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Work Term Report Guidelines

All co-op students must compose a work term report for every four-month work period, even if the student remains with the same employer or in the same position for a subsequent work term. One copy of your work term report must be electronically submitted to SCCE one week before the completion of each 4-month period of a co-op work term. A. Format and Content Guidelines 1. Format Your work term report must be typed and have a polished, professional appearance. The entire report should be 5-10 pages in length and double-spaced. The cover page of the report should contain the following information: student name, work term period, name of your co-op program, title of work term report, name of work term supervisor(s), and location of work term. 2. Content The content of the work term report is described below: Location: Summarize where your work term was conducted and where your particular work group fits into the overall organization. Describe the general goal of your work group. Responsibilities: Describe your actual responsibilities during your work term. Explain your role in the context of your immediate work group. Skills and Knowledge: Describe the skills and knowledge required to fulfil your work term responsibilities. Discuss how your knowledge base and personal skill set evolved during your work term experiences. Explain how your new knowledge and skills are relevant to your academic studies and future goals. Outcomes: Describe your work term achievements. Give examples of these accomplishments, for example, experimental outcomes, report production, and consequences of your work. B. Submission Please ensure that your supervisor has read your work term report before it is submitted to SCCE. Allow sufficient time for review in case your report needs to be approved by persons other than your supervisor (i.e., company legal department, supervisors manager, etc). This review is not for grading purposes; it allows an opportunity for your supervisor to review the content of the report and make constructive suggestions. Your work term report must be submitted electronically to the SCCE office prior to the end of your work term.

C. Review Although the work term report is not included in the students overall academic average, a satisfactory evaluation from SCCE must be obtained in order to obtain recognition for the work term. If a student submits an unsatisfactory report, he or she will be given an opportunity to upgrade and resubmit the report by a given deadline. Failure to submit a report or failure to complete a satisfactory report will result in the student receiving an incomplete work term on his or her transcript, even if the student received a satisfactory employer evaluation on job performance. The student will also lose co-op related privileges, such as access to jobs. All work term reports become part of the students personal file. D. Confidentiality In some cases, the work term employer considers a students work strictly confidential. Students are still required to submit a work term report; however, the work term supervisor should approve it prior to submission to ensure any secret or confidential company material is not disclosed. Occasionally, an employers confidentiality requirements demand that a student not submit a work term report to SCCE. In this case, SCCE will allow that work term supervisor to assess the report and submit comments to SCCE for consideration using a separate form, Confidential Work Term Report Evaluation. Please note that some employers may require you to submit a report in the traditional format of a scientific paper (i.e. Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, and Discussion). While this is an important part of your work term activity, it does not constitute a work term report. However, you may append this paper to your work term report. E. Presentation Students will be asked to present information about their first work experiences in a seminar called Gathering of the Minds. This mandatory presentation is attended by junior and senior co-op students and is usually held in the fall.