- Verb to be: am/is/are - Possessive adjectives: my, your, his, her

TEST - 1
21. This ______ my friend. ______ name’s Richard. A) are / His B) is / My C) is / His D) his / His 22. They ______ Lisa and Max. They ______ from the USA. A) is / is B) are / is C) are / are D) is / is 23. “What is ______ name?” “My name’s Carlos.” A) his B) her C) your D) be 24. This is my sister. ______ name is Laura. A) His B) My C) Her 25. I have ______ brother. ______ name is David A) an / His B) a / Her C) a / His D) I D) Its

- Subject Pronouns - Plural nouns & Numbers A- Hello, what ______ your name? A) is B) are C) am ______ name is John. And my ______ is Johnson. A) Your / surname B) My / surname C) I / surname D) I / name My name is Lisa. ______ Lisa Peterson. A) My am B) I is C) I am ______ name is Apple. ______ Ann Apple. A) His / She B) His / He’s C) Her / She’s

D) my


D) * / His



D) His / His

26. Hello! My ___ ___ Maria. I ___ ___ Mexico. A) name is / from am B) is name / from am C) name is / am from D) name am / is from 27. Is Catherine ______ sister? A) he B) you 28. We ______ students. A) are a B) is 29. I ______ student. A) is / an B) am / * 30. She ______ Italy. A) are from B) is at 31. He is ______ teacher. A) a B) an


“Where ______ John from?” “______ from the US.” A) is / He’s B) is / His C) am / He’s D) is / She’s ______ are you from? Japan. A) What B) Who Where ______ you ______ ? A) is / from B) are / in

C) your

D) yours


C) Where

D) When

C) are

D) am


C) are / is

D) are / from

C) am / a

D) am / the


______ from Spain. I’m Rodriguez . A) I’m B) He’s C) You’re Pierre is a French boy. ______ from ______ . A) He’s / France B) His’s / French C) His / France D) He / France

D) She’s

C) is from

D) am from


C) *

D) the

10. Lisa and Max are Americans. ______ from U.S.A. A) There B) Their C) They’re D) Their’re 11. “What ____ their _____?” “Alexander and Philip.” A) are/name B) is / name

32. I live ______ a house ______ Los Angeles. A) * / in B) in / in C) in / * 33. “______ is your phone number?” “It’s 2229" A) Where B) How C) What

D) at / in

D) Who

C) is / names

D) are / names 34. “______ are you?” “I’m Alex.” A) Which B) How 35. What’s this ______ English? A) * B) in

12. I ______ 22 years old, but Andrew ______ 20. A) am / am B) are / am C) am / is

D) are / are

C) What

D) Who

13. Mark______ 19, but Brian and Denis ______ 26 and 28. A) is / are B) are / is C) are / are D) am / are 14. “What ______ this?” “It’s ______ umbrella.” A) are / a B) is / a

C) at

D) on

C) is / an

D) its / an

36. Champaigne is ______ French drink. A) a B) the C) an 37. Oxford is ______ English university. A) a B) an C) the 38. A Mercedes is ______ German car. A) a B) an C) the 39. English is ______ international language. A) a B) an C) the

D) *

15. Oxford is ______ English university. A) an B) the C) a 16. Toyotas ______ Japanese ______ . A) is a / car B) is / car C) are / cars 17. “What is ______ ?” “She is a bank manager.” A) his job B)she job

D) *

D) *

D) is / cars

D) *

D) *

C) he job

D) her job 40. Milan is ______ Italian city. A) a B) an C) the D) *

18. 0/2/11/18/20 Find the correct alternative. A) oh / twelve / eighteen / twenty B) zero / two / one-one / eighteen / twenty C) zero / two / eleven / eighteen / twenty D) zero / two / eleven / eighty / twenty 19. “How old is your aunt?” “______ is 29.” A) She B) He 20. “Where ______ she from?” “She ______ from Japan.” A) are / is B) is / is Elementary Test 1

41. A JVC is ______ Japanese camera. A) a B) an C) the 42. I have two ______ . A) sister B) sisters

D) *

C) a sister

D) sister’s

C) She’s

D) He’s

43. It’s ______ Spanish orange. A) a B) an 44. It’s ______ green apple. A) a B) an

C) the

D) *

C) is / am

D) are / are

C) the

D) *


Book 1 Part A

- Verb to be: questions and negatives - Short answers - Possessive‘s - The family 1. “_____ her name Eliza?” “No, _____ .” A) What / it isn’t C) Is / it is not Is your surname Anderson? A) Yes, you are. C) Yes, I am. “Is she American?” “No, _____ .” A) hers isn’t B) she isn’t -

TEST - 2
Prepositions Opposite adjectives

18. This is the photo _____ my family. A) in B) at C) of 19. It’s good practice _____ you. A) for B) at 20. I’m _____ home. A) in B) on

D) on

C) of

D) in

- Food and drink

C) at

D) from

21. I’m _____ La Guardia Community College. A) in B) on C) at B) Is / she isn’t D) Is / it isn’t 22. I’m _____ New York. A) in B) for

D) of

C) at

D) of


B) Yes, it is. D) Yes, my is.

23. I’m _____ a class _____ eight other students. A) in / for B) at / of C) in / with

D) at / off


24. I live _____ an apartment _____ two American boys. A) in / of B) at / with C) in / with D) of/with D) she her isn’t 25. Central Park is lovely _____ the snow. A) at B) in C) of 26. “_____ is his job?” “He _____ a policeman.” A) Which / is B) What / are

C) she is not

D) with


“____ their names Jack & Benny?” “Yes, _____ .” A) Are / they are B) Aren’t / there are C) Am / their D) Is / they’re “Is your dog 2 years old?” “Yes, _____ .” A) it’s B) dog is

C) What / is

D) Where / is


27. He _____ from Argentina. He is _____ Mexico. A) is / from B) isn’t / from C) isn’t / in C) it is D) its 28. “_____ _____ is a hamburger and chips?” “Three pounds fifty.” A) How many B) How often C) How much Find the opposite word. 29. easy - ______ A) cold C) I are not D) I not B) cheap C) difference

D) aren’t / in


“Is your elder brother married?” “No, _____ .” A) brother isn’t B) he isn’t C) he is not D) she isn’t “Are you from Senegal?” “No, _____ .” A) I’m not B) I amn’t “_____ Martha English?” “Yes, she _____ .” A) Is / isn’t B) Are / is “_____ her surname Smith?” “No, it _____ .” A) What / isn’t B) Is / is

D) How long


D) difficult

30. lovely - ______ A) old B) expensive 31. fast - ______ A) slow

C) horrible

D) quick


C) Is / is

D) Are / is

B) small

C) quick

D) warm


32. expensive - ______ A) big B) cheap C) Is / isn’t D) Are / isn’t 33. hot - ______ A) cold C) is D) ‘m not 34. big - ______ A) high B) new

C) cold

D) hot

10. “Are you a student?” “Yes, I _____ .” A) am B) have 11. “_____ you from Barcelona?” “No, I’m not.” A) Is B) Are 12. “_____ you married?” “No, I _____ .” A) Aren’t / am C) Is / am not 13. “_____ is Brenda?” “She’s Patrick’s wife.” A) What B) Who

C) warm

D) small

B) small

C) tall

D) slow

C) Do

D) Where

35. young - ______ A) old B) big 36. “Are you married?” “No, _____ .” A) I am not B) I’m not

C) small

D) quick

B) Are / am D) Are / ’m not

C) I amn’t

D) I m not

37. Brazil ____ in Asia. ____ in South America. A) is / It isn’t B) is / It’s C) is / Is C) Which D) Where 38. Snow is _____ . A) cold B) hot 39. A: _____ Greek? B: Yes, I am. A) You B) Are you 40. We _____ in a Russian class. We _____ in an English class. A) are / are B) are / not 41. Rolls-Royce cars are _____ . A) cheap B) blue

D) isn’t / It’s

C) small

D) cheap

14. My teacher’s name _____ John. A) are B) is C) am 15. Marcus and Carlos _____ my brothers. A) is B) am C) are 16. My mother and father _____ at work. A) is B) am C) are 17. It _____ Monday today. A) is B) am

D) not

C) Am I

D) I

D) be

D) *

C) aren’t / are

D) are / am

C) are

D) *

C) expensive

D) tall

Book 1 Part A


Elementary Test 2

42. “_____ your teachers married?” “Yes, _____ .” A) Is / he is B) Is / he’s C) Is / she is 43. “Is it hot today?” “No, _____ .” A) it isn’t B) it is not 44. “Are _____ your parents?” “Yes, _____ .” A) they-their are C) they-they are

D) Are / they are - Verbs - Jobs

TEST - 3

- Present Simple: Positive, Negative, Question C) it’s not D) it not - Personal pronouns and possessive adjectives

B) their-they are D) they-they

1. 2.

She _____ a uniform. A) wear B) to wear

C) wearing

D) wears D) washed

45. Eliza _____ from Greece. _____ from Poland. A) is / Is B) isn’t / She’s C) is / Isn’t 46. Ann is _____ wife. A) John’s B) John is

He _____ his car every weekend. A) wash B) washes C) washing Rosemary _____ three languages. A) speaks B) talks C) tells My dad _____ at 7 o’clock everyday. A) stands up B) looks up C) gets up

D) is / Is not 3. D) know

C) John’s is

D) John 4. D) jumps up

47. This is not just my computer. It is 4 _____ computer. A) students’ B) students’s C) student’s D) student 5. 48. A: What is _____ ? B: She is a bank manager. A) his job B) she job 49. “How old is your brother?” “_____ 29.” A) They are B) I am

Isabel is a flight attendant. She _____ passengers. A) serve B) to serve C) serves D) serving Their son _____ in this hospital. A) works B) begins C) starts Jim’s a postman. He _____ letters to people. A) answers B) works C) delivers Jane’s a doctor. She _____ ill people. A) looks at B) speaks to C) helps Bern _____ in a flat in Birmingham. A) lives B) stands C) has

C) he job

D) her job


D) likes

7. C) It is D) He is 8.

D) serves

50. “How old _____ Mr. & Mrs. White?” “_____ 50 and 48.” A) is / They B) are / They’re C) are / They D) */ They are 51. “How old ___, Andrew?” “_____ 21 years old.” A) are you / I’m C) is / He is 52. “_____ you now?” “I’m at the school.” A) Where’s C) Where’re 53. “Where _____ now?” “In her office.” A) is he B) is she 54. “_____ is his father’s job?” “He’s a teacher.” A) Who B) When 55. This is those _____ toy. A) kid’s B) kid 56. They are not my _____ books. A) children’s B) childs

D) serves drinks


D) wants

B) is he / He’s D) are / I

10. Nancy’s uncle is a pilot. He _____ all over the world. A) goes B) sees C) travels D) delivers 11. In winter Sheila _____ skiing and in summer _____ tennis. A) makes / plays B) goes / plays C) does / plays D) starts / *

B) Where’re are D) Where

12. My friend’s son _____ Turkish and English at university. A) has B) plays C) studies D) goes 13. Most of the people _____ work at 8 o’clock every morning. A) finishes B) goes C) does D) starts 14. A: _____ does Tony Blair live? B: In Great Britain. A) When B) Where

C) is it

D) is

C) Why

D) What

C) What time

D) How

C) kids’s

D) kids’

15. _____ does your father do in his free time? A) Why B) What kind C) How many 16. _____ does Andy’s little brother play with? A) Who B) Why C) How old 17. A: _____ does Natalie’s nephew do? B: He’s an architect. A) How B) Whom C) When

D) What

C) children’

D) children of

D) Where

57. They’re not his _____ mistakes. A) friend’s B) friend C) friends

D) friends’s

D) What

18. A: _____ does it rain here? B: Mostly in summer and winter. A: _____ snow? B: In winter. A) When / Why B) Why / How C) What time / Whom D) When / What about 19. A: _____ does Anthony go to work? B: _____ bus. A) How / By B) How well / On C) What kind / In D) How / In 20. She _____ from England. A) come B) comes

C) don’t come

D) goes

Book 1 Part A


Elementary Test 3

21. _____ she _____ French? A) Do / speaks C) Does / speak

B) Does / speaks D) Is / speak

46. _____ _____ languages does she speak? A) How much B) How many C) Why 47. _____ sells things. A) A postman B) A nurse 48. A barman _____. A) sells things C) delivers letters

D) Where

22. She _____ _____ from America. A) don’t comes B) doesn’t come C) doesn’t comes D) does comes 23. Every time he _____ a glass of lemonade before breakfast. A) is B) have C) has D) does 24. _____ he _____ three children? A) Does / have B) Does / has C) Do / have 25. _____ a shower. A) Come B) Go 26. _____ the phone. A) Go B) Read 27. She _____ a white coat. A) wear B) wears 28. _____ a magazine. A) Go B) Read

C) A doctor

D) A shopkeeper

B) serves drinks D) drinks a lot

D) Has / have

49. _____ _____ looks after money. A) A nurse B) A postman C) An accountant D) A dentist 50. __________ designs buildings. A) A pilot C) An interpreter

C) Have

D) Has

B) An architect D) An engineer

C) Look

D) Answer

51. He lives ____ an island _____ the west of Scotland. A) on / in B) in / in C) on / on D) in / at 52. She’s married _____ an American man. A) with B) for C) to 53. He _____ listening _____ music. A) like / to B) likes / to C) likes / of 54. “How _____ he _____ to work?” “By car.” A) do / go B) does / goes C) does / go

C) does wear

D) have

D) on

C) Live

D) Has

D) likes / with

29. Our teacher gives _____ a lot of homework. A) our B) us C) her 30. He _____ television every evening. A) watch B) watches C) see 31. At ten we go _____ bed. A) in B) on

D) his

D) does / play

D) buy 55. Anna likes Joanna, but Maria doesn’t like _____. A) her B) them C) your D) their

C) to

D) sleep 56. That’s my dictionary. Can I have ___ back please? A) it B) you C) them D) my D) at 57. Philippe _____ in London. A) work B) starts C) comes D) lives

32. He picks up the apples _____ the tree. A) for B) from C) on 33. Get _____ the bus. A) on B) in 34. She lives _____ Switzerland. A) at B) on

C) to

D) out 58. “_____ he married?” “No, he _____.” A) Is / doesn’t B) Does / isn’t C) Is / isn’t 59. “What _____ she do?” “She is an interpreter.” A) is B) do 60. _____ he sleep well? A) Has B) Have

C) in

D) city

D) Does / is

35. A nurse looks _____ people in hospital. A) at B) for C) after 36. There’s a letter _____ you. A) for B) to 37. Tourists come _____ boat. A) by B) to

D) helps

C) does

D) are

C) about

D) on

C) Do

D) Does

C) of

D) with

38. He drives the children _____ school. A) of B) at C) to 39. He speaks to people _____ his radio. A) at B) on C) of 40. She likes going _____ walks _____ summer. A) for / at B) to / at C) for / in 41. She goes skiing _____ her free time. A) in B) on C) at 42. He works _____ an undertaker. A) as B) for C) of 43. “Does she live in Australia?” “No, she _____.” A) do B) does

D) go

D) in

D) on / at

D) of

D) in

C) don’t

D) doesn’t

44. We _____ _____ watching television. A) doesn’t like B) do like C) doesn’t like 45. He _____ to help people. A) flies B) likes

D) don’t like

C) runs

D) swims

Book 1 Part A


Elementary Test 2

You _____ a lot of things in _____ free time. My classmates _____ on picnic every month. Many foreigners in our country _____ to the Golden Bazaar. A) have B) has C) to have D) do / your 12. D) does / doing C) 8:55 D) 9:05 3. Andrew buys a newspaper everyday. A) 8:30 B) 7:30 24. _____ reads _____ at home.ELEMENTARY . A) speak / don’t speak B) speaks / speak C) speaks / speaks D) speaks / don’t speak 37. A) don’t / smokes B) smoke / doesn’t C) smokes / smokes D) smoke / don’t They _____ wash _____ car every day. C) to wear D) worn C) 8:55 D) 9:05 4. but my little sister _____ on Sundays. I _____ my teeth every morning. and Romanian. A) play / play B) plays / plays C) play / plays D) plays / play 11. _____ Kate live near Jane? A) Is B) Are 5. A) he / their B) him / they C) he / them D) him / them D) work / * D) Which Book 1 Part A 6 Elementary Test 4 . Russian. She likes _____ TV. A) went B) goes C) going Mary _____ face every morning. The Buckingham Palace _____ lots of rooms. A friend of mine likes _____ on picnic at weekends. C) It is quarter to four.Telling the time . A: What _____ your niece _____ ? B: A nurse. Visitors _____ to India ‘s Independence Day from all over the world. My cat licks _____ tail every evening. A) buy B) go shopping C) want D) come 38. A: What _____ you _____ ? B: An architect. A) brushing B) brush C) brushes 28. It is five past nine. A) visit B) come C) leave D) goes 36.Present Simple . A: Where _____ your parents _____ ? B: In the Ministry of Education. I _____ to a football match every Sunday but my father _____ .Prepositions . C) doesn’t D) are B) don’t likes D) don’t like 9. 29. A) play B) played C) playing 14. but her husband doesn’t. A) visit B) go C) come D) want 34. A) doesn’t likes C) doesn’t like 31. A) always takes C) takes always 8. My father _____ driving. It is half past eight. Summer holidays _____ in June. She _____ a bus to university. A) don’t B) aren’t C) Do D) Does 7. A) 9:55 B) 9:35 25. Mike eats cheeseburgers because _____ likes _____ . I like _____ football. D) washes their D) to brush 6. A) like B) likes C) liking 16. but I _____ Chinese. Every year millions of people _____ The London Museum. I _____ English. but my brother doesn’t. A: _____ languages do they speak? B: Just one.Wh Questions 1. A) 9:55 B) 9:35 C) 18:30 D) 17:30 What _____ you _____ at the weekend? A) does / does B) do / does C) does / do D) do / do What _____ Dick and Tom like _____? A) do / doing B) doing / * C) do / do Do boys like _____ jeans? A) wear B) wearing C) 8:15 D) 17:15 2. A) do / do B) do / work C) are / work 41. A) smokes / don’t B) smokes / doesn’t C) smoke / don’t D) smokes / isn’t 30. A) do / do B) does / do D) plays D)watched D) liked D) reading C) are / do D) do / are 39.4 21. A) do / our B) does / your C) do / my 32. A) to go B) going C) goes D) go 27. Tom _____ her but she doesn’t like _____ . We _____ tennis on Monday evenings. Do you like _____ in your free time? A) read B) reads C) to read 17.Verbs . A) watching B) to watch C) watches 15. A) don’t / my B) don’t / his C) don’t / their D) don’t / our My parents _____ eat meat. A) do / do B) does / is C) does / do D) like / him 40. A) It / he B) Him / it C) He / it D) His / it 20. A) sailing / don’t B) sail / doesn’t C) sail / don’t D) sail / do 18. Her sister doesn’t _____ eating a hamburger. TEST .Leisure activities . A) its / their B) its / its C) their / its D) * / * 13. A) 8:30 B) 7:30 23. but my teacher _____ smoke. But my dogs never lick _____ tails. B) It is fifteen past four. It is quarter past eight. A) begins B) begin C) beginning D) began B) always take D) take always 10. but Bill’s father _____ smoke. His father _____ . D) It is fifteen to four. A) washes his B) wash my C) washes her D) go 26. A) What B) How many C) How D) is / do 19. “What time is it?” “3:45” A) It is quarter past three. It is five to nine. A) go / don’t B) goes / doesn’t C) go / doesn’t D) goes / don’t 33. I _____ a cigarette. I like _____ but I _____ like swimming. 22. A) like / her B) likes / him C) likes / he D) having 35.

_____ summer I play tennis _____ Sundays. A: I’m sorry. She gets up early _____ the morning.” A) Do / wanting B) Does / want C) Do / want D) Does / wanting 77. A: _____ does Margaret start work? B: At 7 in the morning. She gets up early _____ the weekdays. “Do Mr. They often eat in a restaurant ___ Tuesdays. He takes photos only _____ spring. They like _____ very much. What time ____ you go to bed? A) do B) does C) is 78. A) speak / you don’t C) speak / don’t I 66. They never go out _____ Friday evenings . “_____ do you do your homework?” “After dinner. A) on B) in C) of 74.Yes. We always _____ lemonade in the evenings.” A) Why B) What D) by D) on B) cooking C) cook D) cooked D) have 56. _____ . A) at B) of C) on 58. We _____ Algerians. A) What B) When C) Why D) Whom 45. A) on B) in C) at 72. Do you relax _____ weekends? A) at B) on C) in 54. A) on B) in C) at 57.” A) Where B) What C) How 79.” A) What / do C) Where / does D) Where 61.” A) ski / don’t B) skiing / don’t C) skiing / do D) ski / does 76. He hates _____ football _____ television.” A) Do B) Where C) Are 80. A) In / in B) At / on C) In / on D) at 51.m. “_____ do you like your job?” “Because it’s interesting. A: _____ do your brothers like working in this factory? B: Because they earn much money. _____ he like his job? A) Does B) Do 46.” A) How / doing B) What / do C) Where / does D) What / relax 84. “____ ____ you live with?” “With my mother and sisters. they _____ .” A) How B) What C) Why 82. I do sometimes. A. _____ New York exciting? A) Are B) Do 48. “_____ they _____ a winter holiday?” “Yes. A) Excuse me! C) What’s the matter? D) have 43.42. B: _____ Come and sit down. “How many languages _____ you _____ ?” “Three: English. German and Spanish. A) in B) on C) at 53. they do.” A) does / speak B) do / speak C) do / speaking D) does / speaking 70. she does. I _____ an accountant. A) at B) in C) on 64. “_____ do you _____ on holiday?” “To Rome or Paris. The train leaves Paris _____ 4 p. She loves _____ to music. Why _____ you want to learn English? A) do B) are C) * 50. A) What time B) What kind C) What sort B) Don’t worry! D) Why are you late? D) What about 68. A) cooks D) are D) At / in D) of 75. “_____ do you travel to school?” “By bus. “_____ you go out on Friday evenings?” “Yes.” A) Where / like B) How / relax C) Where / go D) Why / go C) play D) to play C) eat D) to eat Book 1 Part A 7 Elementary Test 4 . A) in B) at C) on 63. Vancouver is very cold _____ winter. A) in B) at C) on 59. A) do B) does 47. Sometimes we _____ cards. A: Do you _____ Afghani? B: No. A) sail B) sailed D) by D) When D) in D) by D) Does C) How D) Where C) sailing D) sail 81. She never _____ meat._____ your wife _____ English? B. Where do you go _____ holiday? A) at B) in C) of 55. I like _____ . A) in B) on C) at 62. A) does B) are D) is C) listens D) listen C) do D) am 73. What _____ he do at weekends? A) do B) is C) does 52. I’m late. Adams and his daughter like going _____ ?” “No. A) eats B) eating D) to D) by B) Who / do D) Who / does D) to 83. My brother’s birthday is _____ March. A) plays B) playing 65. A) to drink B) has C) drinking B) speak / I don’t D) speaks / don’t speak 67. Why _____ you like _____ in the hotel? A) do / working B) do / work C) does / working D) does / work 71. A) listening B) to listen 44. Where _____ they live? A) are B) do C) Is D) Are C) am D) is C) Does D) Is C) does D) is D) by 49. He plays football _____ Friday mornings. A) Do / speak B) Does / speaking C) Does / speak D) Do / speaking 69. “_____ do you _____ on Sundays?” “I always relax. A) watching / on B) to watch / in C) watch / on D) watching / in 60.

