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An Aries individual is a self-starter. He is cardinal-fre and is totally dependent on his own self-motivational creative energies. When he is not in touch with this engine, he has no power. He then becomes a lamb rather than a ram. Te potency of the will is practically non-existent. Te totally personality-centered Aries is usually unconscious about his urge to project his need for response to his desire nature. He initiates but the force is immediate at best, without the objective awareness required to be able to see where his initiatory fres will lead and the nature of the responses they will provoke. Everything is based on a me-frst attitude. Tis does not make for a bad person as much as it does for one who is rather nave and unaware of others and his surrounding environment. Knowledge about life is obtained in a way that is highly confrontational as the lessons of life are gathered through ones personal emotional and physical victories and defeats. As a rather immature Mars is the ruling planet in this case, there is a strong attachment to territoriality. Mars is a Sixth Ray planet. Tis is the Ray of Devotion, and Aries on this level is totally devoted to the fulfllment of personal needs and desires. At this stage of evolutionary development, Aries states: I am my urges and these urges are instinctive in nature. Undirected impulsivity is the keynote of the behavior and all of the pushy, headstrong characteristics generally associated with this sign in traditional astrology are very much in evidence. As the Aries individual evolves and the relationship between the soul and the personality becomes more evident, the life energy gradually becomes more focused and consciously directed. Te efects of Mars also mature, and the individual begins to fght for those causes which go beyond the level of personal needs, desires, and opinions. He is now in the process of becoming a true spiritual warrior and takes up those battles that will result in benefts and justice coming into the lives of many people. He thus gradually comes to view his life as an initiating force for positive innovations even if the cost is self-sacrifcial in nature. Te Devotion inherent in the Sixth Ray is thus evolving into something far more impersonal in its quality and expression. It is through such courage and insight, that Aries/Mars begins to attract and incorporate Venus, thus Love enters his life. At an event higher level of expression, Mercury overtakes Mars as the ruler of this sign. Tis occurs when the life of the soul dominates the life of the personality, a natural

occurrence for anyone of any sign who walks the Path of Light. In the case of Aires, Mercury leads the Ram out of the realm of the emotions (Sixth Ray) and into the true First Ray nature of this the frst sign of the zodiac. Aries/Mars is now armed with conscious intelligence and as a result, he can walk the Way of the Spiritual Warrior. Tis true Aries Path is characterized by the right use of will and power. Tis is the Will-to-Good. Tis soul-centered Aries person is able to arouse, stimulate, and infuse new spiritual awareness into any activity. His is now the fre of the fearless heart, inspiring others to venture forth on their own quests for true understanding. Armed with an enlightened mind, Aries becomes the fery channel that allows for the birth of a truly unique and inspired idea. Tis archetype is in reality, a spiritual impulse taking form in mind. What was originally merely the need to penetrate, stab, and cut into life with the sword of the lower self, has now been transformed into a Lance of Light, a true Magic Wand.

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