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SHOW I 10:30 AM

ACT I The Corny Collins Show Fix You Mon 4:45 Tap (A) Something That I Want (MO) Mon 6:30 Ballet (A) Colors of the Wind (MO) Mon 7:15 Jazz (A) Kiss You (MO) Fri 9:30 Ballet (A) Daddys Little Girl (DH) Professional Griefers Wed 3:15 Tap (A) Red Red Robin (MH) Wed 5:30 Jazz (A) Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (MH) Emily Morrison Solo Wed 6:15 Ballet (A) Dancing You Dream (MH) Wed 7:00 Tap (A) Straighten Up and Fly Right (MH) Reflections Mercy ACT II Secrets of Atlantis Strike a Pose Mon 4:45 Ballet (A) I See the Light (MO) Mon 6:30 Tap (A) Under the Sea (MO) Fri 9:30 Tap (A) Shake Your Grove Thing (DH) Mon 7:15 Tap (A) Dance, Dance, Dance (MO) Wed 3:15 Ballet (A) Somewhere Out There (MH) Wed 4:45 Jazz II-III (A) Bon Bon (MH) Thurs 7:15 Ballet IV (C) Viva La Viva (MO) Wed 5:30 Tap (A) Shake Your Body (MH) Pointe Emily, Mackenzie, Rebecca Wed 6:15 Tap (A) Broadway Baby (MH) Wed 7:00 Jazz (A) Accessory (MH) Rhythm

ACT I Be Our Guest Glosoli Wed 4:00 Tap (C) Something That I Want (MO) Wed 10:15 Ballet (A) Colors of the Wind (MO) Wed 4:45 Hip Hop (B) Lip Gloss (JWM) Mon 9:30 Tap (A) Broadway Baby (DH) Gleeked Out Thurs 5:45 Ballet (A) Colors (RJ) Mon 10:15 Tap (A) Lollipop (DH) Tues 6:00 Ballet (A) Beyond My Wildest Dreams (AC) Mon 8:00 Jazz/HH (A) Beauty and the Beat (MO) Thurs 4:45 Ballet (A) (RJ) Yes Sir! Thats My Baby UFO Seth Judice Solo Cant Buy Me Love ACT II Poison Apple Laura Christmas Boots Wed 4:00 Ballet (C) I See the Light (MO) Wed 10:15 Tap (A) Under the Sea (MO) Mon 9:30 Ballet (A) Fly to Your Heart (DH) Fri 4:45 App. Ballet (C) Getting to Know You (KG) Thurs 5:45 Tap (A) Alexanders Rag Time Band (RJ) Mon 10:15 Ballet (A) How to Believe (DH) Tues 6:00 Tap (A) I Just Cant Wait to be King (AC) Mon 6:45 Ballet IV (C) What Makes You Beautiful (KG) Thurs 4:45 Tap (A) How Sweet it Is (RJ) Everything Is Beautiful

Show III 3:30 PM

Act I
Royal T Tues 6:45 Jazz II-III Thurs 6:30 Ballet (A) Paint a Rainbow (RJ) Shake Senora Thurs 10:15 Tap (A) Under the Sea (MO) Thurs 4:45 Ballet (C) I See the Light (MO) Mon 7:30 Hip Hop (B) (BR) Tues 10:15 Tap (A) Youve Got a Friend in Me (DH) Mon 5:45 Ballet III B (C) Hungarian Dancers (KG) Tues 9:30 Ballet (A) Lala Love (DH) Mon 4:45 Ballet (C) Spanish Dance (AC) Rhythm Nation Wed 5:45 Tap II-III (C) Get on the Right Track(RJ) Burlesque Material Girl
Thurs 6:30 Tap (A) Jeepers Creepers (RJ)

Act II

Boogie Shoes Thurs 10:15 Ballet (A) Colors of the Wind (MO) Thurs 4:45 Tap (C) Something That I Want (MO)
Mon 8:15 Hip Hop (B) (BR) Tues 10:15 Ballet (A) Circle of Life (DH) Wed 4:45 Ballet II-III (C) Autumn Rain (MO) Tues 9:30 Tap (A) Hot Hot Hot (DH) Tues 4:45 Mascot Ballet (A) Ballerina Dolls (GH) Mon 4:45 Tap (C) Material Girl (AC) Whole Lotta Shakin

Show IV 6:30 PM
Act I
Mon 8:00 Adv. Ballet (C) Arwins Vigil (KG) Think About It Mon 4:45 Drill Jazz (B) Glam (VJ) Mon 5:30 Ballet (A) Beautiful (MO) Mon 4:00 Tap (C) Jungle Love (AC) Fri 5:30 Jazz (A) Naturally (AC) Thurs 6:15 Ballet IIIA (C) Turning Pages (MO) Tues 7:30 Drill Tech (A) Supernatural (AC) Fri 4:45 Ballet (A) Dare to Dream (AC) Thurs 7:30 Hip Hop (A) (BR)

Act II
The Deadly Seven Fire Mon 5:30 Drill Lyrical (B) Come Down to Me (VJ) Mon 5:30 Tap (A) Dance, Dance, Dance (MO) Mon 4:00 Ballet (C) Once Upon a December (AC) Thurs 5:30 Beg Jazz (C) Foot Loose (MO) In This Shirt Echa Palante Fri 4:45 Tap (A) Jitterbug Boogie (AC) Tues 7:30 Drill Jazz (C) Ruby Blue (MO)