Prepositions of place . D) * D) some 4. those . There’s _____ open-fire in the living room? A) a B) some C) an 20. The cinema is _____ the left. There are _____ sandwiches. There _____ magazines under the table. A) dictionary / any B) a dictionary / some C) dictionaries / some D) dictionaries / any 15. A) is B) are C) some D) any 40. A) Is / * / there C) Is / a / there 21. A) these B) this C) that D) it Elementary Test 5 Book 1 Part A 8 . ______ are. The front door is _____ the top of the steps. There are _____ big cupboards in the kitchen. There are two pictures _____ the wall. A) some / any B) any / some C) any / any D) some / some 11. A) How much / are / is B) How many / is / is C) What / are / is D) How many / are / is 13. _____ is. because 1. there _____ . but. there _____._____ there _____ desk? B.” A) these / it B) this / it 17. A) an B) some C) any D) a B) Are / the / they D) Is / one / they 23. Is there _____ garden? A) any B) * C) these D) that C) it / it’s D) that / its C) a D) some 43. There _____ a post box in front of the chemist’s. D) Are / any 31. A: Do you have any _____ ? B: No. In our garden there is _____ huge pine tree. there ____. C) Are they D) Is there C) this / is D) that / is 8. A) a B) some C) any D) any D) * . Take _____ bags into the kitchen. but there are not _____ desks. A) a / a lot of B) an / many C) a / lot of D) * / many 18. There _____ an armchair. A) at B) on C) of 35.” A) Are / aren’t B) Is / isn’t D) Is / are C) are D) some C) Is / aren’t D) Are/isn’t 39. The village of the Kingmore has _____ post office and _____ shop. A) isn’t / are B) is / is C) not / are D) any 3. “_____ there any photos?” “No. How many _____ are there in the cupboard. A) some / a B) some / any C) a / a D) an / a 27._____ books _____ there under your desk? B.Some and any TEST . A. “_____ there any cups?” “Yes. “Is _____ a television?” “Yes. There is _____ photo of _____ teachers. Does the cottage have _____ dining room? A) any B) an C) a D) * 2. Upstairs there’s _____ big bathroom. Are there _____ good beaches near the cottage? A) any B) some C) a D) the D) aren’t / are 28. A) a B) any C) some 24. A) on B) in C) all 32. 3 televisions. There _____ 3 telephones. A) some B) a C) an 25. 6. There are _____ good restaurants nearby. How much are _____ glasses? A) this B) they 42.There _____ one. There’s _____ electric cooker. Are there _____ trees and flowers in the garden? A) a B) some C) any D) * 22. that.ELEMENTARY .5 19. But I have _____ grammar books.” A) this / are B) there / is 30. there _____ . these. I don’t. A) some / aren’t B) any / aren’t C) some / are D) any / are 14. A) any B) is 38. “Is _____ book John’s?” “Yes. A) How many / are B) What / is C) What / are D) How many / is 12. A) glass B) of glasses C) a glass D) by D) are / in D) in C) off D) on 36. A) are B) is C) some D) any D) glasses 41. there _____._____ there three stereos in the living room? B. A) on B) at C) in 33.No. A) Are / aren’t B) Are / are C) Are / not D) Are / * Is there _____ apple in the bag? A) a B) an C) the There _____ 4 _____ on the sofa? A) are / woman B) is / women C) * / woman D) are / women There _____ one bag. and there are _____ bushes. A: _____ is there in the bedroom? B: There _____ 2 beds. A) Are / are B) Are / not C) Are / aren’t _____ there _____ chairs in the class? A) Are / a B) Are / some C) Are / there D) Are / * C) aren’t D) isn’t 9. A) in B) at D) at 10. A. A) are / they B) is / there C) are / there D) are / their _____ any men in the hall? A) Are there B) Are their C) This / is D) Is / this 7. _____ is. 26.How many ? . A) are B) is 5. There _____ 3 bags. and 2 cupboards. Yes. There _____ a photo _____ the television.So.” A) Are / there B) There / is 29. there are _____ chairs.There is/are .Yes. A: _____ there many mice in the house? B: No. A) are / on B) is / in C) is / on 34. A) Are / are B) Is / is C) Are / is 37. It’s the best home _____ the world. but _____ isn’t a cooker. A. _____ there a table? Yes. but there _____ any chips. There _____ any flowers.This. A) some / some B) a / some C) some / any D) any / some 16.

A) When / at B) Where / in 47. A) Where / was B) Where / were C) When / were D) When / was A: _____ were they late for the meeting? B: Because they _____ asleep. Our homework ____ very difficult yesterday. We both like sailing. A: _____ languages _____ Nicola speak when he _____ a child? B: 2 languages. D) but 3. _____ we don’t have a garden. A) How much / is / was B) How many / is / was C) How much / was / is D) How much / is / is 10. A) can / when B) could / when C) could / what D) can / where 15. but I _____ 25 now. _____ it’s very exciting. A) is / was B) was / is C) is / is D) is / were A: _____ was Mr. they _____ 8 euros now! A) were / were / are B) were / are / were C) are / were / were D) are / were / are 13.Prepositions . A) but B) so C) and D) also D) Who / were 9. D) so D) so 5. _____ I don’t like his wife. A) because B) but C) and 52. _____ is my mother. _____ isn’t. “Is _____ exercise very easy?” “No. A) How many / could / was B) How much / could / was C) What / was / could D) What / could / was Book 1 Part A 9 Elementary Test 5 . A) so B) but C) because D) and 55. _____ could you do when you _____ seven. D) for 6. I don’t like _____ music. In my bedroom there’s a bed _____ a wardrobe.” A) these / it B) this / its C) this D) it ELEMENTARY . A) these B) it 46. 54. Our flat is small. A) am / were B) am not / am not C) was / was D) wasn’t / am A: _____ was she born? B: She _____ born in New Zealand. A: How _____ they after the accident? B: They _____ shocked. A) were / are / were B) were / were / were C) was / were / are D) were / were / are 12. I like Tom.6 C) this D) that C) these / this D) that / it 1. A) because B) but C) and 53. A: _____ is the briefcase? B: It _____ 200 dollars. A) so B) but C) because D) and 56.44. I _____ play chess _____ I was five. A) so B) because C) but D) and 4. _____ I like it. A: How much _____ the tea cups before? B: They _____ 10 euros each. but today it ____ easy.Was born TEST . I like Judy.Can / can’t . A) Were / was B) What / was C) What / are D) What / were 16. A) is / is B) was / is C) was / was D) is / was I know that I _____ late 2 days ago. A) What / were B) Why / was C) Why / were D) Why / are The weather _____ nice today. I like New York. We live in a flat on the top floor. D) so 2. A) because B) so C) and 49. A: Where _____ they born? B: They _____ born _____ . 57. but this time I _____ late. but now they _____ better. A: How old _____ you in 1990? B: I _____ 10. A) were / were / in 1995 C) were / were / in Denmark B) was / were / in Italy D) was / were / in 1995 14. _____ my husband doesn’t like it at all. I like living here _____ it’s near the shops. Because they _____ at a party last night.Was / were . A) and B) but C) because 48. New York is expensive. _____ we live near the sea.Could . C) What / in D) When / in The students _____ very tired today. but it _____ nasty yesterday. Bob. A) and as B) because C) so D) but 50. A) were / are B) are / was C) are / were A: _____ was Jennifer’s job 2 years ago? B: She _____ a flight attendant. I like my job _____ it’s interesting. A) because B) and C) so 7. A) but B) so C) because 51. _____ I often visit her. _____ it’s comfortable. I like Chinese food. A) are / are / was B) were / was / am C) was / are / were D) were / was / are 11. Black born? B: He was born _____ 1963. but it _____ 100 dollars before. A) Why / were B) What / was C) Who / was D) were / were D) but 8. A) they B) these 45.

but he _____ ski very well now. A) could / can B) can / could C) could / can’t D) couldn’t / can 20. A) was / and B) was / but C) were / and D) were / but 25. A) was / but B) were / but C) were / so D) was / and 24. A) were B) was C) is D) Is 21. A) are / am B) were / was D) for / in 30. A) could / couldn’t B) could / could C) can / could D) can / can 22. A: _____ can you cook Italian food for us? B: On Friday evening. A: _____ can’t you come to the party? B: Because I have an exam tomorrow. Last year they _____ in Europe. A: _____ can she _____ the guitar? B: Very well. A) can’t / can B) could / can’t C) could / can D) can / could 23. A: _____ of food _____ our cook cook? B: Italian & French food. She paints _____ two hours _____ bedtime. Yesterday there was a party _____ my house. I _____ play football well. A) What of / can B) Which / can C) What kind / can D) What / can 29. The homework _____ very difficult yesterday. A) at / in B) in / in C) at / of D) When / play 52. Kim _____ ski 4 years ago. but she _____ now. Was it hot yesterday? Yes. They were _____ England _____ 1998. A) is / isn’t B) can / can C) can / can’t D) can’t / can’t 40. but I _____ run like him. Flora _____ drive a car but she _____ ride a motorbike. _____ they traveled only in Berlin. A) What B) Where C) How 35. but he _____ program a computer. Brown speak? B: English & Irish. A) How / play B) Why / play C) What / play D) could 42. too. But it _____ terrible yesterday. I _____ born in Amsterdam _____ I live in New York now. _____ I came to Amsterdam.” A) were / was B) are / is C) was / was 55. They _____ at a party yesterday evening. A: _____ can they _____ a computer? B: In the office. A) How B) What C) Why 33. A) and B) however C) for D) so 27. A) can B) was C) is 57. A: _____ languages could they speak when they _____ teenagers? B: Italian and Russian. A) When B) * C) Why D) Does / play D) What 38. A) What time / use B) Where / use C) When / use D) Where / using 31. A) in / at B) at / on C) in / on D) What D) on / at Book 1 Part A 10 Elementary Test 6 . A: _____ can my students come? B: At 3 in the afternoon. Can I speak _____ you? A) to B) with D) is C) for D) of 50. “Where _____ your sister born?” “She _____ born in India. Nobody _____ play the guitar. A) can’t B) can D) were C) couldn’t D) isn’t D) What time 58. he can’t. A: _____ Paul play rugby? B: No. I could play chess when I _____ five. A: _____ you _____ the piano? B: Yes. A) am B) were C) was 49. A) could / can / can B) can / was / could C) couldn’t / was / can D) was / can / could 19. Adam _____ use a computer. I _____ late! A) am / is B) am / am C) was / was 44. She _____ understand English. A: _____ languages can her aunt _____ ? B: 2 languages. A) Which / was B) What / were C) What / was D) How / were 18. “Where _____ you born?” “I _____ born in India. A) How many / speak B) How much / speak C) What / use D) What / speak 32. I was _____ Adam’s party _____ Saturday. A) at B) in C) for 47. A) Can / play B) Can / plays C) Does / play 37. A) can / can’t B) is / can’t C) can’t / can’t D) is / can 41. A) Can / use / I can B) Can / play / I can C) Can / play / I D) Can / use / * 28. But he can _____ baseball. Only Sam _____ play the piano. A) can’t / can B) can / can C) can / is D) can / can’t 39. I was _____ a party last night. but I _____ play ice-hockey very well. it _____ . Tim _____ run very well. A) at / to B) for / at C) for / until 46. We _____ married when I _____ eighteen and Roger _____ twenty. A) at B) in D) until / for D) on C) on D) for 48.17. A) What B) When C) What time 34. A) could / and B) can / and C) can / but D) can’t / but 26. because I was bad at running. A) is B) was D) am / was C) were D) wasn’t 45. Adam _____ ride a motorbike and he _____ drive a car. I can’t. and visited Germany. My little sister _____ paint pictures alone when she _____ nine. _____ Ben and Jane married ten years ago? A) Was B) Were C) Are 36. A) were / was B) are / were C) was / was D) am / was 43. Hello. “_____ you drive?” “No. I love Netherlands. A: _____ languages can Mrs.” A) Could B) Are D) was / were D) Where C) Can D) Is D) Why 56. A) Where B) Why C) When C) were / were D) was / were 53. _____ she can’t speak it. A: _____ can Alison go skiing? B: On her winter holiday. The weather _____ beautiful today. The children _____ very tired today. A) are / was / was B) are / is / was C) were / was / was D) are / am / was 54. everybody! I _____ sorry. _____ . A) is / were B) is / is C) was / was D) is / was 51.

A) Do / do / didn’t B) Does / do / doesn’t C) Does / does / didn’t D) Do / does / don’t 15. A) When / get C) Who / get 4. A) from / to B) to / at C) at / at D) at / until 2. it _____ . A) were / were B) was / is C) were / was 68. A) played / play B) play / play C) play / plays D) play / played D) Are 12. B) Where / got D) Where / get C) could D) was 6.” A) Of / for B) Of / to C) It / at 67. A) Did / helped / didn’t B) Did / helped / did C) Did / help / did D) Did / help / didn’t C) are D) is 76. “ _____ your friend speak English?” “No. A: _____ you usually work for 8 hours a day? B: Yes. What month _____ it last month? A) was B) is C) were D) did 77. I _____ . A) got / get B) gets / got C) get / got D) got / got 11.Time expressions 1.” A) Is / isn’t B) Can / can’t C) Could / could D) Can/can 72. A) snows / rains B) snowed / rained C) snowing / raining D) snow / raining 14. A) to / by B) at / on D) on / with ELEMENTARY . A) study didn’t / studies B) didn’t study / study C) did not study / studies D) didn’t studied / studies A: _____ did they have _____ lunch? B: Soup & fish. John lives _____ home _____ his parents. he _____ .59. Tom is _____ the garden _____ his friend Sam.7 D) of / with D) on / with C) to / with D) by / to D) buys 63. “ Can you help me with my homework ?” “_____ course I can. A) was B) can C) is 7. I _____ . I usually _____ for 6 hours a day. A) in / with B) in / of C) at / of 60. Where _____ you _____ on holiday last year? A) did / went B) go / did C) did / go D) do / go 64. Queen Elizabeth was born _____ London _____ 1926. A) can B) could C) is D) are 73. she _____” A) can B) is 3. but she _____ to work by taxi yesterday. Last year it _____ for three months. he _____ at home. but they rarely _____ tennis. Everybody _____ drive a car in my family. Rosemary often _____ to work by bus. But last winter it _____ snow at all. Isn’t he tall? A) at / of B) of / on C) in / in D) in / at 65. _____ 6 p. A: _____ it snow a little in winter in Holland? B: Yes. but it _____ just for two weeks. A: _____ Alex _____ you yesterday evening? B: No. He _____ some new shoes last month. “Could she cook?” “Yes. _____ you _____ any other languages? A) Could / know B) Could / use C) Can / speak D) Can / speaking 71. _____ you swim when you were five? A) Could B) Can C) Do 75.m. She was _____ the cinema _____ her brother. Max didn’t _____ yesterday afternoon. D) For / of 5. A) * / saw / didn’t B) Did / see / didn’t C) Did / saw / didn’t D) Did / see / did A: _____ did she _____ a job? B: In the car factory. irregular verbs . I work _____ 6 a. Bonny and Nick _____ tennis last weekend. but it _____ last year. A) in / in B) on / of C) at / with 61.Regular verbs. A) snows / rains B) snowed / rained C) snow / rain D) snows / rained 13. He _____ paint pictures when he was just three. Where _____ you now? A) were B) do D) was / were 9. D) Who / for 70. Look _____ this photo _____ my brother. “_____ you in England in 1999?” “Yes. A: _____ you _____ Jane last month? B: No. give it _____ me. I go _____ work _____ bus. A) work / worked B) works / worked C) worked / worked D) work / work 10.” A) Are / am not B) Can / can’t C) Could / can’t D) Can’t / can 69. but he _____ at university now. But last week I _____ for 8 hours a day. “_____ you cook Italian food?” “No. A) in / with B) at / with C) at / of 62. It _____ a lot in winter here. I _____ but I love eating it. she _____ . _____ your teacher speak English when he was seven? A) Can B) Could C) Does D) Are Book 1 Part A 11 Elementary Test 7 . A) go out / stayed B) go out / stay C) went out / stayed D) went out / stay Geoffrey _____ French before.Past Simple . A) bought B) buying C) buy TEST . A) What / on B) What / for C) Where / in A: Where _____ you last week? B: I _____ in Alabama. A) Do / do / didn’t work B) Do / did / didn’t worked C) Did / did / don’t work D) Do / did / don’t work 16.” A) Could / could B) Are / am C) Were / was D) Was / were 74. D) are 8.m. A) at / in B) of / on C) in / in D) on / in 66. but I _____ for 8 hours yesterday. I _____ .

A) of B) at 33. My family left London and moved _____ a small village. A) met B) meted C) meet D) meets Book 1 Part A 12 Elementary Test 7 . We _____ move to London.17. A) but B) so C) and D) also 41. We _____ in a hotel in Frankfurt. ‘Was there anyone at the office yesterday?’ ‘ No. Where _____ she live now ? A) did B) do D) didn’t C) does D) is C) Were D) Did 27. It _____ Jack’s birthday two days ago. I _____ . He _____ English. There’s a postman _____ a letter _____ you. A) drive / walks B) drives / walked C) drove / walked D) drive / walk 20. Peter stayed _____ his grandmother _____ Christmas. People were afraid _____ her. ______. in 1998.’ A) Do B) Does D) from D) off 25. Where _____ she live in 1950? A) does B) is C) did 29. He _____ his wife. He was tired _____ politics. A) didn’t B) doesn’t C) isn’t 28. In my family we _____ dinner at seven o’clock. A) take B) do C) go 54. A) at B) for 34. ‘______ ?’ ‘He’s very nice.” A) Are / am not C) Do / didn’t 31. I came to live here three years _____ . “When _____ you have your last holiday?” “Last August. A) to B) in C) at D) for 23. A) between B) on C) opposite D) have B) Did / didn’t D) Are / didn’t D) straight ahead 55. they came by plane.’ A) did B) wasn’t C) can’t 50. A) was B) were C) is 18. Maria. It usually _____ a lot in winter but last year it _____ . but yesterday she_____ . A) This B) That D) always D) do C) Last D) Next D) starting 53. Ann and Max usually _____ sailing at weekends. She thinks _____ her past life.’ A) they weren’t B) there isn’t C) there wasn’t D) they didn’t 49. A) of B) for C) over 24. I _____ in Paris when I was six. A) off B) for 32. Ann usually _____ to work. I usually take the car because I don’t like _____ . A) goes / played B) go / played C) went / play D) went / played 22. There’s a bank _____ the bookshop. A) lived B) live C) living 36. She _____ learn to read until she was 86. A) working B) running C) going D) walking C) about D) with 56. A) at / in / at B) to / in / at C) on / at / at D) at / at / in 44. Now she _____ alone. ‘_____ they come by train?’ ‘No. Tuncay Atakan is an English teacher. A) did B) didn’t D) lives C) aren’t D) isn’t 37.” A) do B) are C) did 38. She _____ work when she was 8. In my bedroom there’s a bed _____ a wardrobe. People all _____ the world speak English. What do you know _____ George Washington? A) with B) about C) for D) at / at D) for 47. A: Who _____ you eat with? B: Well. He _____ the school in 1994. Speak _____ me in English. A) left B) leaved D) is C) leave D) leaves 39. ‘Did she go to the cinema last night?’ ‘No.’ A) chemist’s B) bank C) market 58.’ A) What does he look like? B) What’s he like? C) How is he? D) How does he look? D) had C) in D) on D) baker’s C) at D) on 35. but last weekend they _____ tennis. A) at / in B) to / in C) on / at D) with/at 43. A) stayed B) was C) spent C) from D) with 57. _____ month I went to Paris. A) off B) on C) about 19. Millions of people _____ to London for her Funeral when he died. A) live / lived B) lives / lived C) lived / lives D) live / lived 26. “_____ you like the film?” “No. ‘Where can I buy some medicine?’ ‘At the _____ in Cook Street. A) ago B) before C) last 52. A) come B) coming C) came D) comes D) did / eaten 42. I _____ dinner with friends. A) rains / snowed B) rains / snows C) rain / snowed D) rain /snow 21. A) teaching B) like C) teaches D) study 48. she ______. We arrived _____ the airport _____ New York _____ 5:45 am. I often think _____ the day we met. A) from B) of D) don’t 51. It’s good practice _____ us. but when she was a child she _____ with her mother and sisters. A) did / eat B) did / eats C) did / ate D) are 40. A) to / with B) of / of C) to / for D) with / on 45. A) with / for B) with / to C) at / to 46. A) started B) starts C) start 30. She died _____ a car crash.

Sally didn’t buy the red shoes _____ she couldn’t afford them. A) since B) for C) about 14. Today’s the third _____ April. A: Which is _____ 2 _____ month? B: It is February. I didn’t. A: _____ is the _____ month? B: It is May.Time expressions . A) in B) on C) of 3. Our teacher _____ come to school. A) did / became / the 27th of October. A) until B) because C) so 34. A) came / in / on B) went / in / on C) went / on / in D) came / in / in My friend _____ a present _____ me _____ the Ramadan Holiday last year. A) didn’t rain / during B) didn’t / during C) didn’t rained / on D) not rain / in What a man he is! He _____ his passport and_____ keys _____ his car yesterday. I _____ him three months ago. 24. A) of B) in C) at 31. You’ll find the poem _____ page 16. A) wanted / an / was B) want / a / was C) wants / an / was D) to want / an / is He _____ blind _____ the car accident _____ the beach. We _____ in 1965. 26. A) forgot / lose / of B) forget / lost / of C) forgot / lost / of D) forgot / lost / from A: Did you watch a football match _____ TV? B: No.S.Negatives and ago . October D) did / did / 1991. I often _____ have a lot of time. A) on / in B) on / on C) in / in D) in / to Can I talk _____ Mr. A) when B) until C) so 5. A) in / on / of B) on / in / of C) in / in / of D) on / on / of 11. A) until B) so C) because D) when 36. A) What / the 21st century / was / the 20 century B) What / the 21st century / was / the 20th century C) What / the 21 century / is / the 20 century D) When / the 21st century / was / the 20th century 44. Princess Diana _____ in 1997. A) the day / the / May C) the month / the / July 38. But it was broadcast _____ radio. Who’s the blonde girl _____ the first row? A) in B) on C) at 12. We didn’t laugh _____ his joke. 21. ten years ago.Past Simple . A) come B) came C) comes 45. I learned _____ the Internet that a pop concert is _____ the third _____ November. A) on B) in C) of D) at 6. the 27th. A: Which is _____ 12th month? B: It is December. when. A) give / to / in B) give / at / to C) gives / to / at D) gave / to / on It _____ a lot _____ our holiday. A) don’t B) didn’t C) doesn’t D) isn’t D) gone D) of D) at D) so D) because Prince Charles _____ Canadian. She _____ see me. 1991. We met Ken’s wife _____ her parents last Saturday. October 18. There was a knock _____ the door. A: _____ century is it now? B: It is _____ . A: _____ is Amanda’s birthday? B: It is _____ the 25th _____ December.Prepositions 1. A: When _____ Turkmenistan become Independent? B: It _____ Independent on _____ . A) met B) meets 43. until) . A) was / with B) was / at C) were / at D) is / at 2. A) see B) sees 42. Their son _____ born at 2 o’clock this morning. He _____ English. A) were B) is C) was 46. A) What / on / in B) When / on / of C) When / in / on D) What / on / of 16. Alice _____ back from America last month. I didn’t enjoy math lessons _____ I was at school. A) since B) for C) in D) over D) * D) before D) at 32. A: What _____ the last century? B: It was _____ . We met Ken’s brother last Saturday _____ they came for dinner.Linking words (because. A) but B) until C) when D) so 27. A) at B) on C) in 13. so I _____ do the shopping myself. A) don’t / don’t B) doesn’t / does C) didn’t / did D) didn’t / didn’t 41. TEST . The Greens lived in London _____ six years.A. 8. Some people try to find friends _____ the Internet.ELEMENTARY . A) don’t B) didn’t C) doesn’t Book 1 Part A 13 .8 19. 4. I left the party early _____ I didn’t feel well. Paul _____ read until he was eight. A) until B) ago C) of D) on D) for D) after D) until D) where 7. A) until B) when C) because D) and 35. I didn’t feel well _____ I left the party early. They didn’t go to bed _____ midnight. A) because B) but C) until 25. A) until B) when C) because D) and 37. They lived in this city _____ 1980. A) is not / is B) is not / was C) was not / is D) was not / were I _____ to be _____ artist when I _____ a child. We met fifty years _____ . A) can’t B) can C) couldn’t B) the / the / Monday D) the date / the / October 40. A) so B) because C) but 33. Adams _____ your mobile phone? A) with / on B) on / in C) on / on D) to / on It _____ a really bad joke. A) don’t B) aren’t C) isn’t D) didn’t D) didn’t D) could 15. A) aren’t B) isn’t C) wasn’t 39. no one laughed _____ his joke. I am _____ the mobile phone. A) What / 5th / * / st / the B) Which / 5 / the / th / the C) Which / 5th / the / nd / the D) Which / 5th / the / rd / the 20.What is the date? . A: What is _____ today? B: Today is _____ 1st of _____ . I _____ have a shower yesterday evening. 10. A) at B) with C) for 30. 9. A) at B) on C) in D) of 29. I _____ to the U. October C) did / became / the 27th of 1991. B) became / did / 27 the 1991. We _____ see Tom last night. What’s _____ television this evening? A) at B) on C) in 23. A) went B) go C) visit 22. 28. Peter couldn’t speak _____ he was 6. A) die B) died C) saw C) meet C) dies D) seen D) meeting D) dye D) coming D) are D) haven’t Elementary Test 8 17.

