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Third written work-8th grade
1. Choose the correct indefinite pronouns a. Someone/ Anyone phoned me last night. b. Did you see something/ anything? c. Something/ Anything strange happened yesterday. d. Is someone/ something listening to me? e. I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten something/ anything today.

2. Complete the sentences with the correct possessive pronouns: mine, yours, his, hers, ours, theirs. a. That ball belongs to me. It’s _______. b. The towel is Peter’s. It’s _______. c. I haven’t got a car, so my sister lent me _______. d. Does this book belong to you, Maria? Is it _______. e. The blue ball doesn’t belong to us. It isn’t ________.

3. Identify the correct part of speech: adjective, noun or verb for the verbs in bold. a. We decided to discuss the subject another time. __________ b. She wears only original clothes. _________ c. I will need some help with the dinner. __________ d. He is a hopeless case. _________

Football. d. If you didn’t talk in class. If I ______( have ) a lot of money. John: “My hobby is skateboarding. he ______________(have) more time to study. if we didn’t study English. c. ________________ 3. e. abseiling. Circle and write the dangerous sports. a. b.________________ 2. Change the direct speech into reported speech 1.________________ 5. basketball. I’d buy a plane. hang-gliding. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets (second conditional).________________ 4. If my brother didn’t watch TV so much. tennis. table tennis. you ______________( learn) a lot more. snowboarding.________________ 5. If you _______________(not stay) out so late. There was a long discussion about the accident. _________ 4. handball.e. We ________________(not get) a good jobs. Scuba-diving. you wouldn’t be so tired. volleyball 1.” John said ___________________________________________________ . 6.

a. If he went to the medical school. Sue and Mike: “Our favorite music is classical. Cheers! c. Their parents: “We don’t like loud music!” Their parents said ____________________________________________ 4. Let’s rehearse.” Sue and Mike said____________________________________________ 5. Total_______ Grade____________________ Parent’s signature________________ . Luke: “I don’t like my uniform. he wouldn’t be happy.” Kate said ___________________________________________________ 3. b.2. Kate: “I do to lots of rock concerts. Translate the following expressions. Don’t be such a coward. Good luck to all of you.” Luke said ___________________________________________________ 6. I’m proud of him.

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