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+ll4TBP +ll4TBP +ll4TBP +ll4TBP [Narayana Suktam]


This Suktam explains about meditation. Before meditation ,one has to recite this and
contemplate on the meaning, which in turn helps in going into deep meditation. Initially the first few
lines talk of Gods glory and later it describes about where to meditate and how to meditate. It is
explained in a step-by-step process about how to direct ones mind during meditation.

V l 6l 9 F6l HP (l= (l H4- 9|4 l-9 |(H 6U- 6P 4 |4 l+ P 6 ( 4|6 +l-4- 9-l H4 +l4 |4H6 +
dh t pu rast dyamu dja hra | a kra pra vi dvnpradiaca ta sra | tame va vi dvna mta
i ha bha vati | nnya panth aya nya vidyate
The one whom the Creator saw and revealed, the one whom Indra perceived in all four directions.
Knowing Him I become immortal. I know not anyone else other than Him.
B (U Hl 9 ( 4 |4 Hl |4 HH 4P |4H +l l4 T ( 4 P 9 P 9 (P +
sa ha sra r a de va vi vka vi vaa mbhuvam | viva n rya a de va ma kara
para ma pa dam |
This Universe is the Eternal Being Narayana. He is the imperishable, the supreme and the goal. He is
the countless headed and countless eyed -omnipresent and omniscient, the resplendent, the source of
delight for the whole Universe.
|4 H6- 9 Pl| t4 |4 H +l l4 T ( |P |4H P 4 ( 9 6 9 F6|H -P 9 =l4|6+
vi vata para mnni tya vi va n rya ag ha rim| viva me veda puru a stadviva -
mupajvati ||
This Universe is the Supreme Being (Purusha) alone; hence it subsists on Him. I meditate on this
Eternal, Omnipresent God Narayana who destroys all our sins.
9|6 |4H F4l tP H HlH 6 |H 4-P 4 6P +l l4 T P (l 4 |4 HltPl + 9 l4 TP +
pati viva sy tmeva ra g va tag i va-ma cyutam| n rya a ma hje ya
vi vtm na pa rya am ||
He is the protector of the Universe, the Lord of all Souls (or Lord over Self), the perpetual one, the
auspicious, the indestructible and the goal of all Creation. He is the Supreme object worthy of being
known, the Soul of all beings and the unfailing refuge. I meditate on You O Narayana!
+l l4 T9 l 74l |6 -l tPl +l l4 T- 9 - +l l4 T 9 O 6 x4 +l l4 T- 9 - +l l4 T-9 l \4l 6l \4l + +l l4 T-
9 -+
n rya apa rojyo ti -r tm n rya a pa ra | n rya a pa ra bra hma ta ttva n rya a
pa ra | n rya a-pa ro dhy t dhy na n rya a pa ra ||
The Lord Narayana is the Supreme Absolute; Narayana is the Supreme Reality; Narayana is the
Supreme Light; Narayana is the Supreme Self; Narayana is the Supreme Meditator; Narayana is the
Supreme Meditation.
4 |T |= tB 4 (746 ~ 4 6 5|9 4l H-6 4 |( 6tB 4 -4l -4 +l l4 T- |F 6-+
yacca ki cijja gatsa rva d yate rya tepi v | anta rba hica tatsa rva vy pya n rya a
sthi ta ||
Whatever in this Universe is, -seen or heard of, -pervading all this from inside and outside alike,
stands supreme the Eternal Divine Being -Narayana.
H+ -6 P-4 4 T |4 B P 5-6 |4 HH 4P 9 T Tl H9 6lTl H (4 l-4 l P GP +
ana nta mavya ya ka vig sa mu drenta vi vaa mbhuvam | pa dma ko apra tk a g
h daya cpya dhomu kham ||
He is the limitless, imperishable, omniscient, residing in the ocean of the heart, the cause of the
happiness of the Universe, the Supreme end of all striving. He manifests Himself in the ether of the
heart which is comparable to an inverted bud of the lotus flower.
Hl |+ 7l |4 6Ft4l -6 +l -4lP 9| |6U |6 74l Pl lT l 6l |4 HF4l 46 + P (6 +
adho ni y vi tasty nte nbhymu pari tiha ti | jv la m lku la bh t vi vasy yata na
ma hat ||
Below the Adams apple, at a distance of a span, and above the navel is the heart which is the relative
seat of the manifestation of Pure Consciousness in the human being. It effulges the Great Abode of the
Universe, as if adorned with garlands of flames.
