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Brandon Mecham

Brandon Mecham
370 W. 7th S. Rexburg, ID 83440 916-834-7645

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Programs/Tools Used: Adobe InDesign Title Font Name & Category: Bernard MT Condensed Modern Copy Font Name & Category: Minion Pro Oldstyle Links to all images you used in this project: Description: Black & White promotional flier to promote a graduate leadership conference. Top 3 things learned: I learned how to align the design to bring flow to the flier I learned the importance of contrast I learned how to resize images without cropping them Process: I drew some sketches for this project and only liked one of the four that I drew. I ended up sticking to that sketch for the most part as I began using Adobe InDesign. It was my first time using the program so I learned a lot with the help of the lab assistants. I struggled with typography. The fonts that I finally chose fit well in my opinion. It was a great learning process and I had fun doing this project.

Event Ad
Date: 2 February 2013 Programs/Tools used: Microsoft Word Title Font Name & Category: Didot Modern Copy Font Name & Category: Adobe Garamond Pro Oldstyle Links to all images you used in this project: Description: This event ad is for a fictional beekeeping workshop in the Hart Building. Top 3 things learned: 1) How to edit box color, shape, size, and shadow. 2) How to incorporate scanned images into a Word designed event ad. 3) How to change the page setup to print with a Narrow setting. Process: The only magazine I had to use for this project was the October 2012 General Conference edition of the Ensign. Most of the pictures included families dressed in their Sunday best. I found this picture of a bee on a flower and thought it was simple enough to use for a nice Beekeeping Workshop ad. It took me a while to learn how to design using Word. The toughest part was making sure it was simple enough and neatly organized with out the great tools found on Adobe InDesign.


Saturday February 2 10am-2pm

Location: Hart Building Entry Cost: $5 Proceeds from lessons and tutorials will go to the Heart of Gold Foundation. Contact the Beekeeping Society of Idaho for any other donations.

Programs/Tools Used: Canon T3i DSLR Camera/Adobe Photoshop Top 3 things learned: 1) I learned how to crop my image. 2) I learned how to select a portion of an image and colorize it. 3) I learned how to desaturate the background and add a filter to it. Process: I had a hard time getting off the ground with this picture. I got a good picture taken of a fire hydrant with the Rexburg Temple in the background. When I went to edit it I found that as I cropped the image to 6X6 that it didnt look as good as I wanted to so I drove back over to the temple and took another picture. This time I took the photo with the framing more in my mindset. It turned out a lot better and this time instead of using a fire hydrant in the foreground of my picture, I used my scriptures to add more continuity to the picture. The fire hydrant and the temple didnt really have any relationship. They were just there. My scriptures were more related to the temple. I desaturated the background and added the Angled Stroke filter. Want to Learn: I want to learn how to better organize my work. I also want to learn how to use layers and edit images more thoroughly than just background and colorization.

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop Top 3 things learned: 1) I learned how to be creative with the blending. 2) I learned how to incorporate flow and composition into a montage. 3) I learned how to re-size images so that they fit well. Font #1 Name & Category: Futura Condensed (San Serif) Font #2 Name & Category: Birch Std (Modern) Process: I wanted to do something related to sports. I always loved inspirational posters of professional athletes when I was younger so I decided to make one myself for this montage project. The San Francisco Giants is my favorite baseball team so decided to do that. I got a great picture of the Bay Bridge overlooking the city. I edited the hue and saturation of the picture as well as added a nice filter. I then cut out a picture of the teams most valuable player, Pablo Sandoval and placed him near the bridges end. I blended him to the background to make him look like a giant in the city. I was going for a Godzilla type look. I added a filter to him which darkened him a bit. I then cut out the teams most recent World Series Champions logo and placed it in the bottom left corner to give the montage a more professional poster look. I wanted to add some good inspirational words so I hearkened back to a quote from my favorite baseball movie growing up, The Sandlot, and added the phrase, Legends never die. Changes: I made a few changes to this original project. First, I created a more clean blend with the montage. My original project had more of a cut-out of the baseball player behind the bridge. With my correction, there is a more clean blend. This fulfilled the original requirement for this project. Second, I labeled the typography used in this project. I forgot to add what font name and styles I had used. I labeled them here in the description. There were too many changes that need to take place. It took me about 30 minutes total to make these changes.

