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PRINCE 2 Method

Loading the file: This template has been produced using Microsoft Word 97.] brackets).] prompt text. you will be returned to the Launch Pad or Windows. load up the file either from the Launch Pad or directly from the Directory (Launch2) (the filename is “EXREPT. The Product Outline for the Exception Report can be found at Appendix A of the PRINCE 2 Manual..DOC”) and starting from page 1 follow the prompts (in [. You must specify your own Project Directory – Launch Pad will not do any “housekeeping” for you.. . Saving the Exception Report under its own name: Save the Exception Report by selecting the “SAVE-AS” commands.HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE: Introduction: The template reflects the steps set out in the PRINCE 2 Method and is designed to prompt the Project Manager and help in the creation of the Exception Report. it might be appropriate to discuss the content with the Executive immediately.. Completing The Exception Report Prior to printing. Appendix A and the Controls Component also provide information on the procedure. The Processes that describe the Exception procedures are “Escalating Project Issues (CS 8)” and “Giving Ad-Hoc Direction (DP4)”. you should should delete all [.. To use it. Closing the Publication: On closing MSWord.. The Exception Report should be sent to the Project Board Members as soon as possible and by the quickest route. this will avoid overwriting the standard template.

Description of the Deviation: [A brief statement of the Exception – forecast to exceed Tolerance. Its purpose is to provide sufficient information for the Project Board to give direction (premature closure of the project. EXCEPTION REPORT (Use to obtain direction from the Project Board following a significant deviation from an approved Stage Plan) Document Ref & Version No: Programme: Author: Project: Date: Purpose: [A statement of the purpose of the Exception Report. The following is a “standard format” that may be used or adapted by the Project Manager:] This document has been produced to notify the Project Board of a significant deviation from the approved Management Stage Plan. Project and Management Stage Tolerances.] Options Appraisal: [The effect each option has on the Business Case.[PURPOSE OF THE EXCEPTION REPORT:] [An Exception Report is produced when the costs and/or timescales for an approved Stage Plan are forecast to exceed the Tolerance levels set by the Project Board. major modification to the work or outcome ] Cause of the Deviation: [The reason for the Exception]. Risks. It is produced by the Project Manager to inform the Project Board members of the Exception that has occurred and to obtain direction]. creation of an Exception Plan or other appropriate action.] . Consequences of the Deviation: [The impact the deviation has on the Management Stage. Project and any other interfaces] The Available Options: [A straightforward list of the options that have been considered to get the Management Stage back on course.

does it include both Gantt Plans and a Resource Report?] Project Manager’s Signature: Date: . Are the reasons for the deviation adequately stated for decision support? 3.Recommendations [Firm recommendations by the Project Manager.] Direction from the Project Board Member: Name: Role: Premature Close: Comment: Decision: Produce Exception Plan Comment Comment: Other: [Check this document against the following Quality Criteria: 1. based on the information above] Additional Comment: [Add any additional information to be brought to the Project Authority’s/Project Board’s attention. If an Exception Plan accompanies this document.] Decision by the Project Board Member: [Each individual member of the Project Board must provide a recommended action based on the information provided by the Project Manager. Does the Current Stage Plan show the current status of budget and schedule? 2. This will provide direction to the Project Manager for the next action.