A) at B) in C) by D) on 72. 130 __________ A) one hundred and thirty C) one hundred and fifty 51. I usually stay at home _____ night. A) to B) on C) at D) for 70. I _____ the answer now. _____ Sandy didn’t. Classes began _____ last week. A) at B) to C) on 97. Collins always talks ______ himself. I called you _____ seven o’clock yesterday. They took my temperature _____ the operation. He was born _____ 1955. 603 __________ A) six hundred and thirteen C) six hundred and three B) six hundred and thirty D) six hundred and nine 80. She is worried ______ her exams. Is it possible for me to keep it _____ Tuesday? A) by B) at C) since 77. You’d better go _____ the next plane to London. A) during B) for C) since D) at 69. I’ll just lie down _____ the bed for an hour. John and Mary are talking _____ the telephone. Will you come _____ bus or _____ a late train ? A) by-by B) on-in C) by-on 79. A) to B) with C) at 76. A) at B) with C) in 82. I _____ bread this morning. I always lie down _____ a swim. She said hello _____ everyone except me. Tell us _____ your holiday. A) in B) under C) on 67. A) * . She opened her mouth so the doctor could look _____ her throat. A) at B) in C) over D) on 61. He has a pain _____ his leg. A) when B) until C) so D) and 59. She arrived _____ Friday. Can’t you come _____ your bicycle? A) in B) with C) on 84. A) by B) for C) since 63. We’ll go _____ Rio _____ June. Ann stirred her coffee _____ a spoon. A) on B) over C) in D) after D) of D) in D) at 68. A) and B) but C) until D) when 60. I went to university. A) over B) with C) at D) * D) on 93. A) over B) on C) in D) of 65. She put a bandage _____ the boy’s cut finger. Did you stay _____ a tent on your last holiday? A) in B) over C) on 96. A) in B) on C) at D) over D) of D) by D) over D) to . I liked the movie _____ I didn’t like the book. I’ll finish the work _____ two weeks. I didn’t see Sandy very often _____ we talked on the telephone. A) with B) by C) in D) in D) to 71. Do you want sugar _____ your tea ? A) with B) on C) by 91. I couldn’t get _____ school in time. A) in / in B) at / in C) at / on D) in / on 66. He lived with Nomads _____ the Sahara desert for two years.on 86. I’ll be home _____ 7 o’clock. A) know B) known 48. A) until b ) but C) so 56. A) when B) until C) but D) when D) and D) and 85.* 94. A) * B) in C) at D) to 99. Mr. I saw an accident _____ my way home. A) from B) of C) with 58. We were together nearly every day _____ we left school twelve years later. They lived in Spain _____ the Second World War. I cut myself _____ a knife. Where is your mother? Is she _____ the hairdresser’s again? A) in B) on C) at D) * 62. A) to B) at C) * 100. A) to B) * C) at D) of Book 1 Part A 14 Elementary Test 8 . I won’t stay _____ bed.on B) to .in D) of D) with D) on D) of D) * D) at D) of 54. A) on B) at 50. A) of B) about C) with 74. A) by B) with C) in D) over 98. The doctor gave me a prescription _____ my cough. 387 __________ A) three hundred and eighty-seven B) three hundred and eighteen C) three hundred and eighty D) three hundred and eighty-eight 55. I was born _____ September 9th. She married _____ she was just eighteen. 862 __________ A) eight hundred and forty-two B) eight hundred and sixty-two C) eight hundred and sixty D) eight hundred and sixteen C) knows C) sell C) of D) knew D) buying D) in 73. Who’s the man _____ the funny hat? A) in B) from C) at 78. A) in B) on C) at 87. A) before B) by C) * 90. A) * B) of C) about D) * D) with D) in D) until D) to D) in-by D) to 75. We stopped for three-quarters of an hour _____ New York Airport. A) buy B) bought 49. A) with B) to C) at D) for 81. I’m afraid _____ falling trees. A) in B) * C) at 89. He grows corn _____ his farm.on C) to . I sometimes listen _____ the radio or watch _____ TV. I last saw her _____ the car B) at . A) until B) so C) but 57. She didn’t get a passing grade _____ her test.on C) * . A) from B) with C) at D) to . A) in B) on C) at 83. A) of . The Prime Minister arrived ____ Tokyo last night. A) * B) to C) on 88. 999 __________ A) nine hundred and nineteen–nine B) nine hundred and ninety-six C) one thousand and ninety-nine D) nine hundred and ninety-nine 53. A) by B) in C) on D) in D) since 92. A) by B) with C) on 95. A) on B) at C) in B) one hundred and fifteen D) one hundred and thirteen 52.47.

please? A) Do B) Does C) Can 37. A) by B) on 53. Would you like to listen to _____ music? A) any B) some C) many 28. “Are you Canadian?” “No. Is there a fridge _____ your kitchen? A) at B) on C) with D) on D) in Elementary Test 9 26.. Is there _____ tea? A) a B) the 21. A) many B) a 23. It takes about five minutes to walk _____ the bridge. 3. A) of B) off C) out 55. I want _____ book from the library.” A) Does B) Do C) to cook D) the D) cooked D) some D) any D) Am D) a D) a few D) a few D) some D) in D) to D) for D) at D) over D) with C) Would D) Are 8. 7. A) to B) with C) of 14. They arrived _____ plane. There isn’t _____ coffee. You have _____ lovely pictures in your house. A) on / on B) by / on C) with D) from D) in D) from D) with D) at C) with / by D) by / with 54. Do you like _____ homework ? A) making B) do C) doing 12. I need to put _____ petrol in the car. I waited _____ the bus-stop for ten minutes. He isn’t American.. A) like B) liking C) likes Book 1 Part A 15 . There was _____ rain during the night. It’s getting dark. A) an B) some C) any 34. A) a/some B) some/some C) a/a D) a/any He always has _____ egg for breakfast. How _____ milk is there in the fridge? A) much B) a lot C) many 40. A) some B) a C) an 33. A) of B) in C) at 51.9 27. Toshio is _____ Japan. but I have _____ good friends in Canada. A) at B) to C) on 47. A) by B) on C) * 49. We stayed _____ the Heathrow Hotel. _____ I have a cheese sandwich. Switch _____ the light. I’m not very good _____ mathematics. A) some B) a C) any 29. There are _____ oranges on the table.Much and many Polite requests (Could you . Do you like _____ English? A) learn B) learned C) How long C) a C) any C) an C) some C) How much C) the C) any C) to shop C) learning 42. 4. A) * B) to C) at D) till 48.” A) Would / like B) Do / like C) Did / liked D) Are / like Would you like _____ apple or _____ strawberries? A) a / any B) an / some C) any / any D) a / some C) any D) an D) does D) in D) about D) the D) some D) How D) the D) some D) some D) any D) How long D) much D) an D) shopped D) learnt D) to like 38. A) any B) a 20. A) many B) a lot C) much 39. put your homework _____ my desk.” A) any B) a C) an 35. A) the B) a C) some 31. 6. they came _____ foot. Can I . Countable and uncountable nouns Do you like . Bob ran 100 meters _____ 11 seconds. Please. “Did they come _____ bus ?” No. A) of B) on C) in 45. A) any B) some C) a 15. I’d like _____ mineral water. A) on B) into C) at 43. Where do you come _____ ? A) from B) * C) the C) of 9. Are there _____ chips? A) any B) some 18. he is a good man.Would you like. Help me _____ my homework. Can I have _____ bread? A) a B) some 24.. A) any B) a 41. There is _____ cheese on the table.?. Are there _____ letters for me this morning? A) some B) a C) the 32. please? A) a B) an C) some Can you give me _____ money? A) some B) a C) any I usually have _____ biscuit and _____ cup of coffee at 11 a.?) Prepositions TEST . A) an B) a C) any Do you like _____ ? A) cook B) cooking “_____ you like some tea?” “No. 2. Can I have _____ tea? A) a B) the 19. A) at B) in C) on 44. Do you like _____ ? A) shop B) shopping 25. A) much B) some C) many D) a D) an D) How any D) any D) any D) any D) a Would you like _____ rice? A) a B) some C) an D) any D) any D) an Can I have _____ stamps. Would you like _____ milk? A) a B) some 11. We have _____ of homework today.. I have got a book _____ Stephen King. _____ English books do you have? A) How many B) How some C) How much 30. A) any B) an C) a 16.m. A) * B) on C) at 50. What are you interested _____ ? A) in B) of C) on 46. thanks. David was very busy _____ the afternoon. Do you have _____ sisters or brothers? A) some B) a C) the 36. A) in B) at C) on 52. 10. _____ rice is there? A) How many B) How much 17. She _____ the Rolling Stones records.? A/an and some . I took the train _____ Dover to Ostend. I’d like _____ bananas. “_____ you _____ your teacher?” “Yes.ELEMENTARY 1. 5. A) by B) for C) from 13. I don’t have _____ milk left.? . _____ coffee is there? A) How many B) How 22.

Chocolate _____ harmful for your teeth.” the man told us. I’m still waiting _____ the Blue Train. Would you like _____ chips? A) some B) any C) a D) the D) any / and C) cheapest D) more cheaper 12. A: Would you like _____ oranges? Oh. D) from 7. A city is _____ than the country. has got . A) at B) for C) with D) to . Our village lies _____ two high mountains. A) on B) through C) over 69. A: Is there _____ juice in the fridge? B: No. A) among B) over C) in 67. A: _____ you like _____ biscuit? B: Yes. A) with B) after C) on D) around / in You are _____ me. too. thanks. A) cheap B) cheaper D) more noisy 76. A) to B) * C) for D) of ELEMENTARY . A) Do / some / I love / some B) Would / any / I’d love / any C) Would / some / I’d love / some D) Did / some / I liked / some 80. A) with B) to C) than The house is 50 meters _____ the sea.Prepositions 1. When people go _____ picnic they always eat a lot. but strawberries _____ useful for your health. A) any / any / some B) some / any / some C) any / some / any D) some / some / any 79. A) some / some / any B) any / any / some C) some / any / any D) any / any / any 78. B: That’s all right. Would you like _____ tea _____ mineral water? A) some / and B) any / or C) some / or D) slowly 77. A) on B) at C) in C) in D) at 10. I’ll phone _____ you tomorrow. A) fast B) faster C) the fastest 16. C) the dirtiest D) dirtier 62. He walked _____ the hill. A lot of planes fly _____ the city every day.56. We waited _____ you _____ 11. Your class is _____ than my class. When do you take _____ your wrist watch? A) off B) on C) out 65. A) has B) have C) does D) do 20. And apples _____ so delicious. Brain’s car is _____ in our district. A) cheap B) cheaper C) out D) up 73. I look forward _____ meeting you next month. A) Would / a / ’d like B) Do / a / would like C) Would / some / ’d love D) Would / * / would love D) more fast C) bigger than D) biggest C) cheapest D) the cheapest 18. My father takes a nap _____ dinner. Why did you leave London? You had a _____ job. Paris is _____ Madrid. A) big than B) bigger 17. TEST . Boys and girls go _____ dancing. And I _____ some milk. A) most beautiful B) more beautiful C) beautiful D) the most beautiful How many children _____ they _____? A) have / got B) have / get C) does / got D) has / got A country is quieter _____ a city. He spends his time _____ the banks of the river. A) to B) at C) on 66. A) out B) of He jumped _____ the lake. What was the temperature _____ Ankara yesterday? A) at B) of C) in D) off 58.10 57. Marie Curie was born _____ Warsaw. Can I have _____ tea? A: OK. A) has B) have C) have get 22. A) noisy B) noisiest C) noisier 14. D) over D) with / since D) from C) out of D) up 70. A) at / to B) for / until C) for / to 72. Life in a country is _____ in a city. A country is _____ than a city. You may write _____ a pen or _____ a pencil. A) to B) at C) * 64.Comparatives and superlatives . A) in B) to C) about D) on She came _____ the garage. A) dirty B) dirtier than C) older than D) older then 2. Madrid is much _____. A) * B) on C) to D) at 63. _____ ____ green tea. D) * 9. A) better B) best C) gooder D) the best 19. A) in B) on C) at 71.Have got. where) 59. A: _____ you like _____ cold water? B: No. “You can’t come in ____ a ticket. A) older B) oldest New York is _____ Paris. there isn’t _____ juice.Linking words (which. A) to B) by C) for 4. A) without B) through C) by D) with 60. A) into B) to 8. sorry! There aren’t _____ oranges. But we have apples. Does your sister _____ a fiancé? A) has B) has got C) have D) have got D) has get Book 1 Part A 16 Elementary Test 10 . A) has / have B) have / has C) has / has D) have / have 21. A) slow B) slower than C) slower 15. A) the most exciting B) exciting C) more exciting D) excited 13. They went _____ a museum. but there is _____ lemonade. A) is / is B) are / is C) are / are D) is / are 74. There _____ apple juice in the fridge. London _____ got a lot of parks. but it doesn’t ____ any computers. A) at / on B) at / in C) about / at 61. D) ago 6.00. A) to B) at 11. I get up _____ six o’clock _____ Tuesdays. A) to B) at C) of D) with D) of D) * D) between D) by / by D) between Prague is one of the _____ cities in Europe. There were no planes _____ the past. A) with / by B) with / with C) in / in 68. please. Our school ____ a library. My parents _____ a new stereo. 5. D) at 3. A) are / are B) is / are C) is / was D) is /is 75.

23. These exercises are _____ in the exam. A) youngest B) younger C) young 49. I’ve got _____ pencils than you. A) busy B) more busy C) busier D) the busiest Book 1 Part A 17 Elementary Test 10 . Yesterday it was ____ the day before yesterday. they _____ . She dived _____ the lake and went _____ the water quickly. A) the most expensive / more expensive B) more expensive / the most expensive C) expensiver / expensivest D) most expensive / the more expensive 52. Its university. A) tall B) tallest 32. A) cheap B) cheapest 27. she does. Claridge’s is the _____ hotel. A) close / what B) past / where C) past / which D) near / went 63. This exercise is _____ difficult in the book. The Plaza _____ a swimming pool. A) than B) then C) that 50. Maya _____ got a camera. A) along / in B) along / over C) over / in 62. She is smaller _____ her sister. or I’ll be late _____ my plane. A) has no B) hasn’t C) have got D) had C) doesn’t D) not 47. Cairo is located _____ the banks _____ the Nile River. A) better / worse B) gooder / badder C) better / worst D) best / worse 53. Bill _____ got any friends. Is there a car ____ _____ I can park my Porche? A) center / where B) park / where C) station / where D) bank / which 66. A) have got B) has got C) does have D) do has 29. A) that B) this 33. Drive me to the _____ . We went on picnic to the _____ of the Nile River _____ is very beautiful in spring. My homework is the _____ in class. Yesterday was _____ than today. A) old B) oldest D) has got 48. A) most B) more C) the most 39. New houses are _____ than old ones. Do you _____ any bread? A) got B) have D) busy C) hasn’t D) don’t C) has D) had 37. A: _____ they got any problems? B: No. He _____ got any sisters. I’m the _____ in the class. A) has B) to have C) have 24. Last week was _____ than this week. A) youngest C) young C) taller D) the tallest D) Does / have C) than D) this B) most youngest D) younger 34. A) of / on B) on / off C) on / of D) in / of C) cleverer D) the intelligent 61. She is taller _____ her elder sister. A) Have / haven’t B) Do / have C) Do / does D) Does / has 56. Hey! You are _____ employee in our firm. Your essay was _____ than Jim’s. but Ben’s car is ____ car. His exam marks were _____ for several months. A) port / where B) port / that C) stop / which D) port / when 65. A) port / of B) airport / on C) airport / for D) port / of 64. Izmir is the sea _____ _____ hundreds of ships come to. A: _____ she _____ a new job? B: Yes. She’s _____ than her brother. A) went / see B) go / saw C) went / saw D) look / saw 30. A) worst B) worse C) worthy 38. I’ve got a book _____ Mark Twain. founded ___ 1965. The Plaza is the _____ hotel. Help me _____ my homework. Do you have _____ homework? A) some B) a C) any 25. Walk _____ this path and ____ the stream. A) most hottest B) more hot C) hot D) much hotter 31. is one of the oldest in Europe A) on B) in C) at D) of 41. And she _____ have a car either. A) in B) by C) with D) in D) on 43. Go _____ the bus stop _____ is at the corner. A) colder the B) colder than C) colder them D) the youngest D) the D) the D) most D) colder C) the cheapest D) cheaper C) older D) the oldest 51. Nancy’s car is ____than mine. A) into / out of B) in / out of C) into / out D) in / out 58. Have you _____ any rice? A) have B) got 46. A) the baddest B) the bad C) badder D) the worst 45. A) by B) from C) off 42. A) haven’t / doesn’t B) hasn’t / doesn’t C) doesn’t / hasn’t D) haven’t / don’t 57. A) off B) from C) along 28. A) Has / got B) Does / got C) Does / * 55. A) more modern and clean B) modern and cleaner C) more modern and cleaner D) moderner/cleaner 54. The chemist is 2 kilometers _____ the port. I don’t _____ a problem with this exercise. I _____ for a walk in the country and ___ a farm. A) many B) more C) much 26. Who can run first _____ and _____ the hill? A) up / on B) upper / down C) down / under D) up / down 59. A) banks / where B) where / banks C) banks / which D) which / banks D) in / on 40. A) the difficulties B) the most difficult C) the difficult D) most difficult 44. but it was _____ than Mary’s. A) haven’t B) doesn’t 36. I’m the most _____. A) intelligent B) clever D) bad D) via D) the more 60. Last week was _____ than this week A) busier B) busiest C) more busy 35.

I’m looking _____ jumper. We watched the program called Hard Talk _____ CNN. 24. A) with B) to 36. Because vegetarians don’t _____ meat. Where are you _____? A) go B) going 27. Can you translate this letter _____ English _____ Chinese _____ me? A) from / into / for B) into / from / for C) from / in / her D) for / from / in 30. hers) . A) do / don’t B) do / do C) don’t / don’t D) am / am 13. I _____ understand you. 4. _____ hair is blonder than _____. D) He / at C) to wear D) wore 6. He _____ as a clerk in a bank. B) Where / go D) Where / going B) have / is D) have / aren’t 9. A) does / do B) do / do A: _____ are we _____? B: To the class. A) with B) on 37. A) at B) in C) to D) under 34. What _____ you _____ to know? A) do / want B) are / wanting C) do / wanting D) are / want 15. A) Her / yours B) Hers / yours C) Her / your D) Hers / your 21. A: Why _____ we _____ to a park? B: A good idea! A) do / go B) don’t / go C) aren’t / going D) are / going 14. He’s _____ down. A) are / in B) am / on C) are / on D) is / in I always _____ _____ credit card. “Are you ____ a good time?” “Yes. “Why are you _____ a suit?” “You usually wear jeans. A) Who’s / is / our B) Whose / is / our C) Whose / is / ours D) Whose / are / our 19. A) in / to B) on / from C) on / in D) off / of 18. She’s _____ jeans. A) do / do B) are / do A: What _____ she ____ now? B: I don’t know. A) She / in B) I / in C) You / on A: What _____ you _____? B: I’m a lecturer. A: _____ are you doing under the trees? B: I’m _____ my keys.Present Continuous . She _____ _____ how to solve. A: _____ she _____ a problem now? B: No. but) . A) go B) went 26. I read _____ bed. TEST . I _____.” A) having / are C) having / do 28. I always pay _____ credit card. _____ is hiding behind _____ car? A) Whose / my B) Who’s / mine C) Who / my D) Whose / mine 22. A) play B) playing C) to play C) is / do D) do / doing 25.Linking words (although. we ____. A) jumping B) jump C) ’m jumping C) getting D) to get D) jumped 11. D) Has / in C) studying D) studied 5. Benedit and Nina are _____ only salads. A) in B) on C) at 39. A) study B) to study 23. A) eat / eat B) eating / eating C) eat / eating D) eating / eat 12. A) come B) coming 29. yours.11 17. A) pay / by B) am paying / with C) ’m paying / by D) pay / with _____ you _____ a girl _____ fair hair? A) Do / knowing / of B) Does / know / of C) Do / know / with D) Are / knowing / with _____ she got a dress _____ white? A) Does / in B) Has / on C) Have / in _____ is reading a letter _____ bed now. A) is snowing / snows B) snows / ’s snowing C) ’s snow / snows D) snows / snows C) to come D) came 10. A) working B) work D) saw C) works D) to work 32. A) When / going C) When / go 2. I _____ from Switzerland. A: Oh no! It _____. A) sit B) sitting D) by C) sits D) sat Book 1 Part A 18 Elementary Test 11 . _____ child _____ playing in _____ yard. Because it’s my happiest day today. Is my English _____ better. We can’t go out. 3. A) gets B) get D) played 7.” A) wears B) wore C) wear D) wearing 33. Jane’s _____ her friend tonight. A) wearing B) wear We _____ watching a good documentary _____ BBC World now. There’s a girl _____ fair hair. I am _____ tennis this afternoon.Possessive pronouns (mine. I _____ speak Russian. I am _____ English. A) sees B) seeing C) see 31. C) going D) to go C) is / doing D) is / do C) to go D) went 8. Sorry.Prepositions 1. A) What / looking off B) Whom / looking in C) When / looking up D) What / looking for 20. We’ve got this jumper _____ red A) in B) to C) with 35. We are not _____ outside. A) at B) for D) at C) at D) for C) at D) out C) on D) in 38. Because we are interested _____ politics. He’s talking _____ Mandy. B: It always _____ here in March. A) Is / solve / doesn’t / know B) Does / solve / isn’t / knowing C) Is / solving / doesn’t / know D) Does / solving / doesn’t / know 16.ELEMENTARY .

A) speaks B) ’s speaking C) speak 59. We _____ pizza for dinner tonight. A) to come B) coming C) came I’m saving my money _____ a CD player. He’s interested _____ flying. They _____ going _____ a car this year. What’s she going _____ ? A) do B) doing 20.Making suggestions 1. A) aren’t / get B) aren’t / getting C) aren’t / to get D) aren’t / got Book 1 Part A 19 Elementary Test 12 . _____ children are older than _____.Going to . A) ’m playing B) play 5. A) at B) with D) by C) on D) with C) playing C) in D) with 53. A) dancing B) dance C) is dancing D) to dance 22. D) are coming 8.” A) Whose B) Which C) Who’s 50. D) Mine / her 3. What’s _____ the cinema? A) on B) at D) on C) plays D) to play C) on at D) at on 58. A) see B) seeing Careful! The glass is _____ fall. Where _____ you going tonight. A) to walk B) walking D) had C) to do D) did D) to go C) walk D) to walking D) speak 21. My daughter _____ French and German.” A) Whose / him B) Who’s / his C) Whose / his D) Who’s / him 49. Is it _____? A) my / yours B) mine / your C) my / your D) mine / yours 48. She’s going _____ home. A) go / grow B) going / grows C) goes / grows D)’s going / grows We _____ to stay in a villa in France this summer.12 41. They _____ both _____ to become TV stars. A) My / her B) Mine / hers C) My / hers 46. A) at B) on C) in 11. What’s the weather _____ today? A) like B) with C) in 15. _____ talking to _____ sister? A) Whose / yours C) Whose / your She _____ to be a ballet dancer when she _____ up. She’s good _____ singing. C) goes to D) go to 6. C) to see D) saw 47. A) on B) at 13. She was afraid _____ cars. A) going B) going to 2. This book isn’t _____. I like _____ house. A) play B) playing D) Where C) on D) by D) are 16. _____ do you do after school today? A) Which B) Why C) What 56. A) having B) have C) are having 54. today. I _____ tennis this afternoon.Wh questions . A) Ours / theirs B) Our / their C) Ours / their D) Our / theirs 45. She _____ tennis every day. A) ‘m seeing B) see I’m going _____ Peter tonight. A) am having B) have C) having 43. _____ boots are these? A) Whose B) Which D) had C) in D) of C) What D) Whose 14. A) going B) go C) ‘re going Tom and Tim _____ for lunch tomorrow. A) chew B) chewing C) chews D) chewed 42. A) go B) going C) goes 61. Sally _____ a breakfast at the moment. A) to have B) have C) having D) to go 7. We _____ to Paris this weekend. _____ house is smaller than _____ .40. _____ dog is running round _____ garden. D) bought D) had 10.Infinitive of purpose . A) at B) in D) plays 12. A) are / go B) are / going to C) is / going D) are / going 19.Prepositions TEST . I _____ a shower every morning. A) Whose / ours B) Who’s/our C) Whose / our D) Who’s / ours 52. What’s _____ TV tonight? A) in B) at D) about 55. She wants _____ in Paris and Moscow. A) your B) you D) had C) yours D) your 44. A) rains B) to rain C) raining D) rained ELEMENTARY . There’s a film _____ channel 4. A) going B) ‘re going C) to go D) go I _____ Peter tonight. A) buying B) to buy C) buy We’re going to Paris _____ a holiday. “_____ going to the party tonight?” “I am not. D) Where 9. I’m not _____ to buy you lunch. I’m going to Florida _____ a year’s time. . A) their / ours B) theirs / ours C) their / our D) theirs / ours 51. C) seeing D) to see B) Who’s / your D) Who’s / yours 4. A) at B) in C) by 17. And _____ garden is bigger than _____. How many languages do you _____? A) speaking B) speaks C) spoke D) to speak 18. I’m _____ gum. A) do B)is C) does 57. “_____ dictionary is this?” “It’s _____. It is _____ . A) has B) having C) is having 60.

