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MINUTES FOR PITESTI (ROMANIA) APRIL 2013 9:00-11.00 Our blog: - Explanations Access view of the blog.

- Explorer, mozilla, chrome view. - Partners only: draft discussion: proverbs powerpoint of each country. recipe powerpoint: alphabetic order or for his flag. Greece agree Turkey agree...everyone agrees. - Portugal needs to give ideas about photo exhibition. - We are working about the multilingual dictionary. Words underlined give access to the translation in diferent languages: everybody agrees. - In the multilingual dictionary each country needs to complete and correct the mistakes. - Explanation about how to do it. We will contact Juan Luis to check changeability. - If we do not receive a text with your colour choices before April 15th, we will choose for you. - Questions about the evaluations. Everybody must do it. - Facebook and twitter. Please follow our blog!. We tweet every day. We follow a lot of associations if you know others asociation of each country and if you have an account it would be easier. Twitter is a good platform. If one person from each country is in charge of a tweeter account, the coordinatores can follow them and post things from all of your countries. - Foodprint calendars and expalnation. - Please read the application form and follow the schedule you signed. - Don't use google translator or similar, someone in your organisation should help with translations. - As soon as you have a part of the work send it to the coordinator. - Please don't send us the works at the last moment. - The workshop section is for all activities related to our project (please send them). - Work on impact...we need more news from all of you for the blog. Break....

11:30-13:30 - Krysta talks about the Estonian food story, Jesus speaks about the Galician slaughter song, Finland speaks about a finnish baker song, Greece talks about their Moussaka...we continue other presentations in the afternoon so Ela talks about The Polish trip. Trip to Poland: - Friday 14th September to the 18th September - Deadline for people going by Estonia-Finnish April 15 th (or earlier) Finland-Estonia program : - 28th June to 4th July. - Give estimation of participants by the end of the day. - Should bring a swimsuit! - Don't worry about the ferry, our hosts will book it. - We need to say the date of birth to book the ferry. - Deadline of participants 15th April. - Dealine for flights April 30th. 14:30-16:30 -Ela speaks about Christmas in Poland. Paula speaks about Christmas cod in Portugal. Iuliana talks about a stinging nettle dish. Oral talks about Turkish marriage ceremonies and the food. - Ela speaks about Patras evaluation. Conclusions: Satisfied and learned from previous mistakes. More time for conecting cultures. No problems with workshops. We achieved the expected results. We all worked for one goal.Good information from the host. The more members involved from the host organisation the better. More time for connecting cultures. Participants evaluation. Language barrier. More local food and tradition discussion. they missed team work around food preparation. Satisfied with field visits. 17:00-18:30 - Benito speaks about mid-project evaluation. Deadline June 30th, coordinator will send you it all in English. - Benito explains function of the blog. Please use the blog so that we are all familiarised with it and this will make things easier. - Answer "R" e-mails before the following Monday. - Iuliana speaks about transportation and prices. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND PARTICIPATION. The coordinator.