Section: Comm130-02 Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator Top 3 things learned: 1) I learned how to incorporate images into a logo. 2) I learned how to use various tools within the character window. 3) I learned how Top Logo Font #1 Name & Category: Tajan Pro/Oldstyle Top Logo Font #2 Name & Category: Votes on favorite logo: Top Logo = _2__; Middle Logo = __7_; Bottom Logo = _1__; My favorite logo was ____First_____. Process: I couldnt think of a company to make a logo for so I took my name which is Brandon Mecham and morphed it into a brand company. B is the first letter of my first name and my last name is pronounced Meekum. I created a company for the logo called Be Meek Productions. I thought that was creative and positive as well because it is important that we stay meek and humble in this life. I wanted to make these logos as simple as possible. The first one was more professional and elegant. The second one was more fun and casual. The third one was a mix of both. I tried to keep continuity with the three logos by keeping the same color coordinations and font styles. All in all, I was pleased with the outcome of each logo and my confidence in Adobe Illustrator increased as I showed others my work.

Be Meek Productions

Be Meek



Be Meek Productions

Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator/InDesign/Photoshop Top 3 things learned: 1) I learned how to trace and change the opacity of objects. 2) I learned how to incorporate many Adobe programs into one project. 3) I learned how to make a border around a white business card Logo Font #1 Name & Category: Stationery Font #1 Name & Category: Adobe Casion Pro (Slab Serif) How the logo represents the company: The logo I made for this company represents the company because it is a photography/videography business and the logo has a nice tracing of DSLR camera. Changes: There were a lot of changes that I made for this project that took me about an hour and a half. I messed with a bunch of things and even traced another camera to use instead of the DSLR. I ended up not using that one and sticking with what I had originally traced. My original letterhead had the traced DSLR camera pointing upwards which did not give good flow. I rotated the image and aligned it with the text to give the logo and letterhead better flow. One other thing that I changed was the opacity of the DSLR camera in the bottom right corner. I was marked down for the watermark being too dark so I lightened it to 2% opacity.

Brandon Stau er


Brandon Stauffer
916-344-3421 432 Money St. Folsom, CA 95630

Web Page
Programs/Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator/Text Wrangler Top 3 things learned: 1) I learned how to change the color of certain things in CSS using the Eyedropper tool get the color hex codes in Adobe Photoshop. 2) I learned how to change the font of the titles and body copy using Text Wrangler to edit the CSS. 3) I learned how to resize my logo in order to fit nicely onto my web page using Adobe Illustrator. Font Family #1 (all names) & Category: Adobe Caslon Pro Bold (Modern) Font Family #2 (all names) & Category: Times New Roman (Oldstyle) Hex Colors: Background color #343c70/Font color - #000000 Changes made to the CSS: I changed the color and fonts of everything. I used Adobe Photoshop to get the hex color codes from my logo to incorporate in my web page design. I also changed the fonts resemble the simplicity of my logo. Lastly, I added an embedded message using */ with a note to anyone looking at the code that read, Please feel free to make any necessary changes that would improve the image of this site. Process: This project was a humbling experience. It was difficult to learn and apply the things we had learned regarding the usage of both html and css. I chose the logo I liked best from our previous logo project that we completed two weeks ago. I wanted the colors and fonts to coordinate with the logo as displayed. I used Adobe Illustrator to resize the logo I previously made to fit nicely onto my web page. I used Adobe Photoshop and used the Eyedropper tool to get the color codes from my logo to uses as type color and background color. After that, I described the process that went into my logo. I wrote a total of 322 words to describe this process. All in all, it was a great experience to learn how to write code using html and css and Im happy about the way my web page turned out.

Program(s) / Tools used: Adobe InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop Title Font Name & Category: Univers LT Std (Sans Serif) Copy Font Name & Category: Goudy Bookletter 1911 (Oldstyle) Sources (Links to images on orginal websites): The images I used were taken by a member of our council and were emailed to me with permission to use them. Top 3 things learned: 1) I learned how to align certain elements using columns and rows within my brochure. 2) I learned how to apply text wrap in my brochure to provide a clean profession look. 3) I learned how to use character and paragraph styling to bring continuity to the brochure. Process: I joined the Advertising Council on campus at the beginning of the semester. Conveniently enough, our council decided to make a brochure. The two projects coincided with each other. I needed to make something that was both informational and visually appealing. I received some photos that were taken of council members in the public relations department as well as the graphics department. I also was able to get a hold of the Advertising Logo. I included my own Be Meek Productions logo on that back as sort of a watermark. The hard part about this brochure was including all of the information. I had a little over 300 words to work with. I used text wrap inside the brochure. I used two contrasting fonts with the titles and body copy using the paragraph and character styling tools. I went to Alphagraphics in Idaho Falls to print my brochure. I designed, printed, and folded it to have an offset style. I learned a lot while doing this project! Before doing this project, I thought that making a brochure would be simple. I came to learn how complex and creative you can get with creating brochures. There are so many different ways you can go about doing it! There are a lot of things I would have done differently. I think I would fix my front cover up a little bit. I felt that it wasnt as visually appealing as it could have been. I could have possibly used Adobe Photoshop to cut out the image I used or a different image and then text wrap the councils description. I think that would have been more visually appealing. Word Count: 336 words