What did you do _____ the weekend? A) of B) in C) at 41. Isn’t it beautiful? A) on B) at C) in 33. Can you buy me a bottle _____ lemonade _____ the shop? A) of / at B) at / of C) from / at D) from / of 39. A: _____ is Pittsburg _____ Ohio? B: About 500 kilometers. A) Where / What B) What / Where C) What / When D) Who / Whom 51. A : _____ are you going to eat? B : Pizza. A) What time / Who B) Who / Where C) When / Whom D) Where / * 52. What _____ the weather _____ in Las Vegas the day before yesterday. A) go B) going for going C) going D) going to 46. A : _____ ’re you going to eat? B : In the cafeteria. A) coming / visit B) to come/visit C) going to come / to visit D) coming / to visit 28. A) from B) on C) like D) are D) did D) by D) from D) from D) at D) than 37. _____ Saturday night we went to a party. A) ‘m not / is B) amn’t / is B) isn’t / am D) aren’t / is 43. because it _____ going to rain. _____ you going _____ wash your car this afternoon? A) Are / too B) Are / to C) ‘re / to D) Am / to 44. Nicola’s _____ to Liverpool _____ his grandparents. A : _____ is he going to marry? B : His colleague. Our hotel is fifty meters _____ the sea. A : _____ is Jim going to get married? B : Next month. What is the longest river _____ the world? A) at B) on C) in 36. I _____ going to wash it tonight. They’re both beautiful and intelligent. A : What _____ we _____ ? B : _____ go swimming. _____ we go on picnic? A) going to / Shall B) going to be / Will C) going to be / Are D) going to be / Shall 50. Maria is _____ her sister in many ways. A) do B) am C) are 27. _____ he play tennis last Sunday? A) Did B) Does C) Do 24. France is bigger ____ England. German is _____ English in some ways. Look _____ that picture. A) How long / from B) How far / from C) How big / off D) How small / since 54. A) of B) in C) than 35. Do you know where she is? A) about B) for C) at D) in 38. _____ you wash it yesterday ? A) Do B) Does D) Are 47. A) were / like B) was/as C) is / like D) was/like Book 1 Part A 20 Elementary Test 12 . What _____ your parents going to do when they retire? A) is B) do C) are D) did 30. I’m looking _____ Jane. A : _____ is the weather like _____ ? B : _____ is sunny & warm. A) What / today / it / was B) How / today / it / was C) What / it / today / * D) How / it / today / was 48. But yesterday _____ cold. A) like / then B) as / that C) like / than D) like / like 55. What have we got _____ dinner? A) at B) of C) for 34. but it is more difficult _____ English. A) from B) like C) of 40. What time _____ Maria usually arrive at school? A) does B) is C) do 32. _____ you have a dinner at this time every evening? A) Did B) Do C) Does D) Are 29. I’m _____ home early next week. A: _____ are you going to the chemist’s? B: I’m going to the chemist’s _____ some medicine. A) do B) is C) are D) do D) did 49. A: What is the weather _____ like tomorrow? B: Sunny. A) is / to buy B) is / for buying C) ‘s / for to buy D) * / buy 45. When _____ your parents first meet? A) did B) does C) do 31. We _____ having dinner at the moment.23. I _____ going out. A) Why / too buy B) Why / to buy C) When / two buy D) Where / buy 53. _____ he playing tennis now? A) Are B) Does 25. A) In B) On C) At D) about D) for D) For 42. A) will / do / Let me C) would / do / Let her C) Is D) Did C) Did D) Are B) shall / do / Let’s D) shall / do / Let me 26. She _____ going to the post office _____ some stamps.

C) care D) carely C) faster D) fastest 7.ELEMENTARY .” A) What B) Where C) When 11. A) bad B) worst D) best D) from 9. The teacher was _____ when nobody did the homework. D) well D) for 10. Smoking is a A) badly _____ habit.” A) Why B) Where 19. A) hardly B) harder C) hard D) hardest 34. _____ did you buy with? A) Which one B) Why C) badly D) worse D) How 33. “_____ did you go?” “By car. 25. My husband’s a _____ cook. but they don’t earn much money.” A) When B) Why 18. What happened _____ the end of the story? A) on B) in C) at The train leaves _____ platform 9. The game of tennis was very _____ . What _____ you do last night? A) does B) did D) Have C) do D) done “_____ did the first man walk on the moon?” “In 1969. but sometimes _____ the middle of a sentence. A) good B) best C) better 32.” A) When B) Where C) Who “_____ did she marry?” “She married to John.” A) What B) How much C) How many D) How . TEST . Everybody was very _____ about you. He won the game. I know the Prime Minister _____ . A) bigger than B) big A _____ driver. A) easy B) easier D) bad C) quickly D) the quickly 6. _____ you like learning English? A) Does B) Are C) Do 22. “_____ did you go?” “To buy some new clothes. A) quick B) quickly C) quicker 35. A) excited B) exciting C) exciter B) How D) Which one D) quickest D) excitely C) How much D) What 36. C) easily D) easiest C) at D) about 8. Lunch is a _____ meal for many people.” A) What B) Who A _____ dog. “_____ is she?” “Our cousin. Teachers work _____. The news is very _____ .” A) Who B) What C) When D) How 38. What is the story _____? A) in B) from C) How much D) How C) How D) What D) in / lately C) How D) Where C) off D) about Book 1 Part A 21 Elementary Test 13 . _____ do you weigh? A) How many B) How 26. A) of B) at C) from 30. D) did C) Which D) Why 3. Life in New York is very _____ . A) care B) careful She ran _____. “_____ do you want to go?” “To Paris. “_____ did you go?” “To the shops.Adverbs and adjectives 1. A) careful B) carefully 29. A) badly B) worth C) worst 28.” A) How many B) What C) Where D) When C) Where D) How 41. “_____ old was she?” “60 years old. “_____ did you buy your new jacket?” “At supermarket. C) worst D) bad C) carefully D) the careful 5.13 20.Question forms (Why-how many. A plane arrived _____ the airport _____ . The team played _____ and lost the match.” A) How many C) How much much) 21. A) fastly B) fast What is the story _____? A) of B) on D) What 23. Peter’s very _____ at tennis. Please listen _____ .” A) When B) Why 17. “_____ did you go?” “This morning. A) at / in B) in / at C) on / at D) at / on 42. “_____ did you pay ?” “$ 1000. When _____ you go shopping last? A) do B) does C) are 2. A) worried B) worrying C) When D) Who C) worry D) worringly 14. 27. A) from / to B) from / in C) from / at D) in / from 43. A) worried B) worrying C) worry 39. A train leaves _____ Berlin and arrives _____ Bonn in time. A) tired B) tire C) tiring D) worringly D) tires C) Where D) How 40. How many languages _____ your mother speak? A) do B) are C) does D) is 24.” A) Who B) When 13 . “_____ did the story take place?” “A long time ago. A) goodly B) well C) good 31. A) in / late B) at / lately C) at / late 44. A) quick B) quicker He drives too _____ . We use adverbs _____ the beginning and the end of a sentence. B) worth C) How much D) What C) biggest D) the biggest 4.” A) When B) Why 16.Why questions . The homework was the _____. “_____ did you buy?” “A new jacket. A) annoyed B) annoying C) annoy D) annoys 37.” A) Why B) What 15.

” “Yes. A) early / late B) early / lately C) earlily / lately D) earlily / late 47. C) just D) since 54. A) How long / from / to B) How fast / to / from C) How much / from / to D) How wide / from / to 46.Ever and never TEST . because there was a _____ shout. _____ she go to America 10 years ago? A) Has B) Does C) Had 18. She paints _____. A) interesting / excited B) interested / exciting C) interesting / exciting D) interesting / excited 53. A. I turned around _____.Yet and just .I am really _____ about my exam marks. At first we draw _____ then _____. A) have B) is C) has _____ you ever _____ in a car accident? A) Has / been B) Have / been C) Have / be D) Have / was She _____ to Russia two years ago.Present Perfect . she is a _____ painter. A) go B) went C) gone I _____ in a crash when I _____ 10. C) leaving D) left 6.Present Perfect and Past Simple 1. A) immediately / sudden B) immediate / suddenly C) immediate / sudden B) immediately / suddenly 50. They are _____ readers.” A) Had / be / haven’t C) Have / be / have D) will 2. I _____ . A) careful / quietly C) carefully / quietly D) goes 4. A) seen / saw B) see / saw C) seen / seen D) saw / saw 22. . Have they _____ been to Australia? A) never B) just C) yet 19. He is always _____.14 She _____ traveled to most parts of the world. B. She has _____ to Portugal. no! You are sometimes so _____. A) worried / tired B) worried / tiring C) worrying / tired D) worrying / tiring 52. She works _____ a big company. A) to B) for D) of D) on D) of C) at D) on 16. Brad and Marilyn are _____ honeymoon. I am _____ in the Mexican Culture. I _____ it last week. _____ they go to Australia last month? A) Have B) Do C) Has D) Did D) ever D) Did 20. A) leave B) leaves “_____ you _____ to Russia. Monica _____ many tournaments? A) have / won B) has / win C) have / win D) has / won 17. My friend never comes school _____. She _____ it yesterday. I’ve _____ the latest Star Wars film. A) were / was B) am / was C) was / am I _____ last night. A . ‘Hamlet’ is a play _____ Shakespeare. B) Has / been / have D) Have / been / have 7.45. A) slowly / hard B) slow / hard C) slow / hardly D) slowly / hardly ELEMENTARY . 49. Wait _____ me. B) careful / quiet D) carefully / quiet C) just D) since 9. A) quickly / slowly B) quick / slowly C) quickly / slow D) quick / slow 48. A) to B)with C) for 13. A) goodly / well B) goodly / good C) well / good D) good / good 10. Have you _____ your homework? A) do B) to do C) done I haven’t done it _____ . A) going B) went 11. A) yet B) ago D) did 8. A) of B) by C) at 14. Are you _____? Or is the book _____? A) boring / boring B) boring / bored C) bored / bored D) bored / boring 51. they read _____. A) on B) for C) at 15. A) yet B) already I have _____ done it. A) wrote / wrote B) written / written C) wrote / written D) written / wrote Book 1 Part A 22 Elementary Test 14 .Oh. She has _____ to Portugal. D) was / was 5. 3. Has she won the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament _____ ? A) just B) yet C) already D) since 21.6000 km. She’s _____ the letter. because it is _____ ._____ is it _____ London _____ New York? B . Be _____! Walk _____. A) be B) been C) gone D) went C) being D) were 12.

They’ve _____ lunch. A) already won B)‘s already won C) already win D)‘ve already won 41.Have your parents come _____? B. A) yet / just B) just / yet C) already / just D) already / just 26. When _____ the watchman _____ work? A) has / started B) did / start C) started / * D) * / start Book 1 Part A 23 Elementary Test 14 . A. A) have / had B) had / have C) had / having D) had / had 24. She’s just _____ to the hairdresser’s. A) done / done B) did / done C) done / did D) did / did 25. A) They / yet C) We / ever B) She / never D) I / just 44. He _____ cooking when he _____ 15 years old. Mason _____ his homework 10 minutes ago. A) took off / put on B) took after / put on C) turned up / tried on D) tried on / turned up 53. In 1992 I _____ for the Italian President When he _____ to France. There’s nobody in the class. they _____ just come. Nurses _____ ill people. She is only 14 years old. A) saw / eats B) seen / eat C) saw / eaten D) seen / eats 27. I _____ been _____ Ireland. A) had / ’ve gone B) * / went C) had / went D) have / went 49. _____’ve _____ played golf. Where have you _____ ? A) gone B) being C) been D) went 30. A) Where / gone B) Where / been C) When / been D) When / gone 50.Yes.I’ve _____ to Afghanistan. we have. A) gone B) been C) was D) went 31.Have you ever _____ a holiday in India? B. Star. _____ she _____ a new carpet yet? A) Does / buy B) Did / buy C) Has / bought D) Is / buying 46. Why don’t we turn _____ the T. Mary’s hair looks nice. Angela _____ Thai food but Frank _____ . All the students have _____ home. A) up B) on C) of D) out 34. A) go out / in B) give up / at C) grow up / for D) look up / on 55. I’ve never _____ anyone who_____ more than you. I’m going to be a T. I’ve _____ tidied it. I’ve _____ my homework. It’s terribly difficult to give _____ smoking. They’ve _____ on a double-decker bus. A. A) have / too B) have / to C) has / to D) has / too 42. _____ have you been? B. but she _____ many tournaments in her life. _____ Sandra _____ ridden a horse? A) Has / never B) Have / never C) Have / never D) Has / ever 43. A: Have you tidied your room _____ ? B: Yes. A) been B) gone C) went 45. A) travel B) traveled C) traveling D) Have D) travels 38. A) cooked / has come B) have cooked / came C) cook / came D) cooked / came 40. Let’s watch news. A) Turn out / turn off B) Turn off / turn out C) Turn back / on D) Turn on / turn off 52. They _____ it at 12 o’clock. A) look after / grow up B) look up / get up C) look around / grow up D) look before / get up D) being D) being 29. I _____ John yesterday.Welcome back. A) on B) off C) of D) up 32. A) have eaten / hasn’t B) has ate / hasn’t C) have ate / hasn’t D) has eaten / hasn’t 35. My brother’s _____ to America 4 times. When I grow _____. I _____ it after supper. A) been B) went C) gone 28. A) see B) seen C)’m seeing D) saw 36. It’s good to see you again. A) yet / ’re B) just / do C) already / ’ve D) yet / ’ve 47. He’s _____ to work.V. A) of B) on C) off D) out 33. _____ the TV and _____ the lights.Yes. _____ she already bought a new car? A) Did B) Has C) Does 37. Bob’s not here. to watch the news. The new couples watched a play _____ Shakespeare _____ their honeymoon.23. A. I’m going to work _____ my dad’s company. We _____ there in 2000. A) been B) went C) gone D) be 51. When I _____ . First he _____ his jumper. A) finished / yet B) finish / just C) finished / just D) finish / just 48. A) of / in B) by / on C) off / at D) by / in 54. but I’ve not finished mine _____. then _____ his best shirt.V. and gardeners _____ flowers & plants. A) started / was B) has started / has been C) ‘s started / was D) started / has been 39.

Why.” A) he marries C) you marry 38.Phrases with more than one meaning 1.” A) Did you have C) Have you had B) Where were you D) Where do you B) you married D) she married 17.Questions with Who. “Are _____?” “No. Usually Jim _____ to work on Saturdays. His wife. A) is going B) went C) go 33. B) means this word D) is meaning this word 26. Taylor use B) Is Mr. Past. I _____ understand what you are saying. He __(12)__ medicine because he __(13)__ to be a doctor. A) no B) don’t C) am not 21.” A) are you studying B) were you studying C) was you studying D) is she studying 36. A) didn’t smoke B) aren’t smoking C) isn’t smoking D) don’t smoke 30. Many birds _____ south every winter. TEST . A) was teaching C) teach 16. I _____ English food. B) you do D) did you do D) loves 4. “ _____ born?” “I was born in London.1 18. Cats _____ very well in darkness. B) smoke not D) don’t smoke C) listened D) is listening 7. You look nice. “ It’s very noisy” “Suzy _____ to rock music.” A) listen B) listens D) helping 6. Silvia.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . _____ a new dress? A) Do you wear B) Does she wear C) Are you wearing D) Did you wear 31. _____ the computer at the moment? A) Does Mr. C) was going D) went 28. A) am B) * C) was D) want B) Do you have D) Are you having Pre-Intermediate Test 1 Book 1 Part A 24 . A) loved C) loves B) lives D) live B) was studying D) doesn’t study B) was wanting D) wants B) have D) is going to have B) teaches D) thought B) used to love D) love D) will fly D) goes D) are having D) sees 35. He can make an excellent enchilada! 11. A) see / having B) saw / have C) seeing / had D) saw / had 23. Taylor using C) Did Mr. Pierre is French. Taylor use 5. A) I’m speak B) I’m speaking C) I speaking D) I speak Where _____ from? A) Hans come C) does Hans coming What _____ tonight? A) do you do C) are you doing “Where is George” “He _____ a shower. Spanish. A) has C) doesn’t have 15. How many sisters _____ ? A) do you have C) are you have C) enjoying D) enjoys B) you have D) do you has 20. A) is coming B) came C) come 3. Carol _____ hard for her exam last week. thanks. A) have B) is having C) has 34. “ _____ a job ?” “No. I don’t. __(15)__ in a primary school.Present. Dave _____ a student with her work now. Are you _____ the party? A) enjoy B) enjoyed 19. Taylor use D) Will Mr. The weekend was boring. “What _____ ?” “I’m studying computer science. A) don’t do B) no do C) didn’t do D) wasn’t doing 10. I’m single. B) did you stay D) you staying 9.” A) has B) will have “What _____ ?” “I don’t know. It’s wonderful! A) am loving B) loved C) love 24. Last weekend I _____ some friends and we _____ a meal. I’m a student. but he __(14)__ any children. A) studied C) is studying 13. He _____ from Toulouse.” A) does this word mean C) does mean this word “Do you want a cigarette?” “No. I usually _____ go swimming. I _____ anything. Future Tenses . a town in Mexico. A) are seeing B) see C) will 8. Anne. Most of the students _____ these days.” A) When did you C) Where are you 37. Look it up. A) fly B) flew C) are flying 32. Japan _____ many high mountains. What time _____ home last night? A) did you get B) you get C) do you get D) did you got D) didn’t _____ three languages: French. A) is wanting C) will want 14. A) was go B) go How long _____ in America? A) you stay C) stayed you 2. B) does Hans come D) Hans came 22. A) didn’t study B) isn’t studying C) don’t study D) aren’t study 29. A) helped D) help C) is helping 27. How much . and English.” A) no smoke C) am not smoking Last year I _____ to America. He’s married. At the weekend. D) comes C) is having D) have 25. I _____ . “I’m going to university next year” “What _____ study?” A) you going to B) do you C) did you D) are you going to Enrique __(11)__ in Puebla. Enrique __(16)__ cooking. A) lived C) was living 12.

A) improved B) developed C) persuaded D) exchanged 63. Oh! Welcome. Same to you C) Nothing much 51. A) communication B) transport C) media D) civilization 62.” A) Where were B) Where are C) Where is D) When was 40. “Do _____ clubs?” “I go sometimes._____ Leo eat Chinese food? B.39. A) Pleased to meet you B) That’s very kind C) Make yourself at home D) Same to you 59. A) ancient B) old C) dated D) modern B) Thank you! D) Sleep well! B) Thank you D) Bye for now B) Not at all. A. Mobile phones. A) a letter B) a fax C) mail B) Thank you D) Excuse me 47.” A) Nothing much B) Cheers C) Not at all. A. 45.Good night! B . “Thank you so much for helping._____ am from Milano. Romans _____ a unique system of the Roman alphabet. “See you next week. A. A) Did / eaten / when B) Does / ate / what C) Did / ate / when D) Do / eat / what 53._____! A) Sleep well B) Cheers C) Fine. A) much / languages B) many / language C) many / languages D) much / language Book 1 Part A 25 Pre-Intermediate Test 1 .” A) Thanks. “Have a nice day!” “ _____. I’m enjoying it very much.” A) Sleep well C) Thanks.” A) you do C) you usually go 57. A. A) neighbors B) society C) printing pressing D) Greeks 64. A. “What_____ doing in you free time?” “I like watching sport on TV. “Make your self at home.When _____ it _____ raining? B. Same to you 61. and radios are a means of _____. Greek and Egyptians are all _____ nations. can I help you C) Bless you / Thank you D) How do you do / How do you do 60. “ _____” “Yes. Don’t mention it D) Sleep well 48.” A) was your name C) is your name 55. “Good morning!” “ _____” A) Good morning! C) Cheers! 49. thanks D) Bye 58. he _____ it _____ he was 10. A.Yesterday.Three _____. televisions. What _____ they going _____ do? A) are / too B) are / to C) is / to D) is / too 54.” “ _____ .Yes.Where _____ from? B. “Are _____ your course?” “Yes. “What _____?” “My name’s Ben. D) Sleep well B) are / you D) you / I 52. A) are you / I C) are they / they D) an e-mail 65.” “ _____ . A) Same to you C) Bye B) you go to D) you do go to 43. Jack! __________.How _____ languages can your son speak? B. Customer: _______________! Shop assistant: _______________? A) Good morning / Good morning B) Excuse me / Yes. “ A) Cheers C) Good morning 50. We send _____ through the internet. “What are you doing this weekend?” “______________. can I help you?” A) Thank you! C) Excuse me! B) Thanks D) Not at all B) Cheers! D) Nothing much.” A) you enjoying B) they enjoying C) they enjoyed D) enjoying 42. Nowadays media has a huge influence on the _____.” A) Nothing much B) Not at all.” A) are you B) sport are you C) do you like D) would you like to 44.” “ ___________. A) Did / started B) Does / start C) Does / starts D) Did / start 56. Don’t mention it. _____ kind _____ music do you like? A) What / * B) How / of C) What / of D) What / * B) were your name D) is his name 41.___________. “_____ Liverpool?” “It’s in the north west of England. Romans. Don’t mention it C) Cheers D) Bye for now 46.Thank you very much! B.

A) so 34. Good-bye! A) go B) went C) am going I _____ a book about astrology these days. __(29)__ I’m not going out very much these days. I _____ a pain in my leg. A) however D) sit 11. C) comes D) coming 7. D) is coming 29. I can’t help you at the moment. I’m sorry. What time _____ lunch in general? A) does you have B) have you got C) do you have D) are you having 41. __(30)__ she works in a bank. I _____ a bicycle when I was young. A) will read B) am reading C) read D) am going to read Nurses _____ after people in hospital. I _____ four languages. __(36)__ I’m a lot more sociable. __(28)__ I prefer going out with my friends.V off. Every morning Tessa _____ at 7. Steele _____ to her boss. Her fiancé’s name is Ferdinand. She _____ her hair. A) But 36. A) come B) is coming 5. A) will cook B) am cooking C) cook D) cooked 14. How many children _____? A) are you having C) do you have got B) do you do D) are you do B) do you go D) are you go B) do you have D) are you have 2. She’s trying to save some money __(31)__ she’s going to get married this year. __(32)__. No one _____ it! A) watches B) watch C) is watching 17. A) dance B) is dancing C) dances D) shines D) drove D) are dancing Book 1 Part A 26 Pre-Intermediate Test 2 . A) doesn’t wear B) isn’t wearing C) no wear D) wears 23. A) so 30. People say I look like my sister __(33)__ we both have brown eyes __(34)__ dark hair.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . A) but 35. A) have got B) has C) am having D) have got D) have C) have D) am having 39. We like to go to clubs or the cinema. A) go B) goes C) are going She _____ for dinner this evening. What _____ in your free time? A) are you doing C) you do 24. A) never has C) has never B) has never got D) have never 15. A) is washing B) washes C) washed D) watched 40. 26. A) has B) having 37. We _____ to a party next Saturday. A) come B) came C) comes _____ to go out tonight? A) Do you want C) Is you want D) went 28. A) is getting up B) got up C) get up D) gets up 12. The sun _____ in the day time. In Britain people _____ on the right. Jack’s a policeman but he _____ a uniform. A) looks B) is looking C) will look Annie _____ from Ireland.30. A) however 9. She is not ready. I’ll tell her you phoned. A) Because 8. D) reading 4. She likes staying at home in the evening __(27)__ watching television with parents. A) am reading B) read C) am reads 25.But. Turn the T. and. She’s very quiet. I have exams soon. Oh. someone _____ in my seat! A) is sitting B) sits C) will sit 13. B) Are you wanting D) Would you want 31. A) aren’t play B) isn’t playing C) doesn’t play D) didn’t play 19. A) have B) am having C) had 38. A) live B) lived D) wash C) lives D) will live 18. Sometimes we just go to a café. I _____ to work now.Present Simple. Mrs.2 22. D) look My sister and I are very different. A) have got B) am having C) have D) goes D) has 3. we are very different in character. Present Continuous . I _____ dinner. A) talked B) talks C) talk D) is talking 16. Derek’s good at golf but he _____ very often. A) and 32. A) However 10. This is a great party! Everyone _____. A) however B) but B) so B) And B) however B) so B) so B) So B) because B) so B) So B) but C) so C) and C) So C) but C) because C) because C) But C) and C) however C) However C) and D) because D) because D) But D) and D) and D) but D) And D) however D) and D) And D) so 6. however 1. I _____ lots of books every year.Have/has got . __(35)__. __(26)__ we get on well together. He _____ milk in his coffee. A) shine B) shone C) is shining 20. The Pope _____ in Vatican. He_____ a shower in the morning. we all call him Freddy. I _____ a shower every morning. My sister is six years older than me. A) are driving B) drives C) drive 21. A) am speaking C) speaks B) speak D) am speak 33. Where _____ on holidays? A) you go C) do you going TEST . A) and 27.

