COLLISIONS often happen because one driver does not see another driver, or when one driver does something the other driver does not expect.

Use your INDICATORS to avoid collisions - let others know what you’re doing
Transportation Tuesday

WHY USE YOUR INDICATORS?  Allows other drivers to     understand what you plan to do slow down or move around you break early to avoid a rear-end collision find another parking space HOW TO USE INDICATORS  Early .at least 30m before you make a move  After you’ve checked your mirrors to be sure that it’s safe to make your manoeuvre  Before you brake to slow down Transportation Tuesday .

Tuesday . potholes ….YOU SHOULD USE YOUR INDICATORS WHEN . If there are streets. dogs.         Starting off / joining traffic Changing lanes Stopping at the side of the road Parking (let others know what space you plan to use) Turning into a side road Making a U-turn Merging into traffic Avoiding something on the road .. Your brake lights will warn traffic behind you that you Transportation are slowing down.traffic cones. AVOID CONFUSION … be careful that you do not signal too early. wait until you have passed them to signal. driveways or entrances between you and where you want to turn..

SIGNALING AT ROUNDABOUTS If taking the first exit … • signal right and approach in the right hand lane • keep to the right and keep signaling until you have turned If taking an intermediate exit … When taking the last exit. signal right and move into position . or going full circle … • signal left and approach in the left hand lane • keep to the left and keep signaling • when you pass the exit before yours. move into position to exit • signal right and leave the roundabout Transportation Tuesday • do not signal at first • be in the right or middle lane • when your exit is next.

. be ready to slow down and move around a stopping vehicle. Indicators that are still flashing after a turn never assume the driver has forgotten .be ready to give them space. • Do not use hazard warning lights if you just want to park or wait (illegally or otherwise)..they may be about to make another move HAZARD WARNING LIGHTS ARE NOT INDICATORS .WATCH OUT FOR . Other drivers who do not signal .. Motorbikes / cyclists will signal with their hands/arms . • If you see hazard warning lights.make sure you are travelling at a safe distance so you can avoid rear-end collisions.don’t take risks to save seconds. Only proceed when you are sure it is safe . Transportation Tuesday ..

SMOKE SIGNALS ARE FOR COWBOYS Transportation Tuesday .

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