1) Resistance is measured in

A. C.

henries hertz

B. D.

ohms watts


The formula to find I when the values of V and R are known is

A. B. C. D.

I = VR I = R/V V = IR I = V/R


What is the approximate resistance setting of a rheostat in which 650 mA of current flows with a 150 V source?

A. B. C. D.

9.7 97 23 230


The number of kilowatts in 135 milliwatts is

A. B. C. D.

1.35 × 10–4 kW 135 × 10–3 kW 0.0135 kW 0.00135 kW

current voltage resistance none of the above 8) A certain appliance uses 350 W. D. B. conductors semiconductors B. C.5 C 5C 7) An ammeter is an electrical instrument used to measure A. 12.16 kWh 201.6 kWh 2. how many kilowatt-hours of energy does it consume? A.4 kWh . 20. D. how many coulombs pass a point in 0. C. If it is allowed to run continuously for 24 days. insulators filters 6) When the current is 2. C.5 C 1.5) Materials with lots of free electrons are called A. D. C. B.01 kWh 8.5 A. D. B.25 C 0.2 s? A.

C. D. C. it is rated at 40 Ah. B.9) A 6 V battery is connected to a 300 load. C. D. one 220 two 220 three 220 four 220 resistor resistors resistors resistors 11) Five resistors are connected in a series and there is a current of 3 A into the first resistor.000 h 10 h 10) Which of the following series combinations dissipates the most power when connected across a 120 V source? A. 3A 1A 4A 0. B. The amount of current into the second resistor is A. 1h 200 h 2. D. Under these conditions. B.3 A . How long can it supply current to the load? A.

The current through each bulb is approximately A. B. The total current out of the junction is A. Each bulb is rated at 200 W. D. C. decreases increases remains the same is cut off . B. C. C. 13) 1A 7A unknown the larger of the two Five light bulbs are connected in parallel across 110 V.12) The currents into a junction flow along two paths. the current drawn from the source A. 2. D.2 A 137 mA 1. One current is 4 A and the other is 3 A. B.09 A 14) When a load resistance is removed from the output of a voltage divider circuit.8 A 9. D.

A. 120 4.67 V. B. 4.15) Find the Thevenin equivalent (VTH and RTH) between terminals A and B of the circuit given below. the induced voltage A. D. 120 41. 70 41. 70 16) When the speed at which a conductor is moved through a magnetic field is increased. D. C.16 V.16 V.6 V. C. increases decreases remains constant reaches zero . B.

C.1 m2 is 600 Wb? A. C. D.000 V 2. B. 1.17) The induced voltage across a coil with 250 turns that is located in a magnetic field that is changing at a rate of 8 Wb/s is A. The frequency of the induced output voltage is A.25 V 3. single-phase generator rotates at a rate of 400 rps. 40 Hz 100 Hz 400 Hz indeterminable . D. 6. C. D.000 600 600 T 6T T T 19) The conductive loop on the rotor of a simple two-pole.000 V 31. B. B.125 V 18) What is the flux density in a magnetic field in which the flux in 0.

increases remains constant decreases ceases . D.86 100 152 F F F F 22) A sine wave voltage is applied across a capacitor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased.64 V 6. and 100 F capacitor are in parallel. 0V 1. 2. B. The total capacitance is A. C. the current A. B. 20 F.43 4.37 V 21) A 10 F. D. C. C.20) The average value of a 12 V peak sine wave over one complete cycle is A.27 V 7. 22 F. B. D.

D.2 mH less than 5.2 mH inductor are connected in series.5 mH 25) The current through a 120 mH coil is changing at a rate of 150 mA/s.8 4. B. 1.3 mH. D. The voltage induced across the coil is A.68 23. a 3. 55 mH less than 0.8 mV 18 mV 180 mV 1. B. 46.41 11. C.25 mV ______________________ . B. C. and a 0. The total inductance is A.23) Two 0. The total capacitive reactance is A.68 F capacitors are connected in series across a 10 kHz sine wave signal source.70 24) A 2 mH. D. C.5 mH 5.

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