But when I _____ up the phone. A) shone 29.Past Continuous . A) for B) since C) while 25. I _____ a very good program on TV last night. 9. She _____ a bright red coat yesterday. A) * B) at C) on 12. A) pick B) am picking C) picked D) was picking 47. A) in B) * C) on D) in D) In D) for D) at 15. A) during B) while C) nothing 50. I _____ my money. A) on B) at C) in . While I __(29)__ past the supermarket.Linking words TEST . A) say / watched B) said / were watching C) was / saying D) said / watched 48. A) * B) in C) on D) at D) for 41. he _____ his finger. We all _____ a terrible shock. I _____ round and _____ Paula. _____ a good time last night? A) Did you have C) Will you have B) Were you having D) Are you having 18. I _____ to the news on the radio when the phone _____. I _____ to get up this morning. I don’t know how. I had an accident _____ last night. A) didn’t want C) don’t want C) walk D) walking B) wasn’t wanting D) am not wanting B) is shining C) was shining D) shines D) was walking D) see D) passes D) song C) last 28. How _____ your finger? A) are you cutting C) did you cut 40.Prepositions 1. A) paid / was hearing B) pay / heard C) was paying / hear D) was paying / heard 20. everyone _____ a good time. I took my car to the garage _____ this morning. A) Last B) In C) For D) On 36. but they didn’t say anything because they _____ television. A) for B) last C) * D) at They arrived _____ three o’clock _____ the afternoon. a waiter _____ a pile of plates. It will be ready _____ two weeks. A) shopped / lose B) was shopping / lost C) shopped / was losing D) shop / lose 38.00 last night? A) did you do C) were you doing B) you did D) are you doing D) for D) on 49. A) walked My parents moved back to England _____ I was five. A) was seeing B) saw 31. A) at B) for C) * I usually go home _____ the weekend. A) at / in B) in / for C) when / ago D) last / * _____ Saturday evening we went out to a concert. We played tennis _____ two hours. Last week the police _____ Alan in his car because he _____ over eighty miles an hour. A) At B) For C) On 13. A) turned / saw B) was turning/ was seeing C) turn / was seeing D) was turning / saw 21. A) For B) Last C) Last D) When 11. A) was continuing C) is continuing 34. I worked on a farm _____ the holidays.3 This morning I __(26)__ to work. 6. _____ the afternoon we went for a walk.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . A) decided B) were deciding C) decides D) will deciding 23. and my bed was so warm. 3. I was born in Africa _____ 1970. A) was arriving / had B) arrived / was having C) arrived / had D) arrived / were having 42. While the waiter _____ up the broken plates. A) cooked / was dropping C) was cooking / dropped B) were you cutting D) you cut B) cook / drop D) cooked / dropped 10. A) sang B) was passing C) pass B) sing C) was singing B) continues D) continued 33. A) had / was dropping B) have / dropped C) have / drop D) were having / dropped 24. _____ we got home we listened to some music. A) last B) when C) ago 14. A) went / meet B) am going / met C) go / was meeting D) was going / met 44. Then he __(34)__ a friend and he __(35)__ singing. What _____ at 8. there was no one there. 7. I _____ and I _____ the knife. A) when / * B) in / at C) at / last D) at / in 16. A) will met B) met C) was meeting D) meet B) stop D) is stopping D) saw 35. A) in B) when C) at D) * D) in D) on B) of B) am walking C) was walked C) am seeing 30. A) wore B) was wearing C) wear D) was wear 22. 4. I __(27)__ to go by bus because the sun __(28)__. A) listened / was ringing B) am listening / was ringing C) was listening / rang D) listen / is ringing 46. A man __(31)__ near me and he __(32)__ a song very loudly on his own! He __(33)__ for a few minutes. It happened _____ seven o’clock _____ the evening. 8. A) were stopping / was driving B) stop / drived C) stopped / was driving D) was stopping / drove 39. A) when B) ago C) * D) for We lived in Bristol _____ three years. A) passed 32. While I _____ this morning. While we _____ a drink. I __(30)__ something strange. 5. A) were getting C) getting B) gets D) got 43. 2. We got up late _____ Sunday morning.Irregular verbs . When I _____ at the party. A) nothing B) ago C) for I found a flat on my own _____ last year. I _____ hello to the children. A) was walking B) walked 27. A) was stopping C) stopped I didn’t go home ____ weekend because some friends came to stay. It _____ and it was cold.Past Simple . While I _____ to work this morning I _____ an old friend. I bought a car a few weeks _____. A) last B) for C) at I left college three years _____. A) was seeing B) see C) am seeing 37. A) don’t want / is raining B) am not wanting / rains C) wasn’t wanting / rained D) didn’t want / was raining 45. We _____ to have a cup of coffee. I _____ for my things when I ____ someone call my name. I _____ a friend while I _____ the shopping A) was meeting / did B) met / was doing C) meet / do D) met / did 19. A) picked / was cutting B) was picking / cut C) pick / cut D) picks / cut Book 1 Part A 27 Pre-Intermediate Test 3 . A) in B) when C) * 17. 26.

Would you like _____ coffee or tea? A) * B) the C) an 39. A) the B) a C) an 41. please._____. A: Have you got _____ CD’s? B: Yes. Would _____ please explain what happened? A) anything B) somewhere C) anybody 19. A) * B) the C) an 27. _____ loved it. A) anyone / no one B) somebody / everyone C) nobody / somebody D) everybody/anybody I lost my glasses. A) anywhere B) everywhere C) somewhere D) everything A: Did you buy _____ at the shops? B: No. He doesn’t care. B: And I want to talk to _____ either. I work in _____ company that makes _____ carpets. I’d like _____ glass of milk. How _____ people live in your house? A) any B) much C) many 15. A) * / the B) a / a C) the / the D) * / * 23. Is there _____ traffic in your town? A) a few B) many C) some 12. Why aren’t there _____ magazines? A) little B) much C) a little 31. A) many B) a few C) some D) much 14. A) anything / everyone / something B) somebody / anyone / anywhere C) something / somebody / somewhere D) everything / nobody / somewhere Have you got _____ homework? A) many B) much C) a few D) some D) a few D) much D) much 2. Does he like _____ cake? A) the B) a C) a C) an 13.Some. A) a B) * 37. any TEST . A) anyone B) anything C) somewhere D) somebody Book 1 Part A 28 Pre-Intermediate Test 4 . A) lots of B) most C) a little 4. She speaks good Spanish. A) a few B) few C) much 30. I don’t know _____ students in this class. A: How much are the driving lessons? B: Fifteen pounds _____ hour. I can see _____ newspapers. 6. I have _____ close fiends. A) the B) a C) * D) an 24. I eat _____ apple every day. 35. Just half a dozen. Two or three.A few. I need _____ help with my homework. A) a B) * C) the 9. everywhere . A) the B) a C) an C) an D) the D) * D) a D) an D) * D) an D) a D) a D) the D) * 8. We don’t need _____ eggs. A) Everything B) Anyone C) Somebody D) Everybody I’m bored. how many . but only _____ Russian. A) much B) a little 18. A) everywhere / nowhere B) somewhere / anywhere C) anywhere / everywhere D) anybody / someone A: I don’t want to talk to _____. The shop hasn’t got _____ birthday cards. I saw _____ change on the table a minute ago. They don’t like _____ chocolate.4 21.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . No.Articles . I can’t see _____. A) a few B) a lot of C) much D) a little 20. Because I am a newcomer. 34. The shop hasn’t got _____ washing powder. A) much B) some C) many 33. Are you free? A) a few B) much C) any D) some 36. many . I was at _____ home all day yesterday. A) a lot of B) many C) few 7. anyone. My friend lives in _____ same street as me. There are _____ apples. A) a little B) many C) much 11.” A) a few B) many C) a little 17. I never drink _____ coffee. I come to ______ school by _____ bus. A) something / anything B) anything / anywhere C) somebody / everywhere D) something / nothing A: Let’s go _____ hot for our holidays. She needs _____ to help her choose a birthday present. D) a D) a D) much D) many D) many D) a little D) any D) much D) a few 3.How much. He has _____ money. B: But we can’t go _____. a little. A) many B) much C) some 32. but I’m not very good at _____ math. I want _____ interesting to read. Please have _____ cake. A) an B) * 45. nobody. A) the B) * C) an 28. Is _____ listening to me! A) somebody B) anyone C) something D) anywhere D) someone C) a few C) much D) lots of D) a few 48. . I looked _____. 29. A) * / the B) the / a C) * / * D) the / the 49. If _____ asks. tell them I’ve got a cold. I’ll be ready in _____ minutes. A) a B) the C) * 40. A) something B) anybody C) someone D) somewhere 47. a lot of 1. He’s a millionaire. but I couldn’t find them. My favorite subject is _____ history. A) a B) * C) an D) the 22. that’s too expensive. He will watch _____ on television! A) somewhere B) something C) anything D) anybody 50. Ankara is _____ capital of Turkey. A) many B) a lot of C) a little 16. A) most B) a lot of C) a little D) the A: Did you meet _____ at the party? B: Yes. 5. 38. This table is made of _____ glass. 10. A) a / * B) the / the C) the / * D) a / a 25. A) a lot B) a little D) a lot of D) a lot D) a lot of 46.Something. Half a spoonful. I didn’t have any money. or ____ to talk to. A) a lot of B) a little C) a few 42. How often do you eat _____ chocolate? A) the B) an C) * 43. or ____ interesting to go. The shopkeeper has got _____ cheese. This morning _____ bus was late. A: Do you take sugar in coffee?” B: Just _____.” A) something / anything B) everything / something C) anything / nothing D) no one / anybody It was a great party. A) a B) * C) an 26.Much. A) * B) the C) an 44. I met _____ who knows you! A) someone / anyone B) anything / nobody C) anybody / somebody D) everybody / nothing A: Ouch! There’s _____ in my eye! B: Let me look. hundreds. Let’s have _____ ice-cream.

” A) saw B) will see C) are going to see D) seeing C) to go D) going 33. Where _____ this year?” “We don’t know yet. I’m looking forward _____ more free time. We’re _____ a party next Saturday. A) become B) to become 32. A) is having / go B) had / went C) is having / come D) will have / will go D) to earning D) to see 16. C) with D) to C) to D) of 3. A) to going B) go 6. A) I went B) I’m going C) I’ll go D) I go “Tony’s back from holiday. A) get B) to get C) getting 14. You can tell me your secret.” “Give it to me. A) for B) at 22. ____ round and _____ a drink some time. This book is full _____ pictures. A) to B) for D) at C) for D) in 4. Do you work _____ someone special? A) at B) for C) of 30. He isn’t good _____ French. I don’t agree _____ him. A) think changing C) am thinking to change D) see B) am thinking of changing D) think change 19. A) to having B) to have C) of having 35. A) to B) for C) of 29. Some people like _____ breakfast in bed.5 17. Mum. gerund . “I need to post these letters. but I don’t. I want _____ a film on TV this evening. I hope _____ some money soon. Julie is married _____ Sam. Bye!” “OK.” A) did you go B) you going C) will you go D) do you going 13.” A) I’m going to carry B) I carry C) I’ll carry D) I carried I bought some warm boots today because _____ skiing.” A) I’ll give C) I’m going give C) in D) of 5. My brother is interested _____ math. please.” A) Do you like B) Are you liking C) Would you like D) Did you like “What _____ at the weekend?” “I like putting my feet up and relaxing. Wait _____ me in the street. A) Go / come B) Have / come C) Go / have D) Come / have D) got 38. C) at D) in 27. Look _____ those birds! A) at B) to 25. What time _____ home?” A) went / did you come B) am going / are you coming C) go / will you come D) am going / do you come 39. I _____ anyone. You must see my new flat. “I _____ out now.” A) will go / will post B) am going / will post C) am going / am going post D) go / am going to post 12. A) watching B) to watch C) to watching 34. Pete _____ a shower at the moment. A) at B) in D) of “_____ a drink?” “Yes. TEST . will . “Now. A) having B) too have C) have D) had Book 1 Part A 29 Pre-Intermediate Test 5 . Dave. A) to see B) seeing C) to seeing 18. A) with B) in C) to 20. Bill is looking _____ his keys but he can’t find them. A) am not going tell B) won’t tell C) don’t tell D) didn’t tell 11.” “_____ him a ring. Barbara hopes _____ a lawyer. “What _____ to do in the evening?” “Why don’t we pop round and see Pat and Peter?” A) do you like B) are you C) would you like D) did you like “_____ for walks?” “What a good idea! It’s so hot today!” A) Are you going to go B) Did you like going C) Do you like going D) Would you like to go “My bag is so heavy.” “I _____ shopping soon. 23. “What are you doing tonight?” “We _____ a play at the theatre. Please ask _____ help if you want. I’m looking forward _____ you again soon. We’ve decided _____ married in the spring. D) for 8. Hi. A) earning B) earn C) to earn 15. Have a good time. Are you afraid _____ flying? A) with B) at 26.” A) Did you like C) Will you like C) to D) at 2.Going to. _____ it for you.” A) will you like to do B) do you like doing C) would you like to do D) are you like to do “_____ your teacher?” “Yes. B) I gave D) I give C) of becoming D) becoming 9. holidays.Prepositions 1. A) to B) in C) of B) Would you like D) Do you like 24.Infinitive. she’s very nice.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . She enjoys _____ the news on television. I’d love ____ with you. Can I speak _____ you for a minute? A) with B) of C) at 31. A) in B) with 21. A) for B) at C) to D) in 28. Sometimes I play tennis. Do you want _____ it again? A) try B) trying D) watch 10. A) seeing B) see C) see to D) having C) to trying D) to try 36. Would you like _____? A) have / to go B) having / to come C) had / to have D) having to / had 37. I’ll just _____ and tell him. I _____ them for you. D) in D) in 7. I’ll have an orange juice. I _____ my job soon.

A lot of people go there on honeymoon. please. “Can I speak to Marco?” “Hold on. Nothing’s going right in my life. I didn’t.” A) got C) get 46. fruit. A) the B) * C) much D) more He isn’t as intelligent _____ his sister. Who is the _____ man in the world? A) rich B) most richest C) richest D) most rich Everything is _____ in my country. C) Poor you! That happens to me sometimes. We really need some sunshine. but she was _____ to escape with no injuries at all. Trains in London are more crowded _____ in Paris. Venice is a very _____ city. Before you can get a credit card. He always buys presents for everyone. Have a good time.40. A) more cheaper B) cheaper C) cheap D) cheapest B) am going to get D) will get 9.Relative pronouns (who. Have a good time. the country needed a lot of _____ equipment to look after the sick and wounded. A) dirty B) polluted C) wealthy D) romantic 18. A) cheap B) financial C) depressed D) wealthy 19. she _____ her grandparents. D) nothing 7. you have to provide a lot of _____ details. 41. D) as 3. I _____ it again. B) have D) had 10. ____? I think I _____ with you. “Coffee or tea?” “I ____ tea. My dad’s really ____. A) wealth B) person C) happiness D) personal 13. She had a car crash. “I feel really depressed at the moment.” “Oh. “I’m cold.Vocabulary 1. The disco was so _____ that you couldn’t hear yourself speak. A) send C) am going to send 11. A) than B) that C) nothing D) as 47. “Has Amy got any plans for the weekend?” “Yes. where) . he needed a major surgery. A) like B) as C) than This is _____ than I expected. A) much B) more C) * Jessica’s as tall _____ her mother. A) than B) like C) more “What _____ New York like?” “It’s really exciting!” A) does B) is D) the 2. A) depressed B) romantic C) lucky D) healthy 17. D) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad! 44. I’ve got an exam today. A) more hard B) hard 5. B) Why don’t you go home to bed? C) That’s great. B) will put D) will be putting C) the hardest D) harder 8. A) will visit B) visits C) is going to visit D) visited 48. “Alison’s on the phone for you. I try to lead a _____ lifestyle . which.” “_______________” A) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad! B) That’s great.What’s it like? . A) romantic B) fortunate C) generous D) depressed 12. I’m pleased to hear it. C) was D) did 4. I think I’m getting the flu. I don’t feel very well.” “Can she call back? I ____ a bath. “I’m really excited. 6. but fortunately the operation was _____. A: Did you get my fax? B: No. After the earthquake.6 . D) That’s good. A) happy B) different C) successful D) personal B) will send D) am sending Book 1 Part A 30 Pre-Intermediate Test 6 .” A) will have B) am going to have C) have D) having of 49. Here is the ____ news.” A) go / are you / am going to come B) will go / will you / will come C) am going to go / are you / will come D) am going / do you / come 50. Rome was hotter _____ I expected. B) Why don’t you go home to bed? C) I’m sorry to hear that but I’m sure he’ll be all right. A) that B) as C) than D) like Oxford is one of ___ oldest universities in Europe. 42. and no junk food. but I’m sure he’ll be all right. After a heart attack. D) Good luck! Do your best. don’t we? B) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad! C) I’m sorry to hear that.lots of exercises. I _____ him.” “_____” A) I know. what. “I _____ to the supermarket.” A) am going to put C) put 45. “_____” A) Good luck! Do your best. I’m going on holiday to Australia tomorrow. “I feel nervous. A: OK. Share prices on the Dow Jones Index have fallen dramatically. “_____” A) Poor you! That happens to me sometimes. A) depressed B) dirty C) healthy D) mess 14. D) Cheer up! Things can’t be that bad! 43.” “I _____ the heating on. He’s _____ older than he looks.Comparative and superlative adjectives TEST .” A) will have C) am going to have PRE-INTERMEDIATE . A) depressed B) medical C) personal D) financial 16. A) noisy B) finance C) windy D) difference 15.

” “Well. A) am liking B) like C) liking The Flash’s concert _____ fantastic 3 years ago. 3. A) when B) who C) which D) where 18. A) who B) which C) where 23. Kate is very fussy about food.For & since . A) the funnier C) funnier 39. A) saw B) have seen C) see I love rock and roll. and the _____ was very handsome. The hotel _____ we stayed was very comfortable. Where is the woman _____ ordered the fish.” A) clean B) shining C) modern D) messy 37. too!” A) generous B) fed up C) healthy 35. I’m a(n) _____. A) which B) * C) this D) when D) where 34. “Wasn’t that film wonderful!” “Yes.00 in the morning.Relative Clause (who. There’s the boy _____ broke the window. Those are old cars _____ only take leaded petrol. That’s the dictionary _____ Bill gave me for my birthday. I’m really _____ with it. A) chef B) musician C) uncle D) professor D) as C) brilliant D) depressed 12. A) intelligenter C) more intelligent B) more nicer D) more nicer B) funniest D) the funniest 20. A) who B) which C) * 27. There’s someone at the door _____ wants to speak to George. The man ______ you met at the party was a famous film star. A) which B) that C) where D) when 26. A) bridegroom / bride B) niece / nephew C) bride / bridegroom D) sir / madam 13. A) uncle B) nephew C) niece I run in races. The wedding was wonderful. He gave him a watch _____ stopped after two days. A) was B) has been C) have been I _____ all their records since then. A) dirty / messy B) dirty / polluted C) personal / noisy D) messy / polluting 21. A) when B) that C) where 28. Are you as tall _____ your brother? A) like B) as C) than 32. I’m a(n) _____. A) at last B) exactly C) together D) nearly 25. and she promised to clean it. but he was _____ in bed. A) who B) where C) that D) * 31. A) who B) that C) which D) * 19. He’s the man _____ Anna loves. 8. 6. A) only B) hard C) exactly D) too B) much intelligent D) intelligent Book 1 Part A 31 Pre-Intermediate Test 7 . A) of course B) still C) only D) especially 24. What’s the name of the woman _____ was wearing the gold dress? A) * B) which C) where D) who 17.000. He’s my _____. carefully. D) which D) where 29. A) actor B) professor C) nurse D) model D) more 10. The film star gave a party _____ cost $10. The _____ looked beautiful. She’s _____ than her sister. I called Tom at 10. “Mary’s family is very rich. A) * B) who C) when D) where 21. just. We’ve been _____ for fifteen years. You’re reading the book _____ I wanted to read. That’s the house _____ I was born. I didn’t like that city at all. I serve you drinks on a plane flight. It’s our anniversary today. I don’t like food _____ is very spicy. I’m a(n) _____. The Red Lion is the pub _____ we met for a drink.7 D) who D) when 1. Here are the letters _____ arrived this morning. which. too) . I’m a _____. A) who B) which C) when I _____ the champion last week. A) much nicer C) much more nicer 38. A) are B) have been C) are being He’s my sister’s son. A) who B) when C) where D) which 16. Barbara’s _____ than Sarah. A) pilot B) teenager C) athlete D) where 5. _____ to a rock concert? A) Were you ever go C) Do you ever go B) Have you ever been D) Have you ever go D) seen D) have liked D) are D) have bought D) * D) bride D) chef 24. that) TEST . A) bought B) buy C) buyed The Flash _____ together for over fifteen years. I _____ it all my life. “Ann’s bedroom’s really untidy again!” “Is it? I told her it was _____ yesterday. “I’m bored with this lesson!” “I know. The streets were so _____ and the air was so _____. A) which B) * C) who D) when 36. 9.Present Perfect & Past Simple . A) who B) when C) * D) which 22. I cook food for a restaurant.20. it was _____. 7. A) cousin B) flight attendant C) niece D) child 11. Was Joan’s party better _____ Maria’s? A) than B) much C) like 33.” A) modern B) wealthy In my job I wear the latest fashions. A) * B) who C) which D) windy 15. A) which B) that C) where D) when 30. I knew her uncle was very _____. She _____ eats pasta and crisps.” A) finance B) polluted C) wealthy D) happy 14. A) which B) where C) * 22. That’s the palace _____ the King lives. They are the policemen _____ caught the thief. 4. A) that B) * C) when D) where 25. D) * 2. He’s _____ boy in the class. still. Do you like the people _____ Sarah invited to her party? A) which B) who C) where D) when 23. I bought the coat _____ was in the shop window.Adverbs (slowly. A) where B) who C) which PRE-INTERMEDIATE .

