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Adjective + Preposition + Gerund

1. accustomed to 2. afraid of 3. angry at 4. appropriate for 5. ashamed of 6. aware of 7. be better off 8. be guilty of 9. be intent on 11. bored with 12. concerned about 13. concerned with 14. content with 15. delighted at/with/by 16. different from 17. essential to/for 18. excellent in/at 19. excited about 20. exposed to 21. famous for 22. fed up with 23. feel guilty about/for 24. fond of 25. generous about 26. good at 27. grateful to smb. for 28. happy about 29. hopeless at 30. incapable of 31. interested in 32. jealous of 33. keen on 34. lazy about 35. opposed to 36. proud of 37. responsible for 38. similar to 39. sorry about 40. successful in 41. suitable for 42. sure of(about) 43. surprised at 44. terrified of 45. tired from 46. tired of 47. worried about

alışkın olamak(used to) korkmuş olmak kızgın olmak uygun olmak utanmış olmak haberdar olmak daha iyi olur (had better) suçlu olmak kararlı olmak canı sıkılmış olmak endişelenmiş olmak ilgilenmek memnun olmak memnun olmak -den farklı olmak gerekli olmak bir şeyde mükemmel olmak heyecanlanmak maruz kalmak ünlü olmak(known for) bıkmış olmak bir şey hak./için suçlu his. düşkün olmak cömert olmak bir şeyde iyi olmak brn.e bir şey için minnettar olm. mutlu olmak yeteneksiz olmak(terrible at) yeteneksiz olmak ilgilenmek kıskanmış olmak düşkün olmak tembel olmak karşı olmak gururlu olmak sorumlu olmak(liable for) benzer olmak üzgün olmak başarılı olmak uygun olmak emin olmak şaşırmak korkmuş olmak yorulmak bıkmış olmak endişelenmek

My father is accustomed to drinking cold water even in winters. My mother was afraid of being alone. My father gets angry at being told a lie. This novel isn't appropriate for including on an elementery level reading list. He doesn't seem ashamed of not doing his part at work. Children become aware of observing social rules as they develope. They would be better off setting out now instead of at night. Davis was guilty of abducting Senator Robinson's son. No one spoke, everyone was intent on listening. I got bored with listening to your complaints all the time. The new government is concerned about reducing the inflation rate. She doesn't seem concerned with playing chess with me. Selina didn't appear content with coming second in the race. Tom was delighted at receiving an invitation to the party. Recognising one is different from knowing one. Good food is essential for building a healthy body. That cunning shopkeeper was excellent in fooling his customers. A young teacher was excited about starting to work at the school. The poor man has been exposed to being teased by some spoilt children. This teacher is famous for being productive. John was fed up with waiting for his friends. Ronda feels guilty for having forgotten her mother's birthday. My father is fond of cooking. He is always generous about tipping waiters. The Senator is good at manipulating people. I'm grateful to you for helping me with the project. The young lovers are happy about being together. Adrian is hopeless at writing poetry, but he is good at reading it. The company seems incapable of managing this responsibility. Roman is interested in collecting stamps. Nina is jealous of her husband's talking to his workmates. Richard is very keen on playing tennis. William is lazy about tidying up his clothes. I'm opposed to hitting children for any reason. Fiona is proud of getting things done quickly. Parents are responsible for raising their children. Teaching is quite similar to acting. My father is sorry about not having gone to college. The new system has proved to be successful in extending trading hours. The small jars aren't suitable for storing rice or pasta. To be sure of winning the championship, F.bahçe must beat G.saray. I was surprised at seeing you at the party,for I thought you had left for work. The robber was terrified of being caught by the police. I'm tired from lifting this heavy box. Can you give me a hand? I'm tired of being asked the same questions repeatedly. SoSome consumers are worried about using their credit cards over the Internet