A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose

Chapter 7 – Part Two – Herb Fitch Based on The Thunder of Silence by Joel S. Goldsmith
Now, we have the “Sermon On The Mount” saying, “Judge not, that ye be not judged,” and this would seem to be, a very simple statement which has been interpreted on a moral basis. We’re beginning to see as we study mystical truth that it is far deeper than a moral statement. The moment we judge, we are giving a sense of power, to that which has no power. As we judge an evil to be present of any kind, even a slug in the garden, as an evil, we are judging a second power. Judge not, that ye be not judged! Now when we have discovered a second power, we have discovered the untruth, the lie, and we are ensnared in that lie and the lie judges us. There is only God power and therefore to see a second power which needs to be judged as evil, this simple statement which has been interpreted to be a moral code is another way of bringing to our attention the cosmic illusion. You know about the cosmic camera that photographs your consciousness, and every belief that you have comes right back to you as a form condition or circumstance of your life. It's only your own consciousness out pictured. Just as the dog could read the thoughts of the man, the dog could also read the thoughts of those who had animosity in their hearts, or harm in their minds, and instantly would leap, without the man having said a thing, the snake would coil, the skunk would respond to threats of violence. This man found he could even live with a skunk and he said after study of the habits and


And so it is with tobacco. but he thinks the power is in the rose. it's simply a revelation that the mind plays tricks.qualities of the families of skunks that he worked with. not in the rose. 2 . when she comes home. or the gluttony. food. Some people can eat anything and never get fat. it isn’t. there’s nothing moral about this. environment. their habits are beautiful and pure. education. we give them the qualities we think they have. Now we turn around and give those same powers of evil as those other things. but it is nothing more than our consciousness externalized coming back. their motives are pure and he found this to be the truth of every animal. The only time he gets out of bed is to take her pay check in the morning. we give qualities to things that the things do not have. or the evening she comes home from work. it's because of their consciousness. I find there are very human beings who could be elevated to the high rank of being called a skunk. as the addiction. alcohol. but there it is in his consciousness. experience. instantly. psychological factors. who is very angry about her husband. as the anger of that animal. But it is the consciousness of man coming back as the appearance of that animal. He said they haven’t the slightest juvenile delinquency. we have this woman. he said. truthfully. He gives it a power it does not have. You admire the rose and someone else says it gives me hay fever. their motives are perfectly pure and they all learn how to live in the now. why? Because of their consciousness. Other people can look at food and get fat. as the fear of that animal which is nothing more than the mirror of our own consciousness. How it came into his consciousness could be heredity. or whatever it is to food. whereas it's in his consciousness. Now. tobacco. why? We think it's because of their digestive system. Now you remember in this chapter. He stays in bed everyday.

and she says. “He’s the one doing all the drinking and Joel's telling her. and so she can’t find any way to break him of that. they don’t suffer from alcohol because it's something evil. but what have I got to lose? Then she does. When you learn that other foods cannot do you any good. and he gets liquor with it. He said. when you learn that tobacco can’t do you any good you will lose the desire for it. one of you is wrong. and when they learn it can’t do them any good. now think about it.” And Joel’s conclusion about the whole thing is this. I don’t understand it. She gives him her pay check when he wants his liquor. what's it good for? It's dead. then he takes it. he tells you to meditate. They suffer from the fact that they think it's going to do them some good and it doesn’t. but she’s tried everything even sits in the outer office to think it over and finally says okay I guess I’ll try it.” Now you’ve tried every other way. Why do we worship 3 . to Joel. even dollar bills. The outcome of course is that he says he doesn’t want any more.” “Do you think it’d be okay if he drank ginger ale instead?” “Yes I do.” “But your husband doesn’t think so. they don’t have alcohol in their homes for that reason. and he’s perplexed now. “What’s that?” “Well give him all the liquor he wants and don’t stand in his way.” She’s completely perplexed. why don’t you try it my way. you think it's evil don’t you?” “Yes I do. you will lose the desire for them. and he says the trouble is you‘re the alcoholic. she’s the alcoholic?” “Well. so one of you has to give in. they lose the desire for it. it's lost its punch. “Get all you want.” “So you think ginger ale is good and liquor is evil?” “Right. look at it. Ultimately it isn’t the stuff they used to make. She’s astounded.everyday of the week until she comes home with that paycheck. it's lifeless. you’re giving power to the liquor. And he’s showing us that we endow power to inanimate things. If you read the chapter.” she said. Finally she goes for a spiritual healing. he thinks liquor is good. He said put a dollar on your desk. He doesn’t work.

