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Living Intentionally Good Afternoon!

OPTIONAL: For those of you who attended the Christmas Program, I want you to know . . . I have notes! (Hold them up....) (LAUGH & PAUSE) I want to thank my fellow class members for the privilege of addressing you on this Special Occasion. I regard it as a high honor.

On behalf of the Senior Class, I thank the faculty and staff for the investments you each have made as you poured your lives into ours. You have helped shape our future careers and direct our values with a Christian worldview. We are deeply indebted. And, on a personal note, Mr. Musick, I thank you for what you have meant in my life.

And, of course, we thank our parents and supportive families for the many material sacrifices you have made and for the God-honoring

” To live an intentional Christian life is to make a conscious decision to glorify God in every area of our lives. Do what it says. We know that is the answer. We do not take this support for granted and recognize we won't fully grasp the extent of those sacrifices until someday we sit where you are seated today.2 homes you provided which allowed us to be educated in the Christian atmosphere of Lakeland Christian School. . James 1:22 reads: “Do not merely listen to the word. and so deceive yourselves. As the temptation to conform to the world increases with daily pressures and pleasures of life. it becomes increasingly easier to abandon our responsibility to live our life intentionally. Again. we thank you! (LONG PAUSE) A sad reality of our culture is that most Christians in America do not fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

Packing is a very intentional activity. it requires knowing what will be needed when you arrive at your destination. we are packing for a lifetime. . Ohio. For example. at Florida Southern. most of us will be packing for college. how should we live if we want to reflect Jesus intentionally next fall and beyond? (PAUSE) We just finished unpacking from the senior trip. . . we are not talking about packing a suitcase for a short trip . a list of things you “can’t leave home without. and before you know it. . As we start making plans to head off to college and careers.” But let me make it clear that in this case. will not need the heavy winter clothes that Casey Jones must have in Tiffin. allow me to provide some "packing instructions" . Josh Stanz.3 but the real question is how do we do it? In other words. .

This involves purposeful prayer for people as we see them in need or when we are reminded to pray for someone's needs. We are more capable of loving and understanding others when we are also praying for them. Scripture challenges us to “pray without ceasing. Prayer also involves an organized time of lifting needs to the Lord from a list we create on our phones or computers and taking time daily to share them with Jesus.” While this may seem a daunting task. The P stands for Prayer. We must seize scheduled time to be intentional about our personal relationship with God as we devote daily time to seek His will. The first item to pack into each day is an active prayer and devotional life. By .4 Perhaps the acrostic P – A – C .K will help us remember to include all the items to live more intentionally. it is practically achieved if we simply work at expanding our prayer life throughout the day.

reading stimulating books. Proverbs promises: "Faithful are the . We must find specific individuals who will ask us about our activities and keep us accountable to live out God’s Word. If we want to live intentionally. . we will be better prepared. The second letter is A . for Accountability. . Individuals who challenge us to live Biblically and authentically are faithful friends in every sense of the word. . . as Peter challenged us. “to give an answer to everyone that asks us to give the reason for the hope that we have” (I Peter 3:15). then we MUST have someone who will hold us accountable and will "get in our face" if we make bad decisions. and being consistent in prayer . The next step in living intentionally is being willing to be that kind of friend in someone else’s life.5 studying the Bible.

Next is C .6 wounds of a friend. Pastor Rice . The way we prioritize our lives during the first couple of weeks of college will determine how most of us will live through the rest of college. A recent survey revealed by the Colson Institute sites that 43% of Christian students fall away from the disciplines of their faith when they get to college. . On our senior trip. We cannot live intentionally if we allow that to be our fate! We must find and associate ourselves with a community of believers the first weeks of college. Make sure you are investing honest accountability into another's life just that way. . The best way to find Community is by immediately finding a campus ministry and church home as soon as we move into this next phase of our lives." Those wounds come from times of required honesty. for Community. profuse are the kisses of an enemy.

grow in our faith.” He admonished us not to spend 4 years “church shopping” -. RUF. And last letter. being intentional means pre-deciding to worship.commit to a place of worship! A church provides a place to worship. but they are not designed to take the place of the church. . K stands for the Kingdom. We must balance our time wisely! In this regard. and the ability to be able to minister back to others. and CCF provides a great opportunity to introduce unbelievers to the faith. Scripture calls us to meet regularly and the years ahead are no exception. It is critical that we keep intentional eyes for building the kingdom. Getting involved in campus ministries such as "CRU".7 talked with us about “staying power. We can practically live this out by making it a priority to set out alarms on Saturday night before we are tempted to sleep in on Sunday morning.

8 We do this by first building relationships with non-Christians and giving them the opportunity to see a Christian who actually lives out their faith consistently on a day-by-day basis. my sister. had a friend who went from a life of despair to living purposefully simply because of the living impact Kelli had on her as they worked on accounting projects together. They are used to seeing an absence of authenticity. I have had the privilege of watching my older brothers and sisters during their college years as they impacted others and watched many of their friends came to faith in Jesus Christ. We should strive to be that person in another’s life. Her friend said she had never known a Christian who actually lived out their faith. Kelli. Most recently. We have the high privilege of providing for unbelievers a true example of the Christian faith. . We can’t afford to let those opportunities pass us by.

having never seen rain.9 So. that we do not merely listen to the Word . Daniel lived intentionally when he “resolved not to defile himself with the royal food and wine” . . --Taken prisoner by the Babylonians. but that we also Do what it says.” -. but he had already decided that he and his house “would serve the Lord. . Remember: Prayer Accountability Community.before the rich foods were ever brought to him. . and Kingdom Let's consider some of the Heroes of the Faith that lived intentionally: --Joshua challenged the people of Israel to decide whom they would serve. then we must P-A-C-K for life. he obeyed God and built an ark.Noah lived intentionally when. if we are to follow James command to live intentionally . . .

is that you will decide to do the same. . my fellow classmates.10 I am determined to live my life intentionally. my prayer to you.