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Personal Statement

In 2003, the dream of serving the humanity finally turned into a reality after a lot of prayers and hard work. I, then approached my family doctor asking, What does it take to become a good doctor. He replied saying, A good clinician should first learn to become a good humanitarian. A good clinician should be able to feel the pain of his own patients, be empathetic towards them and truly make appropriate observations and judgements for provision of best possible care.

Certainly, my perceptive abilities and the basic foundation of my medical education, is only part of what shall make me an effective physician. Though I have performed well academically in both my clinical and basic science years, I have learned to place a greater emphasis on communication and relationships with my patients, peers, and teachers. Also during my clinical years, the fundamentals laid down by my professors in my yester years (basic sciences) won me great recognition and repute. No amount of academic training can teach someone compassion, hard work, camaraderie, and calmness under pressure which can make me an exceptional physician. The best physicians among us have achieved a balance of all these roles, and not only assess and diagnose patients, but also understand how best to provide the physical, emotional, and social interventions to achieve optimum overall health. In a third world country like India, during my rural rotations I learnt that the root cause of evil was the lack of infrastructure, basic sanitation practices and inadequate awareness of the genesis of various diseases. This led me to join a charitable organization Ashraya charitable society who involved themselves in financing patients who werent financially strong as well as conducting camps and awareness programs in towns and villages. By providing my weekend time to preventive medicine practices and improvement of rural health services I could commit myself in serving the underserved population of my community. At the end of it, I realized much was needed to be done to be able to master my field of medicine. Though I intend to become a clinical physician, I also intend to participate in investigation and education throughout my career. I personally enjoy teaching my junior colleagues which helped me in a great way to broaden and strengthen my basic sciences. Concerning the idea of Research projects, I am highly enthusiastic and demand a program which could guide my curiosity towards better results. I search in my career a balance that will unite direct and honest patient care with practical discovery and education. An observership at your reputed institution would provide me the best platform to choose between I continue my journey into the field of medicine with a sense of excitement anticipation and with the commitment to provide earnest and open patient care. I am certainly idealistic, but as the medical profession itself continues to undergo constant evolution and change, I want to remain dedicated to remembering and practicing medicine as a humane art.