What about the power behind that dollar. before it pushed forth the glories that we witness with our naked eyes? What dollars put the sun in the sky. and the lily. the physical world is nothing more than the out picturing of the world consciousness. we’re being taught to enjoy the material world while we crucify it in our consciousness. to liquor. who gave you that dollar. it neither toils nor spins but its glory is for all to see? We give power to the physical world and spiritual consciousness tells us. We will never walk in the kingdom of heaven on earth and 4 . just dwell on that dollar and pretty soon you realize you’re giving power to some thing that is dead. what about the power of Spirit? Does it depend on dollar bills? Does Spirit need dollar bills before it pushed forth what we call oranges from a tree. suffer and pass on. What are you going to do with that dollar. sit and think about it a moment he said. my kingdom is indestructible. My kingdom is Spirit. that ye be not judged. we will never experience the spiritual universe.something that’s dead? Because it can buy things. My kingdom has no addictions to food. For unless we crucify the material world in consciousness. live. judge righteous judgment. And that secret cannot come into your consciousness while you’re admiring a flower which you consider a reality. My kingdom is a complete total release in the perfect Self. My kingdom has no fat people or thin people.” But behind all this. You see. my kingdom is permanent. behind the statement. judge not. and so we are told to learn how to move. my kingdom has no growing roses that will die no persons who will be born. or the fish in the sea or the birds in the air. have our being in reality. there is a great secret that we all must by now know. where did it come from. while you are glued to materialism. to tobacco. If you remember this chapter falls in the second section of the book which is taking us from “Unreality to Reality.

that is good or the thoughts in form that are not good. where you stand. all else is misperception. by that Word. This is the purpose of judging not. the Lord’s Prayer. into infinity. through the petals right through the stem. You are being told that you are walking now in that kingdom and when you have caught the impact of that. For the Lord's Prayer is telling you only the power of revelation from within. that this now. shall I judge the Spirit. is the kingdom of God and I will look and judge not. You live by the Word. expressing in you as the infinite perfection of being. Browning's poetry is telling you only the power of revelation from within is reality. You have decided to be a witness. looking neither to the false in form. the knowledge that there is a power that is maintaining a perfect infinite rose at all times. that you’ve been told that only the kingdom of God is real. here. to the presence of the kingdom of god. What shall I judge? Shall I judge God. right through the earth. all of this may register with you in a certain way. In a glimpse of light you know. Now finally. is power. Walking through the leaves of a rose. the voice of existence speaking through dog and man. is the subtle leading you to the fact that you must learn to live by that voice. just as it expresses where a rose stands. the Word of the Infinite Voice. is there anything else present? And if nothing else is 5 . you find there is a place where Spirit expresses. This is the purpose that is manifest when you learn to rest without judgment. for only without judgment are you in the unconditioned consciousness and only the unconditioned consciousness is a habitation for the activity of perfect spiritual law. and then revelation to you becomes a living Word.behind all this. then your consciousness determines to walk constantly in the kingdom in spite of every appearance. behind all this. by revelation. Living in the awareness.