6. I have written a letter _____ breakfast. Tom.” “Me. Sarah’s English is getting better. It’s so boring.” “That’s right. 2. _____. including his autobiography “The Time of my Life”. A) was 37. _____ 1988. A) have to B) should C) * D) will 11. A) carefully B) nearly C) too D) usually 27. She _____ a lot of English since she _____ here. but fortunately.Have to. infinitives . A) * B) for C) on D) since 15.” A) cook B) am going to cook C) will cook D) had cook “Jane told me you have a place at university.00 this morning. then they don’t worry. He and his wife have lived next to me _____ their son. He _____ you. Your hair’s too long. A) finish B) has finished C) finishes D) finished 34. He __(39)__ an MP since then. 10.Ever. A) came / have been B) have come / have been C) come / were D) has come / has been 33. He _____ his homework. 8. A) should B) don’t have to C) have to D) shouldn’t 45. Your clothes smell. should . Anna has had a bad cold _____ the last few days. A) since B) * C) for 46. Our train leaves in two minutes! We _____ hurry.” A) just B) at last PRE-INTERMEDIATE . He is married to the artist Edna Heal. You _____ invite him round. _____ before Christmas. and you’ve got a cough. A) has finished B) will finish C) finished D) finish Dennis Heal __(36)__ a politician. I haven’t seen Keith _____ a while. I’ll go on my own. A) for B) after C) since D) in 49. _____ I have finished this exercise. TEST . A) ever / ever B) for / never C) since / for D) since / never 3. but she would like to go there one day. I _____ math at St. He __(41)__ three books. I believe. must. Andrews in Scotland. I’d like to meet your boyfriend. since. A) was B) has been C) wasn’t D) has never been 35. A) has written 42. They _____ in this city for five months. A) too B) slowly C) just D) still 30.8 .” “Ask Joe to look at it. A) go 38. They __(42)__ in Oxford for 10 years. A) lives 43. but I’ve _____ met his parents. and in 1982 he __(38)__ a Member of Parliament. Have you _____ met him? A) since / for B) since / ever C) for / ever D) never / ever I’ve known him _____ we went to school together. A) Together B) At last C) Exactly D) Just 31. 36. 4. A) must B) have to C) would D) don’t have to 14 I _____ tell my parents where I am. you _____ go to the library. A) since / ever B) for / ever C) for / since D) ever / never I have _____ loved anyone as much as I love you. for C) slowly D) too D) only 28.” A) will help B) helps C) is going to help D) helped “I passed my driving test!” “That’s great! I _____ some champagne to celebrate!” A) am going to buy B) will buy C) bought D) am buying “Why have you got your old clothes on?” “Because I _____ the grass.” A) studied B) will study C) study D) am going to study “My car isn’t working. I’m going to bed. A) was 41. She was very ill and _____ died.’ A) had cut B) cutted C) am going to cut D) cut He’s worked there _____ many years. A) lives B) is B) has gone B) become B) is being B) is B) wrote B) has lived B) moved B) have lived C) is being C) went C) becomes C) is C) has been C) write C) have lived C) is moving C) lived D) has been D) goes D) has become D) has been D) were D) writes D) live D) has moved D) live D) in 5. “I hate ironing. He’s been at my house _____ 8. A) should B) mustn’t C) have to D) shouldn’t 48. I like all Russian novelists.Future tense 1. You _____ come with me if you don’t want to. _____ Tolstoy. If you need some help with your homework. “Why have you got so much food?” “Because I _____ a meal for two people. I _____ be up early tomorrow. I’m looking after Tom today. A) for B) when C) since D) * 47.26. was born. she got better. I met her on December 23. A) move 44. and they have two children. Thank goodness! It was so boring. A) usually B) especially C) together 29. A) don’t have to B) must C) should D) shouldn’t 16. A) at B) for C) since D) from Book 1 Part A 32 Pre-Intermediate Test 8 . A) learnt / has come B) has learnt / has come C) has learnt / came D) learnt / came 32.Gerunds. and a spy story called “The Time to Run”. A) never B) since C) for D) ever We’ve known Paul _____ two years. He __(40)__ Defense Minister from 198995. then they __(43)__ to London in 1995. David can go to bed now. A) don’t have to B) should C) shouldn’t D) have to 12. A) became 39. 9. They now __(44)__ in a house in Queen Square in central London. 7. Alison _____ in Chicago. You _____ smoke. I have known them _____ many years. I think you _____ get it cut. A) should B) shouldn’t C) don’t have to D) have to 13. A) * B) before C) for D) since 50. Peter _____ his work 3 hours ago. A) was 40. Mike and Jack _____ here five months ago. He __(37)__ to Oxford University in 1975. A) would B) have to C) must D) don’t have to 17.

You can go straight in. “My friend is getting married. If you want to do well in life you _____ believe in yourself. A) don’t have to B) should C) must D) have to 24. “I’ve had a terrible toothache for weeks. A) don’t have to C) have to 40.” A) think you should B) think you have to C) think you can D) think you may 44. you _____ queue. A) must B) doesn’t have to C) have to D) shouldn’t 39. It’s wrong. She really wanted to win. A) go abroad B) go off C) go on 47. A) have to B) had to C) should D) didn’t have to 37. A) shouldn’t B) have to C) should D) don’t have to 50. A) to go 30. A) should B) don’t have to C) must D) shouldn’t D) don’t like John Frantz is American. A) have to B) would C) should D) are 36. 28. I think he _____ take it easy. A) can B) don’t have to C) have to D) should 49. A) living 31. If you’ve got a ticket. It’s her day off. you _____ do some sport. We always _____ for our holidays. There’s a wonderful new restaurant opened in town. A) annoyed B) interested C) kind D) go away D) fed up 48. A) wrote / wrote B) has written / wrote C) had written / wrote D) wrote / had written 26. He’d like __(32)__ someone who likes __(33)__. It’s bad for your eyes. A) sharing 29. I _____ buy her a present. I _____ in London for eight years. You _____ have a driving license if you want to drive a car. My bedroom is a real mess. A) traveling B) share B) went B) to live B) found B) to met B) traveled C) shared C) going C) live C) finding C) meeting C) travel D) to share D) to going D) lives D) to be founded D) to meet D) to traveling 34. What is the weather _____ in January? A) likes B) like C) liked 42. I _____ swim when I was three. You _____ sit so close to the TV. and I don’t want to move. I’ve got a washing machine. A) meets 33.” A) shouldn’t B) don’t have to C) have to D) should 19. It’s my mother’s birthday tomorrow. A) must B) have to C) should D) don’t have to 21. It was very expensive. He enjoys __(29)__ on exotic holidays. A) don’t have to B) have to C) shouldn’t D) can Book 1 Part A 33 Pre-Intermediate Test 8 . If you want to keep fit. but you _____ keep it very well.” “You _____ go to the dentist. He has a wonderful lifestyle and he wants __(28)__ it with an English girl.” A) must B) shouldn’t C) don’t have to D) have 43. You _____ go there. A) shouldn’t B) must C) don’t have to D) should 23. A) should B) have to C) mustn’t D) don’t have to 41. He hopes __(31)__ an English wife through the English Rose dating agency. You _____ do the washing-up. A) live B) lived C) had lived D) have lived 27. Geoff works too much. but he wouldn’t like __(30)__ outside the United States. She _____ work on Monday. “I can’t sleep.” “You _____ drink coffee at night. A) have to B) must C) don’t have to D) should 22.” A) have to B) would C) shouldn’t D) should 45. I don’t think people _____ get married until they’re 21. There’s nothing to do. you _____ speak your language in English lessons. A) could B) can C) have to D) must 38.” “I think you _____ talk to your boss. She _____ her first in 1980. You can borrow my tennis racquet. A) to find 32. “I’m working 16 hours a day. I _____ clean it. A) should B) have to C) have D) had to 35. You _____ tell lies. A) come last B) go up C) come first D) turn out 46. Anne was upset because she didn’t _____ in the race. If you want to learn English.18.” A) have to B) can C) mustn’t B) should D) shouldn’t D) should 20. They liked the hotel because they _____ do any cooking.” “I _____ go to the wedding. Joanna Trollope _____ a lot of books. A) must B) have to C) shouldn’t D) don’t have to 25. I’m _____.

I’ll have a bath _____ I go to work. A) in B) on C) at D) for 23. “Is Mr. A) in B) on C) by 40. I hate being late. until. as soon as . A) on B) to C) in I’m coming to London tomorrow. I’m going to keep asking you to marry me _____ you say “Yes”. I’m going out before the shops _____. A) in B) for C) on D) until 29. They’re _____ Chinese.” “Sure. A) phoned / get B) will phone / will get C) phone / get D) will phone / get 10. I can’t understand the instructions. “Why did you open my letter?” “I’m sorry.9 26. 5. A) if B) before C) until 32. “Give me your phone number.” A) on / in B) at / in C) in / for 20. You must phone me as soon as _____ your exam results. A) If B) Until C) When D) Before Wait here _____ I get back. A) while B) until C) as soon as D) before 47. A) ended B) will end C) is going to end D) ends 11. 2. James _____ work this week?” “No. “ Here’s a birthday present _____ you. I am so worried about James. will it be intelligent? A) As soon as B) When C) Until D) If 48. A) for B) by C) with D) on 19. just ask for help. A) am B) will be C) am going to be D) was 37. 6. Take a seat while you _____. A) if B) after C) until D) at D) on Book 1 Part A 34 Pre-Intermediate Test 9 .” A) At B) For C) On D) In 24. _____ a moment. A) before B) when C) if D) until Give me your address _____ you go home. What’s _____ TV tonight? A) at B) in C) on D) with D) on D) in D) at 14. A) at B) on C) by D) for D) in D) at 28. when. you can do the shopping. A) at B) like C) on 43. A) you get B) you will get C) you got D) you are going to get 36. A) When B) After C) Before I want to get home _____ Jim comes back. 9. _____ you hear any news. A) to B) at C) for _____ you have any problem. I hope to see you while I _____ in London.” A) will give / go B) give / will go C) will give / will go D) am going to give / go 13. I arrived _____ England last month. _____ I’m having my hair cut. _____ we discover life on another planet. 4. I met my classmates _____ the party.” A) with B) at C) by 50.Prepositions 1. _____ you are the first person up in the morning. I’ll buy you a Ferrari. I read an interesting article _____ the paper this morning. A) When B) If C) As soon as D) While 41. A) before B) when C) until D) if _____ it is a nice day tomorrow. I spoke to her _____ the phone last week. I _____ it to you before I _____. A) when B) if C) before TEST . Please turn out the lights _____ you go to bed. A) if B) after C) before D) while 17. I’m sorry you are leaving.Before. I like to relax _____ I’m on holiday. A) while B) before C) if D) before D) as soon as Bye! I _____ you when I _____ home.” A) at B) on C) in 30. _____ the lesson ends.” “Oh. make me a cup of coffee. I live _____ the third floor. I _____ when you _____. A) am glad / you are back B) glad / will be back C) will be glad / are back D) am glad / will be back 12. 3. I’ll go home. I will have a bath _____ I go to bed. A) until B) before C) as soon as D) when D) Until D) when D) by D) for D) on 31. I’ll ring you _____ I arrive. _____ you’ve read the newspaper. He’s _____ holiday. A) by B) at C) in D) for 18. The doctor will be ready in ten minutes. A) after B) as soon as C) while 39. “Why does Jane look so happy?” “Because she’s _____ love. A) before B) until C) after D) when 45. after. phone me. A) to B) by C) for 15. We arrived _____ the station five minutes late. Let’s go _____ a walk. I often go abroad _____ business. _____ I win a lot of money. 8. we can go swimming. I’m going to bed when this TV program _____.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . A) after B) as soon as C) before 49. We can go _____ you’re ready. A) if B) before C) as soon as D) until 34. A) at B) to C) in 27. I like to arrive _____ time. 7. A) wait / you ring B) will wait / you will ring C) wait / you will ring D) will wait / you ring 35. A) are wait B) will wait C) are waiting D) wait 33. A) When B) If C) Until D) As long as 38. I did it _____ mistake. I’ll study English _____ I speak it perfectly. Do you come to school _____ bus? A) on B) by C) at 16. thank you!” A) by B) in C) for 25. “Romeo and Juliet” is a play _____ William Shakespeare. A) Before B) Until C) If D) while D) As soon as D) when 22. A) by B) on C) at 21. A) When B) While C) As soon as D) If 44. A) will shut B) shuts C) are shutting D) shut I’m going to have driving lessons _____ I pass my test. Stop at a petrol station _____ we run out of the petrol. A) while B) when C) until D) before 42. I _____ by the phone until _____. I’m very busy _____ the moment. can I have it? A) Until B) After C) Before D) * D) at / on D) for D) by 46. “Can I ask you something?” “Not now.

A) decided B) decide C) to decide D) deciding 29. 4.” A) annoyed B) worrying C) frightened D) tired 22. A) to say B) say C) will I say D) saying 45. A) thinking B) think C) to think D) thought 41. A) parks B) to park C) park D) write D) parking D) play D) boring 10. Our financial situation is very _____. My family is trying _____ where to go on holiday. Their house is _____ mess! I don’t know how they live in it. Can you see it?” A) do you try B) will you try C) are you trying D) did you try 43. My feet are killing me! I find going round art galleries and museums very _____. 2. The art exhibition was very _____. A) buy B) for to buy C) to buy 42. A) to choose B) choosing C) chooses D) too choose 37. My wife and I are starting _____ we should stay at home. Jane and Pete are _____ nice people! But I can’t stand their kids. Are you listening to what I am saying?” B: I am! I’m really _____. Last year we managed _____ a holiday that suited everyone. Some people don’t go out at night because they’re _____ that someone will rob them. A) did B) doing C) do D) to do Let me _____ for the meal. “My mother was so helpful while she was staying with us” “What _____ to do?” A) did she help you B) does she help you C) will she help you D) was she helping you 26. 7. 8. They’re too _____. A) such B) so many C) so much D) so 50. I could eat a horse. but we’re earning less and less. I’m _____ hungry. 6. “What _____ to do after university?” “I’d like to get a job in publishing.” A) do you hope B) will you hope C) are you going to hope D) are you hope 28. I enjoy _____ places I’ve never been to before. “Hi. TEST .” A) interested B) annoying C) worried D) frightening 14. gerund . A) worrying B) exciting C) frightened D) interesting 19. A present! For me? You’re _____ kind! A) such B) so many C) so D) such a Pre-Intermediate Test 10 Book 1 Part A 35 . A) found B) to find C) find D) finding 35. When we arrived. Everyone hopes ____ themselves on holiday but it isn’t always easy. A woman from a travel agency helped us _____ a nice house. I went to bed very late last night. “I’ll help you. darling. There were _____ people at the party! There was nowhere to dance. It’s just that I feel very _____. They prefer _____ in a swimming pool all day. A) to be played B) playing C) to play 11. When I was young. Do you enjoy _____? A) dance B) dancing C) danced D) for buy D) to dance D) going 13. I often buy you presents. “I’m going on a three-month holiday to the Far East. A) going B) to do C) went D) go Have you finished _____ that letter yet? A) to write B) writing C) writes You can’t _____ your car outside the hospital. 3. We began _____ about next year’s holiday two months ago. A: Hello.Describing feelings and situations 1. You paid last time.” A) will she tell B) did she tell C) is she going to tell D) does she tell He agreed _____ the job as soon as possible. A) visiting B) to visit C) visits 31. What _____ me to do?” “Could you do the washing-up while I am doing the cooking?” A) you want B) are you wanting C) did you want D) do you want 24. We spend more and more. A) surprised / tiring B) excited / worrying C) interested / tired D) frightened / bored 20. A) to going B) to go C) going D) worrying 34. I loved it. A) surprised B) boring C) interesting D) excited 16. “What _____ to do?” “I’m looking for my contact lens. But my children hate _____. 5. B: But it isn’t my birthday! A) bored B) exciting C) tiring D) surprised 15. I want to know what happened. A: You are yawning. A) sightsee B) to sightsee C) sightseeing D) visit D)will sightsee D) to playing D) go The dentist told me _____ more careful when I brush my teeth. A) went to B) go C) used to go 44. 9. A) worried B) annoying C) surprised D) frightened 18. A) playing B) plays C) to play 33. A) have B) to have C) to had D) having 38. A) will be B) being C) to be D) be I asked Monica _____ some stamps. He told me he loved me. A) went B) to go C) go D) going 30.” “How _____! Lucky you!” A) frightening B) interested C) boring D) exciting 21. A) enjoy B) to enjoy C) be enjoyed D) enjoying 40. A) so B) such a C) such D) so much 48. They refuse _____ out on trips if it’s too hot. A) buys B) buying C) to buy D) buy I never liked _____ to church when I was a child. Mum!” “Carol! Thank goodness you rang! Where have you been? We’ve been so _____ about you. A) tiring B) worrying C) boring D) frightening 17. A) start B) starting C) to start I stopped _____ my book and went to bed.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . I didn’t know what _____.Infinitive. B: For me? A: Don’t look so _____. A) bored B) excited C) frightened 32. A) renting B) rent C) to renting D) to rent 36.10 23. A) pay B) to pay C) paid D) paying 25. I’d like _____ somewhere different for a change. Children can’t get to sleep on Christmas Eve. “What _____ you to do?” “She (the doctor) told me to stay in bed for a few days. A) tired B) surprising C) annoyed 12. A) so many B) so C) such a D) such 49. The TV program was so _____ that I felt asleep. I’ve got a present for you. “What _____ to do tonight?” “What about going out for a meal?” A) do you like B) would you like C) are liking D) will you like 27. We decided _____ a house with a swimming pool. “Was your father _____ when you told him your exam results?” “He was furious. A) talked B) talking C) talks D) talk 39. I _____ ice-skating. A) to read B) read C) will read D) starts D) reading My teachers always expected me _____ well in exams. I went to the shops _____ some shoes. A) so B) such an C) so many D) such a 46. David always enjoyed _____ football at school. I’ve spent _____ money this week! I don’t know where it’s all gone. the people next door invited us _____ a drink with them. A) such a B) so many C) so much D) such 47.

including the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from New York to London. 8.30 and arrive in New York an hour earlier! Twenty planes __(9)__ up to the present day. A) have stolen B) stole C) was stolen D) had stolen 28. A) is being produced C) was produced 11. Someone _____ my bag! A) was stolen C) has stolen 14. A) keeps B) grows C) carries Concorde. B) produced D) will be produced 7. A) made B) said C) gave D) told 24. and it __(4)__ for over 5. 4. A) Tell B) Say C) Give D) Keep Book 1 Part A 36 Pre-Intermediate Test 11 . Where _____ these shoes made? A) was B) were C) did 12. D) sell 5. Let’s eat out tonight. A) has invented B) is invented C) was invented D) invented 27.11 19. __(1)__ by France and Britain together. We _____ a complaint to the manager because our meal was so bad. A) built B) were built C) have been built D) has built 30. All the apple juice _____ by nine o’clock. and the project __(2)__ in 1962.000 cars _____ next year. both countries dreamed of having a supersonic plane. The telephone _____ by Bell in 1876.000. They _____ rice in China. A) sells B) is sold D) is D) by B) has been stolen D) is stolen C) was sold D) sell 15. 6. The Concorde holds many world records. I was given this watch _____ my aunt. 26. A) are grown C) have been grown D) are made B) grow D) grows 2. A) has sold B) are sold C) sold 29. Three new factories _____ this year. the world’s fastest passenger plane. The first passenger plane __(5)__ by British Airways and Air France in 1976. Each plane __(10)__ at a cost of £55 million. They _____ the picture for £3. £1. which makes them very expensive! 1.000 hours. A) gave B) carried C) wore D) kept 21. In the 1950s.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . A) was invented C) wasn’t invented 3. A) will produce C) are produced 31.Tenses TEST . I _____ just _____ a good idea. But there are no plans to build any more. A) carried B) lost C) waited for D) missed 20. A) drunk B) was drunk C) was drank 17. Rolls Royce cars _____ in England. B) is invented D) invented 9. He _____ it every day until he died.5 billion __(3)__ on developing the Concorde. which __(6)__ in 2 hours 45 seconds! Flying at twice the speed of sound means that flying time __(7)__ by half. A) have / kept B) have / had C) am / told D) had / carried 22. Thieves _____ two pictures from the museum last night. A British policeman _____ guns. My uncle _____ £500 on the stock exchange. which is why the Concorde flight between London and New York __(8)__ a lot by business people and film stars . 32. Have all the sandwiches _____? A) been eaten B) eaten C) was ate D) drink D) ate 18.Passives .you can leave Britain at 10. A newsagent _____ stamps. _____ hello to your parents from me when you see them. _____ they _____ many cars last year? A) Have / made B) Did / make C) Will / make D) Been / made 10. The television _____ by Bell. A) to B) from C) * 13. A) were made B) is made C) makes 25. which makes it the most tested plane in history. This is my grandfather’s watch. A) developed C) was developed A) was started C) have been started A) spend C) have been spent A) has tested C) have been tested A) introduce C) introduces A) have been achieved C) will achieve A) was reduced C) is reduced A) had been used C) used A) were built C) have been built B) have been developed D) develops B) starts D) started B) was spent D) spent B) tested D) was tested B) has been introduced D) was introduced B) was achieved D) achieved B) has reduced D) will be reduced B) uses D) is used B) are built D) build B) is produced D) has been produced D) earns 23. 10. A) aren’t carried B) don’t carry C) hasn’t been carried D) doesn’t carry 16. I was late for work because I _____ the bus.

America _____ by Christopher Columbus. Coffee _____ in England. It depends on the traffic. Turn _____ the music! It’s too loud! A) on B) round C) down D) after B) isn’t grown D) have been grown 47. The house is going _____. A) is manufactured C) manufactured B) will be manufactured D) is going to manufacture 7. My children _____ with their homework. It __(39)__ an important part in our lives for over 50 years. I _____ late. computers. A) frightened B) were frightening C) has been frightened D) were frightened 43. especially in the making of women’s stockings. A) to knock down C) to been knocked down B) to be knocked down D) knocking down Book 1 Part A 37 Pre-Intermediate Test 12 . A) will be B) am C) might be D) am going to be “What are you doing tonight?” “I don’t know. A) have become B) became C) is became 37. 41. TEST .Second conditional . Next year about 36 million tons of it __(40)__. A) down B) turn C) fall D) fill 10. B.I’m going to buy George a green shirt. Other scientists __(34)__ with his invention.Nylon __(33)__ in the early 1930s by an American chemist. A) has been used C) was used B) introduces D) introduced 4. D) becomes B) used D) was been used 5. A) look B) put C) try 2. I have bought all the ingredients. How many times _____ playing football? A) have you been hurt B) did you hurt C) were you hurted D) are you hurt 45. nylon __(37)__ to make parachutes and tires. seat belts. A) was introduced C) has introduced 36. will. please? Size nine. You look tired. A) found C) has founded 39. and even spare parts for the human body. A) helped B) help C) are helping 44.Phrasal verbs 1. Sit _____ and have a cup of tea. The animals _____ by a loud noise. The thieves _____ by anyone. 33. Driving should _____ in city centers. Julian Hill. D) aren’t helped Don’t forget to _____ off the lights when you come to bed. A) grows C) grew D) Put 8. and finally on 27 October. Who knows? One day she ____ Prime Minister! A) is going to be B) will be C) might be D) is _____ on your warm coat. It was cheap and strong and immediately __(36)__ successful.” “Thanks. I _____ cook roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I’m looking for yesterday’s newspaper. ____ last night? A) Have the plants been watered B) Did the plants water C) Were the plants watered D) Are they watered 48. going to . Did you throw it _____? A) out B) down C) back D) away B) have been seen D) didn’t seen 12. nylon __(38)__ in many things: carpets. A) Try B) Fill C) Dress Could I _____ on these shoes.I wouldn’t if I were you.Might. A) speaks B) is spoken C) was spoken D) has been spoken 42. A. English _____ all over the world. A) might not like B) will like C) isn’t going to like D) won’t like “Goodbye. A) invented C) is invented B) has been invented D) was invented PRE-INTERMEDIATE . the best present for many women was a pair of nylon stockings. but more importantly. I _____ out.12 Don’t wait for me. 38. D) turn 9. A) played B) has played B) founded D) is found C) is playing D) plays 6. A) away B) on C) down D) put 11. 40. Today. furniture.” A) will go / am staying B) might go / might stay C) am going / am staying D) go / stay We have guests coming for Saturday lunch. A) has discovered B) have discovered C) had been discovered D) was discovered 50. A) ban B) be banned C) banned D) being ban 49. A) has worked B) worked C) were working D) have been working 3. I _____ phone as soon as I arrive. 1938 nylon __(35)__ to the world. During the Second World War. Bye!” A) can B) will C) am going to D) might Catherine wants to be a politician.I’m sure he _____ the green color. A) might B) will C) am going to cook D) can A. or I _____ at home. It’s cold today. A) saw C) weren’t seen 46.Why not? B. ropes. 35. 34. darling.