B-6 6 |H l| F6 4 t4lTl H B| P 6F4l-6 B |9 B P 6|FP+ B 4 9|6 |U6P +
santa tag i lbhi stu lamba tykoa sannibham | tasynte sui rag s kma tasmin sa rva
prati hitam ||
Surrounded on all sides by nerve-currents (or arteries), suspends the lotus-bud of the heart in an
inverted position. It is in a subtle space (a narrow aperture, the Sushumna-Nadi), and there in is to
be found the Substratum of all things.
6F4 P\4 P (l+ |P-|4 Hl| -|4 H6l P G- Bl 5 |4 =|-6 U - l(l P= - T |4-+
tasya madhye ma hna gni-rvi vrci -rvi vato mukha | sograbhu gvibhajanti ha -
nnh ramaja ra ka vi ||
In that space within the heart resides the great flame of fire, undecaying, all-knowing, with tongues
spread out in all directions, with faces turned everywhere, consuming food presented before it, and
assimilating it unto itself.
|6 4 \4 -P 7Hl 4l 7P4 6F4 B-6 6l B -6l 94 |6 F4 ( (Pl9l ( - 6 PF6 T- 6F4 P\4 4|@ |HGl H Tl4l \4l
-4 4|F 6-+
ti rya -g rdhva-ma dha y ra maya tasya santa t | sa nt paya ti svan de hamp da -
tala masta ka | tasya madhye vahni ikh a yo rdhv vya vasthi ta ||
His rays, spreading all around, side ways as well as above and below, warm up the whole body from
head to foot. In the center of that Flame abides the Tongue of Fire as the topmost of all subtle things.
(Note: Due to the attachments and entanglements of the Jiva in worldly enjoyment and suffering, the
Consciousness is enshrouded in potential as well as expressed objectivity, and hence it appears like a
tiny streak of flame within the dark clouds of ignorance. But when the Jiva rises above worldliness the
Consciousness is realised as the Infinite.)
+l 6l - 4( P\4 Fl -| H G 4 lF4 l +l 4l H T 4 -4l 9l 6l l F4t4 T 9 Pl+
n lato - yada madhya sth -dvi dyulle kheva bhsva r | n vra ka vatta nv p t
bh svatya pa m ||
Slender like the awn of a paddy grain, yellow (like gold) in colour, in subtlety comparable to the
minute atom, this Tongue of Fire grows splendid brilliant like a streak of lightning set in the midst of
the blue rain-bearing clouds
6F4l - |HGl 4l P \4 9 Pl tPl -4 4|F 6- B O B |H4 - B (| - B - - Bl 5 - 9 P- F4 l +
tasy ikh y ma dhye pa ram tm vya vasthi ta | sa brahma sa iva sa hari sendra
soka ra para ma sva r ||
In the Middle of That Flame, the Supreme Self dwells. This (Self) is Brahma (the Creator), Siva (the
Destroyer), Hari (the Protector), Indra (the Ruler), the Imperishable, the Absolute, the Autonomous
Being. Prostrations again and again to the Omni-Formed Being.
+ 6 B t4 9 O 9 69 T !T |9q P 7 \4 6 |4 -9l |4 H -9l4 4 +Pl +P- +
tag sa tya pa ra bra hma pu rua ka piga lam | rdhvare ta vi rp ka
vi va rpya vai namo nama ||
Prostrations again and again to the Omni-Formed Being, the Truth, the Law, the Supreme Absolute,
the Purusha of blue-decked yellow hue. He is the Centralised-Force, Power, the All-Seeing One.
+l l 4 Tl4 |4 T( 4lB ( 4l4 lP|( 6l |4!T - 9l (4l 6 +
n r ya ya vi dmahe vsude vya dhmahi| tanno viu praco day t||
We commune ourselves with Narayana, and meditate on Vasudeva, may that Vishnu direct us (to the
Great Goal).
V Hl|-6 Hl|-6 Hl|-6 -+
om nti nti nti ||
May there be Peace to the body, mind and the Soul.