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Performance in SAP BW .Contents Content ƒ ƒ Overview Query Performance ƒ Aggregates ƒ OLAP Cache ƒ Pre-Calculation ƒ Data Load Performance © SAP AG 2004.

Performance Tuning in BW Performance Tuning „ OLTP OLTP Systems ‹ ‹ Application Development and performance tuning separated Performance tuning by basis experts Database Application Performance Tuning „ BW ‹ BW Performance Tuning as holistic process over application design and database configuration Database Application Performance Tuning © SAP AG 2004. Performance in SAP BW .

Data Modeling Checklist BW Layers Operational Store Data Warehouse Layer Multidimensional Model Dimensions of InfoCubes Line Item Dimensions Logical (MultiProvider) Partitioning Time-Dependent Master Data Non-Cumulative Key Figures © SAP AG 2004. Performance in SAP BW .

Performance in SAP BW .Contents Content ƒ ƒ Overview Query Performance ƒ Aggregates ƒ OLAP Cache ƒ Pre-Calculation ƒ Data Load Performance © SAP AG 2004.

5.RSRTRACE RSRTRACE RSRT. 4. Tools SQL SQLTrace Trace(ST05) (ST05) RSRV RSRV RSRT. 3. 6. 3. 7. 6. 4. 6. 7. 5. 8. 1. 9. 4. 3. Performance in SAP BW . 5. 2. 2. 2. 3.RSRTRACE RSRTRACE SQL SQLTrace Trace(ST05) (ST05) ABAP ABAPTrace Trace(SE30) (SE30) IEMON IEMON RSRT. 1. 4. RSRT. 2. 1. OLAP OLAP Data DataModel Model Query QueryDefinition Definition (including (includingOLAP OLAP features) features) Aggregates Aggregates OLAP OLAPCache Cache Virtual VirtualKey KeyFigures Figures/ / Characteristics Characteristics Authorizations Authorizations 1.Checklist – Query and Web Performance – Overview ST03 ST03/ /Technical TechnicalContent Content Which component contributes most? Database Database Check these points 1. Data DataModel Model Query QueryDefinition Definition Aggregates Aggregates OLAP OLAPCache Cache Pre-Calculated Pre-CalculatedWeb Web Templates Templates Compressing Compressing Indices Indices DB DBStatistics Statistics DB DB and andbasis basis (Buffer) Parameter (Buffer) Parameter 1. 2. 2. 7. 7. 4. 5. RSRT. 6. RSRT. Frontend Frontend Network Network WAN WANand andBEx BEx Client ClientHardware Hardware VBA VBA/ /Java Java Documents Documents Formatting Formatting rd ODBO party ODBO/ /33rdparty 3. 8. 5. 3.RSRTRACE RSRTRACE © SAP AG 2004. 5. 9. 6. 6. 4.

OLAP Performance Layers Portal iView Cache Pre-Calculation / Offline Analysis OLAP Cache Performance Performance Aggregates Reuse Reuse InfoCubes © SAP AG 2004. Performance in SAP BW .

Performance in SAP BW . © SAP AG 2004. transparent InfoCubes Transparency: Users do not notice if aggregate is hit or not Improved query performance by reducing the amount of data to be read from DB Only on top of basic InfoCubes For dimension characteristics For navigational attributes On hierarchy levels Using time-dependent navigational attributes (as of BW 3. but keep in mind that they also impact the load performance.x) „ Benefits ‹ ‹ „ Aggregates can be created … ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ Aggregates Note: Aggregates can improve query performance considerably.x) Using hierarchy levels where the structure is timedependent (as of BW 3.Aggregates „ Definition ‹ ‹ InfoCube Materialization of aggregated subsets of InfoCube fact table data Independent structures where summary data is stored within separate.

after transaction data load.and user-independent Stores Query Results z z In application buffer In cluster table or flat file (highly compressed) Complete query results with virtually no DB table access as of the second call of the query For equal queries or subsets of cached query results OLAP Cache and actual InfoProvider data always in-sync Invalidation of cache entries e.x ‹ ‹ Session. master data load/change run.OLAP Cache „ Global OLAP Cache in SAP BW 3. meta data change Warm-up OLAP Cache via reporting agent/Information Broadcasting ‹ Benefit z ‹ ‹ Re-use z Invalidation z z ‹ Strategy z © SAP AG 2004.g. Performance in SAP BW .

