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Vol. 1

October 2006 It isNo. 1 that 'Mammo Kilo' or 'Silly recalled

Publishing good quality Children's books based on Ethiopian culture and history is one of the main goals of Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation (EBCEF). EBCEF took a step forward by publishing another duallanguage children's book entitled ' The Lion's Tail' or 'Yeanbesa Chira' this month.

It is recalled that 'Mammo Kilo' or 'Silly Mammo', the retelling of traditional Ethiopian folk tale, written by Yohannes Gebregorgis, was also published by EBCEF in July 2005 by Ethiopian Children's Book Publishing Project of EBCEF and was provided freely to disadvantaged children and regular library users of Shola Children's Library.

Ewket Fana School, Selected for School Library Project Ewket Fana Elementary and Secondary School has been selected for a model school library site for the School Library Project of EBCEF. The funding of the Model Library is provided by Noel Cunningham and his wife Tammy. The book by Award-Wining Author and President of EBCEF Jane Kurtz was translated from English to Amharic by Yohannes Gebregiogis and illustrated by the renowned Artist Eshetu Tiruneh. 'The Lion's Tail' is published in Ethiopia by Children's Book Publishing Project (CBPP) of Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation (EBCEF) with generous financial support of 'Room to Read. The book will be donated to underprivileged children, regular Shola Children's Library users and different school libraries with hardly any reading books. Once the library room is ready, EBCEF will provide bookshelves, chairs, tables and other essential library equipments, and books that are appropriate to the needs of the students and required for the initial library set up. When the library opens, it will provide information and serves as a reading place for more than 800 children and staff in the school. The Model Library will be inaugurated in April, during the ‘Ethiopian Children's Book Week’ of EBCEF. Tila Association Sponsors Children Tila Association sponsored six children (five girls and one boy) from Shola Children's
Those Who Read Bloom! Tel. 67 06 43/44 P.O. Box 27762/1000,Addis Ababa, Ethiopia E-mail Tel, 06/20 49 36 P.O. Box 1376 Awassa, SNNRP, Ethiopia

Library and sanitation program participants of EBCEF. The association pays their school fees and buys educational materials, and uniforms. One of the girls was forced to drop out of school because she was incapable of paying her school fees and buy educational materials. With the help of Tila Association, the girl continued her education. All the others are going to school for the first time, though they are pass school age.

had the chance to visit different classrooms and talk to the children about books and reading. Shola Children's Library was visited by forty orphan children from Missionaries of Charity on 12 October. The Children came to the library accompanied by volunteers working for Missionaries of Charity.

Members of Tila Association call on the children at Shola Library every Saturday to check on their progress and help them with their studies. Fitsum Andargachew, representative of Tila Association, stated that the program is permanent and more children will be incorporated in the program in the near future.

Since it was their first trip to the library for most of the children, orientation was given on basic library usage by the library manager. The children read different books for three hours. Gloria Simoneaux, Executive Director of Draw Bridge-An Art Program for Homeless Children, was one of the volunteers EBCEF welcomed this month.

Volunteers and Visitors Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation welcomed visitors and volunteers of different occupations. Mr. Noel Cunningham and his wife Tammy, donors/sponsors/ of the Model School Library to be established in Ewket Fana School, visited Shola Children's Library and three government and public schools on October 16, 2006. All visited schools are selected for EBCEF's School Library Project. Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham observed that libraries, which have great impact on the teaching and learning process, were nonexistent in these schools. During their visit, they

Gloria gave special art classes for sixty-five children (38 girls and 27 boys) from 17-21 October 2006. During the program, the children had a chance to express their feelings, likings, and life through painting. Gloria was pleased by the effort the children showed to learn more from the program. Ato Zenebe Ayalew, Director of HOPE Enterprises and Cassie Williams, Institutional Development Officer, visited the Shola Children's Library on October 14. HOPE Enterprises is an organization that works on literacy and other educational programs in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Books for Children and Educational Foundation (EBCEF) in collaboration with HOPE Enterprises will work on the establishment of school libraries in HOPE Schools in Addis Ababa and Dessie. The Fourth Ethiopian Children's Book Week The fourth Ethiopian Children's Book Week will be celebrated from 1-7 April 2007 with a theme 'Readers are Leaders'. The theme will encourage children to be readers in order to be leaders in every field.

Different activities will be held through out the week. EBCEF's anniversary, Art Day, and 'Book and Bread Day' are some of the occasions that will be celebrated during the Ethiopian Children's Book Week. The Second Golden Kuraz Award The second Golden Kuraz Award will also be presented to the Best Ethiopian Children's Book published between January 2004 and December 2006 during the fourth Book Week. The main purpose of Golden Kuraz Award is to reward literacy excellence and encourage writing and publishing of good quality children's books in Ethiopia. Star Reader Award Starting from April 2007, EBCEF will present the first Star Reader Award for the best reader from the users of Shola Children's Library every year. This annual award is believed to motivate children to read more.

Data of Shola Children's library users
Month Registered Actual Users New Actual Users Total Frequency of Visit


Male 723

Female 424

Male 90

Female 63



Data of Awassa Reading Center users
Month Registered Actual Users New Actual Users Total Frequency of Visit


Male 404

Female 273

Male 81

Female 83



Data of Awassa Donkey Mobile Library users
Month Registered Actual Users New Actual Users Total Frequency of Visit


Male 502

Female 340

Male 114

Female 91