that's all. You’re looking out and seeing pollution over here. over there you’re seeing fires and floods and hurricanes and earthquakes. Give them a name if you will. impersonally. you come to this then. Where there is nothing to judge. comes to pass. But no qualities. Think back a moment. that is how. nothing to condemn. And so. 6 . for all is the Invisible Spirit of God. I have denied the allness of God and I suffer from that judgment. isn’t that why he had a problem getting this across to the disciples who were mired in materialism. is pollution. Don’t give it qualities. Now. a person is a person is a person. What shall I judge? When I judge. For that reason. God is power. A rose is a rose is a rose. the kingdom of heaven is at hand. what shall I judge? My judgment is automatically the denial of the allness of Spirit because I cannot judge God. that each of us has to come to individually. and God is all. that I will awaken in the morning in the Kingdom of God. Now. that Spirit is here? You’re looking out and seeing bondage to one nation. not even anyone to forgive. and who he later trained carefully to go forth and teach. the belief that there is anything other than the Spirit of God on this earth. an earthquake is an earthquake is an earthquake period. we come to something then. pollution is pollution. a conviction. don’t even think that it is expressing divine qualities. the truth of the statement. you are removing from your consciousness. but rather. isn’t that what Jesus was teaching. when you judge you will be judged. Spirit is not polluted.present than the allness of Spirit. Spirit is power. A place. know that only divine qualities are expressing. but no power. a decision. There’s nothing more there. men who only knew about fishes and nets. name it and that's all.

of faith in the unseen. famine. This little Bible is the Spirit Itself. Once we have accepted this. It will always be the Infinite Spirit and only the Infinite Spirit. under nourishment. nothing more. The Spirit says this is heaven now. it is the name of a hyena. Now this then becomes that consciousness which lives in Him which abides in Him. right where I stand heaven is. to move in that direction at the instant of awakening 7 . but God is all.This is the other side of the coin. disease. It is world consciousness. none of these exist. There are no polluted streams in our Father's House. it is nothing more than my consciousness of false power externalized as a polluted stream. which you may like to share with me. but by knowledge that Spirit is all. it is the name of the wolf. All is Spirit and any power I give to anything is a false power. of the worm. That is your name. I find it necessary now. Once we have been able to rise above the belief in material beauty. right where you stand heaven is and it will never change. of the giraffe. as real. we can rise above the belief of material imperfection as real. not by sacrifice. Spirit is all. no. a stream is a stream is a stream. and it speaks this way. it is the name of the rose. then we can move further in that direction. Go forth and preach the gospel. over-population. Spirit is the substance where to human sense the form appears. Now I have a little Bible for myself. It has only that power if I give it that power and I refuse. the Invisible Spirit. of the elephant. the Living Spirit which is a living continuous Bible. No. poverty. In fact. you may find a response in yourself. it will always be heaven. it has no qualities of its own. for this is the kingdom of God. of the ant. that is my name. where you are. of the coyote. coming forth as the imperfections called war. it is the name of all that appears as form. I cannot accept a polluted stream. I will not endow it with a power of pollution. Spirit is all.

without opposite. never descending into the divided thought of the knowledge of good and evil. all that reality is. and that I is the I of you. independent of time. Infinite Life. shines the light of perfect reality. there is only perfection. never in the division in the belief in both good and evil.in the morning. I am that reality. the infinite indivisible One. Each of us. perfect. unopposed. Behind the mist of matter and conditions. the perfect Self. I am that reality. indestructible. We’re removing the Adam and Eve consciousness. maintaining the integrity of what I am. independent of time. and power. I must walk in the kingdom of God. Infinite Power. There is no other place. the tree of life Self expressing. I walk in unreality and all that can walk in unreality is an unreal person. now unchallenged. I am Infinite Spirit. I remain free of the tyranny of human thought. unchallenged. human thought. you will find you’re in the One Self. Infinite Perfection. in the belief that there is a good rose bush and one not so good. untarnished. I know it because God is here. and therefore if I walk in another place. unseparated. This is the new consciousness. Reality is here. human thought and power. God is here. the One Power. in spite of what may appear. I. matter. heaven is. which makes all things new. I am that reality. that the kingdom of heaven is here. space. 8 . undivided. I AM. space. Infinite Body. This must be God's kingdom and in God's kingdom. which recognizes no second self. Infinite Mind. is that I which is saying. and where God is. when the teaching of the Master is so vividly clear. reality. When this becomes your conviction. it is the Invisible Spirit and only one who wishes to live in that Spirit can be in reality. and it's rather stupid after all these years. And this should be the echo in your heart. to be an unreal person walking in unreality. no second power.

