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Nutrition for Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Week  1:  Introduc/on  to  Nutri/on  Science  

Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE

Course Overview .

What is This Course About? It  is:   o  Focused  on  health   promo1on  &  disease   preven1on   o  Evidence-­‐based   o  Geared  towards  those   working  in  health  fields   or  interested  in  diet  &   disease   It  is  not:   o  A  weight  loss  program   o  A  panacea  for  all  of  your   health  ailments  J     o  Anecdote-­‐based   o  Subs1tute  for   professional  medical   advice   .

Weekly Course Layout o  New  disease  en1ty/topic  covered  each  week   o  Up  to  ten  video  lectures  per  week   o  Quiz  each  week   o  Peer-­‐reviewed  wri1ng  assignments   o  Op1onal.  weekly  discussion  board  threads   .

Course Topics. Week by Week Week  1:  Introduc1on  to  Nutri1on  Science   Week  2:  Heart  Disease   Week  3:  Diabetes   Week  4:  Cancer   Week  5:  Obesity  &  Weight  Management   Week  6:  Disorders  of  the  GI  Tract   .

 MPH.  San  Francisco  and  University  of  San  Diego  (California)   •  Specialist  in  nutri1on  educa1on  &  curriculum  development   •  Master  in  Public  Health  from  University  of  California.  CDE   •  Assistant  Clinical  Professor  of  Nutri1on  at  University  of   California.  Berkeley  –   Public  Health  Nutri1on   •  Cer1fied  Diabetes  Educator   •  Registered  Die11an   •  Avid  traveler.  runner  and  eater!   .About Your Instr uctor o  Ka1e  Ferraro.  RD.

Student Expectations Students  are  expected  to:   o  Be  respec_ul  of  each  other  &  the  instructor   o  Be  open  to  new  ideas  &  dietary  prac1ces   o  Have  an  understanding  of  the  scien1fic   process   .

 the  student  will  be   able  to:   o  Interpret  data  and  research  linking  diet  with   disease  preven1on  and  health  promo1on   o  Recommend  evidence-­‐based  best  prac1ces  for   nutri1on  within  his/her  scope  of  prac1ce   .Student Lear ning Outcomes  By  the  end  of  the  course.