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List of Publications S.No. Publication Title The Indian Family 1 Ed. K.K. Chakravarty (1994) Tribal Identity in India: Extinction or adaptation 2 Ed. K.K. Chakravarty(1996) Indian Rock Art and Its Global Context 3 Robert G. Bednarik and K.K. Chakravarty (1997) The Cauvery: A living Museum 4 S. John Britto, K. and Sujit Som (2001) Gujjars of Jammu & Kashmir 5 Warikoo K. and Sujit Som. (2002) Ka Mer K Sdad: Conference, Confluence: The role of 6 river and Water in Khasi Culture and Vision Ed. D.L. Khamwphlang and Sujit Som (2002) Folklore in Changing Times 7 Ed.J.L. Handoo, Sujit Som (2003) Museums of Bhopal (2004) 8 River and Culture: Focus on Garo Hills 9 C R Marak and Sujit Som (2004) Anugunj: A catalogue of Open Air exhibition 10 Mythological Trail (Hindi and English). (2004) Anthropology of Northeast India: 11 Ed. A. Basu and Others (2004) Between Ethnography and Fiction Verrier Elwin and 12 the Tribal Question in India T.B. Subba and Sujit Som (2005) River Valley Culture of India 13 Ed. K.K. Chakravarty and G.L. Badam (2005) Traditional Water Management Systems of India 14 Ed. K.K. Chakravarty and G.L. Badam (2006) N.K. Bose: Selected Writings on Archaeology, 15 Architecture, and Art- Ed. Rabindranath Bose (2006) 16 17 18 Sacred Groves in India K.C. Malhotra and Others (2007) M.N. Srinivas: the Man and his works Ed. P.K. Misra, K.K. Basa and H.K. Bhatt (2007) Museology: A comprehensive Bibliography and Webliograhpy- Ed. K.K. Basa, Mohd. Rehan and Ravindra Gupta (2007) The Central Narmada Valley: A Study in Quaternary Palaentology and allied aspects -G.L. Badam (2007) Beyond Pots and Pans: A study on Chalcolithic Balathal - Anup Mishra (2008) Jagannatha in Historical Perspectives R.N. Dash (2008) Wandering Sufis : Qalandars and their Path - Kumkum Shrivastava (2008) Ecology, Technology and Economy: continuity and change among the fisher folk of Kerala- PRG Mathur (2008) Tribal myths and legends of Orissaed. Biyotkesh Tripathi (2008) Amount 250.00 300.00 1700.00 1200.00 450.00 200.00

220.00 35.00 225.00 160.00 300.00 675.00

2500.00 1250.00 250.00 1500.00 550.00 550.00

19 20 21 22 23

1600.00 2800.00 2500.00 1250.00 950.00



Misra Displacement and Rehabilitation : Solutions for the 47 48 49 50 51 52 1500 1500 495 850 600 900 .R.25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 Indigenous xqIr (2007) vYiKkr laFkky dFkk.ed. Kamal K. K.a -ys[kd &?ku’.ed.N.k yksd dFkk.00 360. Danda.Reshma Sawant Swidden Peasantry in Indonesia .k f=ikBh (2009) Theory and Practice of Ethnography: readings from the periphery .ke xqIr (2007) e/. Danda.00 1500.00 1150.00 600.V.00 1800. Roy (2008) Essays on Cultural Anthropology xqIr (2007) Hkkjr esa nh{kk dh ijaijk. Bhatt (2010) Anthropology in India ed. V.a& 2 [kaMksa esa ys[kd &panzekSfy ef. Basa. Medhi (2008) Teyyam: a Divine Dance Traditions of Kerala .K. F.00 360.B. Mohd. Religion and Tradition: Cult of Matangis and Basavis .Eswarappa Kasi and Ramesh C.00 per set 950. Misra (2005) Textile designs of the Boros of Northeast Indiaed. Lalitha (2011) State.00 360. Misra (2011) Women. Natural Resource Management and Development : The Konda Reddi xqIr (2007) vuwBh vkfnoklh yksd dFkk. Mahapatra Rock Art of India : a selective bibliography .K. Sudhir Shrivastava.00 1295. A.K.00 2250. Malik Studies on Bio-Medical Anthropology –ed. Development and Communities Edited by A.00 1500.ed.a ys[kd &?ku’. Birinchi K.00 1800. xqIr(2007) dFkk izlax& ys[kd &?ku’.a ys[kd&?ku’.K.00 360.ed.00 750. Rehan Cultural Pluralism : the Indian Scenario Edited by SAA Saheb.00 mRrj Hkkjr dh xzkeh. Chaudhary (2008) Textile traditions of Northeast India ed. Dipali Danda(2010) Multiple Heritage: role of specialized museums in India .K.ed.K.K.00 1200. S.K. By Mutatkar. S. S.00 1800.Veena Mushrif Tripathi (2011) Glimpses of Indian Heritage .C.K. Danda (2009) 1800. Basa (2010) Megalithic Builders of South India .00 0795. Misra.00 500. Jayarajan (2008) Tribes and their indigenous knowledge: implications for Development .00 1000.K.orhZ Hkkjr dh vkfnoklh yksd dFkk. Danda and Dipali Danda Historical Archaeology of Vidarbha . Kavita Boro (2006) Tribes of Panchmarhi Biosphere reserve and their indigenous knowledge. Chaudhary(2006) Traditional Knowledge System in Contemporary Societies.a ys[kd &?ku’. Rani Kakati Hazarika.N.00 1200. K.L. Kulirani. By A.00 360. Kamal K Misra (2007) Intangible Cultural Heritage of Assamed.

H. 2005-11) . The cost of packing and freight charges will be intimated by email on receipt of confirmed order. 1000 A.K. Misra Splendors of North East India : Arunachal Pradesh .K. Shamla Hills.K. Post Box no 2.S.R. .Edited by P. 2661290 Email.) Tel No. Mishra and K. In Press In Press In Press In Press In Press Discounts: 20% discount on all published titles/ 30% on order of minimum 5 copies of a title/30% on order of entire set of publications. 1-7.P.Edited by Vineetha Menon Between Memory and Museum . Bhopal – 462013 (M. Behra and K. Misra Tribal Movements in India : visions of Dr.directorigrms@gmail. Misra and G. 0755-2661458.K. Sub. Misra Environment and Tribes in India : Resource conflicts and adaptations .Geeta Wolf Rs. Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya. K. Orders may be addressed to: The Director.Edited by by K. Jayaprakasan Tribals and Bio Cultural Development . Publications can be obtained either on Cash or by Demand Draft favouring Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya.K.Edited by K.C. Bhopal. Misra.K. Misra Humankind : an annual IGRMS Journal (Vol.53 54 55 56 57 58 future .K. Bhat and K. Singh .

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