Creditor or Debtor

Playing well the game of commerce means being a creditor, not a debtor. Debtors take positions, defend what they know and make statements about it; they ignore, argue and/or contest. Extreme debtor-minded people presume victimhood and seek to limit their liability. Debtors operate unwittingly from and within the public venue. They are satisfied with mere equitable title - they can own and operate, but not totally control their property. Debtor possibilities are limited and confining, as debtors are slaves. Creditors are present to whatever opportunity arises; they ask questions to bring remedy if called for; they accept, either fully or conditionally. Accomplished creditors take full responsibility for their life, their finances and their world. Creditors understand and make use of their unlimited ability to contract privately with anyone they want at any time. They maintain legal title and control of their property. Creditor possibilities are infinite. Creditors are sovereign and free. See also: Responding to Offers or Demands; Private vs. Public; Being in Honor; Handling Presentments; Adhesion Contracts

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