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Students name: Carina Lizeth Aquino Serrano

Career: English Major Degree

Module 5: Management of Technological Resources for the Teaching and Administration of the English Language

Teachers Name: Martin Ulises Aparicio Morataya

Title: Teaching Perspective Inventory

INTRODUCTION This project is about the Teaching Perspective Inventory

What is TPI? The Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI) is a 45-item inventory that assesses your orientation to teaching. This inventory will help you identify your perspectives on teaching. As you consider the following statements, think of specific content and learners and the settings in which you meet them for instruction and learning. The TPI is the result of two decades of research in Canada, China, Singapore, and the United States. More than 250 teachers, in vastly different settings, were interviewed, observed, and re-interviewed. Each teacher was asked a number of questions about learning, motivation, the goals of education, their role as a teacher, the nature of the learners they taught, and the influence of context on their teaching.

The importance of knowing our personal teaching perspective: The TPI helps you better understand your own views of these perspectives and how you express them through your own beliefs, intentions and actions and it does so in an easy to understand profile. The TPI also helps you share and clarify your ideas when you are drafting a Statement of Teaching Philosophy, when you are expanding your portfolio for teaching reviews, or when you are asked to observe or review someone else's teaching.

Examples of results and the description of teaching perspective

CONCLUSION Teaching perspective show us which of our areas are the higher to learn or to teach, in my case transmission is the higher and then developmental, nurturing, and finally apprenticeship and social reform. I agree with the result because I think a good teacher make the class successful by providing clear objectives, adjusting the pace of lecturing,

making efficient use of class time, clarifying misunderstandings, answering questions, providing timely feedback, correcting errors, providing reviews, etc. I need to take care more about the other areas y which I have to put in practice different strategies to be more effective. It said that good teachers know what their learners can do on their own and where they need guidance and direction and thats true we need to know very well our students in order to make activities and which they can show their strengths. The Social Reform point of view, the object of teaching is the collective rather than the individual and that is what teachers need to improve, we need to take care that all the students work for the same goals, work as a team as a group and not individual. It is important to identify what of those 5 areas we could improve.