“What time are we eating?” “Don’t worry. A) share 16. A) am / will learn B) will be / are learning C) were / would D) were / would learn 36. A) Suddenly B) Upstairs C) Unfortunately D) Hardly 44. Don’t worry about the baby.” A) will have B) am having C) might have D) have 30. I’ll fill _____ later. 13. If I ____ younger. They _____ their baby Lily. A) is traveling C) travels 22. What a pretty dress! Turn _____ ! Let me look at it from the back.” A) am B) might C) am not D) can’t 31. but I’m too old now. I _____ to work if I _____ better. Put _____. I’ll look _____ her while you’re out. Thank you for the invitation. If she lived in the country.00. A) will buy C) would buy 20. If I _____ in a big house. A) likes 24. But if it __(16)__ possible. If I _____ Prime Minister. she __(17)__ on her own. A) was living 19. A) put B) turned C) ran D) giving D) fell Book 1 Part A 38 Pre-Intermediate Test 12 . she __(19)__ a small cottage. Pick _____ your litter! Don’t drop it on the street! A) on B) up C) out D) back 41. I haven’t get time to fill in this form. If she _____ a lot of clothes. “Are you going to have a winter holiday this year?” “I _____. She _____ off her horse and hurt her wrist. If he _____ a watch. A) go 23.” A) might have B) would have C) had D) are having 28. A) rides 26. A) play B) am playing C) will play D) might play 35. A) will be 17. A) fallen B) looking C) trying 37. If I _____ perfect English. But I’m not sure. but she __(23)__ this at all. I ____ to play the piano. A) lived / would have B) am / am having C) will live / have D) would live / will have 43. A) lives 18. A) will have / won’t be B) had / isn’t C) has / is D) had / wouldn’t be 46. Laura __(15)__ a flat with three other girls. and she __(20)__ her own flowers and vegetables. A) up B) round C) away D) on 39. I _____ tennis tomorrow. “What’s for supper?” “We _____ lamb. You shouldn’t smoke in here. A) grows C) will grow 21. A) it B) in it C) on it D) * 34.” A) is B) will be C) might be D) * 29. If she __(18)__ in the country. I’m _____ forward to meeting her very much. he _____ always late. _____ I can’t come. If she __(24)__ in the country she __(25)__ her bike. A) will be living B) didn’t live C) don’t live D) wouldn’t live 48. A) bought / would have B) would buy / has C) wouldn’t bought / had D) didn’t buy / would have 45. What _____ if a stranger _____ you £1 million? A) will you do / gave B) would you do / gave C) do you do / will give D) would you do / will give B) would have C) had B) is sharing B) was B) is living B) were living C) shares C) is C) will be living D) would live C) is living D) lived B) is going to buy D) buys B) wants to grow D) would grow B) would travel D) will travel C) is going C) doesn’t like C) will be C) would ride C) buys D) would go D) is liking D) would being D) is riding D) will buy 27. I _____ a party. A) could spoke / won’t be B) can speak / would be C) could speak / wouldn’t be D) can’t speak / will not be 49. I haven’t decided yet.Laura __(13)__ in a big city. It’s in the oven. I’m going to the town tomorrow. but I feel terrible. I _____ in this class. A) for B) with C) to D) after 40. A) would be / shall B) will be / will C) am / would D) were / would 42. A) was living C) would like to live 14. A) bought B) goes B) would like B) is B) rode B) would buy B) lived D) lives D) will have D) shared D) were 38. she __(14)__ a dog. she _____ money. It _____ ready before your TV program. A) went / felt B) would go / feel C) will go / feel D) would go / felt 50. I _____ increase tax for rich people. I _____ lunch with Joe at 1. and she __(26)__ things in a small village shop. A) has 15. A) were 25. A) it off B) it down C) it out D) it away 33. How do you _____ your parents? A) look forward to B) look up a word C) get on with D) look out 32. I’d visit you more often if you _____ so far away. A) will call B) are calling C) call D) might call 47. She __(21)__ by underground and __(22)__ shopping in big department stores. but they aren’t sure yet.

” A) possibly B) fluently C) nearly 12.Present Perfect Continuous . The streets are wet. I travel a lot in my job. A) have been looking B) looked C) have looked D) look We __(26)__ in our new house for several months. I _____ the living room. A) cut B) cutted C) have cut D) have been cutting 17. A) lives C) have lived 27.” A) Carefully B) Possibly 7. but I’ve never _____ to Russia. C) Mainly D) Nearly 10. Look what Pat _____ me for my birthday! A bike! A) gave B) have been giving C) gives D) has given 25. A) bought B) have been buying C) have bought D) buy How long _____ your car? A) have you had C) are you have 4. I _____ my wallet. I _____ to most countries in Europe. It’s my birthday next week. A) have painted B) paint C) painted D) have been painting 23. And it __(35)__ very heavily recently. A) finds C) founded TEST . A) am written C) have written “Are you going out?” “_____. A) fluently B) seriously C) exactly D) real 11. we __(28)__ very busy. A) shopped B) shops C) has been shopping D) has shopped 19. B) have been writing D) write 9. B) have been written D) have been writing 8. I don’t know yet. Pete and I _____ for over six month.PRE-INTERMEDIATE . A) has worked B) worked C) works D) has been working I _____ an essay all day. please?” “I’m afraid he’s just _____ out of the office. Everyone __(29)__ to get the house ready.13 18. Tom _____ as a postman for the past month. A) are C) were 29. _____ for a long time? A) Did you wait B) Have you waited C) Have you been waiting D) Did you wait 14. A) exactly B) nearly C) really D) exactly D) mainly 13. Thompson. A) are gone B) have gone out C) went out D) have been going out I _____ a new flat a few months ago. “Can I speak to Mr. _____ to Europe. so we __(32)__ to spend a lot of money to repair it. 5. A) have broken B) broke C) break D) have been breaking 20. There’s my wallet! I _____ for it for ages. I _____ one of your glasses. but we __(34)__ time to do anything in the garden yet. A) lives B) are living C) live D) have been living 22. A) have been having C) had 33. Since we __(27)__ in. _____? A) Was it raining C) Has it rained 15. so we’ll just wait till the weather gets better. A) is raining C) have been raining 16. Sorry. I’m hot because I _____! A) have run C) have been running B) Has it been raining D) Did it rain B) haven’t had C) had not B) rained D) has rained B) run D) am run 35. They _____ here for three years. Sorry I’m late.Vocabulary 1. So far we __(30)__ the living room and the kitchen. I couldn’t do any of it. We __(33)__ gardening very much. Where did I last put it? A) lost B) have lost C) have been losing D) lose 24. She’s tired because she _____ all day. “How old are you?” “I’m _____ eight. I _____ my finger! It really hurts. A) are liking 34.” A) been B) has C) gone D) * 37. How long _____ this book? A) do you read C) have you been reading B) are you reading D) have you read B) are you living D) you live 2. _____ Paul Simon’s latest record? A) Have you heard B) Have you been hearing C) Did you hear D) Are you heard 36. 21. but I haven’t finished yet. A) has been helping C) helps 30. The exam was _____ difficult. Soon after we arrived the central heating __(31)__ down. A) was / gone B) have gone / been C) have been / been D) went / gone Book 1 Part A 39 Pre-Intermediate Test 13 . A) write C) am writing I _____ six pages. 26. A) decorated C) have decorated 31.Past Simple . A) have broken C) breaks 32. A) don’t have B) liked B) lived D) have been living B) moved D) are moving B) have been being D) have been B) has helped D) helped B) decorate D) have decorating B) broke D) are breaking B) have D) have had C) have liked D) like D) aren’t having B) has found D) has been finding 3. How long _____ in Paris? A) do you live C) have you been living Anna _____ a good job. B) you have D) have you been having 6. A) have moved C) have been moving 28.Present Perfect .

A) belief B) government C) mystery D) feeling 46. D) comforting 3. A) call / have / gone B) called / have / gone C) called / had / gone D) have called / have / gone I took my family to Paris last year. Sandra _____ Bob that she didn’t see the Taj Mahal. A) successfully B) fluently C) honestly D) carefully 47. A) thanking / did B) thanked / had done C) have thanked / has done D) had thanked / had done When I got to the office.14 39. A) cooker B) stranger C) travel D) foreigner Book 1 Part A 40 Pre-Intermediate Test 14 . Lisa _____ me a lift because I _____ the bus. A) exactly B) suddenly C) peacefully 4. There was an accident. A) gave / missed B) have given / have missed C) gave / had missed D) had gave / missed I _____ her for everything she _____. 5. He was taken to hospital by ambulance. “Where does their money come from?” “They have a very _____ business. A) peace B) feeling C) comfort 41. A) invention B) mystery C) waste D) advertisement 42. A) mainly B) seriously B) possibly D) exactly 50.Reported statements TEST . 43. D) is telling D) various 9.Past Perfect . A) advice B) promises C) inventions D) * 45. I’m English. A) had finished / went B) finished / went C) had finished / had gone D) finished / had gone I _____ you at 8. I used to speak French _____. _____ me that you’ll always tell the truth. I _____ there as a student. A) had realized / forget B) realized / had forgotten C) realized / forget D) had realized / had forgotten After they _____ their work. A) carefully B) seriously C) comfortably D) wealthy 48. so I _____ my way around. Could I ______ your pen? A) give B) lend C) tell D) say C) borrow D) make 12. but I’ve forgotten it now. I _____ to bed. I saw a(n) _____ for a job as a waiter. 6. In Paris I am a _____. A) beauty B) describing C) advice D) description 44. The roads are so dangerous.38. Please drive _____. I had a few problems. A) listened / went B) had listened / went C) have listened / had gone D) listen / go He _____ he was at school the day before. I come from Brighton. A) says B) told C) said 2. but fortunately no one was _____ injured. 49. but you _____ just _____ out.” A) wealthy B) comfortable C) successful 8.17 until the end of the week. I _____ that I _____ to lock the front door. I was sitting at home when suddenly I had a funny _____ that I wasn’t alone. D) really 7. The sofa was so ______ that I felt asleep. A) successful B) comfortable C) honest D) wealth 1. but Bob gave me some good _____. Why did you _____ that? A) talk B) said 11. I gave the police a(n) _____ of the man who attacked me. A) told B) tells C) said D) talked 10.00. A) was / know B) were / knew C) had been / have known D) had been / knew After I _____ to the news. A) mad B) dead C) alive D) various 40. I have _____ £5. A) Advise B) Waste C) Promise D) Invent PRE-INTERMEDIATE . I love the _____ and quite of the countryside. but he was _____ on arrival. they ___ home.

I ____ to sleep until I _____ my homework. he _____ a car. A) passed / bought B) had passed / bought C) passes / had bought D) passed / had bought 38. I _____ it away. A) was changed C) have changed D) was made 34. A) had knocked down C) knock down 16.” She told me I _____ immediately. I __(17)__ slowly round the school. A) am 14. A) will move in B) would move in C) can move in D) could move in 40.” She said that the people who she _____ after _____ very well. A) have walked C) was walking 18. A) have moved C) had moved 23.” A) been / now B) gone / just C) been / just D) did / already 48.” “Mrs. A) hadn’t stayed C) didn’t stay 22. and the neighbors are nice.” A) has been / are B) is / were C) was / were D) had been / have been 47. Deon said it __a quite flat. He __(25)__. I __(24)__ to the headmaster for a while. I live in a house now. A) remembers C) remembered 28. A) take / finished B) have taken / have finished C) took / had finished D) had taken / finished B) have remembered D) had remembered B) had attended D) attending C) started D) have started D) was having to B) have had to C) had had to B) forgot D) had forgotten C) had made B) had changed D) changed 31. although they __(19)__ some impressive new buildings. Some of them __(22)__ to London. I __(20)__ lots of my old schools friends. A) had started B) starts 30. So many things __(14)__. He __(26)__ that he __(27)__ every boy who __(28)__ the school since he __(29)__ working there in 1978. A) changed C) has changed 15. we’ve _____ got back. “You look brown.” She told me I _____ make up my mind soon. A) Before B) Soon as C) After 35. I’ll never forget _____ him for the first time. A) attended C) have attended 29. A) forget C) have forgotten 32. They __(15)__ the old gymnasium. A) don’t go / did B) had not gone / had done C) didn’t go / did D) didn’t go / had done Book 1 Part A 41 Pre-Intermediate Test 14 . A) when B) before C) until D) Until D) after 36. A) had to B) will have had to C) would have to D) could have to 42. A) haven’t left C) didn’t leave 26. A) read / had thrown B) had read / had thrown C) had read / threw D) read / threw 39. I __(13)__ very surprised. but before I _____ in a flat. A) talked 25. A) said 27. A) have made B) made 33. A) needs B) had needed C) needed D) have needed 50. As soon as he _____ his driving test. “The people who I looked after are very well. A) am using to live B) used to live C) had used to live D) have used to live 49. Everything __(18)__ much smaller. _____ I had had a bath I went to bed. A) paying B) to pay C) pays 45. A) are get 24. She refused _____ for the meal. A) had to B) was saying B) had got B) had talked B) weren’t stayed D) not stayed B) moved D) was moving C) were got C) was talking B) had not left D) hadn’t leave C) had said D) have said D) have got D) have talked 46. When I _____ the letter. A) were looking / are B) have looked / are C) would looked / were D) had looked / were 41. A) seems C) had seemed 19. A) meet B) meeting C) to meet D) the pay D) to met 21. “You can move in immediately.I went to a school reunion last week. I had read the book _____ I saw the film. too. “I need £100 deposit.” Then she said she _____ £100 deposit. A) to laugh B) laughing C) laugh D) be laughed 44. and the most of them __(23)__ married. and they __(21)__ the same either. I didn’t recognize him because he _____ a haircut. A) disappeared C) had disappeared 17. But when I asked him what my name was. He always makes me _____. Have you ____ on holiday?” “Yes. A) had had B) has C) had D) have had 43. “It’s a quite flat. I _____ the book back to the library after I _____ reading it. A) were building C) have built 20. “You’ll have to make up your mind soon. and the library __(16)__. A) met B) meet B) have been C) was B) had changed D) has change B) knocked down D) have knocked down B) was disappeared D) have been disappeared B) walked D) had walked B) have seemed D) seemed B) built D) had built C) had met D) have meet D) had been 37. and the neighbors __ nice. he __(30)__ confess that he __(31)__ which __(32)__ me realize that I __(33)__ too! 13.

A) were have B) has C) was having D) had 24. this and that. A) don’t B) haven’t C) wasn’t D) aren’t 28. A) to B) on C) with D) about 12. _____ you ever stayed at the Ritz? A) Did 2. “What did you talk _____ ?” “Oh. D) Were A) have B) don’t C) did D) does We _____ breakfast in bed. A) was B) have C) did D) were 35. A) to B) on C) at D) in 14. Don’t worry _____ it. talk _____ the teacher. A) have B) has C) am D) are 40. B) Have C) Was TEST . A) hasn’t B) didn’t C) isn’t D) doesn’t Book 1 Part A 42 Intermediate Test 1 . Mary never _____ the washing up.” A) to B) on C) with D) about 15. I don’t like ice-cream but Jill _____ . “I’ve lost your pen. We don’t want to leave early but they _____ . Where’s the cash desk? I’d like to pay _____ this book. A) do B) have C) did D) am 26. I have been to Australia but Anna _____ . She _____ a shower every morning before school. It depends _____ the weather. Where _____ you yesterday? A) was B) have C) did D) were 30. A) have B) do C) don’t D) doesn’t 22. “What do you think _____ Pete?” “I really like him. I watched TV last night but my sister _____ . Sorry . Your English is really improving but mine _____ . A) to B) on C) with D) about 10. I don’t agree _____ you at all.. What are you thinking _____? A) to B) on C) with D) about 16. A) have B) do C) is D) does 23. Lots of trees _____ blown down by the wind. Why _____ you leaving so early? A) was B) have C) is D) are 34. I’m not interested _____ what you think or what you want. be have) . I _____ my homework very quickly last night. A) haven’t B) don’t C) isn’t D) doesn’t 20. A) were B) has C) did D) is 29. _____ John give you those flowers? A) Did B) Have C) Was D) Is 25. John loves flying but we _____ .Auxiliary verbs (do. A) to B) for C) with D) about 18.. Thank goodness we _____ a dishwasher! A) was B) have C) did D) were 32. _____ you having a holiday soon? A) Do B) Does C) Did D) Are 5. _____ you have a good holiday last year? A) Do B) Does C) Did D) Are 6. _____ your best friend sometimes go on holiday with you? A) Do B) Does C) Have D) Did 9. I think you’re wrong. What are you listening _____ ? A) to B) on C) with D) about 13.INTERMEDIATE . Maria isn’t studying hard but I _____ . _____ you often travel abroad? A) Do B) Does C) Have D) Did 8. A) does B) has C) did D) is 27. How many people _____ you invited to the party? A) was B) have C) did D) were 33. A) does B) has C) did D) is 31. A) was B) having C) did D) had 36.” “It’s all right. You aren’t concentrating on your work.Prepositions 1. A) haven’t B) don’t C) isn’t D) doesn’t 3. A) have B) has C) is D) does 39. A) to B) on C) with D) in 11. Bill hasn’t finished his work but we _____ .1 21.” A) to B) at C) with D) of 17. A) haven’t B) hasn’t C) isn’t D) doesn’t 37. We might have a picnic. We _____ talking to James about his exam.” A) to B) on C) with D) about 19. _____ you speak three languages? A) Do B) Does C) Did D) Are 4. If you have a problem. They didn’t remember my birthday but you _____ . We _____ got a beautiful puppy called Molly. _____ you ever been to Amsterdam? A) Do B) Does C) Have D) Did 7. We _____ a beautiful puppy called Molly. A) haven’t B) hasn’t C) isn’t D) doesn’t 38. Anna likes ice-cream but John _____ .

That’s why.00 p.m. “You’re crying. A) took / go B) has taken / walk C) takes / walk D) takes / to walk She _____ school at 7:45 a.Prepositions 1. Lots of tulips are _____ in Holland. Sue and Geoff _____ a shop. He isn’t _____ at the moment. A) kept 23.Present Simple and Continuous . I _____ lunch in the university canteen. D) have gone 27.2 and you __(30)__ which gate number to go. A) produced B) produce 13. A) in B) on C) up D) off 39. “Hello. I must be _____ soon. A) calling 30. There must be someone _____ . I can see nothing. You __(22)__ your hand luggage with you but your suitcases __(23)__ to the plane on a conveyor belt. It _____ her fifteen minutes _____ to school.m. If you are on an international flight. Our factory is being _____ over by an American company. A) show 6. You can now go to the departure lounge. A) is called B) called C) is calling D) is being called Most days the shop _____ at 10. A) taken B) bought C) sold D) run 16. “Why isn’t there any hot water?” “The central heating is _____ . James. kids! Aren’t you _____ yet? Breakfast’s on the table. Come on. A) is B) is being C) being D) was being 38. A) give B) are given 4.” “Good idea! What’s _____ at the moment?” A) in B) on C) at 36. All the lights are _____ . What’s _____ ?” “I’m just a bit sad. Can I take a message?” A) in B) on C) at D) off 34. James. “Hello. A) sells B) opened C) closes They _____ camping any more. A) boarded 32. English is _____ here. A) waiting B) waits B) call B) telling B) boarding B) are shown 5. A) pulled down B) pulled C) pulled up D) pulling down 19. A) grown B) growing C) grow D) off D) grew 18. A) start B) started C) arrive C) check C) wait C) are taken C) is checking C) control C) gave C) searched C) wait C) is called C) told C) sit C) showing D) are arrived D) is changed D) keep D) taking D) is checked D) check D) giving D) search D) waited D) called D) tell D) board D) come 21. A) in B) on C) at 37. A) check B) keeping B) took B) checked 2. C) starts D) goes 8. A) work B) study TEST . He is _____ on holiday at the moment. Can I speak to Mr. Our kitchen _____ decorated at the moment. A) shown B) sold C) bought 41. you should go straight to the checkin desk where your ticket and luggage __(21)__. Finally you __(31)__ your plane and you __(32)__ your seat by a flight attendant. About one thousand people are _____ in the factory. A) are checked B) control C) run D) runs 22. Is service _____ in the bill? A) including B) include C) hate D) has C) is speaking D) spoken D) off C) produces D) producing D) off C) to include D) included D) up to 14. A) taken B) cleaned C) employed D) worked 17. You __(28)__ in the departure lounge until your flight __(29)__ D) off Book 1 Part A 43 Intermediate Test 2 . A) go B) begin 7. please?” “I’m sorry. A) go B) doesn’t go C) don’t go Ursula _____ four brothers and sisters. A) in B) on C) at D) off 42.Present Passive . A) have B) has C) haven’t 3. A) in B) on C) at 15. 25. That block of flats is being _____ because it is unsafe. It smells horrid. It’s your birthday. A) speak B) spoke 12. sometimes you __(26)__ a body search and your luggage __(27)__ by a security officer. I _____ the traffic in Bangkok. “I feel like going to the cinema tonight. I wonder why they aren’t answering the door. and then you and your bags __(25)__ by security cameras.” A) in B) on C) up D) off D) delivered When you __(20)__ at an airport. A) earn B) earns C) win D) buy 10.INTERMEDIATE . Can I speak to Mr. A) in B) on C) at D) off 40. Can I help you?” A) in B) on C) away D) off 35. I _____ extra money teaching computer studies.” A) in B) on C) at 9. A) take 24. In Britain milk is _____ to your doorstep. D) having 29. This kind of shop _____ a milk bar. Volvos are _____ in Sweden. A) eats B) have C) drink D) has 33. your passport __(24)__.” A) in B) on C) at 43. A) is searched B) searching 28. “Where shall we go for a meal?” “It’s _____ you. A) are x-rayed B) x-rayed D) run 26. A) are told 31. A) play B) have 11. I think this milk’s _____ . please?” “I’m sorry. That’s all. I want to get to the shops before they close. 20. You choose.

Past Simple . and they __(35)__ it difficult to control their growing daughter. _____ when were you born? A) At B) In D) in D) in Helen Keller’s deafness and blindness __(33)__ by a severe illness when she was a baby. _____ my stay in hospital. D) in 28. I made a lot of friends. D) in 6. We slept late _____ Saturday morning.3 23. A) was made D) * B) In C) On D) * 20. A) didn’t know C) knew D) in 35. _____ summer it can be hot. A) at / at B) in / at C) on / at D) * / at 30.00 _____ the morning. After this she __(41)__ the world helping people like herself. My brother learned _____ the same time as me. A) while B) during C) on 14. I learned to drive _____ 1980 _____ the age of 17. A) at B) in C) on D) * 29. A) came C) On D)* 38. I’ll phone you _____ next week. A) at / On B) in / On C) on / On D) * / On 32. she __(38)__ her that every object __(39)__ a name. Her parents __(34)__ what to do. A) at B) in C) on D) * D) * D) * C) for D) in 26. A) at B) in C) on 15. ____ 7:00 some friends came round for a drink. A) at B) in C) on 4. for . D) in D) * 8. Peter came round _____ the meal.” A) At D) * / in 41. Very firmly and patiently. A) At / in B) In / in C) On / in 18. D) In 5. A) tell 37. A) At / in B) In / in C) On / in D) * / in 27. A) while B) during C) for D) in D) * 3. _____ Friday evening we went to a party. What did you do _____ the weekend? A) at B) in C) with 21.Perfect . 10. _____ the afternoon we went shopping. The best English weather is _____ spring and autumn. _____ last year the summer was awful. It’s my birthday _____ next week. My uncle died _____ the war. A) While B) During C) For I was in hospital _____ three weeks. I hurt my leg _____ I was playing football yesterday. A) at B) in C) on D) * 31. but I passed first. Peter came round _____ we were eating. A) via B) until C) for D) in 9.” A) At B) In 16. The phone rang _____ I was having supper. “When?” “_____ Monday. A) At B) In C) On 24. A) while B) during C) for I lived in Paris _____ several years. We didn’t do anything _____ Sunday. A) offer 17. A) while B) during C) for 11. during. A) while B) during C) for D) in I hurt my leg _____ the second half of the match. _____ 8. but it often rains _____ April and June. One day they __(36)__ about a brilliant young teacher called Anne Sullivan. I’ll phone you _____ about 3. _____ Thursday. A) while B) during C) for _____ I was in Paris. A) find D)* 36. A) At B) In C) On 22. Last week I was held up _____ three hours.INTERMEDIATE . She __(37)__ to work with Helen. Eventually Helen __(40)__ a place at university. A) at B) in C) on D) * D) * D) * Book 1 Part A 44 Intermediate Test 3 .00. 33. “What time?” “_____ six. A) While B) During C) For D) In A football match lasts _____ ninety minutes. I’m meeting Alan _____ this evening. In 1962 the story of her life __(42)__ into a film.While. A) at B) in C) on 19. A) has C) On D) * 40. A) while B) during C) for 7. A) At B) In C) On 2.Continuous . A) via B) during TEST . The Miracle Worker. A) At B) In C) On 25. the nurses looked after me very well. A) tour 42. A) studied 39. The weather in England is unreliable.Prepositions 1. A) while B) during C) for 13.Past Passive . Traffic is always bad _____ the rush hour. A) cause B) caused C) were caused D) has caused B) doesn’t know D) knows B) finds B) were told B) begin B) helped B) had B) offered B) toured B) make C) were found C) telling C) start C) thought C) have C) was offered C) touring C) is making D) found D) told D) helping D) taught D) having D) offering D) tours D) was making D) in 34. A) while B) during C) for 12.