Addressing Different User Types © SAP AG 2004. Performance in SAP BW .

Performance in SAP BW .5 Targeting the Information Consumer ‹ ‹ ‹ Quick access to many reports Static reporting. and have the report result set ready for very fast access to the data ‹ HTML pre-calculation can be used for Offline Analysis „ „ Information Broadcasting in SAP BW 3.Pre-Calculated Web Templates Pre-Calculated Web Templates and Information Broadcasting: „ Pre-calculation is a set of techniques where you can distribute the workload of running the report to off-peak hours. usually little navigation requirements Active Reporting Authorisations No invalidation when new data is loaded. only timestamp is available Restricted navigation: only filtering possibles „ Note ‹ ‹ © SAP AG 2004.

Contents Content ƒ ƒ Overview Query Performance ƒ Aggregates ƒ OLAP Cache ƒ Pre-Calculation ƒ Data Load Performance © SAP AG 2004. Performance in SAP BW .

4. 2. 3. 5. 4. 6. (SE30).Data DataLoad LoadMonitor Monitor Which component contributes most? Extraction Extraction 1. 3. 3. Performance in SAP BW . 6. vs. 2. 7. 4. 2. 1. 2.Checklist – Data Load Performance – Overview 1 – Technical TechnicalContent. 1. 1. (RSA3). 5. 7. SQL SQLTrace Trace(ST05) (ST05) SM50 SM50 SQL SQLTrace Trace(ST05) (ST05) OS OSMonitor Monitor(ST06) (ST06) OS OSMonitor Monitor(ST06) (ST06) DB DBMonitor Monitor(ST04) (ST04) © SAP AG 2004. Customer CustomerExits Exits Resource ResourceUtilization Utilization Load LoadBalancing Balancing Data DataPackage PackageSize Size Indices Indiceson ontables tables Flat FlatFile Fileformat format Content Contentvs. 2. Transfer Transfer Resource ResourceContraint Contraint CPU CPU/ /Memory Memory Bottleneck Bottleneck Network Network Application ApplicationBuffer Buffer Synchronization Synchronization Load LoadInto IntoPSA PSA 1. I/O I/OContention Contention PSA PSAPartition PartitionSize Size Check these points Extractor ExtractorChecker Checker (RSA3).generic generic extractor extractor 1. Tools ABAP ABAPTrace Trace(SE30). 3. 4. 2. Content.

1. 1. 2. SQL SQLTrace Trace(ST05) (ST05) . 5. 1. 6. 3. SQL SQLTrace Trace(ST05) (ST05) © SAP AG 2004. 2. 2. 3. 2. 2. Content. 2. 5.Checklist – Data Load Performance – Overview 2 – Which component contributes most? Technical TechnicalContent. (SE30). 4.Data DataLoad LoadMonitor Monitor Transfer TransferRules Rules Update UpdateRules Rules Master MasterData Data 1. 4. Buffering Buffering Number Number Ranges Ranges Change Change Run Run Load LoadInto IntoData DataTargets Targets InfoCubes InfoCubes 1. 4. Parallel Parallel ODS ODS activation activation Unique UniqueData Data Records Records Flag FlagBEx BEx Reporting Reporting Indices Indices Check these points 2. 1. Roll-up Roll-up Change ChangeRun Run Compression Compression Indices Indices Load LoadMaster Master Data before Data before Transaction Transaction Data Data Buffering Buffering Number Number Ranges Ranges ODS ODSObjects Objects 1. 3. 4. Performance in SAP BW 6. 2. 3. Debugger Debuggerwithin within Monitor Monitor Tools ABAP ABAPTrace Trace (SE30). Transformation Transformation Rules Rules/ /ABAP ABAP Coding Coding Transformation Transformation Library Library Formulas Formulas 1.

Performance in SAP BW .Summary Design Designyour yourData Data Model ModelPrudently Prudently and andConsider Consider Regular RegularReviews Reviews Compress Compress Regularly Regularly Use UseAggregates Aggregates and andDesign DesignThem Them Carefully Carefully Use Usecustomer customeroriented orientedreporting reporting & &analysis analysis features features © SAP AG 2004.

Further Information Î How-To Papers See Performance Folder SAP BW Online Documentation (Alias ‚BW‘) > Services and Implementation SAP Service Marketplace: Use ALIAS: “BW” at Î Î © SAP AG Performance in SAP BW .

Questions? Q&A © SAP AG 2004. Performance in SAP BW .

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