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e. General keyboard shortcuts Function Maximize/restore Main Mixer Maximize/restore Rack Maximize/restore Sequencer Maximize Main Mixer and Rack in one window Maximize Main Mixer and Sequencer in one window Maximize Rack and Sequencer in one window Detach/Attach Main Mixer Detach/Attach Rack View All in one window Show/hide Recording Meter window Show/hide On-screen Piano Keys window Show/hide Tool window Toggle Rack front/rear Create new Song Open Song Save Song Save Song As Close active detached Rack or Mixer window Close Song (if the window containing the Sequencer is active) Import Audio File Quit (Mac OS X only) Exit (Windows only) Undo Redo Delete Devices and Tracks Delete Devices and Tracks (without warning). Duplicate Devices and tracks Select All Create Audio Track Create Instrument Create Instrument (Windows only) Create Effect Browse Patches for selected device. i. Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that can be pressed to execute various functions. Modifier keys are keys that can be used in combination with the mouse. Key(s) [F5] [F6] [F7] [F5]+[F6] [F5]+[F7] [F6]+[F7] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[F5] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[F6] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[F7] or [F5]+[F6]+[F7] [F3] [F4] [F8] [Tab] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[N] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[O] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[S] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[S] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[W] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[W] [Command]+[Option]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[I] [Command]+[Q] [Alt]+[F4] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[Z] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[Y] [Del] or [Backspace] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[Del] or [Command]/[Ctrl]+[Backspace] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[D] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[A] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[T] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[I] [Insert] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[F] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[B] 3 . ! In most cases. to execute additional functions. which key to use is different on Mac OS X and Windows. The keys to use are listed in the right column of the tables below. [Mac key(s)]/[Windows key(s)].About the Key Commands document This document contains compiled lists of all keyboard shortcuts and modifier keys available in Reason Version 6 and in all Reason Version 6 devices. with the Mac key(s) to the left and the Windows key(s) to the right of the slash.

[Command]/[Ctrl]+[C] ing on current selection). Create Sequencer-track for devices that normally will not get a track. Disable auto-routing of device.. Paste Clip or Event.. Cut Clip or Event (depending [Command]/[Ctrl]+[X] on current selection). Go to start position. Create a parameter automation lane for the parameter. Fold/unfold all devices. Go to start of Song Toggle Stop/Play Record Rewind Fast Forward Key(s) Numeric keypad [Enter] [Shift]+[Return] or numeric keypad [0] [. Copy Clip or Event (depend.]/[. Reset parameter to default value. Fold/unfold all tracks. Select multiple devices/tracks/channels Select range of multiple devices/tracks/channels Select multiple clips/events in the Sequencer Increase precision when making settings. Key/Action [Option]/[Ctrl]+drag and drop device/track/mixer channel [Shift]+Create device [Option]/[Alt]+Fold/unfold device [Option]/[Alt]+Fold/unfold track [Command]/[Ctrl]+Select [Shift]+Select [Shift]/[Ctrl]+Select (Windows only: [Shift]+Select to select a range of clips/events in the Sequencer) [Shift]+Move fader/knob [Command]/[Ctrl]+Click fader/knob [Option]/[Alt]+Create device [Option]/[Alt]+Click device fader/knob/button Transport keyboard shortcuts Function Play Stop. Copy Track & Device (track selected in Track List). Prevent creation of Sequencer-track for devices that normally will get a track. Go to start of Song. Open Help Switch to one of the 10 corresponding global Remote variations (or "keyboard shortcut variations"). [Command]/[Ctrl]+[V] [Command]+[?]/[F1] [Command]+[Option]/[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[1]. Paste Track & Device.Function Toggle the “Reduce Cable Clutter” option Toggle the “Auto-group Devices and Tracks” option Toggle the “Follow Song” option Toggle the “Keep Events in Clip While Editing” option Enter/exit Edit Mode Toggle the Show Block/Song View option (when Blocks are on) Hide Reason (Mac OS X only) Minimize Reason (Mac OS X only) Open Preferences (Mac OS X only) Key(s) [K] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[G] [F] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[K] [Command]/[Ctrl]+E B [Command]+[H] [Command]+[M] [Command]+[.] on numeric keypad [Spacebar] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[Return] or numeric keypad [*] Numeric keypad [4] Numeric keypad [5] 4 .] Cut Track & Device (track selected in Track List).[0] General modifier keys Function Duplicate (copy) the selected item and its corresponding components.