5. A) have to B) has to C) having to D) will have to _____ we _____ have any vaccinations before we go to Barbados? A) Will / have to B) Did / have to C) Won’t / have D) Are / having D) couldn’t 8. A) am having B) has to C) had to D) have to You _____ work hard after your exam. If I fail my exam. I _____ get into my house last night because I’d lost my key. A) can B) could C) will be able to D) to be able to I asked the teacher if I __(31)__ open the window. A) can’t B) couldn’t C) can D) ‘ll be able to 34. A) doesn’t have to C) have to B) has to D) don’t have to B) has to D) don’t have to 38. I’m sorry. I’m learning Spanish because I want _____ speak when I’m in Mexico. Adults _____ go to school. In my country you _____ get married when you’re sixteen. But we __(6)__ take as many exams as teenagers nowadays. and finally they _____ buy the house of their dreams. _____ I borrow your dictionary? A) Can’t B) Could C) Manage to 26. A) doesn’t have to C) has to A) doesn’t have to C) has to B) have to D) don’t have to B) have to D) don’t have to C) can’t D) couldn’t 4. A) Can B) Could C) Will be able to D) Being able to 35. I love driving! _____ drive has changed my whole life. I phoned the plumber because I _____ smell gas in the kitchen. A) can 32. 29. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 17. ____ you speak French before you moved to Paris? A) Can B) Could C) Managed to D) Couldn’t 18. A) can B) could C) managed D) couldn’t 23. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 14. 10. You _____ drive on the right in Britain. A) can B) could B) could C) managed to C) managed to D) couldn’t D) couldn’t 9. A) had to C) have to A) had to C) have to B) won’t have to D) don’t have to B) didn’t have to D) don’t have to 6. He was sent to prison. ____ I ___ take it again? A) will / have to B) did / have to C) does / have to D) do / won’t have 13. Jane and John saved and saved. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 24. You _____ be a millionaire to shop in Harrods. TEST . When we got to the top of the mountain we _____ see for miles. A) will have to B) won’t have to C) have to D) don’t have to Nobody enjoys _____ get up at five o’clock in the morning. I’d love _____ help you. I’m sorry. A) will have to B) won’t have to C) have to D) don’t have to 12. I went for a ten-mile run last Saturday. _____ you _____ find all the things you wanted at the shops? A) Did / have to B) Did / can C) Did / manage to D) Did / could 20. but I can’t. A) mustn’t B) has to C) have to D) don’t have to Intermediate Test 4 Book 1 Part A 45 . Every adult _____ go to work. It nearly killed me! I _____ move on Sunday. A) doesn’t have to B) has to C) have to D) don’t have to 40. A retired person_____ go to work. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 21. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 22. The doctor says I _____ walk again in two weeks’ time. and I _____ hear every word they said. A) can B) could C) managed to D) to be able to D) Couldn’t When we were teenagers. _____ your grandmother _____ leave school when she was only fourteen? A) Will / have to B) Did / have to C) Won’t / have D) Are / having to 11. could. The police _____ find the man who had stolen my car. A) doesn’t have to B) has to C) have to D) don’t have to 39. A) can B) could C) will be able to D) to be able to 30. Children in my country _____ go to school when they’re 7. My grandfather _____ speak four languages when he was alive. we __(5)__ be home by nine o’clock. I can’t see the small print very well. 31. I phoned yesterday. 27.INTERMEDIATE -Modal verbs (can. have to) 1. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 33. The neighbors were having a row. Speak up! I _____ hear you! A) can B) could I _____ work very hard because I have an exam next week. A) doesn’t have to C) have to 37. A) had to B) won’t have to C) have too D) won’t have My father is a customs official so he always __(3)__ wear a uniform at work. Women _____ vote in England until 1922. A) doesn’t have to B) has to C) have to D) don’t have to 36. but my mother is a teacher so she __(4)__ wear one. I think I ____ wear glasses soon. but I _____ come to your party next week. Where were you? A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 16. Teenagers _____ study for exams. You can have a holiday. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 28. 25. Everything is expensive there. A) can B) are able to C) managed to 7. 2.4 19. but I ____ get an answer. 3. but she said I __(32)__ because it would be too noisy. A) can B) could C) managed to D) couldn’t 15.

The baby’s asleep. _____ was laughing at me. Sally Beams and Sally Rogers. Then I realized where they were. I have _____ more to say to you. nothing… . C) nothing D) everything 4. A) do B) make C) get D) hear First she said “Yes”. I don’t mind. but it has to be hot. all the Smiths. but I can’t work any harder. then she said “No”. but in the end she _____ up her mind to marry him. Can we go _____ else? A) somewhere B) anywhere C) nowhere D) everywhere 37.” A) Someone B) Anyone C) No one D) Everyone 43. I’m _____ my best. A) in / on B) on / in C) at / in D) at / on 16. I like to keep fit. A) some time B) any time C) no time D) every time 28. Your face looks terribly familiar. you should _____ sure that the doors and windows are shut and locked. so I just bought one for myself. A) did B) made C) had D) heard At first I found learning English very easy. A) something B) anything C) nothing 9. just ask. _____ money. D) everyone 7.Somebody. Goodbye! A) something B) anything C) nothing D) everything C) Study D) Get 38. _____ will tell you that two and two is four. “What do you want for supper?” “_____ . anywhere. and the town was deserted. James. Kathy. A) Somebody / somewhere B) Anybody / anywhere C) Nobody / nowhere D) Everybody / everywhere 42.” A) In B) On C) At 23. and _____ was open. Would you like _____ to eat? A) something B) anything 24. A) something B) anything C) nothing D) everything 29. She left the room without saying _____. 10. We have some lovely new neighbors. “Who was at the party?” “_____: Pete. A) do B) make C) get D) hear My teacher says I must work harder.5 21. It was Sunday. Help yourself to food. They were _____ my favorite armchair.” A) Somebody B) Anywhere C) Nowhere D) Everywhere 19. and it was very difficult for our family to sort out his money and possessions. but _____ did. _____ was in the streets. A) do B) make C) get D) everything D) hear 12.’ A) someone B) anyone C) no one 31.Prepositions 1.” A) In B) On C) At D) To Book 1 Part A 46 Intermediate Test 5 . A) on B) into C) at D) off 20. Can I have _____ to drink? A) something B) anything 25. A) in / on B) on / in C) at / in D) on / on 17. do . A) something B) anything D) From D) By C) nothing D) everything Is there a public call box near here? I have to _____ a phone call. A) in B) on C) at D) by 15. “Where were you at 2:00?” “_____ the beach. D) everyone 8. Can we go _____ quiet? A) somewhere B) anywhere 26. not war! A) Do B) Make 36. A) do B) make C) get D) hear Ssh! You mustn’t _____ a noise. A) did B) made C) done D) make 11. Haven’t I seen you _____ before? A) somewhere B) anywhere C) nowhere D) everywhere 35. D) Nothing 6.INTERMEDIATE . Ann. we’ve already _____ friends with them. ‘Does _____ want a game of tennis?’ ‘Yes. A) somewhere B) anywhere C) nowhere D) everywhere 39. TEST . A) did B) made C) got D) said When you’re not sure what to do. I don’t mind. I felt so embarrassed. A) Everyone B) Anyone C) No one D) Something 40. 32. I was _____ a queue waiting to buy some bread. so I _____ exercises every day. A) Someone B) Anyone C) No one 30. Spain. the best thing is to _____ nothing.Make. but now I don’t think I’m _____ any progress at all. “Where do you want to go on holiday?” “_____ hot. “Where were you at 2:00?” “_____ a cave.” A) Something B) Anything C) Nothing 14. Did _____ phone me while I was out? A) someone B) anyone C) no one 5. I have never been _____ more beautiful than Scotland. A) doing B) make C) get D) making C) nothing D) everything 2. What’s that smell? Can you smell _____ burning? A) something B) anything C) nothing D) everything 33. A) anyone / no one B) no one / somebody C) anybody / somebody D) no body / no one 34. A) doing B) making C) showing D) getting Could you _____ me a favor please? Could you give me a lift to the airport? A) make B) do C) give D) want My uncle died without _____ a will. I asked if _____ wanted an ice-cream. If you need _____. They certainly weren’t _____ the table or _____ the floor. Were they _____ the car? A) in B) on C) at C) at D) near D) of D) Everything 41. 27. Before you go on holiday. A) doing B) trying C) making D) showing We asked to see the manager and we _____ a complaint about the terrible service in the restaurant. Italy or Sahara. “Where were you at 2:00?” “_____ Sally’s house doing my homework.” A) Of B) On C) At 22. Come and see me _____ you want. A) do B) make C) get D) hear 13. I looked _____ all the shelves and _____ all the cupboards. You can have _____ you want. I don’t care if it’s Greece. C) nowhere D) everywhere 3.Present Continuous . Had I left them _____ work? A) in B) on 18. This doesn’t look a very nice restaurant.

is the same age as me. a boy _____ I went to school with. Don’t touch anything. 2. A) whose B) which C) who D) where 37. 9.Phrasal verbs . The room in our house _____ is most used is the C) like D) as 18.As. Who do I look _____ . I want _____ more careful with your homework in future. A) put / away B) find / out C) put / out D) wash / up D) as 22.00 _____ usual. Toby. A) likes B) such C) like D) as 17. I recently went back to the town ____ I was born. A) tell B) to tell C) telling D) told 26. A) as B) like C) like / as This wine tastes _____ vinegar! A) likes B) as / as C) like D) as / as D) as 36. The meal _____ you cooked was delicious.Questions with like . 5. like . 6. 4. A) likes B) such C) like 49. A) likes B) as .as C) like D) as 15. My wife has found a job _____ a personal assistant. My brother has a car _____ yours. She told me a story _____ I found hard to believe. I stopped _____ when I was thirty. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 43. A) start B) starting C) started D) to start They can’t help us _____ the house. A) watching B) to watch C) watch D) watch to 30. I’m looking forward _____ you again soon. Leave everything _____ it is. The people _____ used to live next door moved a long time ago. A) move B) moving C) moved She refused _____ the phone. A) which B) whose C) who D) where 34. A) which B) whose C) who D) where 32. I want you to meet the woman _____ taught me how to drive. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 50. The film _____ I’ve always wanted to see is on TV tonight. A) setting up B) to set up C) set up 31. A) likes B) similar C) like 11. TEST . 3. A) which B) whose C) who D) where 42. 7. A) going B) go C) to go D) going to 29. A) likes B) so C) like D) as 21. A) which B) whose C) who D) where I’ve known Andy for years. He’s going to have an operation _____ could save his life. It’s freezing. A) to work B) work C) working D) to working 52. I received a letter this morning _____ really upset me. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 47.’ ‘What was she _____?’ A) liked B) look like C) like 12. My parents let me _____ what I wanted when I was young. I tried _____ you that you were making a mistake. I didn’t like the meal _____ we had yesterday. ‘Can you _____ the time of the next train to London?’ ‘O. A) likes B) as such C) like D) as 19. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 44. A) which B) whose C) who 35. The flat _____ they bought was very expensive. A) you be B) you to be C) that you are D) you being 23. I finished _____ the television. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 48. I’ll see you tomorrow at 11.’ A) put away B) find out C) put out D) clear up Book 1 Part A 47 Intermediate Test 6 . A) to smoke B) smoke C) smoking D) too smoke 24. I need to buy all sorts of things _____ socks. I’ll phone the station. A) which B) whose C) who D) where D) where His parents don’t allow him _____ after ten o’clock.K. A) to see B) to seeing C) seeing D) too seeing 27. The man _____ you were talking about has just come in the room. A) driving B) drive C) drove We encouraged them _____ a new business. I can’t stand people _____ her. gerund 1. The people _____ work here are very interesting. Dave drinks _____ a fish! I’ve never seen anyone drink as much. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 51. My feet are _____ blocks of ice. A) like B) as . A) stay up B) to stay up C) stay up D) stayed up I’ll be back in touch _____ soon _____ possible. A) do B) to do C) doing D) does 28. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 45. A) liked B) similar to C) like D) as D) as 10. I don’t like people _____ arrive late. A) which B) whose C) who D) where D) as D) as 40. It’s July and the weather’s awful! It’s _____ in winter! A) likes B) as like C) like D)as 16. A) answer B) to answer C) answered D) move to D) answering D) to drive D)’d setup I don’t mind _____ to the restaurant. The company _____ he works for is based in Germany. A) which B) whose C) who D) where I’m really looking forward to _____ my new course. _____ parents both died a few years ago. Why did I agree _____ with you? I can’t stand it. A) likes B) such C) like D) as 20. A) likes B) compared to C) like D) as 14. She said she’d married a man _____ had been married ten times before. Toby. and then I went to bed. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 46. ‘We had a new teacher today called Mary. shirts and knickers. is ill in hospital. A) which B) whose C) who D) where 39. my mother or my father? A) like B) more C) likes 38. 8. I met a girl _____ I used to play tennis with. She really annoys me. but you didn’t listen.INTERMEDIATE . He went to the same school _____ I did. I wasn’t allowed _____ out unless they knew where I was going. Where are the scissors _____ I bought yesterday? A) which B) whose C) who D) where 33. I’ll dry the dishes if you _____ them _____. A) who B) which C) where D) whose 13.6 25.Infinitive. A) which B) whose C) who D) where 41. I like animals _____ don’t make a mess. My sister’s a teacher _____ me.

She’s going to be late because her plane _____. 3. We chose _____ by boat rather than by plane.Phrasal Verbs 1. I’m delighted because I’ve been _____ a pay rise. but I’d like to try it. 5. “Oh. A) have been arrested B) have arrested C) has arrested D) was arrested 21. She loves _____ for herself. A) for B) since C) in 4. It didn’t stop _____ all week.’ A) put / away B) try / out C) put / out I’ve been a journalist _____ two years. The director’s children _____. I don’t mind your baking a cake. They enjoyed _____ on holiday by the sea. The government wants to _____ a new scheme to encourage people to start their own businesses. A) never B) ever C) already D) yet D) just 10. A) put / away B) find / out C) put / out D) clear / up 56. They can’t promise _____ the work today. A) gave B) have given C) given D) was given 14. A) traveling B) travel C) to travel 70. A) have been kidnapped C) kidnapped B) have kidnapped D) was kidnapped 64. A) have been killed B) have killed C) are killed D) was killed 20. D) Clear / up D) to speaking D) too be D) arrived 58. I would hate _____ your party. She left university three years _____. A) never B) ever C) already 11. “Look at these shoes! They’re brand new. A) decorate B) decorating C) decorated 71.” A) Put / away B) Find / out C) Put / out D) Take / back 54.” “_____ them _____ and change them. Floods _____ serious damage. What am I going to do?’ ‘Don’t worry. He _____ to a senior designer.’ A) Find / out B) Fill / in C) Put / out 61. We hope _____ by half past seven. I’ve got a lot to do at the moment. 9. A) seeing B) to see C)saw D) see 74. The changing rooms are over there. A) have been elected B) have elected C) has elected D) was elected Book 1 Part A 48 Intermediate Test 7 . A) for B) since C) in D) try / on 6. Please let me _____ for the drinks. A) raining B) to rain C) rain D) rain too 65. Local police _____ the bank robber. A) for B) since C) in D) * Have you _____ been to China? A) never B) ever C) since D) yet Don’t worry about phoning him because I’ve _____ done it. I can’t stand _____ in an office. We expect you _____ on time. A) has been promoted C) promoted B) has promoted D) are promoted 67. A) have been caused C) has caused 22. ‘Can I _____ these jeans _____ please?’ ‘Sure.7 C) in D) ago D) ago D) ago D) ago D) ago 55. and the heel’s fallen off already. My sister has agreed _____ with the decorating. A) has been delayed B) has delayed C) delayed D) was delayed 17. A) working B) work C) worked 72. He hates _____ calculators. It was a wonderful holiday.Past Simple . A) smoking B) to smoke C) smoke D) smoked 69. A) haven’t been accepted C) hasn’t been accepted B) have caused D) was caused B) haven’t accepted D) hasn’t accepted 73. A) arriving B) to arrive C) arrive They got acquainted with each other _____ last year. A) use B) using C) used D) to use 23. I can’t come out because I’ve _____ washed my hair. 8. dear! The washing machine isn’t working. My job application _____. The weather was awful. Have you met our new teacher _____? A) just B) ever C) already D) yet 13. A) miss B) miss to C) missed D) to miss D) to finish 75. Four people _____ in a train crash. A) for B) since TEST . A) to speak B) speaking C) speak 62. and I’ve got to go to work. A) finish B) finishing C) finished 76. A) for B) since C) in I waited for you _____ hours. A) ever B) already C) yet D) never I haven’t finished my lunch _____ . I will always remember _____ the Niagara Falls. A) be B) being C) to be 63. 7. A) to pay B) pay C) paying 68. 2. The fire was so intense that it took the firemen three hours to _____ it _____. Can we _____ it _____ till next week? A) put / off B) find / out C) put / out D) take / back 59.’ A) put / away B) find / out C) sort / out D) clear / up INTERMEDIATE . Just go to work. I haven’t got any clean clothes. A) put /away B) clear / up C) put / out D) take / back 60. then.Present Perfect . A) to work B) work C) working D) works D) paid 15. A) for B) since C) in He’s lived abroad _____ 1990.53. but just make sure you ___ everything __ when you’ve finished. I’ll ___ them all ___.Present Perfect Passive . Hundreds of people _____ for the jobs. A) help B) helping C) to help D) helps 66. The workers _____ a new representative. I was born _____ 1974. I won’t be able to go shopping with you today. My health wasn’t very good so I stopped _____. ‘What should I do with this form?’ ‘_____ it _____. A) never B) ever C) just D) yet 12. I’m afraid. We’ve finished _____ the house. They’re really angry because someone _____ their car. A) put away B) find out C) try out D) clear up 57. A) has been damaged B) has damaged C) damage D) was damaged 16. I wanted to _____ to you yesterday. I’ve not _____ been skiing. A) have been applied B) have applied C) have applying D) was applied 19. A) arrive B) arriving C) arrived D) traveled D) to decorate D) to work D) to arrive 18.

Can you tell the difference _____ butter and margarine. If you have the right talents and experience for a job. A) promoted B) been promoted C) promoted D) to promote 34. His boss said he was lazy. The police _____ the public that the man is dangerous. A) was told B) have been told C) told D) were told 65. A) in B) on C) out of D) of 45. Watch your step with Dad. There have been a lot of complaints _____ your behavior. The Prime Minister of Italy ____ . I _____ for a new job. A) has been resigned B) have resigned C) resigned D) has resigned 63. A strike _____ by the air traffic controllers. Could you take a photo _____ me. How much do you spend a week _____ average? A) in B) on C) out of D) of 52. A) in B) on C) with D) of 50. A) resignation B) resume C) career D) qualified 29. A) has risen B) have risen C) have been risen D) has been risen 40. he or she can be made _____ . Bob’s wife _____ her job. I _____ my glasses. “Where _____ Liz _____ on holiday?” “She’s in Paris. A) called B) has called C) has been called D) is given 41. Where have you ____? You’re so brown! A) been B) in gone 57. A) an applicant B) a CV C) an application D) retired 27. Thousands of people are _____ work in this town. You can often find about a new job by a/an _____ in a newspaper. A new prime minister _____ . I’m fed up _____ cooking. A) resignation B) Resume C) career D) retirement 28. aren’t you? A) in B) on C) out of D) of 64. A) applicant B) CV C) application D) retirement 26. please?’ ‘I’m afraid she’s _____ to lunch. please? A) in B) on C) with D) of 54. You’re doing it _____ purpose. A) in / out B) on / now C) with / out D) at / out 51. How much money _____ for your retirement? A) saved B) have you been saved C) have you saved D) you saved 43. Tom’s just _____ to the area manager of Eastern Europe. but I’d like to go. A) has been given B) gave C) given D) has given 39. The number of people out of work _____ to nearly 3 million. You are always _____ trouble because you don’t listen to anybody.’ A) in B) gone C) been D) being C) D) being 56. We went to France. then you are _____ for it.24. A) in B) on C) out of D) of 46. A) between B) on C) out of D) of 48. A) sensation B) add C) completion D) interview 33. you usually have to complete a/an _____ form. Can I take a message?’ A) going B) gone C) been D) being 59. ‘Can I speak to Jenny. ‘When’s your holiday?’ ‘We’ve already _____ . I got a cheque _____ a hundred pounds this morning. A) has lost C) was losing B) were lost D) has been lost D) being 61. “____ John ever ____ to Paris?” “Oh. _____ them anywhere? A) have been lost / Have you seen B) lost / Have you seen C) have lost / Did you see D) lost / Did you see 66.’ A) went B) gone C) been D) being 62. It’s really difficult to get a job. A person who has reached an age where they no longer work is _____ . you will be asked to come to a/an _____ . A) applicant B) CV C) career D) retirement 25. Fortunately. A) has elected C) have elected B) has been elected D) elected 37. When you want to leave a job. ‘Where’s Harry these days?’ ‘Didn’t you know? He’s _____ to another company. “Where _____ Liz _____ on holiday?” “She went to Paris. A document which lists your personal and professional details is a(n) _____ . The factory workers are _____ strike because they want more money. My brother _____ the sack. A) in B) on C) out of D) of 44. Let’s eat _____ for a change. Five times.’ A) gone B) were C) been D) being 35. A) resigned B) redundant C) employer D) retiring 31. When you try and get a job. A) in B) on C) out of D) to 55.” A) did / went B) has / been C) did / go 68. If an employer is interested in meeting you. How many times _____ redundant? A) were you B) have you been made C) you D) have you made 36. A) in B) on C) out of D) about 49. A) news B) completion C) sensation D) advertisement 32. A) went B) gone C) been 60. I went this morning. you have to give your _____ .” A) Did / go B) Has / gone C) Has / been D) has / gone D) has / gone D) Does / go 69. ‘Are you going to the shops this afternoon?’ ‘No. If an employee is no longer needed.’ A) going B) gone C) been D) being 58. ‘Where’s Peter?’ ‘He’s _____ on holiday.” A) did / went B) has / been C) did / go 67. A) have applied C) apply B) have been applied D) been applied 47. I’ve never _____ to Australia. The Italian people ____ of his resignation on television yesterday evening. An occupation which gives opportunities for promotion is a/an _____ . A) haven’t offered B) haven’t been offered C) offer D) offered 42. I’ve already ____ . My father _____ early retirement. yes. I didn’t do much damage _____ my car. A) have warned B) have been warned C) has warned D) warned Book 1 Part A 49 Intermediate Test 7 . A) was taken B) has taken C) has been taken D) take 38. You’re really annoying me. A) resignation B) resume C) application D) retirement 30. He’s _____ a terrible mood. I had a crash this morning. They ______ more money by the management. A) in B) on C) out of D) of 53.

it _____ cold. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow. start your meal. 4. A) am not going B) will go C) wasn’t going D) went 17. A) rained .would give I have to work about 80 hours a week. I _____ it to him. If only we _____ in the city! A) lived B) didn’t live C) haven’t lived D) living 15. A) didn’t have / would go B) had / got C) can eat / doesn’t go D) don’t have / will go What noisy neighbors you’ve got! If my neighbors _____ as bad as yours.” “If you _____ a cat. If you _____ your soup now. A) can B) could C) will D) couldn’t Book 1 Part A 50 Intermediate Test 8 . the mice _____ soon _____ .Pronunciation .” A) had / would / disappear B) have / will / disappear C) are / will / disappear D) had / will / disappear 13. 10. I wish I _____ a holiday. I’m small. 7. A) could / would open B) can / will open C) could / will open D) can / would open If there _____ some nice fish in the supermarket. I’m not having a holiday this year. He wishes he _____ it. I _____ a restaurant. A) were B) wasn’t C) were D) weren’t C) am D) have 12.wouldn’t be able B) rains . “We have mice in the kitchen. A) has been B) had had C) will have D) had been 19. We live in the city. I wish I _____ to Beijing. I can’t ski. If only I _____ taller. A) see-will give B) saw-would give C) meet-would visit D) had seen. 9. but I’m too short. I haven’t been to Beijing. A) were / would go B) are / will go C) are / would go D) had been / would have gone If you _____ any problems. A) am not B) was 11. A) was / can B) had / could C) were / could D) am / will Please. But if I _____ any spare time. I _____ be a policeman. If I _____ him. so I’m very busy. I wasn’t happy at school.8 18.Conditionals . let me know and I _____ and help you straight away A) had / would come B) have / will come C) had had / would come D) have / would go You’re a brilliant cook! If I _____ cook as well as you. A) have passed B) had passed C) will pass D) pass 20. A) was having B) is having C) will have D) have 16.Time clauses (when. We live in the city. I wish I _____ happy. TEST . 8. I _____ a sport like golf. I _____ crazy. I wish I _____ small.could Give me Peter’s letter. 6. A) will have / will take up B) had / will take up C) will have / had D) had / would take up If I _____ taller. I’m small. A) had been B) have been C) has been D) will be Suppose! If it _____ last weekend. 5. A) have lived B) living C) lived D) live 14. as soon as) 1. _____ you _____ some for supper tonight? A) had been / would / buy B) were / would / buy C) is / will / buy D) are /will / buy 2. I wish I _____ ski. I wish I _____ to the dentist.would be able D) had rained .won’t be able C) rain .INTERMEDIATE . We wish we _____ in the country. He didn’t pass his driving test. we _____ to play tennis. 3.

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