we can walk that white line blindfolded and defenseless. until eventually. On my mountain top of reality I stand. you’re in the consciousness called Eden.” And this. which is in heaven. in the knowledge that in the kingdom of God I need no defense against anything in this world. no cruelties. the unreal can never challenge life. from person to thing all being Self. nor the lack. And so. what of it? We can always go back. Eden is your new consciousness. perfection never can have an opposite. when I can longer stand there. from person to person. nor the suffering. is the direction we learn we must walk at all cost. suspending all human judgment in all things. I accept no thought form. weaned from what the Spirit has spoken. I need no 9 . Now and forever I redeem even the tiniest stray thought. I see no evil. And every time we fall off that white line. To the clamoring mind I am deaf. in breathing precious spiritual consciousness until my Soul is restored. and in this Eden I accept no intrusion. what of it. no denial of the present perfection in all that is here. letting Self define Self. and now. I am reality. Every relationship must be threaded through this divine eye. where I am. I witness only Self daily. invested with spiritual substance and significance and this is the bread that I cast without interruption. “Be ye perfect as your Father. the unselfed Infinite is being. daily without ceasing. to discords I remain undefended. and what the Master has taught.Now then. therefore. for this is the direction that the Father intimated when he said. no inequalities. neither the virus nor the accident. Divine glory alone exists here. I rest. where you are. and although it is like trying to walk an invisible white line. nor the pain. to problems I am blind. I move slowly from self to self. Now this is my living Bible. it can and will be done. holding this divine thread.

and ultimately you see. the dog the tree. ever functioning as the Holy Ghost in our midst. there is no other time. accepting no other are finding the fruits of that kingdom falling all around us. the law of that kingdom functions where you stand and you break the karma of thousands of years of ignorance. we’re coming to a place where we can depend on the one invisible power to be the only. even those not in the path feel the splendor of it. without the power of the Spirit manifesting where you walk. there’s really no one who is trying to follow this.” one Self realized as the only and ever perfect. I’d like to come again to what I’ve called the new Lord's Prayer. Thy will be done. A rose is a rose is a rose. on earth as it is in heaven. “Even the least of these my brethren is myself. and we who are learning to live in it consciously. all are the Invisible One Spirit called God.” and then 10 . for God is ever the allness of this universe. all who will walk the earth after us. the power of perfection. one life expressing. just an image of the mind. there is only the kingdom of God. the power of perfect spiritual law. showing forth as you. of all who have walked this earth before us. in every way. they are dissolved through that realization. As I accept that. It is the power of love. who will not find a response in the Infinite. And mostly in the glory of the relationships with others who are walking the same path.defense because they cannot be where God is realized. Now. the rose. you’ll see it this way: “Our Father which art in heaven hallowed be thy name. and that universe comprises. Finally. At the very moment that you accept this to be the kingdom of God. You cannot walk in the Spirit. Thy kingdom come. me. I am true to the Father which says. There is no other place.

His is the will and power of the Spirit and there is no other power. in every form it can. in spite of what human eyes may judge. Omnipotence and all knowing. The knowledge that God is here now. in your Fathers kingdom at all times. Being true.” and rest in that knowledge. accept it. for his is the power. accepting therefore that perfection is invisible everywhere.. his is the glory. now.all that follows is the result of the oneness that is established in the realization that this is the kingdom of God. It is the fulfillment of what the Lord's Prayer purported to do. and it will manifest. where the will of the Father is now being done. you have accepted it and it is your living acceptance of the Lord's Prayer which brings you into the kingdom of God on earth. to readjust your consciousness so that you know you’re standing. That is your way. 11 . it is your life. to his Omnipresence. And so. It is bringing you to the place where you say. you have done more that recite the Lord's Prayer. see you next week. “Where I appear only God is. when you say. We are in righteous judgment. Don’t go seeking good. functioning perfectly. His will is being done. here on earth now. Happy day after Valentine's. it is your oneness with the Infinite now. and only his will. as a simple immediate way. This is a living Lord's Prayer. and where my friend appears only God is. active on every square inch of this entire universe now. I recommend that meditation for you. which is no judgment. in your life. I accept and therefore this is now the kingdom of God where I stand. “All that the Lord's Prayer says I agree with.” Then you become the living Lord's Prayer. That power that we accept is the power of perfection.. and on this we stand forever. This is the seed from which resurrection blossoms forth.

THE END 12 .

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