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PMPG 506 Group Assignment Cover Page

Instructor Name: Assignment Name: Group Number: Date of Submission: Cheryl Francis - Nurse Request for Proposal 5 March 7 , 2013

The following students were present for the group discussion and contributed to the assignment as indicated:

Student Name 1. Arpanpreet Singh Gill 2. Pavanpreet Kaur 3. Kanta Kanta 4. Namrata Yadav 5. Kartik Nair

Contribution to Assignment Develop RFP plan Develop RFP plan Develop RFP plan Develop RFP plan Develop RFP plan

The following students were absent for the group discussion and could not contribute to the assignment:

Student Name 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Meeting Notes Group Number: Attendance: Date: Absent:

Arpanpreet Singh Gill

Kartik Nair Kanta Kanta Pavanpreet Kaur Namrata Vijay Kumar Yadav

Present Present Present Present

Meeting Purpose/Agenda: To develop an RFP plan by using appropriate template and guidelines for Humberville project

Decisions Made:

Each team member will come up with their parts and work will be finalize in the end.
Assignments: Task Develop RFP plan Assigned To: Arpanpreet Singh Gill Pavanpreet kaur Kanta Kanta Namrata Yadav Kartik Nair 07/ 03/ 2013/ Completed Due Date/Status:

Issues/Concerns: No issues until yet

Next Meeting: March 11, 2013

Request for Proposal - Entertainment services

Company Name: Humberville Deputy Office Project Name: City of Humberville Hockey Superstars Tournament 2013

Prepared March 07, 2013 Proprietary and confidential

1.1 Introduction and Background

City of Humberville is the selected venue for International Hockey Tournament. The event is scheduled to be held on August 15, 2013. It will be an international event with the teams coming in for the event from around the world. A gathering of 100,000 visitors is expected from different countries. The event is being supported and budgeted by City Of Humberville. Deputy Mayor for city will be keeping the record on successful completion of this event. Organising International Hockey Tournament presents enormous number of opportunities for City Of Humberville and all the associated contractors/vendors/sellers who will be providing their services prior to or during the event.

1.2 Purpose of Request Of Proposal

The City Of Humberville is asking for contractors to provide the entertainment services during the International Hockey Tournament. The contractor will be responsible to deliver the following types of entertainment during the event: An energetic opening ceremony on the event start day. This will be based on culture of City Of Humberville and Hockey related music and dance arrangements. Performances during the breaks in various games using cheer leaders and playing music. Playing National Anthem/Theme song of each country/team before and at the end of the match. Special Light and sound arrangement for the winning team after the final match of the tournament. Closing ceremony with a symbol of gratitude and thanks to all team players and visitors.

A Firm Fixed Price Contract will be used for the contract.

1.3 Time Frames and deadlines

The International Hockey Tournament is to start on August 15, 2013. The duration of event is 10 days and number of hours of entertainment per day is two. So a total of 20 hours of entertainment session will be applicable. The Time frames of entertainment will be between 4:00PM to 8:00PM, starting from August 15, 2013 till August 25, 2013.

The deadlines to be met during the course of this contract will be as follows: S.No. 1. 2. 3. 4. Event Opening ceremony performance National Anthem of Participating Teams The winners performance Closing Event Deadline August 10, 2013 August 10, 2013 August 10, 2013 August 10, 2013

The deadline for each event is 5 days before the actual event so the contractor must be ready to present the activities with full presentation on August 11, 2013 to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of the city.

1.4 Persons to contact

The Bidders can contact office of Deputy Mayor of City Of Humberville at following address. 7557 Model Drive, Humberville, L2X 3X4. NA Phone: (905) 416-6471 Ext: 5192 The operations hours for the office are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

1.5 Performance Standards

The Entertainment contractor will be responsible to meet the set standards for the event. The performance will be graded on the basis of co-ordination of light and sound system, the duration of each entertainment activity, the quality and number of performers participating and arrangements to make entertainers visible to full venue. Two-channel professional DJ with an analog DJ mixer to play the music from CDs and DVD is must to be used for the event. Minimum number of participants required is 150 and there must be equal number of men and women performers. The work done by the contractor will be verified by the Deputy Mayor of the city. Any corrective actions to the work done will be passed to the contractor with 2 business days of verification of a work stage. This will be provided to contractor using an email from the Mayor office.

1.6 Due Date

The due date to reply for the bid is March 13, 2013.

1.7 Term Of contract

The contract will be effective from Monday April 8, 2013 and will remain in effect till Sunday August 25, 2013.

1.8 Payments, Incentives and Penalties.

The total payment shall not exceed the limit specified in contract. The hourly rates shall be specified in the contract agreed upon by us. It will be negotiated in the contract. All the volunteers will be provided with giveaways. Special winning performance will be awarded. We will consider value-adds proposed by vendors for this RFP. Value adds are normally monetary that could be offered if selected as the successful contractor.

