments Jobs are more complicated/demanding/all consuming Vision 2020 .

Moving East Los Angeles Forward .Visioning exercise Headlines & Story Lines Vision 2020 .

nonprofit social services and local government take collaborative work to new heights Vision 2020 . child providers.Community transforms itself Law enforcement.Moving East Los Angeles Forward . health services.

The Power of Collaboration East Los Angeles successfully collaborates. and meets the needs of community residents Vision 2020 .Moving East Los Angeles Forward .

100% Graduation Rate in East Los Angeles High Schools Education lifts families out of poverty Vision 2020 .Moving East Los Angeles Forward .

East Los Angeles’ “Gloria Molina Family Support Center” celebrates fifth anniversary of providing services to the community East Los Angeles has created a healthcare safety net for all families and unemployment has dropped below five percent Vision 2020 .Moving East Los Angeles Forward .

Moving East Los Angeles Forward .Steering Committee     Monthly meetings Researched various models Expanding membership Need for staff coordinator Vision 2020 .

93% of income growth went to the top 2%   Vision 2020 .The Issue of Poverty & Economic Inequality  Top 1% of the Americans own 40% of the wealth Bottom 60% own 2% In 2010.Moving East Los Angeles Forward .

“The Rich and the Rest of Us” ~Tavis Smiley and Dr.Moving East Los Angeles Forward . Cornel West   50% of Americans live in or near poverty Poverty has not been a campaign issue since LBJ declared war on poverty in the 1960s The poor have no Super Pacs interested in their well-being  Vision 2020 .

“An Uncomfortable –But Necessary Conversation” ~Nonprofit Quarterly  Three dangerous policy trends threaten the missions of nonprofits: 1) State and local governments are shifting their fiscal burdens onto nonprofits and foundations 2) 3) Policymakers still know little about nonprofit organizations Nonprofits are being marginalized from public policy process—this represses the voice of the American people .

Moving East Los Angeles Forward .“Stressed & Stretched: The Recession. Poverty and Human Services in Los Angeles” ~UCLA Center for Civil Society  The most basic anti-poverty service providers failed in the past 10 years at twice the rate of mainstream services Those that have thrived have expanded their missions to include advocacy  Vision 2020 .

“A Portrait of California” ~The American Human Development Project Quantifies the wellbeing of people using the HDI   East Los Angeles is among the bottom 20 out of 233 communities in California “The Forsaken Five Percent”  Vision 2020 .Moving East Los Angeles Forward .

Moving East Los Angeles Forward . shared measurement. continuous communication and mutually reinforcing activities among all participants — Key: large-scale social change results from better cross-section of individual organizations or even agenda specific collaborations Vision 2020 .Critical Need for “Collective Impact” ~Stanford Social Innovation Review   Commitment of a group of stakeholders for solving a specific social problem Moving beyond traditional collaboration: — Requires a centralized infrastructure. dedicated staff and structured process that leads to a common agenda.

Moving East Los Angeles Forward .Call to Action    Invite everyone to join Vision 2020 Steering committee will organize strategic planning task force to set short. intermediate andlong term goals and priorities Bienvenidos commitment: — Advocacy as a strategic initiative (will soon hire director of government and community relations — East Los Angeles is focus of effort Vision 2020 .

Moving East Los Angeles Forward .Five Critical Factors in Addressing Poverty      Health care Education Economic Development Jobs/Workforce Development Civic engagement/empowerment Vision 2020 .

Vision 2020 – Moving East Los Angeles Forward .