Merge Note Lanes om Tracks. Numeric keypad [1] [Option]/[Alt] and right arrow key. Select Razor tool. Numeric keypad [2] Numeric keypad [8] Numeric keypad [7] Numeric keypad [+] Numeric keypad [-] [P] Sequencer keyboard shortcuts Function Toggle Arrange/Edit view. Key(s) [Option]/[Alt] and left arrow key. Horizontal zoom in Horizontal zoom out Vertical zoom in Vertical zoom out Follow Song on/off (auto-scrolling Arrange/Edit pane) Key(s) [Shift]+[Tab] or [Command]/[Ctrl]+[E] [B] [Q] [W] [E] [R] [T] [Y] [U] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[K] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[D] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[J] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[R] [M] [S] [C] or numeric keypad [9] [Command]/[Ctrl] and [P] [. [H] or [Command]/[Ctrl]+[+] [G] or [Command]/[Ctrl]+[–] [Command]+[Option]/[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[+] [Command]+[Option]/[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[–] [F] 5 . Mute/Unmute selected Clips. Move current Loop range one loop length to the right. Select Pencil tool. Toggle Metronome click on/off Toggle Metronome Pre-count on/off New Dub New Alt Loop on/off Set Loop Locators to encompass all selected clips Move Loop range one bar to the left Move Loop range one bar to the right Move current Loop range one loop length to the left. Toggle Song/Blocks view. Select Hand tool. Join selected Clips on the same lane.] or numeric keypad [3] [. Duplicate Track & Device (device or track selected). Snap on/off. Select Eraser tool.Function Go to Loop Start Go to Loop End Go to Next Bar Go to Previous Bar Tempo Up Tempo Down Set the Left and Right Loop Locators to encompass selected clips and start playback in Loop Mode. Select Arrow tool. Quantize notes.] or numeric keypad [6] [L] or numeric keypad [/] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[L] [Option]/[Alt]+[Shift] and up arrow key [Option]/[Alt]+[Shift] and down arrow key [Option]/[Alt] and arrow up key. Select Mute tool Select Magnifying Glass tool. [Option]/[Alt] and arrow down key.

Edit velocity of selected notes only Key/Action [Command]/[Alt] [Option]/[Ctrl] [Shift]+click/draw with Pencil tool on Velocity lane Create automation lane for parameter. Zoom in/out horizontally on the Edit/Arrange pane. Zoom in/out vertically.or the Hand tool selected). Key/Action [Shift]+Mouse wheel [Command]/[Ctrl]+Mouse wheel [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Mouse wheel Sequencer modifier keys in Audio Edit Mode Function Switch from Arrow tool to Cut (Razor) tool on the comp rows in an open audio clip Key/Action [Command]/[Altl] Switch from Arrow tool to Speaker tool on the comp rows in an open audio clip [Command]+[Shift]/[Alt]+[Shift] Duplicate the Comp Row and create a new Cut or Segment in the duplicated Comp Row. [Command]+[Option]/[Ctrl]+[Alt] and click or swipe on Comp Row 6 . Set Left Locator in ruler. Restrict movement direction to either horizontal or vertical. [Shift]+Move events/clips [Shift]+Drag any of the Song Navigator handles sideways Zoom in/out horizontally on the Edit/Arrange pane. (Drag sideways to scroll hor. [Shift]+Drag with Hand tool or Eraser tool [Shift]+Zoom with Magnifying Glass tool Sequencer modifier keys with mouse wheel Function Scroll horizontally. Limit movement to one direction only. Horizontal or vertical. Zoom in/out horizontally. Set End Marker in ruler.[Shift]+Drag up/down in Song Navigator frame izontally at the same time) Copy data instead of moving it. Set Right Locator in ruler. a track will also be [Option]/[Alt]+Click knob/fader/button created. Horizontal zoom only.Sequencer keyboard shortcuts in Audio Edit Mode Function Select Speaker tool Change Comp Row assignment in the segment with focus in Comp Mode Change segment focus in Comp Mode Key/Action [I] [Command]+[Option]+[Shift]/[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift] and up/down arrow keys [Command]+[Option]+[Shift]/[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift] and left/right arrow keys Sequencer modifier keys Function Select alternate tool in Toolbar Toggle Pencil/Line tool (velocity edit lane only). [Option]/[Ctrl]+Move data [Option]/[Ctrl]+Click [Command]/[Alt]+Click [Shift]+Click Switch to zoom out with the Magnifying Glass tool instead of zoom in (with either [Option]/[Ctrl]+Click the Magnifying Glass. Disable vertical zooming. If device has no track.