1.9 Contractual Terms and Conditions:

The applicant will enter into a contract with us effective April 8, 2013. Basic terms and conditions will be applicable as follows:1. All proposals shall be in writing and all prices are stated in figures (CAD dollars) inclusive of tax(where applicable) 2. After a RFP has been filled with us, if the responder desires to amend the proposal, they may do so before the due date ie March 15,2013 3. Contractor shall not assign this contract without the consent in writing with us. The contractor shall not subcontract it. 4. Failure on the part of the responder to comply with all terms and conditions may result in proposal rejection or cancellation. 5. The contract may be terminated by either of the parties upon written notice at least 30 days prior to the intended date of termination.

1.10 Requirements for proposal Preparations:

1. Key Personnel 2. Past experiences 3. Scope of services offered 4. Outlined Budget

Proposal preparation will be in accordance with following requirements: The proposal shall not exceed more than 15 pages. Any personnel resumes should be included in appendix. The proposal shall be transmitted with a cover letter describing interest and commitment to the proposed contract. It should also state name, title, address and other contact details. Provide an organization chart if possible of the team along with qualification and experience of the team members. 2 copies of your proposal should be submitted before due date.

1.11. Evaluation and Award Process

We will evaluate each vendor's proposal in a fair, consistent, and objective manner. Responses to questions or requirements identified in this RFP will form the basis of our evaluation. The final decision regarding proposal selection and contract award will be subject to management review and approval. Key decision criteria will include:

Ingenuity of suggested Total Cost of Ownership savings opportunities through process and/or service changes Bidder's current and future capabilities Bidder's abilities to handle all elements of scope (service and technical) Management and on-going service and support Ability to meet demand Experience in servicing institutions with similar needs Aggressive Pricing with a willingness to provide pricing that reduces budget constraints Overall proposal conformity to RFP requirements and quality of response to RFP Demonstrated commitment to quality

In submitting a proposal Bidder waives any right to claim damages of any nature based on the selection process, final selection, and any communications associated with the selection.

Successful or "Best Value" Proposal

The selection of a successful vendor will be made based on the proposal which offers the best trade-off between price and performance and where quality is considered an integral performance factor. The award decision is made based on multiple factors, including: total cost of ownership, meaning the cost of entertainment as well as related costs of acquiring, operating, maintaining, and supporting a product or service over its projected lifetime; the evaluated technical merit of the vendor's proposal; the vendor's past performance; and the evaluated probability of performing the requirements stated in the solicitation on time, with high quality, and in a manner that accomplishes the stated business objectives and maintains industry standards compliance.

Unsuccessful Proposals
Non-acceptance of any proposal does not imply any criticism of the proposal and/or any implication that the proposal was deficient. Non-acceptance of any proposal will mean only that another was deemed to be more advantageous. Upon award and execution of a binding agreement, the Supplier contacts for the unsuccessful Bidders will be notified. We shall have no obligation to explain why Bidders were not awarded contracts.

Basis for Rejection

We reserve the right to reject any and all offers, in whole or in part; by deeming the offer unsatisfactory as to quality or quantity, delivery, price or service offered; non-compliance with the requirements or intent of this solicitation; lack of competitiveness; error(s) in specifications or indications that revision would be advantageous; cancellation or other changes in the intended project, or other determination that the proposed requirement is no longer needed; limitation or lack of available funds; circumstances that prevent determination of the best offer; or any other determination that rejection would be in the best interest of our organization.

1.12. Process Schedule

The multi-phase RFP process of Solicitation, Proposal receipt and screening, Review and evaluation, Notification and negotiation is set forth below as a schedule for this RFP. We reserve the right to change the schedule at any time and at its sole discretion. Activity Issuance of Draft RFP Technical Conference Comments and Questions Issuance of Final RFP Notice of Intent to Bid Comments and Question Self-Build/Affiliate Proposals Proposals Notify Bidder(s) of Decision Complete Negotiations Completion Date March 7, 2013 March 8, 2013 March 8, 2013 March 11, 2013 March 13, 2013 March 14, 2013 March 17, 2013 March 18, 2013 March 27, 2013 April 5, 2013

1.13. Points of contact for future correspondence

The Bidders can contact Mr. Arpanpreet Gill regarding any questions/comments or concerns regarding the RFP. Role and Responsibilities: Arpanpreet heads the Humberville city project procurement department. Arpanpreet works closely with the PMO for any procurement to be done for any project. All the proposals and procurement document are required to be verified and signed off by Arpanpreet for further procedures. Contact: Arpanpreet is based at the office of Deputy Mayor of City Of Humberville at following address. 7557 Model Drive, Humberville, L2X 3X4. NA Phone: (905) 416-6471 Ext: 5192 Email: The operations hours for the office are 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.


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