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Wilson Hope Ladies Complete Golf Set Review The Wilson Hope is a golf set for women complete

with a fairway wood, offset driver, perimeter-weighted irons, a hybrid, winged putter, 3 head covers and a cart bag. Wilson will donate a part of their proceeds from their Hope Ladies Golf Sets to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Product Features Comes In Coordinating Colors. The golf sets from Wilson Hope are color-coordinated, making you look stylish while playing golf. The items also boast the pink ribbon synonymous to Breast Cancer Awareness Programs. Complete Set For Beginners. This golf set comes with a driver, a putter, woods (3 and 5), and 4-SW irons. Sturdy Bag. The Hope set comes with a sturdy gray and pink bag. Golfing Accessories Included. A visor, golf glove and golf towel are included in the set; as well as a sleeve of balls.

About Wilson Hope Clubs The Hope Clubs by Wilson all consist of graphite shafts. They are perfectly balanced and they all have oversized heads. The irons come with a sand wedge, the driver is sufficient. The fairway woods are designed with precision. The Wilson Hope Ladies Golf Set is surprisingly light, but not overwhelmingly light that youll get distracted about the weight. They feel just right, especially if you are a new golfer practicing with a new club. Accessories The set comes with useful golf accessories, which are in fact in good quality. The Wilson Hope Golf Set comes with a visor, golf glove and golf towel as well as a sleeve of balls. The visor is adjustable with Velcro-type adjustments. It is flexible and goes with the shape of your head, so it is really comfortable to wear. The left regular glove is made of leather and Lycra inserts. The set also comes with a matching pink towel. All items, save for the glove, have the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon logo. To complete the set, an attractive, functional golf bag is included. The bag has large side pockets and a small pocket for golf balls. Wilson Golf is a Chicago-based company and is the golf subsidiary of Wilson Sporting Goods and Sports Equipment. Golf greats such as Arnold Palmers and the likes are among its users. The company is known for its quality golf equipment designed both for amateur and professional golf players. This set, the Wilson Hope Platinum, provides female golfers the most complete set they can buy on the market. The set consists of 11 clubs, which are housed in a high quality club bag plus functional accessories. It offers everything a golfer needs. The Wilson Hope Platinum set allows female golfers to work on an entire course effectively. The set features a titanium driver, which has a graphite shaft and a large 460cc head. The said club is the largest game-legal club available. The sets hybrids and woods also have graphite shafts. This is a really nice trait, since graphite shafts are popular for their lightweight characteristic. And, hybrids and woods are not commonly found in golf sets for women, but they will surely appreciate the boosting power these clubs offer. The bag is made of sturdy nylon in stylish color combination (pink, black and white). It has reinforced stitching that ensures strength. The bag is easier to transport since it is equipped with a padded shoulder strap, which ensures comfort. The bag comes with matching head covers as well. However, there are some areas where the bag needs improvement. Since this set is made especially for girls, it should have more pockets. Yes, it has two side pockets and another smaller one for the balls, but girls need more compartments for things like markers, extra cash, cell phone etc. Overall, this set is ideal for both new and experienced golfers who are looking for an upgrade. The Wilson Hope Platinum Set offers an exceptional set of clubs, the type of clubs that are easily adaptable throughout the course. The pieces are all high quality and the key to it is the graphite shaft. For those who are not very familiar with hybrids, this is your chance to learn how to use one. The hybrid incorporated in this set allows you to feel the ease of use of this type of club, which is getting more and more popular. It is also ideal for petite women golfers. Recommendation

Wilson Hope Golf Set is a high quality and stylish golf starter set for women. It is a sufficient set even for experienced golfers. Plus, the fact that Wilson donates part of their proceeds from this line is great. The sets original price is $249.99. If you want a bargain, buy this set from The Wilson Hope Golf Set sells for $149.95 on, which is a lot cheaper than the regular price. You can save even more because this product is also eligible for free shipping when you purchase it through