Nudge selection one Tick back/forward in the sequencer. Edit selected sample Key/Action [Option]/[Alt]+Click in keyboard display [Option]/[Alt]+Click the Sample button 7 . select clip on next/previous lane (Arrange view selected). Function Sustain Octave Down Octave Up Velocity value = 1 Velocity value = 14 Velocity value = 28 Velocity value = 42 Velocity value = 56 Velocity value = 70 Velocity value = 84 Velocity value = 98 Velocity value = 112 Velocity value = 127 Key(s) [Shift] [Z] [X] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [0] NN-19 modifier keys Function Audition sample. Key/Action Arrow up/down keys Select next/previous clip on lane (Arrange view selected).Arrow keys Function Select next device up or down (rack selected). select next/previous Arrow left/right keys value field (Position displays). Transpose selected notes in Edit mode [Command]/[Ctrl]+Arrow left/right keys [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+Arrow left/right keys [Option]+[Command]/[Alt]+[Ctrl]+Arrow left/right keys [Command]/[Ctrl]+ up/down arrow keys Save dialog keyboard shortcuts These key commands can be used in the save dialog that appears if you close a song document that contains unsaved changes: Function Cancel Yes (save song) No (do not save song) Key(s) [Command]+[.]/[Esc] [Return]/[Y] [Command]+[D]/[N] On-screen Piano Keys keyboard shortcuts These keyboard shortcuts are valid only when the On-screen Piano Keys window is open and set to “Computer Keys” mode. select next track up or down (track list selected). Nudge selection one Beat back/forward in the sequencer. Nudge selection one Snap unit back/forward in the sequencer.

Shift Pattern Left. Octo Rex modifier keys Function Audition slice. In keyboard column. Octo Rex keyboard shortcuts Function Cut Loop. Key(s) [Command]/[Ctrl]+[X] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[C] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[V] Dr. Paste pattern. Alter Pattern. Reset slice(s) to default parameter value in Slice Edit Mode Key/Action [Option]/[Alt]+Click slice in overview [Command]/[Ctrl]+ click/click and drag in overview. Edit selected sample Key/Action [Shift]+Click Pattern Step button [Option]/[Alt]+Click Pattern Step button [Option]/[Alt]+Click a Sample button 8 . Edit selected sample Key/Action [Option]/[Alt]+Click in sample column or keyboard column [Command]/[Ctrl]+Click in keyboard column [Option]/[Alt]+Click the Sample button Dr. Enter “Soft” note when programming Pattern. Copy Loop. at corresponding pitch and with processing applied.NN-XT keyboard shortcuts Function Remove zone(s) from key map. Randomize Pattern. Redrum keyboard shortcuts Function Cut Pattern. In sample column. Set root note of sample with edit focus. at root pitch and unprocessed. Select All Zones Copy selected Zone(s) Paste currently copied Zone(s) Key(s) [Delete] or [Backspace] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[A] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[C] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[V] NN-XT modifier keys Function Audition sample. Key(s) [Command]/[Ctrl]+[X] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[C] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[V] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[J] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[K] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[R] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[P] Redrum modifier keys Function Enter “Hard” note when programming Pattern. Copy Pattern. Shift Pattern Right. Paste Loop.

[Option]/[Alt]+Click the Sample button in the NN-Nano Matrix keyboard shortcuts Function Cut Pattern. Key(s) [Command]/[Ctrl]+[X] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[C] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[V] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[J] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[K] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[U] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[D] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[R] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[P] Matrix modifier keys Function Allows you to draw lines and ramps. Key/Action [Shift]+Draw Key/Curve values [Shift]+Draw Gate RPG-8 keyboard shortcuts Function Shift Pattern Left. Shift Pattern Right. Paste Pattern.Kong modifier keys Function Audition slice in Nurse Rex. Alter Pattern. Randomize Pattern. Shift Pattern Left. Shift Pattern Up. Toggle “Trig” for slice(s) in Nurse Rex Edit selected sample Key/Action [Option]/[Alt]+Click slice in overview [Command]/[Ctrl]+ click in overview. Alter Pattern. Key(s) [Command]/[Ctrl]+[J] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[K] [Command]/[Ctrl]+[R] [Shift]+[Command]/[Shift]+[Ctrl]+[P] 9 . Copy Pattern. Shift Pattern Down. Shift Pattern Right. Randomize Pattern. Temporarily toggle Tie mode on/off.

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